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Dear readers! We are thrilled to present to you our exclusive edition responding to the situation around us during this challenging time. Despite all the instability and changes, we see an even greater need to share the art news and observe the fashion. We are hoping that you won’t forget to be inspired, productive, prosperous, keeping yourself safe&sound and remember the main thing of supporting each other and unite for our own good! Your MOVER TEAM!


COVER: Photo: Ilja Novikov @novikovparis Makeup & Hair: Svetlana Novikova @lanovikov Stylist: Olga Bõkova Model: Kcuuu69 Location: Tallinn




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The epidemic caused by the new 2019-nCoV virus not only impacting people who are affected by the disease but also industrial, trade and economy sectors overall. The fashion industry as part of it also has not been spared the effects. COVID-19 has steadily spread across the world since it originated in Wuhan City in the Hubei Province of China, with roughly 250,800 cases and 10,368 deaths globally as of March 20, according to the New York Times. Many European nations including France, Spain, Germany, and Italy — which is experiencing the second-highest number of cases globally with over 40,000 cases — are on partial or total lockdown in an effort to contain the virus. The virus is increasingly having a negative impact on the fashion industry specifically, having escalated in the midst of the fall 2020 fashion month season, causing brands and design houses to shutter their doors and postpone upcoming runway shows. Major events, including the Met Gala and the CFDA Awards, have also been postponed indefinitely. Department stores across the globe, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Selfridges and Saks Fifth Avenue, have closed their doors. Some of the world’s renowned brands have undergone such profound changes in their schedule of fashion shows, opening new stores and presentation of new collections, among them:


Armani: Giorgio Armani revealed on Feb. 22 that he would no longer be hosting a public runway show in Milan for his fall 2020 collection, rather the show was filmed in an empty theater and posted on the brand’s web site and social media platforms. The company has also closed its offices and plants in Northern Italy for the next week. “The decision was made to avoid exposing guests to any dangers to their health,” said a company spokesperson. The design house then revealed on March 8 that it is working to fight the spread of COVID-19, donating 1.25 million euros to a number of Italian hospitals and institutions. Burberry: Burberry has postponed its fall 2020 Shanghai show, which was initially slated for April 23. The show was meant to debut exclusive pieces made for the region. A new date has not yet been revealed.


Chanel: Chanel revealed on Feb. 17 that it has postponed the restaging of its Métiers d’Art show in Beijing, which was planned for this May. The collection was initially presented in Paris on Dec. 4. The design house announced on March 16 that it is also canceling the restaging of its Métiers d’Art show in London on June 4. On March 17, the design house announced it is canceling its cruise 2021 show in Capri, Italy on May 7. The company then announced on March 18 it is halting production in its facilities in Italy, France, and Switzerland for the next two weeks, however, workers will still be paid. Dior: Dior announced on March 16 that it is canceling its resort 2021 show in Italy on May 9. Hermès: Hermès has canceled its resort 2021 show in London on April 28. On the other hand, the industry finds new ways to enter the market and to reach out to the audience.


As a result, many of the events start to being organized virtually, for example Shanghai and Beijing Fashion Weeks. Both Shanghai and Beijing Fashion Weeks have also been postponed because of the outbreak. Shanghai Fashion Week was slated to begin on March 26 while Beijing’s China Fashion Week was slated to run from March 25 to March 31. Shanghai Fashion Week is now partnering with Alibaba’s Tmall to create an online platform for the designers and brands to debut their fall 2020 collections from March 24 to March 30. Some 150 brands will participate in the virtual fashion week, including Diane von Furstenberg, Pinko, Miss Sixty, Converse, Anta, Icicle, Lily, and Le Fame. Even considering observers’ forecasts that the impact of coronavirus on the fashion industry can be enormous. We believe in the support of the fashion community, because many fashion houses have already made significant donations and that at this turbulent times people will definitely find a moment to recover, be nourished by strength and inspiration, and most importantly they will start creating with renewed vigor when the life returns to normal speed.


MODE PRODUCTION photo/video content * lookbook * campaign * fashion show * fashion brand creation @mode.production

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STUNNING ACCESSORIES FOR 2020 By Angelina Kali International fashion model, Journalist, TV Reporter and Social Media Influencer angelina_kali


Whilst fashion is my forte, every girl likes some nice accessories and jewellery to go with an outfit. So I am always looking out for stylish accessories that can enhance my look. During my last trip to Continental Europe I was introduced to two Dutch brands that took my breath away. You don’t need 20/20 vision to see that they have something magical. Rocks On A Rope is a Dutch jewellery brand that delivers exquisite jewellery equally suitable for casual elegant for every day wear as they are for a red carpet event. I love the refined delicate styling. Rare coloured diamonds are their specialty which makes their jewellery that extra special. Any girl would be over the moon to receive something from Rocks On A Rope for Valentines.

As for that quintessential accessory, a woman can never have enough handbags. If you are like me who want the best but will still reflect my individuality, then I recommend a handbag from the Dutch brand Loes Vrij for its classical sleek lines, contemporary design and luxury look. Flawlessly constructed by the best Italian craftsmen, the Loes Vrij collection combines form and functionality with bold colours and eye-catching details. If you can’t visit their amazing store in Amsterdam, look out for the brand as they are stocked by many of the finest boutiques throughout Europe, Asia and Dubai.




VIRUS Photo: Ilja Novikov @novikovparis Makeup & Hair: Svetlana Novikova @lanovikov Stylist: Olga BĂľkova Model: Kcuuu69 Location: Tallinn







Photo&Style: Yulia Otroschenko @otroschenko Model: Anastasya Lystsova @nastasia__lys



If I weren’t a historian I would be a historian. Actually, the whole life is a city. There is a central avenue you are walking along, with a line of houses on both sides, constantly changing; the scenery is colorful, you see too many faces and bright images. Then you turn into a small street and, surprised by the Baroque style of buildings, you might think: “No, not mine, too pretentious.” So you go further to face some simple and strict constructivism. “Spacious but too austere” You can turn and wander for a long time on the tangled web of the city but finally, you find your street. I hope now I am moving along it. Doing science is not just reading a lot, thinking critically, or exploring. That also means integration in an endless stream of events, relationships, the readiness to face certain systemic crises and your promise never to give up. I feel good when I’m out in nature, when I achieve goals, and when someone hugs me. The first one is easy to arrange. The other two are more complicated. Our high standards come from the constant race and challenges of everyday life. That is why the Western market is full of books about time management, motivation, selfcontrol, there are hundreds of coaches ready to help you to activate your “skills” and become “successful”. In Russia, this trend is also getting more and more supporters.

I do not support the hype around competition because I want to learn to be happy at the moment. How do I achieve it? I don’t know yet. Perhaps there is a book about it already) As for hugs, their benefits cannot be overestimated. After all, if you have someone to hug, you are a lucky person. Stability vs wanderlust? An eternal issue for me. I’m hungry for stability, but I can accept it only for a couple of days to take a break. If you are a born cosmopolitan, it won’t change. It involves endless search. Sometimes I remind myself of a hero of “The Dharma Bums” by Kerouac, but seriously, I would never choose such a way for myself. Academic mobility is one of the perks of being a scientist. You can go to another country or university abroad, or sit in a beautiful library and do some inspiring research. This is what I want to hold on to. I like London. This is not even a city, but a large multinational party following you everywhere. Where you hear 5 different languages spoken at one time. Where there is no national identity. Where nobody cares about what country you came from. Where there is no sense of boundaries and “your own”. At such moments you can really feel that the whole world is your home. In Russia, though, any foreigner is a foreigner, even in Moscow. We are protecting our personal boundaries and are very distrustful of anything new.



I am not saying that it is good or bad. The West has its nuances. For example, the notorious idea of emotional capitalism suggests alienation and commercialization of feelings. I’m not sure I’m ready to put up with this completely. Therefore, I am always in search of my place and my people. Woman in science? Hard, but possible. In science, your competence is constantly being questioned. This is part of a tacit agreement, especially in Russia. The gender issue is latent in our country. We do not speak of it. In the last year alone, there was the first serious public outcry connected with domestic violence (the case of the Khachaturian sisters), not to speak of less outrageous cases. Therefore, recently, I have come to the conclusion that any person should be a lawyer for oneself. If you do not defend yourself, who will do it for you?

Therefore, “this is a man’s world”, but “girls run the world”. Perhaps I would not be a historian now if not for the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” I saw in childhood. Once and for all I became infected with the idea of a strong, absolutely self-sufficient woman who is a great specialist in her field, too. Acrobatic physical training, the ability to shoot from all types of weapons and your own castle are also cool and partly achievable. But, at least in climbing, I’m fairly close to the level of Lara Croft. Everybody has such flashbacks from childhood, guiding and accompanying them unconsciously throughout life. If you lose such a guide, you need to find a new one. Mandatory. This is so inspiring. P.S. The heroine of the film is an archaeologist. Coincidence? Don’t think so)




Art exhibitions and fashion shows in 2020 that you must see

In this issue we will uncover the major fashion exhibitions and shows devoted to art and its history that are already taking place or will be launch soon. Unrivaled fashion expositions that are worthy of attention, even if you are not into fashion.


Prada. Front and Back at the Design Museum, London Will be opened in September 2020 The first major museum exhibition of one of the world’s most influential fashion houses. The London Design Museum is preparing to honor Prada. Front and Back is the first large museum retrospective dedicated exclusively to this fashion house. Different sections will reflect the idea of front and back, conveying both the surface of fashion and the creative and industrial infrastructure on which it depends, but the focus will be on the achievements of Miucci Prada - how she managed to make the family brand as it is now, progressive and with hit collections season by season. “There is no future without the past” an exposition will be built around this idea: they will study the time that has already passed and reveal future plans.



About time: fashion and duration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York May 7, 2020 - September 7, 2020 The largest fashion exhibition is traditionally held at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The film “Orlando” (1992), directed by Sally Porter based on the novel by Virginia Woolf, inspired the exhibition. Its heroine travels in time, living several lives in parallel. And, as curator Andrew Bolton notes, the history of fashion with all the variety of styles coexisting with each other is very similar to this plot and, in general, to Wolfe’s entire work. “About Time: Fashion and Duration is a reinterpretation of the history of fashion, which is fragmented, intermittent and heterogeneous,” summarizes Bolton.


Bags: inside out at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London April 25, 2020 - January 31, 2021 The bag at the exhibition is considered not as a utilitarian accessory, but as a real cultural phenomenon. The exposition includes three sections: the first is devoted to the functionality of the bag, the second to its status, the third to design and the production process. In total, they will show about 300 objects of different historical periods, starting from the 16th century. In particular, the iconic Lady Dior and Hermes Birkin, handbags that became popular thanks to Kerry Bradshaw, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities (fictional and real), as well as handbags like “I am not a plastic bag� by Ani Hindmarch.


Fast Fashion. The dark side of fashion at the Museum of European Cultures, Berlin September 27, 2019 - August 2, 2020 The Berlin Museum of European Cultures continues the most topical fashion exhibition. The exhibition demonstrates the damage that the fast fashion industry does to those who are in it and to nature. You won’t see no beautiful pictures, but you will learn a lot of terrible facts about how much pure water is used to make one pair of pants, in what terrible conditions people work sometimes, or why a T-shirt cannot cost like a cup of cappuccino. The main goal of the organizers is to make people reconsider their approach to consumption. This exhibition will benefit everyone who has just stepped on the path of awareness and needs motivation.


Photo: Ilja Novikov Makeup & Hair: Svetlana Novikova Model: Kcuu Location: Tallinn








RADMILA LOLLY Radmila Lolly is an acclaimed classical singer and high fashion designer. Over the past few months, her singing career has skyrocketed when she reached the top 25 of the Billboard Dance Chart with her single ‘U R Moving Me’ - Radmila Lolly ft Dani Hagan. This talented ambitious woman is the sole designer of the couture fashion house “Radmila Lolly”.


When did you start singing? When I was growing up, I always heard my mother singing songs she composed herself around the house, which sparked my own interest in music. However, her style of voice and mine were very different, and I wasn’t comfortable to just improvise like she was. That led me to begin my formal vocal training at age 14. And designing clothes? Since I was little, I was always very picky about what I was going to wear; even at a very young age I made it very clear to my mom what I was going to wear and what I wasn’t! I liked to take my mom’s scarves and tie and pin them on myself like fancy dresses. I also always wanted to be dressed similarly to her; whenever she would wear pink, so would I. When it comes to my design skills, I learned to sketch outfits from observing my mom working as a visual artist; she is a painter. Her mother (my grandmother) was a seamstress by trade and the skill was passed down through the family to me, which allowed me to create the designs I was sketching. Had you ever seen anyone combining their music with their fashion designs in the same show? I personally have not attended or heard of one.

What is the most important thing for you regarding any clothing? Accessorizing and matching styles and colors. I approach my music and fashion in a similar way; to me, an outfit is like a score of music. It needs to have an overall aesthetic, theme(s), and motifs. For example, if I am wearing pointed toe shoes with stiletto heels that are very angular, then I will continue that geometric idea by pairing them with a similarly angular purse, instead of a round one. To me this is like a repeating motif in a piece of music. What fashion advice would you give to women? I would like to tell women to not be afraid to be unique and express themselves through their clothing. Clothing is like a language, it gives you an opportunity to connect with people who find what you’re wearing is interesting, or have similar style and interests to you. At the end of the day, people will always be judging us no matter what we do or wear, so you should wear something that shows who you are truthfully. If I had only $100, and walked into Forever 21, I wouldn’t just buy basic items to mix and match; I would buy items that catch my eye and are unique, that show who I am as a person.


You only design high end very dressy clothes. Would you ever consider designing casual clothing? I actually don’t just design my couture line; I dress a lot of pop/hip-hop musicians for performances in casual avant-garde clothing. I also design all of my own clothes, not just the gowns. I will create casual looks for my clients if requested; however, even when an outfit is more “casual”, I put my own spin on it. If I design a pair of jeans, they’re not just basic denim; they will have aspects such as cut-outs, zippers, or embellishments that make them unique and true to my style as a designer. What celebrity would you like seeing wearing your clothes? The type of person I envision wearing my clothing is somebody who is a leader, who is bold, and who appreciates fashion as an art form. I love dressing artists of all kinds, including musicians, visual artists, and actors. I am especially interested in costume design for movies, and would love to do more work with that. Where and when was your first concert? My first performance was a private recital in London when I was 16 years old. That was my first experience performing for an audience, and it


was very difficult for me to get up on stage because I was so worried about everything that could go wrong, everything from “what if I forget the words to the song?” to “What if I slip and fall on my face in front of everyone?”. Now I understand that there’s so many aspects to a live performance that you have absolutely no control over, so there is no point in worrying about them. All you can do is be as personally prepared as possible, and go up on stage and enjoy yourself. The real skill to performing is making it past any mishaps without the audience even noticing! What singer would you like to do a duet with? I would like to do a duet with someone whose music is very different from mine, such as Pitbull, J-Lo, or Enrique Iglesias. Coming from a classical background where there are a lot of rules and structure, it is beautiful to watch a different kind of joy and freedom on stage, where the singers can be more experimental and fluid. Even though our styles may be different, music is a universal language that connects all of us, and I think our collaboration could create something unique. I could see us combining my more operatic and orchestral sound with their electronic tracks and pop styles.



If you had to choose between being a designer or a singer, what would you choose? I will never make a choice between the two because they are both interconnected art forms. Are you working on your next album? When is it gonna come out? The composition of the album is complete, along with the instrumental recordings. The recording of the piano and my vocals is in the works. The approximate release date for my new album, book, and corresponding fashion collection is May 10. You recently released your album “Wonderland” at Carnegie Hall. Are you planning on giving more concerts? Yes, I have a few planned this fall in Miami and LA; I’ll be performing songs from Wonderland as well as previewing a few from my upcoming album. After the release of my upcoming album, I will be performing it in large release shows in Miami and LA as well. What are your 5- and 10-year goals? I am actually already at the five-year

point in my plan; I have been writing my book for the past five years, and it will be released along with the accompanying album and fashion collection in May 2020. Then my ten-year goal (the next five years) is to have my book turned into a movie that I will star in, that my music is the soundtrack for, and that I do the costuming for. What do you think are the most important traits for a person to have? I believe kindness is the most important, as well as being forgiving and understanding, because not everyone is at the same place in life. To understand that, and be accepting and not hold grudges shows a level of maturity I think. What is your biggest goal? What is your plan on reaching it? My biggest goal is to open an education and performance space for kids where they can create freely. I will give them all the resources and educational tools they need, but won’t limit their creativity, which I think can happen in a traditional school setting too often.


MODERN LOVE STORY Team credits: Model: Charlotte Coquelin @charlottecoquelin Model: Daniil Terletskyy @daniterly Stylist: Erica Benocci @benoccierica Muah: Anna Jazzel @annajazellebeauty Photographer: Irina Polishchuk @irene_in_paris_ Body @saintmarc


Dress @roccobarocco @terenzicommunications Gloves @asos Ring @zara Earrings @swarovski


Blazer @roccobarocco @terenzicommunications Skirt @babylon_official @claudioleoni Belt @babylon_official @claudioleoni Earrings @asos Sunglasses @fedecheti @terenzicommunications


Blazer @roccobarocco @terenzicommunications Skirt @babylon_official @claudioleoni Belt @babylon_official @claudioleoni Earrings @asos Sunglasses @fedecheti @terenzicommunications


She: Dress @saintmarc He: And total look @carlopignatelli




In our special rubric, we invite you to enjoy the beautiful songs that will temporarily make you forget your worries and rest. During this month what’s especially important is to not let yourself be demotivated and catch a spirit of sadness. To your attention the best music for the self-isolation period.


1. «Happy,» Pharrell (2013): When bad news comes, talking this and that, this song brings the positivity. 2. «24K Magic,» Bruno Mars (2016): Hard to pick just one Bruno Mars song ... 3. «Dancing Queen,»Abba (1976): We saw you jamming to this one at the grocery store. 4. «Can’t Feel My Face,» The Weeknd (2015) 5. «The Glory,» Kanye West (2007) 6. «Forever,» Justin Bieber (2020) 7. «Ritmo,» Black Eyed Peas & J Balvin (2019) 8. «What a Wonderful World,» Louis Armstrong (1967) 9. «Everything I wanted,» Billie Eilish (2019) 10. «Halo,» Beyonce(2008)



Photographer: martin wolny @martinwolnyphoto Model & stylist: natalia pstrag @natkapst.portfolio Make-up artist: marzena wiatrzyk @mar_wia_ Fashion designers: laura filip @filiplaura_ , laura skowron @lauraskowron, emanuela gorka @emanuela.gorka , angelika ozdzynska @angelika_ozdzynska





Photo: Chiara Rigato @chiaraxrigato Style: @benedetto.tornetta Model: @maestropavan






Procedures and care for imprisonment days or how to return from quarantine even more beautiful than before Because of the global panic around coronavirus (COVID-19), the world is kind of anxious nowadays but do not forget at such unstable time it’s important to go easy on yourself and to take time for self-care. So just now take a look at the list of self-care activities that you can do from home and try to implement it to your daily routine. They’ll help you feel a little better and give you a sense of control during a very uncertain time. Do not forget that quarantine can be used for many useful things that previously you simply haven’t gotten around to. But the most essential first:


Stay active It’s pretty well known that exercise is really good for both our physical and mental health. There are heaps of different types of exercise you can do from home, thanks to YouTube and apps.) Just don’t forget to take at least a 20 minutes break to devote this time to some sport activity whether it’ll be gymnastics, yoga, pilates, cardio or continue doing whatever works for you. Take 10 to be zen When we’re stressed about something (such as coronavirus), our thoughts tend to speed up. Taking 10 minutes or so to practice mindfulness can help produce a sense of calmness. On the web, you can find a variety of different free mindfulness apps to try. Maintain a beauty routine For example, you can make masks - for your own pleasure, and not just to clear your conscience. You can apply patches and masks on all parts of the body, at night and in the morning, to practice solving different problems - from black dots to dryness.

As well don’t ignore strengthen the facial contour online-trainings or start practicing massage roller. Love and care for your body Lymphatic drainage massage, dry brush massage, active care, scrubs, and even tanning. If you connect home training to this, then going to work after confinement will be doubly pleasant. Nourish your hair Now is the time to take a course of masks and give the hair the care they needed, but which they were deprived of due to lack of time. Quarantine is the period when you can allow yourself to use ampoules and care on your hair for as long as prescribed by the manufacturer, and not rush feverishly when you are in a hurry. Sometimes things can get overwhelming, even if you’ve been practicing self-care. As most people will be physically distancing or self-isolating a great option will be spending your time with the dearest and loved ones your family, partner, friends, or pets:) Remain the main keep calm and love yourself!


Photographer @dlvphotooo Model @julia.dykhan Production @mode.production MUA @blue_bird_makeup Hair stylist @pricheski_kiev_rina Clothes @darja_donezz Shoes @theothersshoes Accessories @tender.and.dangerous


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Photo: Ilja Novikov @novikovparis Makeup & Hair: Svetlana Novikova @lanovikov Stylist: Olga BĂľkova Model: Kcuuu69 Location: Tallinn

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