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You never really know your friends from your enemies until the ice breaks

US, India move forward on joint military research projects [ PAGE 8]


—Eskimo proverb

NSVDBA Watch Tower Blatter resignation at Kiitsapo inaugurated fails to end FIFA storm [ PAGE 2]

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Maggi noodles go off the shelves FIR refused, woman seeks justice



New Delhi, JuNe 3 (iANS): With consumers wary of Maggi noodles, the sale of the popular snack which has been a part of the Indian palate for over 25 years has taken a hit, with chains like Big Bazaar removing it from their shelves. “In the interest of consumer sentiment and concerns we have taken Maggi noodles off the shelves from all our stores for the time being. We will wait for more clarity from authorities to take any further course of action,” spokesperson, Future Group (Big Bazaar), told IANS. IANS observed that Big Bazaar has not only taken Maggi noodles off the shelves but also the Sunfeast YiPPee, Chaudhary Group’s Wai Wai noodles and Nissin’s Top Ramen noodles. This might be in the wake of Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain’s statement that samples of other noodles will also be tested. While Nestle continued to maintain that its product was “safe” for consumption, reports of its samples testing positive for higherthan-permissible levels of some substances has created concern. “It was a quick fix snack for my kids, especially when they were very hungry after school but now I cannot compromise with


By Sandemo Ngullie

A basket filled with packaged food hangs with a ‘Maggi’ sign on it outside a shop in New Delhi, Wednesday, June 3. Indian shopkeepers withdrew the popular brand of instant noodle from their shelves Wednesday after tests revealed the snack contained lead above permissible levels. (AP Photo)

their health,” Rameshwari Devi, a homemaker in Noida, told IANS. The developments have also come as a rude shock to hostellers for whom Maggi noodles were almost a readymade food, especially to cherish at odd hours. “They were the easiest to cook -- very affordable for us. We have to now search for alternatives if they aren’t safe,” said Varun Mithani, a Delhi University

‘I tried to hide myself’ The struggle of women with HIV Zhovezo Resu Dimapur | June 3

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hosteller. According to reports, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala have sent samples of Maggi noodles for testing. This follows a recall order for a particular batch of the noodle brand by the Uttar Pradesh Food and Drugs Authority in April this year, after allegations that its samples were found to have higher-than-permissible levels of lead.

She is infected, her son is affected, and her husband is dead. 33-year-old Esther (name changed) tells the tale of her struggle with HIV. Esther was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 when she went to a hospital for treatment of some other illness. “At first I wanted to kill myself,” Esther states. With both her parents dead, she had to undergo a lot of problem and difficulties with no support or care from the society. Eventually, the NGOs visited her house and gave counseling. “I tried to hide myself, but NGOs kept on coming; they encouraged and supported me,” she adds. Esther’s is a story that many women struck by the traumas of poverty and HIV face. Her husband, from whom she got the virus, passed away two years ago. An auto driver, the husband left nothing for Esther and their 5-yearold child, which has made each day a struggle for the mother and son. Her aunt has hired her as a care taker and pays her Rs 1000 each month. She is even unable to buy new clothes for herself and gets old clothes from well wishers and relatives. When asked about her child’s education, Esther says, “I don’t

want to spoil my child’s career, so I send him to a private institution.” The CAN Youth, an NGO based in Dimapur, sponsors her child’s education. Esther takes her ART (Antiretroviral Therapy) regularly, but does not go for check up much. “I cannot afford to take my son or me to the hospital. The hospital provides free check up, but medicine is not free,” she says. Esther laments that the government does not provide any funds or support. “Lots of NGO has shut down due to lack of funds and free medication is no longer available to the NGOs,” she reveals while adding, “No NGO has visited me or contacted me for the past 4 years.” Aware of the stigma that the society has towards people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV), Esther distances herself from getting involved in any social activity. “I don’t mingle with people much. I feel like people will gossip about me,” she says. “People are educated but they still neglect us, I feel society should be more concerned about us.” Opining that medicine is not the only hope, she feels that PLHIV need lots of encouragement. She, thus, encouraged PLHIV, “Try to handle the hardship you face. Do not feel guilty and stay healthy. You will be fine.” The writer is a student of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore and is interning at The Morung Express.

Amid such concerns, Nestle again sought to clear the air, saying they were officially unaware of any action by state governments, save the directive from Uttar Pradesh to withdraw the batch of February 2014 -which had already passed the “best before” date. “We have not received any official communication from the authorities so far,” Nestle said on Wednesday, adding: “We are cooperating with the authorities

who are conducting tests and awaiting their results.” Nonetheless, the concerns hit sales. Speaking to IANS, distributors and shopkeepers selling Maggi noodles in the National Capital Territory region said sales dipped over the past week. “I used to supply 1,00,000 packets of Maggi noodles every day to shops in and around Noida. But we have completely stopped supplies since the past three days,” said B.K. Mishra, a distributor. “For us, 80 percent of noodles sales were from Maggi alone. But now no one buys them. So, we are returning the stocks,” added Akshay Kumar, who owns a grocery shop in New Delhi. Another shopkeeper Ram Prasad said just 10 packets were left at his store and he would not stock Maggi until it was declared safe for consumption. Even in areas around offices where makeshift shops sell Maggi noodles and Pasta, the sales have taken a hit. “Customers don’t take even two minutes before stopping to eat a product if they feel it is not good for health,” said Suresh Sharma, a vendor, drawing from how Nestle has been advertising its popular brand: “Two Minute Noodles.”

Morung Express news Dimapur | June 3

‘Just and fair treatment irrespective of gender, social standing, caste or creed’ has become a common refrain in modern day rights parlance. This principle has in fact become a ubiquitous basis of constitutional law, seeking to guarantee citizens equal rights and opportunities in all spheres of life. How honestly it is put into practice the world over though is a question left best to the individual to answer. In the Naga context, gender rights as a concept is wholeheartedly acknowledged yet often overshadowed in a predominantly patriarchal social set up. The people taking pride over the perceived notion that they respect their women, that they share equal standing as any man in society. With this notion as a background, the following is an account of a woman, whose attempt at seeking her rights turned into more than just a simple process as filing an FIR. The woman, A. Esang Konyak, while recounting her story of what led her to file the FIR, said that she was driven out of home and disowned by her husband of 24 years. After disowning her, she alleges that her husband married

another woman without formally annulling their marriage in January, 2015. In her resolve to seek justice, Esang said that she approached the police with a complaint of bigamy against her husband. Her attempt to seek justice turned out to be just as bitter. On January 22, she approached the Mon police station but her complaint (FIR) was not registered, she said. Two months lapsed while her FIR remained unregistered. With no response forthcoming from the police station, Esang decided to approach the Superintendent of Police with a written complaint. She could meet the SP only on the third attempt in the latter part of April. Recounting her meeting with the SP, she said that the SP heard her case but was told that the police could not take up cases relating to marital dispute. “I was asked to approach the State Women Commission,” she said. She subsequently approached the Nagaland State Women Commission (NSCW) in the first week of May. According to Esang, she was told by the Commission that it could take up her case only when she produces a copy of the FIR registered by the police. She was further advised to approach the Legal Services Authority.

According to her, the FIR is still pending at the police station. “Despite clear evidence of bigamy (a punishable offense under IPC section 494), the police have failed to register her complaint,” stated Esang’s legal counsel. The NSCW, when contacted, confirmed receipt of Esang’s complaint, while stating that it has written to the Mon police in this regard. The Superintendent of Police, Mon, also acknowledged receiving a letter from the NSCW relating to the case. Stating that the Mon police would inquire into the matter, the SP said that Esang’s complaint was received during the tenure of his predecessor. An established legal personality of the State, commenting on the case, said that as enshrined in the Constitution of India, no citizen can be denied the right to seek legal redress. He said that the Constitution has provisions, based on which laws have been enacted to protect the rights of citizens, women and children included. Further stating that it is not necessary for a complainant to produce documents issued by any government authority for any state women commission(s) to take up cases relating to women, he added that such statutory bodies can take cognizance suo-moto.



Manipur seeks SGI help to define border with Nagaland

imphAl, JuNe 3 (pTi): The Manipur government has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to amicably solve the border dispute between Manipur and Nagaland and also decided to approach the Survey General of India (SGI) to demarcate the border of the two states. In a cabinet meeting held yesterday, the state government decided to request the SGI to demarcate the borders of Manipur and Nagaland to solve the ongoing stand off on the frontier issue,

state government spokesperson M Okendro told reporters. Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh informed those present at the meeting that he had written a letter to Modi urging him to solve the issue amicably, he said. The state cabinet also appealed to the agitating Committee for Koziiri-Dzuko Land Boundery Resolution (KDLBR) and Mao council (MC) of Senapati district of Manipur to reconsider the ongoing economic blockade launched by them.

Centre to set up 42 ITBP border outposts

GuwAhATi, JuNe 3 (pTi): The Centre will set up 42 additional ITBP border outposts (BOP) for strengthening security along the international borders of the NE states along China, said Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju today. “We have approved the setting up of 37 additional BOPs in Arunachal Pradesh and five in Sikkim. Presently, the BOPs are positioned at a distance of 30 to 40 km from each other.” The additional BOPs will also

facilitate people living in those areas, he said, adding the Centre was planning to provide food items to help them. “We want to match the border roads with the neighbouring countries. Their roads are very good. Improving the border roads will also facilitate the local people there,” Rijiju, who was speaking about the achievements of the year-old Narendra Modi government, said. The Centre, he said, would also set up integrated check posts (ICP) in all border areas of NE states.

end imposition of death penalty: AcHr

efmeefìpesve JuNe íelee3 (mexN): !§!ê˛ˆÏ çl SÈyï˛y ties other than the death penalty beDimApur, Wholesalers contact Wholesalers may contactfor Human Rights foremay the court imposes a sentence. In Asian Centre CITIZEN UMBRELLA MANUFACTURER LTD. CITIZEN UMBRELLA MANUFACTURER LTD. one the judge (ACHR) Death 147ñ Ù•ydy ày!¶˛ State, ˆÓ˚yí˛ñ ˆÜ˛y°Ü˛yï˛y ÈüÈ 700007has the option of 147, ceneleceein ieebeits fOe jes[report, , JeÀueJeÀelee“India: -7 Ph. No. 033-2268-1396, 2271-2152 Ph. No.imposing 033-2268-1396, 2271-2152 a sentence of life imprisdespite dissenting judgements” reFax : (033) 2271-2151 Fax : (033) 2271-2151 without parole or impanelleased called for an end to im-E-mailonment E-mail :today citizenkolkata@gmail.com : citizenkolkata@gmail.com position of death penalty by majority ing a new jury, and in two states, statview of the judges of the High Courts utes authorise the court to impanel a new jury if the first jury cannot reach and the Supreme Court of India. “The ratio of differences of opin- a verdict. In India, the “differences of opinion among the judges whether somebody convicted for offences punish- ion at the level of High Court” is recçlforSÈcommutayï˛y ground able with death should die or live in ognised as a!§!ê˛ˆÏ sentences under the may contact most cases in India is 2:1. When this tion of deathWholesalers CITIZEN onUMBRELLA consideration of difference of opinion is also between broad guidelines LTD. adopted by the acquittal and death sentence, impo- mercy pleasMANUFACTURER 147ñ Ù•ydy ày!¶˛ ˆÓ˚yí˛ñ Ministry (MHA), Government sition of death penalty by majority of Home AffairsˆÜ˛y°Ü˛yï˛y ÈüÈ 700007 Ph. No. 033-2268-1396, the MHA regularopinion becomes legally untenable of India. However, 2271-2152 and morally unconscionable,” stated ly flouts its own Fax : guidelines (033) 2271-2151 includMail : citizenkolkata@gmail.com of opinion at the Suhas Chakma, Coordinator of the ing ‘the differences National Campaign for Abolition of level of High Court’ while advising the President of India for rejection of Death Penalty India. Citing specific cases of imposi- mercy pleas, ACHR said. With the aim to reduce impotion of death penalty by majority view in India and the experiences of sition of death penalty, ACHR has the United States, the report stated called for an end to imposition of that a study in the US in 2005 had death penalty without unanimity shown that if there is no unanimity of the judges in all stages of the profor imposition of death penalty, in ceedings of a case and further urged 20 states of the United States, courts the President of India to automatimust impose a lesser penalty when cally grant mercy if there are differthe jury cannot agree on whether to ences of opinion at any stage of the impose the death penalty. In four proceedings, and not only at the levstates, the jury deliberate on penal- el of the High Court.


India launches website to find missing children

New Delhi, JuNe 3 (ThomSoN reuTerS FouNDATioN): The government has launched a “Lost and Found” website to help families trace the tens of thousands of children in the country who go missing every year - often abducted for forced labour or sexual exploitation - and are never found. The “Khoya Paya”, or “Lost and Found”, website khoyapaya.gov.in was launched by Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi, who said the portal would allow parents to register details of missing children and

citizens to report sightings. The information will be shared in real time with police and state authorities, who are mandated to register the complaint and investigate the case. “It was felt that we could have this portal, where if a child goes missing, families can put the details and the picture onto Khoya Paya,” Gandhi said on Tuesday at an event to launch the website, which is the first of its kind in India. “Then if you see the child anywhere, you can upload information and then the police see if they can correlate it.”

Around 70,000 children go missing every year in India, Gandhi said, citing figures from the National Crime Records Bureau. But only 73,597 children have been traced between January 2012 and April 2015, she added. Child rights activists and government officials say that many of the country’s missing children come from poor rural areas or urban slums where they are at high risk. “Most of the missing children are trafficked for labour, for sexual exploitation, abducted, or kidnapped ... They could be

runaways from home, or simply be lost,” said a government statement. “This is the reason that it is not only important to get the information related to these missing children, but it is equally important that the information is exchanged speedily to locate the children.” It said that social media could play “a pivotal role” in the search for missing children, as it would mean faster reporting. Child rights activists welcomed the initiative and dismissed claims that it would only serve a small fraction of the country’s

population, around 25 percent of whom are Internet users. “Even if people do not know how to use the Internet or have access, they can enlist the help of the village council members, an NGO, or local officials to register CITIZEN UMBRELLA their case,” said Ravi Kant, Wholesalers may contact president of Shakti Vahini, CITIZEN UMBRELLA MANUFACTURER LTD. H.O.: 147, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata-7 an charity. Ph.anti-trafficking No. 033-2268-1396, 2271-2152 Fax : (033) 2271-2151 “Many NGOs like ours E-mail : citizenkolkata@gmail.com have already being going out into communities where children are at high risk and informing people of Khoya Paya and how they can use it. It is a good step towards finding our missing children.”







4 June 2015

The Morung Express C

NSVDBA Watch Tower at Kiitsapo inaugurated Our Correspondent

Kiitsapo (Phek) | June 3

Commemorating the birthplace of the first VDB village in Nagaland, minister for rural development & REPA CL John inaugurated the Nagaland State VDB Association (NSVDBA) Watch Tower on June 2 at Kutsapo village under Phek district. Addressing the gathering, the minister termed Kutsapo village as the father and mother of VDB not only in Nagaland but in all over the country and hoped that new programmes and schemes will take birth from the village in the future as well. He also saluted former chief minister Lt. Vamuzo and the then Deputy Commissioner of Phek, AM Gokhale, under whose initiative the concept of VDB became a reality in 1976 at Kutsapo Village. “Because

of leaders like them, we are now reaping the benefits,” he said. It may be mentioned here that the seeds of the concept of the Village Development Board (VDB) were formed in the minds of Lt. Vamuzo and AM Gokhale when Lt. Vamuzo advocated the development of rural areas and the need to see that the funds reach the people. Maintaining that there was no equal distribution of developmental funds in the past, the minister however expressed satisfaction that after the introduction of VDB and LADP, equal development has taken place all over the state. In this, he also urged the VDBs to carry out their work efficiently as equal development can only be distributed by them. Further, mentioning that people from all over the world will want to come

Minister for rural development and REPA C.L.John and others during the inauguration of NSVDBA Watch Tower at Kiitsapo village in Phek district on June 2. (Morung Photo)

and visit the birth place of VDB, he urged upon the villagers to carry out developmental works diligently

and to maintain and preserve the village. He further suggested building of houses in uniformity

before the advent of VDB modern and beautiful one. Golden Jubilee, which is “VDB is a development 15 years from now, and agency,” he said urging transform the village into a upon VDBs to be agent of

change in the development process. DUDA advisor Thongwang Konyak also appreciated the NSVDBA for their initiative in erecting the Clock Tower. He said Kutsapo has the advantage of being the first VDB and encouraged them to work hard to earn good name. Rural Development director, Metsubo Jamir said out of the 96 villages in Phek district, Kutsapo village was chosen as the birth place of VDB 35 years ago, making the village the “custodian of the title”. “You are the eldest son of VDB and while it is a matter of pride and dignity, it also comes with a huge responsibility,” he said while urging them to live up to the title and responsibility. He also called upon the new team of NSVDBA to cooperate with the department and work together for the benefit of all villages.


Phek deputy commissioner Murohu Chotso was optimistic that this watch tower would enable the people to step head. He also urged upon the people to come forward and catch up with other advanced villages in the state. NSVDBA vice president Jwenbu Seb chaired the function while Kutsapo VDB secretary Vechikhoyi Lohe delivered welcome address. Kutsapo VDB secretary through a memorandum requested RD minister to assist the village towards the construction VDB memorial building at Kutsapo. Earlier, the genesis of VDB Association and construction of watch tower was given by NSVDBA president A. Tali Pongener. On the occasion, a new team of NSVDBA office bearers was also elected for a term of five years headed by Tohoshe Awomi as president.

DPS host felicitation ceremony for students ‘Promote peace & harmony’


Students of Delhi Public School with the faculties and others during the felicitation ceremony’ held on June 2.

Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): Delhi Public School, Dimapur felicitated 16 students who scored

90% and above in the recently published AISSCE (XII) 2015 by CBSE. To honour the students for their

excellent academic perforA press note stated that mance, the school hosted a the occasion was presided ‘felicitation ceremony’ on by Dr. Aotoshi, Pro ViceJune 2 in its premises. Chairman, DPS, Dimapur,

BK Nanda, Principal and parents. The Merit Cash Award, a bouquet and a letter of appreciation, which was conferred to these 16 meritorious students, highlighted the array of programme. The programme culminated with the speech of Pro Vice Chairman, Dr. Aotoshi who applauded the students for their outstanding academic accomplishment and the teaching and non-teaching fraternity for the indomitable endeavour in shaping the future of the young minds.

Minister tells University students


ANEFWA grievance against PGC participates at Ura Academy seminar June 3 (mexn): students to the Ura Acade- institution and community harassment of field staff phek, Phek Government College my scheduled programme is the most important one.


Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): The All Nagaland Electricity Field Workers Association (ANEFWA) has submitted a complaint against harassment of field staff by the public due to load shedding, non-upgradation of transformer and shortage of work force. ANEFWA made the complaint to Chief Engineer (P) Generation and Transmission Nagaland: Kohima and Chief Engineer (P) Distribution and Revenue Nagaland: Kohima where it stated that due to acute power shortage in the state and non-upgradation of transformer, the present available transformer is over loaded, which leads to load shedding. Besides, there is acute shortage of work force to maintain and repair the breakdown of line and mechanism delaying restoration of power supply. “In the given situation, the harassment of field workers for none of their faults by the public is an intermittent happening, which has crossed the bearable limit,” stated the complaint appended by ANEFWA, President Kelhousevi and General Sec-

retary Ayeto Sumi. Therefore, the Association has requested the authorities concerned for purchase of sufficient power for the state, upgrade the transformer to be extend required and create sufficient numbers of posts to maneuvers and covered up the working system of the department effectively/ efficiently. It is also prayed that in the event of failure, the authorities concerned should take up the matter with immediate urgency. “ it is evidently clear that the field workers shall continued to be harass and manhandled by the public and possible unwanted incident deter minted to life in impending,” added the ANEFWA. While requesting to take up the complaint immediately with the appropriate Government for necessary action and implementation, ANEFWA added that the Association shall take up any future harassment by the public for non-implementation of the above, seriously and agitation throughout the state shall be initiated without any further reminder/ultimatum.

attended the Postlude 75th Platinum Jubilee-cum45th Ura Academy seminar. A press note stated that PGC participated in all the competitions of fashion show, choir and solo, under the directive of Dr. Katoni Jakhalu Principal, Phek Government College to officially deputed her officer Neilalie Yashu HoD Tenyidie Department to lead the


ARCS, Wokha R. Bendang Ao addresses the training programme on skill development & enterprise for Commodity Interested Groups (CIG) under RKVY. (DIPR Photo)

sincere and implement the projects as per the guideline of the government. In the first session, ARCS, Wokha Bendang Ao emphasised on basic management and responsibilities of the executive members, SICS spoke on the topic ‘basic book keeping’ while Bendangla Imsong dwelled on the practical and technical aspect on Agriculture, Veterinary

It is not only the first ever history but it will obviously enhance one`s knowledge and also the first and foremost important stepping for the college NAAC Assessment too. In the appraisal words, the Prof-in-charge thanks to all the students and encouraged them to attend such kind of seminar in the days to come.

Kipili Sangtam, Minister for Power arrives to attend the 13th Annual Cultural Day of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU), NU Kohima Campus held at State Academy Hall on June 3. (Photo By: Zhovezo Resu.) Morung Express News Kohima | June 3

“Nagas are very rich in culture with distinct social life, laws and customs. Each village resembles it own uniqueness,” said Kipili Sangtam, Minister for Power while addressing the 13th Annual Cultural Day of the Post Graduate Students’ Union (PGSU), Nagaland University Kohima Campus. It was held on June 3 at State Academy Hall under the theme ‘Into the Roots.’ The Minister said, “Nagas are gifted with talents in Music, sports and co-curriculum activities. Whatever we do should promote peace and harmony. We should remember to stay rooted in our culture and not forget where we came from, promote our culture. In the primitive age, Nagas were headhunters but now let us make ourselves wisdom hunters to empower Ao Cultural Folk Dance Group representing Nagaland with organisers and Telegu Classical artists and actors after their performance at a programme to commemorate Telengana State- people.” He also added that 3Es- education, electricity hood Day at Shilparamam, Hyderabad held on June 2.

Training for Commodity Interested Groups in Wokha underway

Wokha, June 3 (Dipr): Department of Co-operation organised four days training programme on skill development & enterprise for Commodity Interested Groups (CIG) under RKVY. While addressing the CIG members on the opening day, ARCS, Wokha R. Bendang Ao said that depending on how one execute policies and schemes will result to success of government programmes. He also urged the trainees to have proper action plan and management of work for the development and prosperity of the society. He also emphasised on proper utilisation of funds provided by the government. He also added that the department has a plan to convert CIG into cooperative society and appealed the members to be

held on May 28 and 29. The participants of 32 students took part, performed well in all competitive items, and got the third position in solo competitions. The Prof.-in- Charge has encouraged the students to conceive and have the perception of not only focussing for getting the position but also taking part with the name of the

and Horticulture. Other resources person for the training programme includes Alanthung, Tezenmo Thong and Kegwahi. Around 30 trainees from Longsa, Pongitong, Humtso, Elumyo, Asha and Aree New village attended the training. The same training programme will be conducted at Sungro and Old Ralan on June 5 and 11.

and employment are essential. The Minister also said, “Degree along is not enough to be relevant in a competitive world. One must have clear vision to guide the society, bear its professionalism, stay focused, and accept that one cannot be always be fruitful or successful. Hard work does not discomfort our lives or health but contribute to a better living and good health.” Minister Kipili added that the employment opportunity is very less and “we do not get the work of our choice, so one should strive to expand their development in every activity, self-dedication and hard work determines the future.” Kipili also encouraged the students not to be ashamed to be engage in manual and laborious work saying, “Service to man is service to God.” He concluded saying, all human wisdom are attributed to two words “Wait and hope.”

Guest of honour, Lithrongla Tongpi ADC Kohima encouraged the students saying, “It is never too late to learn new things. This kind of activities benefits the student, where students from different community come together and know different culture. Such activities help the students to work for a common goal and have a sense of responsibility in the society.” The ADC Kohima also said that there is no shortcut to success and success belongs to those who are willing to work hard, sacrifice and be sincere in their work. She concluded saying, “along with all this, we need to fear God; the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom, and without a beginning, don’t expect an end.” Abenthung Humtoe chaired the programme, traditional folktale skit from Eastern Naga (A tale of two brothers) and Lotha (The Story of Ramphan) added glamour to the cultural programme.


Dept of LM&CP welcomes Advisor Thongwang

kohima, June 3 (Dipr): A felicitation programme organized by the department of Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection (LM&CP) in honour of Advisor, Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection, Thongwang was held at the Directorate of LM&CP on June 3. Addressing the gathering, Thongwang said that the politicians may come and go in a short span of time but the department will stay for many years. He stated that to run a department smoothly it needs a stable government, sincere working officials and proper funding. He therefore urged all the officers and staffs of the department to work sincerely for the upliftment of the department. Though the department seems small in size but it can achieve many good things for the benefit of the general public, he added.

Advisor, Legal Metrology & Consumer Protection, Thongwang with others during the function held at the Directorate of LM&CP on June 3. (DIPR Photo)

On post creation, construction of office building and staff quarters and proper vehicles that was voiced by the officers of the department during the programme, the Advisor said that whatever is needed, he would take it to the Chief Minister. He also pointed

out the financial situation of the State stating that most of the resources are drained on the salary of the government employees and with a deficit of many crore of rupees, the government is unable to do much. Thongwang also assured all possible help for the improve-

ment of the department. Secretary, LM&CP, T. Kiheto Sema, IAS who chaired the programme also delivered the welcome address. He said that the department is small yet playing a great role for the welfare of the society. He said that the department is not only

correcting the weights and measures but also giving awareness programme in different districts. He also felt the need for creating more awareness about the existing of the department. The Secretary was optimistic that with the new leadership of Thongwang as Advisor, the department will further improve. Taking the opportunity of the programme where all district officers were present, he urged them to re-dedicate themselves and work hard for the betterment of the society. Highlights of the departmental activities were given by Joint Controller & HoD, LM&CP, Bizo M. Kuotsu. The District Officers also gave status reports of the district. The invocation prayer was pronounced by Superintendent, Sashimenla while vote of thanks was proposed by Deputy Controller, LM&CP, L. Nokcha.


REgional 3 Post-poll violence: KRA severely M'laya CM for setting up more 'haats' along Bangla border Thursday

The Morung Express

4 June 2015

assaults 10 villagers at Saikul IMPHAL, JUNE 3 (HNS): Ten people, including a father and his son, were reportedly severely beaten up by armed cadres of Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) in post-poll violence in the early hours of Wednesday on the charge that the victims did not cast vote in favour of INC in the just ended Autonomous District Council (ADC) polls. The incident occurred at Lhungzang village under Saikul Police Station of Senapati district around 2 am. The injured have been admitted to Christian Hospital, Chingmeirong here. The victims told journalists at the private hospital that they were severe-

ly assaulted by some 10 armed cadres belonging to KRA. The outfit is a signatory to suspension of operation (SoO). “We were dragged out from homes by the KRA cadres and taken away in an open field nearby and then clubbed us and also charged us with bayonets. We were severely beaten up by them on the charge that we cast vote in favour of BJP and Independent candidates and not Congress.” Manipur BJP chief Th Chaoba and several party leaders visited the victims at the hospital. Speaking to journalists Th Chaoba blamed the Con-

Northeast Briefs Assam girl rescued from Haryana rANgIyA, JUNE 3 (PtI): A minor girl, who was allegedly trafficked from here alongwith two others has been rescued from Haryana and three persons were arrested in connection, police said today. Three girls from Assam's Kamrup (Rural) and Nalbari districts were allegedly lured by two persons, identified as Rahul Ali and Nizam Ali, and were taken to Haryana where the duo sold them to a person for Rs 25,000 each, police said here. They were arrested last week and during an interrogation Rahul confessed about the crime, they said. Assam police personnel with the help of Haryana police traced one of the victims at Palam village and rescued her. The person to whom she was sold was arrested yesterday and was identified as Mahendra Singh. Singh was remanded to judicial custody today. The other two girls were yet to be traced and search was on to rescue them, he said.

No Bru refugee turns up for identification at relief camp AIzAwL, JUNE 3 (PtI): No Bru refugee turned up for identification for the second day today at Kaskau relief camp in North Tripura district, officials said today. Mizoram-Tripura-Bangladesh border Mamit district Deputy Commissioner Vanlalngaihsaka told PTI over phone that not a single Bru came to report at the office set up by the Mizoram government at Kaskau camp for identification. Identification of bona fide residents of Mizoram for repatriation commenced at the Kaskau camp yesterday. The state government made arrangements for resumption of repatriation of Brus from the six relief camps in Tripura and proposed to repatriate more than 3,500 families. The preparations came after the Supreme Court instructed both the Centre and the Mizoram government to repatriate all the Brus within six months.

Rail blockade affects train services rANgIyA, JUNE 3 (PtI): Train services were affected for about two hours today following a rail blockade called by the All Assam Koch Rajbongshi Students' Union (AAKRSU) in Kamrup (Rural) district. More than 200 AAKRSU agitators blocked train tracks at Kendukona Railway station from 9 AM affecting movement of several trains, an official of the North East Frontier Railway official said here. Police took into custody nearly 150 agitators who were demanding Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Koch-Rajbongshis and a separate Kamtapur state. Security was tightened at Rangiya railway station, where the protesters were earlier planning the blockade, but later they moved to the next Kendukona station, he said.

Meghalaya likely to ban 'Maggi' SHILLONg, JUNE 3 (PtI): Meghalaya government today said it was likely to ban sale of 'Maggi' noodles in the state if the samples tested positive for overdose of monosodium glutamate and lead in the popular snack. "We'll consider banning this (Maggi) product in the state if the samples sent for testing are positive for overdose of monosodium glutamate and lead," state Chief Secretary P B O Warjri told PTI. He said an official order in this regard would be served after the veracity of the dispute was resolved.

gress Government headed by Okram Ibobi for the incident which he called a serious crime. The ADC polls held in the five hill districts on June 1 witnessed stray incidents of violence and the State Election Commission is preparing to conduct repoll to a number of polling stations where widespread manipulation and incidents of burning down of ballot boxes and capturing of booths were recorded. NSCN-IM and several other Kuki underground groups were accused of interfering with the polls in their efforts to seek vote for candidates of their own choice.

AgArtALA, JUNE 3 (IANS): Three buses belonging to the Bangladesh, West Bengal and Tripura governments left for Kolkata from here on Wednesday amidst singing of songs to reinforce ties between India and Bangladesh. These buses were part of the trial run for the AgartalaDhaka-Kolkata direct bus service. Carrying officials of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Tripura governments, these buses of the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC), Tripura Road Transport Corporation (TRTC) and West Bengal Surface Transport Corporation (WBSTC) will reach Dhaka enroute to Kolkata. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Premier Sheikh Hasina are scheduled to flag off the bus services between Agartala and Kolkata via Bangladesh. And, Dhaka and Guwahati via Meghalaya capital Shillong and Bangladesh city Sylhet during Modi's two-day visit to the neighbouring country from June 6. A similar trial run on the DhakaSylhet-Tamabil-Dawki-Shillong-Guwahati route was conducted from May 22-26 to study the road conditions and other navigational issues. The first trial run on the 500 km route was held in December last year. TRTC chairman and veteran tribal leader Rajendra Reang sent off the three buses from the TRTC's interna-

NEw DELHI, JUNE 3 (PtI): Apollo Hospitals Enterprise, the healthcare major, has acquired 51 per cent stake in Assam Hospitals to strengthen its presence in the north-eastern region. "The acquisition of Assam Hospitals Ltd, that runs a hospital in Guwahati, would be for an overall consideration not exceeding Rs 57.25 crore", Apollo Hospitals said. "Apollo Hospitals Enterprise has entered into definitive agreements for the acquisition of a 51 per cent majority stake in Assam Hospitals Ltd which runs a 220-bed hospital in Guwahati," it added.Comment-

hazardous content of Maggi noodles from the state health department. Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh state health secretary Indra Mallo said samples of Maggi noodles collected from different districts of the hill state have been sent to the Assam public health laboratory in Guwahati. “We will take a decision as soon as we get the laboratory analysis report of the samples that is expected after four days,” she said.

lator that a Supreme Court order bars elected representatives from getting involved with PDS. "When I said this, he slapped me and tried to punch me," Halim said. ST Nunghlung Victor, a lawmaker from the Naga People's Front, claims he lost his temper as the officer was being rude to him. "For three months, he had been creating problems in the transportation of rice. He would award one contract, cancel it, then award another one," Victor told NDTV. "When

tional bus terminus depot in Krishnagar here amid singing of songs to further fortify India-Bangladesh friendship. "The officials of Bangladesh, West Bengal and Tripura government met here on Tuesday and discussed various details including bus fare. The meeting remained inconclusive as all the details would be finalised at the appropriate level of India and Bangladesh government," Tripura transport minister Manik Dey told IANS. Dey, who presided over the meeting, said it also discussed the number of days of operation of buses between Agartala and Kolkata in a week and the shortest possible route. Also, as part of the trial run for the Agartala-Dhaka-Kolkata bus service, a Volvo bus carrying an 11-member delegation from the West Bengal government left from Kolkata's Salt Lake international bus terminus on Monday morning and reached Dhaka on the same night. It arrived in Agartala on Tuesday afternoon. A BRTC bus carrying their government officials and led by the country's road transport and highways division's joint secretary Mohammad Abdur Rouf Khan also reached here on Tuesday afternoon as part of the trial run. Stating that "India-Bangladesh relations are now at the historic

Apollo Hospitals acquires 51 per cent stake in Assam Hospitals

My slap was very light: Manipur lawmaker IMPHAL, JUNE 3 (NDtV): A government official in Manipur has been manhandled by a lawmaker, allegedly for not giving his men contracts for food distribution. The lawmaker admits to hitting him during an argument, but argues that his slap was "very light" and the officer came to no harm. He even said he stopped his aides from beating up the man. SA Halim, who has been working for the government for 35 years, says on May 30, he told the legis-

22 border haats along the Indo-Bangladesh border to encourage trade and commerce and people-to-people contact. Currently, we have just two border haats. The Union Commerce Ministry must take initiatives to set up more border haats along the international border," Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma told PTI here. Prime Minister Modi and Bangladesh premier Sheikh Hasina will jointly inaugurate a border haat at Kamalasagar in Tripura's Sipahijala district, which borders Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh, this weekend. The 'haat' would be jointly inaugurated through video conferencing from Dhaka during Mo-

Mukul Sangma

di's two-day visit to Bangladesh beginning June 6. Two border haats were set up in 2012 on the Meghalaya sector of IndoBangladesh border -- at Kalaichar (India)-Baliamari (Bangladesh) and at Balat (India)-Dalora (Bangladesh). Around 15-16 local ag-

Tripura, West Bengal, Bangladesh hold bus service trial run

Assam, Arunachal govt to take call on Maggi ban gUwAHAtI, JUNE 3 (tHE INDIAN ExPrESS): The Assam government would take a decision on imposing a ban on Maggi noodles and other similar products immediately after receiving reports from the state public health laboratory, chief minister Tarun Gogoi said on Wednesday. An official press release from the chief minister’s office said Gogoi had already called for a report on the alleged

NEw DELHI, JUNE 3 (PtI): Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Bangladesh, Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma today strongly pitched for setting up more border 'haats' or markets along the Indo-Bangla border to encourage trade and commerce between the two countries. Sangma also hoped that the Prime Minister would discuss with his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina the possibility of jointly developing road networks so that the land-locked Northeastern states could use Bangladesh's Chittagong port for exports. "The Meghalaya government has plans to set up

I pointed this out, he was very rude. I lost my cool for a bit but my slap was very light. He got no harm. And I prevented my people from bashing him up." Today, Halim met the Manipur Chief Secretary. "I am at risk. I have requested that I be transferred out from Chandel," he said. This is the second such instance within a month. In May, Assembly Speaker Lokeswar Singh was accused of standing by as his escorts brutally attacked a police officer in front of his family.

ing on the development, Apollo Hospitals Managing Director Suneeta Reddy said: "In order to strengthen Apollo's position in the Northeast region, Apollo was on a lookout for acquisitions to grow inorganically and considers the acquisition as the right choice given its significant presence in the Northeast region." Post acquisition of a majority stake, Apollo Hospitals plans to upgrade as well as expand the capacity of existing facility to 300 beds and in coming years also plans to introduce new services, the healthcare provider said.

moment", Khan said: "The bus service between India and Bangladesh would further strengthen the relationship between the people of two countries." West Bengal transport department principal secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay, who led his government's official team, on Wednesday said: "After the introduction of the bus service, people of India and Bangladesh would come closer to each other." The proposed Agartala-Kolkata bus service via Bangladesh is expected to facilitate the people of the mountainous northeastern region to reach Kolkata and visit other Indian states, reducing the distance by over 1,000 km. The distance between Agartala and Kolkata via Guwahati by road is 1,650 km. But the distance between Agartala and Kolkata via Bangladesh is only around 500 km. The cross-border bus service was approved at a recent meeting between Bangladesh Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader and Indian Minister Nitin Gadkari in New Delhi. "Currently, the Agartala-Dhaka and Dhaka-Agartala bus services are being run for four days a week and the periodicity is likely to be increased due to the demand of the Kolkatabound passengers," a Tripura transport department official said.


DOCTORS FROM GUWAHATI FOR CONSULTATION ON 6TH JUNE 2015 *DR. SUNIL BARUA MBBS MS Mch (ENDOCRINE & BREAST SURGERY) Clinical Expert in Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pancreas, Adrenal, Thymus, Diabetic Foot & Breast Surgery *DR. BROJEN BARMAN MBBS MS. Mch (UROLOGY) CONSULTANT UROLOGIST & KIDNEY TRANSPLANT SURGERY Clinical Expert in Kidney Stone, Prostate, Uro-oncology, Andrology & Male Infertility, Dialysis Etc For Registration Contact: 9856006026/9856006023/248302


Dimapur Hospital & Research Centre Landmark Colony, near West Police Station


Walk in interview in 6th June 2015 at 10:00 am. A candidate may come with the relevant documents. Contact: Managing Director Phone No: 03862-224041/9774029975


The Makhrai Rabu (Makhel) Union, Dimapur extend our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Manihrii Ozho, S/o Mr. M. Salew & Mrs. Ela-a for securing 91.8% in Commerce from Delhi Public School, Dimapur. We also wish other successful candidates of Class X & Class XII in their exams. Keep up this spirit. We are all proud of you and may your hard work pay richer dividends in the days to come. A. Kaihrii, President, MUD.

H. Besii, Gen. Secy, MUD.

THETA TUTORIALS Lower P. R. Hill, Kohima, Nagaland Admission Notice (2nd Phase)

1. Coaching for Class 10 (all subjects) [both Regular and Repeater] 2. Coaching for Class 12 (Science) [both Regular and Repeater] 3. Coaching for JEE Main 2016 / AIPMT 2016 / NSEE 2016 Admission Commencement of Classes (Cass 10) Commencement of Classes (JEE Main/AIPMT/NSEE/Class 12)

: In Progress : 01-06-2015 (Monday) : 06-07-2015 (Monday) Contact No. (0370) 2226005

ricultural and horticultural products, spices, minor forest produce (excluding timber), fresh and dry fish, dairy and poultry products, cottage industry items, wooden furniture, handloom and handicraft items are allowed to sell in the border haats, where people of both the countries can


participate in trading on designated days and time every week. Sangma advocated jointly developing road networks of India and Bangladesh so that the Chittagong port in the neighbouring country could be used by the Northeastern states for export of various products. "I hope that the Prime Minister will take up the issue with his Bangladesh counterpart," he said. India and Bangladesh share a 4,096-km border along West Bengal (2,216 km), Tripura (856 km), Assam (263 km), Meghalaya (443 km) and Mizoram (318 km). The two neighbours have 2,979 km of land border and 1,117 km of riverine boundaries.


I, Dr. H. Inato Jimomi, have lost my BAG (Black) containing Important Documents, Bank Pass Book, Cheques, Camera, Keys and Cash etc. from my Vehicle on 3rd June 2015 at around 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. from L.R.C. Colony, Dimapur. Finders may kindly contact: 9436072326/9856366941 or return to Mrs. Kakheli Inato Jimomi at Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church near MST, Dimapur.

RAINBOW COACHING CENTRE D.C Court Road Duncan Basti: Dimapur - 797112

Admission Open for Coaching

 CL- 12 Science, (Physic, Chemistry, Maths, Botany & Zoology) For both Regular & Repeaters Class Starts from 1st June’15  CL- 10 & 12 Arts. All major subjects. Class starts form 8th June’15 Hostel available for both boys & girls (separate buildings)

Contact: 03862-233277(O) 9856857778 (M)

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Coaching for class 10 repeaters in all subjects. Coaching for class 12(Arts &Com) repeaters in all subjects. Coaching for UPSC, N.P.S.C (Prelim-2015),SSC etc. Spoken English 5. Computer courses 6. Typewriting Stenography 8. Cutting &Tailoring 9. Embroidery Knitting Contact: Capital Training Institute Near T.C.P. Gate, Kohima Mob: 9402831939/9436201083



VACANCY Name of Post Subject Qualification COMPUTER COMPUTER MCA / M.Sc. Computer / TEACHER SCIENCE PGDCA Handwritten application and resume supported by the documents should be submitted to this office on or before 8th June 2015. All B.A. & B.Sc. 6th Semesters students who have appeared their 6th Semester Examination are informed to collect their NU Mark sheets from 1st to 5th Semester.

Principal: Contact Nos. 03862-248275 / 248212.




Thursday 4 June 2015

The Morung Express

Modi’s income insurance idea may not win over angry farmers

NEW DElhi, JuNE 3 (REutERs): Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to provide millions of farmers with income insurance linked to crop prices, officials say, but it may not do much to ease rural distress, with small farmers standing to benefit little and likely to be put off by bureaucracy. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party, which swept to office a year ago, hopes to consolidate its power in local elections in large rural states over the next two years, but anger is growing after rain and hailstorms ravaged farms in the north, contributing to the suicide of hundreds of ruined farmers. Modi has already tried an income-based farm insurance scheme in his home state of Gujarat, with limited success - less than 10 percent of farmers opted into the scheme from 2013 as the method for calculating payouts was skewed against smaller farms. Details of the new insurance plan are still being worked out but federal farm ministry officials say the aim would be to ensure a guaranteed income

‘Govt ready with steps to tackle deficient monsoon’ NEW DElhi, JuNE 3 (Pti): Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh today exuded confidence over tackling deficient monsoon, minimising production losses and its possible impact on overall economy. He also said that the government is working on bringing a new crop insurance policy by end of this year to protect farmers’ income. To check price rise in pulses, the Minister said that the government is mulling over improving domestic supplies through imports and is collecting pulses requirement data from states. At present, the government is ready with contingency plans for 580 districts and is in touch with state governments for farmers by covering not just losses due to weather but also from any slump in produce prices. However, the absence of modern methods for assessing damage to crops or falls in yields will continue to favour big farmers over the 260 million smallholders in India who till plots smaller than 2 hectares (5 acres). Under the new plan which a farm ministry official said was a priority

and agriculture research bodies to tackle the situation, he added. The Met department has predicted “deficient” monsoon and revised its forecast from 93 per cent to 88 per cent for this year, with north-west region of the country expected to be hit the most. Last year, the country had received 12 per cent less rains, which hit production of grains, cotton and oilseeds. According to the government’s estimate, total foodgrains production has declined to 251.12 million tonnes in the 2014-15 crop year (July-June) from a record production of 265.04 million tonnes in the previous year. Due to poor monsoon, agriculture growth stood at 0.2 per cent in the 2014-15 fiscal.

for Modi - farmers would be paid if their income fell below a guaranteed minimum. That minimum would be set by multiplying the average yield in recent years in a cluster of villages by government-set crop prices. However, shortfalls would be based not on individual farmers’ yields but on those across a wider area, influenced by the higher yields of rich farmers able to afford better fer-

tiliser and pesticide. So a farmer with a poor crop will only get the same compensation per hectare as others who may have had far higher yields. In the United States, satellites or drones are used to assess crops for incomebased insurance policies but India still depends on more primitive methods, with personnel from land record offices travelling around villages to inspect damage.

“We’re taking baby steps in satellite mapping of farms but unless the technology covers the entire country, crop loss assessment will remain a tedious, time-consuming and inaccurate process,” said Avinash Kishore, an economist with the U.S.based International Food Policy Research Institute. Underinsured, Badly Compensated Indian farmers rarely go for crop insurance except for schemes attached to bank loans. Existing insurance plans based on just crop yields or weather damage barely cover 10 percent of the country’s 263 million farmers. One factor: payouts are made into bank accounts and more than 70 percent of farmers don’t have one. Modi is trying to get more people to join the banking system and could allow mobile phone vendors, fuel stations and corner stores to offer services such as remittances and deposits. With current farm insurance, state and federal governments pay 40-75 percent of premiums de-

pending on the crop, with the rest paid by farmers. A similar split will apply to the new scheme, according to the farm ministry official, who is directly involved in framing the plan. Governments spend about 25 billion rupees ($392 million) per year on premiums. Total payouts vary but the average has been less than $700 million in recent years. It will continue to be mandatory for a farmer seeking a crop loan to take out insurance, although once again payouts are not determined by the fate of individual farms. Government officials say assessing each farm is next to impossible in a country where holdings are so small, but farmers say the outcome is unfair. “Isn’t it bizarre that an insurance is thrust on me when I go for an agricultural loan but I don’t get payouts after losing my crop?” asked Rakesh Tikait, a farmer from Uttar Pradesh. “Crop loss has to be evenly distributed in a large number of villages to make me eligible for an indemnity. Why?”

‘60 lakh UANs activated from 4.17 cr active PF users’ KolKata, JuNE 3 (iaNs): Citing a lukewarm response from companies in implementing Universal Account Number (UAN), the union labour ministry has said that only 60 lakh UANs have been activated so far from an active base of 4.17 crore provident fund subscribers. Making it mandatory for the conversion of existing Provident Fund accounts into UANs was under consideration of the authorities, said V. Vijaya Kumar, an additional central provident fund commissioner for West Bengal, North-East and Jharkhand. “I find that the employers are lethargic in converting their employees’ provident fund (PF) accounts into UAN,” he said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in October 2014 launched UAN for provident fund subscribers, which would enable them to link their PF accounts to this number. This would, in turn, ensure easier portability and ease in transfer of money directly to employees’ bank accounts. “The situation is particularly of concern in eastern India, where the conversion is low. In Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other prominent cities, where corporate culture is well rooted, the response has been good,” he said while talking to reporters on the sidelines of an event organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce here. Only 1.75 lakh of the 35 lakh active provident fund users in West Bengal had opted for UAN till now, the official added. He said that the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) had been conducting several programmes to spread awareness about UAN and address concerns raised by employers. Asked if the centre was considering signing more social security agreements with foreign countries, Vijay Kumar said, “Talks are on with another 22-23 countries, mostly in Europe, to conclude such agreements.” According to data from ministry of overseas Indian affairs, India has signed social security agreements with 18 countries, mostly in Europe. However, only eight of them have been implemented so far.

Personalised debit cards for India Post saving account Maruti launches Celerio diesel priced up to Rs. 5.71 lakhs NEW DElhi, JuNE 3 (iaNs): Cash management and payments solutions company CMS Info Systems has signed a deal with the Department of Post (DoP) to personalize over 15 million debit cards for India Post savings account holders, it was announced on Wednesday. “The deal, valued at Rs.30 crore, is estimated to be completed in the next three years,” an official statement said. At present, the DoP covers a base of around 100

a three-year period,” said Mokam Singh Matta, head of card business, CMS Info Systems. The personalized debit cards for DoP will be issued on the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) platform and their usage would initially only be on ATMs installed at DoP branches, as a closed loop environment. The cards can later be used on other ATMs with Rupay affiliation, it added.

million account holders in India and is in the midst of a phased deployment of ATMs across the country to better service its customers. To facilitate production of personalized debit cards that can be used at these ATMs, DoP has selected CMS Info Systems to supply Rupay-enabled cards. “Our latest deal with DoP will power issuance of personalized cards to complement their ATM deployment plans over

Microsoft WiFi to Offer ‘Hassle-Free Wi-Fi to Millions’ NEW DElhi, JuNE 3 (NDtV): Microsoft is believed to be working on a new service called Microsoft WiFi, which will offer Wi-Fi connectivity to users all over the world. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to VentureBeat that the company is working on a service with that name, stating that it will bring ‘hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions’. No further details were given. According to the VentureBeat report, the service was spotted when a Twit-

ter user stumbled upon microsoftwifi.com, which had details of the upcoming service. It stated that eligible users would have access to free Wi-Fi providers all over the world, and that apps for the service would be available to download on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Locating hotspots near you will be done using an interactive map inside the app. “Don’t waste time filling forms with personal infor-

Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 3245







Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on Wednesday launched a diesel variant of hatchback Celerio, powered by parent Suzuki’s first diesel engine, priced between Rs. 4.65 lakh and Rs. 5.71 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

3.90 lakh and Rs. 4.96 lakh, while the auto gear shift variants of the compact car are priced between Rs. 4.4 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh (exshowroom Delhi). Celerio Auto Gear Shift variants have the flexibility of both manual mode and auto drive mode in the same car, with a sim-



Answer Number # 3244



place Skype WiFi and expand massively, since Microsoft on the site had claimed that it will now grant users easy access to over ten million hotspots in 130 countries. However, this is not a free service to start with. Microsoft WiFi is expected to be available only to active Skype WiFi subscribers, employees of organisations with Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise and customers who have received a special Wi-Fi offer from Microsoft.




mation or managing different carriers to get connected. Sign in once and you are done: you will automatically be connected to a vast range of WiFi providers around the world,” read the site. The website has since been taken down and replaced with a ‘coming soon’ tag with no further details. The Redmond giant already operates Skype WiFi, a similar service that offers users access to over two million hotspots all over the world. The new service will likely re-

NEW DElhi, JuNE 3 (Pti): Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) on Wednesday launched a diesel variant of hatchback Celerio, powered by parent Suzuki’s first diesel engine, priced between Rs. 4.65 lakh and Rs. 5.71 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The Celerio diesel powered by a 793cc engine offers a fuel economy of 27.62 kmpl and the model also marks the global launch of the DDiS 125, first diesel engine designed and developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation. Maruti Suzuki India Managing Director and CEO Kenichi Ayukawa said: “It is designed to offer a smooth drive and strengthens Celerio’s reputation as a car that offers easy drive in cities as well as highways.” Maruti Suzuki and its suppliers have together invested over Rs. 900 crore towards the development of DDiS 125 engine and is localised up to 97 per cent. The petrol-powered manual transmission variants of the Celerio are priced between Rs.





















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1. Cobblers’ tools 5. Slow down 10. Twinge 14. Henhouse 15. Showers 16. Murres 17. Ark builder 18. Injudicious 20. A former Turkish term of respect 22. Patio 23. Regulation (abbrev.) 24. Donkeys 25. Incentives 32. Sealant 33. Declares 34. South southeast 37. Sea eagle 38. Ancient Athenian philosopher 39. Street 40. Coloring agent 41. Soft leather 42. Shy 43. Compulsively 45. Welsh dog 49. Barely manage 50. Shoulder board 53. Tense

57. Abhorrent 59. Curdled soybean milk 60. Anagram of “Star” 61. Tidy 62. God of love 63. Beams 64. Row of shrubs 65. Short run


1. Skin disease 2. Bark 3. Unit of bread 4. Ball 5. It crosses a river 6. Hindu princess 7. Assist 8. Make a sweater 9. Being 10. Happy cat sounds 11. Territories 12. Daughter of a sibling 13. Fence “doors” 19. Boorish 21. Make out (slang) 25. Chilled 26. Not 27. A ridge of sand 28. Boys or men 29. Avoid 30. Jottings

31. Pair 34. A few 35. Travel on water 36. Countercurrent 38. Tavern 39. Engrossed (British spelling) 41. Dirties 42. Kid 44. Calm 45. A type of tree 46. A drama set to music 47. Threadbare 48. Estimate 51. Carve in stone 52. Story 53. Banner 54. Ancient marketplaces 55. Flying saucers 56. Verdant 58. What we sleep on Ans to CrossWord 3255

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ple shift of gear lever. The company also sells a CNG powered version of the car priced at Rs. 4.85 lakh. Launched in February 2014, the Celerio model has clocked over 95,000 units with nearly a third of the total sales coming from auto gear shift variants.

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Two held for illegal tax collection Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): Dimapur Police today apprehended two persons from Bamunpukhuri village area, Dimapur, while collecting illegal tax from vehicles in the name of NPGs. A press release from the Addl. Dy Commissioner of Police/PRO, informing this stated that cash and demand slip of the NSCN (IM) were recovered from their possession. The PRO identified the two as Franto Zhimomi (24 yrs), Major of FGN (N/A) and residing in Padumpukhuri, Dimapur, and Govind Bordoloi (23 yrs), a resident of Purana Bazaar, Dimapur. A regular case has been registered at East Police Station Dimapur for further investigation, the release stated.

LOCAL Yitachu inaugurates GMS at liphanyan Our Correspondent Liphanyan (Wokha) | June 3

Minister for School Education and SCERT Yitachu today inaugurated Government Middle School Liphanyan under Ralan area of Wokha district in the presence of Parliamentary Secretary for Labour & Employment, Skill Development and Border Affairs Mmhonlumo Kikon. With this, Yitachu became the first education minister of Nagaland to have visited Ralan area in the 50th years of the statehood of Nagaland. Speaking on the occasion, Yitachu said that valuebased education is the need of the hour in Nagaland to take the state forward. Stating that there are many issues and problems

Minister for School Education and SCERT Yitachu and Parliamentary Secretary for Labour & Employment, Skill Development and Border Affairs Mmhonlumo Kikon and others during the inauguration of Government Middle School at Liphanyan, Wokha on June 3. (Morung Photo)

confronting the Naga society today, he stressed on the need to put sincere effort to bring amicable solution to various problems. He also urged upon the leaders of different organisations/agencies to evolve comprehensive strategies to put to stop the spectrum of wrongs facing the pres-

ent society. Yitachu said the state cannot move forward unless an effective approach is adopted by the citizens. Expressing concern over global warming, he said a time has come to focus on proper management of water as water is drying even in the plain areas. In this, he called for

framing appropriate water policy in the state. The minister also stressed on the need to put the best effort to address the problem in the border areas, adding that peaceful atmosphere would prevail in the entire state when there is peace and tranquility in the border areas.

Yitachu also challenged each and every individual to come forward and contribute their share in nation building and peaceful co-existence. Parliamentary Secretary Mmhonlumo Kikon, Wokha Deputy Commissioner A Robin Lotha and a representative from Ralan area Lotha Hoho also spoke on the occasion. Earlier, dedicatory prayer was pronounced by L. Mhonbemo Ovung, Pastor Liphanyan Baptist Church. The function was chaired by P. Zubenthung Humtsoe, ADC SSA (DMA) Wokha while Liphanyan village council chairman Tsenzamo Kithan delivered welcome address. The function concluded with vote of thanks by Nyimsao Tungoe.

Rio also requested MLAs of the district to play a greater and more participatory role in the programme and urged them to make some contributions through their respective LAPD funds. The meeting was held in the DC’s Conference Hall and was attended by Minister Dr. Nicky Kire, Parliamentary Secretary Er. Levi, MLAs Vikhou Youshu and Dr. Neiphrezo Keditsu. The DC Kohima, Rovilato Mor co-chaired the meeting and briefed the gathering on various government initiatives and implementation of government programmes.

PuBlic SPAce An apology to Southern Angami Public Organization


do not know that there is no more land dispute between Southern Angami and Maos but I thought that the problem remains the same. So in good motive towards my endearing groups in my articles I said, “The land dispute between you should be settled amicably.” When I said this without knowing the latest position of the case, it was taken as an encouragement and instigation of their brethren Maos and it grievously hurt the sentiment of SAPO.

Whatever small thing I do, like any others, I do with best intention wishing that it could be valuable to others. But my statement hurt SAPO for which I will apologize even hundred times. The volley of rejoinders from my dearest youngsters also showed that I have grieved all both old and young. So before SAPO, I tender my apology. I humbly ask them to forgive, pardon and excuse me. May God bless them all. Rev. L. Suohie Mhasi

at Jalukie, Athibung

Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): The United Naga Tribe Association on Border Area (UNTABA) has called for a public meeting at Baudi Council Hall in Jalukie at 10 a.m. and at Athibung at 1 p.m. on June 5 with all the leaders of various public and tribe organisations, GBs and council members from all the villages in the border areas. A UNTABA press release informed. In a separate press release, the Zeliang Peoples Organisation, Nagaland,

also informing of the meeting at Jalukie on June 5, stated that the efforts of certain individuals “with vested interest, trying to confuse and create division amongst the native Zeliang people on their inherently intact historical rights is miserably failing.” ZPO (N) advised “such individuals” to invest their time and resources with foresight to strengthen the community and safeguard the indigenous Zeliang People of Nagaland.

bearers after the Storm. This group of office bearers was elected and approved by the General Convention on November 26, 2014,” the release quoted NPF President, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu, as saying during his speech at the NPF Central Office Bearers meeting. “Even this house, some of us parted ways, but after all available means were exhausted, we came together,” the party president was quoted as saying. Dr. Shürhozelie, the release stated, candidly divulged that he was branded by certain sections as “autocratic, dictator, murderer of democracy and so on” but he did not react at all. The president forgave them and exhorted, “when situa-



MEx FILE Churches Colony informs on LPG deliveries Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): In adherence to the directive of the Deputy Commissioner, henceforth, home service/delivery of domestic LPG cylinders shall be made available for the consumers/members of Churches Colony under the supervision of the colony council and the Gaon Bura (GB) in coordination with the Gas Agency. In this regard, a press release from the Churches Colony Welfare Board, has requested consumers under M/s. Zinyu Gas Agency of Churches Colony, to contact the in-charge at +918794258167 for any queries/information.

Mass social work in Chumukedima Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): On the occasion of “World Environment Day”, Chumukedima Town Students’ Union (CTSU) will organise a Mass social work on June 5 under Chumukedima Town jurisdiction. A press release from the Union has requested all Schools, Business Communities and Public to participate in the mass social work by cleaning up their own surrounding on the day.

Mkg DPDB on June 8

ENSUD emergency meeting Dimapur, June 3 (mexn): The Eastern Naga Students’ Union Dimapur (ENSUD) has convened a joint meeting with nominating members, ex-officio and present office bearers on June 6 at 3 p.m. at the residence of the Union’s treasurer. A press release from the union has requested the present office bearers to attend the meeting positively. A team of ATMA officials and Agri entrepreneurs from Nagaland that attended a 2-day Northeast Development Summit held at Veterinary College, Khanapara, Guwahati on May 26 and 27.

NPF pledges to strengthen government kohima, June 3 (mexn): The Naga People’s Front has pledged to render the best services and strengthen the hands of the President of the party, the Chief Minister and the Government so as to implement the party policies and programmes pledged before the people of Nagaland. This pledge was taken during the Naga People’s Front (NPF) Central Office Bearers meeting held on June 3 at Central Office HQs. Kohima, a press release from the NPF Press Bureau informed. The meeting also discussed a wide range of important issues pertaining to party activities. “This is the first meeting of the Central office

4 June 2015

mokokchung, June 3 (Dipr): Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung Sushil Kumar Patel has informed that the monthly meeting of Mokokchung District Planning and Development Board (DPDB) will be held on June 8 (Monday) at the Conference Hall of ADC Planning, Mokokchung from 11:00 a.m. Deputy Commissioner further informed all DPDB members to make convenient to attend the meeting positively.

Kohima V&MC meeting held UNTABA public meeting kohima, June 3 (mexn): Lok Sabha Member of Parliament Neiphiu Rio today chaired the Vigilance and Monitoring Committee meeting of Kohima district. A press release from the office of the MP informed. The committee monitors national flagship programmes of various ministries that are implemented through state government departments. In his address, Rio called for effective implementation of all flagship programmes and urged upon the members present to give special focus on Swachh Bharat or Clean India programme.


tion arises, we must be able to resolve it ourselves,” the release added. The meeting welcomed the formation of the “All Party Government in Nagaland,” and expressed hope that such a combination of representatives from different political parties irrespective of ideology and policies will usher in a new era of clean and efficient administration in Nagaland and also help the Legislators to have one voice towards solution of the Naga Political Problem. The meeting also welcomed the formation of Joint Legislators Forum comprising of all the 60 members of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly to strive for a peaceful political

settlement to Naga-India Political issue. The meeting expressed hope that such endeavours on the part of Naga Legislators will project the real political aspirations and desire of the Naga people for an honourable and acceptable solution between India and Nagas. In this respect, the meeting also appealed to all factions of Naga National Workers as well as Indian Government forces not to vitiate peaceful atmosphere but to settle the problem through peaceful means and non-violence. It was further decided in the meeting that the party led by Central Office Bearers will undertake a mass contact tour to all Districts in Nagaland as and when situation permit.

Peren DPDB meeting postponed peren, June 3 (mexn): The monthly meeting of the Peren District Planning & Development Board has been postponed to June 8 (Monday) at 11 a.m. in the Conference Hall of Deputy Commissioner, New District Hqr, Peren. A press release in this regard has informed all DPDB members to take note of the change of date and make it convenient to attend the meeting.

PVSU ‘Work and Earn day’ Wokha, June 3 (mexn): Pongidong Village Students Union (PVSU) will be organising “Work and Earn Day” starting from June 9 at Wokha. Therefore the union, in a press release, has requested all the bona fide members to render their services and cooperation towards “Work and Earn day.” The union has also appealed to all its office bearers to be present without fail.

ENLU meeting held kohima, June 3 (mexn): The Eastern Nagaland Legislators' Union (ENLU) held a meeting at Kohima in the residence of P. Longon, Minister, and Convener ENLU on June 3. A press release from the union informed that the meeting discussed elaborately issues prevailing in ENPO area and resolved to deal with the present situation unitedly with the cooperation of NGOs. It also resolved to reaffirm to extend unflinching support to the leadership of Nagaland Chief Minister, T.R. Zeliang, and NPF President and DAN Chairman Dr. Shurhozelie Liezietsu, the release added.

Coal mining in Nagaland – the end of innocence An Amazing Behaviour


his article in part is a review of literature and research done by experts for which I give them due credit. I have simply replicated some of their findings here but of course substantiating it with some of my own stuffs in my basic research which I did during my recent visit to some coal mining areas of Nagaland. Again I have limited my findings to “aquatic resources” because this is the area I am presently working with, although other environmental hazards were also observed including health hazards, of miners and communities living at the vicinity and downstream. It was alarming and sad to see a sharp decline in aquatic biodiversity in the nearby rivers and streams, while in some streams and rivers there was no sign of aquatic life which once abounded in them. That was the difference between then and now, which I found out when I first visited the area some ten years back, in 2004. This compelled me to write this article though was not officially a part of my tour purpose. Don Henley’s “The end of innocence” comes to mind as I explore the areas and find acres of land being excavated for the purpose of coal mining. Putting it into context, my translation of the song would be all about our acres of land turning into wasteland due to mining that has attracted the attention of some policy makers as well as activists

who also became part of the political activists to save this land. It also goes on to say about deregulating environmental and pollution laws and fighting for unpatriotic rights just to pillage natural resources. It is all about how the far right is making the world more dangerous to live by abusing nature and its resources. One ought to view the underlying message in the context of the times – corporate greed, urbanisation, exploitation (of human and natural resources) etc to the point at which ideals are shattered and cynicism sets in and people idealise their governments and tend to not question their actions. Nagaland, as per prognostic estimation, is endowed with over 300 million tonnes of coal reserves. Coal mining, as we know, leads to degradation of agricultural lands, forests, rangelands and scenery of the area which is replaced by pits, quarries and tailing piles. Besides, mining impacts both surface water and ground water. In underground mining, waste materials are piled at the surface creating runoff that both pollutes and alters the flow of local streams and rivers. The situation is worsened as rain water percolates through these piles; water soluble components are dissolved in the runoff water and cause the elevation of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in local water bodies. Therefore the presence of TDS in a stream usually in-

dicates the presence of sulphates, calcium, carbonates and bicarbonates which render the water in the stream unfit for drinking or for agricultural and farming purposes. Acid mine drainage is particularly a severe by product of mining especially in those areas where coal seams have high levels of pyrite. So when pyrite is exposed to water and air, it forms sulphuric acid and iron. The acidity and presence of metals in the water runoff are directly toxic to aquatic life and also renders the water unfit for use. What is still worse is some of these metals bio-accumulate in the aquatic food chain and pass it on to human. Also of concern is the impact mining has on ground water, including contamination and dislocation of aquifers. These are typically localised effects. The uglier side of the story of this unorganised sector reveals that our state’s coal market has already been monopolised by outsiders. The local coal resources are being sold out at nominal rates to investors who have middlemen mostly outsiders. It turns out to be us the locals who have become labourers in our own field. Alarming as it may seem, some communities living at the vicinity and downstream have already been displaced owing to unfavourable living conditions as a result of mining activities. Those who have no other option but to continue living in the area have already become victims of vari-

ous ailments resulting from exposure to the toxic effects of the pollutants in the environment around them. Acres of farmlands and stretches of rivers and its systems have been polluted. More human settlements, livestock, fish farms and agricultural lands have become extremely vulnerable so much so that within a few years from now they will be soon displaced if the present trend continues. While the Nagaland Government has already brought out a legislation bringing coal mining under the ambit of systematic development with the objective of cracking down on rampant illegal mining in some places of the state in its Nagaland Coal Policy (1st Amendment) Rules 2014, however, the question still remains the same - will it be able to curb the unplanned and unregulated illegal mining which are being carried out at large by private parties and landowners at many places in Mokokchung, Wokha, Dimapur, Mon, Longleng and Peren districts? The song “end of innocence” may have already lost faith in human innocence, I thought it may be more fitting to end this write up with a simple message to the common man that a concerted effort is the need of the hour for tackling environmental issues and realising what it means by “the right to survival”, as some like the Konyak Union are already doing it. Ketusielie Kuotsu Angami Officers' Hill, Kohima town


t is amazing: not the Union Government at Delhi, not the Government at Kohima appear interested in preventing the blatant unconstitutional collection of Taxes in the Land or in the control of the burdensome Activities contrary to the interest of the Citizens of State of Nagaland that some Groups, supposedly lovers of the Naga Nation, perpetrate on the Public. The State Government spends Karors and Karors of Funds for the Governance of the State: the ACAUT does not charge a single Paise from anybody but toils, if tottering, in the midst of the Barrel of the Gun and to the imperilment of their lives, to introduce Civilized Norms and Civilized Behavior in the Society; yet the Government pays scant attention! I do not know whether the pleading of the Citizens touches the Hearts and Understandings of the learned Bureaucrats and the State Government or some of the Nationalists of so called Guardians of the lofty Naga Nation! If 'Yes', we would be pleased but what we need is no more just their educated Thoughts or their deep Understandings: What we need is their Action. The control of the extra Constitutional Activities of some, do not require Orders from the High command or Instructions from Amit Shah! Any Democratic Political Movement of a People is always VOLUNTARY: Mao-tse-tung's Movement of the Proletariat was Voluntary; when Nelson Mandela started Movement against Apartheid, it was Voluntary; Anna Hazare's Movement against Corruption in India is Voluntary; Ma-

hatma Gandhi's Movement for Freedom of India was Voluntary and as far as my running 78 years old information goes, the Naga National Movement was and is Voluntary and Non-violent (the First NNC President Mr. Imti Aliba was houseless and stayed in our House at Mission Compound, Kohima and functioned without Pay, so are all others to date). You are out there on your own Decision voluntarily and not out of any compulsion from others. Every Naga is obliged to you at heart for that but nobody is obliged to you in anything material. Every Naga fight for his own land, for his own life and in this he just symbolizes for others. You don’t pay anything to yourself for doing your own Works. It is irrational and unreasonable to ask others to pay you for your doing your own work particularly when one has one's own costly Building, acquired and drives own SUVs or sends one's children to high standard costly Schools outside the State. The ACAUT's Position with the Government and the IM appears like a Villager heating a simple Pot of Water from the village Spring: when the Fire is fanned, the Water gets heated and then boils, but after some time, when the fire is no longer burning, the Water in the Pot has turned cold again! Unbelievably, the IM seem to collect Fund by selling unauthorized Nagaland Residence Permits to illegal Muslims from the outside -one of the deadliest IED Time-Bomb for the indigenous people of Dimapur and Kohima

Districts of Nagaland. In any National Movements, it may come sometimes when someone incurs the lapses of Commission or Omissions but to sell Nagaland Residence Permits to illegal Muslim Immigrants is difficult to imagine for a Functionary of the IM who never tire of proclaiming Guardian of Naga political Principles. The IM Organization appears to be high on Rhetoric but low in substance and trustworthiness. ACAUT's: "One Government: One Tax" is not very clear. There is only 'One legally Elected Government in the State'; that Government is the current Government of T.R. Zeliang. If ACAUT means –One Tax for One United Movement only- it is meaningful to some extent, but the Word 'Tax' is authorized only to a Democratically Elected 'GOVERNMENT', not others. If anyone gives any help to any Movement, that is his own choice, but not by compulsion from others. The Union Government at Delhi and the State Government at Kohima, in their own jurisdictions and in their joint constitutional jurisdiction alone, has the Authority to Taxation. It is most amazing the Government is not seen to support ACAUT's Action in a wholly Constitutional Activity of preventing illegal collection of Fund in the State. If the Government remains silent on the Issue, let all the Citizens together in One Voice shout so loud that the Government's ear drums burst in pain !!! Thepfulhouvi Solo IFS Retd.

The Morung Express states that the opinions expressed in the contents published in the “Public Space” do not reflect the views and position of the newspaper or the editor.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express THursDAy 4 JunE 2015 volumE X IssuE 151 By moa Jamir

Of morality, sins and diseases Is the fight against AIDS mired by religious and social dogmatism in Nagaland?


t 0.88 as against the national average of 0.35 (NACO), the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Nagaland was described as a ‘ticking time-bomb’ in a resent article in this paper. Delay and cut in funds coupled with lack of medicines and an array of other variables were attributed to this ominous inference. The Government of India, NACO, Government of Nagaland and NSACS need to ‘wake up’ before the state gets engulfed by a ‘rising epidemic,’ it concluded. Subsequent articles on the issue has highlighted another portentous but a common strain – that social and religious stringency is also a big contributing factor that is undermining the fight against HIV/AIDS resulting in the current circumstances. For instance, the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) in its annual report (2013-14) has identified that high risk groups (HRGs) are Female Sex Workers (FSW), Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), Transgenders (TG) and Injecting Drug Users (IDU). From religious and social point of reference, if we were took take a close look at those entities in HRGs, our first reaction to such assessment would be of an apparent disdain and repugnance. The stories of the patients narrated in series are of extreme stigmatization and discrimination whilst the attitude some sections of the society and health service providers were of ‘righteous condemnation’ and ambivalent moralizing. But as M Herek and P Capitanio argued in American Behavioral Scientist (1999) most people continue to associate AIDS primarily with certain dispensation, say homosexuality or bisexuality, and such correlation impedes HIV prevention efforts and threatens civil rights of the individuals. A similar study in Pakistan (Mayhew et al, 2009) also shows that all the groups in HRGs experienced certain human rights abuses by state and non-state actors which increased their HIV risk; health service providers also failed to provide adequate services to those vulnerable groups. The prevailing situation in Nagaland seems to portray similar veins. Is this the right way to go about fighting an infection which is purportedly reaching an epidemic level? One begs to ask in such circumstances. Abstinence and non-promiscuity, to the point of naivety, seems to be the most common catchword used in the campaign against HIV/AIDS entrenched with inferences that the infliction mostly is a result of moral and ethical transgression rather than any other circumstances. Such attitude, however, has serious health implication for the patients in particular and the society in general. First, the infection of the virus becomes a death kneel for the individuals as they are held in contempt socially as well as religiously from the spectrum of morality, thus being prevented from seeking or continuing treatment for the fear of prosecution. Secondly, it also creates an ambivalent attitude among those who do not involve in such activities to assume a false immunity from the infections. Logically from the point of public health, the campaign will be most successful when all those infected with the virus are identified and known at the earliest. However, as long as the social and religious consideration prevents ‘people at risk’ to seek treatment or test, forget about the war, the fight will be lost in the first battle. Thus, we need to acknowledge that, the virus is no longer an outside import as (wrongly) assumed, but an inherent and clear danger. It should not entail the society assuming a high moral ground against those individuals inflicted with the virus but should involve creating an enabling environment for them to seek or undergo treatment. Again, as the NACO annual report clearly suggested, we have to recognize that people who are at risk of HIV infection are often marginalised, stigmatised and discriminated against by the larger community and face critical barriers to accessing health-care services. The roles of the religious institutions are paramount. It should not simply restrict itself in creating awareness campaigns and moralization, but must also assist those infected with the virus to live a fruitful life. It will not only answer their religious duty, but also establish itself as a humanistic institution, the core of any religious tenets. For any comment, drop a line to moajamir@live.com


United Nations Environment Programme

World Environment Day 2015 Celebrate the biggest day for positive environmental action!


orld Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet. The WED theme this year is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." The well-being of humanity, the environment, and the functioning of the economy, ultimately depend upon the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources. And yet, evidence is building that people are consuming far more natural resources than what the planet can sustainably provide. Many of the Earth’s ecosystems are nearing critical tipping points of depletion or irreversible change, pushed by high population growth and economic development. By 2050, if current consumption and production patterns remain the same and with a rising population expected to reach 9.6 billion, we will need three planets to sustain our ways of living and consumption. Consuming with care means living within planetary boundaries to ensure a healthy future where our dreams can be realized. Human prosperity need not cost the earth. Living sustainably is about doing more and better with less. It is about knowing that rising rates of natural resource use and the environmental impacts that occur are not a necessary byproduct of economic growth. Every Action Counts WED is the opportunity for everyone to realize the responsibility to care for the Earth and to become agents of change. "Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Through decades of WED celebrations, hundreds of thousands of people from countries all over the world and from all sectors of society have participated in individual and organized environmental action. WED 2014 received a total of 6,437 pledges and over 3,000 activities were registered online, resulting in a total of about 9,700 which is triple to the previous two years.



Claudia Horwitz

The true miracle of Óscar Romero The memory of martyrs is exalted, but to what purpose?


ur delegation gathered at 7 o’clock on a Saturday morning for a prayer circle in San Salvador. We had traveled from Latin, Central and North America, drawn by the life, death and message of Archbishop Óscar Romero. This group of 30 people had come with hundreds of thousands of others for Romero’s beatification at the end of May, 2015, the third step on the path to sainthood in the Catholic Church. After the opening prayer, people were invited to share some words with the rest of the group. Many had grown up in El Salvador and had left during the massacres and disappearances of the country’s civil war from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Most have lost loved ones, including parents, siblings and friends. Some were involved in the sanctuary movement in the USA, a network of congregations that provided safe harbor for those escaping from El Salvador and other parts of Central America. All are committed to the struggle for liberation. I was invited to El Salvador in my capacity as Interim Director of the Rothko Chapel, an ecumenical space for contemplation and human rights work in Houston, Texas that houses 14 monumental canvasses by Mark Rothko. My companions include my 15 year-old goddaughter, my co-worker, and Sissy Farenthold, an older activist who has made a dozen trips to the country to monitor elections, support the mothers of the disappeared, witness the peace accords of 1992, and support Romero’s legacy. The Chapel itself has a long history of support for Central America and gives the Oscar Romero Award every two years to recognize organizations and individuals who—at great risk to themselves—have denounced violations of human rights. Everywhere we go there are palpable signs of people's love for the Archbishop. The history of violence and loss in the country is pervasive, but so too is the universal connection to Romero’s spirit and his work. Just as most El Salvadorans have experienced the loss and trauma of war, so they have first-hand accounts of his presence. Romero served someone’s first communion, performed their baptism, or ensured that spaces controlled by the church were places of protection that kept people alive. In a country of five million people, the degrees of separation must be measured in fractions. People have come back for the beatification because Romero—already a saint in the eyes of many—represents the best of humanity. “I believe in reconciliation and in forgiveness; without forgiveness there is no reconciliation,” says Gloria, whose sister was killed by the death squads when she was a high school student. Jose Artiga, our delegation leader and head of The SHARE Foundation, shares his own story with us. In June of 1980 (three months after Romero was assassinated) a death squad came to his town with five names on a list including his. He stayed close to the university for protection, and by that afternoon had left the country for the United States. Now Jose works tirelessly to bring peace and prosperity to the nation, but that work faces new challenges. As Jose puts it, both then and now in El Salvador, “the killing is never random; it is precise.” The war in El Salvador has left many legacies, including loss of life and hope, and the normalization of violence. Gang-related killings are common, and the country has one of the highest rates of intentional


ith the recent mass political unrest and failed military coup against Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza--after he announced his run for an extraconstitutional third term--the African Union along with the United Nations appealed for ethnic harmony there. This addressed fears that weeks of political unrest could prompt another round of fight between Hutus and Tutsis in the center of Africa’s Great Lakes region. The conflict started April 26 after Burundi’s Constitutional Court ruled in support of President's Nkurunziza’s decision to overrule Burundi’s constitution and stand for a third term. There were reports that judges were intimidated. As a result of the upheaval, tens of thousands fled the country. His critics say Nkurunziza’s attempt to defy the constitution endanger a peace deal brokered to keep ethnic tensions in check since the end of the civil war in 2005. The bloody conflict between the majority Hutu and minority Tutsi since have all but disappeared, although political parties still have distinctly ethnic features. The president is Hutu, most of the opposition leaders are Tutsis, and they have seized on the ethnic divisions and distorted them into something far more complex. Burundi emerged from a brutal civil war a decade ago but according to United Nations there are fears that the crisis right now could reignite the frictions that existed dur-

homicide in the world: 41 out of every 100,000 citizens compared to 4.7 in the USA. The United States has played an important role in these patterns of violence, from arming regimes in the 1980s to pressing for an end to the death squads in the early 1990s to the recent decision by El Salvador’s business community to hire Rudy Giuliani, the ex-Mayor of New York, to advise them on how to respond to gang violence. The legacy of secrecy also lives on: the Archbishop of San Salvador has closed the archives of the archdiocese so no one has access to the information it contains. Perhaps ironically, Romero was not a lifelong revolutionary. For much of his vocation he was a conservative priest, in many ways more focused on Church doctrine than on social issues. But his outlook and actions began to shift as he experienced more of peoples' struggles for economic and physical survival, and witnessed the disappearances of so many. Arguably, the most transformative moment in his life was the murder of his friend and fellow priest, Father Rutilio Grande, in 1977. While organizing farmers, Grande became an outspoken critic of the government. After his death, Romero cancelled all masses in his archdiocese and instead celebrated “Misa Unica” (‘one mass’) at the Cathedral of San Salvador. Over 100,000 people and 150 priests attended. From this point onwards, Romero’s pastoral work was reoriented towards the “preferential option for the poor,” one of the central teachings of liberation theology. A clear threat to the country’s oligarchy and to the patriarchy of the church, Romero was assassinated on March 24, 1980 in his home church at the Hospital of the Divine Providence. Although no one was ever prosecuted for his murder, it is widely believed that the killers were part of a rightwing death squad led by Roberto D’Aubuisson, a military intelligence officer. From our hotel, we make the short trek to the Savior of the World Plaza in San Salvador for the beatification ceremony and mass. As we walk, the streets fill up with more and more people all heading in the same direction. Some have come in large groups with banners, some with their families. There are posters and trinkets and bottles of water for sale. We get closer and the crowd thickens. Everyone is full of joy. We’ve been given passes to a special seating area, but to get there we have to press through the ever-growing crowd. “Passa, passa” people shout as they surround us, creating a small aisle through which we can squeeze. There is much generosity and only a few looks of confusion. At one point someone pulls me past two elderly nuns into the reserved seating area, and it’s all I can do to follow them rather than yanking off my pass and giving it

to one of the nuns instead. The beatification is beautiful though surreal. A parade of dignitaries from El Salvador, Rome, and all over Central America have come to pay homage to a man who was given little support from the Catholic church when he needed it the most. Now, there is hope that the beatification might bring the church in Latin America to life more fully, and that Romero’s legacy will be universalized in the region. Materials and relics from his life and work will be sent to parishes throughout Central America. His memory will be exalted, but in what form and to what purpose? Political history is filled with people who were oppressed or vilified or murdered, ending up decades later on a postage stamp or a billboard. But throughout the weekend we hear, time and again, how the spirit of Romero lives on in each one of us. At mass at the San Salvador Cathedral the day after the beatification, the Archbishop of Panama bellows merrily in Spanish, “Romero the Beatified no long belongs to El Salvador; he belongs to the world.” One of the most important stops during our visit is the parish of San Antonio in Soyapango, an area with high levels of gang activity. The church here serves a vital function in the community. Young people gather there to create their own media. A group of mothers run their own bakery and make a kind of cornbread desert that makes my mouth water. We’ve raised a small sum of money to support their work, and there’s a possibility of creating a longer-term sister-to sister relationship with them. At the Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport outside San Salvador we walk to Gate 10 to see a mural that was dedicated to the Archbishop in 2010 by the country’s then-President, Mauricio Funes, marking the first time his legacy was embraced in a public forum. Someone tells us that a nun at Gate 5 has a once-bloody handkerchief that Romero had with him when he was killed, and that it’s helped to heal her cancer. We can’t help but seek her out. She’s called Anna Maria, and she’s generous with the precious piece of cloth, allowing us to touch it and showing us where “Oscar” is embroidered. One of my traveling companions muses about the power of faith and belief. Who knows whether the handkerchief has any powers? The real point is that Romero's life has continued long after his death: he has become an even more potent icon of transforming love, the kind of love that’s required to bring about social and economic justice. And that is certainly a miracle of its own. Claudia Horwitz founded stone circles at The Stone House in 1995 to strengthen and sustain people working for transformation and justice. She is the author of “The Spiritual Activist: Practices to Transform Your Life, Your Work, and Your World” and serves as a teacher, trainer and commentator on spiritual activism. She is currently serving as Interim Director of the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas.

Stopping the Violence in Burundi Foday Darboe CommonDreams ing the civil war. Burundi has experienced 40 years of armed violence and civil war since gaining independence from Belgium in 1962. The United Nations along with Amnesty International estimated that 300,000 people died in the conflict in Burundi, which has the same ethnic mixture as neighboring Rwanda, where 800,000, most of them Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were killed in a 1994 genocide. It’s clear that political instability and deep ro o te d u n re solved gr ievances continue to threaten inter-ethnic cooperation and security in the country and the Great Lakes in general. So what is behind the current political instability in Burundi? Even though the conflict is based on President Nkurunziza’s decision to campaign for a third term, the conflict has an economic dimension. Many Tutsis argue about the lack of access to job opportunities and resources,

and their grievances cut across the ethnic divide. It’s well documented that unequal distribution of resources perpetuates dominance and creates violence as seen in many African conflicts. Wars arise from distributional conflict ; achieving political stability will require the establishment of institutional mechanisms that correct the legacy of inequality, and afford parity access to economic and political power across the ethnic groups in Burundi. Fa i l u re t o find solutions to Burundi’s political instability will have devastating social, political, and economic effects on the Great Lakes region, an area that is already worn out by conflict and poverty despite—some say because of—an abundance of valuable natural resources. There is, indeed, reason for seeing Burundi as a catastrophe in the making. It has a vicious cycle of intergroup violence, with militias pre-empting


politics and crowds of refugees on the move. The conflict in Burundi could metastasize to other areas of the Great Lakes, which could throw the entire region into danger yet again. The African Union, in concert with the United Nations, must spearhead solid multilateral conflict resolution mechanisms to avoid the spillover effects. If not, ethnic conflicts are contagious in the Great Lakes and can rampage virally across borders. In light of this conflict, I hope that the international community will increase its efforts to avert disaster in Burundi. Already the EU has pulled election observers and the Catholic Church has announced it will not assist, as it usually does, in organizing and monitoring the election. Leaders in the Great Lakes region should take a hard look at their actions and policy choices. Emphasis here should be on discouraging corruption, embracing ethnic harmony, transparency, and good governance. It is therefore important that if President Pierre Nkurunziza is serious about building peace, he must stop repression of opposition figures and tolerate dissent—or he should face serious personal economic, social, and travel sanctions from the international community. He must also implement constructive methods of handling ethnic differences, engineer institutions that uproot the legacy of discrimination and promote equal opportunity for social mobility for all members of Burundi’s ethnic groups. The UN and African Union stand ready to help.

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4 June 2015


Australia’s ‘Stolen Generations’ Not a Closed Chapter silvia Boarini


Inter Press Service

very year since 1998, Australia has marked ‘National Sorry Day’ on May 26, a day to remember the tens of thousands of indigenous children who, between the 1890s and 1970s, were forcibly removed from their communities by government authorities and placed into the care of white families or institutions to be assimilated into settler society. ‘National Sorry Day’ was set up following publication in 1997 of the ‘Bringing Them Home’ report, the result of the first national inquiry which collected testimonies of ‘stolen’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and criticised the racist policies that allowed their systematic separation from their families. The report played a central role in highlighting the plight of the so-called ‘stolen generations’ but it took a further 11 years until the government formally apologised for this ‘blemished chapter’ in Australia’s history. Only in 2008 did then Labour Prime Minister Kevin Rudd take the unprecedented step. “For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations (…) we say sorry,” he said on that occasion, before going on to envision a future in which “Parliament resolves that the injustices of the past must never, never happen again.” Despite the apology, indigenous activists maintain that the ‘stolen generations’ is hardly an isolated chapter, let alone a closed one. “From the first few weeks of the invasion in the 1780s, they started removing our children and breaking down our families,” Sam Watson, a prominent Aboriginal leader and activist, told IPS. “And there are more children being removed now than ever before,” he added. A recent report by the Government Productivity Commission, titled ‘Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage’, corroborates Watson’s interpretation. Indigenous children in out-of-home-care numbered 5,059 in June 2004 and 14,991 in June 2014. Barely five percent of the population under 17 is indigenous and yet, the report shows, 35 percent of all children removed are Aboriginal and Strait Islanders. Mary Moore is founder of the Legislative Ethics Commission and has followed many cases of indigenous and non-indigenous child removal. She calls Australia the ‘child-stealing capital of the world’. Many jobs depend on this ingrained practice and laws are passed to legitimise it, she says. “Removal and adoption are counter-intuitive strategies,” she told IPS. “They ignore the damaging lifelong consequences on children and they are far more costly than supporting families to remain united.” Authorities justify removals in the name of ‘child protection’ and point to a context of ‘neglect’ and possible ‘risk’ as justifying factors. But the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander minority, overly represented at the bottom of most socio-economic indices, wants to know whose ‘neglect’ and racist policies have contributed to the widespread poverty, soaring incarceration numbers or high mental illness rates affecting their communities. Although federal government talks of “closing the gap in indigenous disadvantage”, critics say that, often enough, in order to end ongoing state of neglect of Aboriginal communities, the only gap to bridge is between government’s promises and its actions. In February 2015, at a speech marking the anniversary of the 2008 national apology, former Prime Minister Rudd, while not ignoring the staggering 400 percent increase in removal of indigenous children since 1998, called the crisis a “new type of stolen genera-


n many ways, Jayakumari Balendran epitomizes the plight of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka’s northern and eastern provinces, both during and after the island nation’s 26-year-long civil conflict. Her oldest son was shot dead in 2006 while working in the coastal town of Trincomalee, about 300 km east of the capital, Colombo, by ‘unidentified killers’. Abandoning her husband, she was forced to flee to Kilinochchi, a town in the north, which, at the time, served as the administrative nerve-centre for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the rebel group battling the government’s armed forces for an independent state for the country’s minority Tamil population. Three years on, in May 2009, as the war dragged to a bloody finish, her second son was also killed – one of dozens who perished in the shelling of the Puthukkudiyiruppu hospital, an attack the army denies responsibility for. Both boys were 19 years old at the time of their deaths. Her third and final son, who was forcibly conscripted into the LTTE’s ranks as a child soldier, reportedly surrendered to government forces later that same month after the army overran LTTE-controlled areas and declared a decisive win over the rebels. However, she has neither seen nor heard from him since, an ominous sign in a country where enforced disappearances are a common occurrence. And her troubles did not end there. While protesting his disappearance, Jayakumari was arrested and imprisoned in the notorious Boosa prison, an institution that has become synonymous with torture. Following presidential elections in January 2015 that saw the ouster of long-time president Mahinda Rajapaksa and the transfer of power to his former health minister Maithripala Sirisena, Jayakumari was released, in a move that activists took as a sign of safer and more just times to come.

Government Employees: As a Liability or an Asset


An Aboriginal activist shouts slogans during a march in Brisbane, Australia, to stop the cycle of ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal children. (Photo: Silvia Boarini/IPS)

tion” rather than an unresolved and continuing crisis. For Auntie Hazel, a founding member of the grassroots pressure group Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR), there is no difference between what happened then and what happens now. “If you listen to someone from the older age group of stolen generations and the younger ones, the essence of what they say is the same,” she told IPS. “They never met mother, they never met grandma. They feel they don’t belong anywhere. How they feel inside is the same,” she said. GMAR was founded in New South Wales (NWS) in January 2014. NSW has the worst track record in child removals explains Auntie Hazel and GMAR was a way to say “enough is enough”. Just a year later, it had grown into a nationwide movement made up of self-organising charters throughout Australia’s affected communities. The National Aboriginal Strategic Alliance to Bring the Children Home (NASA) now brings together GMAR and other like-minded groups. Protests, round-tables, marches and sit-ins have taken place across Australia and an international solidarity network is growing rapidly. “We are all one and fighting for the same thing,” said Auntie Hazel. “It’s only when the little ones can nurture their spirit inside that they can become proud Aboriginal people.” Ultimately, GMAR seeks to achieve self-determination in the care and protection of indigenous children and end the “power and control” that governments hold over the indigenous minority. At the moment, many in the community complain, children are taken away with worrying ease, sometimes on the basis of unfounded and unchecked hearsay. Anyone, Auntie Hazel explained, can call a hotline anonymously and say things about you. “Then maybe one day your child spends the lunch money on sweets so the teacher, a mandatory reporter, tells the Department of Community and Social Services (DOCS) that the child had no money for food. And so on until there is a case against you and you just don’t know.” One of GMAR’s proposals to end this cycle is the

establishment of an ‘Aboriginal expert committee’. Made up of health specialists, the committee will work with families deemed “at risk” by the DOCS before the children are removed. Such a committee would have spared Albert Hartnett, one of GMAR’s male members, much anguish. In 2012 his 18-month-old daughter Stella was removed without warning. “DOCS officials escorted by police officers knocked on my door one Friday morning,” he recalls, still emotionally shaken. “They said the child was at risk. They asked me ‘where is the dog?’ but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. We had no dog.” Although DOCS did not find any of the “risks” mentioned in their documents, such as dog excrement on the floor, they still took the child. Friday removals are a practice being fought by GMAR because it puts DOCS at an advantage by leaving families without support for a whole weekend. “They tell you ‘you are an unsuitable parent’ and it is easy to fall into a downward spiral,” Hartnett said. With no faith in the system, Hartnett attended the consultations the following Monday and in the evening received a surprise phone call from DOCS asking to assess his home. “It happened backwards,” the father of five told IPS. “First they took the child and then they came to assess.” The child was restored to the family but everyone, said Hartnett, has remained scarred by the experience. “After the [2008] apology,” Auntie Hazel told IPS, “our community felt disempowered. We were suffering in silence.” The truth was out about removals and instead “government stigmatised us,” Hartnett told IPS, referring to the 2007 Northern Territory Intervention when, citing unfounded allegations of child abuse, federal government seized control of a number of indigenous communities. Olivia Nigro, a social justice campaigner and researcher for GMAR told IPS that in this context, what GMAR has achieved is mobilisation from within. “GMAR has galvanised families in affected communities. It has really generated the political confidence to talk about this issue and demand redress for the people.”

‘Long Shadow of War’ Kanya d'almeida Inter Press Service But after returning to find her humble home ransacked and her possessions looted, Jayakumari was forced to place her daughter in an ashram for her own safety, while she herself move into a hut, the only place she could afford as a single mother – her husband died of cancer in 2012 – and where she now ekes out a rough living. The converging issues that have defined her life over the past 10 years – war, disappearances, detention, displacement and abject poverty – are now the subject of an independent inquiry by a U.S. think-tank, the first of its kind to be released after the guns fell silent in 2009. Titled ‘The Long Shadow of War’, the 37-page report by the Californiabased Oakland Institute (OI) details the unhealed wounds that still plague the former war zone, preventing civilians like Jayakumari from moving on with their lives. During a press conference call Thursday, OI Executive Director Anuradha Mittal outlined some of the biggest hurdles to reconciliation, including continued heavy militarisation of the north and east, systematic erasure of Tamil history and culture, and the inability of the government to implement an effective mechanism to investigate alleged war crimes – for which both the government and the LTTE stand accused – committed during the last phase of the conflict. Although Sirisena’s government has taken steps towards demilitarization, appointing a non-military civil servant as governor of the northern province in place of the former security forces commander who previously held the post, the presence of one soldier for every six civilians is a thorn in the side of many war-weary residents.

OI’s report quotes Defense Minister Ruwan Wijewardene as saying, as recently as February, that the government has no intention of removing or scaling down army formations in the Jaffna peninsula. Furthermore, as Mittal pointed out Thursday, the army is not a passive presence. Rather, “it is engaged in property development, running luxury tourist resorts, whale-watching excursions, farming and other business ventures on land seized from local populations.” Land and property have been major sticking points since 2009, with 90,000 of an estimated 480,000 people displaced during the last months of fighting still living in makeshift shelters, according to 2014 statistics published by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). The situation has been particularly difficult for war widows, who are thought to number between 40,000 and 55,000, now tasked with providing single-handedly for their families. For women like Jayakumari, poverty and unemployment combine with uncertainty over missing relatives to create a culture of fear, and stillborn grief. Citing data from the United Nations as well as religious institutions on the ground in the Vanni – a vast swathe of land in the north and east – OI estimates the number of missing people to be between 70,000 and 140,000. “So many mothers like me are wandering from place to place in search of their children,” Jayakumari said in a statement to the press this past Thursday. “We need answers. The government should at least arrange a place where we can go and visit our children.

I want my child,” she asserted. Her demand strikes at the heart of what could well be the defining challenge for the present government: implementing a national reconciliation process centered on a credible investigation into wartime abuses. In March last year, the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC) agreed on a resolution that would have launched a war crimes inquiry, but the then-government barred independent researchers from entering the country. Despite these roadblocks, the world body was set to release its findings earlier this year, but agreed to the fledgling government’s request to delay publication for six months – leading to criticisms over a perceived watering down of U.N. mandates to suit the whims of electoral politics. “Given the past records of government inaction, international pressure is critical for any decisive action,” Mittal asserted. “Instead of pursuing their geostrategic interests, the U.S., India and other countries should demand the release of the U.N. inquiry.” She clarified that urgent tone of the report is not an attack on the new government, but should rather serve as a reminder of the severity of the situation for ordinary Tamil people. “We are just trying to remind the government that there are people, communities, hundreds of thousands of families, waiting for justice,” she noted. The death toll during the war’s last stages remains a hotly contested figure, both within Sri Lanka and among the international community. U.N. data suggest that 40,000 people died, but the previous government insisted the number of dead did not exceed 8,000. Meanwhile, a new book by the eminent research body University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) says the true death toll could be closer to 100,000. This is one of just many unanswered questions that could be put to rest by a just reconciliation process.

n one of the meetings of Naga elders at NBCC office in Kohima last year, I turned to Alemtemshi Jamir, our ex- Chief Secretary for the Government of Nagaland, and expressed my joy of meeting him with these words: “Sir, I have heard a lot about you. I believe you are a one-in-million honest public servant.” Similarly, I’m sure there are many other honest, dedicated and hard-working government employees in Nagaland. Often their services go unnoticed and unappreciated, but these conscientious workers deserve our thanks for doing what they do day-in and day-out to serve our Naga people. On the other hand, our government employees shouldn’t forget that they owe a huge debt to their employer, the public. It is the public that uses its funds to pay their salaries and take care of them. Because of this diversion of funds, something is taken away from the public which otherwise could have been spent for development projects or invested to uplift the less privileged amongst us. Using public funds to pay government employees is justifiable only when the employees are living up to their designation as “public servants” and being productive. But very often politicians are the ones who commit the first mistake: they see employment as an end (providing jobs for the sake of workers) rather than as a means to serve the public. This is the reason why many government employees don’t realize that they are hired to serve the general populace. Still, some people wonder why many of our government employees don’t take their jobs seriously: they habitually arrive late or regularly miss work; they think that money is not something to be earned through hard work but a right conferred on them by the state. Just because they have been granted the privilege to get government jobs, they assume that they are now somehow entitled to be given full pay and all other employment benefits, whether they show up at their workplaces or not. The need of producing enough results in proportion to the value of their pay doesn’t cross their mind. But as for raises in their salary or for promotional opportunities, they have no hesitation to fight, protest, or impose bandh against their own government. Thus, protests and complaints replace diligence and hard work in our welfare state. What these employees fail to understand is that there is a high probability of the public coffer becoming empty or funds running out if the present trend continues without corresponding revenue generation. In other words, the very system they are depending on could reach an unsustainable point and eventually collapse to the loss of all. What would be the fate of our current government employees if the Indian government were to suddenly stop giving us money? If something like that were to happen, who will pay the salaries of our 140,000 government employees in Nagaland? If our public workers want a government that is economically viable to take care of their needs, they would do well to remember the law of cause-and-effect---that is, they must first enable their government to be able to generate enough revenue so that it will always have sufficient funds available to pay them. And this can happen only when every employee takes his or her job seriously and becomes productive. Unfortunately, the entire bureaucracy---from top to bottom---is plagued with work inertia and low morale. As a result, absenteeism is high and lack of performance is tolerated. But since no one within our bureaucratic structure seems committed enough to correct these problems, certain Students’ Unions and NGOs have taken upon themselves the responsibility of inspecting the attendance of government employees in their workplaces. This, of course, is not the most effective way to solve the problem of absenteeism. For that matter, even an issuance of an order from the Chief Secretary or a Department Head cannot make an unwilling worker to work productively. So, allow me to share two potential “keys” that may work to solve the problem of workers’ absenteeism or work-unproductivity: Let Leaders Lead: Our government officials must take their leadership responsibility more seriously by doing things as if they were managing their own private business enterprises and had to pay their workers out of their own personal accounts. Such a change in perspective would definitely force the leaders to make sure that every employee would work full-time for fulltime pay and show work-productivity. But since the salaries of our government employees are paid out of public funds, these leaders seem to care very little about whether their subordinates show up at work and produce services worth the value of their salary. In addition, these leaders must practice a strong work ethic themselves so that they can set the standards of expectation in the workplaces for everyone else. Until and unless these things happen, we cannot expect those in the lower level to be motivated to work. This means that Heads of Departments or our Executive Officials (Class I-Gazette rank) must be held responsible for the inefficiency or unproductivity of all those under them. To correct this problem, our politicians could introduce certain policy changes in regard to service rules and/ or make some hard calls, such as replacing incompetent leaders with those who are more capable to produce results. Allow Choices and Flexibility: The government could grant certain categories of its workforce to have the following choices: Those who are unproductive in their current jobs could be moved to other areas where they could be more productive. This could mean identifying the areas of their real passions or strengths and training them to excel in those lines of work. Or, those who prefer working for a specific group or community could be given that freedom. For example, many government employees could be sent back to the less developed rural areas to work for the development of their own communities. After all, 21st century jobs---whether in the private or public sector---are getting more technology-driven and therefore the manual services often provided by Grade IV-level employees are becoming outdated and redundant. Hence, retaining a lot of office clerks, or even bank tellers, in urban areas will become increasingly unnecessary as computers can do the same work more reliably and at a much higher speed. Also, those in the category of security guards and drivers for government officials could be better utilized for the public. Within certain limits or constraints, most of these employees could have multiple jobs or be given alternative job opportunities. That is, they may work in their present occupations in different localities, or they may work in other industries in the same locality, or they may work in other occupations. In some cases, some workers could be trained to specialize doing two or three different things and then let them use a systematic plan to produce a mutually agreed-upon quantity of products or number of services within a given time-frame. In short, here’s the bottom-line point: We need to transform every government employee into a productive worker who will be an asset to the public rather than a liability.




Thursday 4 June 2015

The Morung Express

US and India move forward on joint military research projects

new delhi, June 3 (AP): After several years of bureaucratic delays, the U.S. and India are moving ahead with two joint research projects for the military that officials hope will set the stage for greater defense cooperation in the years ahead. Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar were to sign a defense agreement Wednesday, as part of a broader U.S. effort to improve what has been a rocky relationship between the two countries. The U.S. views India as a key ally in the Asia Pacific, in part as a countermeasure to China and a lynchpin in America's effort to deepen military and diplomatic ties with countries at Beijing's doorstep. Carter acknowledged the difficulties on both sides in breaking through the red tape to achieve more development cooperation, but said things are moving forward. "There is a legacy and historical burden of bureaucracy in both countries, and it's a constant exercise in stripping that away," he told reporters traveling with him. "It's the burden that we carry forward from the fact that we were two separated industrial systems for so long during the Cold War. It just takes time to get the two of them together." The latest, more tangible progress in the devel-

Defence agreement will pave way for better output: Manohar Parrikar

U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter inspects a Guard of Honor during his ceremonial welcome in New Delhi on Wednesday, June 3. Carter is in India on a three-day visit where he is expected to sign a ten-year defense pact. (AP Photo)

opment projects, include two $1 million research ventures. While small, defense officials say the twoyear projects will set the groundwork for future collaboration. "Some of the projects that we're launching just now are, in part, intended to blaze a trail for things to come," Carter said. One of the projects moving forward is the development of a high-tech mobile power source for the Marine Corps that would work on solar energy, be smaller, more portable and efficient, and could be used in remote outposts. The other is a protec-

tive suit for the Army that would be more lightweight and effective when used in chemical and biological hazard incidents. Other possibilities down the road include collaboration on some aircraft carrier and jet engine technology. U.S. leaders have long hoped to partner more with India as it modernizes its military, but Indian leaders have been more interested in co-development opportunities than in simply buying Americanmade weapons. India has also been courting a strong business relationship with China. Beijing sees India as a mar-

ket for its increasingly hightech goods, from highspeed trains to nuclear power plants, while India wants to attract Chinese investment in manufacturing and infrastructure. At the same time, however, India has been concerned about China's quest for greater influence and increased military activities in the Indian Ocean. One theme of Carter's trip here was greater maritime cooperation, and to underscore that he began his visit Tuesday with a stop at India's Eastern Naval Command in the port city of Vizag. He toured a navy ship, the INS Sahyadri, be-

new delhi, June 3 (iAnS): Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday said the signing of the defence framework agreement between India and the US will give way to "better output". In remarks after signing the agreement with US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter, he said "further synergies will result in better output". "It is a pleasure meeting a gentleman who had proactively been supporting India," said Parrikar. Carter meanwhile praised his Indian counterpart, also citing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whom he had met earlier. "I spoke to the PM today, he commended the efforts of the minister (Parrikar). He had the reputation for being practical and actionoriented," said Carter

fore flying on to New Delhi. Carter's visit comes on the heels of stops in Singapore and Vietnam, where strains with China and its land reclamation and other operations in the South China Sea were key topics of discussion. And he repeatedly stressed that the U.S. military will continue to partner with Asia Pacific nations and have a strong presence in the region. The U.S. effort to do joint projects with India got a boost through the efforts of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is seen as more eager to work with America and wants his country to play a larger role

PM's visit to Israel worrisome: Cong hyderAbAd, June 3 (PTi): Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi's plan to visit Israel as "worrisome", senior Congress leader Anand Sharma today said it would undermine India's long-held position on Palestine and destroy the balance in foreign policy. Addressing reporters here, Sharma said India has had a consistent and firm position on the rights of Palestinians for a state of their own since the days of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru."So, there has to be balance. This Prime Minister has actually undermined that balance in India's foreign policy because he has not engaged with the countries of the Middle East, countries of the Gulf. He has diluted India's firm, consistent position on Palestine," he said. Sharma, Deputy Leader of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha and a former Union minister, said the Prime Minister has also not engaged with Africa and Latin America."Foreign policy cannot be partisan. He (Modi) is free to travel but the message that he gives and the balance which he destroys...that's worrisome," he said

Live larvae found in milk powder sample of Nestle

CoimbATore, June 3 (PTi): Facing trouble in many states over the safety of its popular Maggi noodles, Nestle India has courted fresh trouble after a preliminary test by a state agency of a sample of their milk powder allegedly found live larvae in it. The Drug Administration Department (food safety wing), tested the NAN PRO3 milk powder, bought by a cab driver and the initial report by one of its food analysts found live larvae in the sample. The driver had claimed on the world stage. that his child had developed skin allergy after consumThen, earlier this year, ing the milk and gave the sample for testing. The official during a visit by Presi- said they are awaiting a comprehensive report from the dent Barack Obama, the Government food safety laboratory. two leaders formally announced the agreement to pursue four projects under the Defense technology KolKATA, June 3 (PTi): The West Bengal governand Trade Initiative. The initiative was ment is planning to start a welfare board for dwarfs. State launched in 2012, and was secretariat sources said the new board for the welfare of led by Carter, who then was dwarfs was being planned and the project would be titled the deputy defense secre- 'Little Star.' Sources said under the scheme, which was tary. But progress was slow. being contemplated by the state government, the dwarf Last August, then-De- community would be able to get employment, health fense Secretary Chuck Ha- care facilities, education and even a pension. Recently, the state government had established a gel in a visit to India, urged more defense cooperation, board for the welfare of transgenders, which would prosaying that government red vide pension to the third sex. Based on the life of a dwarf, tape and other problems Bengali film 'Chotoder Chobi' had recently brought the should not stymie progress plight of the community to the fore. Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the film had also won the National Award. between the two.

WB govt plans welfare board for dwarfs

176 new species of animals Rlys to introduce CTC system India, Belarus ink 6 agreements during Prez visit discovered in India last year new delhi, June 3 out by local signal operators, minSK/new delhi, June 3 on Property (Capital) of September, and Exchange Board of India and KolKATA, June 3 (PTi): During last year, field biologists discovered 176 species of animals from India which are new to science, states Zoological Survey of India. According to official records by ZSI responsible for animal taxonomy under the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, 176 new species were discovered, described and reported from all over India last year. The list includes 23 species of fishes, 24 amphibian species like frogs, toads, etc, two species of reptiles, 12 species of arachnida (spiders) and 12 crustacean (crabs, lobsters, shrimps, etc). Many of the new species have been found from the biodiversity-rich areas in the Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats and Northeast states. India has two global biodiversity hot spots - Eastern Himalayas and The Western Ghats.

(PTi): Railways will soon switch over to Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) system on the highly congested DelhiKanpur route to make the operations faster. We are introducing Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) system between Delhi and Kanpur and the new system will be operationalised shortly, Member (Electrical), Railway Board, Navin Tandon said here today. Delhi-Kanpur segment is one of the heavily congested routes of Railways and train-routing decisions are still being carried

station masters and train crew members. All traffic controls will be integrated at a single location using modern technology in the CTC which will make the operation faster saving time, he said. The system is expected to be introduced in other routes in due course. Emphasising on clean energy, Tandon said efforts are on to produce 1000 MW solar power in the next five years. Railways is a major energy consumer and we want to generate adequate new and renewable energy, he said.

BJP MP Vinay Katiyar rakes up Ayodhya issue AyodhyA, June 3 (PTi): Raking up the Ram temple issue, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar who was the face of the Ayodhya movement of 1990s, today said the Modi government should "move to resolve" the matter without waiting for the Supreme Court verdict. He said the government should address the issue either through legislation or talks, fulfilling the BJP's promise. "Without waiting for the verdict of Supreme Court, the government should make a move to resolve the issue either through talks or by bringing a legislation," Katiyar told PTI. "The Ram Janmabhoomi issue is

a burning issue and no government can ignore it, be it in a majority or not. It is a big issue, not only for 'Ram Bhakts'. It is not a difficult task for the government to resolve it and if it wants, it can start negotiations and it will become easier," he said. Katiyar, now Rajya Sabha member, earlier represented Faizabad Lok Sabha constituency, under which Ayodhya falls. He said that earlier there was no court verdict in "favour" of the Ram Janmabhoomi issue and now that it is there and hence it will be easier. On the stand taken by the NDA, which cites lack of majority in Rajya

Sabha for not going ahead, Katiyar said, "Let it be brought in Lok Sabha where the government has thumping majority and then place it in Rajya Sabha and people be apprised of what all the government has been doing to keep its promise of Ram Temple. "This will clear doubts from the minds of the people about our intentions and also expose those who are indulging in propaganda that we are not serious over the issue," he said. The BJP leader, however, stressed that all problems can be resolved through dialogue, which he said should continue for the decades old dispute.

(iAnS): India and Belarus on Wednesday inked six agreements, including a Roadmap for India-Belarus Cooperation as President Pranab Mukherjee held talks here with Belarusian counterpart Alexander V. Lukashenko. Besides the roadmap, the agreements include a protocol amending the agreement between the two sides for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and

27, 1997. A MoU was inked between Bureau of Indian Standards and Belarus' State Committee for Standardization on cooperation in the field of standardization and information support, and another MoU between Prasar Bharati and the National State Television and Radio Company of Belarus (Belteleradiocompany) for cooperation on broadcasting. Both sides also inked a MoU on cooperation between the Securities

Belurusian ministry of finance and a MoU between India's textiles ministry and the Belarusian State Concern for Manufacturing and Marketing of Light Industry Goods 'Bellegprom'. The roadmap seeks to further strengthen and intensify bilateral political, defence, trade and economic exchanges, cultural relations and people-to-people contacts as well as enhanced cooperation in international forums.

SC stays pre-medical entrance test results till June 9 new delhi, June 3 (iAnS): The Supreme Court, observing the credibility of the All India PreMedical Entrance Test (AIPMT) was in question, on Wednesday asked the CBSE not to declare the results till June 9 as Haryana Police was probing the leak of the May 3 examination paper. A vacation bench of Justice Prafulla C. Pant and Justice Amitava Roy said it would decide on the plea seeking the re-conduct the exam after receiving the report from Haryana Police. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was to declare the

results on June 5. Giving police a week's time to complete investigation so that it could know the number of people who benefited from the question paper leak, the court said that till June 9 all "further steps in the examination process shall be stayed". Justice Pant said that the "credibility of the AIPMET is going down" and Justice Roy observed that the "solemnity and sanctity of the exam has to be maintained". What has come to light in the course of investigation, police has told the court that even last year,

these technological devices were used for cheating in AIPMT examination and two students who were involved in it succeeded and got admitted to medical colleges. Asking Haryana Police officers present in the court as to how much time it needed to complete the investigation, the court said: "If you are able to conclude the investigation, we can't give you more than one week... if you are able to identify the beneficiaries, then we will be able to pass some order." The court said that it could not be oblivious of its ramifications. "Before we

do that we have to be satisfied that we have no other option. We should be satisfied about the ramifications." "Apprising the court about the magnitude of the operation, police said that it would "certainly nab the kingpin Roop Singh Dangi but even he would not be knowing the extent of operation". The court is hearing of a PIL by Tanvi Sarwal along with another petition by Jahnvi Shanker seeking the re-conduct of the AIPMT in the wake of the leakage of the question paper and subsequent answer key being circulated through electronic devices.

'No saffronisation, govt wants to bring in new talent' new delhi, June 3 (iAnS): The controversial changes at the helm of the National Museum and Lalit Kala Akademi are the government's attempt to bring in new talent and there is no attempt at "saffronisation", Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma has assserted. "We took the decision to change the heads of institutions in the interest of the organisations, not individuals," Sharma told IANS in an interview, adding that his ministry worked in the interest of organisations rather than individuals. Denying allegations of imposing a "cultural cadre" of the government's choice, Sharma said the "so called intellectuals", who lacked faith in the democratic system were behind such baseless charges. "The intellectuals who have gone to court against the government have no faith in the democratic system. We took the decision to change the heads of institutions in the interest of the organisations, not individuals.

Where is the question of saffronisation? In the Akademi, we have given charge to an additional secretary. If he is saffronised, every bureaucrat in the government is saffronised," Sharma maintained in response to charges that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was trying to bring in Hindu nationalists to head key cultural bodies at the behest of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS). Reacting to allegations that the government was meddling in the affairs of some premier cultural institutions, Sharma said that his ministry was not going to "blindly follow" the previous government and was looking to induct the best possible talent. "We don't follow blindly what the previous government was doing. We are here to challenge the status quo. We are always looking for the best," he added. The ministry has been in the eye of a storm over the abrupt transfers of National Museum head Venu Vasudevan and Lalit Kala Akademi chief Kalyan Ku-

mar Chakravarty. Defending the government's taking over Lalit Kala Akademi, an autonomous body under the culture ministry, Sharma said this was based on complaints about its mismanagement. "There is a process of upgrading and addressing issues of the Akademi. We have received many complaints of mismanagement, embezzlement of funds and misappropriation from a section of artists and we acted upon it," Sharma. A group of artists has moved the Delhi High Court accusing the government of "trying to change the character" of the Akademi. Sharma said that he would not give importance to the complaint. "I am not going to give importance to people like Ashok Vajpeyi who officially called (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi the Godhra murderer," said Sharma. Vajpeyi, a noted Hindi poet, was the Akademi's chairman from 2008 to 2011. Vasudevan's overnight

transfer also invited scathing attacks from many quarters. Vasudevan, who revived the National Museum with many innovative and ambitious plans, was transferred to the sports ministry in April. Sharma maintained that the transfer was a routine administrative process. "We have nothing against Venu Vasudevan. He was appointed as an administrator and was doing good work. However, we were always on the lookout for better people who have more technical experience related to museums," said Sharma. Vasudevan, whose tenure was to expire in December 2016, was shunted without being given any specific reason. While the advertisement for Vasudevan's replacement was issued only his transfer, Sharma said the "right person" had already been identified. "Yes, we have advertised for the position and have identified the right person with more technical experience and expertise of museums," said Sharma.

However, the future of many ambitious projects that were in the pipeline is in a limbo after Vasudevan's exit. Protesting his transfer, Ashok Vajpeyi, historian Romila Thapar and art critic Ranjit Hoskote have initiated an online petition that is likely to be submitted to President Pranab Mukherjee. Eyebrows were also raised when Dipali Khanna did not get a second term as the Member Secretary of the Indira Gandhi National Centre of Arts (IGNCA). Khanna had given IGNCA a new lease of life by initiating many successful programmes and exhibitions. "This decision is also a part of the government's plan to introduce changes. We are looking to fill the position and will soon find one," said Sharma. Earlier this year, noted danseuse Leela Sampson had quit as the censor board chief after its decision against a film was overturned by an appealate tribunal. The censor board comes under the information and broadcasting ministry.

A nurse administers a vaccine to an infant during the launch of Pentavalent Vaccine in Hyderabad on Wednesday, June 3. According to health authorities, close to 63,100 infants in Telangana and 83,600 in Andhra Pradesh states will benefit from the pentavalent vaccine annually. (AP Photo)


the Morung express

Thursday 4 June 2015



Divers comb capsized China ship, hopes fade for survivors

In this photo taken Tuesday, June 2, 2015, two woman cry and hug each other at hotel where relatives of passengers trapped in an capsized cruise ship gathered in Nanjing in east China’s Jiangsu province. Hopes dimmed Wednesday for rescuing more than 400 people still trapped in a capsized river cruise ship that overturned in stormy weather, as hundreds of rescuers searched the Yangtze River site in what could become the deadliest Chinese maritime accident in decades. (AP Photo)

Amnesty slams Nigeria army for abuses in Boko Haram battle LAGOs, JUNE 3 (AP): Nigerian military abuses have caused the deaths of some 8,000 civilians in the fight against Boko Haram extremists, Amnesty International said in a report released Wednesday. The London-based human rights group named senior officers it wanted tried for alleged war crimes and called on Nigeria’s newly-elected government, led by former military dictator Muhammadu Buhari, to look into the abuses. “The Nigerian military, including senior military commanders, must be investigated for participating in, sanctioning or failing to prevent the deaths of more than 8,000 people murdered, starved, suffocated, and tortured to death,” the report said. If correct, those figures would exponentially increase the estimated toll from the nearly 6-year-old Islamic uprising, put at about 13,000 dead. There

was no immediate response from the military. Boko Haram has been fighting to impose Islamic Law across Nigeria’s north for the last six years, massacring civilians and kidnapping thousands of women and children, but Amnesty alleges that the military also has committed atrocities. The soldiers have detained more than 20,000 people — some boys as young as 9 and often on scant evidence — and then held them in brutal conditions that resulted in many deaths, alleged the report. “Former detainees and senior military sources described how detainees were regularly tortured to death — hung on poles over fires, tossed into deep pits or interrogated using electric batons,” said the report, entitled “Stars on their Shoulders, Blood on their Hands.” The organization called for the Nigerian government to promptly inves-

tigate five officers for war crimes: Maj. Gen. John A.H. Ewansiha, Maj. Gen. Obida T. Ethnan, Maj. Gen. Ahmadu Mohammed, Brig. Gen. Austin O. Edokpayi and Brig. Gen. Rufus O. Bamigboye. It also said the chiefs of defense and army staff, and their two predecessors, should be investigated for potential command responsibility. Amnesty said it interviewed 412 people over several years for the report, including victims, relatives, witnesses and activists as well as military officials. Nigeria’s military had promised in the past to investigate Amnesty’s allegations, but little has happened. In his inaugural address Friday, Buhari promised to investigate abuses. Reports of such widespread abuses have strained relations between the United States and Nigeria. U.S. laws prohibit sales of certain weapons to the countries of military forces accused of gross human rights violations.

JIANLI, JUNE 3 (REU t E R s ) : Rescuers searched a sunken cruise ship in the Yangtze River on Wednesday for more than 400 missing people, many of them elderly, but hopes of finding more survivors were fading in what could be China’s worst shipping disaster in almost 70 years. State television showed rescuers, some standing gingerly on the upturned hull of the Eastern Star, and scores of divers working through the night. Only 14 people, including the ship’s captain, have been found alive since the ship capsized in a freak tornado on Monday night with 456 people on board. Just 26 bodies have been recovered. The relatives of dozens of the ship’s passengers from the cities of Nanjing and Suzhou urged the government to allow them to gather at the river to watch the rescue operation, according to a statement from 47 family members. They asked the government to release the names of the living and the dead to them on site, the statement said. In a separate statement, the relatives said they had “several doubts” about the incident and questions such as why most of the people rescued were crew members, why the boat did not dock, and why the captain and crew members had time to don their life vests but not sound any alarm. Rescuers have not slackened off, even though about 200 divers face difficulties such as cabin doors

blocked by tables and beds. There is also the fear that rashly cutting holes in the hull could burst air pockets keeping people alive. “Although there’s lots of work to do, saving people is still being put first,” Transport Ministry spokesman Xu Chengguang told reporters. State television showed a rain-soaked Premier Li Keqiang, who is on the scene overseeing rescue efforts, bowing in respect to two bodies laid out on the deck of a boat covered in sheets. “Life is greater than the heavens, and the burden on your shoulders is massive,” Li told a group of military divers, the government said in a statement. But some relatives were already bracing themselves for the worst. “Yesterday I still had some hope. The boat is big and the water hadn’t gone all the way in. Now, it’s been more that 40 hours. I ask you, what do I have left?” said Wang Feng, a 35-year-old wedding photographer whose father was on the ship. The ship was on an 11day voyage upstream from the city of Nanjing, near Shanghai, to Chongqing. While the People’s Daily said the ship passed inspections by authorities in Chongqing last month, in 2013 it was investigated and held by authorities due to defects, according to documents from a local maritime watchdog. The Nanjing Maritime Safety Administration investigated Eastern Star as part of a safety campaign into passenger ferries and tour boats and held the

ship along with five other vessels, according to three documents on the bureau’s website. The documents did not give details on the nature of the defects but said the issues were reported to the Chongqing maritime safety bureau. The search area has been expanded up to 220 km (135 miles) downstream, state television said, suggesting that bodies could have been swept far away from where the ship foundered in the rainswollen river. Three bodies were found 50 km (30 miles) away near Yueyang city in neighbouring Hunan province, state media said. Unusually Bad Weather Zou Luwang, who lives in a village near the river, said the government called residents to warn of extreme weather on the night the ship capsized. “I believe those who operate the boats have expertise about this, but the weather was unusually bad for these parts,” he told Reuters. Zhang Hui, a tour guide who survived the disaster, told the official Xinhua news agency that it was raining so hard, water was seeping through cabin windows, and that the ship then listed violently. “I thought, ‘this isn’t right’, and I told my colleague, ‘I think we’re in trouble’. After I said that, the ship flipped over. It only took 30 seconds or a minute,” Zhang said. Li Yongjun, captain of a freighter that passed near the Eastern Star shortly before it capsized, told Xi-

nhua the weather was so bad he decided to anchor and wait out the storm. He said he heard a voice from the river crying, “Help!” just after 10 p.m. (1600 GMT), about 30 minutes after state media has said the Eastern Star capsized. “The rain was just too heavy, there was no way to mount a rescue, so I shouted over, ‘swim to the bank!’,” Li said. Distraught Relatives Protest The captain and chief engineer have been detained by police for questioning. An initial investigation found the ship was not overloaded and had enough life vests on board. The ship overturned “within one or two minutes”, Xinhua quoted the captain as saying. He was dragged out of the water near a pier just before midnight on Monday. Relatives of the missing, angry at what they perceive as a lack of information, have scuffled with officials in Shanghai. All of the passengers booked their trips through a Shanghai-based travel agency. China’s weather bureau said a tornado buffeted the area where the ship was cruising, a freak occurrence in a country where twisters can happen but are uncommon. Accidents of this magnitude are uncommon in China. State media said it was the worst recorded ship disaster on the Yangtze River. In 1948, the steamship Kiangya blew up on the Huangpu river, killing more than 1,000 people.

S Korea test-fires missile that can strike all of N Korea sEOUL, JUNE 3 (AP): South Korea on Wednesday successfully test-fired a domestically built ballistic missile that can hit all of North Korea, an official said, amid continuing animosity between the rivals over the North’s push to bolster its nuclear and missile capabilities. The missile, which had a reported range of more than 500 kilometers (300 miles), was fired from a southern launch pad, said an official at Seoul’s Defense Ministry who spoke on condition of anonymity because of office rules. President Park Geun-hye watched the launch, according to her office. At the same launch pad Wednesday, South Korea tested another missile aimed at shooting down an enemy ballistic missile, the defense official said. There was no immediate response from North Korea, which is heavily sanctioned for its past long-range rocket and nuclear tests and considers U.S. and South Korean military drills a preparation for an attack. South Korea struck a deal with the United States in 2012 that allows Seoul to possess longer-range missiles to better cope with North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats. The North’s recent claim to have testfired a missile from a submarine caused security worries among many South Koreans who suspect that Pyongyang is working on harder-to-detect means to launch attacks. The North also recently reiterated its claim that it had built a nuclear warhead small enough to be mounted on a long-range missile. Foreign analysts are skeptical about both claims. But they agree that the country has made progress in its efforts to possess a nuclear-tipped missile that can threaten the U.S. and South Korea. International disarmament talks on the North’s atomic weapons program remain stalled.

The 2012 U.S. deal allows South Korea to possess ballistic missiles with a range of up to 800 kilometers (500 miles). A previous 2001 accord with Washington had barred South Korea from

deploying ballistic missiles with a range of more than 300 kilometers (186 miles) because of concerns about a regional arms race. The Korean Peninsula remains officially at war because the

1950-53 Korean War ended with an armistice, not a peace treaty. The U.S. stations about 28,500 troops in South Korea as deterrence against possible aggression from North Korea.




/ Dt.Kohima the 2nd June,2015.

PRESS RELEASE In pursuance of this Department notification No. HED/Dir-1/2014-15. Dt. The 14th May, 2015 following corrigendum is being issued for clarification and information of all concerned. 1. The Roll Nos 178 & 217 have applied for both the posts of Technician and LDAcum-Computer Assistant. However, inadvertently their Roll Nos could not feature in the LDA cum Computer Assistant which was published on 14th May, 2015. 2. As per the option/choice of the posts given by all the candidates, Roll No. 217 who got the highest mark in all the exams (Written/Practical/Viva Voce) was selected for the post of Technician. Likewise Roll No 178 who also applied for both the posts was selected for the post of LDA cum Computer Assistant since the 3 (three) candidates (Roll. Nos. 32,102,103) who have been selected for practical & viva voce for the post of LDA cum Computer Assistant secured less marks then the second candidate (Roll No. 178). (DR. NORBERT NORAHO) Addl. Director, Higher Education, Nagaland : Kohima




Dt. Kohima, the 3rd June, 2015

ADVERTISEMENT Applications are invited for filling up of 1 (one) BCC/IEC Consultant under NVBDCP on contractual basis initially for a period of six months and extendable subject to satisfactory performance in the project period. Eligibility Criteria:Name of post BCC/IEC Consultant

Last date of submission Post Graduate qualification in Mass Communica- 25,000/-35,000/- 10-06-2015 tion/ Social Work, preferably with Ph D degree per month consoliand exposure to development work and advo- dated cacy and demonstrated understanding of behavior change communication and research and 3 years relevant work experience, out of which one year should be in networking and liason- building activities with national and international organizations Qualification


Candidate who does not have the requisite qualification need not apply. No separate application form will be issued and the date of interview will be notified to the applicants who are eligible. The decision of the undersigned will be final to reject application with incomplete documents. Interested applicant may submit their applications with all supporting documents to NVBDCP Cell, Directorate of Health & Family Welfare, Nagaland Kohima. Sd/- DR. SUKHATO A. SEMA Mission Director (NHM) Directorate of Health & Family Welfare, Nagaland: Kohima.



(A Central University Established by an Act of Parliament 1989) SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY D.C COURT JUNCTION, DIMAPUR – 797112, NAGALAND




Eligibility criteria for Regular B.Tech course (Four years): 1. Candidates who have passed 10+2 examination from any recognized Central/State Board of Secondary Examinations or equivalent with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects along with any one of the subject (Chemistry/ Biotechnology/Computer Science/Biology) are eligible for admission in 4 Years B.Tech Programme with minimum 50% marks for General Category and 45% marks in case of SC/ST Category. 2. Candidates opting in Biotechnology must have passed PCBM(Physics,Chemistry,Biology,Mathematics) at 10+2 Examination 3. Candidates with valid JEE (main) score may apply directly by obtaining the admission form. 4. Candidates without valid JEE (main) score can also apply against the vacant seats. 5. Selection of candidates for B.Tech Admission shall be strictly based on merit list. Eligibility criteria for Lateral Entry B.Tech course (Three years): (three seats per department) 1. Candidate must have three years Diploma / B.Sc degree relevant to subject offered with minimum 50% marks for General Category and 45% marks in case of SC/ST Category. ******For details information candidate may refer Admission Brochure or university website. Important Note 1. Admission form and Brochure for all the candidates (JEE (Main)/ University/PH/State) can be collected after depositing fee of Rs. 250 /- (Rs. 200/- for SC/ST) in the School Office or University account mentioned below. 2. Candidates may also download the application forms from www.nagauniversity.ac.in and the application fee must be deposited in the Account No. 33797581389, Account Name: NU Fees/Revenue from any SBI branch and the counter foil should be attach along with the application form in every cases. Important Dates: Issue of Application forms and brochure : 1st June 2015 onwards Last date of submission of filled up forms : 30th June 2015 Declaration of Selected List : 6th July 2015 Date of Admission & registration to relevant courses : 3rd - 4th August 2015 Starting of classes : 5th August 2015 Contact / communication address:Dean, School of Engineering & Technology, Nagaland University Administrative Block, Residential Campus, ,Landmark Colony, Dimapur-797112, Nagaland. Co-ordinator, Admission Committee: 9774458568, 8119020134, 9615826725 Email-id:- convenoradmission14@gmail.com (D.P. CHATURVEDI) Dean,SET, Nagaland University

The Morung Express 10 SPORTS Saina, Kashyap advance; Sindhu ousted from Indonesian Open Warriors will rely on versatility, Dimapur


4 June 2015

JAKArtA, JuNe 3 (PtI): World number one Saina Nehwal disposed off Thai Nichaon Jindapon’s challenge in straight games but P.V. Sindhu crashed out of the Indonesian Open Super Series badminton tournament following a close first-round defeat, in Jakarta on Wednesday. Second seed Saina got the better of her Thai opponent 21-16 21-18 in 35 minutes. Sindhu’s defeat though prevented an allIndian second round clash as both the Indian girls are in the bottom half. Sindhu lost her gruelling first round 21-16 15-21 14-21 to Chinese Taipei’s Ya Ching Hsu in 49 minutes. Saina will now take on Ching Hsu for a place in the women’s singles quarterfinals. Meanwhile, in the men’s singles Paru-

palli Kashyap overcame Thailand’s Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk 21-17 21-7 in just 29 minutes to advance to the second round. World number 14 Kashyap next faces fifth seed Korean Wan Ho Son. Later in the day, Kidambi Srikanth will open his campaign against Danish Hans-Kristian Vittin, ranked 15th in the world. In the women’s doubles the Indian pair of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa will open their campaign against Taipei’s team of Ya Ching Hsu and Yu Po Pai.

India's Saina Nehwal makes a backhand return during her qualifying match at the Indonesia Open badminton tournament at Istora Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia, Wednesday, June 3. (AP Photo)

Sachin and Shane Warne's Portugal into Under-20 Twenty20 league gets ICC nod World Cup playoffs Tendulkar features inClarke's list of top five cricketers

NeW DeLHI, JuNe 3 (AgeNcIes): Cricketing legends Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne's planned Twenty20 league, featuring former stars, got the approval of the ICC on Wednesday. Tendulkar and Warne met the ICC officials in Dubai today. Warne confirmed the development by posting on Twitter. The inaugural event will be played in non-cricketing venues in the US. Earlier, it was reported in 'The Australian' newspaper that Tendulkar and Warne have offered 28 ex-players contracts worth $25,000 a match for the league planned in atleast three US cities starting September. The players have been approached to play 15 T20 matches over a three-anda-half year period. The US cities believed to be on the

tentative schedule are New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the report added. Players believed to have been contacted by the All Stars include Australian greats Brett Lee, Ricky Ponting, Adam Gilchrist and Glenn McGrath, former England captains Michael Vaughan and Andrew Flintoff, and South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis. The report also states that the players have been offered a one-page contract detailing a package that includes business class travel and a $10,000 sign-on fee. The proposed league comes on top of plans by the Indian-based Essel Group to start a rival body to the International Cricket Council, which has reportedly discussed plans to pay current players Michael Clarke and David Warner $50 million over 10 years.

MeLbOurNe (PtI): Australian Test captain Michael Clarke considers legendary Sachin Tendulkar as one of the top five greatest cricketers he has played against during his international career. During an interaction with his fans on Twitter, Clarke revealed that Tendulkar is among five of the best players he played with or against in his career. The other four names he took were Australian bowling greats Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath, South African all-rounder Jacques Kallis and West Indian Brian Lara. Clarke, who has retired from the ODI and T20 formats, is currently in the West Indies for a Test series against the hosts. Asked to name the quickest bowler he has ever faced, Clarke took Pakistani maverick Shoaib Akhtar's name. The 34-year-old, however, called England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff as the best bowler he padded up to. In lighter vein, Clarke was asked about the most untidy player in the Australian dressing room and he responded with his predecessor Ricky Ponting's name.

WeLLINgtON, JuNe 3 (AP): Portugal swept imperiously into the knockout rounds of the Under-20 World Cup with a 4-0 win over Qatar on Wednesday, while Mexico revived its campaign after a woeful opening match by defeating Uruguay 2-1. Two Mexico players were sent off in their firstup, 2-0 loss to Mali, but they demonstrated greater discipline against Uruguay, rallying after conceding a late equalizer to seal the win with a goal in the third minute of stoppage time. Portugal beat Senegal 3-0 in its opening match and guaranteed its place in the round of 16 with an impressive win over the Asian Confederation champion. Qatar's second straight Group C loss ruled it out of contention for the next round, and raised further questions about FIFA's decision to award the 2022 World Cup to a nation which has little footballing pedigree. Coached by Felix Sanchez of Spain, Qatar was unbeaten in the Asian qualifying tournament to earn a place at the Under-20 World Cup for the first time in 20 years. That raised hopes that Sanchez's squad, which contains Europe-based players, would provide the basis of the Qatar team that will qualify for the 2022 tournament as host nation. After being outclassed

in two matches in New Zealand and with a match still to play against Senegal, it seems unlikely Qatar has the foundation of a team that will be competitive in 2022. "Although my team were organized, we could not match the quality of our opponents," Sanchez said. "We were more confident in the second half, but after the third goal we knew we couldn't get back in the game. "We still have room for progression. Hopefully, this experience will better the players." Qatar must win its final group match against Senegal to have any chance of qualifying for the round of 16. Winger Ivo Rodrigues was Portugal's star, scoring twice and setting up another as Helio Sousa's team maintained its shape and form in occasionally torrential rain. Mexico showed poise against Uruguay to stake its claim for qualification from an increasingly tight Group D. After two rounds all four teams in the group have one win. Serbia's 2-0 win over Mali allowed it to match Mali, Uruguay and Mexico with 1-1 records. It leads the group with a slightly superior goal differential ahead of its last match against Mexico on Saturday. Colombia gave itself a good chance to follow Portugal into the round of 16 from Group C with a 1-1 draw with Senegal.

depth to defend LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, left, and Hawks DeMarre Carroll battle for a loose ball during game four of the Eastern Conference Finals on May 26, in Cleveland. (AP Photo)

OAKLAND, JuNe 3 (AP): LeBron James believes there is nobody in the world that can stop him. He is too strong, too fast, too skilled. For the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA title, they will need to get past James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals starting Thursday night. And not just once — but four times in seven games. "Some have been successful. Many have failed," said Warriors forward Draymond Green, the runner-up for Defensive Player of the Year and among at least four players who will get their shot at James in the series. Defending the four-time Most Valuable Player is a challenge the Warriors think they are as well-equipped as anybody to face. They had the top-rated defense during the regular season and held opponents to a league-low 42.8 percent shooting. They are loaded with length and versatility on the perimeter, and they lean on 7-footer Andrew Bogut to back them up around the basket. Call it the Irresistible Force Paradox: an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Someone, or something, will surely have to give in this matchup. "Our defense is the best in the league, but we're looking forward to the challenge," Bogut said. James had little trouble slicing through Golden State's smothering pressure in the lone game he played against the Warriors this season. He scored a seasonhigh 42 points in the Cavs' 110-99 win in Cleveland on Feb. 26, shot 15 of 25 from the floor and made 8 of 11 free throws. Warriors coach Steve Kerr called it "one of those games where he was making everything." He said the key to avoiding a repeat performance is clogging the paint and avoiding turnovers that lead to transition baskets. "Sometimes your best defense is your offense," Kerr said. "You can't get crazy with the ball. A live-ball turnover with LeBron is just a dunk at the other end." James, who is in his fifth straight finals, has been brilliant in the playoffs. He averaged 27.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game while shooting 42.8 percent against Boston, Chicago and Atlanta and often looked flawless. The Warriors have been tight-lipped

about how they'll go about defending James. But, like anybody, they believe there are ways to disrupt his rhythm. "We're all human, I would like to think," said Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala, who spent more time defending James than any other player on the team in the previous matchup, according to the SportVU tracking system. The Warriors are no strangers to stopping stars in these playoffs. James will be the fourth straight AllNBA First-Team player they face after Houston's James Harden, Memphis' Marc Gasol and New Orleans' Anthony Davis. The fifth member of that team is newly minted MVP Stephen Curry, whom James compared himself to last week when asked how to defend the Warriors point guard. "The same way you slow me down," he said, pausing for effect. "You can't." The Warriors will likely do what they did against each team's best player the previous three rounds: mix and match defenders and defensive looks. Green, Iguodala, Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson will take turns guarding James. And because the Warriors switch on pick-and-rolls at just about every position, it's not nearly as important who starts on him as it is who finishes. Kerr and assistant coach Ron Adams, the de facto defensive coordinator, will likely shift schemes — such as going under screens and over screens, trapping or backing off — several times each game to give James different looks. James, in his 12th year in the league, has seen just about everything. He said it's always a luxury for a team to have a variety of defensive players, and the Warriors are no different in that regard. "They have multiple bodies that they can kind of put on me," James said, "but it doesn't affect what I need to do." The Warriors also want to limit the opportunities James creates for his teammates. The number of assists he has might be just as important as how many points he scores. Collapsing around him and leaving another player open for a 3-pointer can be costly, which is why the Warriors are looking at the defensive plan as a "team challenge."

Wilshere charged after foul-mouthed outburst Rafael Benitez named new Real coach LONDON, JuNe 3 (AP): Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has been charged with misconduct after his foul-mouthed outburst toward rival club Tottenham during his team's FA Cup victory celebrations. Wilshere took to the microphone during Arsenal's open-top bus parade in London on Sunday and chanted a song about Spurs that contained an expletive. He was in the middle of another expletivefilled song when Arsenal broke off

from the live broadcast on the club's in-house media channel. The English Football Association says on Wednesday that Wilshere has been charged because his conduct "was improper and/or brought the game into disrepute." Wilshere has until June 10 to respond to the charge. Arsenal beat Aston Villa 4-0 to retain the FA Cup on Saturday. Wilshere came off the bench in the second half.

Montreal offers Hamilton an antidote for Monaco

MONtreAL, JuNe 3 (reuters): Lewis Hamilton has the perfect opportunity to get back on the winning track in Sunday's Canadian Grand Prix after going astonishingly awry in Monaco. Montreal is a favourite race for the double Formula One world champion, a fast track where he celebrated his first pole position and victory in his stellar 2007 debut season with McLaren. Since then, the Mercedes driver has won twice more in Canada. "I think everything that needs to be said about Monaco has already been said. Obviously, it was a huge disappointment for me and also for the team," the Briton said before heading to Montreal. "But we'll learn from it and move forwards together like we always do. I just want to get back out there and bounce back -- and I could hardly ask for a better place to do that than Montreal. This is always one of my favourite weekends." Hamilton has suffered disappointments too at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, with its 300kph blasts and the 'Wall of Champions' at the treacherous final corner, and has yet to win there for Mercedes. But when he has finished, it has been on the podium and his track record eclipses that of team mate and

title rival Nico Rosberg. Three-nil on wins, 4-1 on podium appearances, 3-1 on poles and 6-1 on front row starts, the statistics all point to Hamilton. "The racing is fantastic, the city is a lot of fun and the crowds are really enthusiastic...and it's given me some great memories, including my first win," said the Briton. "I know I've got the car underneath me and the team behind me to do it again, so I'm aiming for nothing less." Rosberg, who became only the fourth driver to win Monaco three times in a row after Mercedes blew a surefire victory for Hamilton by calling him in for a needless pitstop while

leading, is not to be under-estimated however. The German, now only 10 points adrift of his championship-leading team mate after six races, qualified on pole in Montreal last year and is aiming for a hat-trick of wins for the season. Both Mercedes drivers have new power units, having completed six race weekends on the previous ones, while rivals Ferrari may have upgrades to theirs. Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, a first time winner in Montreal last year, can only dream of such reliability but the race -- traditionally hard on brakes and engines -- can throw up surprises. The Australian is on his fourth and final penalty-free engine already, with the team leaving Monaco mulling whether to take a hit and use a fifth in Canada. Ferrari, who have not won since 2004 at a circuit named after their late local hero, will be hoping four times world champion Sebastian Vettel can at least finish on the podium for the sixth time in seven races. Williams are confident too of a much better showing after failing to score in Monaco while McLaren's Fernando Alonso aims to open his account for the season two weeks after Jenson Button did the same.

MADrID, JuNe 3 (AFP): Rafael Benitez will take charge of Real Madrid next season after the club confirmed he had signed a threeyear deal with the Spanish giants on Wednesday. "Real Madrid will present today, Wednesday, June 3, Rafa Benitez as the new coach of the first team for the next three seasons," the club said in a statement. Benitez will give a press conference at 1100GMT at the club's Santiago Bernabeu stadium. The appointment brings Benitez's coaching career full circle as he returns to the club where he made his first steps as a youth team coach in the early nineties. Benitez is also returning to Spain for the first time in over a decade after making a name for himself with two league titles in three years at Valencia between 2001 and 2004. However, commentators and fans have been skeptical at his appointment at the expense of the wellloved Carlo Ancelotti, who was sacked by the club last week. Ancelotti ended a 12year wait to land Madrid's much desired 10th Champions League last season, but paid the price for failing to deliver a major trophy this season with eternal rivals Barcelona on the brink of sealing a treble. Moreover, Benitez has failed to land a league title in the 11 years since he swapped Valencia for Liverpool. The 55-year-old's greatest achievement in that time came in winning the Champions League in

New Real Madrid coach Rafael Benitez, left, and Real Madrid's President Florentino Perez, right, pose for a picture during his official presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, June 3, after signing for Real Madrid. (AP Photo)

his first season at Liverpool. However, he delivered only the UEFA Super Cup and the FA Cup in 2006 in the five years that followed at Anfield. Benitez then had a nightmare experience following in the footsteps of Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan where he lasted just six months and another short-lived unhappy spell at Chelsea followed as he was never accepted by the fans despite winning the Europa League in 2013. A two-year spell with Italian giants Napoli also came to an unsatisfactory end on Sunday with a 4-2 home defeat to Lazio which ensured they did not qualify for next season's Champions League. Benitez could face a frosty reception from Real's horde of

'galacticos' who were very much against Ancelotti's sacking. "Great coach and amazing person. Hope we work together next season," World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo posted on his official Twitter days before the Italian's dismissal. Meanwhile, a host of other players including Sergio Ramos, James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos also took to social media to thank Ancelotti for his time at the club. In contrast to the affable Ancelotti, Benitez is known for being a strict disciplinarian and obsessive tactician which will put new demands on the most expensively assembled squad in football history. Former Liverpool winger Ryan Babel caused a stir

last week when he tweeted: "Benitez on his way to Real? He will make Ronaldo a great defender..." However, another of Benitez's perceived faults during his time in England, his persistent squad rotation, has helped him to land his dream job. Whilst Barcelona boss Luis Enrique gave his players a rest at every opportunity early in the season, Ancelotti rotated very little even in Madrid's easiest games and consequently saw his side run out of gas at the business end of the season. Benitez will get his first taste of the demands at Los Blancos on a gruelling pre-season tour to Australia and China for friendlies against Roma, Manchester City, Inter Milan and AC Milan in July.


The Morung Express

Thursday 4 June 2015



News in Brief British Singer Foxes wins

Kushal Tandon signs his firsT Bollywood movie!


igg Boss 7’ fame contestant and actor Kushal Tandon has signed his first Bollywood movie. The hunk of an actor, whose affair with co-contestant Gauahar Khan had made headlines, will soon be seen on the silverscreen. The actor took to his Twitter account to break the news. Kushal had been a part of a TV show ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’ and had participated in celebrity dance reality show ‘Nach Baliye’ season 5 while he was dating Elena Boeva, a Bulgarian model. He rose to stardom post his ‘Bigg Boss’ stint.

ed sheeran maKes heavy meTal hiTs sound remarKaBly pleasanT Ed Sheeran put together a fake album of the 25 greatest heavy metal covers for the people who “enjoy the morbid and disturbing themes of heavy metal music” but wish it sounded more pleasant. While the combination might turn a few heads, it kinda makes us wish it were real. With Jimmy Fallon selling the fake album, Sheeran covers Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” and Limp Bizkit’s “Break Stuff.” He transforms the heavy metal hits into tunes for the whole family that are almost impossible to recognize even with the titles. And there’s even a bonus hardcore rap album. You’ll never hear Ty Dolla Sign’s “Paranoid” the same way again.

Guinness World Record


ritish singer Foxes has forced her way into the book of Guinness World Records for the most live concerts performed in a 12 hour period in different cities. The 26 year old singer, real name Louisa Rose Allen, undertook a series of seven live shows in the south of England on Wednesday May 27th, driving to each in a new Citroen C1 model. Allen undertook the mammoth ordeal in order to raise money for the cancer charity Trekstock. She kicked off in University of Southampton Students' Union, before heading to: Brighton, Guildford, Reading, Oxford, High Wy-

pays tribute to Charlie Chaplin on Filmfare Cover


ou have to admit, it's fairly unusual to see a nonglammed-up version of a Bollywood actress on a magazine cover. Which is why Vidya Balan (yes, it's her!), who is on the cover of this month's edition of Filmfare, has caught our eye. Dressed up in a hat, a dark suit, and sporting a fake toothbrush moustache and a walking stick, Balan is, very obviously, paying tribute to Charlie Chaplin. The cover image was tweeted out by Jitesh Pillaai, the magazine's editor. According to Pillaai, Balan wanted to pay tribute to several iconic yesteryear stars in a series of portraits shot by ace shutterbug Suresh Natarajan. The shoot was conceptualised and executed by Balan in conjunction with the Filmfare team. The other tributes, which will be featured in the issue, are similar ones to Kishore Kumar, Guru Dutt, and Raj Kapoor. The June issue of Filmfare hits stands on Thursday.

Calvin Harris now can add Man of the Year gong to his fully loaded trophy cabinet. The Scottish DJ was honored with the award by Glamour U.K. at the magazine’s annual awards event, Women of the Year Awards, on Tuesday night, June 2. At the event taking place at London’s Berkeley Square Gardens, Harris was presented with the trophy onstage by model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The DJ won the award due to his extraordinary musical talents and fashion sense both on and off camera. Previously, Harris has received tons of awards including several Grammys, BRITs and MTV Awards. The 31-year-old musician made history last October after becoming the first artist to have three songs simultaneously on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

enrique iglesias To have ‘reConsTruCTive hand surgery’ Enrique Iglesias had hurt his hand so bad in a drone camera incident that he now has to undergo reconstructive surgery. The 40-year-old Spanish star had hurt his hand while trying to catch a drone camera during a concert in Tijuana on Saturday, but ended up injuring his fingers badly, TMZ.com has reported. He continued to perform for 30 minutes while his hand bled soaking his shirt, and was rushed to LA later for medical care. The ‘Hero’ singer, whose world tour will resume on July 3 in Mexico City, will now get his surgery done on June 8.

Baahubali trailer crosses 1 million views in less than 48 hours!



n support of Red Nose Day, the funny man traveled to Uganda and took a glimpse into the impoverished life of Felix -- a homeless 12-year-old who relies on collecting and returning recyclables off the street for money. In the video above -- which was broadcast during last Thursday's telethon event on NBC -- Felix told

Black that his mother died and he never met his father. He has siblings, but has no idea where they are. "It's unfathomable," Black, who was among many A-listers supporting the cause, said to the camera. He noted Felix sleeps near strangers and garbage every night, using a rock to rest his head. "This is not a place for a

12-year-old boy to be sleeping alone. This is his life." As Felix explained, the most important thing to him is learning -something Red Nose Day fought to make happen. A project that helps connect street kids like Felix to learning opportunities was one of the beneficiaries of Thursday's event, which reportedly raised more than $21 million to help impoverished communities in the U.S. and abroad. Several charities were helped by Red Nose Day, including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Save the Children and United Way. The televised event was launched in the U.K. in 1988, as CNN reported, and had raised over 78 million British pounds, or about $122 million, before last night's telethon. Several global humanitarian efforts -- including the fight against AIDS, ending domestic violence and helping children access education -- have benefited from Red Nose Day.


tition to win the Social Media King and Social Media Queen titles. Apart from these two superstars many actors on social media were nominated in BL’s 16 unique categories. With over 13 lakh votes, this unique award got an outstanding response from both fans and actors. Considering that this is Bollywood’s first award that is presided over by fans on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, actors like Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha, Tiger Shroff, Arjun Kapoor etc were overwhelmed on bagging the coveted trophy!

The Bleeding Love hitmaker is a keen campaigner for animal rights and she has penned a personal note to the Brazilian Senate as members prepare to consider a veto on vivisection. Supporters fear the proposed new legislation has too many loopholes to make it a watertight law, and Lewis is hoping her star power will pressure politicians in the South American country to ensure the bill is amended. In the letter, sent as part of the Humane Society International’s BeCrueltyFree Brazil campaign, she writes, “The loopholes in Bill PLC 70/2014 would allow companies to continue cruel animal testing for virtually any ingredient, meaning Brazil would have a false test ban that in reality saves no animals at all... Please show the rest of world that when Brazil says no to cosmetics cruelty, it does so sincerely, no half-measures.”

the film starring Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah, will release in two parts. The first part of the epic period film, Baahubali: The Beginning, will hit screens on July 10. Building the buzz around the film, its trailer was released on June 1 in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. And since then people have been going gaga over it. The Hindi trailer of the film shared in Youtube page of Dharma Productions has crossed over one

Ugandan boy who just wants an education

Caitlyn Jenner to Be MAC Bollywood’s first ever Social Media Awards! Film Awards 2015 winner list is out! Viva Glam's Spokesperson ollywoodLife SRK and Priyanka both towered over their compe-

leona lewis pushes for animal TesT Ban in Brazil

he trailer of SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus is being raved by fans all over the world. If you thought attaining near perfect visual effects is next to impossible in Indian cinema, if you thought India has a long way to go to produce films that match the epic scale of Hollywood flicks, then clearly you are one of those very few beings who have not seen the gobsmackingly amazing trailerof SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali. Backed by Karan Johar,

ing the New C1 from 'C1ty to C1ty', I'm more determined than ever to pass my driving test and get out on the open road.” Allen released her debut album Glorious in early 2014, having come to mainstream attention providing guest vocals for Zedd’s 2013 single ‘Clarity’, which won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. In December last year, she revealed in an interview that she had already started work on a second album, which she hopes will be released by the end of 2015. She’s also set to feature on dance legend Giorgio Moroder’s comeback album Deja Vu later this month.

Vidya Balan Jack Black breaks down meeting homeless

Calvin harris named man of The year By glamour u.K. magazine


combe and London. She performed a 15 minute long acoustic set in each of the venues, in towns at least 50 km away from each other, in order to qualify for the record. In each set, Allen sang three fan favourites in the form of ‘Youth’, ‘Let Go For Tonight’ and ‘Glorious’. She reacted in a statement having scooped the world record: “It's been amazing to see this challenge through to the finishing line. It's been a long day, but I'm so excited to be able to say that I'm now a Guinness World Records title holder. I'd like to say a huge thanks to Citroën and my team for making this become a reality. After tak-

million views in less than 48 hours. Sharing his excitement, Karan johar tweeted,” Crossing 1 million views already the #BahubaliTrailer has begun its epic journey!!!!” The Telugu trailer of Baahubali has fared even better than its Hindi counterpart. The Telugu trailer has crossed over 2.5 million views in just 40 hours. Going by the buzz around the film, fans can’t wait for the music and the dialogue promos of the film to be revealed.

Here’s the full list of BollywoodLife Awards 2015 winners…


aitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, is reportedly in talks to become the new spokesperson of MAC Viva Glam. An insider tells HollywoodLife, "Caitlyn Jenner is being considered as the spokesperson for M.A.C's Viva Glam campaign in 2016. The current spokesperson is Miley Cyrus." "It could be a family affair as Kendall [Jenner] is signed with Estee Lauder and Estee Lauder of course owns M.A.C. Caitlyn would be the perfect spokesperson because Viva Glam is about working with and celebrating celebrities that are bold, influential and not afraid to speak their truth," the insider adds. Another source tells the site that the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star is wanted by Donald Trump to be a judge for upcoming Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. "Donald Trump sees dollar signs with Caitlyn and wants her on a future 'Celebrity Apprentice'," the second source says, adding that Donald "would love Caitlyn to be one of the celebrity judges for the up-

coming Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants." Caitlyn debuted her new identity as a woman in the July issue of Vanity Fair. On Monday, June 1, she joined Twitter and broke President Obama's Twitter record. She hit one million followers in just four hours and has now been followed by 2.2 million fans.

Most Popular Male Celeb Most Popular Female Celeb Most Popular South Celeb on Twitter Most Fan Friendly South Celeb Selfie King Selfie Queen Instagrammer of the Year Craziest Fan Following Best Social Media Debut Fittest Actor Fittest Actress Best Social Media Moment of the Year Most Motivational Celeb on Twitter Most Fan Friendly Celeb Most Witty Celeb Forever Diva

– Shah Rukh Khan – Priyanka Chopra – Shruti Haasan – Dhanush – Varun Dhawan – Sonakshi Sinha – Sonam Kapoor – Shahid Kapoor – Arjun Kapoor – Tiger Shroff – Jacqueline Fernandez – Shah Rukh Khan and AbRam picture – Nargis Fakhri – Abhishek Bachchan – Twinkle Khanna – Juhi Chawla

Serena Williams eases Blatter resignation fails to end FIFA storm into French Open semis


Serena Williams of the U.S. returns in the quarterfinal match of the French Open tennis tournament against Italy's Sara Errani at the Roland Garros stadium, in Paris, France, Wednesday, June 3. (AP Photo)


PAriS, June 3 (AP): In stark contrast to her previous three matches, topranked Serena Williams overpowered Sara Errani on Wednesday to reach the French Open semifinals with a 6-1, 6-3 win. A two-time champion in Paris, Williams extended her unbeaten record against the 2012 French Open runner-up to nine matches. The 19-time Grand Slam champion got off to sluggish starts and lost the opening set in her last three matches. She didn't have that problem today. "It was very important for me to take a very good start," said Williams, speaking in French during her on-court interview. "The last four French Opens in a row she's been to the quarterfinals or better, so I knew I had to play very well today." Williams broke for

a 2-0 lead but dropped her serve in the next game. She saved a break point in the fifth game with a crosscourt backhand punctuated with a big "Come On!" and held after hitting a 121 mph (195 kph) ace. Errani played deeper in the second set but was broken two more times. Williams, who will play in her fourth Roland Garros semifinal match against Timea Bacsinszky, finished with 39 winners to Errani's nine. "The power is of course a big thing," Errani said. "She has a lot of power in the serve. She's serving so strong. And then from the baseline she is hitting so strong, so it's difficult to play." In her nine matches with Williams, the 17thseeded Italian has won only two sets but she was confident she could do better this time after lead-

ing by a set and a break the last time they met in April in the Fed Cup. "I tried to do the same, but of course the conditions were different," Errani said. "Today Serena, with these conditions, played much better, much stronger. So it was difficult for me to make the things that I normally want to do." Williams, who claimed her titles in Paris in 2002 and 2013, has won 19 straight Grand Slam matches and is two away from a third consecutive major title. Bacsinszky, the first Swiss female player to reach a Grand Slam semifinal since Patty Schnyder at the 2004 Australian Open, defeated Alison Van Uytvanck of Belgium 6-4, 7-5. The other women's semifinal will pit seventh-seeded Ana Ivanovic against No. 13 Lucie Safarova.

Djokovic beats 9-time French Open champ Nadal in quarters



PAriS, June 3 (AP): Novak Djokovic ended Rafael Nadal's 39-match French Open winning streak, beating the nine-time champion in a surprisingly lopsided quarterfinal 7-5, 6-3, 6-1 on Wednesday. It is only the second defeat for Nadal in 72 career matches at Roland Garros. The other came in the fourth round in 2009 against Robin Soderling. Before that, Nadal had won four championships in a row at the clay-court Grand Slam tournament. Since that lone previous setback, Nadal had collected a record five consecutive French Open trophies. The No. 1-ranked Djokovic lost all six previous matches he'd played against Nadal in Paris, including the 2012 and 2014 finals. But he was dominant for stretches this time, allowing Nadal only three winners off his heavy topspin lefty forehand, perhaps the most feared shot in all of tennis. In all, Djokovic conjured up 45 winners to only 16 for Nadal, whose 29th birthday was

Zurich, June 3 (AFP): Sepp Blatter's shock resignation as FIFA president failed Wednesday to quell the corruption storm surrounding football's world body that now even threatens to touch him. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now looking into Blatter's role in tens of millions of dollars of bribes given to football officials, according to US media. Interpol meanwhile put six other suspects, including two former FIFA executive members, on its most wanted list. Critics of the 79-yearold Swiss official rejoiced at his thunderbolt announcement on Tuesday that he would stand down as soon as an election can be held to find a successor. His decision sparked a global race to take over as head of the world's richest and most powerful sporting federation. South Korean tycoon Chung Mong-Joon, Prince Ali bin al Hussein, who was beaten by Blatter in a vote last Friday, and Brazilian football legend Zico all said they could take part. Most eyes remain on Michel Platini, the UEFA president who has not given a hint of his plans. But Platini did call off a meeting of the European confederation to discuss the FIFA crisis in Berlin on Saturday because of the "uncertain and unpredictable events" surrounding the world body. Blatter, who has ruled FIFA for 17 years, won a fifth term in an election on Friday. but renewed criticism of his reign and new corruption revelations about FIFA forced him into a corner. "While I have a mandate from the membership of FIFA, I do not feel that I have a mandate from the entire world of football – the fans, the players, the clubs, the people who live, breathe and love football," he told a press conference late Tuesday to explain his decision. - Who flips first? Blatter vowed that in his remaining months in office he would "focus on driving far-reaching, fundamental reforms that transcend our previous efforts." US authorities have charged 14 football officials and sports company

FILE - In this Sunday June 6, 2010 file photo FIFA President Joseph Blatter holds the trophy after receiving it back from South African President Jacob Zuma during a media briefing on the 2010 Soccer World Cup in Pretoria, South Africa. FIFA President Sepp Blatter will resign from soccer's governing body amid a widening corruption scandal and promised Tuesday to call for fresh elections to choose a successor. (AP Photo)

Blatter back at work at FIFA headquarters Zurich, June 3 (AP): A day after announcing his decision to resign, Sepp Blatter was back at work at FIFA headquarters on Wednesday as the worst corruption crisis in the governing body's 111year history continued to unfold. Blatter

spoke to FIFA staff for about 10 minutes on Wednesday morning, returning to the same auditorium where he delivered his resignation speech a day earlier. Staff described him as being emotional, and said he received a standing ovation.

Platini cancels UEFA meeting on anti-Blatter tactics nYOn, June 3 (AP): UEFA has canceled a meeting in Berlin this weekend where member federations were to discuss ways of opposing a Sepp Blatter-led FIFA. UEFA President Michel Platini says it is better to await developments after Blatter announced plans to resign. Platini also noted the "unpredictable nature" of a U.S. federal investigation into corruption in world soccer.

executives over more than $150 million in bribes. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused Wednesday to comment on reports that Blatter is also a FBI target. The New York Times, which broke news of seven arrests before the FIFA congress last week, quoted law enforcement officials and other sources to back their report that the FIFA chief is now in line. ABC News said Blatter was part of the larger probe that led to the arrest of seven FIFA officials in a luxury Swiss hotel last Wednesday. "Now that people are going to want to save themselves, there's probably a

He says "considering new information is revealed every day, I believe it is wiser to take time to assess the situation." The 54 UEFA member federations were expected to meet on the sidelines of this weekend's Champions League final. At least 10 UEFA members are thought to have voted for Blatter despite Platini urging the FIFA president to resign before the election last Friday.

race to see who will flip on (Blatter) first," one source told ABC News. "We are not able to comment further on the nature of other individuals who may or may not be," Lynch told reporters at a meeting in the Latvia capital Riga. Acting on a US request, Interpol on Wednesday put disgraced FIFA former executive members Jack Warner and Nicolas Leoz on their most wanted list and issued an international alert. Four heads of sports marketing companies have also been put on the list. All six are among the 14 wanted by US authorities. Warner, a former FIFA

vice president, is in Trinidad and Tobago. Leoz, an executive member, is reportedly under house arrest in his native Paraguay. In parallel to the US inquiry, Swiss prosecutors are looking into the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments to Russia and Qatar. Both countries said they are carrying on with their preparations. Blatter's resignation resonated around the

world. German tabloid Bild had a front page headline "Blatter Get Out!" UEFA's Platini, a former ally who last week told Blatter to his face that he should leave, said: "It was a difficult decision, a brave decision, and the right decision." "He's not been honourable in years. Now he's gone -- let's celebrate," declared English Football Association chief Greg Dyke. - More work to do Brazilian legend Pele called for "honest people" to clean up the game, while New Zealand Football made it clear that Blatter was not welcome at the Under-20 World Cup currently being held there. "These allegations are hotting up, they're getting closer and closer to him," NZF chief executive Andy Martin said. Key sponsors said FIFA still has a lot of work to do to clear its name. Coca-Cola called the move "a positive step for the good of sport, football and its fans". South Korean auto group Hyundai-Kia urged FIFA now to create "a governance structure that ensures the highest ethical standards for the sport". Credit card giant Visa, which had warned it might withdraw its sponsorship, said Blatter's resignation was "a significant first step" but added: "More work lies ahead." A special congress to choose Blatter's replacement cannot be held before December, according to Domenico Scala, chairman of FIFA's independent audit and compliance committee. Among possible contenders for the presidency are South Korean Chung, a scion of the Hyundai dynasty, and Prince Ali of Jordan who stood against Blatter in last Friday's vote. Both are former FIFA vice presidents. Brazil's football great of the 1970s and 80s Zico said he was also considering a run. Other potential replacements include Platini and former Portuguese international Luis Figo.




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Spain's Rafael Nadal grimaces after missing a shot in the quarterfinal match of the French Open tennis tournament against Serbia's Novak Djokovic at the Roland Garros stadium, in Paris, France, Wednesday, June 3. (AP Photo)

Wednesday. By the end, Djokovic not only had broken down Nadal's game but also his usually unbending will. Appropriately for a match that did not live up to the hype, it closed with a whimper on a double-fault by Nadal.


Now Djokovic moves into the semifinals as he pursues his first French Open title, which would complete a career Grand Slam. On Friday, the 28-year-old Serb will meet either No. 3 Andy Murray or No. 7 David Ferrer.


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