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From United States to Africa, Lakeisha McKnight has been known as the 'fighting speaker,' providing empowerment messages with authority and effectiveness, stirring the hearts and minds of different business professionals and students throughout the world. Lakeisha has been engaging in speaking events for 15+ years and her empowered 500,000+ people leaving a lasting positive impact that business professionals crave. Lakeisha McKnight has received over 40 awards including a presidential citation from former president Bill Clinton) and being awarded as an Entrepreneur of the 2010 -2011 Year with Cambridgeâ€&#x;s Whoâ€&#x;s Who. She has shared speaking platforms with dignitaries throughout the world from Barbados to India. Lakeisha has also received numerous awards as a former member and leader within Toastmasters International. She is the owner of three thriving companies including ILEAD Outreach, The International Leadership Education and Development Company LLC, and the newly formed ILEAD Publishing Co. She has authored many printed materials including the most recent book entitled, Awakening the Champion: How to Think, Speak, and Live Like a Conqueror ( Most recently, Lakeisha has been hosting a great radio show called Champion Central, where professionals throughout the U.S. receive a platform to sow success seeds within the lives of listeners, showcase their expertise to the world, and provide strategies on how they have overcome to the reach their CHAMPION status.

GOALS: Guidelines on Achieving Life Success In GOALS, author, educator, and motivational speaker Lakeisha McKnight, MSW, provides the truth on how students in high school and college can set achievable goals. Learn more about what goals are, who can set goals, and the many types of goals that exist! Discover top guidelines on how to construct goals and ensure that they are reached. Rid yourself of external obstacles and analyze your goals well. With this book, students are able to make wiser choices that will allow them to have a life they will enjoy. Everyone has a life purpose - but its up to you to learn it, live it, and love it! Use these guidelines on achieving success and fulfill your GOALS! ISBN-10: 1441506640 ISBN-13: 978-1441506641 Publishing Co.: xlibris

Awakening the Champion: How to Think, Speak, and Live Like a Conqueror Throughout the last few years, people of all ages and cultures have been faced with overcoming traumatic personal situations. Coaches, speakers, authors, ministers, entrepreneurs, and online/network marketers have been discouraged at how they struggled with growing their businesses. Along with trying to keep their businesses afloat, they struggled with balancing taking care of themselves and maintaining healthy families. What I have discovered is that living in today’s world, maintaining healthy families, and growing successful businesses requires a different way of thinking, speaking, and living. No longer can entrepreneurs live with a 90s mentality, engage in yesterday’s behaviors, and use old business strategies. It is going to require more than striving to obtain high profits in business and recruiting more people in your down line. Today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders must Awaken the Champion within themselves by thinking, speaking, and living like conquerors. In “Awakening the Champion,” Professional Speaker, and Trainer Lakeisha McKnight elaborates more on today’s champion and how you can awaken the champion within you so that you can increase your impact, influence, and income simultaneously despite current and future setbacks. As you read the book, one theme will ring loudly in your ears and this is:

“CHAMPIONS don’t just WIN, they OVERCOME.” Independently published by Lakeisha McKnight ISBN: 978-1-4675-1460-6 For the softback version of ATC For the softback version of GOALS

January 22, 2012

November 28, 2011 10p.m. EST

October 13, 2009 1p.m. EST

REMIC TV Interview Part 1

Mindshift Talk Radio Interview

Aired during the week of 10/26/09

Host: Jasmine Bowen Part 1

Hosts: Stacy Emeri, Billie Miller and Dr. Ayo Kedar Awakening the Champion message titled: „Breaking Through Your Comotose‟

HOST: Bob Gourley Issues Today Radio Network Nationally Syndicated – 188 Stations Click on the link below to listen to the segment:

DATE: October 14, 2009 (Aired Nov 23, 2009) 10a.m. EST

DATE: October 27, 2009

DATE: Friday, November 6, 2009 4:30 PM ET

Issues With Walt Shaw


Aired during the week of 11/16/09

HOST: Larry Whitler & Robin MacBlane Hotline #: 352-732-2826

HOST: Paul Roberts STATION: WNTN-AM 1550 10,000 Watts – Variety Hotline #: (617) 969-1550

DATE: February 23, 2010

DATE: February 11, 2010

Part 2

HOST: Willy Walt Hotline #: 916-338-9200 Regionally Syndicated to 5 Stations in CA DATE: February 18, 2010

STATION: WAGO-FM 88.7 HOST: Keith Aycock & Mike Farley 17,000 Watts – Religious/Gospel in Goldsboro, NC Website Address: DATE: March 23, 2010 Aired 3/23 between 3p-5p KOPN-FM 89.5 HOST: Jill Sheets 36,000 Watts – Variety in Columbia, MO Website Address: Hotline #:888-205-8834; 573-874-1139 Click on the links below to listen:

Media Contact Info: Booking Department

STATION: KHSU-FM 90.5 in Arcata, CA HOST: Susan Andrews 8,500 Watts – News/Jazz/Gospel Website Address: DATE & AIRED Live: June 27, 2011 6pm -7pm Blog talk Radio HOST: Sherrell Valdezloqui Worldwide Hotline #: (818) 688-6644 Click on the links below to listen:

STATION: KKHT- FM 100.7 HOST: Terry Lowry 100,000 Watts in Houston, TX Website Address: Hotline #: 281-807-1448/281-851-9763 A 2-part segment on The What‟s Up Show with Terry Lowry Click on the link below to listen to the show: DATE: February 25, 2010 airs week of 3/1 between 6a-9a

STATION: WTUZ-FM 99.9 HOST: Jennifer Lourenco 5,300 Watts-Classic Country/Contemporary Country New Philadelphia, OH Website Address:







Chesapeake, VA – December 17, 2012 – Entrepreneur and business coach Lakeisha McKnight is pleased to announce the upcoming release of her new book,” Awakening the Champion: How to Think, Speak, and Live Like a Conqueror”. The book will be released for sale online. This noteworthy publication provides information on both personal and professional development for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs as a way to progress forward though situations that they can and cannot control in their personal and professionals lives. Every

business owner desires to succeed and

prosper. This helps provides them with a detailed blueprint on how to increase their impact, influence, and ultimately their income as entrepreneurs. “Champions don‟t just win, they overcome. The making of a business champion starts within. Develop a healthier entrepreneur and you will see a prosperous business as a result. They must overcome their greatest barrier, which is themselves, to truly win as entrepreneurs,” states the book‟s author and motivational speaker, entrepreneur and trainer Lakeisha McKnight. Ms. McKnight teaches in her book and seminars that “Winning begins with overcoming ones F.E.A.R. True F.E.A.R. stands for Failing to Erase Adverse Realities. Erase that which is false with truth and the entrepreneur will see what they define as success for themselves.” With more than a decade of speaking to students and business leaders, Lakeisha McKnight has earned a reputation as a leading authority on how anyone can overcome huge obstacles, allowing them to unleash the champion within. Award-winning Motivational Speaker Lakeisha McKnight has gained international recognition as 'the fighting speaker' with her creative delivery and inspiring messages, reaching students and leaders of many cultures around the world. For more information on Ms. McKnight‟s highly successful program or to book her for your next motivational event, please visit You may purchase her new book, “Awakening the Champion: How to Think, Speak, and Live like a Conqueror” at

Book Releases December 17, 2012

~ David Bernard-Stevens President of Leader Development Group, LLC

~ Dr. E. Paul Mbuagbor “She is absolutely amazing. Whether working with large or small groups, Lakeisha has the ability to create an immediate environment of trust, and with that, she connects at a very deep level with her audience...To me, the reason she relates so well to audiences anywhere in the world is because she is what she teaches. She leads from the inside out and her message is powerful. Lakeisha is the real deal.” Jerry DaCBlenman Managing Director Calidad Investment & Financial Services Inc. The East Suite | Welcome Hall Estate | Enterprise |Christ Church | BB 17133 |BARBADOS

In the journey of life we meet people who may be classified ordinary, others who are extraordinary and those who are distinctively extraordinary. The privilege was mine to first learn of Lakeisha when the announcement for a Global Leadership Conference in Cameroon, Africa was made in early 2010. She was listed as one of several global speakers for the conference. After reviewing her profile my first reaction was “what an extraordinary lady.” On meeting her in November 2010 and sharing the podium as joint keynote and workshop speakers my second reaction was “what a distinctively blessed and extraordinary lady.” Clearly, Lakeisha has the capacity to convict and inspire at the same time. Her convictions and devotion to the tenets of balance living and an acknowledgment of God as the principle foundation for development is unmistakable. Her multidisciplinary skills to communicate and address varying issues on leadership, business and finance are obvious. Yet while distinctively blessed, impactful and extraordinary, I will continue to be in awe for a while at how boldness was delivered in humility, compassion with conviction and a message of hope from a young lady by the name of Lakeisha McKnight influenced mine and several other lives.

Founder and President GLODNAS A life-Style Consultant, Coach and Educator Tel: (+237) 22 11 53 93, (+237) 99 25 48 66 P.O.Box 11466 Yaoundé-Cameroon Website.

In every season, there are people who make a difference. Lakeisha McKnight is definitely one of them and is a woman worthy of having your attention. Listening to Lakeisha McKnight was an amazing experience. She mellifluously provides great insight and elocution, captivating her audience. Lakeisha is a rare gift to her generation with wisdom that can‟t be denied in addressing issues of leadership at all dimensions. I admire her courage and her ingenuity as she tackles issue of gender, leadership, and economic empowerment. Her focus on life‟s purpose and significance was a tremendous motivator to many. The audience was marveled as she communicated her thoughts on the contemporary leadership issues in the Global leadership Conference in Yaoundé Cameroon. It was great having her in Africa. ~ Sabina Etta, Author, Educationist, Counselor Personnel of Nation Builders International

“Lakeisha speaks fluently on feminine issues, leadership development, and gift recognition. She passionately believes that men and women have life purposes, with gifts lying dormant within which we must be birthed. She challenges her listeners to search deep to awaken their gifts, nurture them, and release them to impact the lives of others. Lakeisha encourages men and women to understand that „gifts are not given until they are freely received.‟ She leaves her listeners believing that „they can, they will, and they are somebody.‟”

~ Gisele Rufer CEO & President of Delance Swiss Watches

“I witnessed Lakeisha McKnight speaker as a keynote speaker in Cameroon, Africa. The power and the energy that Lakeisha displays as she speaks captures her audiences. She communicates her love for people and joy of life with such a passion that you could only be captivated. After hearing her story, you could only think “Yes I can!”

“Awakening the Champion is powerful Because a Champion writes it”

“GOALS is a powerful book that can help anyone striving for greatness. “

Awakening the Champion

GOALS: Guidelines on Achieving Life Success ~ C. Crandell Norfolk Department of Social Services

The book helps walk you step-by-step in a simplistic way on how to achieve your goals and become successful. It is an excellent book for those who are high school and college students who are inspiring to live a healthy, balance, and purposeful life. It inspires you to be all that you can be! The book contains quotes that can be used in your journey of setting and accomplishing your goals. You are able to access where you currently are and give tools on how to get where you are destined to go. It gives great tools to help you overcome complacency and reach your goal. The wisdom keys are very helpful. They make you think and are right to the point.

~ Ralph Hughes President and CEO of Bizzolutionz, Inc, University of Phoenix Professor and author of The Leadership Quick Reference Guide

~ Assegid Habtewold (Dr), the author of Redefining Leadership: Navigating the Path from Birthright to

Lakeisha wrote an amazing book that awakens the Champion in you. By providing twelve golden nuggets, „Awakening the Champion‟ helps you think, speak, and live like a Conqueror. The book is comprehensive as it informs, guides, and calls you to action. It is filled with lots of reflection points, thought provoking questions, inspirational stories, and tips. „Awakening the Champion‟ is powerful because a Champion writes it. Lakeisha overcame childhood sexual abuse and neglect but that didn‟t stop her from championing. Now, she writes from her own experiences, and by citing the story of other champions who conquered extraordinary challenges to help you become a champion. This is a must read book! I loved reading this book. It has motivated me as a business owner to be a better leader. I was especially motivated during part III as it has pushed me to want to give my business my all. I want to be a more dedicated business owner serving my clients and meeting their needs. I have never read anything like this. Wonderful book. ~ Mclin

GOALS is a powerful book that can help anyone striving for greatness. GOALS can be used as a guide for one‟s journey to self-discovery. The author of GOALS, Lakeisha McKnight, has masterfully presented principles and guidelines on achieving success by knowing one‟s destiny, dreams, achieving desires, obstacles to achievement and, yes, goals. After reading GOALS, I have loaned my book to my clients that I counsel on basic life skills. I will be presenting GOALS to some of my students who need direction in their lives. GOALS should be required reading for anyone who needs direction, motivation, or simply striving for greatness!

If you are a business owner and you love sports, specially boxing. You will love this book. This book presents principles from the perspective of boxing but can apply to anything in life. I specifically enjoyed the bonus guide in the back of the book that highlights common problems entrepreneurs like myself face as well as speaks about solutions to those concerns. I will Definitely read this book again as i obtain new insight the second time around ~ Srinivas Reddy

When you wrote this book, what did you want to accomplish? It must mean different things for different, what does it mean to you to be a Champion? What is the difference between a Champion and leader? Who do you think will benefit from reading your book? What specific connection do you have with being a champion and you as a professional?


Why do you think being a champion relevant today? What would you like your readers to take away from your writings? What are there different things business leaders take away from your concepts on being a Champion? What is the connection between a champion and a conqueror? What keeps people from achieving what they are capable of?

Books written for: Business Students, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs Brief Speaking Clients List: Norfolk Department of Human Services Power4Life LLC Nation Builders International NAACP Mount Sinai Church Olivet Good Shepherd Church of God of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

In addition to being an author, what else do you do you do?

Alpha Nu Omega Inc.

Would you explain to our listeners, a couple of key topics you‟ve covered within you book?

Kingdom Expansion Enterprises Inc.

What one trait can you change to be more likely able to achieve the level of a Champion?

Full Gospel Kingdom Church

Which of your personal experiences has influenced you the most or made your realize you wanted to make a difference?

Kingdom General International

I‟m sure you‟re available for speaking at events, would you tell our listeners how to reach you, especially to buy your book?

Regent University

Covenant Community Church Genesis Church Norfolk State University Serenity Baptist Church



Lakeisha McKnight Media Kit  

This is a comprehensive media kit for event planners regarding Lakeisha McKnight.

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