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MOTOREX NEWS 20 years of MOTOREX MC technology

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Looking ahead: world-class MX3 Grand Prix in Roggenburg Not just a ‘canned’ solution: MOTOREX ADDITIVES Medical Technology Meeting in Tuttlingen, Germany Entrepreneurship and tradition Dear readers,

Economical: • Lasts three to five times longer (as demonstrated in a successful Bosch-Rexroth durability test) Environmentally friendly: • Exceeds biodegradability requirements laid down in OECD 301B guideline • Zinc-free Technologically sophisticated: • Based on fully synthetic saturated esters • Uses latest additive technology • Can be used for all mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment

Running a business means taking risks and assuming responsibility. Only where ownership and management are in the same hands can there be certainty that responsibility towards employees, customers and suppliers will be guaranteed in the long term and that the entrepreneurial flame is burning brightly. Successful family companies are characterized by a long tradition of entrepreneurship and a commitment to maintaining values that have been handed down over the years. MOTOREX has been successfully nurturing and developing these values for three generations now. They are also the foundation of the ongoing technological advancement and business success of the BUCHER MOTOREX Group. BUCHER MOTOREX’s traditional values are simple yet effective: personal responsibility for the company in the hands of the family; autonomy from multinational concerns and external financiers; short decision-making lines; constant innovation; proximity to customers and their needs; and an outstanding workforce. So tradition does not mean revering the faded glories of yesteryear, but handing on the entrepreneurial flame and everything this entails – responsibility for employees, products and relations with customers.


What’s new It’s not just perfect lubricants for

Enhanced export capability in MOTOREX’s northern warehouse

your customers, but also effective marketing services that make MOTOREX the ideal partner.Find out more about our new brand board concept.

MOTOREX FOCUS 4 S SAE 10W/40 satisfies VOLVO VDS-3 Packed with information: the new MOTO LINE catalog



Clear and simple: The new MOTOREX brand board concept




ACEA 04: The right motor oil from Alfa to Volkswagen





Motor oils With the introduction of the tightened ACEA 04 sequences for gasoline and light diesel engines, it is more important than ever to choose the correct motor oil.

MOTOREX’s corporate culture



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The ORTHO family of cutting oils goes from strength to strength. We give 7 good reasons why ORTHO NF-X is the right choice for you.


Hydraulic fluid: Cleaning oil by ultrafine filtration and water separation pays off


I hope you will enjoy reading this 75th/26th edition of MOTOREX magazine.

Dr. Aldo C. Schellenberg, Member of the Board of Directors, BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL


7 good reasons to use ORTHO NF-X


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Cool ideas Did you know…? Comic

IMPRESSUM Editor: BUCHER AG LANGENTHAL MOTOREX Lubrication CH-4901 Langenthal MOTOREX® and all employed product names are internationally protected trade marks. No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data.

Tel. +41 (0)62 919 75 75 Fax +41 (0)62 919 75 95 Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian.

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News Hydrogen (H) Photo: suppl.Liebherr

Carbon (C)

20 years of MOTOREX MC technology in an additional refining step until its properties are comparable with those of a considerably more expensive, fully synthetic lubricant. From the fleet oil MOTOREX MC Plus to SELECT MC, the top passenger car motor oil of its day, all MC-based motor oils offer impressive advantages such as synthetic performance, FEO properties (Fuel Economy Oil), extended oil change intervals, virtually no consumption (low NOACK) and much more. So far MC products have proven to be a huge success in the marketplace. Now that’s smart technology!

Medical Technology Meeting in Tuttlingen, Germany The increasingly stringent requirements that the metalworking industry is having to contend with are a true test of modern companies’ efficiency and innovation. This is also the case in the highly demanding

sector of medical technology. This April, MOTOREX AG organized a seminar on success-centered production in medical technology at the Tuttlingen professional education center. With over 140 participants, this event attracted considerable interest from far outside Germany. Well-known speakers and leading companies in machining, cleaning, fire protection, logistics and materials briefed participants on the latest achievements in their areas of expertise. Stay tuned for more!


Looking ahead: world-class MX3 Grand Prix in Roggenburg Roggenburg is the place to be on the weekend of August 20-21 if you're looking for another up-close experience of such international motocross stars as 2004 MX3 world champion Yves Demaria from France, Sven Breugelmans from Belgium and Julien Bill and Marc Ristori from Switzerland in action. In addition to training runs on both days and the races on Sunday afternoon, viewers will be treated each day to a breathtaking freestyle motocross show. The MOTOREX roadshow team will also be there and looking forward to seeing you. Drop in on us in Roggenburg and enjoy the ups and downs of this challenging course. See for more information on the unique motocross MX3 Grand Prix of Switzerland.

Not just a ‘canned’ solution: MOTOREX ADDITIVES MOTOREX’s fuel, oil and coolant additives couldn’t be any more varied if they tried. All in all, the range encompasses no less than 16 products, from our VALVE GUARD lead substitute to our RADIATOR CLEANER. However, it’s important to remember that even the best additive is intended for protection, not repairs. Targeted use of an additive such as FUEL DRY protects the entire fuel system against water and corrosion, and is thus a preventive measure. Even so, if a radiator springs a leak, it can be temporarily sealed using FORCE


coolant additive. So there are situations where the correct MOTOREX additive really does work wonders, even if it’s just a matter of preventing damage as far as


Since the recent introduction of the rapidly biodegradable OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid, a large number of new customers have been won over by the advantages of this fully synthetic biofluid. In particular, the service life of OEKOSYNT HEES – 3 to 5 times longer than that of a conventional petroleum-based hydraulic fluid – was enough to dispel any misgivings.

Packed with information: the new MOTOREX MOTO LINE catalogue MOTOREX has published a new and eye-catching 20-page catalogue presenting its MOTO LINE, a range known around the world from the race track.

The second piece of good news concerns the newly set-up MOTOREX maintenance program. Ultrafine filtering (see the article in the “In Practice” section on p. 11) and regular laboratory analyses mean that OEKOSYNT HEES can be used for even longer and more cost-effectively. Contact your MOTOREX partner for further information.

Enhanced export capability in MOTOREX’s northern warehouse Sales of MOTOREX products from such globally successful lines as CAR LINE, MOTO LINE and SWISSLINE are rising. To improve the efficiency of its logistics even further, BUCHER MOTOREX has greatly expanded capacity in its northern warehouse. In addition to finished items for export, the new warehouse will also be used for intermediate storage of empty containers.

tainers – in other words a gross weight of approx. 80 metric tons – can be handled every week. The northern warehouse is another systematic step in MOTOREX’s efforts to speed up deliveries to export customers even more.

The catalogue not only includes all products from motor oil to gasoline additives, but also the most important POS material. The MOTO LINE catalogue is tringual (German, French and English) and presents the products and their benefits in a readerfriendly manner. Counting all items including sprays, cleaners and additives, there are well over 50 products for motorcycle professionals. In the last 10 years the MOTOREX MOTO LINE has grown steadily and today it is one of the most exported product lines from MOTOREX.

All export consignments will be prepared for shipment in the new storage facility. On average, four single and double-trailer rigs plus one to two con-

Ask your MOTOREX partner now for your copy of this comprehensive catalogue!

the next stop. Your MOTOREX partner will be happy to tell you more about our current range of additives.

FOCUS 4 S SAE 10W/40 meets E7-04 and VOLVO VDS-3 requirements

Photo: VOLVO-Presse

About 20 years ago, MOTOREX launched the first MC-based motor oil. The abbreviation MC signifies the innovative MC (Molecularly Converted) synthesis process. The base oil is refined

Operators who want to benefit from the brand-new VDS-3 standard for VOLVO commercial vehicles, which allows extended oil change intervals of up to 90,000 km or every 6 months, have to use a motor oil that has been approved for this standard.

MOTOREX’s ground-breaking FOCUS 4 S SAE 10W/40 truck motor oil satisfies ACEA E7-04 and is thus ready for the very latest EURO 4 generation of engines. As a customer, rapid developments are no use to you if products don’t have the corresponding factory approval. MOTOREX FOCUS 4 S has VDS-3 approval from VOLVO!


W h a t ’s n e w

Clear and simple:

W h a t ’s n e w

The MOTOREX brand board concept Conditions are in constant flux in the mobility-business. New laws such as the Block Exemption Regulation in Switzerland and the increasingly complex requirements imposed on brand agents by vehicle importers require fast, effective action to achieve sustainable success.

New structures – new market situation

Prof. H. Brachat: «Garage owners are no longer willing to let vehicle manufactures tie them to a brand.»

Your company name is a strong brand – your customers know the strengths of your company.


The introduction of the new Block Exemption Regulation has resulted in changes to the contracts between garages and importers, as well as to Switzerland’s “garage structure”. A distinction is now drawn between dealer and service contracts, which continue to be awarded by the importers. Garages which fulfill the specified standards have the right to a service contract. Many garages no longer have a dealer contract due to the streamlining of sales networks. As a result, they are refocusing their activities on service and maintenance for all brands. As a consequence, many garages are no longer promoting themselves as single-brand, but rather as multi-brand service operations. There is a clear need for non-brandspecific signage, and this may well be a chance for your business to reposition itself...

Strong brand with synergy effects

– – – – – – –

high quality personal advice core competence in lubrication wide, comprehensive product range professional customer service Swiss quality activities related to motor sports

…in a highly visible, autonomous manner using MOTOREX’s new brand board concept. Because your customers not only appreciate your products and expertise, but also the personal contact with your business. According to a recent lecture given by Prof. Hannes Brachat, publisher of the German automobile trade journal “AUTOHAUS”, current maintenance intervals are too long for 70% of all customers! Customers’ need to consult their garage at least once a year is completely at odds with manufacturers’ specifications that provide for a two-year cycle. You can only improve your chances of increasing your sales if you have direct contact with your customers, for example when they visit your workshop.

The right concept for your business

The MOTOREX brand goes back over 58 years, and, according to an independent market study, is associated with the following attributes:

The lettering panels professionally communicate the name of your business and show that you are a MOTOREX sales outlet. Both multiple-brand agents and truly independent garages can create a highquality, “neutral” image for themselves.

What’s to stop you from benefiting from these positive brand associations too? If you’re already a customer, you are in the best position to evaluate them. And if you don’t know us yet, this is the time to give us a call.

Is the signage in your work-shops not yet or no longer professional and in tune with the times? The new MOTOREX brand board concept includes items such as aluminum panels, illuminated signs, wall signs, tube frame stands, stickers with opening times, funflags and much more.

Professional implementation The MOTOREX brand board concept was developed with the assistance of highly experienced professionals and its clear, streamlined structure make it a winner. The first step from your side is to meet with the MOTOREX area manager. Depending on the scope of the work, extensive investigations and possibly even official approval may be required. Installation is then quick and straight-forward, performed by experts from the company which developed the concept.

Some items provide space for you to include the logos of other brands you

The MOTOREX brand board concept as offered to independent garages is not in any way associated with any shop concept. MOTOREX is keen to safeguard the continued autonomy of independent garages, and we do not wish to force our customers into a new dependency.


MOTOREX – not only a leader in lubrication, but also an valuable partner for forward-looking endto-end solutions.

The universal concept covers just about every way of drawing attention to your company.


Photo: Presse AR/VW

Motor oil

Motor Oil

This not only simplifies work in the shop, but also offers additional advantages such as:

SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30: perfectly formulated for BMW LL-04 and MB 229.31

All engine manufacturers are constantly demanding high-capacity low-SAPS motor oils. MOTOREX is continuing the SELECT motor oils’ long-running success story with its SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 high-performance motor oil, the first low-ash motor oil that can be widely used in all passenger car engines with exhaust gas post-treatment systems such as catalytic converters and particle The innovative PROFILE V-XL SAE filters. SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 5W/30 uses synthetic (synthetic performcomplies with ACEA C3-04/A3/B4-04, ance) base oils and additives specially devel- BMW LL-04 (backwards-compatible) oped for this formula with an extremely low and MB 229.31. sulfate ash content (low-ash). The SELECT LA-X low-SAPS motor oil features such convincing properties as: – easy handling and stores management – state-of-the-art low-ash additive technology – reduced diesel particle emissions – extended particle filter service life – extended oil change intervals (long life)

ACEA 04: From Alfa to Volkswagen Sulfate ash ACEA 04 gasoline and light diesel

With the introduction of the ACEA 04 sequences for gasoline and light diesel

HTHS [mPa·s]

2.9 – 3.5

engines with and without diesel particle filters (DPF), it is more important than C1-04



– state-of-the-art low-SAPS technology – reduced diesel particle emissions

ever to choose the correct motor oil. But no matter how complex the subject seems, MOTOREX PROFILE V-XL – for all Volkswagens – and SELECT LA-X will


쏜 3.5

C3-04 0.5

see you through without a hitch.





1.5 1.6 Sulfate ash (%)

Viskosität bei 150°C und grosse Geschwindigkeit zwischen Kolben und Zylinder

The stringent ACEA-04 specifications require an ever lower sulfate ash content in motor oil.

Automotive engineers have worked hard over recent years, continually bringing new technologies to market readiness. They have been especially successful in taming light diesel engines: smoother running, more power, higher torque – all with increasingly better fuel economy. At the same time, however, the limits for maximum pollutant emissions have become ever more stringent. The requirements of the new EURO 4 exhaust gas standard give motor oil a special significance in the reduction of pollutant emissions.

Custom formulas

MOTOREX’s handy oil bag with Velcro fixing ensures that engines are always filled with the right quality.


With the introduction of the latest generation of engines, most major engine manufacturers are demanding custom motor oils that comply with their in-house specifications. This has frequently led to complications in car maintenance, as only a few motor oils have been officially approved by the manufacturers.

The situation has since eased, but the complex specifications have not served to simplify lubricant logistics in the garages. MOTOREX has been fully aware of these needs for years.

PROFILE V-XL SAE 5W/30 for gasoline and diesel engines with DPF VW Standard 504 00 / 507 00 This new high-tech motor oil with MOTOREX’s ground-breaking low-ash technology is ideal for all Volkswagen Group brands – VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda – that have to comply with specification VW 504 00/507 00 as well as ACEA standards A3/B4-04 and C3-04. In other words, this one motor oil meets all VW and Audi standards for automobile engines with catalytic converters, diesel particle filters (DPFs) and extended maintenance intervals.

Why Low-Ash Technology? Diesel engines with diesel particle filters (DPF) are highly sensitive to ash-forming additives in motor oils.The sulfate ash causes premature clogging of diesel filters and reduces their efficiency.The previously desirable and positive properties of sulfate ash (good lubrication characteristics, optimum wear protection, engine cleanliness etc.) were replaced by the newly developed low-ash technology from MOTOREX. Photo: Dr.M.Ebert,TU Darmstadt

욷 2.9

– extended particle filter service life – extended oil change intervals (long life) – low oil consumption Both PROFILE V-XL and SELECT LA-X have a viscosity of SAE 5W/30 and use a synthetic performance base oil with an optimized molecular structure and especially low evaporation loss (NOACK). The motor oil thus remains stable for longer even at extremely high temperatures and does not “disappear” through the crankcase breather. Depending on manufacturer specifications, which must always be observed, extended oil change intervals are also possible.

Increased efficiency with fewer oil types With its two new low-ash motor oils, PROFILE V-XL and SELECT LA-X, MOTOREX has the solution for all costconscious business owners and for all automobile engines requiring an oil which meets the corresponding ACEA-04 specification. Any more questions about low-ash and ACEA-04? Your MOTOREX partner can quickly provide informative answers.

Diesel soot agglomerate at 23,000 times magnification. A low-ash

motor oil is required for modern diesel particle fil-

Practical: The labels for MOTOREX PROFILE

ters to function correctly.

V-XL and SELECT LA-X SAE 5W/30 are in several languages.



In Practice

“The company is like a rope; you can’t push it, just pull.”

The long service life of a high-quality hydraulic fluid such as OEKOSYNT HEES can be extended still further by specific care and maintenance. The longer service life yields a measurable increase in cost-efficiency.

The MOTOREX corporate culture Leadership is needed wherever people act together. When employees contribute to a shared task, their actions must be in everyone’s interest; i.e. directed towards the entire company. Ultimately, the complex process of leadership determines the success of the business. A large number of individual factors play their part and can be viewed from three different perspectives:

Leadership trilogy vision culture structure strategy leadership

In the MOTOREX strategy the Board of Directors and management have charted the course our group of companies is to follow. It describes medium- or short-term goals, duties and actions and defines the purpose and mode of conduct for the entire company. Structure is the easiest element to describe. It comprises the company’s organization, meaning both its structural and procedural organization. Its structure is defined in the organization charts and job descriptions. The company has a large number of documents such as flow charts, ISO 9001/14 001 management systems, SOPs, protocols etc. that record its processes and interaction with its environment.

Corporate culture is the entirety of a company’s shared standards, values, attitudes and knowledge. It determines the company’s conduct towards employees, customers and suppliers and therefore also its internal and external image.

“Our customers are the real employer.” The Latin word “cultura”also means “tending the soil”. Applied to our company, this definition means that something can only grow if the ground has been cared for. A company’s gardeners are its employees – everyone from apprentice to director – and their conduct determines events at the company and the company’s success. It will never be possible to fully describe corporate culture in words because it is something that develops gradually and is rooted in company traditions. You can sense the culture of an industrial company, workshop or garage the first time you enter it, when you are in contact with a new supplier or holding a sales discussion the first time you visit a customer.

“Innovation born of tradition – a tradition of innovation.” “Every order is a gift, not an imposition.”


It’s great that you are also a part of the MOTOREX corporate culture!

Hydraulic fluid: maintenance pays The interior of a hydraulic system is a harsh environment, with working pressures of up to 350 bar and temperatures which are often well over 100º C. The system pumps several thousand liters of hydraulic fluid per hour and transmits immense forces. Such high working pressures can only be generated with high manufacturing precision and perfect interaction of the hydraulic components. The hydraulic fluid must also interact reliably with these parts.

Aging is not the only enemy… Using fully synthetic MOTOREX OEKOSYNT HEES hydraulic fluid gives the system what it needs to ensure reliable top performance over a long period of time. It is important here to know the four parameters that affect pthe performance of a hydraulic fluid:

Regular fluid analyses are useful for rapid determination of critical parameters such as the viscosity and acidity of the hydraulic fluid and make it easier to initiate timely corrective measures. Periodic separation of the water and ultrafine filtering of the contaminant particles can protect the hydraulic system and extend the service life of hydraulic fluid.

Measures to prevent water and particles Every plant operator can improve hydraulic fluid quality by filtering. By combining a cyclone moisture separator and particle filtration, the Schupp filter unit reduces water content and particle count in a single step. The hydraulic fluid can thus achieve the desired long service life at minimum expense even in extremely challenging conditions.

1. Viscosity Viscosity is the most important property of a hydraulic fluid.The fluid consists of long molecular chains; the longer these are,the more viscous the product. Extreme loads can break these chains,resulting in a noticeable reduction in viscosity.

3. Water fraction Moisture and water can penetrate hydraulic systems – especially in wet operating environments,in underground or waterway facilities,but also in snow (ski resort equipment) – and the metal surfaces may corrode or suffer cavitation damage.

2. Acid formation High temperatures and oxygen from the air cause the hydraulic fluid to become more acidic and lower its TAN (Total-Acid-Number) over time.This in turn can give rise to sludge formation and corrosion. A highly effective additive package can be used to delay this process for a long time.

4. Particles and contaminants Contaminants and small microscopic particles suspended in the fluid compromise the leak-tightness of the hydraulic system and prevent it achieving the proper operating pressure.The particle count in the hydraulic fluid increases continuously over its service life.These particles can be effectively filtered out.

The Schupp SF 010/Bio filter unit with a cyclone moisture separator can be easily inserted into the fluid bypass line.

The upstream cyclone moisture separator and coarse filter efficiently clean the hydraulic fluid.




Measurably lower tool costs (up to 12%) are a reality thanks to ultra-modern tools

7good reasons to use ORTHO NF-X “Which machining center should we use to manufacture that part that’s just been ordered at short notice? It’s made of brass. No problem, but does the free center have the right cutting oil in it?” Production-planning issues like these are all too familiar. A short-turnaround order comes in and a suitable, free machining center has to be found somewhere in the factory…

Red bronze parts consist of a malleable copper/zinc alloy. Here again ORTHO NF-X produces top-quality results.

…and until now, the machining fluid in the center had to be factored in or even changed. You know why: until recently, not every cutting oil was suitable for machining different materials. But since the launch of MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X, this is a problem of the past. Whether for high-alloyed steel, nonferrous metals, aluminum or even castings,

MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X is suitable for any material – with no compromises!

Greatly improved flexibility Anyone who frequently manufactures series of parts from different materials knows the great advantage of needscentered machinery scheduling.

MOTOREX ORTHO NF-X offers the following 7 top selling points: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Usable with all materials. Optimum cutting rates with vmax technology, resulting in shorter workpiece times. Reduced costs thanks to measurably higher tool life. Low-odor, low-mist and no heavy metals or chlorine. Workpieces can be quickly, easily and thoroughly cleaned. New additive technology does not compromise paints, varnishes, sealing materials or non-ferrous metals. 7. Complies with the BOSCH and DaimlerChrysler negative lists as well as VDA guidelines. Ideal for medical technology manufacturing processes.

10 12

These days customers’ deadlines are set in stone and play a major role in winning orders. The days when companies needed a bewildering array of different machining fluids are finally past! MOTOREX took the first step in the right direction with its vmax generation SWISSCUT ORTHO NF-X universal cutting oil.

Clear to see: the 7 good reasons Development activities for ORTHO NF-X focused on the desire for improved productivity, longer tool life and optimum machining results. And the product benefits should be clearly visible to the user.

Liquid technology MOTOREX has been investing in researching and developing innovative cutting oils for over 30 years. A milestone was reached with the introduction of MOTOREX vmax technology (increased cutting rates). This technology makes specific use of the heat generated during machining and, at the maximum machining rate, has a positive effect on the machining process. The result is desirable chemical synergy effects and increased productivity, something that ORTHO

combined with ORTHO NF-X!

NF-X achieves using a balanced additive package. Over a dozen active ingredients ensure measurably optimized cutting parameters and flawless surfaces.

Good grades from users Modern machine tools pump up to 300 liters of cutting oil per minute through the machining area and sophisticated technology is making them ever more precise. Today it’s not uncommon to work in the micron range. It’s therefore perfectly understandable that some experienced small-parts turners might treat a universal cutting oil which is also suitable for highspeed machining with a certain degree of skepticism. These misgivings are unjustified though and are usually dispelled after the first test run with ORTHO NF-X at the latest. Then it becomes clear that ORTHO NF-X is a tried-and-tested fluid that perfectly meets user requirements. We’ll be pleased to give you further information on the new generation of ORTHO cutting oils, and recommend a real-life on-site test under the expert guidance of a MOTOREX industry specialist.

Things often heat up at the “sharp end” with up to 300 liters of cutting oil flowing through the machining area every minute.

Machine tools that use ORTHO NF-X can be deployed more flexibly. This ensures that production never has to face a red light.


B ox

Cool ideas

High in the skies with the

MOTOREX SUPER CHART airplane Model airplanes and gliders are a popular hobby for young and old alike. The hobby combines two challenges: building

the aircraft and then flying it. Enthusiasts frequently invest up to 250 hours of work and significant amounts of cash in their magnificent flying machines. The photo shows the Super Chart plane belonging to Kurt Widmer from Langenthal as it takes to the skies in MOTOREX livery. Weighing only 2.2 kg, the radio-controlled model can be flown with total responsiveness within a range equal to the “pilot’s” field of vision. It is powered by a 7.5 cc methanol engine, which turns at an impressive 14,000 rpm. The plane has a wingspan of 160 cm, enough for a few aerobatic tricks, such as loops, rolls, etc. The only hitch is that it has to come back down to earth every 12 minutes for refuelling. Fortunately there are no plans to use it on transatlantic flights…

Did you know...

...that MOTOREX is nearly a place name in Australia?

The Dakar 2005 Rally was over a few months ago now – good enough reason for the people of Keith, the home town of Andy Caldecott, to show their pride in their most famous son. Andy rode for the Australian MOTOREX KTM team this year, battling for 18 days alongside David Schwarz and mechanic Neil White on the over 9,000 km route. The results are highly respectable: Both riders crossed the finishing line safe and sound, and Andy Caldecott was placed 6th overall, collecting two stage victories along the way in his second Dakar Rally. Dakar first timer, David Schwarz came in 37th overall and more impressively was placed 3rd in the 251 to 450 cc class and 7th out of the rookie riders.

Records are there to be broken. The only way to do the impossible is to keep on going when others stop. And no matter where you want to go, the oil to get you there 14

is MOTOREX. + 41 (0)62 919 75 75,

Cool shirts for hot days! Retro-style MOTOREX T-Shirt Snug-fitting, retro-style T-shirt made of 100% cotton with original 1950s MOTOREX Logo. Edges and seams in contrasting color. Available in sizes S – XXL. T-Shirt yellow: Article no.7.20B + size / T-Shirt black: Article no.7.20A + size For your order, please use the card in the center of this magazine. Please ask your MOTOREX importer about the availability, price and delivery time of the above articles. Thank you.

Clear and simple: The new MOTOREX brand board concept  
Clear and simple: The new MOTOREX brand board concept  

20 years of MOTOREX MC technology Looking ahead: world-class MX3 Grand Prix in Roggenburg Not just a 'canned' solution: MOTOREX ADDITIVES...