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Foreign Rights Catalogue 2011/12

Dear Friends! Prepare to be amazed at what the new and fantastic moses. has to offer. We have a host of new titles in our “For Kids”, “For Adults”, “Games & Knowledge”, as well as “Christmas” catalogues! For kids aged four and above, we have three brand new bedtime stories, which will enchant the kids and help them have the sweetest of dreams. “The Little Star Lighter and his Friends” whisk you away into a world full of magic, adventure and friendship and their stories will help youngsters drift away into the land of dreams. In our “Expedition Nature” series, we have two brilliant new additions: an activity book especially written for girls that is packed with loads of great ideas and tips for exploring, things to make, puzzles and games to play outside. Moreover, the brand new title “Geocaching”, one of the latest trends that is catching on fast, shows young explorers how this electronic treasure hunt works. And you thought we can’t get enough of the fun and games! Well, our new Funky Party Games book is absolutely brimming over with fun ideas to make every party a hit, and includes crazy things such as drawing a cocktail glass blindfolded, modeling a diamond with plasticine, or even test each others courage. And finally, if you want to spice up the evening party, why not let some of the juicy questions from “Explosive” spark off some interesting conversations. You can find these and a whole lot more within the following pages! Happy browsing.


Glow in the dark with glow-in-th e-dark stickers


Th Little Starlighter The and his Friends ISBN 978-3-89777-636-4 Enchanting bedtime stories for the sweetest of dreams Author/ Illustrator: Michael Schober 2011, 24 pages, 19.6 x 19.6 cm, 4-colour print, padded hardcover, age group: 4+, with glow in the dark stickers Have you ever asked yourself who makes those thousands of tiny stars twinkle in the night sky? Well, it is none other than the little Starlighter with his glittering astral wand. Every night, when the twilight world is upon us, he hops up into the heavens to light up all the stars. Joining him on his adventures is Jule the sleepy owl, Till the cowardly ghost, and Babble the cheeky goose. Together, they go off on a wealth of fantastic adventures. Three wonderful bedtime stories that create a world full of enchantment, adventure and new friendship ‌ All A l rights Al righ ri g ts available


Mia's crown and bracelet in every book!

Mia Meerschaum aum day Treasure and the Birthday ISBN 978-3-89777-585-5 Author: Ilona Einwohlt Illustrator: Sandra Kretzmann 2010, 32 pages, 21.5 x 21.5 cm, 4-colour print, padded hardcover with rhinestones, foil embossing and glitter with pop-up, folding cover, glitter, removable bracelet and crown, age group: 4+ All rights available

It’s Mia’s birthday and all her friends have come to her birthday party. After eating the cake, the three mermaids and their friend Hector are playing hide and seek. Suddenly, they realize that Kiki has gone missing. Is she stuck on the dangerous zig-zag cliff? Or has she swum to the sunken pirate ship where sea ghosts are said to live?


Hello, my name is Mia Meerschaum. Me Together with my mom Mal Malina, I live in an old sea castle and enjoy a happy life full of fun adventures in the coral reef.

NEW Mia Meerschaum Undersea fun and games from the spectacular coral reef ISBN 978-3-89777-635-7 Author: Ilona Einwohlt, Silvia Schmitz Illustrator: Sandra Kretzmann 2011, 50 pages, 26.6 x 22.1 cm, 4-colour print, Glitter-Wire-O, with elastic band, 4-colour print/ 2-colour print, hardcover, age group: 5+ All rights available

Packed with lively and entertaining activities, come and discover the undersea world of Mia the Mermaid and her friends, Kiki Coral and Sofia Starfish, and of course, let’s not forget Mia’s little friend Hector. Join them on their exciting adventures in the underwater world. This wonderful activity book is designed for little girls in the pre-school age group! Stories, recipes, ideas for things to make, puzzles, pictures to colour in, painting with numbers, mandalas, labyrinths, seek and find pictures, instructions on how to make your own finger puppets and mini theatre, a poster to colour in, a fold-out map of the undersea city, glittering stickers, and much, much more.


TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN Travel Diary ISBN 978-3-89777-611-1 Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2011, 64 pages, 15 x 20 cm, 4-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 8+ All rights available

The Rainy-Day-Travel Book ISBN 978-3-89777-579-4 Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2010, 32 pages, 24 x 24 cm 4-colour print, age group: 6+ 4 coloured pens 1 pencil 1 pencil eraser 1 pencil sharpener 1 ruler with 4 small cut-out stencils 1 1.5 metre length of cord Many stickers All rights available

50 Fun Games for People on the Move Item No. 21031 Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2010, 50 pages, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 6+ 50 cards with games to combat boredom. On rainy days, on car journeys, on flights or train trips, for the children and the whole family. All you need is a pencil and paper, lots of imagination and sometimes a bit of luck. We hope you have fun guessing, puzzling, singing and drawing. And: have a good trip! All rights available

The new moses. Travel Diary is more than an ordinary diary. Prior to the journey, you can find out which kind of travel type you are. The packing lists help you to check if everything is packed. Once you are on the journey, you can write down everything about the holiday and make a daily note on the best moments. Added to that, the diary offers a lot of space for listing your holiday friends’ addresses, plus many exciting riddles and games for travelling. Now the journey can begin!

No matter how exciting the final destination – a long car journey can quickly become deadly boring! To banish car trip boredom for good this book contains all sorts of games that are perfect for back seat passengers! From classic games such as “charades”, “what’s my job” and “number plate roulette” to knot and string games, pages of stickers and picture puzzles; for one, two or three players playing together or against each other. Both parents and children will find the ideal way to pass the time on the next long car journey. Some of the games need no additional materials to be played while others do. Don't worry, you will find everything you need to hand.





Spiele 50... Illustrator: Yayo Kawamura 2011, 50 cards, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 8+ All rights available

50 Side-Splitting Ways to Keep the Bad Moods Away Item No. 21044 There is only one cure for a bad mood, and that is laughter, laughter and more laughter. 50 cards packed with hilarious jokes, games, silly questions, tricks to play on your friends, and puzzles guarantee chuckles galore and an abundance of sidesplitting fun. There is nothing like having a good laugh!

50 Fun Games to Make the Kid’s Party a Hit Item No. 21045 So you want to make the next children’s birthday party a hit with the kids? Well, if you are planning to celebrate outside or inside, this collection of 50 party classics with puzzles, dances, games and some new ideas will guarantee a fun packed party.

50 Great Ideas for Rainy Days Item No. 21046 Who said that gloomy rainy afternoons are boring? When the rain has put the dampeners on everyone’s mood, these 50 anti-boredom cards will brighten up even the greyest of days. The cards feature a wealth of fun games, astounding experiments, ideas for getting in a summertime mood, great tips for making things and many more ideas to put a smile on everyone’s face.

*unverbindliche Preisempfehlung


The Ultimate Party Planner Each box contains: • 1 crown for the birthday boy or girl • 7 invitation cards • 8 placemats • 8 place cards • 8 party bags • table confetti • 1 garland • 20 theme cards for games plus ideas on how to plan and structure the party, on costumes and on food and drink 2010, 22 x 30.5 cm, Text: Eva Boos Graphics: Caroline Remé Age group: 3+

The easiest way to organise a successful children’s party! Planning their offspring’s birthday party is a great challenge for many parents, in particular if their son or daughter asks for a themed party – which happens more and more frequently nowadays. How to make time to prepare for such a party, make sumptuous decorations and invent games to suit the theme? With the Kindersause Party Box parents do not have to worry about the day as the box provides everything required for a smashing children’s birthday – cute and practical ideas for each theme. Party Planner Princesses

All rights available

Item No. 4030

Party Planner Knights

Party Planner Witching Hour

Party Planner Pirates

Item No. 4032

Item No. 4033

Item No. 4031


– the alternative way of painting These intricately drawn patterns have been cleverly designed in such a way that children have the chance to create their own individual paintings in their own choice of colours. What’s more, you can use a wide range of colours, paint them side by side, combine or even repeat them, … with Malandoo, there is absolutely no limit to what you can create. Why don’t you create your very own Malando today! All rights available

Malandoo for Girls

Malandoo for Boys

ISBN 978-3-89777-628-9

ISBN 978-3-89777-627-2

2011, 48 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, 1-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 8+

2011, 48 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, 1-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 8+

Malandoo World of Animals

My First Malandoo Painting Book

ISBN 978-3-89777- 594-7

ISBN 978-3-89777-595-4

2011, 48 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, 1-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 8+

2011, 48 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, 1-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 5+


n u F & s e m a G p 160.000 co

The Grand moses. Book of Classical Games Classic games for young and old, for indoors and out. Special edition with the best games from all 7 volumes. ISBN 978-3-89777-366-0 2007, 144 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm, 4-colour print, hardcover, age group: 6+

ies sold

The Best Cat’s Cradles ISBN 978-3-89777-114-7 Author: Gßnther Frorath Illustrator: Marlit Peikert and Dusan Senkerik 2003, 48 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm, 4-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+ Rights sold to: The Netherlands, USA, China

Rights sold to: Poland, Slovenia

The Worlds Best Magic Tricks


The Knot Book for Children

ISBN 978-3-89777-168-0

ISBN 978-3-89777-167-3

Author: Carola von Kessel Illustrator: Kerstin M. Schuld 2006, 48 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm, 4-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+

Author: Birgit Fuchs Illustrator: Dorothea Tust and Dusan Senkerik 2004, 48 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm, 4-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+

Author: Carola von Kessel lustrator: Sonja Egger and Dusan Senkerik 2004, 48 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm, 4-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+

Rights sold to: China

Rights sold to: China

Rights sold to: China

ISBN 978-3-89777-498-8


with magnet

Can you find me? Each title: Author: Almuth Bartl Illustrator: Bianka Leonhardt 2010, 100 pages, 7.5 x 10.5 cm, 4-colour print, soft cover with magnet, Seek-and-find picture in A4 size, riddle pad with 46 search tasks Rights sold to: China

ure nd pic t ks fi d n a k as Big see iting search t exc and 46 one produc t ! in

Can you find me? combines a large seek-and-find picture with 46 matching hidden riddles in a handy size. The fold-out A4 seek-and-find picture is integrated in the book cover. A funny magnet locks both the seek-and-find picture and the riddle pad. The search task refers directly to the content of the picture. The solution on the back of each question helps the reader to answer the question, although it doesn’t give the answer itself. This is why the game remains exciting until the thing in question is finally discovered.

In the World of Fairytales At the Fire Station

Now unfold the book and start seeking and finding.

ISBN 978-3-89777-589-3

ISBN 978-3-89777-590-9

On the Pirate Ship

On the Farm

On the Building Site

In the City

ISBN 978-3-89777-592-3

ISBN 978-3-89777-588-6

ISBN 978-3-89777-593-0

ISBN 978-3-89777-591-6


Creepy Crawlies Finger Puppet and Book 2011, 10.5 x 10.5 x 4.2 cm, age group: 3+




Item No. 16017

Item No. 16018

Item No. 16019

Each gift set includes: A ďŹ nger puppet, a small book with a short story, a whole host of useful facts about insects, and colourful stickers, all packed in a stylish metal case. All rights available

My Creepy Crawlies Painting Book ISBN 978-3-89777-576-3 2010, 24 pages, 21 x 29.7 cm, 1-colour print, brochure, age group: 3+ This softbound book comes complete with 34 colourful stickers, loads of puzzles, labyrinths and seek and ďŹ nd pictures. All rights available

13 Creepy Crawlies – My First Animal Watching Book ISBN 978-3-89777-575-6 Author: Bärbel Oftring Illustrator: Kretzmann, Kolb, Müller 2010, 32 pages, 19 x 19 cm, 4-colour print, Wire-O, age group: 4+ This book is designed to introduce the youngest nature detectives to the fascinating world of creepy crawlies. The book presents thirteen different animals that children can easily find and observe in their local area. Included are common insects and creatures such as ants, flies, ladybirds, earthworms and spiders. The vital statistics of each creature are given in a profile while an info-box describes its special characteristics. Real life pictures are complemented by child-friendly illustrations of the little crawling creatures. All rights available

Strawberry Spinach and Giant Kohlrabi – Gardening for Children ISBN 978-3-89777-560-2 Author: Anke Küpper Illustrator: Sandra Kretzmann, Arno Kolb 2010, 64 pages, 22.5 x 24.2 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 6+ With the right equipment and their own little patch of ground, young gardeners can get started right away. Contained in this book are the seeds for the most exciting and unusual plants: fast-growing giant kohlrabi, ultra-sweet greens and edible flowers. Constant help and advice is provided by the little hedgehog, a real gardening expert who is there to provide lots of useful hints and tips as well as games and recipes. Gardening was never more exciting or fun! Rights sold to: China, Korea, Russia


Wind & Weather

Animals in the Winter

ISBN 978-3-89777-467-4

ISBN 978-3-89777-339-4

Where does our weather come from? Why do we have seasons? How can I use clouds and colours in the sky to predict the weather? What is this thing called climate change? These and other questions are tackled in an interesting and informative way in this nature guide.

Find out what animals in our region actually do in the winter. Do they rest or do they hibernate? Are they active or inactive? With various scout tips. Rights sold to: China, Estonia

Orientation in the Countryside

With Bug Viewer on the Discovery Trail

ISBN 978-3-89777-348-6

ISBN 978-3-89777-349-3

This unique nature guide will teach you how to find your way around in the countryside and will give a load of helpful tips for your expedition.

How to find and distinguish all these different coloured crawlers and flutterers? Set off on the discovery trail with the Bug Viewer in the neigbour’s garden and catch and observe the creeping animals just like a real natural scientist.

Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

Rights sold to: China

Rights sold to: China

A Discovery Tour through the Forest ISBN 978-3-89777-468-1 This book takes the reader on a voyage of discovery that goes far beyond the footpath. Join this alternative woodland nature trail to find out all about typical woodland creatures. It includes a number of useful tips for sighting and feeding animals. Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

Animal Tracks and Trails ISBN 978-3-89777-371-4 The reader of this book gets to know the different tracks of animals in forest and garden, in meadows and fields, and learns which animals live here with us and what they do by day and night. Rights sold to: China

On a Discovery Trail along the Beach and Coastline

Our Sky at Night

ISBN 978-3-89777-423-0

With this book, you can make first observations of the starry sky. You will discover the constellations, which you can watch in the course of one year. Discover the sun, moon and the planets of our solar system.

With this book the young readers are well prepared for a discovery trail along the beach and coastline (equipment, ideas about what to do on the beach and along the coastline, collecting flotsam). Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

ISBN 978-3-89777-424-7

Rights sold to: China


Nature Expedition Every title: 2006-2010, 96 pages, 11.5 x 18 cm, 4 colour print, brochure with water-repellent cover, age group: 8+

Discovery in streams and ponds ISBN 978-3-89777-569-5 From brown trout, water bats, otters and duck mussels to bank vegetation and underwater plants – With its handy water-repellant cover for outdoor use, this fascinating nature guide provides information on animals and plants in streams and ponds.

Children explore nature. The series “Nature Expedition” motivates children to get out and discover for themselves. The activity-nature-guide does not only conveys knowledge on the subjects – above all, children are encouraged by numerous tips and experiments to experience nature.

Rights sold to: China

Baby Animals ISBN 978-3-89777-490-2 Young foals in a meadow, tiny puppies playing or a baby hedgehog in a pile of leaves – nothing fascinates children more than cute animal babies. This book shows how to find lots of different young animals close to home. Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

Observe Animals at Night ISBN 978-3-89777-492-6 Nocturnal animals can be seen in the forest, in the fields, in the garden, in the village or town or even in the nocturnal animal house of a zoo. This unique nature guide with its practical protective cover contains everything you ever wanted to know about animals that are active at night and offers lots of tips on how to spot these night time prowlers and find the tracks they leave behind. Rights sold to: China

Insects, Spiders & Co

Native Birds

ISBN 978-3-89777-491-9

ISBN 978-3-89777-489-6

Insects, Spiders & Co. is teensy tiny but enormously thrilling! This unique nature guide is filled with lots of interesting facts from the world of arthropods. All of their characteristics such as body parts, senses, food and prey, reproduction and development are explained – valuable tips on finding, observing and researching the creepy crawlies are of course included.

From birds that stay in the nest to birds that can’t wait to leave, from large water to birds to tiny goldcrests – this book answers many questions concerning the bird kingdom and offers lots of tips on how to find and observe different native bird species.

Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

Rights sold to: China, The Netherlands, Belgium

16 The Outdoor-Survivalbook ISBN 978-3-89777-618-0 Author: Bärbel Oftring Illustrator: Arno Kolb, Axel Nicolai 2011, 96 pages, 17.3 x 22 cm, 4-colour print, Featuring Wire-O binding with elastic for closing, this book includes a wealth of colourful stickers, compass carabiner and a beautifully finished cover, age group: 8+ Filled with colourful illustrations and packed with stunning photos of the great outdoors. Learn how to creep silently through the forest like an Indian, catch fish with your bare hands, use a bow and arrow, build a shelter, start a fire without a lighter and overcome potential danger – the young naturalist will discover a fascinating world with the help of this book. The book will inspire the reader to venture outdoors to experience exciting adventures instead of staying inside in front of the computer or television. The book is packed with naturalistic illustrations, fantastic photographs and many extras, which will turn the outdoor expedition into a special experience. Rights sold to: China

Fishing adventure – Bait, Carp & Co ISBN 978-3-89777-584-8 Author: Florian Läufer Illustrator: Arno Kolb, Axel Nicolai 2010, 96 pages, 17.3 x 22 cm, 4-colour print, Wire-O binding with elastic for closing, Includes fish portraits, colourful stickers, fold-out and detachable field guide, carabiner, age group: 8+ The book provides all the essentials on fishing for young beginners: from the choice of equipment, casting techniques and the most important fishing methods. The reader learns how to make an arbor knot, he gets information on fish habit and food. Moreover, he will find a short description of the major fish species at the end of the book. The book features naturalistic illustrations. Magnificent photos and many extras which turn each fishing trip into a true experience. Rights sold to: China

The Insect Magnifier Explorer Book ISBN 978-3-89777-577-0 Author: Bärbel Oftring 2010, 96 pages, 22 x 17 cm 4-colour print, Wire-O binding with elastic for closing, age group: 8+ This book is designed to give children over the age of eight ideas that will inspire them to get out and explore nature. It presents a variety of different animals sorted according to their habitat (around the home, forest, fields and meadows, streams and lakes) that can be looked at in a magnifying jar. In addition the book provides plenty of space for the children to note their own observations and drawings, making real explorers out of little nature detectives. Dried leaves and flowers can be collected in the plastic pockets and a pen to label them is also included. There are even fun stickers to decorate the book or other detecting equipment. Rights sold to: China


NEW Geocaching ISBN 978-3-89777-647-0 Author: Ramona Jakob 2012, 96 pages, 17.3 x 22 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 8+ Going on a long walk with your parents can be really boring. Wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to go on a treasure hunt? With the Geocaching guide/book, young explorers can find out why Geocaching has become one of the latest outdoor trends and learn how it works. Filled with facts about the equipment needed, useful tips and tricks for the outdoor adventurer, as well as a logbook for making notes about your cache and what you have already found, and much, much more. All rights available

Activity Book for Girls ISBN 978-3-89777-648-7


Author: Bärbel Oftring 2012, 96 pages, 17.3 x 22 cm, 4-colour print, for girls ages 8+ Great news: the first Expedition Countryside book just for girls is finally here! This outdoor book offers a great selection of fantastic ideas for things to explore and amazing adventures to go on in the countryside! For example, it shows you how to help injured animals, make your own bird food, create decorations from leaves and flowers, make mandalas from things you find in the countryside, as well as instructions on how to form your own nature club for girls, and much, much more. Moreover, when you have completed an adventure, there is a great sticker as a reward. On top of this, with the Nature Club Card you can show everyone that you are a real countryside expert. All rights available

18 Nature Expedition The successful science-based fan-out books in a new guise! Use the carabiner to attach the cool fan-out books to anything (belt loop, rucksack). The books offer: lots of interesting facts about animals, plants and their habitats – including accurate illustrations to help with ďŹ nding ng and identifying them.

Every Nature Expedition fan: 2009-2010, 28 pages, 5.5 x 11 cm, 4-colour print, with ribbon and carabiner, age group: 6+

NEW: pressive h Wit im otos! h nature p

Poisonous Animals and Plants

24 Hours in the Woods

Disguise and Deception

Meadow Flowers Songbirds

ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN ISBN 978-3-89777-571-8 978-3-89777-572-5 978-3-89777-570-1 978-3-89777-532-9 978-3-89777-530-5


All rights available

All rights available

All rights available

All rights available

All rights available

Pond Life

Animals in the Wood

Animal Tracks

Deciduous Trees Insects & Spiders

ISBN ISBN ISBN 978-3-89777-573-2 978-3-89777-574-9 978-3-89777-531-2

ISBN ISBN ISBN 978-3-89777-529-9 978-3-89777-527-5 978-3-89777-528-2

All rights available

Rights sold to: The Netherlands, Belgium

Rights sold to: The Netherlands, Belgium

Rights sold to: The Netherlands, Belgium

All rights available

Rights sold to: The Netherlands, Belgium

19 Expedition Nature Happy Families 2 games in one: Happy Families and Top Trumps! Fits into every trouser pocket, banishes boredom and wets the appetite for an expedition into nature. Each game: 2010, 36 cards in a tin box, 10.7 x 7.2 x 2.9 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 7+ All rights available



Predator & Hunter


Baby Animals

Dangerous Animals

Item No. 9675

Item No. 9676

Item No. 9678

Item No. 9679

Collect all the mammals! Have you already got the four field dwellers? Which of these native predators and hunters has the most weapons? Did you know that the lynx is Europe’s biggest cat?

Collect all of the trees to be found in the park! Which domestic trees grow the highest? Did you know that the leaf of the forest oak appears on all German Cent coins?

Collect all your favourite pets! Have you got all four baby birds? Which animal has the most babies? Did you know that puppies are blind and deaf when they are born?

Collect all of the big cats! Have you already got the four marine animals? Which of these dangerous animals has the most weapons? Did you know that the reticulated python, which is the longest snake in the world, can squeeze a man to death?

Animal Records


Our Birds

Animals of the Forest

Item No. 9673

Item No. 9674

Item No. 9671

Item No. 9672

Collect all night animals! Have you already got four town dwellers? Which animal has the highest level of endurance and energy? Did you know that toads live to be 40 years old?

Collect all arachnids! Have you already got the four musicians among the insects? Who is the biggest minimonster? Did you know that in comparison to other insects dragonflies have an immense appetite?

Collect all migratory birds! Have you already got the four owls? Which bird has the largest wingspan? Did you know that in particular small birds are unbeatable in terms of the egg factor?

Collect all nesting birds! Have you already got the four kings of the forest? Which animal has the most masticatory organs? Did you know that a red deer weighs about 350 kg?


365 Every Day Experiments ISBN 978-3-89777-473-5 Author: Anita van Saan Illustrator: Dorothea Tust 2002, 256 pages, 21 x 24 cm, 2-colour print, hardcover, age group: 8+ Rights sold to: Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, Spain

33 Pocket Experiments Every title: Author: Dr. Sabine Dahm Illustrator: Sandra Kretzmann and Arno Kolb 2008, 100 pages, 8.25 x 11 cm, 4-colour print, Wire-O block, age group: 8+

101 Games for Children’s Birthday Parties

1001 Ideas for Banishing Boredom

ISBN 978-3-89777-497-1

ISBN 978-3-89777-438-4

Illustrator: Dorothea Tust 2009, 120 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm, 4-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+

Author: Almuth Bartl Illustrator: Isabelle Dinter 2009, 496 pages, 11 x 13 cm, 2-colour print, paperback, age group: 6+

With this book at hand no parent need fear their child’s birthday … 101 games, active and quiet, for indoors or out, for small and large spaces, some that require preparation and others that can be played with no preparation at all. In addition there are lots of tips on how to plan and structure the party, decorations and food and drink. Happy Birthday! Rights sold to: Estonia, The Netherlands, Poland

Whether you find yourself cooped up indoors when it’s raining, confined to the car on a long trip or sick in bed – sometimes life can be pretty unexciting with no idea what to do. Well, not any more! In this compact volume of 496 pages you will find 1001 ideas that are perfect for banishing boredom whatever the situation. Rights sold to: China, Poland

All rights available

Using Toothpaste, Baking Powder & Co.

Detectives and Amateur Sleuths

Amaze and Thrill

Weather and Climate Scientists

ISBN 978-3-89777-471-1

ISBN 978-3-89777-469-8

ISBN 978-3-89777-470-4

ISBN 978-3-89777-474-2

- How to make a firework out of citrus fruits - How to make colourless cola

- How to make magic ink - How to make your own finger print powder

- How to make a volcano erupt on your kitchen table - How to make a gummi bear run round a corner

- Build your own rain alarm - What effect does acid rain have on plants?

Added bonus: pH test strips at the end of the block

Added bonus: transparent red film at the end of the block

Added bonus: mirrored foil at the end of the block

Added bonus: 2 stickerthermometer

21 Die Suche

2 Spieler oder mehrere


Diee Handschuhhaufen-Suche

Wenn nn ihr zu Weihnachten Besuch bekommt und es draußen so richtig kalt ist, tragen bestimmt viele eurer Gäste Handschuh e. Sucht ht alle Handschuhe zusammen, die ihr von den Gästen bekommen und im Haus finden könnt.. Legt sie alle durcheinander auf einen Haufen auf den Boden. Auf Kommando dürfen sich nun un alle Mitspieler auf den Handschuh haufen stürzen und nach einem Paar suchen. Wer zuerst erst zwei zusammen passende Handschuh e gefunden unden und angezogen hat und dann die Hände in die Höhe hält, ist Sieger!


NEW Waiting for Santa - 50 Ideas for the Christmas Season

Every Year Again - 50 Great Ideas for the Festive Season

Item No. 17851

Item No. 17950

Author: Silvia Schmitz Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2010, 50 cards in a box, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 6+

Author: Linda Herrmann Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2011, 50 cards, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 6+

Brilliant ideas to shorten the Christmas season and render it more exciting. 50 games, creative ideas and activities.

Brand new, exciting ideas to make the festive season a fun and enjoyable time. A collection of 50 games, ideas for things to make and other inspiring activities.

All rights available All rights available

My Bumper Winter - Christmas Book ISBN 978-3-89777-637-1 Author: Dr. Stephanie Zysk, Elke Vogel Illustrator: Isabel Große Holtforth 2011, 24 x 21 cm, 4-colour print/ 2-colour print, age group: 6+


This hardcover book includes an activity book (36 pages) with integrated pop-up scene, a 46-page pad plus two pages filled with stickers and 10 press-out nativity figures. December will never be boring again! This book is packed with everything you need to know about Christmas, including a whole host of ideas for making fun Christmas mouth-watering and a wealth of decorations, mouth watering recipes, rec brain-teasing puzzles about winter, wint and much, much more. scene with all of the A special feature is the pop-up nativity n manger, as well as loads of characters to place around the m stickers to play with. All rights available


silver stories

orange stories

blue stories

50 Galactic Riddles from Outer Space

50 Fun Holiday Mysteries

50 Fabulous and Fantastic Puzzles from the Depths of the Ocean

ISBN 978-3-89777-604-3

ISBN 978-3-89777-622-7

Everything that interests star gazers! 50 galactic riddles from the final frontier of outer space: planets, stars, comets, astronauts, space stations, moon landings, asteroids, aliens, eerie UFOs and voyages to unknown worlds at an infinite speed of light …

For kids looking for adventure and nerve tingling excitement, orange stories is filled with mysteries about the most enjoyable time of the year – holidays.

green stories

white stories

yellow stories

50 Epic Adventure Puzzles from the Wild Forests

50 Paranormal Puzzles of Ghostly Phenomena

50 Red Hot Burning Puzzles from the Desert and Prairie

ISBN 978-3-89777-485-8

ISBN 978-3-89777-547-3

ISBN 978-3-89777-567-1

The green stories are set in the forest: animal tracks, dwarves, camping and other nature adventures are all featured.

The white stories are 50 ghostly mysteries about spooky apparitions: the witching hour, ghosts, Hui Buh, the Canterbury ghost, little vampires, poltergeists, Halloween …

Everything that catches the interest of watchful Eagle Eyes. Chiefs, trackers, stakes, cowboys, sheriffs, smoke signals, medicine men, gold diggers, red-hot deserts and lonely prairies.

ISBN 978-3-89777-484-1 The blue stories are mysterious stories set in the depths of the oceans with explorers, conquerors, pirates, Vikings and mythical sea creatures.


black stories junior Author: Andrea Köhrsen Illustrator: Andrea Köhrsen 2009-2010, 50 boxed cards, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 8+ Rights sold to: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Denmark, The Netherlands

NEW pink stories

pink stories 2

50 Bewitched Puzzles just for Girls

50 Dangerously Deceptive Mysteries for Girls Only!

ISBN 978-3-89777-486-5

ISBN 978-3-89777-623-4

The pink stories are aimed at cool girls and deal with typical girly topics such as best friends, falling out, fashion, ballet and princesses.

Pink stories 2 is all about courageous, magical, resourceful and street wise, regular girls – oh yes, and a few boys. It is a rendezvous for cool girls aged 8 and above,

princesses, adventurers, mystery seekers, super sleuths and special agents. And they all have dangerously deceptive mysteries for you to solve. Secrets have to be uncovered and cryptic clues have to be pieced together to get to the truth. Only those with razor sharp senses will be able to follow the clues to solve the mystery.


black stories black stories Every title: Illustrator: Bernard Skopnik 2004-2011, 50 boxed cards, 8.7 x 12.6 cm, 2-color print, age group: for teenagers and adults


than more pys 0 0 co 0 . 0 0 0 1. ny! Germa n i d l so

Rights sold to: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slowak Republic, Spain, USA

T he Jo ke r

A practical jo ke being playe d on the young trainee en death of the jok ds with the untimely er.

NEW black stories – Christmas Edition 50 macabre mysteries for a deathly Christmas ISBN 978-3-89777-631-9 This festive season is not for the lighthearted. Excessive gluttony, burning candles, tight chimneys, inappropriate presents, rebelling reindeer, and relatives who stay far too long – these are all recipes for disaster. However, before the family ends up strangling each other, why don’t you sit down together and not only crack a few nuts, but try cracking some of the mysteries from the Christmas Edition. And before you know it, Easter will soon be knocking at the door.

black stories 7


50 raven black puzzles of intrigue and mystery ISBN 978-3-89777-630-2 When an evening in the company of friends ends in a ghastly disaster, or an unreleased manuscript calls for two sacrifices to be made, or the organ donor card of a man’s sister-in-law leads to his doom, this can mean only one thing: the latest morbid black stories penned by renowned author Holger Bösch are waiting to be discovered. This latest edition once again focuses on the players having to use their judgement and questioning skills to interview the witness in a bid to solve the grisly truth behind the mystery.

ingg a irin paair electrician is rep store, he While a senior rtment pa de a de tsi ladder for neon sign ou inee to hold the ask s his new tra ng on the ladder, he rki wo is he As . on the him a practical joke l shock. decides to play electrica an es fak d an into wild young lad, he starts to go However, when g trainee pulls the ladder un spasms, the yo ll in a bid to save the wa away from the tunately, the man falls for electrician. Un d dies as a result of an to the ground his injuries.

Text: Harder/Schumacher

Text: Nicola Berger g

Text: Holger Bösch

© Atelier Rohner + Wolf, Basel/Switzerland


black stories Crime Edition

50 puzzles of intrigue and mystery

50 dark and grisly mysteries based on cinema hits

50 macabre mysteries based on horrific holidays

50 dark and grisly mysteries based on famous detective novels

ISBN 978-3-89777-392-9

ISBN 978-3-89777-482-7

ISBN 978-3-89777-616-6

ISBN 978-3-89777-566-4

black stories – Funny Death Edition

bl k stories black t i – Real Crime Edition

50 macabre mysteries based on some of the strangest real life deaths

50 dark and grisly mysteries based on real criminal cases

Text: Holger Bösch

Text: Holger Bösch

bl k stories black t i – Holiday Edition

Text: Corinna Harder/Jens Schumacher

black bl k stories t i – Movie Edition

Text: Corinna Harder/Jens Schumacher

bl k stories black t i – Mystery Edition

blackk stories bl t i 1

blackk stories bl t i 2

50 puzzles of intrigue and mystery

Even more puzzles of intrigue and mystery

ISBN 978-3-89777-212-0

ISBN 978-3-89777-270-0

ISBN 978-3-89777-544-2

Text: Holger Bösch

Text: Holger g Bösch

Text: Holger Bösch

Text: Holger Bösch

ISBN 978-3-89777-617-3

black bl k stories t i 3

black bl k stories 4

black stories 5

black stories 6

The 50 ultimate puzzles of intrigue and mystery

50 raven black puzzles of intrigue and mystery

50 raven black puzzles of intrigue and mystery

50 raven black puzzles of intrigue and mystery

ISBN 978-3-89777-328-8

ISBN 978-3-89777-449-0

ISBN 978-3-89777-545-9

ISBN 978-3-89777-602-9

ans T he E x p

© Atelier Rohner + Wolf, Basel/Switzerland



black stories - Expansion Item no. 90029 “The game with lethal words” for teenagers and adults 2-coloured illustrations by Bernhard Skopnik 18 x 18 cm Content:

© Atelier Rohner + Wolf, Basel/Switzerland

• 30 white puzzle cards with brand new dark and grisly mysteries • 40 jet-black puzzle cards with lethal words • 1 reaper, surrounded by the breath of death • 1 game instruction, drenched in blood

The successful puzzles now as real parlour and party game! The rules of the party game are easy and quickly explained: Aside from the popular black stories cards, the team-mates now have to use different elements such as pantomime, painting and quiz game for solving the mystery. One team-mate is the arbiter and the remaining team-mates have to guess the answers and to work out the puzzle. But now, they risk to go into prison, where they lose the desirable blood chips or they can luckily win extra chips when stepping on the safe-field. The cult of “black stories” will never end…

T he Or ig


black stories - The Game Item no. 90020 The box contains: • 113 black stories cards • 1 board: Instead of a dice there is a bloody knife serving as an arrow on a quiz disc. • 50 red plastic chips (blood chips) • 1 black net lace pouch • Rules of the game

s e m a g y t r a funky p


Funky Party Games Each box with magnetic lid and Spot UV Varnish, 7 x 22 x 6.5 cm All rights available

Blind Paint


Item No. 90120 Content: 1 pencil, 1 timer, 1 block, 1 eye bandage, 50 cards, rules, age group: 14+ This intriguing drawing game has two teams competing against the clock in a bid to see which team is the first to guess the item that has been drawn by a blindfolded team member. There are different items to be drawn, ranging from simple to more difficult, and each one can win you different points. However, the true blind paint masters will be put to the test when they have to draw proverbs blindfolded.

Plasticine Party


Item No. 90121 Content: clay, 1 timer, 50 cards, rules, age group: 14+ This intriguing game has two teams competing against the clock in a bid to see which team is the first to guess the item that has been created with modelling clay by a blindfolded team member. However, you have to be careful: there are different items to be made, ranging from simple to more difficult, and each one wins different points. For example, when a double word is selected, the team has the chance to gain extra points!

Test Your Courage


Item No. 90122 Content: 1 crown, 2 bracelets, 50 cards, rules, age group: 16+ When the party begins, each guest has to select one of the 50 activity cards in the pack. Each card has a task that the guest has to carry out within the next 60 minutes. Who will have the courage to do the most embarrassing thing in a bid to win the crown of courage? Or who will have to wear the coward’s armband and serve the most courageous guest for the rest of the evening.

28 moses. Knot Box Item No. 4006 Author: Tobias Bungter Günther Frorath, Clemens Creynfeldt Illustrator: Arno Kolb 2010, Box with 50 cards and rope, 16 x 20 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 12+ The moses. knot box contains every “knot” one could possibly need in everyday life. The instructions for tying 50 different knots are outlined step by step on 50 easy-tofollow cards. So that no time is wasted getting started, the ropes and cords for practicing tying all of the knots illustrated are included. Useful information regarding the origin, use and applications of the knots make this high quality metal box a perfect present. All rights available

Think Smarter Author: Georg Schumacher Illustrator: Bernhard Skopnik 2011, box with magnet, 4-colour illustrations, 17.7 x 23.6 cm, age group: adults Utilising creative “learning by playing” exercises, one of our latest additions, Think Smarter!, will show you: • How easy it is to think out of the box in order to find astounding ding solutions to problems and tasks • How you can utilise your ur time more efficiently without becoming oming ming a slave to your appointment calendar aleendar Contents: 75 cards, 1 timer, 1 notebook, 1 pencil, 1 set of instructions All rights available

Time Management

Lateral Thinking

How to utilise your time more efficiently

How to think out of the box

Item No. 25111

Item No. 25110

75 creative “learning by playing” exercises will show you how to utilise your time more efficiently without becoming a slave to your appointment calendar. Step by step, you will learn why you need time, where the time thieves strike and rob you of valuable time, and how you can use your time responsibly.

75 creative “learning by playing” exercises will show you how to free yourself from the typical way of thinking. Step by step, you will learn how to think out of the box and use lateral thinking to find the solutions to the clever exercises. e




ei Streichn jeweils zw mehr. bis 12 solle ine Auf Platz 7 auf Platz 1 bis 6 ke eils einem n, hölzer liege e sechs Züge mit jew zwei g n Si Dazu habe d müssen in jedem Zu un Streichholz erspringen. üb r lze hö Streich 12


1 2






L ösun

g 41

4 8

16,2 cm

Rätsel 24 Teilen Sie dieses Grun dstück in der Kleingartenkolonie Streichh olzglück in vier gleich große und gleichförmig e Parzellen auf. Verwenden Sie dazu acht zusätzliche Gren z-z Streichhölzer.



Matchstick Puzzles Item No. 4029 2011, box with 52 cards and 40 none-ignitable matchsticks, atchsticks, 12 x 16.2 x 5.4 cm, age group: 12 + and adults This classic game returns with a stylish retro design. Presented in a high-quality package which includes an extra-large match box, with a push out inner box, and rough side surfaces like a real matchbox. 52 cards with tricky matchstick puzzles to solve. The solutions are printed on the rear side. One small matchstick box containing 40 non-ignitable matchsticks. Let the brain teasing fun begin! All rights available



Item No. 28030 13 cm

The game with the explosive questions Author: Francois Lang 2011, Box, 19 x 13 x 5.4 cm, age group: adults 50 cards. 6 categories. 1 dice for nominating the theme. 300 explosive questions and a whole lot of material to spark off an explosion: • What has been the biggest failure in your life so far? • Can one person fall in love with two people at the same time? • If you were only allowed to wash on one particular day of the year, which day would you choose? • What is your favourite sexual fantasy? Explosive will turn a tedious evening into one where the table conversation will be primed for detonation. Of course, there may be a few bangs, and even a few major detonations. You may even learn things about each other that you perhaps wouldn’t normally want to know. But this is what makes the game so exiting … All rights available (except France)

llusions Illusions Illusi an more th ld opys so c 0 0 0 . 50 any! in Germ

Cover & Design: Dagmar Gruhl Illustrations: Britta Waldmann


The 50 Best Optical Illusions ISBN 978-3-89777-365-3 2007, 50 cards, 6 x 9 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 12+ 50 visual puzzles to confound, astonish and entertain!

an more th ld opys so c 0 0 0 . 30 any! in Germ

All rights available

The 100 Best Optical Illusions ISBN 978-3-89777-481-0 2009, 100 cards, 21 x 16 cm, 2-colour print, age group: 12+ 100 of the best, most famous, most convincing and irritating “classics” from the fascinating world of optical illusions in a unique gift box! Rights sold to: France, Poland

100 New Optical Illusions ISBN 978-3-89777-605-0 After the success of “The 100 Best Optical Illusions”, the second part, “100 New Optical Illusions”, has finally been published! Illuminating and fascinating as the first part in a unique and high-quality gift box. 100 New Optical Illusions 2010, 100 cards in a gift box, 21 x 16 cm, 4-colour print, age group: 12+ and adults Rights sold to: France

POCKET QUIZ Every title: 2000-2010, 4-colour print, 50 boxed cards, 6 x 9 cm, age group: 12+ and adults Rights sold to: Belgium, The Netherlands DENKSPORT


The moses. bestseller! Over 3.000.000 copys sold!

On one side of the generously illustrated pocket quiz cards you will find questions, hints and tips; on the other side the correct answers with background information. Intelligent entertainment for all ages!



More than 80 titles! 3 different series: knowledge, language, memory




Englisch Aktiv

Klassische Musik

Spanisch Aktiv



50 knifÀige Denk-Übungen

150 Fragen und Antworten

150 Fragen und Antworten

150 Fragen und Antworten

50 x um die Ecke gedacht

50 Aufgaben für Denkkünstler



LANGUAGE German for Foreigners Vocabulary ISBN 978-3-89777-268-7

Crime Fiction ISBN 978-3-89777-561-9

Classical Music ISBN 978-3-89777-289-2

Thinking-Olympiad ISBN 978-3-89777-563-3

Shakespeare ISBN 978-3-89777-600-5

Fairy Tales ISBN 978-3-89777-380-6

Brain Acrobatics ISBN 978-3-89777-538-1

Antiquity ISBN 978-3-89777-534-3

The Bible ISBN 978-3-89777-382-0

More Memory Training ISBN 978-3-89777-480-3

German for Foreigners Grammar ISBN 978-3-89777-269-4

Best Classic Children Books ISBN 978-3-89777-536-7

Handbook of Manners ISBN 978-3-89777-381-3

More Brainjogging ISBN 978-3-89777-448-3

French Grammar ISBN 978-3-89777-050-8

Astronomy ISBN 978-3-89777-475-9

Country Life 978-3-89777-379-0

Rhetoric ISBN 978-3-89777-177-2

French ISBN 978-3-89777-018-8

Jewry ISBN 978-3-89777-476-6

Classics of World Literature ISBN 978-3-89777-415-5

Concentration ISBN 978-3-89777-139-0

Spanish Grammar ISBN 978-3-89777-049-2

Italy ISBN 978-3-89777-477-3

More General Knowledge ISBN 978-3-89777-322-6

Optical Illusions ISBN 978-3-89777-039-3


Quotations ISBN 978-3-89777-478-0

Religions of the World ISBN 978-3-89777-319-6

More Optical Illusions ISBN 978-3-89777-267-0

Italian Grammar ISBN 978-3-89777-048-5

Design Classics ISBN 978-3-89777-443-8

Impressionism ISBN 978-3-89777-320-2

Head Workout ISBN 978-3-89777-413-1

Italian ISBN 978-3-89777-030-0

Archaeology ISBN 978-3-89777-444-5

Mythology ISBN 978-3-89777-321-9

Brain-Games ISBN 978-3-89777-383-7

Business English ISBN 978-3-89777-052-2

Railway ISBN 978-3-89777-445-2

Aircraft ISBN 978-3-89777-417-9

IQ-Training ISBN 978-3-89777-140-6

English Grammar ISBN 978-3-89777-051-5

Inventions ISBN 978-3-89777-244-1

Jazz ISBN 978-3-89777-416-2

Memory Training ISBN 978-3-89777-067-6

English Vocabulary ISBN 978-3-89777-342-4

Movies & Television ISBN 978-3-89777-105-5

Dogs ISBN 978-3-89777-360-8

Logic-Brainteaser ISBN 978-3-89777-323-3

English ISBN 978-3-89777-343-1

Sport ISBN 978-3-89777-106-2

Wine ISBN 978-3-89777-361-5

Logical Thoughts ISBN 978-3-89777-066-9

Soccer ISBN 978-3-89777-290-8

The Olympic Games ISBN 978-3-89777-414-8

Brain Jogging ISBN 978-3-89777-038-6

Food & Beverages ISBN 978-3-89777-288-5

Architectural Style ISBN 978-3-89777-266-3

Mental Exercise ISBN 978-3-89777-107-9

Book & Booktrade ISBN 978-3-89777-282-3

Computer ISBN 978-3-89777-324-0

General Knowledge ISBN 978-3-89777-037-9

Switzerland ISBN 978-3-89777-378-3

Politics & History ISBN 978-3-89777-071-3 Art & Literature ISBN 978-3-89777-070-6

ISBN 978-3-89777-031-7

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