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Homestyle Favourites TJ’s Homemade Pancakes or Cinnamon French Toast

Single 3.50/ Double 5.50 / Triple 7.50 Add side of bacon, sausage or ham or bologna 3.99 Mixed berries or strawberries with whipped cream 3.50 TJ’s Country Kitchen Style

2 pancakes or French toast, with bacon, sausage, bologna or ham & 2 eggs any style, served with hashbrowns 11.99 Triple Hungryman Combo

3 eggs any style, 3 pancakes, French toast or toast, bacon and sausage, served with hashbrowns 13.99 The Ole Country Breakfast

Bacon, ham, sausage or bologna with 2 eggs any style, toast and hashbrowns 8.99, Half order 6.50 Two Eggs any style

with hashbrowns and toast 5.99

Eggs Benny A popular favorite!

Choose: Ham or Bacon, Spinach and Tomato or Spicy Smokies on a grilled english muffin with two poached eggs topped with hollandaise served with hash browns 10.99 half order 8.49 Spicy Jalapeno Smokies & Eggs

with toast and hashbrowns 9.49 Hamburger Steak & Eggs

with toast and hashbrowns 10.99 Steak & Eggs

with toast and hashbrowns 13.99 Eggs in a Nest Why have your eggs ON toast, when you can have them IN toast

2 Eggs nestled and grilled in 2 slices of bread served with hashbrowns and choice of bacon, bologna, ham, or sausage 9.99 Breakfast Bun for those on the run…

Scrambled or fried egg with shaved ham or bacon and grated cheese on a bun 4.99

Welcome to TJ’s Country Kitchen where we take pride in “doing it from scratch…” We offer homemade soup, pancakes and desserts and only using fresh ground beef to make our burger patties! All our meat is roasted right here, just like home! You can have any menu item any time of the day.

TJ’s Country Skillets 10.99 Skillets are filled with hashbrowns, your combo choice, topped with 3 scrambled or poached eggs and grated cheese… Meatlover (bacon, sausage & baked ham) Taco (spicy taco beef, jalapenos, salsa)

Light Breakfasts Yogurt Parfait

Layered yogurt, berries and granola 5.99 Oatmeal, Brown Sugar & Cream 4.99

Add to your Oatmeal -

Raisins & Cinnamon or Cranberries & Almonds or Bananas & Chocolate for 1.25

Benny (ham & hollandaise sauce)

Breakfast Sides

Veggie (mushrooms, tomatoes, green onion, peppers)

Bologna & Onion Hash with breakfast

Western (ham, tomatoes, green onion)

Breakfast Wraps 8.99 Your combo choice wrapped in a tortilla with hashbrowns, 2 scrambled eggs and cheddar…

add 2.50 / Full side Order 5.95

Smokies (Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Bologna) 3.99 Half order 2.00 Hashbrowns 3.75 / One Egg 1.25

Western (ham, tomatoes & green onion)

Toast 2.99 / Hollandaise Sauce 1.99

Taco (spicy taco beef, jalapenos & salsa)

Salsa or Sour Cream .75

Meatlovers (ham, sausage, bacon) Veggie (tomatoes, mushrooms, green onion & peppers)

3 Egg Omelet’s

with toast & hashbrowns, topped with cheese Supreme

(bacon, ham, tomato, mushroom, green onion) 10.99 Meatlovers (bacon, ham, sausage) 10.49 Western (ham, tomatoes, green onion) 9.99 Taco (spicy beef, jalapenos, salsa) 9.99 Veggie (mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, green onion) 9.79 Benny (ham & hollandaise sauce) Spinach & Tomato 9.99

Extra Veggies or Cheese 1.50 Side Tomatoes 2.00

Try our New…

Belgium Waffles The Original Waffle

with syrup & butter 5.99, half order 3.99 Berry Waffle

with Strawberries or Mixed Berries & whipped cream 7.99, Half Order 4.99 Banana Split Waffle

Strawberries, Bananas, Chocolate & whipped cream 9.99, Half Order 5.99

Ham & Broccoli 9.99 Ham & Cheese 9.49 Cheddar/ Mozza 7.99


Strawberries or Berries 2.00 / Bananas 1.25 Whipped Cream 1.50 / Chocolate .75 Extra Waffle Syrup and Butter FREE!

Homemade Soups & Salads All salads served with garlic toast or a cornmeal muffin… Crazy Cobb Romaine lettuce topped with cucumber,

tomato, cheddar, sliced egg, turkey, ham & bacon 12.99, Half order 8.99 Taco Salad Iceberg lettuce topped with spicy beef,

Hot & Cold Sandwiches GRILLED SANDWICHES (served with fries add 2.99)

Grilled Cheese 4.99 / Grilled Ham & Cheese 6.49 Beef Dip served with au jus 8.99 Raven Reuben

Corned beef, sauerkraut, mustard & mozza 8.49 Patty Melt beef patty, onions & mozza 6.99 Mighty Monte

tomatoes, green onion, cheddar & crushed nachos served with chipotle dressing 9.99, Half order 6.99

Turkey, ham & mozza on grilled bread dipped in egg 8.49

Ceasar Salad Romaine, bacon bits, croutons,

add cheese 1.25

Closed Denver Egg, ham, green onion & tomato 6.49

parmesan, & dressing topped with lemon wedge 8.99 Half order 5.99

COLD SANDWICHES (served with fries add 2.99)

Chicken Ceasar Above ceasar salad topped with grilled julienned chicken breast 12.99, Half order 8.99

Egg Salad / Tuna Salad / Salmon Salad 4.99

Garden Salad Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,

TJ’s Clubhouse 9.99 / BLT 6.49

Ham & Cheese 5.99

celery, radish, grated carrot 7.99, Half order 4.99

Roast Turkey or Roast Beef 5.99

Ask about our Homemade Soup of the Day

Fried Egg Sandwich 4.99

Soup of the Day Reg 3.99, Large 5.99 Homemade Clam Chowder Reg 5.49, Large 6.99

TJ’s Burgers & Fries All our burgers come with fries. Sunriser Double patty, ham, egg, bacon & cheese 13.99 Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese 10.49 Hamburger 8.49 Cheeseburger 9.49 Mushroom Cheese 9.99 Bacon Cheese 9.99 Chipotle Ranch Mozza 9.49 Double- patty your burger for 2.99

Bacon Ranch Chicken Burger

topped with lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese 10.99 Buffalo Chicken Burger

smothered with Frank’s Hot Sauce, blue cheese dressing, lettuce and tomato 10.99

add cheese 1.25, add bacon or ham 2.00

Lunch Wraps your choice 8.99 Your choice of white or whole wheat 12” tortilla

Turkey Club bacon, turkey, lettuce,

tomato, cheese

Taco seasoned beef, lettuce, tomato, onion & cheese, chipotle ranch or sour cream & salsa Grilled Chicken Caesar julienned chicken breast,

romaine, bacon & ceasar dressing

Veggie lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers,

carrot, cheese & hummus

Lunch Sides Fries 2.99 Onion Rings or Frings (Fries & Onion Rings) 3.99 Starter Tossed Salad 3.99 / One piece of Fish 4.25 Starter Caesar Salad or Potato Salad 4.99 Gravy 1.49 / Side Mushrooms 2.99 Cottage Cheese 2.75 with green onion 3.50 Tartar, Salsa, Sour Cream .75 Coleslaw Sm .99, Lg 1.99

Entrée’s Homestyle Fish & Chips

1 piece 9.99, 2 piece 13.99 Served with homemade tartar sauce & coleslaw Chicken Fingers & Fries 10.99 Open Denver & Fries 9.99 Choose: Hot Hamburger, Turkey or Beef 10.99

Hot Beverages Coffee 2.50 Red Rose Tea 2.25 Herbal Tea 2.75 Instant Decaf Sanka 2.25

served with veggie & choice of fries or mashed potato

Hot Chocolate 2.50 add whipped cream .50


Cold Drinks

Classic: Mozza and Gravy 5.99

Apple, Orange, Grapefruit Juice

Newfie: Ground beef, onions, mozza, gravy 7.99 Turkey & Stuffin’: with mozza and turkey gravy topped

Sm 1.49, Lg 2.49

2% Milk Sm 1.99, Lg 2.49

with cranberry sauce 8.99

Chocolate Milk Sm 2.49, Lg 2.99


Canned Pop or Iced Tea 2.49

Dinners below are served with fries or mashed potatoes, vegetables & your choice of tossed salad or soup

Sweet Treats

Hamburger Steak & Onions 12.99

Homemade Cream & Fruit Pies 3.99

Steak Sandwich with garlic toast 14.99

Pie a la mode add 1.50

Liver, Bacon & Onions 13.99

Dessert Squares 4.99

Kiddies Corner

Strawberries or Berries

3 Mini Pancakes or 1 French Toast 3.49

with bacon or sausage, add 1.99 Ham & Cheese or Veggie Omelet

with toast & hash 4.99

1 Egg Breakfast

with toast and 2 bacon or sausage 4.99 Mini Yogurt Parfait 2.99 Chicken Fingers & Fries 4.99 Grilled Cheese & Fries 4.79 Taco Wrap 5.99, with fries 6.99

with whipped cream 3.99

TJ's Country Kitchen Menu  

Menu for TJ's Country Kitchen in Fort St. John, BC

TJ's Country Kitchen Menu  

Menu for TJ's Country Kitchen in Fort St. John, BC