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Premium build quality

Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop Professional steering wheel and pedals Professional sequential shifter Unbelievably realistic experience Superb customer service and support Pre-installed simulations iRacing, rfactor‌ F1, GT, LMP, DTM, WTCC, ETCC, Historic cars, ... Professional training tool for race drivers

About us Our company Motorsport Simulator has been established to create simulators for professional race drivers and teams but also for amateur race drivers who can use our simulator to lower the costs of training on real world tracks. Simulators are also available for individuals and fans of sim racing who want to achieve the most realistic experience of being a race driver. We ourselves as fans of motorsports and racing especialy have been into sim

Our Philosophy

racing for more than a decade. As individuals or part of team we received many awards not only in Czech leagues but also in international leagues and championships. So we decided to use all our skills and know-how

Our philosophy is based on four main pillars:

to create a professional simulator. Our aim is to achieve the most realistic experience that is comparable with a

1) Build with you, racers

real racing car. Each of the components of our simulator have been tested and comply with our high standards. We are ready to build a simulator according to your specification and desires. We also provide innovative system for training of race drivers, which aims at improvement in memorizing of

Our simulators are designed and built in close cooperation with race drivers, you, and we do our best to satisfy your demands. 2) Own development and production

each track and also driving skills, with the most advanced simulator technology. If you are insterested in rent-

All key processes in development of our

ing our simulator for any of your company events, team buildings, events, expos or presentations, we’re ready

simulators are done internally for the best

for that to.

possible control over design, construction,

Development and production Sofisticated construction processes and quality control are necessary for production of high-end simulators. To have full control of production we decided to have all the key processes done at our central in Kraslice. In last few years we invested lot of time into new technologies a construction know-how. Paint of con-

paiting and components assembly. 3) Performance oriented design Sensitive and precise control, robustness, comfort, sophisticated technical manufacturing and design. These are the qualities that we consider crucial on our simulators. 4) Tested by race drivers Our simulators start as prototypes, which

struction, assembly of components, everything is done with highest quality on mind, only a few of sim manufac-

are than tested by professional race drivers.

turers in the world achieve this level of quality.

Each of the simulators is monitored through

But no matter how good technology you have, technology itself doesnt always ensure high quality. Therefore, we have set strict manufacturing and installation standards. Before each simulator goes to its new owner, we inspect every aspect of the device to make sure its ready for you.

the whole test. After testing we analyze all collected data and if they are in compliance with our standards than we start production.

Our company Motorsport Simulator always provides professional simulators that meet the most demanding functional and quality requirements.

Motion principles

By using number of different techniques Motorsport Simulator can emulate faithfully the feeling of being in a race car . Primarily the simulator tries to influence your inner ear (the sense of balance) in order to create an impression of movement. In combination with subtle vibrations and your body weight it also simulates appropriate pressure on your arms and legs. Finally it combines the pressures caused by the body weight and the influence on the centre of balance with kinesthesia (skeletal and muscle pressure manipulation). Our simulators are designed in order to interconnect and to optimize the principles of kinesthesia and proprioception. This concept is often applied in advanced Olympic training programmes. The fact is that no simulator is able to provide the action of all forces, such as twisting, etc. like an actual vehicle. Therefore a simulator has to trick the brain into perceiving these apparent effects plausibly. We achieve this with the three concepts described above, emphasizing the musle pressures. The key for creating the appropriate muscle tension lies in the fact that we choose not to move the steering wheel and pedals, but only the rider. For example in the process of braking you can see that there are the same forces acting upon your wrists and forearms as in an actual vehicle. Simulators that attempt to move the entire cockpit (the steering wheel included) could only create these pressures if they were able to create the exact same G-Forces as the real vehicle and sustain them. Simple vibrating seat simulators can create neither the muscle pressures nor manipulate your sense of balance. Our unique combination of these techniques results in one of the most advanced and immersive simulations available in all range of prices. However, it’s not enough to simply create this immersion. The human brain will continually attempt to break the immersion by attempting to identify movements that are not compatible with real world movements or that were unexpected. We do our best to ensure that each motion profile created meets a strict criteria that focuses on the reduction of these “negative motion cues�. However, not everyone will be immersed the same way and some tweaks in motion profiles may be required to achieve near perfect immersion for a particular individual. The Motorsport Simulator is based on industry leading, intelligible, parallel tasking motion engine software. This software offers unbeatable ease of use, excellent performance and credible individual adjustments.

Motion engine

The Motion Engine software is the key differentiator among motion simulators. The motion engine determines how the telemetry / physics data are interpreted and turns it into movement instructions. In short, it’s the brains that gives a motion simulator motion. This software determines the overall performance and tunability of the motion simulator. When comparing motion simulators, we suggest that you examine the motion engine software as closely as you would the engine of a car. In the past, motion simulators required a cluster of multiple PC’s or extremely costly custom rack mount workstations. Those that didn’t provide this type of computing power typically offered arcade style performance, but no more. An industry first, our Commander Motion engine offers an extremely advanced, low latency, parallel tasking motion engine that takes full advantage of today’s multi-core PC’s such as the Intel Core i7. The Commander Motion Engine Software (comes with all our simulators) provides varying levels of tuning capability to suit both novice and professional simulator users. Novice users can choose to utilize a pre-made setup or simply alter intensity on a per effect basis. For example, if you wish to feel more acceleration, simply increase the intensity of the acceleration slider. Team Engineers and other professionals may choose to dig deeper in to the Commanders tuning capabilites. All adjustments are experessed in common terms such as G’s, degrees, deg. per second, etc. Additionally, each effect may be filtered in terms of velocities, accelerations, actuator stroke, smoothing and much more. Motorsport Simulator full motion racing simulators include industry leading Commander software suite. Simulation centers, driver training facilities and home users will appreciate the Commander’s graphically appealing simulation launching menu. Simply choose from one of the out of the box sim setups and double click it to drive. In addition to the features listed above, our motion simulator offers virtual touchscreen dashboards, telemetry display, telemetry analysis, button boxes and wheel button mapping management.

Motorsport Simulator race version 2015

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming race or just want to have some fun, Motorsport Simulator will exceed your expectations. Our team of software, hardware and electronics engineers has crafted one of the most advanced, high resolution simulations available at any price point. • Unparalleled Motion Quality & Realism • Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop (key component of race driver training programs)!! • Excellent road surface perception via 250 motion updates per second • Inline Dampeners make motion more fluid and less digitized. • Based On Olympic Training Principles • Realtime customizable motion profiles can be custom tuned to represent any vehicle with ease! • Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces • Modular Design • Structural Rigidity • Powder Coated Finish • Industrial Grade Construction Suitable for Racing Centers and Frequent Use Scenarios. • Simple as a single button click to get started • Professional stand is made for three LCDs sizes 48”-55”

SEATS The Evo competition seat has the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Sparco and the Evo seat line. The Evo was designed and developed with extensive input from some of the most prestigious DTM and ITC championship drivers. Evolved from the Rev seat, the Evo features removable cushions to customize the back rest, height of the leg rest and cushion padding. The cushion colors can also be customized in various colors. The Evo Series is the most versatile competition seat and is available in four sizes to ensure proper fitment. Available: EVO - Medium / EVO II - Medium/Tall / EVO III - XLarge

Harnesses Sparco’s full line of harnesses works in unity with our competition seats. Crafted from highquality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection. The 6-point harness features 3-inch lap and shoulder straps that attach in the center using an aircraft-quality quick-release buckle with integrated anti-submarine belts. The lightweight aluminum adjusters allow for smooth, quick adjustments and perfect clamping. Each belt attaches to the frame using snap-on fixings. Available in two styles: pull up and pull down in three colors each: black, blue and red.

Steering Wheels

+ options

Option 1

One of the best available steering wheels, build only for construction of professional racing simulators. Specifications: Rotation: 900Ëš Mechanical. Electronic travel can be adjusted in iRacing using iRacing steering setup, and DxTweak2 for other racing sims Motor Power (max. as supplied std.): 200 Watts Motor Torque (max. as supplied std.): 80 oz/in (570mNm) Weight (Typ./Varies): 12kg Overall Dimensions: 410mm x 240mm x 130mm

option 2

Professional racing simulation steering system. When combined with todays best racing simulation games, this steering wheel is going to get you as close as possible to feel like driving the real thing. The key to it’s incredible realism is the groundbreaking direct drive motor control system. Integrated motor controller allows to provide lower latency, better response and more accurate detail reproduction. Combined with a motor that’s specifically designed for racing simulation, the steering wheel system provides the best possible balance of torque, response and most importantly, fidelity and linearity.

• Powerful, Low Inertia Motor supports up to 13Nm of sustained torque depending on the user selected mode. • Torque peaks are removed by default to ensure a truly 1:1 linear experience (option to enable peaks is provided). • Robust tuning capability via included software. • Motor updated 50,000 times per second / Realtime encoder processing. • Three force feedback (FFB) options: traditional raw game FFB, SimXperience / user optimized game FFB and completely user definable FFB. • 4500 degrees of rotation, configured for 900 degrees by default. User may opt to alter this setting in real-time. • Engineered for many years of reliable service in commercial environments. (Critical parts are stress tested for 300lb / 136kg loads).

option 3

Absolute high-end in steering wheels. The whole system of our steering wheel has been in development for couple years. It’s extremely high precision and completely linear response, finely tuned force feedback together with exceptional build quality makes it the best choice for all professional race drivers no matter which car they drive. Smooth, precise and reliable, the motor provides up to 16Nm of torque and has a high resolution encoder providing 10,000 points per revolution. Real world steering forces can be translated to the driver in a powerful yet controlled way. We can also provide higher strength motors. The wheel itself has been used for training by team partipating in series like F1. GP2, F3, LMP1 and 2 and WTCC.

GT3 Steering Wheel 310mm Lightweight Sparco GT rim Motorsport quality carbon fibre paddle shifters 6 High quality Knitter pushbuttons Supplied with Aluminium Quick-Release - Bolts directly to our shaft clamp adaptor 2 Toggle switches (2 way) 2 Rotary encoders

Rim options

GT1 310mm Lightweight Sparco GT rim Motorsport quality carbon fibre paddle shifters High quality colour LCD screen with scroll-able pages via toggle switch 8 red RPM shift lights, and 4 multicolor alert leds 6 High quality Knitter pushbuttons 2 Toggle switches (2 way) 2 Rotary encoders Aluminium Quick-Release

GT-AT 10 Push Buttons Motorsport quality Aluminium paddle shifters fitted as an optional extra Quick release

LMP3 270mm Lightweight Momo Formula/Prototype rim Motorsport quality Aluminium paddle shifters Aluminium Quick-Release 6 High quality Knitter pushbuttons 4 Rotary encoders, each with a built-in pushbutton

LMP1 270mm Lightweight Momo Formula/Prototype rim Motorsport quality Aluminium paddle shifters High quality colour LCD screen with scroll-able pages via toggle switch 8 red RPM shift lights, and 4 multicolor alert leds 2 High quality Knitter pushbuttons 4 Rotary encoders, each with a built-in pushbutton Aluminium Quick-Release


carbon Pedals

Carbon Pedals contain three single pedalset modules that you can combine in two ways: throttle and brake or throttle, brake and clutch. The settings can be tuned by screws and sliders which, in a specific range, allow a continuous adjustment on three axis; in addition, as already said, there is also the single pedals regulation. The strenght simulation is so realistic thanks to a proprietary solution formed by a pneumatic air cylinder with auto-recharge spring that work on low pressure. More or less strenght on the pedals can be set by a screw available on each cylinder. The feeling and strenght has never been so realistic!

ultimate Pedals

These pedals were made for sim racing. Completely adjustable with the capability to simulate pedal forces as experienced in F1 and LPM cars. All parts of the body were made using CNC precision laser and cut from the finest stainless steel. Pedals are build to resist, stiff, durable yet compact. Throttle and clutch position and break pressure are measured by load cells. To ensure that each pedal responds instantly and accurately.



Our clutch uses regressive spring mechanism which

Brake that you will love. Using dual stage brake system Smooth, accurate and adjustable. That’s how you can

allows us to adjust travel from 14° to 24°, and overall

which consist of coil spring, which simulates the “pad

describe this pedal. You can adjust the travel from

feel. The maximum pressure can be set to 45kg.

to disc gap”, and progressive rubber springs to adujst

10°to 20°, pre-load and spring stiffness as you prefer.

the firmness. Max force can be set to 136kg.


Sequential shifter The right gear at the right time means the best time on the track! A good sequential shifter is a true necessity in any professional simulator. And we have one for you. Ready at your command. Pro Sequential offers a heavy through with a solid, “notch” action and is built to ensure millions of a perfect shifts at the right time - every time.

other accessories

track boss Specifications: • 19 push buttons • 5 two way toggles, two covered safeties • 31 total functions • Faced with 3M Di-Noc carbon fiber vinyl (measures 8.6 x 5.5 x 1.8” - 220 x 139 x 45mm) The GEAR INDICATOR is a large display (33mm by 47mm). The colour of the display is RED and the brightness can be adjusted using the software. The DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER a shift light. The colour of the 3 digits display and shift light is red and the brightness can be adjusted with the software.

Quick Release for Steering/Paddle Shifter Colors: Red, Black

other accessories

Dashboard Over 40 Customizable Dashboards Customize the: Shift Light Colors Shift Light RPMs Rev Limiter Color Pit Dashboard Message

Font Background Color Lap Time Color Imperial or Metric Units

Fuel Usage

Garage display

floorboard add-on Design - Racing wing

high-end computer The core of our high-end computer is extremely powerful hardware inside perfectly designed chassis. We carefully selected each component to maximize overall performance. This computer was designed with serious sim racing in mind. It’s fully certified for use with 3x Full HD monitors. Of course it’s also capable of running the latest games. The most important part of our computer is the graphic card. We introduce to you the nVidia GTX 780 Ti. The card itself contains large graphical processing unit with 2688 CUDA cores, that communicate with 3GB of graphical memory. This allows you to run even the most demanding games on high details. The heart, Intel Core i7-4770K a quad-core processor, beats at a frequency of 3.5 GHz but we decided to overclock it to 4.4 GHz. To fully use the benefits of such setup we decided to put 16GB RAM (can be upgraded to 32GB RAM). For data storage we use 256GB SSD drive which offers faster access to the data. Additional data holds classical 2000GB HDD. Backups can be, if necessary, burned to CD or DVD . Example configuration of the computer. Configuration may vary depending on the availability of individual components.

3x 48¨ Full HD LED LCD

To make sure that we can provide the best picture quality all our LCD’s have to go through a group of tests. The most important for us is to provide only LCD’s with lowest response (lowest input lag). Specification: 3x LCD’s Size:

48“ (122 cm)

Panel Type: LCD


5760 x 1080 pixels

Backlight: LED

powerful 500W dolby 5.1 Surround system Logitech Speaker System Z906 has an incredible power of 500W, which makes playful even the largest room. Boasts THX certification, which will make you feel like you are sitting in a real car.

mobility kit

The professional way to take the Motorsport Simulator out in public.


motec: rFactor Telemetry SW

MoTeC’s i2 data analysis software has been developed over a number of years with valuable input from professional race teams worldwide. It delivers an extensive package of powerful analysis tools and innovative data management features, whilst maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface.



iracing • The best on-line racing simulation and service in the world with brilliant features and functionality • Head-to-head racing competition - racing against real people • Open practice, qualifying, testing, time trialing competition • Constant free automatic updates and improvements to the service • Officially licensed cars that are engineered from the ground up in cooperation with real world race teams and using real-world physics • Officially-licensed, laser-scanned exact replicas of the world’s greatest race tracks • Officially-sanctioned racing organized by iRacing • An online community of racing enthusiasts over 40,000 strong • Ability to host your own private sessions, run your own tournaments or create your own private racing leagues

Here is a sample of available cars: Classic Lotus Grand Prix iRacing GT Challenge

Spec Racer Challenge (Mixed Class) Grand Prix Legends (Lotus 49)

GRAND-AM Sports Car Series

iRacing Prototype Challenge


Prototype and GT Challenge

Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup

iRacing Street Stock Series

iRacing Mustang Cup

Spec Racer Ford Challenge

NASCAR Class A Series (Sprint Cup Car)

Star Mazda Championship

NASCAR Class B Series (Nationwide Car) NASCAR Class C Series (Truck)

Skip Barber Race Series iRacing Mazda Cup

NASCAR National Series (K&N Car)

Silver Crown Cup

NASCAR Tour Modified Series

Sprint Car Series

NASCAR SK Modified Series NASCAR Late Model Series Radical Racing Challenge (Radical Car) Legends Cup (Legend Car) iRacing Grand Prix Series (Williams Toyota FW31)

Cadillac Cup

more info can be found at


rfactor rFactor is a computer racing simulator, designed with the ability to run any type of four-wheeled vehicle from nowdays cars to any car of any era. Aim of the developers was to provide the most accurate racing simulation of its time. rFactor didn’t have competition on the market as it featured many advanced technologies like tire modeling, complex aerodynamics and 15 degrees of freedom physics engine. rFactor is delivered with the simulator and we offer several modes that you can choose from our list. We also install all desired tracks.

Here is a sample of available cars: Porsche Cup Clio Cup DTM Radical Cup

GT1 , GT2, GT3 – BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi .. Formula 1 Formula Renault And many others…

This is just a small sample of available options. Cars in the sample list have been tested and provide a perfect physical model that can be compared with real racing cars, they also contain settings, made in cooperation with leading Czech and international teams. Setups are functional on all tracks from all over the world including Autodromo MOST, BRNO, Slovakiaring (SR) and many other foreign MONZA, Monaco, Spa Francorchamps, Silverstone, etc.

We can provide more than 300 tracks from around the world!

more info can be found at


PROJECT CARS Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet. Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day & weather system, and deep tuning & pit stop functionality, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust. With a huge range of cars and motorsports on offer - everything from road cars, US muscle, and supercars, to GT, Le Mans Prototypes, open wheel, and even karts; whatever your passion, there’s something perfect for you Race on over 60 unique tracks including closed circuits and point-to-point locations at any time of day and in ever-changing weather conditions. Play pre-defined championships in Season Mode, create your own, or simply visit the Test Track to tweak under the hood in on-track testing. The freedom is yours.

more info can be found at


Assetto Corsa Assetto Corsa features an advanced DirectX 11 graphics engine that recreates an immersive environment, dynamic lighthing and realistic materials and surfaces. The advanced physics engine is being designed to provide a very realistic driving experience, including features and aspects of real cars, never seen on any other racing simulator such as tyre flat spots, heat cycles including graining and blistering, very advanced aerodynamic simulation with active movable aerodynamics parts controlled in real time by telemetry input channels, hybrid systems with kers and energy recovery simulation. Extremely detailed with single player and multiplayer options, exclusive licensed cars reproduced with the best accuracy possible, thanks to the official cooperation of Car Manufacturers. Assetto Corsa includes Advanced setup options and telemetry for data analysis; dynamic simulation of the tyre rubber deposited on track, depending on the car laps; an adjustable time of the day mode, featuring sun position calculated in realtime, depending by geographical coordinates of the track and by the sun curve according to time and date, in order to get the same light conditions of the real tracks!

Here is a sample of available cars: Abarth BMW Classic Team Lotus Ferrari KTM

Lotus cars McLaren Mercedes Scuderia Glickenhaus Pagani Tatuus

more info can be found at


Richard burns rally

Richard Burns Rally is generaly accepted for the best rally game thanks to its physical model a large amount of downloadable modifications. It excels in perfect simulation of engine created by using data from real cars and authentic simulation of car physics. Dynamicaly changing weather causes changes to track and handling of the car. On our simulator we use a modification that is improving overall graphics and physics. You can choose from classical to modern rally cars and run them on wide selection of unofficial and official FIA World Rally Championship series tracks.

Satisfied customers

Dino&Co Racing Team (Ferrari Challenge)

Patrik Tkáč

Tomáš Kukučka

Peter Vančo

Andrej Studenič

mp Racing Team (Ferrari Challenge)

Erich Prinoth

flying horse Racing Team (gtwc) Marcus Fischer

Ronja Assmann

campos Racing Team (fia etcc)

Nikolay Karamyshev

Winfried Assmann

Team Audi Sport Italia

Thomas Schoeffler

křenek motorsport (Fia etcc)

Petr Fulín

Michal Matějovský

Ravenol Team (FIA ETCC)

Kseniya Niks

Honda racing team (FIA WTCC)

Monteiro Tiago


Personal Support RepRESENTATIVE Every Motorsport Simulator owner is assigned to a personal support representative who is on remote assistance 24/7. These tech professionals help customers with any inquiries about their simulator. They are eager to help with software updates, installing new cars/tracks, hardware updates, or even organizing an online race with the owner. We believe that having a name and number of someone you know who understands your personal needs.

"Bulletproof" Design and Warranty All our Motorsport Simulators are designed and built in compliance with highest aerospace standards and offer virtually lifetime reliability. They come with an unprecedented one-year, no-questions-asked warranty. In five years of operation, Motorsport Simulator has enjoyed a virtually zero-hardware failure rate. The reason for this lies in the design, construction and operational protocols used to build each of our simulators.

Your simulator will never go out of date Motorsport Simulator has fully modular design. As we continue in improving and innovating new components, owners can be sure that their simulator has been engineered to remain fully compatible with all new products. All major simulator components can be quickly and easily changed, making removal and replacement an easy task. We can also quickly and easily update any Motorsport Simulator with the latest software (this is no-extra-charge service during the warranty period) to ensure that simulator has the latest racing software and content. This includes cars, tracks, and even entire simulation software suites.

Remote update management We install remote access software into each Motorsport Simulator so that we can remotely update software and troubleshoot any operational issues. Can be disabled at the discretion of the owner.

Be our guests Motorsport Simulator is designed to deliver the best possible simulation experience. They are built to last mechanically and be easily upgradeable - and thus never out of date. But as confidant as we are of our products, we treasure our reputation for unparalleled customer relations and support.


Warranty Coverage Motorsport Simulator’ warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below: 10 years warranty. We are proud to offer 10 years warranty on all components of Motorsport Simulator manufactured by our company, if something breaks as a result of a manufacturing fault or material defect, we will fix it. (One or two year manufacturer’s warranty on all electronic components, seats and harness. Warranty on electronics for commercial use may vary). Motorsport Simulator does not provide any warranty whatsoever, express or implied, with respect to normal wear and tear, accidents, acts of God, viruses, self-installed software, after-market products, modified Motorsport Simulator products (except those which were modified by Motorsport Simulator) or on any item, including software, hardware or component parts, not manufactured by or for Motorsport Simulator, and other exceptions as set forth below. All warranties become null and void if the hardware component is opened for any reason, including for attempts at repair, unless performed by the manufacturer or as directed by and under the supervision of Motorsport Simulator. If a warranty defect arises and a valid claim is received by Motorsport Simulator within the Warranty Period, Motorsport Simulator will, in its sole and unfettered discretion, and at its sole option, either (1) exchange the part with a new, used or refurbished part that is at least functionally equivalent to the original part, or (2) refund the purchase price of the part. A replacement part shall have the warranty remaining on the original part. When a part is exchanged, any replacement item becomes your property and the replaced item becomes Motorsport Simulator’ property. When a refund is given, the part(s) for which the refund is provided becomes property of Motorsport Simulator.

Exclusions and limitations This Limited Warranty applies only to software developed by or for, and hardware parts manufactured by or for Motorsport Simulator. The Limited Warranty does not apply to any modifications of any kind, including the modification, alteration, addition or removal of any hardware part or any software added by the retailer, consumer or end user, even if packaged or sold with Motorsport Simulator hardware. Manufacturers and suppliers other than Motorsport Simulator may provide their own warranties, but Motorsport Simulator, to the extent permitted by law, provides its parts on an “as is” basis. Self-installed software, including without limitation system software, is not covered under this Limited Warranty. Simulator software is covered by a software warranty issued by the manufacturer thereof. Motorsport Simulator does not separately warranty any software. Motorsport Simulator does not warrant that the operation of the part will be continuous or entirely free of defects or errors. Motorsport Simulator is not responsible for any damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the part’s use. This warranty does not apply: •(a) to damage caused by products not manufactured by Motorsport Simulator; •(b) to damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake or other external causes, including acts of God; •(c) to damage caused by operating the part outside the permitted uses described by Motorsport Simulator; •(d) to damage caused by alterations, modifications or adjustments to the product or its subcomponent parts, or by service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Motorsport Simulator; •(e) to a part that has been altered, modified or adjusted such that it produces a change in the functionality or capability of the product in any way; •(f) to consumable parts, such as batteries, unless damage has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship; •(g) if any serial number has been removed or defaced; •(h) to retailers; •(i) if the product is made available for general, mass, public or commercial use, whether or not for profit or in exchange for any other benefit conferred; •or (j) if the hardware has been opened for any reason, including for attempts at repair, except those performed by the manufacturer or as directed by and under the supervision of Motorsport Simulator.


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