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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coaches accused of sexual harrasment, misconduct

Albert Serna, Sasha Chavez, Julian Muhr, Gina Vanstrateen Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Staff Writers

of these. Vanessa Lopez, a former Mt.

softball interim head coach and Caveness’ ex-wife Rubilena Rojas, women’s soccer coach Melinda Bowen, and former softball coach Kelly Ford. According to the court The Mt. SAC athletics documents, Caveness, the plaintiff, department has long been recognized claims that Rojas falsely reported as a community college sports that he had engaged in sexual powerhouse, but recent lawsuits relations with one or more students. have shed light on controversies Soon after this claim, Mt. SAC and within the department. Mt. SAC’s Caveness entered into a settlement athletics department has been agreement and release. Caveness battling two major lawsuits that then resigned from his position stem from sexual harassment and as a physical education instructor sexual misconduct allegations. Both and men’s head basketball coach. suits involve students and faculty Caveness said the agreement was to members, and have, until now, been remain confidential and any request kept confidential in nature. for a response was to be directed to #! # % "# In the midst of "' " these charges, the District’s Director of Human % & !! %# "& #") %& * ' % & "' % +% ! ' " " # " '(% ! & " & %%+ " % % ' ' ' % " #$ " two coaches have been dismissed" # ' ' & %) '#%+ #" % + + Resources. from their duties. Mt. SAC never Caveness alleges that the explicitly stated that the dismissal confidentiality of the confidentiality of those coaches was due to sexual agreement was breached. He filed harassment claims. SAC track and field athlete, said the a lawsuit in March 2013 against The first suit brought to court athletes were right in filing a suit. Mt. SAC, Bowen, Ford and Rojas. was filed by seven women on the “As the season progressed I In this case his complaints are for track and field team in September felt that some of the girls were breach of contract, violation of 2012. The suit includes allegations of dissatisfied with some of the California Labor Code, intentional Also, beginning interference 2014, there will be a 100-unit The Presidents sexual Advisory Council PAC has proposed sexual harassment, battery, coaches,� Lopez said. “Some girls withalso contractual cap for longtime students. Allende said thatnegligent students a change in the wording of Mt. SAC’s Mission retaliation, false imprisonment and would completely try to avoid some relations, intentional and come to the community college to discover what Statement during its annual review for accreditation discrimination. The case was filed coaches in my opinion.� interference with prospective interests them and in what they want to major in. last year, a move that has caused some controversy against former assistant track and Lopez added that she never economic relations and negligent and “This new requirement will not allow for the amongst students and faculty alike. At the top of the field coach Carlos Moore. Thebehind suit felt uncomfortable, butin the same intentional infliction of emotional exploration manner students have now,� controversy is the meaning thepersonally changes and also names athleticfor director Joe she noted the body language of some distress. said Allende. “These changes mean that we can no what this means students. Jennum coaches Doug Todd, of herreads, teammates andlonger heardserve what the lifelong In his introductory allegations, learner.� The and mission statement which currently Mike and Ernie of wasisbeing that “after suffering Pam Arterburn,Caveness professorstates of English, has been vocal “TheGoff mission of Mt.Gregoire San Antonio College to said. aboutrumors; how she feelsthe and disagrees with the changes welcomesupervision all studentsofand to support them“Iin achieving negligent students, as don’t want to spread loss of his coveted position as to thethe mission their and careerI goals in anto tell about well as personal, negligent educational, hiring, supervision, just want thingsstatement. I Mt. SAC’s head basketball coach, his “To me, statement theend.� heart and soul environment of academic excellence,� and approved by training and retention. The seven saw,� Lopez said. Lopez said as farthe as mission victimization didisnot of our community college and if we change that because the board in 2008, would undergo suggested revisions plaintiffs are asking for unspecified she is concerned, based on what she Caveness claims that Rojas, corporate America thinks we need to be more efficient, to remove the words “personal,� and “career� as well as damages. heard and what she saw, the athletes Bowen and Ford, the defendants, I think we need to examine why we are really here,� replacing “all students� with “students.� According to court documents, were right in bringing forth a case. sought out potential employers Arterburn said. According to Dr. Bill Scroggins, president and the athletes, or plaintiffs, claimed However, according to court and spread false accusations of In first response to hearing about the changes, CEO of Mt. SAC, the reasons for the proposed that Coach sexually harassed documents, Mt. SAC Arterburn hired a private and pending sent an sexual e-mailmisconduct to Scroggins about her changes toMoore “all students,� aside from accreditation them for is a year half. Theof the group investigator and concern for the reasoning behind the changes. review, that and “theamajority felt it was a no substantial plaintiffs allege that the coach was found. The“The case focus on ‘all students’ says we are inclusive; misrepresentation to say that we haveevidence the capacity to retaliated againstwho them for refusing between the seven and even thefield student who skips class is part of the serve everyone comes to the college and desires an track program,� education.� his advances and that they were athletes and Carlos Moore is stillwrote Arterburn. “And it’s our job to reach out to marginal students and help create their In the minutes from thetext PAC meeting on Sept. 12,Goff, it who subsequently harassed with pending. Mike is named in connection to education.� was noted that many on the committee felt that due to messages, inappropriate touching the case, is upset about the damaging agreed and said that she believes the outside constraints, wasthat no longer and beingbudgetary kept against their will. the college effects this case hasAllende had on the removal of the words “personal,� and “educational� to able to serve all students, and that continuing to say After the women made the reputation of coaches involved and be limiting in the way that Mt. SAC serves students. so does not apply because of the proposed changes to allegations against Moore, he the athletes on the team. In the e-mail sent by Scroggins, he also wrote, registration set by the Chancellor’s office. attempted to clear the air by holding “When the incident occurred “students have a variety of goals they hope to achieve “There was concern among representatives on the acouncil meetingabout with the the word entire‘all’ track and I found my nameby listed in the Mt. SAC. Attempting to list or categorize attending under the environment team, which was recorded by one who L.A. and on the eveninggoals is thus limiting.� student that we cannot serve all students comeTimes to us,� said ofScroggins. the athletes. The recording was resources news, Ifrom wanted Hesue,� also wrote that in using the word “educational,� “We don’t have enough theto counter turned over to administrators. 40 years it allows for more inclusiveness: state to offer enough classes to do so.� Goff said. “I did not spend unifying element of student goals is better Because of the proposed shift by theinstate in thetoway “In the recording, I was cussing; education have my “The character represented colleges receive funding, it challenged will be required I community was saying things I shouldn’t have when all those involvedby the more global term, ‘educational.’� Arterburn beginning in Fall 2014 for all students to have a clear been saying,� Moore said in an took immediate action to protect alldisagreed and said that replacing those path to completion, meaning that they will either interview on Oct. 1, 2012 with Justin students involved.� key words and simply using “educational� is limiting. She responded e-mail. complete a degree, a certificate, or transfer. Velasco of the San Gabriel Tribune. Goff added, “My name, as well as to Scroggins’ investigations in order to make sure “I wrote him but he didn’t respond to it; he asked Scroggins added that a majority of the staff is in “The meeting was vulgar, and a Coach Gregoire, Coach Todd, and that his career would be destroyed. for feedback and I responded to each of those points,� agreement and that there needs to be some sort of coach should not be talking to his Joe Jennum, the department dean, In late June, Caveness was offered Arterburn said. change. This change however, is viewed by some as athletes that way.� have been taken off [the suit]. accepted head coaching She added thatand a single worda cannot be as inclusive going against what a community college wasalloriginally According From my understanding, wethree are just position at Gray’s Harbor College in as the combined. created for. to Moore, the next day administrators himthat he was information now.� Aberdeen, Washington. Soonone after “That’s simply wrong, there is no way that word “One of thetold things thefired. majorityproviding of the faculty, Detectives the Los Angeles Goff, is retiring this year, he accepted the position, athletic is more inclusive than three separate termsthe that each not all thefrom faculty, but a majority agree that wewho need to have ahas different I’mGray’s an English teacher, send a Sheriff’s clear message that we can’t serve all students,� County Walnut station added that this experience been definition. director at Harbor College,I know how words can be manipulated and that is not said Scroggins. investigated the allegations made an ugly one. Tyler Gaston, rescinded the offer. true.� Professor of English and Department Chair Kristina by the seven athletes, but they were “While we could have sued, we Caveness alleged that this withdrawal are not the only ones who disagree Allende disagreed, and although unable to speak “never substantiated,� Sgt. Mario she iswould have won nothing,Faculty but we members was made after Rojas, Bowen and with the proposed changes to the mission statement. on behalf of her department, she was unaware that the Estrada told Velasco. would have spent a lot of money Ford called the college and told them Jessica Weber, 25, is concerned about the 100-unit faculty was polled. Estrada also told Velasco that protecting our integrity,� Goff said. about the allegations against him. cap. Weber entered Mt. SAC as an animal science “I know that Dr. Scroggins sent an e-mail to the detectives presented a case to the “When I retire, I as well as my a telephone with major and realized In that wasn’t forconversation her and switched campus community asking for comments about the District Attorney’s Office,“It which involved, so with a clear management. Gaston and aShe Mountaineer reporter to business said it didn’t appeal changes,� said Allende. is a bit of a colleagues stretch though to doover declined filethose charges against self respect.� on Nov. 14, Gaston declined to to her and then went to communications. It wasn’t assume to that who didn’t respond heart failedand to because Moore dueare to lack of evidence. Thethe proposition The issue regarding the reason until reputation she randomlycomment took a horticulture class that that she the they in agreement with [of of protecting plaintiffs that they have text is the center of the second Caveness’ coaching offer was pulled. foundlawsuit her calling. Weber, who works on campus at the changingallege the mission statement.]� messages proving their allegations, brought against Mt. SAC and a Bowen said that she only sought and an audio recording of Moore few of its employees. This most out Gray’s Harbor College. admitting to the accusations. The recent lawsuit involves former men’s cont’d. on pg. 12 plaintiffs have yet to produce either basketball coach Allen Caveness,

“In the recording, I was cussing; I was saying things I shouldn’t have been saying, the meeting was vulgar, and a coach should not be talking to his athletes that way.


Moore College on -Carlos a new mission

Faculty, students not on board

“Nothing I said

was untrue, his actions were professionally unethical and harmful to our students. There is a reason why he resigned.


-Melinda Bowen