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Welcome to The Summer Escape Issue. This issue encourages you to explore and unwind as summer unfolds.

For our cover, we partnered with MAISWIM in The Free Spirit on page 16, the new swimwear brand rethinking a billion-dollar industry, a testament to founder Tania Santos Silva’s creative mindset and freedom of thought.

We deliver to you the best edits for summer dressing from low-key cool in The Bucket Hat on page 30, to solid investments to see you through summer in The Summer Essentials on page 28. As far as beauty and lifestyle is concerned, we roadtest the best Pilates studios to carve and hone your body in Stretch It Out

Editor’s Letter

on page 74; Michele Barclay, founder of Browz discusses the art of effortless brows so you can stay low maintenance beachside in Laminate on page 58 and we deliver the ultimate essentials for summer hair protection in Under the Heat on page 56.


Finally, in terms of wanderlust, we share the natural beauty of Six Senses Ibiza, an unexpected haven of peace on the magical island in The Wanderlust on page 108 and Anantara Santorini which delivers the best of Greece close to home for those staying put this summer in Island Escape on page 94.

Rest, recharge and refocus this summer. It’s time to level up…

Lidia patent-leather mules Dhs1,850 Paris Texas
Fluid cotton jersey bodysuit Dhs2,319 Alaïa
Jagger aviator-style two-tone titanium sunglasses Dhs4,021
Jacques Marie Mage
Strapless embellished belted stretch-cady gown Dhs27,190 Tom Ford
Open-back silk-satin mini dress Dhs11,250 Saint Laurent

The Weekender – Overnight bags for a quick overnighter or a long weekend p.42


The Summer Essentials – Solid investments to see you through summer p.28

The Bucket Hat – Low key cool for SS24 p.30

Sleek and Sharp – Peter Hawkings serves sartorial precision and faultless tailoring that empowers for SS24 p.32

The Summer Capsule – Jacquemus’ Les Rayures collection delivers in spades for casual summertime dressing p.38

Beauty / Wellness

Hot New Buys p.54

Eclectic Summer – Rabanne’s Julien

Dossena delivers a bohemian medley of textures and prints on vacation essentials, primed for long lazy days under the sun p.44

Le Summer Club –Oséree’s Le Club collection brings audacious sparkle to swimwear for SS24 p.50

Under the Heat –The ultimate essentials for summer hair protection p.56

Laminate – Michele Barclay, founder of Browz on achieving effortless brows for your summer escape p. 58

Brow Game –Eyebrow essentials for bold yet natural brows that stay put p.60

A Beauty Icon –Fendi fragrances p.68

High Heat – Fragrances for a fiery summer p.62
The Tastemaker’s Take –Creative and entrepreneur, Nat Morcos, shares her guide that showcase Mexico City p.80


July/August 2024

Summer Fitness –Fitness Instructor

Courtney Black on how to hack your summer fitness routine p.72

Stretch It Out – Dubai’s best Pilates studios for a toned summer body p.74

Beauty Shelf – Anita Patrickson, founder of AMANU Studio p.76

AM/PM Beauty –

Pritika Swarup, founder and CEO of Prakti Beauty p.78


The Jet Set –Mastering the art of effortless airport chic –take notes from these chic women p.86

Team Matcha –

The Matcha Tokyo’s Co-founder, Masahiro Nagata, on bringing a niche matcha concept to Dubai p.92

Island Escape –Anantara Santorini, delivering the

Hidden Havens – Tranquil gems crafted for ultimate indulgence p.104

Chic – Why Banyan Tree’s Alizée emulates the ultimate Southern French flair by adding to the holiday mood p.98

best of Greece on our doorstep p.94

Making Waves –Chef Izu Ani on his Saint Tropez-inspired homegrown concept, Maison de la Plage p.100

The Wanderlust –Six Senses Ibiza is a haven of relaxation on the magical Balearic Island p.108

Your Summer Escape – From places with a focus on gastronomy to those filled with character, Emirates

Woman curates a tasteful edit of the latest and greatest spots p.110

The Latest Outpost – Rainer Becker, the Co-Founder of Zuma Restaurants, on launching the new beachside Zuma in Cannes p.118

The Directory p.120

Most Wanted – Dreamscape –Assouline p.122


The Ultimate Escape

The latest launches, new openings and hero buys



Aman Group announces a second upcoming destination in the heart of Dubai, Janu Dubai, anticipated to open in 2027.


Judy Seersucker Bikini Dhs1,007 Hunza G
Frayed Printed Organic CottonVoile Pareo Dhs1,500 Toteme
Cascading Dome 18-Karat Gold Earrings Dhs22,158 Jennifer Meyer
Solid Soap Tomato Leaves Dhs208 Loewe Home Scents
Jagger Aviator-Style Two-Tone Titanium Sunglasses Dhs4,021 Jacques Marie Mage
The Kibera Embellished Croc-Effect Leather Sandals Dhs1,429 Amanu
Embellished Leather-Trimmed Straw Tote Dhs1,028 Sensi Studio


The cool new beach-style restaurant on Palm Jumeirah’s West Beach.

@sundayriley Science-backed skincare for that summer glow.

A retreat overlooking the Aegean Sea on Türkiye’s Bodrum Peninsula.


A Grecian getaway in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

@mai.swim.pt Menstrual swimwear crafted to perfection.


High-quality Japanese matcha for that caffeine fix.



Alluring summer minimalism with youthful touch.


A strong brow game before your tropical getaway.


Resortwear paving its way into our Ibiza suitcases.



Tania Santos Silva’s free-spiritedness, business savvy and the ability to think outside the box has helped create her new brand, Maiswim – a game-changing swimwear brand designed with a unique USP



“It’s a journey that inspires and motivates me as we strive to create a

let’s think about the impact on a larger scale. If 5,000 women choose menstrual swimwear by the end of this year, we could save 250,000 traditional menstrual products from ending up in landfills over the summer months.

What are the DNA and values that define the brand? A solid commitment to sustainability and women empowerment defines our brand—the freedom to choose. We prioritise eco-friendly materials – even our shipping material is made from recycled content, promoting a circular economy. We take waste reduction seriously and transparency is crucial to us. We’re open about our sourcing and production processes. We also adhere to ethical practices in all aspects of our business, ensuring fair labour conditions and environmentally responsible production. Together, these values form the core of Maiswim, driving our mission to create swimwear that is as kind to the earth as it is to the wearer.

How do you go about designing the pieces in your collection and how many styles are you launching with? Our design process is both creative and collaborative. It starts with gathering references and inspirations from styles we love. We brainstorm extensively on various aspects, such as functionality, fit, and colours.

Once we have a solid concept, our fashion designer translates these ideas into sketches. These sketches are then passed to our seamstress, who creates a prototype. We rigorously test this prototype to ensure it meets our standards. Based on the feedback, we will make any necessary adjustments before moving forward with production. As for our launch, we are excited to introduce five distinct styles. Each piece in the collection has been carefully designed to ensure it looks great and performs exceptionally well in terms of comfort and functionality.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine? The alarm is always set for 7am if my son doesn’t wake me first. My first 30 minutes are pure chaos; between having my son ready for school with a proper breakfast in his tummy - there’s no time for stretching, yoga, or even gym. Just a cup of coffee, if I’m lucky and then my day starts.

What was the catalyst to launching your swimwear brand and did you always know you wanted to have your own label? The catalyst was, without a doubt, the need to launch something innovative, trendy, and beneficial for us women. The technology in our swimwear has been there for some years now, but it’s just not well communicated. I, personally, hate the idea of using tampons. Besides being invasive, it’s not healthy at all. So, having the chance to build something cool, minimalist, and super ecological really excited me! After discussing all the details with my business partner, Sara Salvador, we started looking for the technology, fabrics, cuts and designs matching the technology needs. By now, you know how I’m all about supporting women and our needs –Maiswim is the perfect result of this.

Maiswim is an eco-friendly menstrual swimwear brand. Tell us more about the concept. MaiSwim is transforming how women approach fashion and sustainability, sustainability is here to stay. From fabrics made entirely from discarded fishing nets and other ocean waste, we’re turning pollution into a fashion statement. This is us giving back to our planet but looking cute while doing it. But it doesn’t stop at eco-friendly materials; we also reduce our environmental footprint. Typically, a woman uses around 200 tampons or pads annually, with about a quarter of those used during summer. Switching to Maiswim means saving approximately 50 traditional menstrual products each year. Now,

What materials do you use and where do you source them? Both our materials and production are proudly “Made in Portugal.” We are committed to supporting local craftsmanship and sustainability initiatives within our community. Our primary fabric is derived from discarded fishing nets and ocean waste. Our manufacturing processes occur entirely in Portugal, ensuring that our swimwear meets high-quality standards while adhering to ethical practices. By keeping our production local, we support our economy and reduce our environmental impact by minimising transportation emissions. This approach allows us to offer swimwear that is not only stylish and functional but also aligned with our values of sustainability and responsible production.

The styles and visuals of the brand are rooted in a minimalistic aesthetic - was this your vision from the outset? Our minimalistic aesthetic has been a foundational vision for Maiswim from the outset. We aim to achieve a seamless marriage of style and functionality in everything we create. Just as our designs are crafted to be timeless pieces that seamlessly integrate into resort wear wardrobes, offering impeccable fit and enhancing women’s comfort and confidence, our visual identity follows suit.

We operate as a close-knit team with a clear, shared objective of empowering women, promoting sustainability, and redefining comfort. Regarding our visual direction, Sara and Mariana, who have been with us since the brand’s inception, spearhead this aspect. Together, they ensure that our visuals reflect our brand ethos – clean, modern, and aligned with our commitment to sustainability and empowerment. Our minimalist aesthetic defines our design philosophy and extends to our branding and marketing efforts, creating a cohesive and impactful identity that resonates.

positive impact in the world and empower women to embrace their natural beauty with confidence and pride”

Which are the hero pieces? The hero of our collection is undoubtedly the Dusk Dune set. The bottom piece is a classic Brazilian minimalist design flawlessly crafted to complement the body’s unique contours. The top piece features an underwire bikini design that is versatile and suitable for all bust sizes, from S to XXL. This thoughtful combination ensures comfort, support, and confidence, empowering women to embrace their natural beauty effortlessly. How would you style them from beach to dinner? There’s nothing quite like summer, where going straight from the beach to dinner is the ultimate joy. That’s why adapting the look from day to night should be effortless. Start with the Dusk Dune black set: the underwire bikini top and classic Brazilian minimalist bottoms create a chic and comfortable beach ensemble. Pair them with a wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and a lightweight beach cover-up. Swap out the bottoms for a flowing maxi skirt or linen trousers for the transition to dinner. Elevate your footwear with wedges or strappy sandals for added elegance. Add statement jewellery like earrings or a necklace to complement the underwire bikini top – layer with a breezy kimono or loose blouse. Style your hair in loose waves or a sleek updo and enhance your natural glow with bronzer and lip gloss. And that’s it. A versatile styling approach from a relaxed beach day to a stylish evening out, ensuring confidence throughout the day and night. What have been the biggest challenges to date how did you overcome them? Finding the perfect location to produce menstrual swimwear with our specific technology was difficult – it required significant time and testing. We needed a facility that could handle the innovative aspects of our design while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability. Currently, our biggest challenge remains in communicating openly about menstruation, which is still considered taboo in many contexts. Part of our mission at Maiswim is to break down these taboos and normalise conversations around menstruation. In the coming year, our primary objectives are to discuss menstruation and educate girls and boys openly. We recognise that breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation requires inclusive education and awareness. We aim to normalise conversations about menstrual health and hygiene by fostering open dialogue and understanding among all genders. Addressing this goal involves expanding our educational initiatives to include comprehensive menstrual health education in schools and communities. We aim to promote empathy, support, and informed decision-making by empowering young women and men with knowledge about menstruation. How do you balance your business side and creativity? Balancing the business aspects and creativity is a deeply ingrained part of my approach. While I naturally gravitate toward the strategic and operational facets of running a business, nurturing creativity

“I cultivate a dynamic synergy by harmonising these elements –business acumen and creative exploration”

is equally essential. Creativity, for me, thrives through exploration and immersion in diverse cultural experiences. Travelling to new destinations sparks inspiration through discovering local art, attending exhibitions, or engaging with different forms of expression in films, literature, or photography. These experiences broadened my perspective and infused fresh ideas and artistic influences. On the business side, I draw on my innate passion for entrepreneurship and strategic thinking. I cultivate a dynamic synergy by harmonising these elements – business acumen and creative exploration. What have you learnt about yourself during this brand building process? Through the journey of building Maiswim, I’ve discovered profound lessons about myself that have shaped my personal growth and the evolution of our brand. This path has illuminated my resilience and ability to navigate challenges with determination and grace, fostering a more profound sense of self-confidence and purpose. Embracing entrepreneurship has taught me the importance of embracing creativity and innovation, which have been pivotal in shaping Maiswim’s identity as a leader in sustainable menstrual swimwear. This process has also underscored the value of collaboration and community, highlighting the power of collective vision and shared passion in driving meaningful change. Above all, building Maiswim has reinforced my belief in the transformative power of authenticity and empathy, guiding our commitment to empowering women, promoting sustainability, and challenging societal taboos surrounding menstruation. It’s a journey that inspires and motivates me as we strive to create a positive impact in the world and empower women to embrace their natural beauty with confidence and pride.

What lies on the horizon for Maiswim? This year marks a significant milestone as we introduce our first swimwear model explicitly designed for teenagers. Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce our upcoming collaboration with Odara. Together, we’re launching a beachwear collection for summer, crafted entirely from dead stock materials and handmade by female seamstresses – not in factories. These limited-edition pieces are meticulously designed with care, offering stunning options for the summer season. We are preparing to unveil a delightful addition to complement our swimwear collection in the coming months. While the details remain under wraps for now, rest assured it’s something special and unique that we can’t wait to share with our community.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where are you escaping to this summer? This summer is all about moving – moving back to Portugal, moving back to Lisbon. I’m excited to return back to Dubai every other month. Because I can’t live without some airplane time, my family is going to Tunis – our gorgeous Ameni Eissebi invited me and then the South of France, the Faroe Islands and Croatia.

Solid investments to see you through summer until closing…



Semi-Sheer PyjamaStyle Pants Dhs179 Zara


Loewe available at MYTHERESA

Mare fringed metallic crochet-knit coverup

Dhs3,170 Missoni

Cliff flat-top sunglasses Dhs2,933

Jacques Marie Mage available at MYTHERESA

Lumière embellished metallic stretch-knit kaftan Dhs1,084

Oséree exclusively available at NET-A-PORTER

tote Dhs4,400 Loewe

Evil Eye 14-karat gold, cord and diamond bracelet


Sydney Evan

Dhs673 A.EMERY available at NET-A-PORTER

The Minimalist suede sandals Dhs1,421 TOTEME
Lumière Colorè embellished metallic bikini Dhs774 Oséree
Logo canvas bucket hat
+ Paula’s Ibiza embroidered raffia



Low-key cool for SS24

01. + Paula’s Ibiza logo-embroidered raffia-blend bucket hat Dhs2,600 Loewe available at NET-A-PORTER; 02. Airi straw bucket hat Dhs2,450 Loro Piana; 03. Embellished straw bucket hat Dhs3,950 Gucci; 04. Monogram linen bucket hat Dhs886 Ruslan Baginskiy; 05. Le Bob Bordado bucket hat Dhs1,595 Jacquemus available at MYTHERESA; 06. Embroidered faux raffia bucket hat Dhs1,219 Marni; 07. Le Bob embellished cotton-canvas bucket hat Dhs470 Jacquemus; Opposite page: Frayed Bucket Hat Dhs119 Zara



Peter Hawkings serves sartorial precision and faultless tailoring that empowers for SS24




This page: Hop large intrecciato leather tote Dhs14,900

Bottega Veneta


Overnight bags for a quick overnighter or a long weekend

Top left: Pierre leather weekend bag Dhs17,800 Khaite available at NET-A-PORTER; Below:Andiamo large embellished intrecciato leather tote
Dhs27,750 Bottega Veneta
ES Giant embroidered quilted leather weekend bag
Dhs18,800 Saint Laurent
Keepall 50B Bag
Dhs14,600 Louis Vuitton
Nylon Travel Bag
Dhs7,896 Saint Laurent available at FWRD
Classic Cabin Dhs5,390 Rimowa

Rabanne’s Julien

Dossena delivers a bohemian medley of textures and prints on vacation essentials, primed for long lazy days under the sun




Oséree’s Le Club collection brings audacious sparkle to swimwear for SS24



Hot New Buys


An edit of the latest products for next-level beauty



Jojoba oil comfort with on-the-go application. Lip Balm Dhs131 Prada Beauty


The liquid highlighter perfect for being on the glow. Super Loaded Liquid Highlighter Dhs291 Westman Atelier

A natural-looking sunkissed glow with barrier repair. The Crème Advanced Hydration Self-Tan Facial Crème Dhs164 Tan Luxe

Collagen-Rich Skin

A fast-absorbing body serum with hydrating and soothing benefits. Body Repair Serum, 150ml Dhs116 Gun Ana

Natural Moisturiser

It boasts an antioxidant-rich blend of reishi mushroom to sweep away dirt. Skin Renewal Toner, 100ml Dhs241 Grown Alchemist


This high-powered tinted serum puts hybrid makeup first. Noorish Tinted Serum SPF30 Dhs165 ASTERI


Ultra-soft eyeshadow that wears like second skin. Ombre Essentielle Dhs175 Chanel Beauty


Relax and unwind to the scent of green ivy. Ivy Liquid Soap Dhs247 Loewe


The ultimate essentials for summer hair protection

Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner, 240ml Dhs130 Drunk Elephant available at SEPHORA


Left: Dream Coat for Curly Hair, 75ml Dhs67 Color Wow available at SPACE NK; Hair Alchemy Heatless Styling Balm, 150ml Dhs212 Oribe Below: The Leave-in Conditioner, 150ml Dhs176 Crown Affair

Biomimetic Hairscience

Molecular Repair Hair Oil, 30ml Dhs293 K18

A Social Life for Your Hair, 100ml Dhs128 Larry King Haircare available at CULT BEAUTY

Repair Hair Mask, 200ml Dhs239 Dr. Barbara Sturm

Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray, 200ml Dhs170 Gisou
Nectar Thermique Heat Protectant, 150ml Dhs176 Kérastase
“Our goal was always to give back and create amazing facilities where women could experience top-level beauty treatments...”


Michele Barclay, founder of BROWZ on achieving effortless brows for your summer escape

What inspired you to launch BROWZ? My daughter, Yasmin, was the fundamental inspiration behind the creation of BROWZ. As my freelance work grew rapidly, I needed a stable base to expand from. Our goal was always to give back and create amazing facilities where women could experience to-plevel beauty treatments conducted by highly qualified and in-demand artists. We focus on ethical beauty, providing credible and sustainable treatments, and we work with likeminded business partners who share our vision. What is brow lamination and what are the before and after-practices to follow? The brow lamination technique provides your brows with a set, uniform, fuller, and thicker appearance, completed with tint and shaping. The result gives a fluffy and brushed up look that can be styled to your liking. It is crucial to keep the treated area dry for the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, as moisture can interfere with the lamination process. How can you maintain them to last longer especially during tropical vacations? It is important to invest in a brow conditioning serum to keep eyebrows from becoming dry, nourish the hairs, and avoid breakage. We highly recommend the M2 Eyezone Conditioning Care Complex, which works threefold: it supports

hair growth, provides care, and offers styling simultaneously. Also, sealing with a brow gel is essential to prevent moisture from penetrating the brow, especially in tropical and warm climates, as this can interfere with the longevity of the brow lamination while maintaining a fluffy, natural look. How long does the appearance of microblading last for? Natural hair strokes last for up to one year. This is the original BROWZ signature treatment that has revolutionised the beauty industry. Using a super fine tool, we create a fuller brow with natural-looking hair strokes. This minimally invasive treatment requires minimal recovery time. We use the best products and adhere to the highest safety standards, mimicking natural hair to achieve an authentic look.

What other treatments does BROWZ offer which complement the appearance of eyebrows? Throughout BROWZ’s growth, our vision has always been to introduce treatments that complement our services for eyebrows. Our development team aims to bring natural and aesthetic procedures, providing clients with access to a full range of services – from a simple lash lift to injectables like Botox, and advanced laser techniques such as Vector Eye for a cat-eye effect. What are some of the services offered at BROWZ? BROWZ has recently introduced the latest in cutting-edge technology to expand our range of aesthetic services, some of which are exclusive to us. Sofwave is the latest in non-invasive skin tightening with one of the only FDA-approved treatments clinically proven to show a long-lasting visible lift. This treatment uses cutting-edge ultrasound technology for smoother, firmer skin without downtime. Quantum Lift is an exclusive to BROWZ, Rexonage is the latest energy-based device designed to regenerate cellular turnover while sculpting and contouring the face using quantum molecular resonance. This pain-free treatment requires no downtime and delivers results for all skin types. Target Cool, also known as ice needling, this advanced medical-grade, pain-free delivery system combines mesotherapy and cryo technology to guarantee a glass-like flawless skin finish. Ultraclear is available exclusively at BROWZ – this state-of-the-art cool ablative laser is perfect for treating open pores, texture, or scarring. Utilising advanced cool ablation, Ultraclear accelerates healing and is safe for all skin types, making it the best option for treating blemishes, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Tell us more about the key minimalist beauty trends this summer. It has always been our ethos to be a trendsetter and innovator, rather than following fads or jumping on the next beauty craze. As a pioneer of semi-permanent makeup in the region, we champion natural and minimalistic beauty with our SPMU services. Our Lip Blush treatment, which is our most popular service after brows, is perfect for achieving effortless glam from morning to night, making it an ideal choice for holidays and summer. Brows have become the centre of beauty trends, what are your thoughts? We believe great brows are the best fashion feature and add character to the face. When defined well, they look elegant; when done poorly, they can detract from your appearance. Fabulous brows are truly the finishing touch. This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this summer? This summer is the first time in my career that I’ll be taking an extended break, spending it travelling in the Indian Ocean. I’ll begin with a retreat, taking time for inner reflection and personal growth before my family joins me for our annual get-together vacation. Living in Dubai, we are truly blessed to have such easy access to exotic locations.



Eyebrow essentials for bold yet natural brows that stay put


Dhs97 Anastasia Beverly Hills

Whether you’re looking for natural hair-like texture or dramatic brows, this fade-resistant, waterproof colour is great for filling and detailing brows. It has a long-lasting, smudgeproof formula that allows for seamless blending before drying to a matte finish.

RevitaBrow Advanced

Eyebrow Serum Dhs266

Revitalash Cosmetics

This product will condition your eyebrows and help combat damage from environmental stressors and styling. It’s packed with peptides, biotin, green tea and calendula extract that help strengthen and hydrate your eyebrows.

Arch Brow Micro Sculpting

Pencil Dhs152 Hourglass

An ultra-precise brow pencil that mimics microblade effects without the blade, offering naturally defined brows. It’s longwearing, smudge- and waterproof and it’s the perfect add-on in your summer make-up bag.

BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow

Pencil Dhs70 Huda Beauty

It’s the ultimate brow pencil for hair-like strokes and on-point brows. Infused with vitamin E, castor oil, and coconut oil, it effortlessly builds and blends, helping you achieve a minimal eyebrow look.

Brow Sculpt Dhs77 Refy

This hybrid wax-gel formula is easy to apply and keeps your

brow hair firmly in place. It comes with a dual-ended brush for sculpting. You’ll enjoy longlasting hold until washed out.

Brow Shape Dhs77 By Ellie

A must for polished and laminated brows lovers, it is designed to give you effortless salon-worthy brows at home. From bold arches to natural brows the formula is long-lasting, easy to apply and works like magic on all hair types.

Gimme Brow+ Volumizing

Eyebrow Gel Dhs140 Benefit Cosmetics

A brow-volumizing tinted gel that adds natural fullness with tiny microfibers that adhere to skin and hair, its tapered brush is excellent for an easy, mess-

proof application for taming and tinting your brows. Also, its buildable formula is waterresistant and long-wearing.

Brow Blade Waterproof

Eyebrow Pencil & Ink Stain

Dhs146 Urban Decay

A double-ended ink stain and waterproof pencil. Its brush delivers precise strokes, while the creamy, waterproof pencil fills sparse areas for defined brows.

Diorshow Brow Styler

Dhs150 Dior Backstage

The perfect waterproof pencil for fuller and precisely shaped brows, this brow styler has an ultra-fine tip for a flawless application. It defines and tames brows effortlessly making them look very natural.

Fragrances for a fiery summer

High Heat

Left page: Mandarino Di Sicilia
Eau de Toilette, 100ml Dhs695
Acqua di Parma; This page: Agua Eau de Toilette, 100ml Dhs550 Loewe

This page: Eden-Roc


Francis Kurkdjian

Eau de Parfum, 125ml Dhs1,220 Dior; Right page: Aqua Celestia Cologne
Eau de Parfum, 75ml Dhs890 Maison
This page: Solo Ella Eau de Parfum, 100ml
Dhs630 Loewe; Right page: Philosykos Eau de Parfum, 75ml
Dhs790 Diptyque





Fitness Instructor Courtney Black on how to hack your summer fitness routine

Talk us through your fitness routine? My routine involves lots of steps that I know I can sustain year round that make me feel good and energised. Sticking to my five workouts from my app per week 45 minutes each, trying to get as much fresh air as possible and always prepping and planning healthy meals that are going to nourish my body – cooking your own food and actually knowing what you are putting into your body.

What your pre-summer fitness tips? Myself like most people, tend to try get a bit leaner for summer and this year, I want to tone up a bit more for my birthday trip to Italy. My biggest tip is to keep on track the rest of the year and avoid any crash diets that will make you feel under pressure or unenergised. The best way to stay in shape year round is to find a workout routine that you love and actually enjoy doing. Then for your diet, I would advise to stick to a slight deficit (maybe a few hundred calories under your maintenance) to keep that lean look year round while still being able to maintain this. What are your summer hacks to maintaining fitness? Travelling taker-up a big part of my summer so I need to find a routine that I can do from anywhere which is why I love my dumbbell only and bodyweight workouts. Keeping them short and effective so I am always sticking to 45 minutes of movement each day. Choosing foods that are going to

What advice would you give to anyone who is struggling to find time to work out? Workout at home. My app makes this so much fun and it takes away the traffic to the gym or your class and also just makes everything so much more accessible and quicker. You can be done in 20-30 or 45 minutes, and everyone can make time for that. Stop scrolling on your phone when you wake up or skip 30 minutes of TV of an evening and just try find a time where you can put your body first.

What is your take on cheat meals? Cheat meals is a bit of a toxic phrase in my opinion because it brings guilt or some kind of bad negative feeling around food. A meal is just a meal, some more nutritious than others. I always tell my clients, friends and family the best way to incorporate balance into your life if to have what you fancy in moderation. If you fancy some chocolate, have some rather than waiting until your chest day and bingeing on way more than just that small piece of chocolate you were craving.

keep me energised and sticking to the 80-20 rule where I keep 80 per cent of my diet as whole foods and 20 per cent as soul foods.

Tell us about the Black Fitness App? How do you stay consistent during your travel? I use my app (Courtney Black app) as all our workouts are either bodyweight or dumbbell and you can follow along live. These workouts make fitness so much more accessible and enjoyable.

What are some easy exercises for long-haul flights? Sitting down for long periods of time is no good for our bodies so it’s really important we get them moving but also stay in tune with our bodies while doing so. I would opt for a long walk the morning after or the evening you land if you can and then the next day grab some medium dumbbells and get a 45-minute full body sweat on and really focus on warming up and mobilising your body beforehand to get into that lower back, hips and anywhere that may feel stiff post flight.

It can be hard to find the drive to work out – what keeps you motivated? Motivation doesn’t come easy and there is nothing worse than feeling demotivated but motivation comes from results and unfortunately they aren’t going to happen if you do not make a change and take the first step. A workout is always easier five minutes in when you have actually started. The hardest part is getting going, remember why you want to workout and how it makes you feel after.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this Summer? I am back in London for a week to see my family and then heading to Paris for the weekend. From there, I am staying in Spain for a few weeks before heading on my birthday trip to Italy with my partner. We are then heading to Greece with his family and finally south of France for me and my mum's annual summer trip. Lots of travelling so lots of hotel workouts and outside workouts too! I cannot wait to relax, workout hard and enjoy some beautiful food.

“The best way to stay in shape year-round is to find a workout routine that you love and actually enjoy doing”



Dubai’s best Pilates studios for a toned summer body


This exclusive boutique Pilates studio promises a mind, body and soul workout. The experience with Reformer Pilates, Cadillac, mat pilates is for all levels to tone, lengthen and strengthen the core. Led by a team of qualified instructors, the studio boasts a calm, relaxing and inclusive environment. Located in Golden Mile, Building 4, Palm Jumeirah and Downtown. Prices start at Dhs1,300 for 10 classes. thisisposture.com

Blended Wellness

This multi-wellness destination offers a sanctuary of wellbeing with its state-of-the-art Pilates studio at Blended Fit. The well-trained instructors help guests experience jaw dropping views of Dubai’s skyline, making this an incredible space to workout and also enjoy a healthy post-workout beverage. The packages are priced at Dhs600 for a five-pack class. Located at The Dukes, The Palm Jumeirah. blendedwellness.com

Reform Athletica

This boutique fitness studio caps classes at 10 to 16 people and has four signature classes: The Reform Method, TRX Athletica, RA Yoga and Kettle Form. All complements one another and each class aims to give every person a workout that will make an impact. Inspired by the global fitness scene, the classes are 45-50 minutes long and do not distinguish between skill levels; beginners and advanced participants are all equally welcome and no prior experience is required for any class. As a cross between an intimate fitness studio and an art gallery, the space truly feels like home. A single class is priced at Dhs133 and the five class package is priced at Dhs643. Located in Villa 40, 165a, Jumeira 1, it’s open at various times during the week. reformathletica.com

Sol Pilates

This well-equipped Pilates studio offers everything from Reformer and pre-natal expertise to providing its guests with a vibrant haven to learn and grow. Curated for ladies only, the packages are available upon request. Sol Pilates is lcoated in the heart of Mirdif 35, street 60C. solpilates.ae

The Hundred Wellness Centre

With a team of certified instructors who use a combination of mat and reformer Pilates and other equipment, customers can achieve their fitness goals in no time. The Pilates method is at the core with intimate mat classes, equipment classes, the Cadillac (Trapeze table), poles, reformers and Pilates chairs. With both ladies-only and private one-to-one sessions, instructors ensure the core which is your powerhouse can be used to move the body weight with the spring-loaded carriage. A single session, group Pilates class is priced at Dhs140, and a package of five sessions valid for two months is priced at Dhs650, additionally a private session is priced at Dhs400. Located in Villa21, 53b Street, Jumeirah 1. thehundred.ae

Studio 14

This boutique fitness studio offers 50-minute Pilates Reformer sessions available for people of all ages and fitness levels. As a holistic fitness get-away, the intimate space combines traditional contemporary exercises and focuses on building a strong core, ensuring each customer feels strong, stretched and connected. This eco-friendly concept has Pilates reformer classes with level 1 and level 2, with one group class priced at Dhs140, and the five class package priced at Dhs400, while the private reformer Pilates is priced at Dhs420. studio.ae

The Beauty Shelf

Anita Patrickson, founder of AMANU Studio, shares her hero beauty buys

Lip Sleeping Mask – Berry

Dhs95 Laneige

I love this sleep lip mask. It adds a tint to my lips and keeps them really hydrated, it also smells delicious.

Diorshow Maximizer 4D Lash

Primer Serum Dhs175 Dior

I love applying this under my mascara. I find that my lashes feel healthier, and it also makes my mascara work better and plumps the lashes up nicely.

Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin

Perfector Dhs240 Laura Mercier

I have been wearing this same tinted moisturizer for about 15 years, it’s the perfect shade for my skin. It has SPF30 but it’s

light enough that you can still see freckles and doesn’t look like you are wearing foundation. It evens the skin tone and adds a gorgeous dewy glow.

Pillow Talk Push Up

Lashes Mascara Dhs118

Charlotte Tilbury

I could only have one make up item in my bag it would be mascara. This one really pushes and plumps up my lashes and opens my eyes.

Luminescent Eye Shades

Dhs213 Chantecaille

This shade in this shimmery bronze-y brown donates to a giraffe foundation in Africa, where I am from, and gives you the most gorgeous copper-y eye that you can wear from day to night.

Neroli Natural Stick Deodorant

Dhs105 Corpus

This water-based, long-lasting formula is gentle on underarms with its minimal packaging.

Agnes Nail Polish

Dhs81 J. Hannah

They have the chicest colours, whilst I love a classic OPI red, there is something special about the J Hannah polishes that have subtle hues.

Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil Dhs291 Mara Beauty

It’s one of the cleanest but most hardworking face oils I have found. It really penetrates deep into the skin; I love slathering it on overnight as well as under my moisturisers during the day.

Medium Hair Shampoo 300ml for Dhs126 OUAI

Their brand is highly effective with a fragrant touch. Washing my hair has become such a treat and is something I look forward to.

The Summer Reset




Located amidst the lushness of the protected island of Bang Krachao in Bangkok, guests can indulge in a superlative wellness experience in a nature-immersive setting. The luxurious private villas are designed with every detail crafted for relaxation and rejuvenation and come with all the creature comforts of a hotel.


The property’s commitment to wellness extends to the nutrition experiences during your stay, encouraging nourishment of the body from inside out. Delight in tailored meal plans and dietary advice from RAKxa’s nutritionists, with dishes inspired by the wisdom of Thai and international cuisines.


Each programme is mapped to RAKxa’s five pillars of wellness: exercise, diet, stress

management, rest and relaxation. For those looking for an intense body reset, the 10day Weight Management Programme entails a synergistic blend of 50 treatments, 14 consultations and health diagnostics, complemented daily with a tailored meal plan. Personalised exercises and treatments include cold therapy and the use of metabolism-boosting IV infusion that play a significant role in enhancing your energy. RAKxa brings together a well-rounded support system. For the Weight Management Programme, there’s a full team of 7 specialists working in-house whose job is dedicated to optimise your stay and deliver a best-in-class wellness experience.


Beyond weight loss, mind, body and soul are nurtured by RAKxa’s time-honoured tradition and healing treatments. From innovative to holistic, guests can experience treat-

ments like infrared sauna, body contouring with Indiba – or for a natural approach, therapies such as acupuncture, Ayurvedic body detox for the removal of toxins, and body firming and lymphatic drainage massage to support your body’s natural healing processes and reduce stress.

If a Euro summer retreat also entices you, RAKxa’s exclusive seasonal Wellness Retreats extends to its partner property, Castelfalfi Resort in Tuscany. This summer, the Optimal Fitness Retreat includes revitalizing experiences such as natural hikes and a nourishing cuisine showcasing seasonal summer truffles.

Prices for a 10-day Weight Management Programme at RAKxa Thailand start from US$11,621. rakxawellness.com @rakxawellness


Pritika Swarup,




of Prakti Beauty, on her morning to evening beauty routine COMPILED

Talk us through your morning routine. I love my morning rituals. Despite not being a natural early riser, I ensure I have two to three hours to myself before beginning my workday. My routine starts with a five-minute meditation and a few breathing exercises, followed by a low-impact workout like Pilates or CorePower Yoga. Afterward, I prepare my CCF tea (cumin, coriander, and fennel) at home – it’s my favourite detox drink. Then I do my skincare routine, starting with Solawave red light therapy and continuing with my daily 4-step skincare regimen (RaniRitual) from Prakti. This routine keeps my skin healthy and radiant! SundaSkin Serum and SapnaSoft

Moisturizer are the perfect base for makeup. How does your evening routine differ? My evenings are dedicated to spending time with the people I love. I make it a priority to have a date night at least once a week. My evening beauty routine also starts with RaniRitual, but it’s more indulgent because I love incorporating a mask. Depending on my skin’s needs, I use either a detox or moisture mask. Lately, with all my traveling, I’ve been using Prakti’s MahaMask Pampering Moisture Treatment three to four times a week. Additionally, I practice Abyangha massage with coconut oil all over my body for improved circulation.

What are your go-to skincare products?

I use Prakti’s SundaSkin hydrating serum two to three times a day. This unique all-in-one formula immediately absorbs deeply into the skin, making it the perfect daytime makeup primer. It’s my go-to evening serum and a glow booster for my chest and arms. I always carry it with me! For summer, I love the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Balm Sunscreen Stick. It is an ultra-clean skincare product that’s easy to take anywhere for follow-up applications. I regularly apply sunscreen throughout the day, especially in the summer.

Clockwise from top left:

Wind Flowers Eau de Parfum Dhs1,220 Creed; No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 100ml Dhs145 Olaplex; Multi-Stick Dhs146 Ilia; The Essential Hydrating Serum Dhs243 SundaSkin; Holiroots Hair Oil 55ml Dhs155 Fable & Mane; Diorshow On Set Brow Brow Mascara Dhs130 Dior Beauty

Are you a fan of masks? Yes, I love to mask – it’s a nice way to show a little extra love to yourself. I use Prakti’s PaviPure warming detox mask at least twice weekly to unclog my pores and remove impurities while resetting my skin. It’s super hydrating, creamy, and doesn’t dry at all, so there’s no irritation or tightness afterward. It also has a warming sensation, so it feels like I’m at the spa! How would you describe your approach to makeup? My approach to makeup is minimal and effortless, focusing on accentuating my natural features. I always use clean skincare first makeup products and love Saie and Tower28.

What can always be found in your makeup bag? I always have the Ilia MultiStick with me, which is perfect for blush, lip touch-ups, and highlighting. I also never go anywhere without my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Shiseido Eyelash Curler, Dior Clear Eyebrow Gel, and Charlotte Tilbury Powder. Which fragrances are your current signatures? I love all Phlur scents, especially Solar Power. I’ve been following the brand for some time and appreciate the stories behind each fragrance.

How do you select your evening fragrance? I use Creed’s Wind Flowers in the evening. The combination of sweet jasmine, orange

blossom, sandalwood, and iris is beautiful. The aroma is sophisticated, with a rich, floral sweetness balanced by warm undertones. Talk us through your hair routine. I wash my hair with Ouai Detox Shampoo or Vegamour Growth Shampoo and use the Olaplex hair mask. After my shower, I use Fable & Mane’s post-wash hair oil. Prakti and Fable & Mane even created a MahaMoment collab between Prakti’s MahaMask and Fable & Mane’s MahaMane since I love this product so much. What is the most unusual item in your makeup bag? I always carry a lighter in my makeup bag! I use a little heat on my eyelash curler to keep my eyelashes curled and lifted for longer.



Creative and entrepreneur, Nat Morcos, shares her quick-fire recommendations for architecture, culture, and gastronomy that showcase Mexico City at its best and finest




SOHO House

Mexico City

Nat’s Travel Notes: “This newly opened outpost is absolutely breathtaking. It has only four rooms so if you are a member and are lucky, you can spend a couple of nights there. It’s fantastic for people watching by the pool on weekends or evening cocktails with friends around its multiple indoor and outdoor bars.”

SOHO House Mexico City
Four Seasons Mexico City

Four Seasons Mexico City

Nat’s Travel Notes: “An epitome of classic 5-star luxury, the hacienda style property has a beautiful garden and excellent spa. It is located right in the busiest part of Reforma and in front of magical Chapultepec Park, where all major museums are located.”


Nat’s Travel Notes: “For design-oriented boutique style hospitality institutions choose La Valise Hotel, Brick Hotel, Pug Seal Anatole France, Nima Local House, or my favourite Casa Izeba.”

Four Seasons Mexico City
La Valise Hotel
Casa Estudio Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo


Orinoco Taqueria, Passilo de Humo, Churreria El Moro, Pujol

Nat’s Travel Notes: “You need to book a few weeks ahead to secure a reservation at MichelinStar restaurant Pujol – the hottest table in CDMX.”


Rosetta, Meroma, Maximo Bistrot, and Taverna

Nat’s Travel Notes: “Taverna is a must on the agenda for its breathtaking design.”



Museo Frida Kahlo; Floating Gardens of Xochimilco; and Pyramids of Teotihuacan

Nat’s Travel Notes: “The best way to see and experience the Pyramid of Teotihuacan is via hot air balloon.”


Roma Condesa and Polanco art galleries; Soumaya, Tamayo, Museo Jumex and Anthropology Museum; Fundacion Casa Wabi Sabino; and Casa Gilardi

Nat’s Travel Notes: “Casa Gilardi is the last house designed by Louis Barragan – book an appointment in advance!”


Kurimanzutto Gallery; Tlacuilo Library; Jamaica Flower Market; Pastelería Ideal; Tetetlan; and Chic by Accident

Nat’s Travel Notes: “Make sure to book an appointment before you visit Chic by Accident – it’s an incredible shoppable design gallery.”


Mastering the art of effortless airport chic – take notes from these chic women



I’ve developed somewhat of a uniform dress code when it comes to travel. Years ago, I found the best tailored trousers from Toteme (no longer available) which don’t wrinkle, so they serve as the perfect base for any outfit. As long as the trouser is a good length, has an interesting shape and doesn’t wrinkle, it’s perfect. I usually pair it with a long-sleeved crop shirt from Wardrobe.NYC; the weight of the fabric is great because it doesn’t lose its shape while travelling. I like to add a cool sneaker that adds contrast to the outfit, and it’s usually the flow runner by Loewe. I get cold in airports, so I always add a dark blazer as well. Matching separates are also a great outfit to pair under a blazer, as long as it’s a non-wrinkle fabric. You probably won’t find me travelling in a hoodie and sweatpants. And, of course, an oversized bag.


Pressed-crease wide-leg trousers Dhs1,637 Toteme

Cotton Jersey top Dhs454 Wardrobe.NYC
Tailored Suit Jacket in Wool Blend Dhs2,700
Parachute large intrecciato leather shoulder bag Dhs20,850 Bottega Veneta
Paula’s Ibiza Flow logo-appliquéd shell, suede and leather sneakers Dhs3,100 Loewe




When it comes to travel, the absolute most important thing to me is comfort. However, comfort doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. I’m a very early packer as I like to prepare each outfit for the trip in advance (this way, I not only save space in my suitcase, but I also save myself time and avoid stress by having it all pre-planned). A typical travel day will first start with me preparing my skin before the flight. As the flight is filled with dry air, I personally believe it’s better to do your skincare before, as the dry air draws out moisture from the skin and pores. I load up on moisturizer and SPF and then head to the airport. When choosing an outfit, I find that a set is always a great option because not only are they extremely comfortable, but they also look more put together. A very important element to airport style for me is layering. You can never tell if the plane is going to be cold or warm, and the weather when you land in your destination might be different to where you took off from, so I always believe that having layers to take off or put on is crucial.

Zip-up drawstring hoodie Dhs4,850

Trunk Dhs7,790 Rimowa
530 Low-top Sneakers in Mesh Dhs550 New Balance
Gala high-rise wide leg cady pants
Dhs4,273 The Row
Ribbed cotton top Dhs3,100 Valentino



When it comes to airport style for me, comfort is key; cosy layers and cashmere socks are a must. If it’s a daytime flight, I usually opt for a co-ord, for an easy look to feel comfortable yet still feel put together. For a red-eye flight, my go-to is soft leggings with trainers, and an oversized hoodie to stay warm.

Dhs2,405 Toteme

Dhs2,251 Toteme

Dhs410 N.

Monogram silk pyjama shirt
Monogram silk pyjama trousers
Harvey logo-print sweatshirt Dhs836
Anine Bing
The New York tote bag Dhs2,270 DeMellier
Cable-knit cashmere socks


For me, airport style is all about combining comfort with style. I love mixing really comfortable tracksuit bottoms, with fitted t-shirts and then adding a cool structured coat, handbag and a great pair of sunglasses.

Olympia Single-breasted Blazer in Vegan Leather
Dhs1,550 The Frankie Shop
Gravel suede, leather and shell sneakers
Dhs3,360 Gianvito Rossi
HB Track Pants Dhs1,850 Wardrobe.NYC
Archetypes embroidered cotton-jersey T-shirt
Dhs1,770 Alaïa
Symbole Butterfly Sunglasses in Acetate
Dhs1,630 Prada

For me, a vacation begins the moment I step into an airport, and that means my summer style has to be on point from the start. When it comes to short-haul flights, jeans are my go-to. However, for summer travel, my outfit needs to be both comfortable and instantly chic as soon as I land. I always bring an oversized beach bag or tote. It saves me from packing extra and carries all my in-flight essentials. This summer, my travels span across Europe, so my airport look has to be versatile, transitioning from travel to vacation mode. I love a loafer that pairs perfectly with a dress while on holiday, and I always bring a light cardigan for the flight, which can be draped over my shoulders for a chic look. My go-to sunglasses are an oversized 70’s style, perfect for wearing throughout my trip. I aim for a casual, undone yet curated look that blends comfort with style.

Gabriel Sunglasses
Linda Farrow
Kris striped openknit cotton cardigan Dhs486 Varley
Marcelle cotton tapered cargo pants
Dhs1,309 Citizens of Humanity
Olivia Hobo Large Raffia Bag
Dhs7,750 Khaite
Penny Loafers in Suede Dhs4,350 Miu Miu
“In Dubai, matcha is spreading its influence as a superfood”


What inspired you to The Matcha Tokyo? I have been familiar with Japanese tea since I was a child, but I became interested in it particularly after spending many years abroad; with my great appreciation of Japanese cuisine, I became interested in learning more about it it. I visited Japan’s tea producing regions to learn more and was especially captivated with the profundity of organic cultivation, which begins with the preparation of clean water, clear air and fertile soil. This experience inspired me to want to spread the deliciousness and magnificence of Japanese cuisine to the world. Talk us through the concept. We are a lifestyle brand that offers high-quality matcha, which has great benefits for health and beauty, in a modern manner.

What are some of the key dishes and beverages to try at The Matcha Tokyo? We would like you to try all our wide variety of matcha drinks and food, but our signature menu items are straight matcha and matcha latte. Each cup of straight matcha is prepared in a ceremonial performance, which you can enjoy watching in-store. Matcha Latte is our most popular item, made with rich matcha and high-quality Japanese brown sugar. We take pride in producing an authentic matcha taste in our Matcha Latte, fitting for a matcha specialty store.

Matcha has an array of health benefits for your skin – name a few. Matcha contains a lot of catechin, which has antibacterial and antioxidant properties, making it excellent for anti-aging and beauty. It is also rich in vitamins, which are excellent for beautifying the skin, as well as rich in dietary fiber, which is good for intestinal health. With rich nutrients, matcha makes you beautiful from the inside out.

What are some of the health benefits of The Matcha in the long run? Matcha also contains theanine, an amino acid that has a relaxing effect on the brain, thus making it good for daily “mental health” as well as “brain health”, as the theanine activates the brain, improving cognitive function and

lessening tension; these are very important and welcome benefits.

Tell us about some unique offerings at The Matcha Tokyo? Our drinks are unique, combining matcha with different ingredients, such as matcha and coffee, matcha and fruit, matcha and protein. Each menu item is made with the concept of enjoying matcha beautifully and healthily, so we hope you can enjoy them while keeping that in mind.

Tell us where your matcha is sourced from? The Matcha Tokyo creates its own unique blends of matcha from carefully selected tea leaves grown in Kagoshima Prefecture, Uji City in Kyoto Prefecture, and Shizuoka Prefecture. The tea leaves are carefully prepared with delicate craftsmanship in an isolated natural setting.

Can you expand on how the traditional Japanese tea ceremony relates (or doesn’t) to matcha? The ‘Tea Ceremony’ is performed in a formalized room with specialised tools, selected artwork, and ritualised flow. The

host and guest(s) respect each other and the space during tea ceremony, upholding this ritual and completing the space. Japanese food and sweets are served, but the main character is “matcha”. The ceremony itself is called tea ceremony, whereas learning about this ritual is called “Sado”. Sado incorporates Japanese spirituality and is a unique traditional Japanese art, so it has attracted attention from overseas.

How has the love for Matcha in new regions developed in recent years? Matcha is recognised as a healthy drink primarily due to its green colour, but aside from its appearance is great for beauty and health. In Dubai, it is spreading its influence as a superfood. Matcha is delicious, nutritious, and comes in a powder form that is easy for processing, so it has the potential to be used in many different ways: as a food, a supplement, and more. Furthermore, because matcha is excellent for brain and mental health, we believe that the future of matcha is for it to be consumed as a part of daily routine: at home with family and friends, not just at cafes.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this Summer? I plan on going to the great outdoors for a digital detox.

The Matcha Tokyo’s Co-founder, Masahiro Nagata, on bringing a niche matcha concept to the city


WORDS: SARAH JOSEPH Rachid Bakas, General Manager at Anantara Santorini Abu Dhabi Retreat shares how they have delivered the best of Greece on our doorstep

“The Santorini inspiration is in every detail of the architecture,

Talk us through the concept of Anantara Santorini Retreat Abu Dhabi? The resort is, as its name indicates, inspired by the Greek island of Santorini. To any guest arriving at the retreat, it will instantly feel familiar: the Santorini inspiration is in every detail of the architecture, the angles, and the pristine white walls. Yet, at the same time, the hotel feels unique in the hospitality landscape of the UAE through its architecture, design, and boutique feel. It leaves behind

the superficial and the grandiose for refined, personal, and intimate luxury. At Anantara Santorini, the choice of materials, the attention to detail, the personalisation in the service, and the genuine connection are all designed to create an intimate, personalised luxury experience.

There’s also 24/7 access to a butler who can arrange snorkeling excursions and beach picnics – what are the services offered? Every resort guest has 24/7 access to their own

butler. They embody the personal service we strive to offer. For them, it’s all about you and only you. They provide that human touch, the genuine connection that is what luxury is all about and that creates lasting memories. You succeed as a luxury resort when people come back to you for the genuine care and attention you provided them and when you create an emotional connection. Our butlers are the personification of that connection. They can arrange

the angles, and the pristine white walls”

snorkelling expeditions, paddleboarding or yoga sessions upon the request of the guest amongst other personalised services.

Can the property be booked for weddings? If so, tell us more. Anantara Santorini provides the perfect intimate setting for a wedding: the beauty of the place, the perfect beach for a sunset backdrop, the enchanting cuisine, and the team to take care of everything; you have all your bases covered from the start. Special moments are enhanced by the sapphire sea

backdrop against the whitewashed elegance of our resort. But more than that, it’s about having the ability to have the whole hotel dedicated to your special day, to book the whole place for you and your loved ones on your special day.

The luxurious spaces have a refined décor with soft, neutral furnishing – tell us about the interiors. To immerse themselves in the project, the designers visited the island before starting any design, they walked around Thira and Oía, drove to the highest point of the island, and visited the historic ruins at Akrotiri, absorbing the colours of the buildings, architectural details, and wandering through the streets and alleyways.

The challenge always lies in translating the charm and quirky features typical of Santorini’s small houses and rooms into the larger hotel spaces without compromising the design.

The result is winding corridors and intriguing hallways guiding you on a journey through the buildings, where textured walls with niche lighting add shadows and depth to the white rendered walls, while the bedrooms are light, fresh, and uncluttered, yet luxurious in their simplicity. The decorations throughout the resort were meticulously sourced from designs and collaborations with various individual, artists and boutique companies from Europe to ensure a successful replication of the original inspiration. Most of the furniture and art are bespoke and specifically designed for the unique spaces within the property. What are the culinary options that the resort has to offer? Oia Oasis is a celebration of Moorish cuisine, mixing Arabic and Moroccan influences, from fragrant morning coffee and sweet pastries to afternoon banquets of tapas and mezze. Thalassa is a sophisticated and flowing venue that envelopes diners in the joyful Mediterranean ambience. Gentle harmonies float through the cordial space, where classic dishes of Greece, Italy, and beyond are conjured from the freshest fish, mouthwatering meats, and colourful farmto-fork fruits. Beyond the restaurants, Anantara Santorini invites its guests to savour unforgettable moments at exclusive and individually curated Designer Dining at various spectacular locations throughout the resort. What are some Greek traditions that guests can experience during their stay? Sunset in Santorini is a special moment when everyone on the island stops for a moment and enjoys one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Every evening, we invite our guests to celebrate the end of the day by toasting a magical sunset on the Arabian Gulf, a tribute to the legendary Santorini with our Greek Mountain tea sunset ritual: an infusion of herbs imported from Greece, presented to all our guests for a serene moment of enchanting sunset relaxation. The cinema is a hidden activity – how many people can it seat? The cinema can host all the guests in the hotel. It has as many larger and plush two-seater sofas as we have

rooms in the hotel, with one larger for the Royal Suite, of course. So, in total, the cinema can host 44 guests.

How expansive is this boutique hotel? How many rooms are there in total? Anantara Santorini consists of three buildings along a 500 metre sandy beach: Agora, Chronos, and Aetheria. It has 21 rooms and one Royal suite. There are 10 rooms in Agora and Aetheria, while Chronos hosts the Royal Suite, one adjacent room, the Spa, the Gym, Oia Oasis and Thalassa.

The property offers the perfect escape – what are some of the spa treatments offered to unwind? A testament to the hotel’s Greek heritage, the Island Lava Shells Massage melts away tense muscles when these heated, natural shells release calcium ions directly to the skin. Boosting blood circulation, they allow deeper relaxation via their miraculous heating system. The Traditional Thai Massage is a tribute to Anantara’s Asian origins, using specific technique, which is passed down through the generations, known to many as ‘passive yoga’, our expert therapists will alleviate stresses and strains, allowing you to enjoy a wealth of stretching, flexibility, and vitality benefits. A dry massage in a loose cloth is performed without the oil.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this summer? Summer, for my family and me, is the time to go home to Morocco, my home country, to rejuvenate, recharge, and spend time with loved ones we see too rarely. This year, I think we will also organise a trip to Chefchaouen, the blue town.


Why Banyan Tree’s Alizée emulates the ultimate Southern French Flair by adding to the holiday mood



Step into a summer paradise at Alizée, where the charm of the French Riviera comes to life in the heart of Dubai. Whether you prefer to indulge in the refined interiors or soak up the sunshine on the terrace, accentuated with saffron-hued umbrellas and bohoinspired shell chandeliers, every corner of Alizée promises an enchanting experience. Immerse yourself in the epitome of sophistication and style with each passing moment.


Guests can start by exploring invigorating salads like the Salade de Chou Frisee ed d’Avocat, a delightful blend of kale, avocado, cucumber, zesty orange, and sweet pomegranate. Alternatively, you can opt for the timeless classic, Niçoise, each salad meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients to evoke the sun-kissed flavours of the region.

It’s open daily for breakfast from 7am to 11am and lunch and dinner daily from 12pm to 11pm. It’s situated in the heart of Bluewaters Island at Banyan Tree, Dubai.


+ Paula’s Ibiza Puzzle Fold large leather-trimmed raffia tote Dhs7,850 Loewe

Triomphe Oval-Frame Acetate Sunglasses Dhs1,770 Celine Eyewear

Sasha Linen Wide-Leg Pants Dhs1,130 Staud

Seersucker Swimsuit Dhs748 Hunza G available at NET-A-PORTER

Embellished Silk Jacquard-Trimmed Faux Straw Visor Dhs2,650 Saint Laurent

Abako Leather Sandals Dhs897 K.Jacques Saint-Tropez

Cordella Gold-Plated Ring Dhs1,374 The Ysso
Eau de Toilette –Tam Dao, 100ml Dhs516 Diptyque

Making Waves

Chef Izu Ani on his gastronomic adventures and how he’s captured the relaxed charm of South of France for his latest homegrown concept, Maison de la Plage


Maison de la Plage adds to your growing culinary portfolio. What sets this apart from your other concepts? Maison de la Plage is our home by the sea. I wanted to create a space where people can let go, breathe, play, share fresh, light dishes and truly connect with the elements. The ocean connects us all, it encourages our playful sides and allows us to unwind. The space flows from the sea to comfortable sunbeds, daybeds and cabanas, a beach bar, swimming pool, and restaurant, to provide a haven for all. The restaurant transports you to Côte d'Azur. Can you define the inspiration behind its freespirited design it evokes and the elements that add to the ambience? The South of France is one of my favourite places in the world, its breathtaking nature and inviting energy invigorates me every time I visit. Our aim is to bring the laid-back elegance of the Côte d'Azur to Dubai, with elements from the quaint, idyllic villages and the sundrenched shores woven throughout Maison de la Plage. We wanted to create a romantic,

yet lively ambiance, where quality is paramount. We partnered with London-based design studio FirstWithin to bring our vision to life. The interior is adorned with bespoke rattan furniture, featuring unique prints that seamlessly blend with the natural beauty of the beach landscape.

Every part of Maison de la Plage was curated to enhance the connection between our guests and their coastal surroundings, with a fun, contemporary French touch. One of the key elements in our design is the playful use of patterns and colours. Throughout the space, you'll find dotted yacht motifs, which

“To this day, my travels and experiences continue to shape my understanding of cuisine and have enabled me to translate this through the menus I work on”

serve as a delightful reminder of the picturesque villages in the south of France. These patterns were designed to evoke a sense of coastal tranquility.

What does the culinary journey experience look like? A home from home, Maison de la Plage is somewhere friends and families can enjoy at all hours. From serene breakfasts overlooking the sea, to long lunches in the sunshine and dinners with loved ones. We wanted to create a space that feels welcoming and wonderful at any time of day. Our dishes are a constant flow of evolution and information. When developing new dishes and creating menus, we always start with the inspiration – we ask ourselves who is this dish for, why are we creating it, how and when will it be enjoyed. We aim to create a seamless transition between the outdoor oasis and the indoor dining area, to ensure a flexible and comfortable experience. The menu encapsulates the seaside sophistication of the French Riviera. What are the key standout dishes? One of my favourite parts of the menu is the selection of fresh market crudités. We serve crisp, seasonal vegetables in a beautiful basket alongside a selection of dips. It is the perfect dish to share with the table, and a lovely start to a meal. I also recommend choosing fresh fish from La Poissonerie and having it cooked exactly to preference alongside baked vegtables. The beauty of the menu is that it caters for different experiences, so if I’m spending the day by the beach and want to eat on the sunbeds, we will order a selection of Pizzas, a few Izu Burgers to share and end each meal with ice cream. The menu was designed to be shared between friends and loved ones, whether they would prefer a light bite or a nourishing meal. Where did your flair for French-inspired culinary creations begin? How deeply connected are you in terms of influence? When I was at the beginning of my career, I spent a lot of time in France and absorbed everything I could about the culture and cuisine. It is where I met my wife, and it gave me a wider spectrum of knowledge and understanding. I believe that in life, we do have to invest our

time, effort and dedication to ourselves and our passions. To this day, my travels and experiences continue to shape my understanding of cuisine and have enabled me to translate this through the menus I work on. It is important to respect the culture that each dish takes inspiration from, to take our time to learn and understand their traditions.

Food is at the core of every country. By understanding the culture, we have the privilege of knowing how to extract the experience and tell each story from the source. My aim in life is to keep adding to my life journey through food and to be able to share this with people who are as keen as I am to explore how we can push the limits of creativity.

At the heart of it is Le Marché, inspired by the bustling French market – tell us more about this space. Le Marché is one of my favourite parts of Maison de la Plage. When I was first starting out as a Chef, I moved to a lovely

little town in France. Every morning, I would visit the market to choose fresh ingredients to prepare that day, and I loved every moment. It was such a beautiful start to the morning. There is something so exquisite about sourcing fresh produce, and choosing our ingredients before we prepare and enjoy them. I first met my wife at that market over 20 years ago now. For an entire year, I continued to visit the little shop she worked in, hoping to see her. Finally, on my birthday, I mustered up the nerve to ask her out on a date. To my delight, she agreed, and that moment marked the beginning of our journey together. Le Marché is my heartfelt homage to that pivotal encounter. It serves as a reminder of the incredible power of chance meetings and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

You’re very hands-on and built everything yourself from the outset. What did this teach

you? Having the freedom to create is really important to me, it allows me to keep expanding and growing without the fear of stagnation. When we work with passion, we can enjoy the art of dedication and practice. By focusing on improving every single day, we can see how much there is to achieve and really embrace the process. I believe that the milestones are often found in the small moments. I find the most pride and pleasure when I am consistent and striving towards my goals every day.

What have been the biggest challenges you’ve encountered and how did you overcome them? If we look at our circumstances as opportunities instead of obstacles, we can positively impact our mindsets. Experience cannot just be about ‘what went right’ – success is what we celebrate, mistakes are what we learn from – in all aspects of life. There is a lesson in every situation, and challenges give us valuable knowledge that we may not have been aware of otherwise. The trick is to pay attention. It is all information, and information is everything. The more we know, the greater our spectrum of understanding, which leads us to better opportunities and experiences.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where are you escaping to this summer? This year, one of our goals was to expand internationally and take our home-grown concepts from Dubai to the world. This summer, I am so excited to spend time in our latest restaurants in London, Marbella, and Monaco, and truly embed ourselves within the local communities there.

This summer will also see the launch of GAIA in Miami, which I am really looking forward to. It is so humbling to see our concepts in different countries around the world. My focus is to ensure we provide the same level of service in every location and ensure everyone enjoys their experience.

“My aim in life is to keep adding to my life journey through food and to be able to share this with people who are as keen as I am to explore how we can push the limits of creativity”


This summer, escape the ordinary and discover the tranquil gems crafted for ultimate indulgence


The UAE offers a kaleidoscope of experiences beyond the dazzling metropolis of Dubai. From breathtaking Aegean-inspired retreats to captivating desert adventures, these luxurious gems promise an unforgettable experience.


Halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi lies the Anantara Santorini Abu Dhabi Retreat, an adults-only sanctuary channeling the serenity of the Greek isles. Imagine waking up to endless sea views stretching from every room, a vision realised here thanks to the resort’s beachfront location. Unwind in unparalleled privacy, where immaculate white aesthetics and plush furnishings create a soothing ambiance. Take a dip in the temperaturecontrolled pool or stroll directly onto the pristine beach for a dose of vitamin sea. Indulge in impeccable service, including dedicated butler care for some, ensuring a truly effortless escape. @anantarasantorini



Deep within the heart of the Empty Quarter, the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort beckons adventure seekers and relaxation

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The Chedi Al Bait, Sharjah; Bab Al Shams Desert Resort; Right page: Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

aficionados alike. Embrace the captivating beauty of the world’s largest sand desert with exhilarating camel encounters and thrilling desert adventures. Alternatively, unwind by the poolside, the perfect antidote to the desert heat. For the ultimate indulgence, choose a lavish villa boasting a private pool, personalised butler service, and an outdoor shower. @anantaraqasralsarab


Nestled amidst the golden dunes of the Arabian desert, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort offers a luxurious escape steeped in tradition. Waking up to an unending stretch of sand, the resort’s architecture resembles a fortified village. Take on thrilling desert adventures, from exhilarating camel rides to traditional archery sessions. For a culinary adventure, explore the resort’s diverse dining options, featuring both local specialties and international delicacies. @babalshamshotel


The Chedi Al Bait is a unique resort nestled amidst the Emirate’s largest historical preservation project. Step back in time as you enter a collection of meticulously restored heritage houses, once home to local families. The resort

seamlessly blends these structures with contemporary buildings, showcasing the rich history of Sharjah’s culture. Expect intricate woodwork, a testament to the region’s craftsmanship, alongside modern amenities thoughtfully integrated into the historic setting. The resort’s luxury bedrooms and suites offer a fusion of contemporary Asian influences and traditional Arabic design, a true reflection of Sharjah’s evolving cultural landscape. @thechedialbait



This intimate retreat, nestled amidst the captivating desert landscape of Abu Dhabi, offers a haven for rejuvenation. Step into a world of serene beauty, where the focus is on rebalancing your equilibrium and embarking on a personalised wellness journey. The resort’s architecture draws inspiration from classical dwellings, featuring timeless local details, traditional artwork, and Arabesque accents. Unwind in one of the 99 guest rooms or villas, each offering breathtaking desert vistas. A range of exceptional dining destinations ensures a culinary adventure, with each venue showcasing the panoramic desert beauty. @alwathbahotel


Six Senses Ibiza is a haven of relaxation on the magical Balearic Islands



Set on the tranquil northern tip of Ibiza, you not only arrive at a destination, but you also travel to a different frequency. Escape to a crystalline Cala Xarraca, where the 137 guest accommodations, residences, mansions, pool suites and beachfront caves are a meaningful setting for deep spiritual experiences rooted in the local culture, celebrating music, art, sustainable fashion, wellness, and spirituality that has become synonymous with the island.


Here you’ll find a farm-to-table ethos in each signature restaurant by tending and nurturing an organic farm, Can Tanca, in neighbouring Santa Gertrudis, as well as championing the best local farmers and fisherfolk. This exceptional, fresh produce feeds the kitchen and allows its chefs to create and prepare a mouthwatering offering of snacks, light bites, feasting menus and sharing platters inspired by Spain, Italy, and Latin America, to suit all occasions. Opt for moring breakfast on your balcony and you’ll feel renewed and totally at peace to start the day.


Create your own magical island retreat choosing from a rich schedule of wellness activities or join one of their spiritenhancing retreats led by international experts. The spa is next level in terms of aesthetics and has a 360 degree approcah to wellness, offering an an intuitive mix of science and human awareness, where a high-tech and high-touch approach defines a service that is crafted around you. From tailored treatments provided by global practitioners and expert yogic masters to functional fitness, anti-aging and multi-day Immersive Retreats, everything is centered around your needs. There are many ways to achieve wellness but at Six Senses, you are guided on a personalised path to growth and reconnection.




From places with a focus on gastronomy to those filled with character, Emirates Woman curates a tasteful edit of the latest and greatest spots. Here’s how and where to stay, dine, and spend all your summer days

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THE TOTAL RESET Ibiza, Spain –RoseBar Longevity at Six Senses Ibiza

For a wellness fix in a beautiful and rugged landscape setting. rosebarlongevity.com @rosebar. longevity

THE VIP SHOPPING Saint Tropez, France – Loro Piana at La Réserve à la Plage

For next-level shopping in a chic beach setting. lareserveplage.com @lareserve_plage


Umbria, Italy –Castello di Reschio

A stunning hotel in a sprawling estate worth booking a whole trip around. reschio.com @reschio

This page (from top left): Altro Paradiso, New York, USA; Ogata, Paris, France; Scorpios, Bodrum, Türkiye; Right page: Al Moudira, Luxor, Egypt


London, United Kingdom – Sessions Arts Club


Hamptons, USA –Il Buco Al Mare

For fresh, zingy seafood and Mediterranean fare in a casual setting in the heart of Amagansett. ilbuco.com @ilbucoalmare


Zurich, Switzerland –The Dolder Grand

An annual gourmet festival from July 2-7, 2024 for a once-in-alifetime Michelin-star epicurean experience. theepiccure.ch


Luxor, Egypt –Al Moudira

For a charming oasis to stay and revel in ancient architectural wonders. moudira.com @moudira_hotel

For culinary and creative delights, with a perfectly curated menu and contemporary art. sessionsartclub.com @sessionsartsclub


Bodrum, Türkiye –Scorpios

For a modernist-meets-eclectic stay and scenic sunset views with DJ sets and vinyls for vibes. scorpios.com/bodrum @ scorpios.bodrum


New York, USA –Altro Paradiso

For outdoor lunches with a contemporary twist on Italian cuisine plus, an impressive grape list. altroparadiso.com @ altroparadiso

This page (from top): Hotel Balzac, Paris, France; Galleria Borghese, Rome, Italy; Tuba Club, Marseille, France; Left page: Sessions Arts Club, London, UK


Paris, France – Ogata

An insider’s favourite Japanese hotspot with an open-kitchen fine-dining experience plus, an exhibition space for ancient and contemporary art. ogata. com/paris @ogata.official


Rome, Italy –Galleria Borghese

In partnership with Fendi, Louise Bourgeois’ Unconscious Memories exhibition, on view from June to September 2024, for a shift of perspective. galleriaborghese.beniculturali.it


Paris, France –Hotel Balzac

A new chic and cosy boutique hotel that champions style and charm. hotelbalzac.paris @hotelbalzacparis


Marseille, France –Tuba Club

A Le Corbusier-inspired destination for an off-the-beaten path summer adventure. tubaclub.com @tuba.club

The Latest Outpost

Rainer Becker, the Co-Founder of Zuma Restaurants, on launching the new beachside Zuma in Cannes

Talk us through your background. Growing up in Germany, I honed my culinary skills in various kitchens, eventually joining the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cologne in 1989 where I began to work with Asian flavours. My career took a pivotal turn in 1992 when I became Executive Chef at the Park Hyatt Sydney, also earning the title of Executive Caterer of the Year. In 1994, I moved to the Park Hyatt Tokyo, where I launched five restaurants and immersed myself in Japanese culinary traditions for six years. The rich history and disciplined excellence of Japanese cuisine deeply inspired me. In 2001, a chance meeting with investor Arjun Waney led to the founding of Azumi Limited, and in 2002, Zuma London was born. Its success spurred the creation of Roka and Shochu Lounge two years later. Today, there are 24 ZUMAs and 12 ROKAs worldwide, in cities including Dubai, Hong Kong, and Miami. In 2013, I introduced Oblix at The Shard, offering a dual dining experience with upscale, sophisticated urban dining. Later, I launched Inko Nito in Soho, London, in 2018, an approachable, relaxed restaurant in Soho that serves as a great introduction to our brands. We are proud of what we have achieved and continue to work hard to expand the brand into new and exciting markets. What inspired you to launch Zuma Cannes? France has always been on our radar, and when the opportunity arose to open a Zuma at the prestigious Palm Beach in Cannes we jumped at the chance. Our other Mediterranean locations – Capri, Porto Cervo and Mykonos are hugely popular, so it felt like a natural progression. Cannes epitomises everything Zuma stands for – sophistication paired with a sense of infectious energy. Our new venue there has the most stunning view of the Cote d’Azur, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from day one. What are some of the key dishes to try at the restaurant. You can’t go wrong with any of the Zuma signatures, especially my all-time favourite dish, tori no tebasaki – chicken wings with sake, sea salt and lime. The tuna and salmon tartare with oscietra caviar is always a crowd pleaser, and for something sweet the exotic fruits pavlova with cherry blossom chantilly and mango sorbet is a

the authentic Japanese experience that we look to emulate. I think it’s one of the best places to sit in the restaurant, being directly in front of the chef means it’s the most advantageous spot for the full Zuma experience, relaxed and informal, plus you can’t book the counter – we always have a place for walk ins. The interiors have shades of blue in its furnishings – how is this an important element? The moment I touched down in the Cote D’Azur I was immediately inspired by the natural landscape. The blue details within the furniture at Zuma Cannes have been purposely curated to reflect the Mediterranean coastline. Everything about the design of the venue has been carefully considered so that the architecture and design blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Even the intricate lattice work integrates the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a continuous flow – it’s an ancient Japanese technique called ‘Shakkei’, meaning ‘borrowed landscape.’

The Palm Beach is a massive entertainment fun-filled haven – how did you decide this location? We could’ve never turned down the opportunity to have a restaurant in such an iconic and historic site, the location is second to none. We’re also in very good company in Palm Beach, with many of the other restaurants sharing in the same qualities and values as us.

perfect end to the meal during the summer months, and exclusive to Zuma Cannes.

The Zuma menu has evolved since its launch – could you elaborate? The Zuma menu has always kept its consistency on many levels as you will always find Zuma signature dishes on the menu of every location. However, we are always introducing new dishes to evolve the concept and take it to the next level, working with local produce in each new market we enter.

The restaurant is known for its beautifully crafted interiors – what was the creative process behind the space? The brand adheres to a classic, simple, and timeless design philosophy and the essence of Zuma is seen in the use of four natural materials: glass, granite, steel and wood. Our design philosophy mirrors our food philosophy – appreciating quality and never being over complicated.

One of the features I love the most is the entrance to the venue which runs through a low-ceiling tunnel, it’s a passageway intended to transition your mind from the mundane outside world and allows you to enter in both body and consciousness into the new surroundings. Zuma Cannes is truly one of a kind, and with an expansive terrace that overlooks the Mediterranean coastline it’s the perfect vantage spot to catch a sunset.

The restaurant has a full sushi and robata counter – how is this a crucial aspect of the experience? The sushi and robata counters are pivotal to the ethos of Zuma and provide

How do you feel that the expansion of Zuma has reflected on your sites in the UAE? Zuma Dubai and Zuma Abu Dhabi are institutions of the company, they both changed the culinary scenes in their respective cities and continue to provide the consistent service, food and drinks that the people of the UAE have welcomed over the past decade. This year we celebrated 10 years of Zuma Abu Dhabi – something we are very proud of and look forward to many more. Our UAE clientele is very loyal, and we have the pleasure of welcoming them into all our venues across Europe as they travel during the summer months. What is next for you? There’s no slowing down for us. The highly anticipated Zuma Beach House will open in Dubai and bring a fresh take on the beach club scene, and we also look forward to our largest restaurant to date opening later this year, Zuma Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. New projects will continue to take us across the globe, with our first venture into Central America with Zuma Cabo. Roka, the sister brand of Zuma, will continue its global expansion as it already has a stronghold in the GCC in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi and Dubai. This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you plan on travelling to this summer? We are blessed to have seasonal pop-up venues in so many amazing locations across Europe. I look forward to visiting our sites in Ibiza, Mykonos, Porto Cervo, Capri and Zuma Munich that has opened just in time for the EUROs. As well as this we opened Roka in Santorini for the first time this summer and I can’t wait to experience the view of the Caldera from the restaurant.

“Cannes epitomises everything Zuma stands for – sophistication paired with a sense of infectious energy”



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Encounter a blend of island luxury with vibrant city life for your seamless vacation. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort offers all the elements for a great escape – whether for days of seaside romantic bliss or fun-filled family adventure.

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