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Why Eating Protein Dense Foods can Lead to Bad Breath

Most people are aware that eating certain types of foods can contribute to bad breath, but in truth, these items are not limited to onions, garlic, fish, and other typical odor offenders. In fact, there are many types of foods that may exacerbate bad breath halitosis or that can create new problems, and being aware of these bad breath culprits can make a world of difference for people concerned about their breath quality. Some of the most important contributors to bad breath are protein dense foods; while these items may be good for overall health, they can help create the necessary conditions for foul-smelling breath if left unchecked. Dairy products are among some of the most dangerous protein dense foods in terms of risking bad breath, especially when lactose intolerance is involved. The high protein content in milk, cheeses, and other types of dairy is consumed by anaerobic bacteria that live on the back of the tongue, on the cheeks, and near the tonsils, and they can also create a comfortable atmosphere for the reproduction and flourishing of these bacteria. This accommodation in itself wouldn't be a problem were it not for the fact that the bacteria break proteins down into amino acids, and when these compounds are further deconstructed, Volatile Sulfur Compounds, or VSCs, are released –and it is these VSCs that cause problems of bad breath in most people. Other protein rich foods, including meats, beans, and some kinds of vegetables, can also create a bad breath problem, especially in individuals with Trimethylaminuria, a condition in which some types of protein cannot be broken down by the body, resulting in an unpleasant fish-like odor. While patients with this condition may be advised by a doctor to consume less beans, those worried about bad breath do not necessarily have to abstain from their favorite healthy foods. Exercising proper dental hygiene and finding a breath control system that works for individual needs and preferences can help ensure that nutritional needs are met without risking bad breath halitosis issues.

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Why Eating Protein Dense Foods can Lead Bad Breath