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The Kid with a Bike An impressive summery fable from the Dardennes

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

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here are some big hitters in the catalogue this month, beginning in the world cinema section with three excellent, but very different titles in the Dardenne Brothers’ The Kid with a Bike, Ceylan’s immersive Once Upon a Time in Anatolia (one of the most beautifully photographed films I’ve seen for a long time) and the inimitable Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre. However, I know that as soon as I have the chance, the DVD I’ll be popping in to my player is West Highland (page 18) and taking an evocative trip along Scotland’s most scenic railway line.

Film of the Month 5 The Kid with a Bike Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Le Havre CFF: Volume 1 He sent me a copy of his 1958 film The Salvage Gang years ago – it’s a lovely little film and I’m overjoyed that it has found its place on the BFI’s first volume of Children’s Film Foundation films (page 13). I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing it again.





Enjoy your films.













Drowning by Numbers

Julian Upton (Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs) Julian is the author of Fallen Stars (2004) and editor of the upcoming Offbeat, an alternative history of British cinema featuring contributions from several MovieMail alumni. He has been contributing reviews to MovieMail since the halcyon days of the VHS videocassette.

James Oliver (Powell & Pressburger’s A Matter of Life and Death) is a

Gay and Lesbian 24

Lost Empires


Anthony Nield (Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now) writes on film, with plenty to read over at the Digital Fix


Classic Movies

A. Béla Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies

Mike McCahill (David Lynch’s Blue Velvet) writes on film for The Sunday Telegraph


World Cinema

It’s always nice to see some more John Krish on DVD too.

Michael Brooke (Béla Tarr’s Werckmeister Harmonies) is a prolific contributor to Sight & Sound and has a blog over at http://michaelbrooke. com/kinoblog/


freelance film writer who recently contributed to the BFI’s booklet for The Black Panther David Parkinson (Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil) is a film critic and historian with a number of books on cinema to his name, most recently 100 Ideas that Changed Film Nick Riddle (Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita) is an editor at Bristol University and blogs over at


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1 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie, Tom Wilkinson, Ronald Pickup and Maggie Smith play the British retirees who arrive to take up residence in a newly-opened retirement home in Bangalore. Item # 68540 UK | 2011 | FOX | 118 min | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £13.99 Save £6

2 The Kid with a Bike

The Dardenne Brothers’ highly approachable, even upbeat film whose structure takes its cue from fairy-tales, this Cannes Grand Prix winner focuses on an 11 year-old boy in search of a family. Item # 68209 Belgium / France / Italy | 2011 | ART-E | 87 min | subt | 12 | £15.99

DVD: £10.99 Save £5

3 Roll Out the Barrel: The British Pub on Film

A fascinating collection of entertaining short dramas, humorous trade films, perceptive documentaries and archival newsreel items, this is a essential history of the British boozer on film.

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Item # 67918 UK | 1944-82 | BFI | 321 min | PG | £22.99

DVD: £15.99 Save £7

4 Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

A masterful, beautifully photographed crime drama – or anti-crime drama perhaps, as motives are missing. This is instead a film about a search for a body – and men facing the truth of themselves through a long night of not finding it – in the Anatolian steppes. Item # 68406 Turkey | 2011 | NW | 157 min | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £4


The Woman in Black DVD: £12.99 Save £7

of Pleasure 6 Conspirators DVD: £10.99 Save £5


Confidence DVD: £9.99 Save £3

8 The Mudlark

DVD: £11.99 Save £1


West Highland DVD: £16.99 Save £3

Films 10 Original 1-6 Wallander:

DVD: £17.99 Save £7

Reader Feedback Douglas Allen Deacon got in touch via James Oliver’s blog on Boris Barnet to say that he’d love to own these early gems of Russian cinema from Ruscico but baulks at the price. They are expensive, there is no denying it – if we could sell them cheaper we would! They cost a lot for Ruscico to put together, consequently they cost us a lot to import and supply. You get a lot for your money though – these 2-disc Hyperkino editions are made for the archive. They are sourced from the best surviving print and include a host of invaluable supplementary material (video, audio, text) optionally worked into the film in an innovative manner. Please email or send us a postcard.

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Names of the Month: Virginia Bruce, John Cusack, Lee Patterson, Agnieszka Holland

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

MovieMail’s Film of the Month

The Kid with a Bike Recommended Director: Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne Starring: Thomas Doret, Jérémie Renier, Cécile De France, Olivier Gourmet, Released: 23rd July Extras: Return to Seraing with the Dardennes; Interview with Cécile De France; Trailer Item # 68209 | Belgium / France / Italy | 2011 | ART-E | 87 min | subt | Cert 12

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

Also on Blu-ray Kid with a Bike

Item # 68211 Belgium | 2011 | ART-E | 87 min | subt | 12 | £19.99

Blu-ray Price: £13.99

See Also Kes

Ken Loach

Item # 12272 UK | 1969 | MGMHE | 106 min | B&W | PG | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99

The Son

Dardenne Brothers

Item # 14099 France | 2002 | ART-E | 101 min | subt | 12 | £22.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99


he biggest UK box-office hit to date for the Dardenne brothers plays out almost as a digest of the Belgian social realists’ prior films and influences – even its title recalls such back-catalogue classics as The Son and The Child. Filmed once more around industrial Liège, the new film is, however, an unexpectedly summery fable, set out in the reds and blues of a nursery-school primer, which centres on Cyril, a tough little tyke who escapes from his children’s home with the intention of tracking down his dad. Initially, Cyril doesn’t get very far. Cornered by the authorities in a doctor’s waiting room, the lad throws himself around a patient, hairdresser Samantha (Cécile de France), in what appears a desperate clinging to normality. She’s touched enough to become the boy’s weekend guardian, and to return his muchcherished bicycle, but the bike – a present from papa, back when he still cared – keeps getting stolen: clinging to that proves considerably harder work. Bicycle Thieves is one reference point, but there’s equally something of Ken Loach’s Kes in here. Like Billy Casper’s

An impressive summery fable with notes of Loach’s Kes kestrel, the two wheels are a playmate, an ally and a rare element over which a disadvantaged soul can exert some control. Yet Cyril’s alley-oops and bunny-hops are the kind of uncomplicated pleasures that cannot last long in a complicated world. The bike starts as a toy and becomes a getaway vehicle; like Cyril, it falls in with the wrong crowd, and we fear both boy and bike may end up on the scrapheap. The directors’ ability to pack so much editorial and emotional punch into each frame without any loss of narrative momentum is hugely impressive. Yet it’s the performers who ride off with the movie: Thomas Doret, in his screen debut, displays a rare, unschooled resilience, while the more experienced de France comes to stand as a model of concern, compassion and humanity – everything the Dardennes have ever stood for, in fact. Mike McCahill


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World Cinema Films in a Foreign Language

New Releases The Assault

Julien Leclercq A French thriller based on real events of 1994 when an Algerian Islamic group hijacked an Air France flight. The story is told through the eyes of the terrorist group leader, the head of an elite French counter-terrorism unit, and a French Interior Ministry employee. France | 2010 | STUDC | 91 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68726 / 68733 | RRP £15.99 | 6th Aug

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky Recommended Director: Mark Donskoi Released: Out Now

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

Extras: 2 discs; Best available print; Hyperkino edition with on-screen clips and annotations.

The Battle of Algiers Gillo Pontecorvo

Item # 68524 | Russia | 1938 | Ruscico | 98 min | B&W

A powerful account of the war of independence in Algeria. This version is remastered in high definition and includes unseen footage, making it the most complete edition Many ever released. extras including interviews and featurettes; Booklet. NB: Also available on DVD for £13.99.

Launching the trilogy that would be completed by My Apprenticeship and My Universities, Mark Donskoi’s The Childhood of Maxim Gorky, adapted from the great Russian writer’s autobiography, is a masterpiece of latent Socialist Realism that owes as much to Hollywood mythologisers like John Ford and French humanists like Jean Renoir as Soviet apologists. Thus, this is an idealised reconstruction of the environment that shaped the author’s personality and talent rather than a portrait of the young artist as a prototype Bolshevik. Strikingly photographed, it may not always be dramatically subtle, but its screenplay and Donskoi’s direction remain true to the author’s spirit, while Ivan Stepanov’s interiors are evocative of the grinding harshness of both domestic and industrial existence. The loving recreation of 1870s rural Russia also emphasises the essential decency of folk whose failings derive from the oppressive tsarist system. Furthermore, it tackles its themes with the same compassionate universality that would characterise Gorky’s writing. DP

Italy | 1965 | AGT | 120 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68210 | RRP £24.99 | Released 9th July

Our Blu-ray Price: £19.99

La Cérémonie Claude Chabrol

Adapted from Ruth Rendell’s novel, this is one of Chabrol’s most celebrated films, in which Sandrine Bonnaire’s live-in maid comes under the malign influence of Isabelle Huppert’s postal clerk. As the pair bond, the family, rightly, grows ever more concerned. France | 1995 | ART-E | 108 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68204 / 68636 | RRP £15.99 | 23rd July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99


Andrzej Munk Munk’s ‘heroic symphony’ is a subversive satire which demystifies the archetypal image of heroism in its stories of a wily coward who tries to avoid danger when recruited into the military, and a PoW who is eager to escape his colleagues. Poland | 1958 | 2RUN | 87 min | subt | Cert 12 Item # 61582 | RRP £12.99 | Released 6th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Page 6

Delicacy Recommended Director: David & Stéphane Foenkinos Starring: Audrey Tautou, François Damiens, Bruno Todeschini, Marc Citti, Monique Chaumette Released: 6th August Extras: Making-of; Deleted Scenes. Item # 68655 | France | 2011 | STUDC | 109 min | subt | 12

A comedy about grief? Yes, but this is a French comedy, with wisps of melancholy, brief flights into fantasy, reflective voice-overs – and, of course, the luminous presence of Audrey Tatou. Nathalie (Tatou) meets and marries the handsome François (Pio Marmaï), but their romantic idyll is cut short by a fatal accident. The widowed Nathalie enters a kind of limbo, throwing herself into her work while fending off the attentions of her boss (Bruno Todeschini). But when she unexpectedly plants a smacker on the gauche and gangly Markus (François Damiens), a new and very different sort of courtship begins. Adapted and co-directed by David Foenkinos from his own novel, Delicacy has some clever little visual jeux d’esprit that sometimes don’t quite mesh with the tone of the film, but this unevenness has a happy side-effect: for all the inbuilt predictability of the romantic comedy genre, Delicacy genuinely keeps you wondering how things will turn out. Tatou and Damiens are an unlikely but appealing onscreen couple that you find yourself rooting for. NR

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £24.99 Save £5

RRP: £17.99 Save £5



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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Recommended Director: Nuri Bilge Ceylan Released: 9th July Extras: Making-of; Interview Item # 68406 | Turkey | 2011 | NW | 157 min | subt | Cert 15

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

Also on Blu-ray Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Item # 68409 Turkey | 2011 | NW | 157 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

See Also Police, Adjective Corneliu Porumboiu

Item # 63885 Romania | 2009 | ART-E | 113 min | subt | 12 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £7.99

Three Monkeys Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Item # 58909 Turkey | 2008 | NW | 109 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £6.99

Times and Winds Reha Erdem

Item # 56344 Turkey | 2006 | ART-E | 110 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99


olice procedurals are very much in vogue, but Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s latest – a notable critical and commercial smash earlier this year – reinvents the form from the inside out. The title and running time of Once Upon a Time in Anatolia establish certain expectations: of something epic, seriousminded, ruminative. These it certainly is, yet this philosophic procedural also proves disarmingly funny, in a way you perhaps wouldn’t expect from the filmmaker behind the solemn Uzak and Climates. We’ve been dispatched on a dusk-tilldawn drive through the remote Anatolian countryside alongside several individuals caught up in a murder investigation. This investigation, like the film, is going nowhere fast. No-one can find the body for starters. Matters turn farcical. Coppers wet their socks in streams; names are repeatedly mispronounced. The mute permanence of the countryside contrasts with the triviality of the chat, the life-and-death importance of the assignment with the essential cluelessness of those undertaking it. As the cortege progresses, topographic twists and turns

Mysterious and profound, it captures the essence of cinema come to be matched by those in the stories told by the variously lined, wistful or shattered men. Even here, the film makes appreciable distinctions: between the cops’ brute-force incompetence, the suspect’s silence, the medical examiner’s calm rationality and the prosecutor’s openness to the uncanny. These players draw us into not just a complete universe, but its time scheme: we’re left feeling as though we have also been up all night, witnessing something of what it is to be at the mercy of others. Ceylan has been promising much for several years now, but here he’s surpassed himself. In this extraordinary autopsy of the human condition, even the mid-film drinks break – a pause at a rural encampment, where the chief’s beautiful daughter brings these journeymen light and succour – is mysterious, somehow profound, and the very essence of cinema. Mike McCahill


Page 7

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

World Cinema The Flowers of War Zhang Yimou

China’s official submission to the 2012 Oscars stars Christian Bale as an undertaker who arrives in Nanjing in 1937 to prepare a Catholic priest for burial. While there he finds himself in the unwanted position of protector for a convent and a brothel who are at risk from the invading Japanese army. China / Hong Kong | 2011 | REV | 146 min | subt | Cert TBC Item # 68374 / 68375 | RRP £15.99 | 6th August

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99



Shion Sono An exploration into the darkness of humanity by the director of Love Exposure, in which a 15 year-old boy is driven to rid society of ‘evil-doers’. Sono rewrote the film after the March 2011 tsunami, making the devastated landscape the backdrop for his tale.

Sang-soo Im

A sexy, stylish psychological Korean thriller that charts the destructive sexual relationship between a rich man and his newly-appointed housemaid who gets caught up in the web of the family’s games. Erotic and entertaining, the film builds to a climax as the maid tries to outwit her tormentors and escape their fiendish schemes. South Korea | 2010 | Axiom | 106 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 65487 | RRP £15.99 | Released 25th June

Our DVD Price: £11.99


Agnieszka Holland Historical drama that brings to life the story of the ‘Central European Robin Hood’. Václav Jirácek takes the lead as the man who joins a group of brigands after he loses his true love, with his personal moral code earning their respect. All except the violent and envious Huncaga that is. Poland / Slovakia | 2009 | GOODF | 140 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 67759 | RRP £12.99 | Released 9th July

Page 10

Starring: Robert Wieckiewicz, Benno Fürmann Released: 9th July Item # 68805 | Poland | 2011 | MET-D | 144 min | subt | 15

Leopold Socha is one of 6000 Poles considered a ‘Righteous Gentile’ by the Israeli government for their efforts in helping Jews during WWII. Drawing on Robert Marshall’s study In the Sewers of Lvov, this Oscarnominated account of his wartime deeds owes more to the uncompromising realism of Andrzej Wajda’s A Generation (1954) and Kanal (1957) than the glossy melodramatics of recent Hollywood reconstructions. Moreover, it boldly suggests that not all the persecuted were innocent victims. As the daughter of a Jewish father who lost his parents in the Warsaw Ghetto and a Catholic mother who fought against the Nazis, director Agnieszka Holland is well placed to recall Socha’s reluctant heroics and to examine how much ordinary citizens knew about the Holocaust. As in Europa, Europa (1990), she refuses to trivialise the war by viewing it in terms of black and white. The ensemble acting is superb, as are the sets and sound design, which chillingly reinforces the sense of claustrophobic enclosure. But it’s Holland’s understanding of human nature that makes In Darkness so authentic and so compelling. DP

Item # 68644 | France | 1972 | STUDC | 98 min | subt | 15

The Housemaid

Recommended Director: Agnieszka Holland

Starring: Delphine Seyrig, Fernando Rey, Muni, Stéphane Audran, Bulle Ogier, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Paul Frankeur, Julien Bertheau Extras: Remastered; Introduction; Trailer.

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £14.99

In Darkness

Director: Luis Buñuel

Released: 16th July

Japan | 2011 | 3RDW | 129 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 68633 / 8642 | RRP £14.99 | 6th Aug

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Activities interrupted or endlessly deferred thread through Buñuel’s films from L’Age d’Or onwards, and form the core of Discreet Charm, in which six somewhat respectable people (plus a bishop) gather to eat at one another’s houses, with their attempts continually frustrated by crossed dates, death, fear of arrest, military manouvres and dreams – especially dreams. Indeed, by the end, the stories are so nested within one another that it is hard to tell what was a dream and what wasn’t – a distinction that Buñuel was always glad to dispense with anyway. As the friends maintain composure in the face of adversity, their desires, bad consciences and greed sandpaper away beneath the smiling facades of their politesse. And though Buñuel’s camera glides selfeffacingly through their gatherings, his wry amusement at their predicament is not innocent, noting the deals that keep such types in the foie gras they don’t get to eat. GH

Buying Details Our DVD Price: £11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

Blu-ray Price: £13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £6

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Explore Russian Cinema Passions and ambitions as vast as the Steppes and melancholia as brooding as its endless skies brand the films of Mother Russia with a particular bittersweet bouquet. To celebrate the arrival of four additions to our Hyperkino range of classic Russian cinema, including The Childhood of Maxim Gorky (see page 6), we present a sale of some of the finest and most sublimely beautiful cinema from Russia.

Andrei Tarkovsky Collection

The Dawns Here are Quiet

King Lear

All seven of Tarkovsky’s masterpieces: Ivan’s Childhood (1962), Andrei Rublev (1966), Solaris (1972), Mirror (1975), Stalker (1979), Nostalgia (1983) and The Sacrifice (1986). 7 discs.

Stanislav Rostotsky

No-one has illustrated King Lear’s dizzying fall from power with greater visual force than Grigori Kozintsev, and no-one has played the king on screen with more affecting restraint than Yuri Yarvet.

DVD: £32.99 Save £27

Admiral Dir: Andrei Kravchuk. A lavish romantic drama of passion and separation, set against the backdrop of the Russian revolution.

2 discs.

Item # 63474 Russ | 1972 | BIA | 157 min | subt | 12 | £19.99

Item # 66463 Rus | 1971 | 132 | subt | B&W | PG | £12.99

DVD: £9.99 Save £10

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

By the Bluest of Seas


Dir: Boris Barnet. A lovely, light and lyrical look at unrequited love on an island in the Caspian sea. Hyperkino edition.

Dir: Sergei Bodrov. An historical epic that offers a multi-dimensional portrait of the legendary Mongolian leader, Genghis Khan.

Item # 61922 Russia | 2008 | 124 min | subt | 15 | £5.99

Item # 67481 Russ | 1936 | Rusci | 69 | subt | B&W | £24.99

Item # 54809 Rus | 2007 | UPV | 126 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99

DVD: £19.99 Save £5

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

Alexander: The Warrior Saint

Come and See

Russian Ark

Dir: Elem Klimov. A truly great war film that does for WWII what Apocalypse Now did for the Vietnamese conflict. 2 discs.

Dir: Aleksandr Sokurov. An ecstatic, bravura piece of filmmaking, filmed in one take through the Hermitage museum. A giddying watch.

Item # 67553 Rus | 2008 | MET-D | 106 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item # 66738 Rus | 1985 | 137 min | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item # 14466 Russia | 2002 | 96 min | subt | U | £19.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

Ballad of a Soldier

The Cranes are Flying

Soviet Propaganda

Dir: Grigori Chukhrai. A deeply moving romantic drama set in war-torn Russia. Winner of the 1960 Palme d’Or at Cannes.

Dir: Mikhail Kalatozov. This tragic story of two young lovers forced apart in wartime is a masterpiece of visual storytelling.

An amazing collection of animated Russian propaganda which takes aim at American imperialists, capitalist sharks and fascists. 4 discs.

Item # 31924 Rus | 1959 | 89 | subt | B&W | PG | £19.99

Item # 66744 Rus | 1957 | 91 | subt | B&W | PG | £15.99

Item # 57996 Rus | 2006 | 445 min | subt | E | £21.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

DVD: £11.99 Save £10

The Barber of Siberia

Dersu Uzala

War and Peace

Dir: Nikita Mikhalkov. A sumptuous love story in the style of Dr Zhivago, with breathtaking vistas of old Russia. Richard Harris stars.

Dir: Akira Kurosawa. Filmed in the vastnesss of the Siberian ice desert, this is one of Kurosawa’s most beautiful films. 1975 Oscar winner.

Dir: Sergei Bondarchuk. An amazing spectacle, with a cast of thousands, stupendous sets and locations. 1968 Oscar winner. 5 discs.

Item # 18561 Russia | 1998 | Pathe | 170 | subt | 12 | £15.99

Item# 66505 Russ | 1975 | 135 min | subt | £19.99

Item # 66274 Rus | 1967 | 401 min | subt | PG | £49.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

DVD: £32.99 Save £17

Burnt by the Sun


Dir: Nikita Mikhalkov. A surprise guest at his dacha disrupts Colonel Kotov’s summer idyll. A poignant, beautifully shot Oscar-winner.

Dir: Grigori Kozintsev. This renowned Soviet production of Hamlet ranks among the finest adaptations of Shakespeare on film.

You I Love

Item # 53268 Rus | 1994 | 146 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Item # 66473 Rus | 1964 | 144 | subt | B&W | U | £12.99

Item # 26159 Rus | 2004 | 83 min | subt | 15 | £14.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

DVD: £7.99 Save £5

DVD: £6.99 Save £8

Dir: Igor Kalyonov. 13th century Russia is the setting for this drama about the wars of Alexander Nevsky.

Dir: Stolpovskaya & Troitsky. The tale of a curious love triangle between a beautiful TV reporter and the two men who become lovers in her life.

Order now from MovieMail

Offer ends 29th August or while stocks last

Item # 62620 Russia | 1962-86 | ART-E | subt | 15 | £59.99

Deserving of much wider acclaim, this WWII drama sees a man and the five women under his command uniting to fight German paratroopers in Karelia.

Grigori Kozintsev

World Cinema New Pasolini DVDs from MoC

Man of the Story

Adoor Gopalakrishnan

A complex blend of traditional and modern storytelling styles that draws upon both folklore and recent Indian history, Man of the Story presents an elliptical tale of Kerala’s modern history through the life of one man who is born in 1937 and lives to watch forty years of upheavals. From the director of Rat-Trap. India / Japan | 1996 | 2RUN | 107 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68207 | RRP £12.99 | Released 23rd July

Hawks and Sparrows

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Pier Paolo Pasolini Released soon after his reverential Gospel According to St Matthew, this freewheeling picaresque fable shows Pasolini in a playful mood, lampooning both politics and religion. It stars Italy’s legendary comic actor Totò as an old man who, accompanied by his son and a storytelling Marxist crow, wanders through the half-built fringes of Rome. The film skitters from teenbeat rave-ups to medieval allegory and documentary, showing traces of neorealism and silent comedy. Its narrative digressions point forward to Pasolini’s renditions of Chaucer and Boccaccio, but its essence is pure sixties: freewheeling and fantastical, but with serious matters at its heart. Illustrated booklet. Item # 68501 Ita | 1966 | 89 | subt | B&W | PG | £15.99

Nannerl, Mozart’s Sister René Féret

A speculative account of musical prodigy Maria Anna ‘Nannerl’ Mozart, sister to Wolfgang, who displaces her as the headline act as they are toured by their father in front of the royal courts of Europe. She chafes at the limitations imposed on her gender, but a friendship with Louis XV’s children offers an alternative. France | 2010 | PALIS | 120 min | subt | Cert 12 Item # 68269 | RRP £14.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £11.24

Michel Hazanavicius et al Six comic French shorts exploring the subject of infidelity, co-written by and starring Jean Dujardin (star of The Artist) in a variety of roles. Other directors on the collection include Fred Cavayé, Emmanuelle Bercot, Alex Courtès, Eric Lartigau, and Gilles Lellouche.

Pigsty Pier Paolo Pasolini Decades on from its release, and featuring a cast that includes Anne Wiazemsky, Pierre Clémenti and Jean-Pierre Léaud, Pigsty remains one of Pasolini’s most controversial and wilfully provocative works. It comprises parallel stories. In the first, cannibalistic savages rampage a world outside of any distinct time or place, while the second sees Godard regulars Léaud and Wiazemsky as a couple in a contemporary Germany that is a morass of industrialisation, fascist impulse and bestial instincts. Not without humour, both stories deliver their anti-capitalist sentiments with uncompromising power, and combine in a unique piece of political cinema that unsettles and bewitches in equal measure. Booklet. Item # 68504 Italy | 1969 | 98 min | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £4

Page 12

Dallamano / Farina / Schivazappa

Contains the three cult classics Venus in Furs (Dallamano, 1968), The Frightened Woman (Schivazappa, 1969) and Baba Yaga (Farina, 1973). Stylish, imaginative and deliciously twisted, these three films reveal the darker side of passion, love and sex. Carroll Baker, Dagmar Lassander and Laura Antonelli 3 discs. play the alluring leading ladies. Italy | 1969-73 | SHAME | 300 min | Cert 18 Item # 68825 | RRP £19.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

The Source

Radu Mihaileanu A warm ‘battle of the sexes’ ensemble comedy drama from the director of The Concert. In a remote North African village, the women fetch the community’s water from a distant well, as they have done for generations while the men relax. That is until Leila starts a mutiny by proposing that the women withhold sexual favours until the husbands pull their weight. Belgium / Italy / France | 2011 | REV | 124 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68372 | RRP £15.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £12.99

The Players

DVD: £11.99 Save £4

Shameless Pop Erotica Fest

France | 2012 | MOMET | 107 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 68641 | RRP £12.99 | Released 30th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Blu-rays Fallen Angels Wong Kar-Wai

Item # 68402 Hong Kong | 1996 | ART-E | 92 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Love Exposure Shion Sono

Item # 68638 Japan | 2008 | 3RDW | 237 min | subt | 18 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

The Prey

Eric Valette A French thriller starring Albert Dupontel as an escaped convict who races against time to track down a former cellmate who has kidnapped his wife and daughter and is trying to finger him for a series of murders. Alice Taglioni’s kick-ass detective leads the no-holds barred chase for the fugitive, who becomes public enemy number 1. France | 2011 | STUDC | 100 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68803 | RRP £17.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £12.99

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Le Havre Recommended Director: Aki Kaurismäki Starring: André Wilms, Kati Outinen, Jean-Pierre Darroussin Released: 6th August Extras: Interviews with André Wilms and Jean-Pierre Darroussin; Little Bob Music Video. Item # 68637 | Finland / France | 2011 | ART-E | 93 min | subt | Cert PG

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

B 55 Bonus Points If purchased for £11.99

Also on Blu-ray Le Havre

Item # 68643 Finland | 2011 | ART-E | 93 min | subt | PG | £19.99

Blu-ray Price: £14.99

See Also Aki Kaurismäki Collection: Vol 1 Shadows in Paradise, Ariel and The Match Factory Girl

Item # 50238 Finland | 1986-1990 | ART-E | 211 min | 15 | £29.99

Our DVD Price: £21.99

You, the Living Roy Andersson

Item # 54840 Sweden | 2007 | ART-E | 89 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99


ki Kaurismäki’s second Frenchlanguage film after 1992’s La Vie de Bohème (prior knowledge of which is not required, though there are a couple of delectable in-jokes for fans) is his most heartfelt tribute to one of his favourite periods of cinema history, the great if undeservedly neglected ‘Popular Front’ films of the mid to late 1930s in which Jean Renoir, Marcel Carné and Jean Grémillon brought an intensely poetic sensibility to ostensibly realistic films about the downtrodden, cruelly exploited masses. Naturally, Kaurismäki does this too in this deceptively simple tale of shoeshiner Marcel Marx (André Wilms), whose almost childlike dependence on his wife Arletty (Kati Outinen) is threatened by her being diagnosed with what seems to be terminal cancer – of course, since she’s a Kaurismäki heroine, she treats the news as stoically as she would a minor kitchen mishap. At the same time, Marcel accidentally runs into a Gabonese boy wanted by the police (represented by Jean-Pierre Darroussin’s marvellously hangdog Inspector Monet) for illegally entering the country, forcing Marcel to choose between legal and moral right.  Working with his regular production team,

Kaurismaki’s heartfelt tribute to French films of the 1930s Kaurismäki transforms a drab French harbour town into a colourful, sundrenched French-speaking outpost of what Kati Outinen called ‘Akiland’, a universe peculiar to this endlessly idiosyncratic filmmaker that’s recognisable seconds after arrival – reacting to a client being whacked by mafiosi immediately after getting his shoes shined, Marcel looks on the bright side: at least he had time to pay. And as ever with Kaurismäki, the film is crammed with incidental pleasures and absurd details: a pineapple, a sprig of cherry blossom, a Jean-Pierre Léaud cameo and a screen credit for Kaurismäki’s own dog Laïka (an inveterate scenestealer) make particularly memorable contributions. If Kaurismäki’s melodramatic approach to this material is unashamedly old-fashioned (his other acknowledged models are Douglas Sirk and Yasujiro Ozu), his call for working-class solidarity in the face of official callousness could hardly be more vital today. Michael Brooke


Page 13

Classic Movies English Language Films, 1930 - 1969

God’s Little Acre

New Releases Action in Arabia Léonide Moguy

A 1940s spy thriller set in WWII Damascus, where George Sanders’ ace newspaper reporter braves the double dealing and femmes fatales to get to the bottom of who killed a colleague. He finds an ally in Virginia Bruce’s secret agent. USA | 1944 | ODEON | 75 min | U Item # 68756 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

1958 Soho-set musical drama featuring many musical acts from the era. Lee Patterson and Mary Steele play the young pop composer and singer bankrolled by their aunt to open a coffee bar, which they expand into a record shop and recording outlet to help budding singer Terry Dene.

Although Paul Rotha is now best known for his socially committed documentaries, he also wrote and directed this suspenseful thriller in which a GI deserter (Lee Patterson) frames a girl and holds her captive while seeking gems.

UK | 1958 | RENOWN | 75 min | Cert U Item # 68449 | RRP £12.99 | Released 25th June

UK | 1958 | RENOWN | 79 min | Cert U Item # 68770 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The Leopard Man

Crooks in Cloisters

Jacques Tourneur

Jeremy Summers

Barbara Windsor, Bernard Cribbins and Ronald Fraser star in this vintage British comedy that sees a bunch of petty crooks take to the cloth in an attempt to lay low. However, their idyllic lifestyle is threatened when one of them starts placing bets on the dogs. UK | 1964 | STUDC | 92 min | Cert U Item # 68703 | RRP £15.99 | Released 9th July

A typically atmospheric horror film from the Val Lewton / Jacques Tourneur stable (Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie), in which a string of savage murders occur in New Mexico – but is the culprit beast or man? Pure cinema from the master of shocks from the silent shadows. USA | 1943 | ODEON | 66 min | Cert PG Item # 68759 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Do Not Disturb Ralph Levy

Screen legend Doris Day stars opposite Rod Taylor in this romantic romp which sees them play an American couple who encounter marital problems after they move to England for his job. She likes to stay in their country home, but he doesn’t fancy the commute from London...

Page 14

USA | 1958 | BHORSE | 106 min | Cert PG Item # 67185 | RRP £12.99 | Released 23rd July

Don Sharp

Paul Rotha

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Robert Ryan, Aldo Ray, Jack Lord and Vic Morrow star in this adaptation of Erskine Caldwell’s steamy bestseller which reveals the hidden passions and violent impulses seething beneath the hot southern sun. It sees a poor, struggling sharecropper’s family nearly torn apart as the patriarch stubbornly pursues his belief that gold is buried somewhere on his land.

The Golden Disc

Cat and Mouse

USA | 1965 | 2ND | 98 min | Cert PG Item # 68819 | RRP £15.99 | Released 30th July

Anthony Mann

The Man who Shot Liberty Valance John Ford

James Stewart’s ageing senator revisits the town of Shinbone, where as a young lawyer he found fame by confronting mean gunslinger Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin). A classic western, this is one of Ford’s most eloquent elegies for the Old West. USA | 1962 | PARAH | 118 min | Cert U Item # 68858 | RRP £12.99 | Released 6th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Jack the Giant Killer Recommended

Director: Nathan Juran

Starring: Kerwin Matthews, Anna Lee Released: 2nd July Item # 68850 | USA | 1962 | 101 | 94 min | Cert PG

No, not a film about an over-sized assassin but rather a splendid Hollywood version of the ripe old myth. It’s set in a fairytale version of Cornwall (or ‘Corn Wall’ as the American members of the cast would have it) where a wicked wizard (who evidently got interior decorating tips from Jean Cocteau) plans to seize the beautiful Princess and thence the throne (‘Corn Wall’ being a separate kingdom). But the contemptible conjurer has reckoned without plucky hero Jack (Matthews) who battles giants, witches and sundry hobgoblins to save the fair maiden’s hand. Director Nathan Juran was, for many years, an often overlooked part of the Ray Harryhausen operation, directing some of the best films more usually associated with the stop motion maestro. Here he shows how vital he was: Jack The Giant Killer (which reunited the stars and director of the 1958 film, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad) proceeds with the same foursquare storytelling and conviction that makes the Harryhausen films such a joy. Indeed, this belongs on the same shelf as the finest fantasy films of its era. JO

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RRP: £15.99 Save £4

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

CFF Collection: Volume 1 – London Tales Recommended Contains: The Salvage Gang (John Krish, 1958), Operation Third Form (David Eady, 1966) and Night Ferry (David Eady, 1976) Released: 23rd July Extras: 2 discs; Topic: Children’s Theatre (1959): US TV show about the Children’s Film Foundation; Booklet. Item # 68627 | UK | 1958-76 | BFI | 164 min | Cert U

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

£13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6

B 65 Bonus Points If purchased for £13.99

See Also A Day in the Life: Four Portraits of Postwar Britain John Krish

Item # 64690 UK | 1964 | BFI | 92 min | B&W | E | £19.99

DVD+Blu-ray Price: £10.99

Five on a Treasure Island Gerald Landau

Item # 62344 UK | 1957 | BFI | 121 min | B&W | U | £17.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99


ach of these three delightful tales springs from the simplest of ideas. In The Salvage Gang it is a broken saw in urgent need of a replacement before dad finds out. In Operation Third Form a very young John Moulder-Brown (even younger than he was in Deep End) accidentally leaves his homework at school. And in Night Ferry a toy aeroplane landing in a railway yard prompts its equally young lead to stumble upon Bernard Cribbins and Aubrey Morris acting all suspicious... Simplicity was the watchword of the Children’s Film Foundation, makers of firstclass family entertainment for the best part of four decades. Between 1951 and 1987 they put their name to more than 400 features, shorts and serials, all of which were pleasingly no-nonsense in their approach to storytelling. With many eager to revisit the cinema experiences of their youths, nostalgia will no doubt play its part in this release. However, it’s important to remember that the CFF put a huge amount of effort into every one of their films and employed a lot of genuine talent. The three titles which make up these

Three delightful tales from the Children’s Film Foundation ‘London Tales’ offer the perfect examples. Their seemingly inauspicious beginnings give way to a trio of terrifically entertaining yarns, whether it be the ever-elaborate money-making schemes of The Salvage Gang or the kids-play-detectives adventures of Operation Third Form and Night Ferry. Each is fuelled by a jaunty score, great use of London locations, familiar faces and child actors who actually act like real kids. The Salvage Gang also has the added enticement of British documentary great John Krish behind the camera. The BFI intend to make a great deal of the CFF’s output available to the DVD buying public over the next few years in themed collections such as this one. As an opening gambit London Tales couldn’t be bettered – three terrific films, all of which are in great shape, as enjoyable today as they were during their original Saturday matinee showings. Anthony Nield


Page 15

CFF Collection: Volume 1 – London Tales

Classic Movies Marilyn Monroe: Forever Marilyn - The Collection Hawks / Negulesco / Wilder

A four-volume set of classic Marilyn Monroe films, containing the comedies Some Like it Hot (Wilder, 1959), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Hawks, 1953), The Seven Year Itch (Wilder, 1955) and How to Marry a Millionaire (Negulesco, 4 discs. 1953). USA | 1959 | FOX | 394 min | Cert PG Item # 68908 / 909 | RRP £27.99 | Out 23rd July

Born to Kill Recommended Director: Robert Wise

DVD Price: £25.49 Blu-ray: £35.99

Starring: Lawrence Tierney, Claire Trevor, Walter Slezak, Audrey Long, Elisha Cook Jr, Phillip Terry

Montana Belle Allan Dwan

Released: 16th July

When the Dalton Boys fall out with the sharp shooting Belle Starr (Jane Russell), she forms an outlaw gang that becomes the scourge of the Oklahoma Territories. With a big bounty on her beautiful head, she takes cover as a widowed showgirl at the Birdcage saloon, but doesn’t reckon on falling in love with its owner (George Brent) – or the Dalton Boys riding into town.

Item # 68767 USA | 1947 | ODEON | 92 min | B&W | Cert PG

USA | 1952 | ODEON | 81 min | Cert U Item # 68757 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Reluctant Bride Henry Cass

A romantic comedy starring John Carroll and Virginia Bruce as the mismatched aunt and uncle – she a sensitive entomologist, he a Texan playboy – who are given custody of four orphaned children after their parents, both renowned explorers, are lost. UK | 1955 | RENOWN | 75 min | Cert U Item # 68821 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Seven Thunders Hugo Fregonese

Aka Beasts of Marseilles. WWII drama in which two escaped PoWs (Stephen Boyd and Tony Wright) hiding out in Marseilles find themselves having to outwit both Nazis and Dr Martout (James Robertson Justice) – the man who is meant to be organising their escape from France. UK | 1957 | SpiritStrawberry | 96 min | Cert PG Item # 68448 | RRP £12.99 | Released 9th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Page 18

‘Film noir’ is a much abused term, a tag often erroneously attached to films that can’t justify its tenebrous taint. But make no mistake: Born to Kill (aka Lady of Deceit) is the real thing, as noir as noir gets. For those with a taste for the hard stuff, it’s essential. Our leading man is the all-too-aptly named Sam Wild (Lawrence Tierney), a brooding, sinister psycho (‘the coldest killer a woman ever loved’) prone to killing those who cross him. Fleeing town after an unfortunate double murder, he encounters Helen Brent (Claire Trevor), a cynical gold digger. Their initial connection slowly mutates into a twisted love affair and Sam leads Helen ever further into the dark. Its lack of major stars means that Born to Kill is comparatively little known but this really is one of the major film noirs. Even by the jaundiced standards of crime pictures of the era, it’s a hard-bitten joint that is filled with amoral people doing thoroughly bad things. Indeed, it’s suffused with such a miasma of corruption, you have to wonder how its director Robert Wise could go on to make The Sound of Music. JO

The Lacey Rituals: Films by Bruce Lacey and Friends Recommended Contains: Head in Shadow (1951), Agib and Agab (1953), The Running, Jumping & Standing Still Film, Battle of New Orleans, Everybody’s Nobody (1960), Uncle’s Tea Party (1962), One Man Band (1965), Kissing Film (1967), How to Have a Bath (1971), The Lacey Rituals (1973), Double Exposure (1975), The Flying Alberts, Humanoid Race (1965), Universal Integrator (1971), Laceys at Home (1972), British Landing on the Moon, Outside in (extract) (1973), R.O.S.A B.O.S.O.M (1996), If I Had a Talking Picture of You (2002), Heads, Bodies and Legs (1973), Stella Chase (1974), Awakening of the Earth Goddess, Rougham (1982), Castlerigg, Wales Stone Circles (c.1981), Breaking Away to Come Together (1984), The Re-Awakening of My Ancestral Spirits (1987) Released: 23rd July Extras: The Bruce Lacey Experience (2012) Item # 68625 | UK | 1958-90 | BFI | 365 min | Cert 18

Bruce Lacey has had quite the roster of friends over the years – the Goons, The Beatles, Bob Godfrey, Ken Russell and, more recently, the artist Jeremy Deller. Although he exerted considerable influence on postwar culture, bafflingly, much of his work has remained obscure. This new collection of 29 films remedies this, bringing together many of his collaborations, with comedies (including Richard Lester’s Running, Jumping & Standing Still Film), documentaries, animation and avantgarde films taking us from the 1950s to the present day. It’s a fitting tribute to an idiosyncratic talent. AN

Buying Details

Buying Details

Our DVD Price:

Our DVD Price:

RRP: £12.99 Save £3

RRP: £22.99 Save £7



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Hollywood Studio Film Sale Reap the rewards of the studio system with our sale of fine films from Warner Bros. and Paramount, two of the world’s oldest and most prolific studios. Here we present some of their best films at austerity prices. Variety abounds, from classic musicals (Easter Parade) to film noir (Sunset Boulevard) and from sexy sci-fi kitsch (Barbarella) to historical epics (Quo Vadis) – the choice is yours!


Quo Vadis

Short Cuts

Roger Vadim

Mervyn Le Roy

Robert Altman

A star-studded, epic adaptation of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel based in Rome during the time of Nero. Robert Taylor, Deborah Kerr, Leo Genn and Peter Ustinov take the lead roles.

Adapted from Raymond Carver’s short stories, this star-studded, ensemble epic explores the connections between disparate lives and the alienation of modern life. One of the best films of the 1990s.

Item # 323 / 68623 France | 1968 | 97 min | 15 | £12.99

Item # 57174 USA | 1951 | WHV | 162 min | PG | £16.99

Item # 52478 USA | 1993 | PARA | 188 min | 18 | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £14.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £11

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

42nd Street


Oh! What a Lovely War

Dir: Lloyd Bacon. Splashy Hollywood does splashy Broadway in this behind-the-scenes of a show musical. Ginger Rogers stars.

Dir: Michael Curtiz. The stuff of legend. Decades after it was made it remains as seductive and entertaining as ever. Bogart and Bergman star.

With songs, prizes and a scoreboard for the dead, WWI is played out as music hall in this film of war’s folly.

Item # 27207 USA | 1933 | WHV | 86 min | B&W | U | £15.99

Item # 5075 USA | 1942 | WHV | 102 min | B&W | U | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

American Gigolo

Court Jester


Dir: Norman Panama. Danny Kaye comes to 12th century England in this spectacular film of damsels, duels, clowning, singing and dancing.

Dir: Matthew Vaughn. A charming but not too precious adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy about a bumbling youth who saves a girl from witches.

Item # 6819 USA | 1980 | PARAH | 117 min | 18 | £12.99

Item # 32229 USA | 1956 | PARA | 96 min | U | £9.99

Item # 52475 UK | 2007 | PARA | 123 min | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

Around The World in Eighty Days

Easter Parade

Sunset Boulevard

Dir: Charles Walters. One of the brightest, cheeriest musicals ever made. Fred Astaire and Judy Garland are the dance partners.

Dir: Billy Wilder. A seminal film. Gloria Swanson plays the silent screen diva longing to return, William Holden the writer longing for a break.

Item # 18558 USA | 1956 | WHV | 175 min | U | £19.99

Item # 22099 USA | 1948 | WHV | 99 min | U | £15.99

Item # 12572 USA | 1950 | 105 min | B&W | PG | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

Blade Runner

Goodbye Mr Chips

Up the Junction

Dir: Sam Wood. Robert Donat plays the stiff, unpopular headmaster converted by love into an inspirational moulder of lives.

Dir: Peter Collinson. Suzy Kendall plays the posh girl who slums it in Battersea in this film based on Nell Dunn’s famous book.

Item # 52067 USA | 1982 | WHV | 117 min | 15 | £16.99

Item # 16240 USA | 1939 | WHV | 109 min | B&W | U | £19.99

Item # 54997 UK | 1968 | PARAH | 119 min | 12 | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £11

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

Bonnie and Clyde

Made in Dagenham

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Dir: Paul Schrader. Richard Gere plays the escort framed for murder in this intriguing attempt to take Pickpocket to 1980s California.

Dir: Michael Anderson. An epic, fun fifties travelogue to delight in. David Niven stars. 2 discs.

Dir: Ridley Scott. A sci-fi work of towering imagination and extraordinary beauty – and a cracking film noir to boot. 2 discs.

Dir: Arthur Penn. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty play the depressionera killer couple on the run in this stylish account of their lives.

Dir: Nigel Cole. Sally Hawkins stars in this acclaimed British comedy drama about the women’s 1968 strike at Ford’s Dagenham car plant.

Item # 3522 USA | 1967 | WHV | 107 min | 18 | £19.99

Item # 64196 UK | 2010 | PARAH | 113 min | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

Item # 50942 UK | 1969 | PARA | min | PG | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

Dir: Mike Nichols. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor slug it out in this booze-soaked tragicomedy. Item # 59966 USA | 1966 | WHV | 124 min | B&W | 15 | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

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Jane Fonda plays the scantily clad, sexy yet innocent spaceage heroine in this version of Jean-Claude Forest’s popular French comic strip. Screenplay by Terry Southern.

Two Excellent D

Dream up your perfect double-bill from this selection of excellent films and pay just £12 Alternatively, they’re available individually at the marked price. All come highly recom

World Cinema



Point Blank

István Szabó

Fred Cavayé

The Sorrow and the Pity

Szabó’s most widely acclaimed film features a compelling central performance from Klaus Maria Brandauer as a 1930s actor whose refusal to face reality turns his life into a charade.1982 Oscar winner.

A relentless French action thriller from the director of Anything for Her, in which a man needs to spring a wanted man from hospital if he wants to save his kidnapped pregnant wife.

Marcel Ophüls

Item # 29909 Hungary | 1980 | FHE | 139 | subt | 15 | £15.99

Item # 66086 France | 2010 | COL-T | 84 | subt | 15 | £13.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £6.99 Save £7

Item # 58923 Germany | 1969 | ARROW | 249 | subt | £19.99

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec

The Sentimental Education of Eugenie

Dir: Luc Besson. ‘Amelie meets Indiana Jones’ in this period romp.

Dir: Aurelio Grimaldi. An erotic film about a teenager’s sexual education.

Item # 65721 France | 2010 | 106 | subt | 12 | £17.99

Item # 32695 Italy | 2005 | ARROW | 83 min | 18 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

The Fireman’s Ball

The Girl Who... Trilogy

Dir: Milos Forman. Hilarious, deadpan satire about a provincial firemen’s ball descending into complete chaos. ‘Banned forever’ on Czech release.

The Swedish thrillers The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, available separately.

Item # 58903 Czech | 1967 | ARROW | 73 min | PG | £19.99

Item # Various Sweden | 2009 | subt | 18 | £17.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £6.99 each Save £11

A landmark, probing documentary that chronicles the Nazi’s wartime occupation of France through interviews and archive footage. 2 discs. DVD: £6.99 Save £13

The Age of Stupid Dir: Franny Armstrong. Pete Postlethwaite plays the man in 2055 asking why we didn’t stop climate change when we had the chance. Item # 57995 UK | 2009 | DOGW | 92 min | 12 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

The Conquest of Everest Dir: George Lowe. An outstanding chronicle of the conquest of Everest by the 1953 Hunt Expedition. Item # 50579 UK | 1953 | OPTIM | 79 min | U | £12.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £6

Encounters at the End of the World Dir: Werner Herzog. A stunning exploration of the raw beauty of a land of ice and corrosive solitude.

Closely Observed Trains Menzel £6.99

Eyes Wide Open Tabakman £6.99

Los Debutantes Waissbluth £6.99

Tell No One Canet £6.99

Item # 58816 USA | 2007 | REV | 100 min | U | £17.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

Grizzly Man Dir: Werner Herzog. A moving documentary about outsider Timothy Treadwell, a man who lived among the grizzly bears that took his life.

Colonel Redl István Szabó £6.99

I’ve Loved You So Long Claudel £6.99

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend £6.99

The Fish Child Lucia Puenzo £6.99

Item # 28035 USA | 2005 | REV | 100 min | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

Restrepo Dir: Tim Hetherington & Sebastian Junger. An award-winning record of one year with one platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan.

Elvira Madigan Bo Widerberg £6.99

Les Biches Claude Chabrol £6.99

Premiers Désirs Hamilton £6.99

Fitzcarraldo Werner Herzog £6.99

Item # 63476 USA | 2010 | DOGW | 93 min | E | £14.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £8

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Classic Movies

Modern Film

The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Naked City

The Magic Flute

Jules Dassin

Kenneth Branagh

Anthony Mann

A vivid police procedural shot entirely on location in New York, this double Oscar winner (for cinematography and editing) remains a benchmark for naturalism in film noir.

Conceived and directed by Branagh, featuring Mozart’s glorious music and a newly adapted libretto by Stephen Fry, this spectacular musical adventure is irresistible.

2 discs.

Item # 57934 USA | 1948 | 93 min | B&W | PG | £19.99

Item # 52995 UK | 2006 | REV | 133 min | PG | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £3

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Indiscretion of an American Wife

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Dir: Mamoulian / Fleming. Two classic adaptations, with Fredric March (1932) and Spencer Tracy (1941).

Dir: Vittorio De Sica. Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift star in this deft mixture of romance and neorealism.

Dir: Werner Herzog. A dark comic thriller. Nicolas Cage plays a bent cop in post-Katrina New Orleans.

Item # 17317 USA | 1932-41 | 200 | B&W | 12 | £13.26

Item # 53393 Italy / USA | 1954 | 61 min | B&W | U | £5.99

Item # 62443 USA | 2009 | LGATE | 122 min | 18 | £19.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £6.27

DVD: £6.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £13

The Go-Between

Krakatoa: East of Java

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Dir: Bernard L Kowalski. Spectacular Oscar-winning catastrophe movie, in which a volcano is about to blow...

Dir: John Schlesinger. A pioneering drama about a bisexual love triangle. Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson star.

Item # 53394 | 1968 | FHE | 126 min | PG | £5.99

Item # 56918 UK | 1971 | OPTIM | 106 min | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £6.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

Item # 65104 USA | 1964 | ANBAY | 172 min | | £9.99

Dir: Joseph Losey. The tale of a rural love affair cruelly thwarted by class prejudice and convention. Julie Christie and Alan Bates star. Item # 32019 UK | 1970 | OPTIM | 111 min | PG | £15.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

Brute Force Jules Dassin £6.99

Notorious Alfred Hitchcock £6.99

Fallen Idol Carol Reed £6.99

Ruby Gentry King Vidor £6.99

The Big Red One Samuel Fuller £6.99

Postman Always Rings Twice £6.99

I’ll Be Seeing You William Dieterle £6.99

Ryan’s Daughter David Lean £6.99

The Driver Walter Hill £6.99

Two for the Road Stanley Donen £6.99

Strangers on a Train The Paradine Case Hitchcock £6.99 Hitchcock £6.99

Cracks Gods and Monsters Jordan Scott £6.99 Bill Condon £6.99

Crimes of Passion Three Burials of Ken Russell £6.99 Melquiades... £6.99

Four Lions Chris Morris £6.99

Vicky Cristina Barcelona £6.99 or 0844 376 0009

Offer ends 29th August or while stocks last

A Hollywood spectacular in the grand tradition, featuring a stellar cast in an epic re-telling of the last days of the Roman Empire. Made after the success of El Cid.

Classic Movies Documentaries The Sons of Katie Elder Henry Hathaway

‘From the four winds they came, the four brothers, their eyes smoking and their fingers itching...’ Four sons (John Wayne, Dean Martin, Earl Holliman and Michael Anderson Jr) are re-united when they return to bury their mother – and to try to get back the ranch that the town’s gunsmith won from their father in a card game. USA | 1965 | PARAH | 122 min | Cert U Item # 68859 | RRP £12.99 | Released 6th August

New Releases Personal Best Sam Blair

A film focussing on the graft of four young British sprinters – James Ellington, Richard Alleyne, Jeanette Kwakye and Omardo Anson – for four years as they pursue the dream of qualifying for the 2012 Olympics in their home nation. UK | 2012 | VER | 89 min | Cert 12 Item # 68933 | RRP £15.99 | Released 6th August

Our DVD Price: £9.99

They Came from Beyond Space Freddie Francis

British sci-fi from Freddie Francis (Paranoiac, The Creeping Flesh), which begins with a mysterious meteor shower above farmland in Cornwall. A team of scientists is sent in but find themselves possessed by an alien force which wants to enslave them. Can Robert Hutton’s indomitable Dr Temple save the day? UK | 1967 | STUDC | 85 min | | Cert PG Item # 67963 | RRP £15.99 | Released 30th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Roundabout Newsreels: Vol 1 A collection of 1960s cine-magazines produced to promote British values abroad. This monthly series was distributed to cinemas in Asia, and gives a fascinating snapshot of life in the period, showing how the British then wished to be perceived by others.

UK | 1960-66 | PANA | 60 min | Cert E Item # 20536 | RRP £7.99 | Released Out Now

Our DVD Price: £7.99


Our DVD Price: £11.99

Matt Norman


Carol Reed

Burt Lancaster returns to his aerial roots as an acrobat in this story of a circus partnership which almost breaks up when a voluptuous third member (Gina Lollobrigida) comes between them. Lancaster plays the man who attempted the triple somersault once too often, Tony Curtis his protege. USA | 1956 | 2ND | 102 min | Cert U Item # 68786 | RRP £15.99 | Released 30th July

The picture of the three men on the winner’s podium for the Men’s 200m final at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, in which medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise a Black Power salute, is one of the defining images of modern sporting and political history. This is the story of the third man, Australian silver medalist Peter Norman, who was ostracised by his country for supporting his fellow athletes’ stance. Australia / USA | 2008 | Arrow E1 | 88 min | Cert PG Item # 68601 | RRP £19.99 | Released 30th July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Voyages of the Sea Harvesters


Andrew V. McLaglen

Authentic records, partly in colour, of work in the 1930s fishing fleets – Fishing Fleet, Deep Sea Days, Voyage to Stornoway, Toilers of the Deep, North Sea Herring Fleet and Ring Net Herring Fishing. Originally silent, these films have optional music scores and commentaries by veteran fishermen.

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

UK | 1930s-1950s | PANA | 65 min | E Item # 68892 | RRP £19.99 | Out Now

Some Like It Hot Billy Wilder

# 67637 USA | 1959 | 122 | B&W | 12 | £14.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

The Wild Geese / Code Name: Wild Geese Item # 67544 UK | 1977 | ARROW | 133 min | 15 | £19.99

West Highland Recommended Contains: West Highland (Gray, 1960), A Line for All Seasons (McConnell, 1980), West of Inverness (1939) and The Line to Skye (1973) Released: Out Now Extras: Newly remastered and digitally restored. Item # 68534 | UK | 1939-80 | PANA | 85 min | B&W | Cert E

West Highland, John Gray’s ‘impression of a day on the West Highland railway’, made for BBC Scotland in 1960, deserves to be much better known. An elegy to the last days of steam on the fantastically scenic West Highland line that runs from Glasgow to Mallaig, it is an impressionistic piece in which the words of a pair of narrators, whispered rhythmical commentary, gently sung ballads and special effects from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop form an innovative narrative collage as coal, ploughs, alumina and general ware head north, while fish, tweed and whisky take the opposite route. As West Highland concentrates on the particulars of the journey in word and image, so A Line for All Seasons bursts into colourful life as it shows off the route in all its seasonal glory. These films are complemented by West of Inverness, a Pathéscope picture from the archives, and The Line to Skye, a spry film about the line whose terrain ‘has become a legend but remains a reality’. Enthusiasts of British Transport Films shouldn’t hesitate. GH

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RRP: £19.99 Save £3

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Page 22

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue



Globe Theatre on DVD

Shakespeare’s Sonnets Recommended

Contains: All 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets Starring: Stephen Fry, David Tennant, Fiona Shaw, Patrick Stewart, Simon Russell Beale, Dominic West, Gemma Redgrave, Harriet Walter Released: 2nd July Extras: 3 discs. Item # 68936 | UK | 2012 | I-MIN | 180 min | Cert E

Containing all 154 of William Shakespeare’s sonnets, this is an epic celebration of the spoken word. Kim Cattrall gets things started with ‘From fairest creatures we desire increase’, while Fiona Shaw concludes with ‘The little love-god lying once asleep’. In between actors of the calibre of Simon Russell Beale, Simon Callow, Diana Quick, Jemma Redgrave, Patrick Stewart and Harriet Walter deliver verses with mellifluous ease. David Tennant drew the plum with ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day’, but veterans and newcomers alike bring words alive. It is though a crying shame that Stephen Fry was limited solely to ‘My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun’ when several other pieces are delivered rather stolidly by academics. The simple shooting style (redolent of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads) keeps the focus firmly on the poetry and, while some perform and some declaim, this is a treasure trove that is just made for browsing – and a fine teaching tool too. DP

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £14.99 Save £1

Henry VIII Mark Rosenblatt A performance filmed at the Globe Theatre in London in 2010. One of Shakespeare’s final plays, Henry VIII is a political thriller based on the power struggle between the Tudor court and the eponymous King’s ambitious first minister, Cardinal Wolsey. Though famous in its own time as the most extravagant of the playwright’s creations, the work is hardly performed today – Mark Rosenblatt’s spectacular 2010 production was the Globe Theatre’s first staging of the historical drama since 1613. Featuring stellar performances from Dominic Rowan (Henry VIII), Miranda Raison (Anne Boleyn), Ian McNeice (Cardinal Wolsey), Kate Duchêne (Queen Katherine) and Anthony Howell (Duke of Buckingham), it’s a play bursting with intrigue. Item # 68888 UK | 2010 | OPUS | 161 min | E | £19.99

DVD: £14.99 Save £5

The Merry Wives of Windsor Christopher Luscombe The only one of Shakespeare’s plays to be set within his own class and country, The Merry Wives of Windsor is a farcical tale centring on the wily attempts of Sir John Falstaff to relieve his drinking debts through swindling and seduction. Featuring Christopher Benjamin in the title role, deftly supported by Serena Evans and Sarah Woodward as the scheming Mistress Page and Mistress Ford, this critically-acclaimed production, staged as part of the Globe’s 2010 ‘Kings and Rogues’ season, was described by the Daily Telegraph as brimming with ‘humanity, ingenuity and irresistible charm’. It’s a performance that is guaranteed to entertain. Item # 68882 UK | 2010 | OPUS | 145 min | E | £19.99

DVD: £14.99 Save £5


Wonderful London Recommended

Contains: Barging Through London, Flowers of London, Cosmopolitan London, London’s Free Shows, London’s Sundays, London off the Track. Released: 23rd July Extras: Dickens’ London; London’s Outer Ring; London Old and New; London’s Contrasts; Known London; Along Father Thames to Shepperton; Illustrated Booklet. Item # 68473 | UK | 1920s | BFI | 110 min | Cert E

The twelve films on Wonderful London (six of which have been painstakingly restored by the BFI National Archive to reinstate their original tinting and toning) offer an evocative and intriguing glimpse of London life during the mid-1920s. Aiming to exploit the popularity of the print magazine of the same name, directors Harry B Parkinson and Frank Miller created travelogues of different aspects of city life for cinema screenings. Told with wit and flair, their films often highlighted contrasts – between East End and West End, rich and poor, natives and immigrants – looking beyond the obvious stereotypes to show surprising views of the city. Featuring some of the capital’s most familiar sights as well as longgone landmarks, their films also ventured into thronging Sunday markets and the alleyways of overlooked areas, providing a poignant and sometimes surprising comparison for inhabitants of present-day London.

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £19.99 Save £6

Page 23

Gay & Lesbian Animation Going Down in La-La Land Casper Andreas

Cult gay director Andreas follows up his hit, The Big Gay Musical, with this uncensored look at Hollywood’s less celebrated neighbour – its seedy, cut-throat porn industry where wide-eyed, hunky upstart Adam and his chiselled looks prove a rich picking to the needy and seedy agents of Hollywood Boulevard. USA | 2011 | PECCA | 100 min | Cert 18 Item # 68464 | RRP £15.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

North Sea Texas Bavo Defurne

The feature debut from cult director Bavo Defurne (Campfire), whose short films – love letters to the male form soaked with lush visuals – have garnered many fans. This coming-of-age tale sees young Pim brighten his drab existence in a small Belgian coastal town with dreams of princesses – until hunky traveller Zoltan arrives in town. Belgium | 2011 | PECCA | 98 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68454 | RRP £15.99 | Released 6th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our Paradise Gaël Morel

Stéphane Rideau, Dimitri Durdaine, Béatrice Dalle. A dark and steamy glance at the sex and violence in the lives of two Parisian rent boys. When Vassili (too old for clients at 30) finds an unconscious young trick he takes him home to tend his wounds. The men become lovers and accomplices, fleecing clients one by one. France | 2011 | TLAUK | 96 min | subt | Cert 18 Item # 68399 | RRP £15.99 | Released 9th July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Three Veils

A Cat in Paris

Rolla Selbak

Page 24

A portrayal of the intertwining lives of three Middle-Eastern women in America, where they attempt to defy tradition. Amira is a devout Muslim struggling with repressed feelings towards women, Leila is arranged to be married, and Nikki is a lost soul battling her demons.

A Cat in Paris

Jean-Loup Felicioli A delightfully jazzy noir animation that will appeal to children and adults alike. A little girl is in danger from gangsters after her cool cat and jewellery thief accomplice Dino gives her a stolen French and bracelet. dubbed English versions. Fra | 2010 | Soda | 65 | subt | PG Item # 68433 | RRP £12.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £9.99


Ben Sharpsteen Walt Disney’s delightful second full-length animation tells of the wooden puppet who wants to be a real boy. The Blue Fairy gives him a chance – but only if he’s honest, to which end Jiminy Cricket will be his conscience. USA | 1940 | WDHV | 84 min | U Item # 68841 / 68842 | RRP £17.99 | 25th June

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £18.39

Art Tim Marlow on... Caro at Chatsworth

Sculptor Anthony Caro takes Tim Marlow around his major retrospective in the grounds of Chatsworth House, offering the chance to explore the larger works of one of Britain’s greatest sculptors. UK | 2012 | SEV-A | 24 min | Cert E Item # 68918 | RRP £11.99 | Released 9th July

Our DVD Price: £9.59

Silent Metropolis (Giorgio Moroder 1984 Score) (Steelbook) Fritz Lang

Pioneering electronic composer Giorgio Moroder’s high-kitsch / high-art mix of quintessential silent cinema images and 1980s pop-chart Limited melodrama. Edition Steelbook.

USA | 2011 | PECCA | 110 min | Cert 15 Item # 68460 | RRP £15.99 | Released 30th July

Ger | 1926 | EUREK | 84 min | PG Item # 68497 | RRP £19.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £13.99

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Top 10 Opening Scenes Francis Ford Coppola It takes Coppola all of thirty seconds to establish the rhythm, style and most of the themes of The Godfather, as the undertaker Bonasera entreats Don Corleone to smite the nogoodniks who hurt his daughter. A magisterial scene. And the rest of the film is pretty good too. 5 discs; contains all three instalments. Item # 54153 / 56170 US | 1972-90 | 521 | 15 | £29.99

DVD: £17.99 Save £12 Blu-ray: £24.99

By James Oliver It’s always a treat to settle down to a film and find yourself gripped from the opening frame. What follows is a list of some of the best starts in cinema. These sequences don’t just grab your attention: they also inaugurate the ideas, motifs and approaches of the film that follows. And all of them make you want to know what happens next...

2 A Matter of Life and Death

5 The Social Network

8 Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

Powell & Pressburger

David Fincher

‘This is the universe. Big, isn’t it?’ Powell and Pressburger specialised in memorable beginnings (the pilgrims in A Canterbury Tale, the in-shot credits of I Know Where I’m Going!). But this has to be their finest opening, moving from the depths of a cosmos to a single doomed aeroplane. Utterly magical.

Scripted by Aaron Sorkin, ‘The Facebook Movie’ kicks off with a cracking exchange of rat-a-tat dialogue, as future dot com billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is given the elbow by his exasperated significant other. The real Zuckerberg has disputed the scene’s accuracy, but I bet he wishes he was this loquacious.

Sergei Paradjanov

Item # 3080 UK | 1946 | CRLTN | 103 min | U | £19.99

Item # 65946 / 66512 USA | 2010 | 120 | 12 | £12.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14

DVD: £5.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £11.99

Item # 61395 Russia | 1964 | 93 min | subt | 12 | £15.99

3 Once Upon a Time in the West

6 Werckmeister Harmonies

9 Fellini’s 8½

Sergio Leone

Béla Tarr

Three gunfighters settle down to wait at a station. Nothing happens for ten minutes ... but in Sergio Leone’s hands, ‘nothing’ is absolutely riveting. One is bothered by a fly, another cracks his knuckles while the third is troubled by dripping water. A scene about boredom that’s not remotely boring. 2 discs.

In a bar at closing time in a provincial Hungarian town, a young man demonstrates the movements of the solar system to his friends: the opening of Werckmeister Harmonies is a perfect short film in its own right. Filmed in a single epic take, it’s one of the most hypnotic openings in cinema.

What better way to begin a film about fantasy and escape than with a fantastic escape? In 8½ Marcello Mastroianni leaves his suffocating coffin-like car, stuck in the middle of the world’s worst traffic jam by means of an ingenious short cut: he flies away. One of Fellini’s most inventive, but also thoroughly characteristic set-pieces.

Item # 66722 / 65941 It | 1969 | PAR | 159 | 15 | £19.99

Item # 57766 Hun | 2000 | 145 | subt | B&W | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £14 Blu-ray: £10.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £7.99 Save £12

4 By the Bluest of Seas

7 A Clockwork Orange

10 Melancholia

Boris Barnet

Stanley Kubrick

Boris Barnet is finally getting the acclaim that he deserves. If you want to see what makes him so special, look at the immersive, sensual opening to his first sound film. It’s a rhapsody of water, bodies, music and light, showing two sailors being washed ashore by the tide. Sublime. Hyperkino edition.

Few directors combined music and images like Stanley Kubrick. This mash up of Henry Purcell, Wendy Carlos and Malcolm McDowell’s leer is one of his greatest hits, as the camera pulls slowly back to reveal Alex and his droogs amidst the pornographic Pop Art surroundings of the Korova milk bar. 2 discs.

Let’s start with the end: Melancholia begins with a technically assured and emotionally arresting montage depicting nothing less than the end of the world – birds drop from the sky, paintings decay and planets collide. Say what you will about Lars von Trier but he sure knows how to kick things off.

Item # 67481 Rus | 1936 | Rusc | 69 | subt | B&W | | £24.99

Item # 8316 / 53567 UK | 1971 | WHV | 131 | 18 | £12.99

DVD: £19.99 Save £5

DVD: £5.99 Save £7 Blu-ray: £5.99

Paradjanov broke with the conventions of hard-faced Soviet realism with this exuberant fantasy and announced his intentions to do things differently in the very first scene, with a startling shot of a tree crushing an unfortunate woodcutter filmed (but of course) from the point of view of the tree. DVD: £7.99 Save £8

Federico Fellini

Item # 7139 Italy | 1963 | 138 min | B&W | 15 | £19.99

Lars von Trier

Item # 66815 / 66817 Den | 2011 | 135 | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £7.99 Save £8 Blu-ray: £9.99

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1 The Godfather Trilogy

Television Programmes Originally Broadcast

Connie: The Complete Series

New Releases AJ Wentworth, BA: Complete

In his final TV role, Arthur Lowe plays the mildmannered, accident prone 1940s maths master who attempts, but largely fails, to keep order among the unruly boys of Form IIIA. Harry Andrews plays his snobbish Reverend Headmaster. Adapted from the writings of HF Ellis, which first appeared in Punch.

UK | 1982 | NWORK | 150 min | Cert U Item # 68817 | RRP £12.99 | Released 9th July

The Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel: Complete The complete 1956 British TV series based on Baroness Orczy’s novel about a vigilante in France during Robespierre’s Reign of Terror. Marius Goring stars as both the Pimpernel and his alter ego, Sir Percy Blakeney. 3 discs.

UK | 1956 | NWORK | 450 min | PG Item # 67938 | RRP £29.99 | Released 30th July

Although Ace (Sophie Aldred) hates clowns, the Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) takes her to the Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax, where a group of scared performers live in fear of a sinister Chief Commentary; Clown. Cast and crew interviews; Deleted and Extended Scenes; Remastered.

Hell on Wheels: Series 1

Two special episodes of the popular sitcom that picked up where the final series left off. Geoffrey Palmer and Judi Dench play the couple who rekindle their romance after 38 years apart. Outtakes; Making It featurette; Geoffrey Palmer Interview.

UK | 2005 | ACORN | 93 min | Cert PG Item # 68818 | RRP £17.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £13.99

A gripping drama of post Civil War America from the creators of Mad Men and Breaking Bad. The story focuses on a former Confederate soldier (Anson Mount) who is determined to avenge the death of his wife. His journey takes him west to Hell on Wheels, a lawless town that services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. The cast includes 4 discs. Colm Meaney and Tom Noonan.

Canada / UK | 2012 | E1 | Cert 15 Item # 68467 | RRP £39.99 | Released 23rd July

Astronauts: Complete

Page 26

Alan Wareing

Our DVD Price: £13.99

As Time Goes By: The Reunion Specials

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Doctor Who: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

UK | 1988 | 2ENT | 97 min | Cert PG Item # 68445 | RRP £19.99 | Released 30th July

Our DVD Price: £25.49

UK | 1981-83 | NWORK | 325 min | Cert 12 Item # 68728 | RRP £19.99 | Released 9th July

UK | 1985 | NWORK | 650 min | Cert 12 Item # 67051 | RRP £39.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £32.49

Our DVD Price: £9.99

The complete series of the early 1980s comedy which sees two men, one woman and a dog cooped up on Britain’s first manned space mission. Written by Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie, this comedy was inspired by actual conflicts documented by the astronauts on NASA’s Skylab.

All 13 episodes of the 1980s British drama starring Stephanie Beacham as an abrasive businesswoman returning home from Greece to rebuild a fashion business. Written by Ron Hutchinson as an aside on the hard-nosed values propagated by Margaret Thatcher and her peers, the show was particularly notable for Beacham’s portrayal of Connie, which helped propel her towards a 4 discs. successful soap career in America.

Our DVD Price: £33.49

Hine: The Complete Series

2 discs.

Barrie Ingham stars as Joe Hine, an international arms dealer battling to stay one step ahead of the competition in this rapidly paced and stylish ATV drama series created by Wilfred Greatorex. 4 discs. UK | 1971 | NWORK | 650 min | 12 Item # 67798 | RRP £39.99 | Released 9th July

Our DVD Price: £32.49

Lost Empires Recommended Starring: Colin Firth, Laurence Olivier, John Castle, Pamela Stephenson, Carmen du Sautoy Released: 16th July Extras: 2 discs. Item # 68831 | UK | 1986 | ACORN | 411 min | Cert 15

Costume dramas remain a smallscreen staple, but Alan Grint’s adaptation of JB Priestley’s 1965 novel confirms that they really don’t make ‘em like they used to do. Splendidly designed and solidly scripted, this is a lost gem that has, thankfully, been rediscovered. Set shortly before the Great War, the story is packed with transient characters as it follows a music hall troupe around Britain after newcomer Colin Firth joins uncle John Castle’s magic act. His backstage encounters include the likes of Laurence Olivier’s washed-up comic and Pamela Stephenson’s flighty chanteuse. But this fine ITV series deftly captures the mood of the nation as cracks started to appear in the socio-moral fabric. Moreover, it reflects with admirable fidelity the changing tastes of crossclass audiences as ragtime and bawdy gags became the norm. Olivier landed an Emmy nomination for his cameo, but Firth and Castle hold the piece together, with the former’s cautious curiosity contrasting with the latter’s cynicism, which caustically exposes the harsher realities of an outwardly glamorous lifestyle. DP

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British Television DVD Sale Settle down for enthralling entertainment from our British Television DVD sale where hours of viewing pleasure are yours for the taking. Spanning BBC and ITV there’s plenty of variety: lovers of detective series will enjoy Lewis and Miss Marple while Northanger Abbey and Rebecca will be lapped up by period drama fans and history buffs need look no further than Staying On and the excellent Longitude.

Appropriate Adult


Northanger Abbey

Julian Jarrold

Series 1 to 5 (available separately) of the Oxford-set Inspector Morse spin-off, starring Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox as the detectives investigating mysterious cases in and around the university town. 4 discs each.

Jon Jones Felicity Jones takes the lead as the girl with a passion for macabre Gothic novels who gets involved in a dark mystery when she is invited to the ancestral home of Henry Tilney (JJ Feild).

Item # 65798 UK | 2011 | G-VEN | 180 min | 15 | £15.99

Item # Various UK | 2006 | G-VEN | 372 min | 12 | £24.99

DVD: £8.99 Save £7

S1-3: £11.99 each S4&5: £14.99 each

The 39 Steps


Dir: James Hawes. BBC TV’s 2008 version of John Buchan’s classic spy thriller. Rupert Penry-Jones takes the role of Richard Hannay.

Dir: Diarmuid Lawrence. The awardwinning adaptation of Jane Austen’s story of marriage and manners. Kate Beckinsale takes the lead.

Item # 57118 UK | 2008 | G-VEN | 90 min | 0 | £15.99

Item # 33487 UK | 1996 | G-VEN | 107 min | U | £12.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £9

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple: S 1-5

Cider with Rosie

Staying On

Dir: Charles Beeson. Presented and narrated by Laurie Lee, this is the tale of his childhood in the heart of the Gloucestershire countryside.

Dir: Silvio Narizzano. The sequel to Jewel in the Crown. Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson are the colonel and his wife who remain in India.

Item # 65835 UK | 2004-2011 | 1844 min | 15 | £84.99

Item # 54053 UK | 1998 | G-VEN | 101 min | PG | £15.99

Item # 32569 UK | 1980 | G-VEN | 86 min | PG | £9.99

DVD: £59.99 Save £25

DVD: £7.99 Save £8

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

Poirot: Complete

Goodnight Mister Tom

The Street

Seasons 1-8 of the crime series, based on Agatha Christie’s novels. David Suchet plays the enigmatic Belgian detective. 32 discs.

Dir: Jack Gold. John Thaw, in one of his final roles, stars in this irresistible tearjerker about his relationship with an abused child in 1940s England.

All 3 series (available separately) of Jimmy McGovern’s BAFTA-winning drama. A host of top British acting talent appears. 2 discs each.

Item # 64367 UK | 1989-2010 | 4598 min | 15 | £99.99

Item # 16998 UK | 1998 | CRLTN | 101 min | PG | £8.99

Item # Various UK | 2006 | GV | 360 min | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £72.99 Save £27

DVD: £6.99 Save £2

DVD: £8.99 each Save £11

Ballet Shoes


BBC film based on the bestselling children’s novel in which three sisters live a sheltered life with an eccentric guardian (Richard Griffiths).

Dir: Charles Sturridge. The adaptation of Dava Sobel’s bestseller about clockmaker John Harrison. Jeremy Irons and Michael Gambon star.

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Item # 52843 UK | 2007 | G-VEN | 84 min | PG | £17.99

Item # 32277 UK | 1999 | G-VEN | 198 min | PG | £12.99

DVD: £6.99 Save £11

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

Christopher and His Kind


Wuthering Heights

Dir: Jim O’Brien. An elegant adaptation of du Maurier’s evergreen story. Charles Dance plays the dashing de Winter, Diana Rigg is Mrs Danvers.

Dir: Coky Giedroyc. Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley take the ill-fated leads in this excellent 2009 adaptation of Emily Brontë’s classic novel.

Item # 20015 UK | 1997 | CRLTN | 189 min | 12 | £12.99

Item # 58818 UK | 2009 | G-VEN | 142 min | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £7

DVD: £8.99 Save £11

Geraldine McEwan (first three series) and Julia McKenzie play the sleuthing 20 discs. spinster. All five series.

Dir: Geoffrey Sax. An involving drama based on the life of writer Christopher Isherwood (Matt Smith). Item # 63711 UK | 2010 | G-VEN | 90 min | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £10.99 Save £9

Item # 33488 UK | 2007 | G-VEN | 120 min | PG | £17.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £12

See No Evil: The Moors Murders Dir: Christopher Menaul. A powerful drama based on the story of child killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Item # 54965 UK | 2006 | G-VEN | 180 min | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £10

Dir: Ian Sharp. A fine adaptation of Hardy’s classic tragedy of love and hypocrisy. Justine Waddell stars. Item # 32571 UK | 1998 | G-VEN | 175 min | PG | £9.99

DVD: £5.99 Save £4

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Winner of four BAFTAs, this powerful and throughful drama tells the story of Janet Leach (Emily Watson), who became a confidante to serial murderer Fred West (Dominic West, The Wire).

Lost Empires


Merton Park Studios’ finest now available for the first time All 47 films available over seven volumes Newly restored from the original film elements

Special Features Q



Additional, rarely seen, thrillers from the period Exclusive booklets by author Kim Newman Image Galleries and PDF Material


COLLECTION UNDERMIND: Stylish paranoia fiction from the creator of Bergerac & Shoestring Q All eleven episodes from 1965 Q OUR HOUSE: Small screen comedy from the legendary Carry On team! Q All three surviving episodes from 1960 Q


August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Television Hit and Miss

The first series of the drama written by Paul Abbott (Shameless) and starring Chloë Sevigny as a pre-op transgender contract killer who suddenly finds herself caring for a family. She attempts to mix her killer instincts with her new maternal ones in a search for her own identity, but an assassin at the heart of a troubled family in the middle of 2 discs. nowhere is a recipe for trouble. UK | 2012 | PNE | Cert 18 Item # 68829 / 68830 | RRP £19.99 | 2nd July

DVD Price: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99

King & Castle: Series 1 & 2

The first two series, available separately, of the gritty 1980s drama written by Sweeney creator Ian Kennedy Martin, about a mismatched pair trying to keep on the right side of the law while running a debt collection business. Derek Martin plays the hard-as-nails ex-cop Ronald King, Nigel Planer 2 discs each. his naive business partner. UK | 1986 | NWORK | 350 min | Cert 12 Item # 64938 / 68661 | RRP £19.99 | Out Now

S1 DVD Price: £ S2 DVD: £14.99

Lady Killers: Series 2

All seven episodes from the second series of the drama that brings to life the trials of famous murderers. Each of the episodes tells the selfcontained story of the trial of a renowned British killer, from Dr Crippen (John Fraser) and Ethel Le Neve (Hannah Gordon), to Edith Thompson (Gayle Hunnicutt), suspected of murdering her own husband. The episodes 2 discs. are introduced by Robert Morley. UK | 1981 | NWORK | 350 min | Cert 12 Item # 68662 | RRP £19.99 | Released 16th July

Mission Impossible: Series 1

A remake of the original series, Mission Impossible 1988 sees actor Peter Graves reprise his role as Jim Phelps, the charismatic leader of the Impossible Mission Force. Summoned out of retirement, Phelps organizes a new team of agents to carry out dangerous and complex assignments. Contains 5 discs. all 19 episodes of the first season. USA | 1989 | REVE | Cert TBC Item # 68605 | RRP £24.99 | Released 9th July

Our DVD Price: £19.99

New Scotland Yard: Series 1 Starring John Woodvine, this LWT police drama presented an authentic portrayal of detective work in London during the rapidly changing 1970s. This first series featured Frank Williams (former head of the Yard’s Murder Squad) as advisor and scripts by Gangsters 4 discs. creator Philip Martin.

UK | 1972 | NWORK | 650 min | | Cert 12 Item # 68665 | RRP £39.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £32.49

Our House

The three surviving episodes of the 1960s comedy created by Norman Hudis, a prominent scriptwriter on the early Carry On films. The series, which follows a group of eccentric characters who share a house, also features a number of Carry On stars, including Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey and Norman Rossington.

UK | 1962 | NWORK | 150 min | Cert PG Item # 68693 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Prisoners of War: Series 1

The complete Series 1-6 of the Inspector Morse spin-off detective drama starring Kevin Whately as the man who returns to Oxford after Morse’s death to take up a Detective Inspector position. Laurence Fox plays his sidekick, DS 13 discs. Hathaway.

The hit Israeli TV series that inspired Homeland. It tells the story of three Israeli Defence Force reservists who are captured behind enemy lines. Their fate is unknown until seventeen years later, when they mysteriously return to their home country – two of them alive, the third in a coffin. Their stories unfold across 10 hour-long episodes. 3 discs.

UK | 2012 | G-VEN | Cert TBC Item # 68752 | RRP £84.99 | Released 30th July

Israel | 2009 | Arrow E1 | 495 min | subt | Cert 15 Item # 68607 | RRP £39.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £71.49

Our DVD Price: £33.49

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Lewis: Series 1-6


Dixon of Dock Green Recommended Contains: The first six surviving colour episodes: Waste Land (1970), Jig-Saw (1971), Eye Witness (1973), Harry’s Back, Sounds and Firearms were Issued (all 1974) Starring: Jack Warner, Peter Byrne Released: 16th July Extras: 2 discs. Item # 68828 | UK | 1970-74 | ACORN | 284 min | Cert 12

Jack Warner’s PC George Dixon famously ‘bought it’ at the close of The Blue Lamp, but this didn’t stop him returning for his own TV series. Clocking up over 450 episodes, Dixon of Dock Green (1955-76) was more homespun than ‘realistic’, but it offered a solid portrayal of everyday life on the beat, and the knowledge that the avuncular Warner was keeping his eye on London probably did as much to foster a sense of national security as any instance of real law enforcement. Sadly, the series was mostly wiped from the archives. These six, lateperiod colour episodes see our man calling the shots while younger colleagues do the running around. In fact, they look a little like a precursor to The Sweeney. However, Dixon was not one for giving the villains a kicking. Ultimately, his brand of fair, unruffled policing wins the day. Warner was one of our great character actors, and this is a rare chance to see him in his later years, a generous, sagacious talent. JU

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RRP: £19.99 Save £5

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Television Secrets of Our Living Planet

Chris Packham presents this four-part BBC documentary about the various ecosystems which enable life to exist on Earth. Using insights from recent scientific discoveries, Chris delves into complex and interdependent relationships to show why, among others, the termite needs the rhino, the tiger needs the crab and the lynx 2 discs. needs the caterpillar.

The Sullivans: Volume 2

The story of a typical Melbourne family torn by the terror and uncertainty of World War II. Filmed with painstaking attention to historical detail, this epic series tells of the quiet courage of ordinary people living through extraordinary times and features war action sequences in almost every theatre of the world 7 discs. conflict. Contains episodes 51-100.

UK | 2012 | 2ENT | 236 min | Cert E Item # 67970 | RRP £19.99 | Released 9th July

Australia | 1977 | MEDRA | Cert PG Item # 68647 | RRP £39.99 | Released 30th July

Our DVD Price: £13.99

Our DVD Price: £35.99

Sergeant Cork: Series 4

The complete fourth series of the early 1960s crime drama that follows the struggles of Sergeant Cork (John Barrie) to introduce the very latest scientific techniques to the Metropolitan CID of the 1890s. Helped by his able assistant Bob Marriott (William Gaunt), Cork sets about proving the value of his 2 discs. methods in his investigations. UK | 1964 | NWORK | 300 min | Cert TBC Item # 68667 | RRP £19.99 | Released 6th August

The Shakespeare Collection

Four of Shakespeare’s plays in specially filmed adaptations by the RSC. Contains Macbeth (Casson, 1979) with Ian McKellen and Judi Dench, Romeo & Juliet (KempWelch, 1976), Twelfth Night (Branagh, 1988) with Richard Briers and King Lear (Davenall, 4 discs. 1976), starring Patrick Magee.

UK | 1978-88 | PNE | 606 min | Cert PG Item # 68356 | RRP £19.99 | Released 16th July

Page 32

UK | 1975 | NWORK | 40 min | Cert 12 Item # 68700 | RRP £5.99 | Released 9th July

Turn Back Time: The High Street

up to the 1970s.

BBC TV series narrated by Hugh Bonneville in which four empty shops and a group of modern shopkeeping families in Shepton Mallet are transported to the birth of the British high street in the 1870s, and then propelled through a century of change, right 2 discs.

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Undermind: Complete Series

Contains the five Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes adventures The Sign of Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Master Blackmailer, The Last Vampyre and The Eligible Bachelor, originally broadcast on ITV between 1987-93. Edward Hardwicke takes the role of his trusted companion, Dr Watson. 3 discs.

Our DVD Price: £9.99

TV comedy starring Frankie Howerd as valet to the legendary lover, Giacomo Casanova, whose exploits have landed him in trouble with the Doge of Venice. With his life in peril, Casanova switches identities with his valet - but how will cope with the demands of his new position?

UK | 2010 | ACORN | 360 min | Cert E Item # 68837 | RRP £19.99 | Released 16th July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

UK | 1987-93 | G-VEN | Cert 15 Item # 68753 | RRP £12.99 | Released 30th July

Michael Mills

Our DVD Price: £5.99

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Sherlock Holmes: The Elementary Box Set

A Touch of the Casanovas

Crime drama meets science fiction in this intriguing ABC series first broadcast in 1965 in which an unknown force whose intent is anarchy is undermining public confidence in the people and institutions that form the backbone of the British Establishment. Rosemary Nicols (Department S), Jeremy Kemp (Z Cars) 3 discs. and Jeremy Wilkin (UFO) star. UK | 1965 | NWORK | 550 min | Cert PG Item # 67783 | RRP £29.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £25.49

Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Volumes 1 & 2 Recommended

Volume 1: Urge to Kill, Clue of the Twisted Candle, Marriage of Convenience, The Man who was Nobody, Partners in Crime, The Clue of the New Pin, The Fourth Square and October Moth. Volume 2: The Man at the Carlton Tower, The Clue of the Silver Key, Attempt to Kill, Man Detained, Never Back Losers, The Sinister Man, Backfire! and The White Trap. Released: 30th July Extras: 3 discs each. Item # 67794 / 67795 UK | 1960-61 | B&W | PG

Prolific crime writer, novelist and the co-creator of King Kong, Edgar Wallace has been a rich source of material for film and television. His stories – updated from the early part of the century to contemporary settings – were given their own show with the thrillers shown in the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series, made at London’s Merton Park Studios between 1960-65. A series with a noir-esque feel, it blended classic B-movie elements with a distinctly British feel. These are the first two volumes of seven, which will see all 47 films in the series released. Helmed by noted directors – these volumes include Clive Donner, Vernon Sewell and Sidney Hayers – the films also feature many familiar faces, with Bernard Lee, Nigel Green, Finlay Currie, Patrick Allen and Patrick Magee among them. These are must-haves for fans of quality vintage British television.

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue

Blu-ray Walking and Talking Tim Kirkby

Following on from Kathy Burke’s acclaimed short film, Better than Christmas, this comedy drama takes a heartwarming look at her life as a young teenager, roaming the streets of 1979 Islington, bunking off school with her best friend Mary and talking about the stuff that matters - punk rock, tv, and her hopes and dreams. Reprising their roles as Kathy and Mary are Ami Metcalf and AimeeFfion Edwards. UK | 2012 | 2ENT | Cert 12 Item # 68029 | RRP £15.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £11.99

War of the Worlds: Season 2 The complete second and final season of the action-filled TV series whose story of alien aggression, human defiance and interplanetary war followed on from the events of the 1953 film of the same name. 6 discs.

USA | 1990 | Cert 15 Item # 68597 | RRP £34.99 | Released 23rd July

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Warrior Queen

A six-part series that brings to life the valiant but doomed attempt by Boudicca, the widowed Queen of the Iceni tribe of East Anglia, to wrest power from the Romans in first-century Britain. Siân Phillips stars as the fearless Celtic queen, Nigel Hawthorne as rapacious Roman Procurator Catus Decianus, and Michael Gothard as Druid priest Volthan. UK | 1978 | NWORK | 150 min | Cert TBC Item # 68652 | RRP £14.99 | Released 6th August

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Can’t find the TV series you want? We don’t only sell what we can fit in this monthly catalogue – we can supply any film or TV series on DVD or Blu-ray in print in the UK. So, if you’d like another series, or something else entirely, get in touch and we’ll try to find it for you.

Wallander: Series 3

Kenneth Branagh returns to his BAFTA awardwinning role as Inspector Kurt Wallander in three new feature-length episodes of the acclaimed detective drama based on Henning Mankell’s bestselling novels. Contains the episodes An Event in Autumn, Before the Frost and The Dogs of Riga in which the corpses of two Latvian men are discovered on a life raft in Ystad harbour. Covered in Russian mafia tattoos, they’ve been tortured and brutally murdered. When Wallander travels to Riga in search of the killers, he becomes entangled in a web of corruption. 2 discs. Who can he trust?

UK | 2012 | 2ENT | 270 min | Cert 15 Item # 68160 | RRP £24.99 | Released 23rd July

DVD Price: £17.99 Blu-ray: £19.99

Monthly Highlights The Battle of Algiers Gillo Pontecorvo

Item # 68210 Italy | 1965 | AGT | 120 min | subt | B&W | 15 | £24.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £19.99

La Cérémonie Claude Chabrol

Item # 68636 France | 1995 | ART-E | 108 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Chariots of Fire Hugh Hudson

Item # 68334 UK | 1981 | 118 | U | £14.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Also Released...

Luis Buñuel

Absolutely Fabulous: Ab Fab at 20

Le Havre

Item # 67562 UK | 2012 | 2ENT | 15 | £15.31

Our DVD Price: £11.48

And Mother Makes Five Series 2 Item # 68702 UK | 1974 | 150 | PG | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Cheers: Season 8 Item # 68855 USA | 1990 | 12 | £24.99

Our DVD Price: £19.99

Cheers: Season 9 Item # 68856 USA | 1991 | 12 | £24.99

Item # 68645 France | 1972 | 102 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Aki Kaurismäki

Item # 68643 Finland / France / Germany | 2011 | ART-E | 93 min | subt | PG | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

The Kid with a Bike Luc Dardenne

Item # 68211 Belgium / France / Italy | 2011 | ART-E | 87 min | subt | 12 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Love Exposure Shion Sono

Item # 68638 Japan | 2008 | 3RDW | 237 min | subt | 18 | £19.99

Our DVD Price: £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £14.99

Damages: Season 4

Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

Item # 68603 USA | 2011 | 15 | £34.99

Our DVD Price: £29.49

Emmerdale Farm: Volume 4

Item # 68676 UK | 1973 | NWORK | 800 min | PG | £39.99

Our DVD Price: £32.49

L.A. Law: Season 3 Item # 68604 USA | 1989 | £34.99

Our DVD Price: £31.49

Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Item # 68409 Turkey | 2011 | 157 min | subt | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99


Sally Potter

Item # 68666 UK | 1992 | 90 min | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Some Like It Hot Billy Wilder

Tales from the Darkside Season 4

Item # 67637 USA | 1959 | MGM | 122 min | B&W | 12 |

Our DVD Price: £14.99

The Tango Lesson

Item # 68713 USA | 1988 | Koch | £19.99

Wallander: Series 1-3 Item # 68159 UK | 2012 | 2ENT | 810 min | 15 | £49.99

Our DVD Price: £37.99



Our Blu-ray Price: £15.99

Sally Potter

Item # 68649 UK | 1997 | ART-E | 97 min | B&W | PG | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

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Contemporary Film English Language Films, 1970 – present John Carter

New Releases Bel Ami

Declan Donnellan Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman and Kristen Scott Thomas star in this sumptuous period drama based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant which sees a suave young journalist using his wits to make his way in 1890s Paris, seducing his way up the social ladder. UK / France / Italy | 2011 | STUDC | 102 min | Cert 15 Item # 68235 / 68238 | RRP £17.99 | 23rd July

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.99


A dramatisation of the life of the Ethiopian runner, Haile Gebrselassie, whose achievements – two Olympic golds and countless broken world records – are all the more remarkable given his humble beginnings.

New British Cinema Quarterly Annual: Issue 2


Harry Novak Collection: Vol 2 Three more servings of outrageous sleaze from the legendary producer: The Notorious Cleopatra (Perry Jr, 1970), Wilbur and the Baby Factory (McGowan, 1970) and The Toy Box (Garcia, 1971), an hallucinatory mix of sex, sci-fi, horror and drugs starring Uschi 3 discs; Harry Novak Featurette.

USA | 1970-71 | REVEL | Cert 18 Item # 68192 | RRP £19.99 | Released 9th July

Oren Moverman

A brutal, action-packed cop thriller co-written by James Ellroy, telling the story of a renegade police officer (Woody Harrelson) whose destructive streak wreaks havoc in his personal and professional life. A man dedicated to doing ‘the people’s dirty work’, he lives by a code of very rough justice. Then he gets caught on Making-of. tape beating a suspect... USA | 2011 | STUDC | 108 min | Cert 15 Item # 68252 / 68253 | RRP £17.99 | 9th July

Our DVD Price: £14.99

Henry VIII and His Six Wives Waris Hussein

Keith Michell, in an award-winning performance as the six-times married King (following his portrayal in the 1970 BBC series), reminisces over his life and loves from his deathbed in this powerful period drama featuring a wealth of stars – Charlotte Rampling, Jane Asher, Lynne Frederick and Donald Pleasence among them.

Page 34

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £18.39

Our DVD Price: £17.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

USA | 2012 | BUENA | 132 min | Cert 12 Item # 68777 / 68780 | RRP £15.99 | 2nd July

UK | 2010-11 | SodaElev | Cert 15 Item # 68664 | RRP £24.99 | Released 16th July

UK / Ger | 1999 | 2ND | 78 min | U Item # 68411 | RRP £15.99 | Released 9th July

UK | 1972 | STUDC | 120 min | Cert PG Item # 68763 | RRP £15.99 | Released 23rd July

A sweeping action adventure from Andrew Stanton (WALL-E), based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic novel. John Carter is a war-weary, former military captain who is transported to Barsoom where he reluctantly becomes involved in conflict in a world on the Director’s Commentary; brink of collapse. 100 Years in the Making Documentary.

A four-volume collection containing some of the best recent British feature films. Contains Treacle Jr. (Thraves, 2011), Island (Mitchell & Taylor 2011), Honeymooner (Spector, 2010) and Junkhearts (Krishnan, 2011). 4 discs.

Leslie Woodhead


Andrew Stanton

DVD Price: £12.99 Blu-ray: £16.99

The Raven

James McTeigue A gothic-tinged crime thriller starring John Cusack as a fictionalised version of the writer Edgar Allan Poe, who helps a detective (Luke Evans) solve a series of grisly murders in 19th century Baltimore that seem to be based on methods in his stories. USA | 2012 | UPV | 111 min | Cert 15 Item # 68380 / 68381 | RRP £17.99 | 30th July

DVD Price: £13.99 Blu-ray: £18.39

Drowning by Numbers Recommended Director: Peter Greenaway


Starring: Joan Plowright, Juliet Stevenson, Joely Richardson, Bernard Hill, David Morrissey Released: Out Now Extras: Australian Region 0 import, plays in all UK DVD players. Item # 67928 | UK | 1988 | INNLC | 119 min

A very black comedy, a stately dance of female regeneration set in a decaying, fecund cornucopia, a satire of game-playing men, a cinematic exploration of the depiction of English landscape – Drowning by Numbers is all of these and plenty more besides. At the film’s human core are the three generations of Cissie Colpitts – a dignified and imperturbable Joan Plowright, a confident, amused Juliet Stevenson and a youthfully flittery Joely Richardson, whose variously unsatisfactory husbands are all destined for a watery end at their hands, to the increasingly weary distraction of Bernard Hill’s thoroughly compromised coroner. And as always, part of the pleasure in Greenaway’s films comes from the tension between seasoned actors attempting to effectively ply their trade while their omniscient archpuppeteer is arranging them in his intricately contrived tableaux. With its ingenious structural play set to Michael Nyman’s jaunty theme, this is one of Greenaway’s most approachable films. GH

Buying Details Our DVD Price:


RRP: £15.99 Save £3

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August 2012 MovieMail Film Catalogue



Mikael Håfström

A noirish tale of espionage and double-dealing in 1940s Shanghai, where John Cusack’s Naval Intelligence agent poses as a Nazi sympathizer to investigate the death of a friend. He infiltrates the upper echelons of German society, but finds himself in over his head when he gets involved with a local triad leader (Chow Yun-Fat) and his beautiful wife (Gong Li). USA / China | 2010 | EV | 105 min | Cert 15 Item # 68547 / 68548 | RRP £19.99 | 23rd July

DVD Price: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99


Hugh Hudson

Item # 68334 UK | 1981 | 118 | U | £14.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99

The Night Porter Liliana Cavani

The Tango Lesson Recommended

Director: Sally Potter

Starring: Sally Potter, Pablo Veron

M Winterbottom The tragic tale of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles transposed to modern-day India. Freida Pinto stars as the daughter of a village rickshaw driver who falls in love with a rich young British businessman when she takes a job at a resort. However, inequalities and a dark secret lie at the heart of their relationship. UK | 2011 | ART-E | 113 min | Cert 15 Item # 68401 / 68407 | RRP £15.99 | 9th July

DVD Price: £11.99 Blu-ray: £13.99

We Bought a Zoo Cameron Crowe

A feelgood family feature starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. It’s a funny, inspiring story about the power of family to persevere in the face of extraordinary challenges – in this case the purchase and rehabilitation of a rundown zoo. USA | 2011 | FOX | 118 min | PG Item # 68955 | RRP £12.99 | Released 16th July

DVD Price: £9.99 DVD+Blu: £18.39

Wild Bill

Dexter Fletcher A sure-footed directorial debut from Dexter Fletcher that breathes new life into the British gangster movie. Charlie Creed-Miles plays the former drug dealer who wants to make a new start – but first he has to work out what to do about his two young sons.

Chariots of Fire

Released: 6th August Extras: TBC. Item # 68648 | UK | 1997 | ART-E | 97 min | B&W | Cert PG

Sally Potter was working on the screenplay for Rage when she started taking tango lessons to relieve the stress of the creative process. She became hooked and concocted a new picture in which a filmmaker with writer’s block coaxes a tangoist into teaching her the seductively aggressive Argentine dance in return for a screen role. These black and white sequences are interspersed with stylised colour glimpses of Rage, her film-within-afilm fashion industry thriller, that have taken on a new intrigue since Potter got round to making it in full in 2009. However, the real fascination here lies in the monochrome struggle for artistic supremacy between Potter and Pablo Veron, as the auteur considers the consequences of losing both control and her heart. As in any autobiographical story there are moments of indulgence. But this deeply personal drama truly comes alive during the numbered sessions, as Robby Müller’s nimble camera captures the frisson and friction generated by Potter and Veron on the dance floor. DP

Buying Details Making-of.

UK | 2011 | UPV | 98 min | Cert 15 Item # 68584 | RRP £19.99 | Out 23rd July

DVD Price: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99 RRP: £15.99 Save £4

Blu-ray Price: £13.99 RRP: £19.99 Save £6


Item # 68717 It | 1973 | 112 | 18 | £15.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £11.99


Sally Potter

Item # 68666 UK | 1992 | 90 min | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Who Dares Wins / The Commander Sharp / Margheriti

Item # 67546 UK | 1982 | ARROW | 120 min | 15 | £19.99

Our Blu-ray Price: £13.99

Also Released... 21 Jump Street Chris Miller

Item # 68724 USA | 2012 | 109 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £14.99 Blu-ray: £18.39

Ao: The Last Hunter Jacques Malaterre

Item # 68592 Fr | 2010 | 80 min | 15 | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Class of Nuke ‘Em High Richard Haines

Item # 68599 USA | 1986 | 18 | £19.99

Our DVD+Blu-ray Price: £13.99


Baltasar Kormákur

Item # 68556 USA | 2012 | 110 | 15 | £19.99

DVD: £14.99 Blu-ray: £19.99


Alan Rudolph

Item # 68628 USA | 1992 | 106 | 15 | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £8.99

The Gospel of Us Dave McKean

Item # 68382 UK | 2012 | 120 | 12 | £15.99

Our DVD Price: £11.99

The Legacy

Richard Marquand

Item # 68758 UK | 1978 | ODEON | 96 min | 18 | £12.99

Our DVD Price: £9.99

Total Recall

Paul Verhoeven

Item # 68624 USA | 1990 | 108 | 18 | £24.99

DVD: £17.99 DVD+Blu: £17.99

Page 35

James Oliver’s From the Cheap Seats

Really Guilty Pleasures Roger Moore in The Wild Geese


osh, I love Russian film. Since I think the Soviet era produced some of the most exciting films ever made, you can imagine my excitement at the new Hyperkino editions, definitive releases of the finest achievements in Soviet film mixing ... it’s no good. I can’t go on. Sorry. Because as much as I love Russian cinema, there are some new Blu-ray releases I’m even more excited about. I speak, as if you were in any doubt, of The Wild Geese and Who Dares Wins. Not objectively ‘great’ films, perhaps, but two films I love dearly. Better yet, they allow me to talk guilt. Now, I’m not talking ‘guilty pleasures’ here. I get quite vexed by people who think it is some kind of revolutionary act to like low-brow trash. Newsflash: pretty much everyone does. And most of us feel no guilt about it either: hell, I even gave Mermaids of Tiburon a favourable notice. I’m talking real guilt. About liking films I really shouldn’t. Films offensive on political or moral grounds. Let’s start with Who Dares Wins, a film that suggests, quite sincerely, that the peace movement of the early 1980s was essentially a front for radical terrorists, as though you couldn’t put a cigarette paper between CND and the Baader-Meinhof gang. But while the script rumbles on like a particularly trenchant leader column in the Daily Telegraph, the film itself is one of the best action films of the 1980s – fast-paced, well-staged, with great set-pieces. I feel guilty every time I watch it but not as guilty as when I watch films glorifying the British Empire. Like most people born after it ended, I don’t share my forebears’ enthusiasm for the Empire: the ideologies and assumptions that underpinned it seem

How much should we allow a film’s world view to colour our reaction to it? not just incomprehensible but actively reprehensible. The trouble is, I find a lot of the films made on the subject during its existence to be the most tremendous entertainment. I know I should be appalled but I cannot tell a lie: I think they’re great fun. Hence the guilt. Take The Four Feathers (the 1939 incarnation). I cringe every time the Sudanese enemy are called ‘Fuzzy Wuzzies’ but continue to watch because ... well, it’s a brilliant yarn (sorry). Likewise Gunga Din: the bloodthirsty villain of that film was patterned after Gandhi (Yeah! Take THAT Mahatma!), but it’s so engaging that I can’t criticise it as I know I probably should. And what of North West Frontier? Made some ten years after independence was realised, it’s uncomfortably nostalgic for the old Raj. But it’s also superb Sunday afternoon entertainment. It’s a conundrum I can’t resolve: to what extent should we allow a film’s world view to colour our reaction to it?

Because this is a debate that goes beyond the pomp and circumstance of British imperial cinema. Remember those Soviet films I started this column with? They were made to exhort one of the most odious regimes in human history. If the tang of colonialism is enough to tar and feather North West Frontier, then surely Eisenstein’s propaganda theses should be indicted too. This column has touched on such matters before, musing on the problems posed by Dovzhenko’s Earth, a sublime film promoting Stalinist collectivisation policies that left a minimum of five million people dead. Compared to that, Who Dares Wins seems small beer.

Related Films North West Frontier J. Lee Thompson

Item # 17663 UK | 1959 | 124 min | U | £9.99

Our DVD Price: £5.99

Who Dares Wins Ian Sharp

Item # 66131 UK | 1982 | 120 min | 15 | £12.99

DVD: £11.69 Blu-ray: £13.99

The Wild Geese

Andrew V. McLaglen

Item # 61210 UK | 1977 | 133 min | 15 | £14.99

DVD: £13.49 Blu-ray: £13.99

Visit the Cheap Seats blog and join in on the discussion! Page 36

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Once Upon a Time in Anatolia See page 7 for our full review Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Nuri Bilge Ceylan Grand Prix winner at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, Anatolia is a masterful, beautifully photographed crime drama – or anti-crime drama perhaps, as motives are missing. This is instead a film about a search for a body – and men facing the truth of themselves through a long night of not finding it – in the Anatolian steppes. Item # 68406 Turkey | 2011 | NW | 157 min | subt | 15 | £15.99

DVD: £11.99 Save £4 Blu-ray: £13.99 Save £6

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Bringing some sunshine to this month's issue is the summery fable The Kid with a Bike, which begins a trio of must-see world cinema releases...