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School Talk SUMMER 2019

The excitement is building



t n e m e t i c x e e h T More than half of all schools are now under construction.


n Minnesota, summer means road construction. In Mounds View Public Schools, summer also means school construction. Taking advantage of the less-congested summer months, construction is in full swing at more than half of the District’s schools. Projects include new spaces at:

On behalf of Mounds View Public Schools, I want to thank everyone here who made this exciting day possible.” Individual schools will host ribbon-cutting ceremonies at their sites as construction is completed later in 2019 or 2020. The remaining schools are finishing up their design plans, and they will prepare to break ground next spring:

• Pike Lake Education Center, New Brighton

• Pinewood Elementary School, Mounds View

• Bel Air Elementary School, New Brighton

• Sunnyside Elementary School, New Brighton

• Island Lake Elementary School, Shoreview

• Valentine Hills Elementary School, Arden Hills

• Turtle Lake Elementary School, Shoreview

• Chippewa Middle School, North Oaks

• Edgewood Middle School, Mounds View

The District has partnered with Wold Architects and Engineers to design all the spaces and with Kraus-Anderson to serve as the construction manager.

• Irondale High School, New Brighton • Mounds View High School, Arden Hills In April, dozens of community members celebrated the beginning of District-wide construction efforts at a one-time ground-breaking celebration located at Edgewood Middle School. To thank voters for their support and to celebrate the construction efforts at all sites, the District welcomed residents, staff and members of school construction advisory groups. Attendees posed for photos and viewed displays of all construction projects approved by voters in 2017. “So how did we get to this day?” asked School Board chair Jonathan Weinhagen. “We got here because of you and the support from residents of Mounds View Public Schools. On the cover:

Joe Doerrer and Farah Ahmed-Bahgat celebrate Irondale High School’s commencement as construction begins at their now alma mater. Photo by J.J. Killins.


To view the latest schedules and images of construction projects, visit

Where are we this summer? As a result of summer construction, some school services have temporarily shifted to other sites. Superintendent

Rachel Gutierrez Colin Sokolowski

Designer Susan Abbott

Photographers Rachel Gutierrez Greg Helgeson J.J. Killins Lifetouch

Chris Lennox

2019 School Board Shauna Bock Heidi Danielson* Diane Glasheen Bob Helgeson Marre Jo Sager Jonathan Weinhagen Sandra Westerman *To be sworn in, August 20

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• Families wishing to register or enroll their students should visit the school’s websites for more information. Some registrations will occur at the site, while others will take place at the District Center at 4570 Victoria Street N. in Shoreview. • Mounds View High School office staff have relocated to the District Center. • Irondale High School office staff have relocated to Highview Middle School, 2300 7th Street NW, New Brighton. To view a chart of all school staff and program locations this summer, visit

is building

School Board members and the Superintendent kicked off a summer of District-wide construction. L to R: Bob Helgeson, Shauna Bock, Jonathan Weinhagen, Sandra Westerman, Superintendent Chris Lennox, Marre Jo Sager, Diane Glasheen and Amy Jones.

Clockwise from upper left: Workers prepare the underground retention system beneath the future bus parking area at Edgewood Middle School; Site preparation for the eight classroom additions on the northeast corner of Mounds View High School; Interior and exterior views of the recently completed classroom additions on the south side of Pike Lake Education Center.

SUMMER 2019 

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• Two-classroom addition for capacity Pike Lake Education Center

Design Late 2017 – Fall 2018

Construction Spring 2019 – Summer 2019

Island Lake Elementary School

• Two-classroom addition for capacity • Renovate and expand Special Education classrooms • Renovate and improve classrooms in and around the learning media center • Expand front secured lobby and entry

Design Late 2017 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2019 – Fall 2019

Completion Fall 2019

Edgewood Middle School

• Four-classroom addition for capacity • Renovate science classrooms • Expand cafeteria and kitchen • Additional gym/multi-purpose space • Improve performance space • Replace pool and provide diving space (shared with Irondale) • Separate parent drop-off and bus loop

Design Late 2017 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2019 – Summer 2020 With additional construction in 2021

Completion Fall 2021

Highview Middle School

• Renovate orchestra space • Create a secured front entry into the main office • Improve parent drop-off and bus loop

Design Late 2017 – Spring 2018

Construction Summer 2018

Completion Fall 2018

Bel Air Elementary School

• Two-classroom addition for capacity • Expand cafeteria and kitchen • Improve band/orchestra space • Improve parent drop-off and bus loop

Design Spring – Fall 2018

Construction Spring 2019 – Summer 2020

Completion Summer 2020

Turtle Lake Elementary School

• Eight-classroom addition for capacity • Expand cafeteria and kitchen • Improve parent drop-off

Design Spring – Fall 2018

Construction Spring 2019 – Early 2020

Completion Early 2020

Irondale High School

• Six-classroom addition for capacity • Renovate to address hallway congestion • Replace auditorium and expand its capacity • Improve fitness/wellness space • Additional capacity for program storage – Arts, Activities, Robotics • Renovate Media Center space/classrooms • Repurpose pool and provide access to new pool at Edgewood

Design Spring – Winter 2018

Construction Early Spring 2019 – Early Fall 2020 With additional construction in Summer 2021

Completion Fall 2021

Mounds View High School

• Seven-classroom addition for capacity • Renovate undersized classrooms • Expand cafeteria and kitchen • Additional gym space • Improve fitness/wellness space • Additional parking • Improve parent drop-off

Design Spring –  Winter 2018

Construction Early Spring 2019 – Early Fall 2020 With additional construction in Summer 2021

Completion Fall 2021

Pinewood Elementary School

• Two-classroom addition for capacity • Separate buses and parent drop-off

Design Late 2018 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2020 – Fall 2020

Completion Fall 2020

Sunnyside Elementary School

• Five-classroom addition for capacity • Improve band/orchestra space • Expand cafeteria and kitchen

Design Late 2018 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2020 – Fall 2020

Completion Fall 2020

Valentine Hills Elementary School

• Five-classroom addition for capacity • Expand cafeteria and kitchen

Design Late 2018 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2020 – Fall 2020

Completion Fall 2020

Chippewa Middle School

• Create a secured front entry into the main office • Renovate student lockers/commons area

Design Late 2018 – Early 2019

Construction Spring 2020 – Fall 2020

Completion Fall 2020

School Talk 

  SUMMER 2019

Completion Summer 2019



A CLOSER LOOK Creating a system of supports: ‘a moral obligation’


his spring, the District concluded a year-long review of the student experience across all schools, focusing on mental health and wellness. As a result of the information gathered, Mounds View Public Schools will be making some changes beginning next year.

Across the District • Deans

In response to increasing enrollment and rising studentto-dean ratios, the District is adding four additional dean positions in secondary schools. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of deans are being adjusted to more closely focus on student relationships and connectedness, not on supervision and discipline.

• The middle schools are also shifting their support staff schedules to ensure that staff will be available each hour during the school day to support students when situations arise. Deans will be part of this support structure, but it also extends to additional staff such as school psychologists, case managers and other student support positions. • Chippewa, Edgewood and Highview are also embracing a restorative discipline process that focuses on the impact one person’s actions have had on others. So in addition to consequences for misbehavior, intentional time will be spent on getting students to understand how their actions affected others.

• Support

The District is partnering with an outside expert to conduct a mental health resources audit. The audit is expected to offer recommendations that will likely require adjustments to programming, support positions as well as job responsibilities to best meet the needs of students. • Equity

The District is also partnering with an expert in culturally responsive leadership to conduct an equity audit of schools and programs. Based on the results of the audit, the District will enhance the practices currently used that are effective and address and change any practices that are shown to be ineffective.

High Schools • Staff members are developing plans to proactively push out information to students, staff and parents about the supports that are available to them and how they can access these resources when needed. • In addition, both high schools will be offering expanded access to school-linked mental health providers during the academic day. • Irondale and Mounds View also will offer ongoing mental health speaking series opportunities.

Middle Schools • All three middle schools will begin offering student support groups formed around specific needs and made available to any student who may benefit from this support.

Irondale and Mounds View young alumni shared their advice with today’s students by making video selfies. Hear their insights at

Elementary Schools • This spring, the District launched “student experience” surveys at the elementary schools and kindergarten centers that drew more than 1,500 respondents including parents and staff. • Each school will be analyzing the findings from their specific survey and working with building and District staff to create plans that reinforce what is going well and address any areas in need of improvement. “As a school district we have a moral obligation to create a system of supports,” says Superintendent Chris Lennox. “That’s why mental health and our students’ experiences will continue to be a priority for us as we move into next year.”

SUMMER 2019 

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EDUCATION FOUNDATION The Mounds View Schools Education Foundation works in collaboration with Mounds View Schools District leadership to identify programs that require funding to advance opportunities for students throughout the Mounds View District. For more information on the Foundation visit


Northeast Bank

Banking relationships rely on unequivocal trust, and the strength of community is paramount for those relationships to be successful. Northeast Bank has fully embraced that philosophy with their contributions. They have a deep history of community involvement, which has benefitted Mounds View Schools Education Foundation and the schools it serves. Northeast Bank has sponsored foundation events for the past few years, which includes our Rock the School House fundraiser, one of our most prominent opportunities to interface with our donors, share the importance of the work we do and generate much-needed funds. “There are so many ways that our bank supports the community, but education and youth are two of the top priorities,” says Mike Scholl, Northeast Bank’s Senior Vice President. “We knew immediately that our values were directly aligned with the foundation.” Northeast Bank constructed its newest branch on Silver Lake Road in 2015. It was then that Scholl met the school district’s director of community partnerships, Mindy Handberg, at a New Brighton Business Council event. “I was impressed to learn about Mounds View Public Schools,” says Scholl. “The Early College program is amazing. While most high schools target the highest-achieving students, Mounds View Public Schools serves its entire student population, making the program available to all students.” In addition to the Early College Program, the District also offers all students ‘Pathways to Possibilities’ that will likely lead to high-wage, high-demand jobs. Pathways in Business, Automotive, Engineering/Manufacturing, Welding and Construction/Solar offer opportunities for experience, exposure and college credits in technical and career training programs. As part of this initiative, the bank offers internships to high school students at both Irondale High School and Mounds View High School. The positions focus on teller responsibilities and provide valuable, practical experience to the interns. “The results and success stories Mindy shared were truly inspiring,” says Scholl. “The bank is incredibly proud and honored to be partnering with Mounds View Schools Education Foundation.” 6

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  SUMMER 2019

The 8th annual Rock the School House fundraising event is slated for November 9, 2019, at Vadnais Heights Commons. Tickets go on sale in August (earlier than in years past). Watch for more exciting new details coming soon! Sponsorship opportunities of all kinds are available. Please visit and follow us on Instagram.

In April, the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation held the Partnering for Education Luncheon. Thank you to Land O’Lakes, Montgomery Orthodontics, Northeast Bank and RBC Wealth Management for their generous sponsorship of the luncheon.

SCHOOL BOARD Board appoints new member

Operational Plan

During its June 25 meeting, the School Board elected Heidi Danielson of New Brighton to serve the remainder of Board member Amy Jones’s term which expires January 6, 2020. Jones recently announced her resignation from the School Board after nearly eight years of service. Her resignation was effective June 25, 2019. On June 25, the Board interviewed six Heidi Danielson candidates. Danielson will be sworn in at the August 20 Board meeting. Danielson works part-time for two non-profit organizations — as the director of administration for the Gallagher Foundation and administrative director for Quincy House. She is a long-time volunteer at schools including Pinewood, Sunnyside, Edgewood and Irondale. In addition, Danielson has served the District on the curriculum advisory committee, the facilities task force, the Irondale design committee and as a trustee on the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation for the past three years. In 2017, she was the campaign manager for Neighbors United — the committee that supported the successful bond construction campaign. She and her husband Barry are New Brighton residents and parents of two Irondale alumni and a current Irondale junior.

Each year, the School Board approves a series of goals and related activities on which the Superintendent and Cabinet will focus their work. This is known as the District Operational Plan (DOP). Priority goals for 2019-20 include:

Budget approved In June, the Board approved the 2019-20 District budget. Complete details can be found on the Budgets and Finance page at The adopted budget will maintain stable class sizes and current programming, and it will allow the District to continue its commitment to the Pre-K – 14 plan for all students.

• Identify the strategies and timelines for implementing recommendations from the student experience report addressing equity, student supports and clarifying the dean roles and responsibilities. • Create a protocol for flexible learning during weatherrelated school closings. • Continue to provide financial stability in general fund revenue through a successful operating referendum levy renewal. • Continue to manage the multi-year facilities plan engaging all schools and stakeholders in the design and construction of the instructional and activity spaces needed at each school site.

School Board election notice This November, voters will elect four residents to serve fouryear terms on the School Board. The School Board is made up of seven citizens elected at large by voters in the District every two years to serve four-year overlapping terms. At the end of a four-year term, members may run for reelection to successive terms. Voting takes place at general elections in November and terms begin the first Monday in January thereafter. The period for filing affidavits of candidacy for the office of School Board member begins on July 30 and closes at 5 p.m. on August 13. Affidavits of candidacy may be obtained from and filed in the Ramsey County Elections Office, 90 West Plato Blvd., Suite 160, St. Paul, MN 55164. The election will be November 5, 2019.

New non-resident enrollment closed With continued increasing student enrollment throughout the District, the School Board and administration have determined that there will be no new open enrollment offered in Mounds View Public Schools for early childhood and K-12 for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years.

SUMMER 2019 

  School Talk


AROUND THE DISTRICT Mounds View students develop a DNA experiment for NASA Mounds View High School students Michelle Sung, Rebecca Li and Aarthi Vijayakumar partnered with 2018 Mounds View graduate David Li (now a freshman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to work on a “Genes in Space6 investigation” for NASA. The group examined DNA damage and repair in space in order to help protect the long-term health of space travelers. To learn more, visit

Pinewood students perform fifth-annual musical The Pinewood Performing Arts Club performed Mary Poppins Jr. in May for the fifth annual musical. The cast and crew of 84 students filled Irondale’s stage with songs and acting. This year the elementary technical team was able to partner with John Krejchik, Dreena Kuto and Ava Ericson, high school students, to produce the technical aspects of the show.

Career Day at Edgewood Edgewood Middle School hosted a career day for the eighth-grade English language arts classes in May. Two sessions throughout the day featured career panel participants who shared information about their specific careers.

Students learned how the community is impacted from various jobs. They also learned about education, daily job tasks and more. Panel speakers from the first session included (left to right) Kalimba Edwards, captain of the Minneapolis Fire Department; Emily Hansen, children’s mental health targeted case manager for Headway Emotional Health; Jessica Tice, physical therapist from Regions Hospital; and business owner Tony Kolars of Kane Home Services.


School Talk 

  SUMMER 2019

Bel Air celebrates peace An event that began in 2005 has grown into an annual celebration that Bel Air Elementary School students, staff and the community look forward to celebrating every year in May. This year’s event included a performance by The Selby Avenue Brass band, a presentation about positive behavior by Bel Air Elementary School fifthgraders, delivering May Day baskets to community members and more. Bel Air has been recognized by World Citizen, a global organization, as an International Peace Site. The school commits to upholding five principles: seek peace within yourself and others; reach out in service; protect the environment; promote intercultural understanding and celebrate diversity; and be a responsible citizen of the world.

Need Help with Food? Food Shelf services and programs are available to low-income families and individuals living in the Mounds View Public School District. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 651-621-6280.

Sunnyside staff and retirees gather to pack snacks In April, Sunnyside Elementary School staff and retirees gathered at Ralph Reeder Food Shelf to assemble snack packs for students in need. In partnership with the food shelf, schools throughout the District offer snack packs every Friday to students who need a little extra food for the weekend.

Free Farmer’s Markets Pick up locally grown produce and bakery items at no cost this summer. Bring a bag and fill it with items fresh from the farm for free! • July 9 & August 13 at Pike Lake Education Center 10:30 a.m. – noon at 2101-14th St. NW, New Brighton • July 23 & August 27 at Pinewood Elementary School 10:30 a.m. – noon at 5500 Quincy St., Mounds View

Donations needed Demand for food and other services spike in the summer when children are home from school and not able to access free and reduced lunches — putting added strain on already tight budgets. Your help is needed and appreciated. For every dollar donated we can purchase up to $8 worth of food. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference. Donations can be made online at

Pictured from left to right: (front) Ashley Speltz, Kris Canaday, Mary Draack, Deanna Henry, Diane McIntosh, (back) LaVon Tell, Sara Lindsey, Pam Baglien, Kelsy Alderink, Dawn Savat, Liz Birkelo and Gregg Tranowski.

Guest artists teach the history of music In March, Irondale High School choirs participated in a program called Witness in which guest artists T. Mychael Rambo (pictured) and Anita Ruth from VocalEssence helped students learn through song. Students learned about the history of influential African American women leaders and worked on singing music of the Civil Rights era.

Mounds View Schools Early Childhood Education provides high quality educational opportunities for every child birth to five years at the Early Childhood Education Center and Pike Lake Education Center in New Brighton, as well as at Snail Lake Education Center in Shoreview. Currently, more than 900 children and 400 parents participate in Early Childhood programs throughout the District. Learn more: Watch a video at Visit the website at

SUMMER 2019 

  School Talk


AROUND THE DISTRICT Nearly 150 attend District Pow Wow Mounds View Public Schools hosted the third annual Pow Wow on April 12 at Irondale High School. Attendance was nearly 150 guests and is growing each year. This number consisted of District students and families, staff and guests from neighboring school districts. American Indian students from throughout the District received certificates of achievement. Graduating seniors also received a blanket in recognition of their dedication and achievement The Potato Dance is a fun way to engage Pow Wow of this milestone. Giftparticipants. Couples are given the potato and giving is a great part of the must keep it between their foreheads without using American Indian culture their hands while completing a series of dance steps or movements called out by the emcee of the and these gifts are given to Pow Wow. students with honor and affection from the American Indian Parent Advisory Committee. This event is free and open to the public. For further information, contact Jill Spencer, integration and equity specialist, at

State proclamation As a member of the School Nurse Organization of Minnesota legislative committee, District nurse Kathy Knutson arranged for the proclamation for School Nurse Day. The governor proclaimed May 8 as School Nurse Day in Minnesota (as well as National School Nurse Day) to recognize the important contributions of Minnesota’s school nurses for the health and well being of our state’s children. Kathy Knutson (pictured on right), licensed school nurse, with Jolie Holland, chair of the School Nurse Organization of Minnesota (SNOM) legislative committee.


School Talk 

  SUMMER 2019

Connecting classrooms around the globe While Valentine Hills student Ellorie Bjorklund spent her fifth-grade year in Haiti, her classmates at Valentine Hills were able to share in her experiences. Through video chats, Valentine Hills students kept in close contact with Ellorie throughout the year. After learning more about Ellorie’s school in Haiti, a couple of her friends took action and decided to organize a coin drive to raise money for Grace Academy in Haiti. During the month of February, students at Valentine Hills were invited to bring in change that would be donated to Healing Haiti and used to buy books for schools in Haiti. More than $1,600 was raised to buy books. This spring, fourth-grade students at Grace Academy in Titanyen, Haiti, got to video chat with the fourth-grade students from Valentine Hills. The students exchanged questions like “How do you get to school?” and “What subjects do you learn about?” They asked each other “What do you eat for lunch and do during recess?” From across the globe, students were able to see inside each other’s classrooms and learn about the similarities and differences in our cultures.

Partnering for Education Luncheon

Student walks raise awareness

In late April, the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation (MVSEF) hosted its 8th annual Partnering for Education luncheon at the Shoreview Community Center, featuring keynote speaker and alumnus of Mounds View Public Schools, Blois Olson. Olson is founder and CEO of Fluence Media and a regular political commentator and analyst on WCCO radio and national media. Olson shared stories of personal and school life experiences that were at times difficult, but from which he learned unconditional love and care. Olson quoted the motto from his Island Lake yearbook, “Every child every day needs care and encouragement.” Two students representing each of the high schools also presented inspiring talks. Mariana Chavez, a senior at Irondale High School, shared some powerful lessons from her years in school including what she described as the “fostering of talents until they become strengths” and challenging classes which value “learning over test scores.” She plans to attend Augsburg on a full scholarship and to major in education. Nate Moller, a senior at Mounds View High School, spoke about the loss of a friend to suicide and the permanent change that made in his life relative to the value of friendship and support. He said, “The most important thing about Mounds View is the way people care.” Because Mrs. Bell at Turtle Lake Elementary encouraged Nate’s ability in mathematics, he plans to attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall, majoring in engineering.

In May, the Mounds View High School community gathered to raise awareness about the Global Water Crisis and fund a water well for the students of Mena Primary School in Uganda. Members of the H2O for Life Club partnered with MV DECA to host a Walk for Water, a fundraising event that challenged participants of all ages to carry gallons of water as they walked a 5K. Through a week-long campaign, students used creative marketing techniques to successfully raise over $2,300. To learn more about the project, visit


Pictured from left to right: Priyam Bhalla, Tina Miao, Emi Endrizzi, Neha Jha, Gautam Muthukumaraswamy, Upendo Gimbi, Mauren Lobaton, Sangai Dukuly, Alondra Becerra Hernandez, Kristin Heinz, Calvin Heinz, Josiah Wiest, Sana Ahmed, Neha Sriram, Hufsa Ahmed, Ismaeel Ahmed, Gina Yi, Sumayya Ahmed, Tsis (Bobby) Moua, Claire Knopf, Analycia Willier-O’Connor and Annie Moen.

MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT In May, students from Mounds View High School’s National Honor Society organized Out of the Darkness — a fundraising walk in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). The goal of the walk was to support those affected by mental illnesses.

More than 300 community members participated in the walk at Long Lake Regional Park in New Brighton, raising nearly $20,000 (against an original goal of $5,000). The event was supported by several local sponsors, and it featured performances by the Mounds View High School Concert Choir and individual student performers.

SUMMER 2019 

  School Talk



Familiar faces named to new A veteran school administrator, Todd Durand will bring years of experience as the new principal of Pike Lake Education Center. Todd led Island Lake Elementary School for 11 years. When he joined Mounds View Public Schools in 2008, he brought with him seven years of elementary school teaching and administration experience with the Bloomington School District. He served as the dean of students at Washburn Elementary School, and also served Bloomington as a fourth and fifth grade teacher. Todd holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from University of Minnesota – Morris, a master’s degree in education from the College of St. Catherine and a principal license from Hamline University. Todd is a District resident, and his wife Jessica is a math teacher at Mounds View High School. Their children, Maren (8th grade) and Rachel (6th grade), attend Chippewa Middle School.

Visit to get to know new principals by watching introduction videos.


School Talk 

  SUMMER 2019

After four years of successfully leading Pike Lake Education Center, Ryan Lang will begin a new leadership position as the principal of Snail Lake Education Center. For the past four years, Ryan has led the Pike Lake Kindergarten Center teams serving students and families from Bel Air, Pinewood, Sunnyside and Valentine Hills Elementary Schools. Prior to serving as principal, he has been a teacher in Mounds View Public Schools since 2012. Most recently, he served as a first grade teacher at Island Lake Elementary School where he was also a member of the Building Instructional Leadership Team (BILT). He has served as a Positive Behavioral Instructional Supports (PBIS) representative, an elementary targeted service coordinator and has five years of teaching and leadership experience in Mainland China. He holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul and a master’s degree and doctorate degree in education and leadership from Bethel University. He lives in Spring Lake Park with his wife, Melissa, a former teacher at Turtle Lake Elementary School. They have a daughter, Evelyn (2½), and son, Archer (9 weeks).

Kristi Abbott is uniquely qualified to continue the tradition of excellence at Island Lake Elementary School.

For more than three years, Kristi has led Snail Lake Education Center serving kindergarten students and families from the Island Lake and Turtle Lake attendance areas. She previously served as the associate principal at Turtle Lake Elementary School. Prior to joining Mounds View Public Schools, Kristi spent 23 years in the North St. Paul/Maplewood/ Oakdale School District where she was a building and district leader, teacher and instructional coach. Kristi holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from the College of St. Scholastica and a master’s degree from Saint Mary’s University, where she also completed her K-12 principal licensure program. Kristi lives in Vadnais Heights with her husband, and she loves to spend time with her adult sons and step-daughter.

places Molly Hollihan has

been named the new principal for Chippewa Middle School. Molly is a dedicated educator and an accomplished administrator who has demonstrated a keen understanding of the academic, social and emotional needs of Chippewa students. For the past five years, she has played a critical role in managing Chippewa’s daily operations and supporting students and families — having served as associate principal for four years and as dean for one year. In 2014, Molly came to Chippewa from Highview Middle School where she had been a dean for three years. Prior to joining Mounds View Public Schools, she was an associate principal at Mahtomedi Middle School, an English teacher at Roseville High School, a humanities instructor at an international school in Hong Kong and an admissions director at Hill-Murray High School. Molly holds a bachelor’s degree in English education from St. Olaf College and a master’s degree in education from Saint Mary’s University. She has earned an education specialist degree from the University of St. Thomas. Molly and her husband Brian live in Shoreview with their sons James (6th grade, Chippewa), Luke (4th grade, Turtle Lake), Owen (2nd grade, Turtle Lake). They also have a son, Dean, who is a senior at Hamline University.

Penny Howard retires

Rob Reetz is well positioned to lead Edgewood Middle School. He becomes principal of Edgewood this summer as Penny Howard retires after decades with Mounds View Public Schools. Rob comes to Edgewood as an instructional leader who has served Mounds View Public Schools for 11 years. For the past four years, Rob has led Chippewa Middle School. Prior to joining Chippewa, he led all District professional development as a professional learning specialist. Rob previously spent six years as an instructional strategies facilitator and special education teacher at Irondale High School. Most notably, he played a key role in implementing the successful and innovative Early College programming in our high schools.

Rob holds a bachelor’s degree in communica­tion from University of Minnesota – Duluth, a master’s degree in special education from Augsburg College and an education specialist degree in leadership, policy and administration from University of St. Thomas. He lives in Mendota Heights with his wife Liz and their daughters Grace (10) and Mae (7).

For nearly three decades, Penny Howard has been the face of Edgewood Middle School, serving as the principal since 1990. Last spring, she announced her retirement after 44 years in education as a teacher, a program coordinator and a principal. She spent the last 33 years in Mounds View Public Schools. “It’s been a rewarding journey,” says Howard. “Edgewood is an exceptional place for students to learn and grow. It is filled with dedicated staff and caring, involved families. I will dearly miss the Edgewood community.” In a fitting tribute, Howard was named the 2018 Mounds View Citizen of the Year at the city’s annual town hall meeting in April. She was recognized for her commitment to building relationships with students and families outside of the classroom. Mounds View Mayor Carol Mueller presented the award saying, “Penny has been a constant, positive presence in the Mounds View school system and just as importantly, in the city of Mounds View for over 30 years.”

SUMMER 2019 

  School Talk




Pike Lake Education Center WELCOME TO KINDERGARTEN OPEN HOUSE August 28..................4 – 6:30 p.m.

Snail Lake Education Center MEET YOUR TEACHER OPEN HOUSE August 27..................4 – 6 p.m.


MEET YOUR TEACHER OPEN HOUSE August 28 Grade 1...................................4:30 – 6 p.m. Last name A – M........................5 – 6 p.m. Last name N – Z........................6 – 7 p.m. ILP CONFERENCES August 29................................8 a.m. – Noon

Island Lake MEET YOUR TEACHER August 28..................4:30 – 6 p.m.


Irondale WELCOME BACK KNIGHTS August 22..................10 a.m. – 6 p.m. IRONDALE BLOCK PARTY September 13..........................3:30 – 6 p.m.

MEET YOUR TEACHER August 28..................4 – 7 p.m.

Sunnyside MEET YOUR TEACHER August 28..................5 – 6:30 p.m. WELCOME CONFERENCES

Mounds View PICTURE DAY/SCHEDULE PICKUP August 22..................1 – 8 p.m. 9TH-GRADE PARENT MEETING August 26................................6 – 7 p.m. 12TH-GRADE PARENT MEETING September 19..........................6 – 6:30 p.m. BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT September 19..........................6:30 – 8 p.m.

Area Learning Center BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT August 28..................2 – 7 p.m.

August 29................................10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Turtle Lake MEET YOUR TEACHER August 28 New and Grade 1 families.........3:45 – 4:15 p.m. Last names A – M .....................4:15 – 5:15 p.m. Last names N – Z ......................5:15 – 6:15 p.m.

Valentine Hills MEET YOUR TEACHER August 28 New families............................3:45 – 4:15 p.m. Last names A – M .....................4:15 – 5:15 p.m. Last names N – Z ......................5:15 – 6:15 p.m.

NEED HELP WITH SCHOOL SUPPLIES? The Good Neighbor Back to School Project takes place in August at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf. Last year, this annual program provided school supplies to 900 low-income students throughout Mounds View Public Schools. Families needing assistance should contact 651-621-7451.


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  SUMMER 2019

MIDDLE SCHOOLS Chippewa WELCOME BACK DAY August 22 OPEN HOUSE.......................2 – 4 p.m. MEET YOUR TEACHERS...........................4 – 7 p.m. IN THE MIDDLE DAY September 3 (For students in grade 6.)

Edgewood ORIENTATION August 23..................7 – 10 a.m. ALL-SCHOOL PICNIC August 26................................4 – 7 p.m. IN THE MIDDLE DAY September 3 (For students in grade 6.) COFFEE WITH THE PRINCIPAL September 3............................7:45 a.m.

Highview HAWK PRIDE WELCOME BACK August 21 Open House.............................2 – 7 p.m. Meet Your Teachers...................5 – 7 p.m. IN THE MIDDLE DAY September 3 (For students in grade 6.)

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Federal Reserve Bank contest finalists Mounds View High School students Cameron

Dolbow, Anna Grace, Joshua Lange, Gina Song and Johnny Yue were named finalist in the Federal Reserve

Bank of Minneapolis Annual Essay Contest. Anna Grace is a second-generation finalist. Her mother was the first winner of the Essay Contest in 1989.

Cameron Dolbow

Joshua Lange

Gina Song

Anna Grace

Johnny Yue

Science Olympiad takes top spots Mounds View High School’s Science Olympiad team took some of the top spots at the National Tournament at Cornell University on June 1. Jenna Stellmack and Michelle Sung won first place in Write It Do It. Eliot Kim and Mason Huberty took second place in Fermi Questions. Rebecca Li and Aarthi Vijayakumar won second place in Forensics. In addition to being a top national team, Mounds View’s teams continued its streak of nine straight state championships. Mounds View students also ran the Elementary Science Olympiad tournament in April with District elementary schools participating.

David Barhan (coach), Thomas Carr (coach), Renee Lee, Aarthi Vijayakumar, Rebecca Li, Isabel Newhouse, Michelle Sung, Mason Huberty, Emily Feng, Deepta Jasthi, Abhi Vijayakumar, Michael Hu, Neha Sriram, Diana Zhu, Ian Tsai, Aunika Zheng, Kimie Shen, Eric Feng, Sandy Zhang, Eliot Kim, Olivia Shen, Chloe Wick, Jenna Stellmack, Michael Huberty (coach) and Janet Jamison (coach).

SUMMER 2019 

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WITH HONORS Spirit of a Mustang

District high schools win College Success Award

In addition to the senior recipients (see page 27), two Mounds View High School juniors received the Spirit of a Mustang award this spring for embodying the school’s mission statement. Hufsa Ahmed and Josiah Wiest were recognized for generosity, work ethic, passion, respect and demonstrating a value for learning.

Both Irondale and Mounds View High School were named 2019 College Success Award winners by In Minnesota, 31 public schools earned a College Success Award in 2019 based on their success in preparing students for college and ultimately career. The College Success awards recognize public high schools that stand out in getting students enrolled in — and staying with — college.

Fine Arts honorees Amelia Podolny and Michael Pak were named Mounds View High School’s Fine Arts Students of the Year.

Amelia Podolny

Michael Pak

Best for Music

Hufsa Ahmed

Josiah Wiest

Mounds View senior selected as Coca-Cola Scholar Mounds View High School senior Sanjana Dutt has been recognized as one of the country’s most outstanding high school leaders by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and has been awarded a $20,000 college scholarship. As a member of the 31st class of CocaCola Scholars, Sanjana was named a Coca-Cola Scholar for exemplifying superior leadership, service and academics and positively affecting others in her community. She is one of 150 selected from 95,715 initial applicants from across the country to receive this scholarship. 16

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For the seventh consecutive year, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) recognized Mounds View Public Schools with the Best Communities for Music Education designation. Mounds View was one of only eight Minnesota school Districts to receive the designation for 2019 for demonstrating exceptional efforts toward maintaining music education as part of the core curriculum.

Econ Challenge champions Mounds View High School’s AP Econ Challenge team took first place in the State competition in April and went on to compete at the National competition where they placed second.

Aryan Sehgal, Abhishek Vijayakumar, Michael Pak and Arthur Nghiem with coach Martha Rush. Not pictured: Coach Aaron Oseland.

  SUMMER 2019

All-State musicians

Honor Band

Irondale High School students Murah Hsiung (orchestra), Victoria Tholkes (orchestra), Daniel Yoo (orchestra) and Natasha Vigoren (choir) were accepted into the 2019-20 All-State Ensembles. 

Mounds View High School sophomore band students who were selected by audition to participate in the Minnesota Band Directors Association State 9-10 Honor Band were selected from a pool of hundreds of students state-wide.

Spotlight on Irondale Drama

Pictured from left to right with the Honor Band director Dr. Scott Jones (associate professor of music and associate director of bands at Ohio State University): Leah Orman, William Ketola, Dr. Jones, Tanvi Kulkurni and Aayush Raheja.

The Spotlight Education Program, sponsored by The Hennepin Theater Trust, awarded Irondale High School drama students top honors for their presentation of Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” Under the direction of Janet Paone, the group will perform at the State Theater this summer. Irondale drama student Marion Alvet Bangoura was awarded Honorable Mention for her role as the witch.

Superior with Distinction Eighth-graders from the Chippewa Middle School and Highview Middle School orchestras earned Superior with Distinction ratings at the Minnesota String and Educators Association (MNSOTA) Middle Level Orchestra Festival in March. Earning this distinction awarded them the opportunity to perform as part of a festival concert at Orchestra Hall in April. Nearly 50 orchestras from around the state entered, but only 11 advanced to the Orchestra Hall festival.  

SUMMER 2019 

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WITH HONORS Students win scholarships to travel Germany The Shoreview Einhausen Sister City Association recently awarded scholarships to Mounds View High School siblings Zoe and Jett Brownlee. Zoe and Jett’s summer Germany tour will include six days in Einhausen with stops in Southern Germany and Austria.

Mounds View student selected as U.S. Presidential Scholar Zoe Brownlee

Jett Brownlee

Aspirations in Computing Awards honorees Irondale High School senior Amal Yusuf and Mounds View High School senior Grace Su were selected to receive Aspirations in Computing Awards. The Awards recognize 37 students from around the state for their technology-related interests and achievements. Amal and Grace were recognized at the 2019 Aspirations in Computing Awards ceremony in April. Along with recognition in local and statewide media, honorees are eligible for a range of Minnesota prizes including job shadow experiences, paid summer internship opportunities, cash rewards and more. Honorees also receive access to exclusive resources from the National Center of Women and Information Technology (NCWIT). A National Honor Society student at Irondale and a Dean’s List student at Concordia University (where she is enrolled in PSEO), Amal was named a State Winner and a National Honorable Mention recipient. Amal aspires to double major in computer science and marketing. After graduating, she would like to pursue a master’s degree in cybersecurity in hopes Amal Yusuf Grace Su to work for the government and protect others from the dangers of hacking. In addition to being selected as a 2019 National Honorable Mention recipient, Grace was also honored as a 2018 State Winner. Grace plans to major in computer science in college.

Mounds View High School student Michael Pak is among an elite group of only 161 high school students named 2019 U.S. Presidential Michael Pak Scholars. The award honors Michael for his scores on college entrance exams, performance in academics, the arts and technical studies, community service and leadership efforts. Recipients of the award are selected by the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars and receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., where they meet with government officials and leaders in education, science and the arts. Michael was recognized in a June ceremony, where he received a Presidential Scholar Medallion. He will attend Harvard University this fall to study economics.

International competitors Irondale High School senior Joseph Super participated in the State Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) competition in St. Cloud in March. He participated in First Aid/CPR and EMT divisions and placed second for the highest score on the EMT test. Working with Mahtomedi student Kate Bradley, Joe placed second on the practical scenario for EMT and fifth in first aid/CPR. They were both invited to compete in the International HOSA competition held in Orlando this summer. Joseph and Kate are both students at 916 in the EMT programs through their schools, and they have also joined the HOSA program. The 916 program is offered to District students and other area high schools. Joe is also a New Brighton Police Explorer. He plans to attend college to pursue a degree in law enforcement and become a police officer. Kate’s plan is to attend college for a degree in nursing. 18

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  SUMMER 2019

Students compete at International DECA Conference Mounds View High School senior Justin Reiling placed among the Top 20 competitors in his event at the International Career Development Conference. Justin was among six Mounds View High School DECA students to advance to the International competition after placing in the Top 3 at State. Seniors Emi Endrizzi and Justin Reiling and juniors Deepta Jasthi, Ben Loperfido, Lily Willier-O’Connor and Josiah Wiest represented Mounds View High School DECA at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Orlando in April. ICDC is the pinnacle of competition where more than 22,000 students vye for international honors against DECA members from each state in the U.S. as well as other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Spain, China and Guam. Before advancing to the International Conference, 26 Mounds View students competed at the Minnesota DECA State Career Development Conference and Competition in Minneapolis in March. For the first time in chapter history, Mounds View’s presence at the competition included a State DECA Officer (senior Justin Reiling), three chapter members placed first in the State and one performed the National Anthem (senior Jessica Hegele). Competitors included: James Adams, Hufsa Ahmed, Philip Apel, Henri Desrosier, Hayley Dillon, Maxwell Eide, Emi Endrizzi, Evan Gladke, Anna Grace, Chihiro Gustafson, Willow Haake, Deepta Jashti, Hunter Kascht, Ben Loperfido, Shanker Mallikarjunan, Kristina Paraiso, Connor Petrich, Justin Reiling, Will Sacay, Riley Stern, Jessica Stonehouse, Bobby Trapnell, Thomas Welch, Josiah Wiest, Lily Willier-O’Connor and Ethan Zhang.

Jessica Hegele

Josiah Wiest (event: Small Business Enterprise Retail Operations), Deepta Jasthi (event: Professional Selling Financial Consulting), Justin Reiling (event: Retail Merchandising Role Play), Lily Willier-O'Connor (event: Small Business Enterprise Retail Operations), Ben Loperfido (event: Thrive Leadership Academy) and Emi Endrizzi (event: Thrive Leadership Academy).

The following individuals earned additional recognition on stage from a pool of 2,100 Minnesota high school competitors, placing in the top 12 to make the state finals round.

Hufsa Ahmed

Emi Endrizzi

Evan Gladke

Willow Haake

Deepta Jasthi

Ben Loperfido

Justin Reiling

Thomas Welch

Josiah Wiest

Analyicia Willier-O’Connor

SUMMER 2019 

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WITH HONORS World Championship STEM competitors

International robotics champions

Chippewa Middle School’s Team BERZERK (Bold Energetic Radical Zealous Enthusiastic Kids) represented Minnesota at the FIRST™ Lego League World Championship Competition in April. Team BERZERK was awarded second place in the “Into Orbit” themed competition for their innovative space travel solution, the VAL 9000 (Vacuum Assisted Laundry). The team’s robot scored 16 out of 108 teams from around the world and third highest among all U.S. teams.

Irondale High School’s team KnightKrawler finished fifth on the Einstein field at the FIRST World Robotics Championship. Only 24 teams out of 408 at World Championships in Detroit made it to Einstein. Knightkrawler also took third at the State Robotics Tournament.

Knightkrawler drive team and pit crew members with the robot the team built and used to win two regional competitions.

Team members (front row) Anuva Borgaonkar, Claire O’Quinn, Anisha D’Souza, (back row) Cody Whalen, Max Kingsbury and not pictured Soren Miller.

Excellent Educator Mounds View High School teacher Jessica Espy was awarded the Excellent Educator of the Week Award by WCCO on April 4.

Mounds View High School’s Cogset FTC Robotics Team competed with 160 teams from around the globe at the FIRST World Robotics Championship. They won the Robot Design Award given to the robot utilizing industrial design and striking a balance between form, function and aesthetics. Nearly 80 percent of the team’s robot was made up of 3D printed parts.

WCCO staff surprised Espy with the award during her first hour class.

Team Cogset from left to right: Saurav Ghosh, Akash D’Souza, Ashir Gupta and Grant Altenhofen.


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  SUMMER 2019

Math students take second in State Mounds View High School students placed second at the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League Tournament held on March 11.

The following team members competed against 342 students from 52 high schools. From left to right (back row) Arthur Nghiem, Dan Butler (coach), Michael Huberty (coach), Michael Cao, Maxwell Ye, (front row) Aurora Wang, Rebecca Li, Michael Pak, Diana Zhu, Leah Higginbotham (coach) and (not pictured) Abhishek Vijayakumar.

Mounds View students competed in the 52nd annual St. Cloud State University Math Contest this spring. Eighth-grade team (Aurora Wang, Justin Wang and Michael Wang) took first place. Additionally, the freshman (Gavin Chang, Johnny Yue, Cynthia Dong), sophomore (Arthur Nghiem, Maxwell Ye, Andrew Guo) and senior teams also took first place.

National math competitors Chippewa Middle School students Linden Li and Aurora Wang earned slots on Minnesota’s four-person national MATHCOUNTS team. They competed at the National MATHCOUNTS Competition held in Orlando Aurora Wang May 11-14. Minnesota’s National Linden Li MATHCOUNTS team is made up of the four “mathletes” who scored highest in the state’s annual MATHCOUNTS tournament which was held in March. As individuals, Li placed second and Wang placed third in a field of more than 120 mathletes from across the state. Chippewa’s MATHCOUNTS team, coached this year by Michelle Wang, placed first in the state level meet in March. In recognition of their math skills, students who compete at the national level receive an expense-paid trip to the national tournament.

Junior Achievement Company of the Year Mounds View High School students received top honors for their business, EcoSlurp, at the Junior Achievement (JA) of the Upper Midwest Company of the Year Competition, held in April. Mounds View students Aunika Zheng, Ivy (Yanjin) Yu, Matthew Nelson, Michael Gennaro and Neha Sriram competed against top student-led companies from high schools throughout Minnesota. The EcoSlurp team won the Company of the Year title by most effectively running a financially sound business and being able to articulate how and why the company performed as it did. EcoSlurp is an eco-friendly bubble tea straw alternative that biodegrades 250 times faster than a regular plastic straw. Each member of the winning team received a $1,000 post-secondary scholarship courtesy of the Otto Bremer Trust.

Mounds View High School seniors Rebecca Li, Diana Zhu and Mason Huberty won first place at the St. Cloud State University Math Contest in April.

SUMMER 2019 

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IRONDALE Boys’ tennis Irondale’s boys’ tennis team wrapped up the season with one of its most successful seasons in recent memory. The team finished second in Conference and fourth in Sectional play, with a 11-6 record. Academically, the boys also shined, qualifying as an Academic All State Gold winner (Average GPA 3.75+). Individual seniors Ammar Adel, Ryan Hemenway and Dan Nguyen also qualified as Academic All State Award winners. Tennis coach Mike Walseth was named the 5AA Coach of the Year.

Ammar Adel

Ryan Hemenway

Dan Nguyen

Athletes of the Year Parker Freiberg and Annaliese Scamehorn were named Irondale’s Senior Athletes of the Year. Parker played football and lacrosse and received a lacrosse scholarship to play at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky. Annaliese Scamehorn (pictured with her softball coaches, Annie Jensen and Heather Hyatt), played softball, volleyball and basketball. She received a softball scholarship Parker Freiberg to play at Concordia University in St. Paul.

Mike Walseth

Softball The Irondale Knights finished their softball season 10-13. They were led by senior Annaliese Scamehorn offensively. She led the team with a .405 batting average and a slugging percentage of .785. They were also led by senior Mackensie Wolterstorff on the mound. She pitched in every single game this year, getting 143 innings pitched. Her ERA was at 3.28 in a very tough conference. The Knights enter a new conference next year and will take on tough Suburban East competition.

Track and field Kaley Waldemar took first place in the discus arc sections and went on to compete at State.

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IRONDALE For the most up-to-date news, visit the Activities and Athletics website at Irondale Knights on Twitter @GoIrondale IrondaleHighSchool

MOUNDS VIEW For the most up-to-date news, visit the Activities and Athletics website at Mounds View Mustangs on Twitter @GoMVMustangs


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  SUMMER 2019 MoundsViewHighSchool


Senior Josh Sampson repeated as state champion in the 110 high hurdles. He also powered his way to a first-place state finish in the 300 intermediates. Photo by Bruce Strand, Shoreview Press.

Track and Field The girls’ track and field team finished fifth in the 2019 Suburban East Conference Championship meet. Julia Fixsen (pole vault) and Aleah Keske (shot put) were overall conference champions. As a whole, the team had six All Conference and 25 Honorable Mention award winners. The boys’ track team won the Section 5AA meet. Josh Sampson, Josh Thomsen, Lukas Hessini and Finn Sokolowski took first as individuals. The 4 × 400 relay team of Josh Thomsen, Lukas Hessini and Josh Sampson were all Section Champs. Jack Roeber, Will Sacay and Elliott McArthur were Section runner-ups. The following athletes earned All Conference: Josh Sampson, Austin Streit, Lukas Hessini, Nehemiah Gaim, Finn Sokolowski, Jack Roeber, Romeo Sackie, Santino Preciado, Alec Nelson, Will Sacay, Elliot Lee, Sam Magnuson, Josh Thomsen and Elliot McArthur. Those named Honorable Mention are Emmanuel Dansa, John Montgomery, Bobby Moua, Ryan Hill, Elijah Anderson, Romeo Sackie and Ellis Maloney. See the back cover for state champion news.

3 × 4 Award The following seniors were recognized with the 3x4 Award for competing in three high school sports for all four years. Elizabeth Kauls (cross country, basketball and track), Steven McCoy (cross country, basketball and track), Nathaniel Moller (cross country, Nordic ski and track), Trent Oberreit (football, basketball and track), Kaarl Damberg (football, alpine and lacrosse), Thaddeus Tomczyk (soccer, swim, tennis and track) and Sarah Miller (cross country, basketball, Nordic ski and track).

Athletes of the Year

Elizabeth Kauls

Austin Streit

Hana Collins

Rowan Morgan

(Cross Country, Basketball, Track)

(Cross Country, Track)

Girls’ Lacrosse Mounds View girls’ lacrosse participated in Goal4theGoal, a fundraiser to support families affected by pediatric cancer and help cancer research. All the girls from both Mounds View and Stillwater wore gold laces in support of the cause and raised funds from their communities.

(Hockey, Lacrosse)

(Football, Wrestling)

Baseball The baseball team clinched the Section 5AAAA Championship beating Osseo 5-0 to go on to the State Baseball tournament. They competed in the Class 4A quarterfinals.

SUMMER 2019 

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CLASS OF 2019 Mounds View Public Schools has a goal of preparing all students for opportunities of their choice after high school. Ensuring that all students have an opportunity to pursue post-secondary success involves a promise the District calls the Equity Promise. The Equity Promise aims to disrupt systematic patterns associated with race, socio-economic status, gender and disabilities to provide equal opportunities for success for every Mounds View Public Schools student. This spring, seniors from Irondale High School in New Brighton and Mounds View High School in Arden Hills received Equity Promise Scholarships acknowledging their achievements during high school and supporting their

educational goals post-high school. Funded in part by the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation, this unique award recognizes a broad range of students who have demonstrated success in their high school journey through a variety of ways. Recipients have demonstrated academic growth and sustained participation in activities throughout high school. Some may aspire to be the first in their families to attend a technical college, two-year college or fouryear university. All have overcome challenges, displayed perseverance and exhibited grit along the way. Mounds View Public Schools would like to thank the donors who contribute to Equity Promise Scholarships. These donors and their contributions reinforce the Equity Promise and give deserving students a chance to pursue postsecondary continued education.

Irondale High School Class of 2019 916 Education Foundation Gabriellyn Corbin Jenyfer Daniel McKinley Hanson Anderson Family Scholarship Jesson Florentino Keshon Grant Bailiff Memorial Scholarship Fund Sumeiya Abdi Zina Deriche Ridwan Duale Erica Mechah Anwar Oumer Amal Yusuf Beisswenger’s Scholarship Fund Hannah Ericson Chalkboard Capers, MVEA Ethan Bentley Joseph Doerrer Zelle Fruzyna Asha Graf Elizabeth Hicok Benjamin Markham Wyatte Pearson Carson Schicker DLMC Foundation Amira Graf Caitlyn Tinerella


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Eggert Dental Jaclyn Hawkins Fridley American Legion Post #303 Grace Haglund Austin Kim Hoverman Family Scholarship Julia Krystofiak Jakob Ernst Memorial Sumeiya Abdi Oluwaferanmi Badejo Ridwan Duale Maani Ekka Yangchen Lhamo Salman Mohamed Sary Salaya Molina Jeremy Wilcox Memorial Leighton Glodek Aden Price Jodi Maurer-Knudson Memorial Simenta Freeman Jonathan Hogan Memorial Chandler Arntson Kailee Carlson Kylie Long Abdishakur Mohamed

  SUMMER 2019

Kopp Family Foundation Nasteha Elmi Tallis King Tabitha Mungai Kaley Waldemar Laura Harris Memorial Jillian Corgan Marie Greenwald Memorial Natalie Ford Memorial Blood Center Hannah Ericson Kimberly Torres Mounds View Lions Waste/Witte Memorial Fund Taj Best Lance Nelson Caitlin Rootes Koonphel Tsanjhang Mounds View Schools Education Foundation Dariel Eyongochu Emily Hensley Bisharo Moallim Mounds View/Irondale Hockey Foundation Quinn Rodefeld Mounds View Community Theater Fine Arts Cypress Stupica

Irondale graduates Jillian Corgan, Katherine Gottwaldt and Ivette Rodriguez.

New Brighton Eagle Auxiliary Anjolie Lo New Brighton Eagles Aerie #3718 Brianna Franke Alicia Joswiak Lydia Sinn New Brighton Lions Club Yeimi Ambriz-Tiscareno Emily Davis Samantha Eyberg Gaofeng Hang Madison Johnson Maxine Lee John Lei Tanner Lundquist Erica Mechah Jared Zeiher

New Brighton/ Mounds View Rotary Zina Deriche Emma Jenson Matthew Neumann Student Council Darby Hanson Jaclyn Hawkins Tallman Math/Science Katherine Gottwaldt Victoria Adelemi James Memorial Gabriela Diaz Ian Tacheny

Irondale Senior Awards Business Education Aiden Mitchell

World Language – French Mariana Chavez

Marching Band Jason Spencer-Lima

Language Arts Marcus Edlund

World Language – German Autumn Brodle

Math Team Dan Nguyen

Mathematics Jack Nugent

World Language – Spanish Zikora Izuora

Quiz Bowl Grady Salseg

Music – Band Elizabeth Hicok

Drama John Krejchik Madeleine Nelson

Robotics Emily Davis

Music – Choir Grace Whiting Music – Orchestra Samantha Eyberg Science Annalise Scamehorn Social Studies Erica Carlson Technology Education Rachel Jester World Language – ASL Lillian France

Honor Athlete (Boys) Parker Freiberg Honor Athlete (Girls) Annalise Scamehorn Jazz Band Alicia Joswiak

Class of 2019 post-secondary plans Undecided/Other 8%

College 85%

Work /Apprentice 4% Military 3%

Speech Emalee Stone Student Council Darby Hanson Jaclyn Hawkins Staff Member of the Year Kirsten Moreland

Irondale High School is the first school in the state to offer a comprehensive early college high school program allowing students the opportunity to earn a two-year associate degree for free. The Irondale Class of 2019 includes 18 associate degree graduates. Pictured from left to right (front row) Salma Ibrahim, Annalise Scamehorn, Simenta Freeman, Samantha Eyberg, Bryan Johnson, Robert Johnson, (middle row) Alicia Joswiak, Joseph Doerrer, Isabelle Eschenbach, Brianna Franke, Leah Newbauer, (back row) Erica Carlson, Abigail Bowman, Uzair Qureshi, Kathleen O’Rourke, Trent Peterson and Katherine Gottwaldt. Not pictured: Hannah Ericson. Irondale High School’s Class of 2019 is made up of 447 graduates.

SUMMER 2019 

  School Talk


CLASS OF 2019 Mounds View High School Class of 2019 916 Education Foundation Stacy Ogonyo Courtney Waller

Hoverman Family Scholarship Anwaar Hadi

Arden Hills Shoreview Rotary STRIVE Scholarship Joseph Cole Damoni Langford

Joseph F. Kunze Memorial Maaz Mohammad

Beisswenger Scholarship Fund Jessica Kennedy

Josh Lavalle Memorial Jarod Koeppl

Carey Crimmins Memorial Kaarl Damberg

Kopp Family Foundation Ashir Gupta Eamon Hauth-Schmid Daniel Molenaar Thomas Neafus

Don Segner Memorial Jonathan Santiago

Marit Swenson Memorial Vidhya Mallikarjunan

Doug Christenson Memorial Justin Anderson Kathleen Sparrow

Mounds View Basketball Association Rachel Ganske Lukas Hessini Claire Hoye Elizabeth Kauls

Eggert Family Dentistry Alaina Manley Fridley American Legion Post 303 Sophie Gao

Mounds View High School Alumni Anders Westlund

Gulli Family Scholarship Sydney Menne

Mounds View Irondale Hockey Foundation Jarod Koeppl Benjamin Steil

Taylor Trondson Catherine Varichak Nathaniel Johns Memorial Lucy Chen

Mounds View Mustang Club Petro Alex Brookelyn Fahey

New Brighton Eagle Auxiliary Emily O’Brien

Mounds View Schools Education Foundation Tyler Graffam

New Brighton Eagles Aerie #3718 Victoria Yining Li Aarthi Vijayakumar

Mounds View Wrestling – Brandon Carlson Memorial Scholarship Nick Dunagan Mitchell Engebretson Rowan Morgan Emily Shilson MVCT Fine Arts Scholarship Mayuko Watson MVEA Chalkboard Capers Janessa Crane Einar Crego Mitchell Engebretson Luke Hermanson Lukas Hessini John Solfest

New Brighton Lions Aleasha Edwards Alayna Helgason Mason Huberty Elise McComb Riya Milan Benjamin Steil Anders Sundberg Maha Syed Michelle Wang Mitchell Zaic North Suburban Golden K Kiwanis Sanjana Dutt Christopher Jin Grace Su

Roseville Area Community Foundation Ashbach Family Fund Sanjana Dutt Kaitlyn Swails Sherry Lou Engebretsen Memorial Vivian Gao Susan Carlson Memorial Hannah Dickinson Thank You Scholarship Diana Zhu Jessica Kennedy Thomas Narigon Memorial Melina Canas Vadnais Heights Community Partners Jared Martini William E. & Rose A. Bailiff Memorial Jonathan Santiago

Class of 2019 post-secondary plans Undecided/Other 5% Work/Apprentice 2% Military 1%

College 92%

Seniors Michaela Jones, Peter Helgeson and Kellen O’Connor participated in the Early College program and earned their two-year associate’s degree.


School Talk 

  SUMMER 2019

Spirit of a Mustang

Mounds View Senior Awards

Chosen by the staff, the following seniors received the Spirit of a Mustang award for embodying the school’s mission statement through generosity, work ethic, passion, respect and demonstrating a value for learning.

3×4 Kaarl Damberg Elizabeth Kauls Steven McCoy Sarah Miller Nathaniel Moller Trent Oberreit Thaddeus Tomczyk

Greta Delaune Bola Lawal John Solfest

English Department Award Catherine Varichak

Math Department Award Rebecca Li

Family & Consumer Science Department Award Jolie Deuel

Orchestra Department Award Michael Pak

Fine Arts Student of the Year Michael Pak Amelia Podolny

AAA Award Michael Cao Sierra Weirens

French Department Award Jessica Kennedy German Department Award Matthew Schnell

American Sign Language Department Award Gabriella Schuett

Green & White Award Hannah Berndt Cody Connolly Charles Floeder Rachel Ganske Sarah Hilpisch Lindsey Krohn Adebola Lawal Marissa Manning Dylan Martinek Stacy Ogonyo Justin Reiling Rachel Rhein Alaina Sandau Grace Sventek Joseph Thor Alec Wahlin

Art Department Award Rachel Angaran Athena Award Julia Fixsen Athlete of the Year Elizabeth Kauls Rowan Morgan Band Department Award Andy Chen Business Ed & Marketing Department Award Noah Mattfield Choir Department Award Matthew Kolasa

Phy Ed & Health Department Award Omar Qamhieh Science Department Award Michael Cao Self-Advocacy Award Samuel Kripotos Social Studies Department Award Jonathan Santiago Spanish Department Award Meghan Hesterman Student Athlete of the Year Hana Collins Austin Streit Support Services Award Sumayya Ahmed

Area Learning Center and Adult Education

Senior class officer Nathaniel Moller delivers a graduation message.

The Area Learning Center’s graduation ceremony recognized 65 graduating students at the Benson Great Hall on the Bethel University campus on May 30. Mounds View Public Schools Adult Education students who earned their GED and Adult Diploma in the last year were invited to participate in a graduation ceremony hosted by Mounds View Adult Education. The June 6 event recognized and honored 18 High School Diploma students, 115 GED students and 21 Career Pathway IT students at The Mounds View Community Center.

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Join Mounds Public Schools familiesfamilies and friends for a Family for Join MoundsView View Public Schools and friends Run & Walk to benefit Community Education youth scholarships. aFun Family Fun Run & Walk to benefit Community Education The event will feature a 5K run/walk and a 1K kids run. youth scholarships. The event will feature a 5K run/walk and a 1K kids’ run.

State Champions! The Mounds View tennis team swept the singles and doubles Section 4AA tournament. This is the first sweep for Mounds View since 2004 with Bjorn Swenson and Hank Trondson in singles and Michael Cao/Christo Alex and Petro Alex/Emmanuel Alex in doubles. The tennis team captured the State boys’ tennis Class AA Championship with a 5-2 victory over Eastview.

Mounds View freshman Bjorn Swenson celebrates his Class 2A boys’ tennis singles state championship victory. Photo by Mark Hvidsten, SportsEngine. Front row: Kenneth Diao, Michael Cao, Petro Alex (all captains); Second row: Hank Trondson, Peter Culp, Emmanuel Alex, Christo Alex, Josh Lange; Third row: Scott Sundstrom (coach), Luke Turkington, Johnny Yue, Yatharth Sharma, Bjorn Swenson, Jesse Bergstrom, JJ Janssen.

Profile for Mounds View Public Schools

School Talk, Summer 2019  

School Talk, Summer 2019