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Peridex Oral Rinse Review

Anyone who has dealt with gingivitis, gum disease, periodontal bleeding, and other gum issues can relate that the experience isn't very enjoyable, whether it's the taste of blood in the mouth, sensitivity while brushing and flossing, or the creation of a red and irritated appearance that interferes with an otherwise healthy smile. Peridex is a prescription mouthwash that is intended for treating gingivitis between visits with a dentist or gum specialist, and has been approved by the American Dental Association as a viable gingivitis treatment. The primary ingredient in Peridex is chlorhexidine gluconate, a substance that the manufacturer claims adheres to teeth and prevents the buildup of plaque. This action may make the product useful for fighting bad breath, though there are several considerations to make before asking a dentist to prescribe this product –and those with bad breath who do not have any gum problems may have difficulty obtaining the prescription in the first place.

Problems with Peridex Taste and Usage for Halitosis Peridex may have been tested in the lab for effectively addressing gum problems, but its test on the open market in terms of taste has proven to be less successful. The product's maker describes the flavor as a pleasant “herbal mint,� yet many users have reported a medicinal, unfavorable taste that makes it difficult to stick to a daily regimen. Getting past the initial flavor is part of the problem for some users, as well, because the same benefit involved in the product's ability to stick to the teeth and prevent new bacterial invasion also means that eating and drinking afterward will be affected by an unusual taste. Some people may not experience any noticeable issues, but others have noted that even drinking water after swishing produces an unappealing flavor. Peridex isn't marketed for its ability to clear up bad breath problems, though it may be of some benefit to people who have both gum issues and halitosis concerns, and users are likely to notice at least a slight improvement in breath right after swishing.

Other Important Bad Breath Aspects of Peridex Taking care of problematic gums is important for overall dental health, and Peridex may well be a good product for anyone suffering from irritation or sensitivity. Experiencing a basic

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Mouthwash Reviews | Best Mouthwash | Mouthwash TV

breath-freshening effect may please some afflicted by halitosis, though bad breath stemming from bacterial issues of the tongue, tonsils, post-nasal drip, dry mouth, and other sources may still be detectable when using Peridex. More importantly, people with healthy gums may want to steer clear of the product to avoid possible conflicts with other dental hygiene products, and parents should be aware that Peridex is only for kids over the age of twelve, and should still be administered only after a professional consultation and prescription. Women should also take note that the product hasn't been thoroughly tested for its potential effects on breast feeding, and avoiding the product or getting a personal medical opinion is a good idea even if breast feeding is simply anticipated. The product has been reported as staining the teeth, especially when dental work and stubborn, pre-existing plaque is present. This can usually be fixed with a professional cleaning, but may be unpleasant for most users.

Problematic Halitosis and Peridex The very worse chronic Halitosis requires focused and effective products to wipe out bad breath, and Peridex may not be the right solution for meeting the needs of people who can't seem to find an answer to their bad breath. Those with gum discomfort who also experience occasional breath concerns may find the product agreeable, but trying the product simply for the sake of fresher breath is probably not the best route for people with regular gum health and appearance. Other types of plaque-fighting mouthwashes, though they may use different ingredients and techniques, are probably more suitable for people focused on improving their breath quality.

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Peridex Oral Rinse  

Anyone who has dealt with gingivitis, gum disease, periodontal bleeding, and other gum issues can relate that the experience isn't very enjo...

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