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Shakti Mills gangrape cases: Mumbai court convicts five

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Possible debris off Australia a “credible lead” for missing MH370

Fourth session of 12th NLA begins

By Sandemo Ngullie

Job O

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Rengma Nagas of Karbi Anglong begin the move back home




RMSA exams rescheduled KOHIMA, MARCH 20 (MExN): In view of the ensuing LS polls, the examination for recruitment of secondary teachers under RMSA, scheduled for March 22, has been postponed and rescheduled for May 24. SCERT Director informed that admit cards issued should be retained by the candidates for the May 24 examination.

Media threaten to boycott NLA KOHIMA, MARCH 20 (MExN): The press fraternity, covering proceedings of the ongoing NLA session, today threatened to boycott the session if, what they termed as “unfair treatment” shown to them, is not looked into. The press fraternity expressed that their usual entry route, which they have been using till December 2013, will be restricted, beginning March 21. They were instead told to use other entry routes henceforth. The media persons also met the NLA speaker and expressed displeasure over the matter. If restrictions, regarding the entry route, are imposed upon media persons on March 21, they will not cover the proceedings of the assembly session.

NE woman found dead in Delhi


NEW DELHI, MARCH 20 (IANS): A 20-year-old Manipuri woman was found dead under mysterious circumstances in her rented accommodation here Thursday. Aben Sofia was found dead by her roommate around 11.30 a.m. Sofia, had come to Delhi over a week ago, and was staying at the rented flat of her Manipuri woman friend at Munirka village in south Delhi. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police P.S. Kushwaha said, “It seems to be a case of either suicide or food poisoning.” he said. No suicide note was found on the spot, and the officer ruled out the possibility of any foul play. Police said both the roommates were sleeping on the same bed till 8 a.m. in the morning. “Sofia’s roommate woke up around 8 a.m. and found her breathing properly. But around 11.15 a.m. when she tried to wake Sofia up, she did not find any movement in her body. The incident will be probed from all possible angles,” the officer added.

Kohima | March 20

Dimapur | March 20

The Rengma Nagas of Kar-GALAND MMERCE O NA T OF S & C IAL Assam, finally bi Anglong, MEN STRIE A TOR E TU VERN OF INDU : KOHIM M O I G R P have some respite. 542 disD RATE LAN ECTO NAGA placed persons ofDIRthe 1002 people lodged in the Silonijan Relief Camp, Bokajan Sub division, made their move home in a full body truck today. The ones going back to their villages ca2n014cy hail from Phencherop, oJ b vFoar batchRidongü, Khonwani, Khanari, ChogiCT lashonyu (Sathigaon), CONTA A IM TAILS OR DE ’S HILL KOH 2667159 Richangari and FChoshenR 86 OFFICE 974998178 / 9 o.:8 thoutongri. More than Phone N sand Rengma Nagas were displaced from 15 villages Displaced persons from the Silonijan Relief Camp, Bokajan sub division, wave on March of Karbi Anglong after con- 20, 2014, as they head back home for the first time since December 2013. certed attacks on them and Borpathar P.S. areas).” have been lowered since degree of communicable since December, 2013. Funds and relief mate- “people are not there” and diseases among the disHowever, 109 displaced rial have been sanctioned “elections are due,” accord- placed persons, especially persons in the Purana Bor- by the Government of As- ing to the DC. women and children. pathar LP School and 218 in sam to 101 displaced and Sources suggest that a President of the RNSU, the Borpathar LP School are conflict-affected families nod of approval has come Phenpiga H. Rengma, apyet to make the move—they from the region, informed from the Chief Executive pealed the Government of are from the villages of Ri- the DC, PK Buragohain, Member of the Karbi An- Assam that people going nongaon, Balijan I, Balijan which have already reached glong Autonomous Coun- back “should be given raII, Jongpha, Akhoiphuta, the SDO (Civil), Bokajan cil, Tuliram Ronghang, to tion for at least a year, people Lolashonyu, Lorenyu and and cleared by the Elec- facilitate the safe passage of in the relief camps should Tseguchangri (Borlangso). tion Commission of India people, and the setting up be provided with vehicles Following an official for distribution before the of a temporary relief camp by the government to take letter to the Sub-Division- election, he said. The DC, as in the villages while their them home, people whose al Officer (Civil), Bokajan, per the letter dated March homes are being rebuilt. houses and granaries were and Superintendent of Po- 14, has also requested the The Rengma Naga Stu- burnt should be compenlice, Karbi Anglong, by its SP, Karbi Anglong, to “pro- dents’ Union (RNSU) and sated immediately and free Deputy Commissioner, PK vide security to the camp Rengma Naga Mothers’ medical check-ups should Buragohain, on March 14, inmates during transit and Association (RNMA) from be conducted on a regular people have felt reassured in their violence affected Diphu visited the relief basis for all those displaced.” enough to head back home. villages for a considerable camps today, and informed He requested the road being As per the letter, the DC has period.” Apart from the that the Council of Rengma constructed to the Rengma requested the SDO (Civil) to paramilitary, the Rengma Baptist Churches is assist- Naga areas, for the first time “kindly arrange for provid- Nagas were promised 16 ing in reconstruction activi- in history, to be properly ing adequate logistic sup- fixed pickets of the Assam ties in affected villages. The made. “We hope for peace in port/ G.R. materials includ- Police in the affected areas RNSU and RNMA found Karbi Anglong, and no mising security to the inmates for a year by the Govern- the relief camps in a dismal understanding between the while returning to their vil- ment of Assam, but these state of hygiene, and a med- hills Scheduled Tribes in the lages (under Chowkihola essential security checks ical check-up found a high future,” he stated. 014 ary 2 Febu 14th st of a, the r) po ohim 4 (Fou erce. K fill up Comm with ated T 14 D and to ries & university MEN Nagal dust 5/20 TISE nts of orate of Inrecognized R age as DV/3 E ta V bi /A ct y ha ars of rnment AD us in e Dire om an 35 ye D/EST than e gove digeno t of th line fr NO.IN cal in hmen scip more e stat ad

hool ood Sc eenw ission e of Gr Adm 14) itiativ urse nce 20 ts An in ash Co + Adva studen

Do you feel that Nagaland should have more Members of Parliament to the Lok Sabha?

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Morung Express news

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Vote on SMS your anSwer to 9862574165

–Erich Fromm

World Twenty20 India ready [ PAGE 2] for stern KV Pusa to stress on prosperity, Pakistan test secularism and peace

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The Morung Express POLL QUESTIOn

Friday, March 21, 2014 12+4 pages Rs. 4

expedite Peace Process: ‘We hope for peace’ says nagaland Governor


nagas are advancing? I was gonna say, nagas are changing and nagaland is disappearing.


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The Nagaland state government today appealed to both the Government of India and the Naga nationalist groups to expedite the peace process. “It is the sincere appeal of my government that both the Government of India and the Naga Nationalist groups should expedite the peace process to arrive at an honorable political settlement, so that the state and its people can pursue their destinies in peace,” said Nagaland Governor, Dr Ashwani Kumar in his address at the 4th session of the 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly here. On the Naga political issue, the Governor said that many initiatives have been taken to facilitate a peaceful resolution of the issue, including formation of the Joint Legislators Forum. The efforts of the FNR to forge unity and common approach amongst the Naga UGs are, indeed laudable, he said. However, he expressed concern that the negotiation has been prolonged for 17 years, “wearing thin the patience of the common man.” The Governor assured that law and order in the state remained, by and large, peaceful, and that several tense situations were contained through timely and effective intervention of the administration and the police. Referring to the Mukalimi incident, the Governor viewed that “the actions of the administration, police and the Assam Rifles prevented a much feared blood bath, which could have left many more casualties in the violent encounter.” Relief measures were also provided to the residents of Mukalimi village, he informed. Dr Kumar further viewed the emergence of civil society movements against illegal taxation as significant. “The government is deeply concerned, and is committed to ensure that the interest of the common man is secured,” he said, adding that a special committee set up by

the government has been actively examining the various concerns of the people, including performance of government functionaries at the grassroots level. “A number of check gates along the highways have been removed, and several measures are being envisaged, including community policing and restricting of the activities of the regulatory and revenue collecting departments,” he said. Dr. Kumar observed that for real changes to take place, civil society and the government need to work together, so that the youth are provided with an appropriate environment to work and grow. In view of the unrest in Karbi Anglong area and the Pachaspura killings, the Governor said that the state government has condemned the brutal killings, and has taken all necessary actions possible to prevent the escalation of the tensions and also to bring the culprits to book. He added that a High Power Inquiry Committee, set up in this regard, has submitted its report. The Special Investigation Team has also made considerable progress, he said. He further stated that a delegation led by the Chief Minister, Nagaland had met the Chief Minister of Assam and requested the Assam government to reach out to the displaced Rengma Nagas in resettling them and to take necessary actions for peaceful co existence in the area. Regarding the Foothill Road, the Governor referred to the project as a prominent initiative and informed that work on it has been initiated. An amount of Rs. 4000.00 lakhs has been kept for this purpose during current year, he added. He further stated that Rs 300 Crore, incorporated by the central government, is yet to be sanctioned for a special development package for eastern Nagaland. He however added that the state government has decided to go ahead with the implementation of most of the projects included under this package, and to pay from its own plan resources, as and when works are completed. Assembly news on page 2

Rio, Pusa file nomination for LS polls nssAtA stages silent protest Our Correspondent Kohima | March 20

INC candidate and former Minister K. V. Pusa and Nagaland Chief Minister and NPF candidate Neiphiu Rio today filed their nominations for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections before the Returning Officer, Nagaland Parliamentary Elections, 2014, Temjen Toy, at the Office of the Commissioner Nagaland. Pusa arrived first to file his nomination, which was proposed by Prasielie Pienyu. Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio’s nomination was proposed by Peter. The last date for filling

of nomination is on March 22, scrutiny of nomination will be on March 24 and the last date for withdrawal of the candidature is on March 26. It may be recalled that altogether, 11, 79, 663 voters, which includes 5,218 service voters, will exercise their franchise for Lok Sabha polls in Nagaland on April 9. This time Nagaland will have 2059 polling stations, of which 1125 are categorized as normal, 508 as vulnerable and 426 as critical. Meanwhile, Chief Electoral Officer, Nagaland Sentiyanger Imchem IAS on behalf of the Election Department of Nagaland

and the Election Commission of India appealed to all voters of Nagaland to come out and cast their votes on April 9. “Your vote is precious, Do not sell your Vote, Do not miss this day. Be a part of the largest democratic process in the world, Please come out and Vote” appealed the CEO Nagaland. In his message, Sentiyanger said that the Election Commission has directed organizing of Systemic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) during the forthcoming Lok Sabha election, to encourage voter participation and ethical voting.

Our Correspondent Kohima | March 20

In protest against non-fulfillment of its demands, the Nagaland SSA Teachers Association (NSSATA) today staged a silent protest in front of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) in Kohima. Amongst the many placards on display, some read: “We are nation builders not nation begnSSATA members protesting in front of the nLA in Kohima on March 20. gars,” “We demand what we deserve,” “We care for let fish swim in the dry protest by boycotting pending salaries for the last classes since March 10. four months and induction students you care for us,” pond” etc. Over 2700 NSSATA The aggrieved teachers as regular state govern“Where is our pending salaries and arrears?,” “ Don’t members have been on are demanding release of ment employees.

Khushwant Singh passes away at 99 NEW DELHI, MARCH 19 (AP): Khush- often-graphic descriptions that made genwant Singh, a journalist, editor and prolific erations of readers blush. “I’ve been called writer whose work ranged from serious his- a dirty old man and it doesn’t bother me one tories to joke collections to one of post-Inde- bit,” he said in a 2010 interview. Bad reviews pendence India’s great novels, died Thurs- for him were little more than flies to be swatday at his New Delhi apartment. He was 99. ted away. “I couldn’t give a damn, he said Singh “passed away peacefully at home,” of an extremely critical review of his 2010 said his daughter Mala Singh. A gleeful pro- novel, “The Sunset Club.” Writing, he said, “is where I succeeded. I was vocateur whose love of the a flop in everything else.” He limelight competed conrose to fame in 1956, with a stantly with his disdain for short novel about the horrors fame, Singh was a self-proof 1947’s partition. “Train to claimed failure in law and Pakistan,” with its quiet prose diplomacy who turned to and powerful imagery, rewriting in the 1950s, soon mains a classic of modern Inafter India’s 1947 independian literature. dence, and quickly became Singh was an avowed aga force in Indian journalism nostic and staunch secularist and literary circles. He remained one of the country’s Khushwant Singh (File Photo) whose books on the history best-known writers for more than six decades. of the Sikh people and religion were widely The son of a wealthy builder, Singh had praised. Singh, who never stopped writing, a newspaper column that skewered every- also had lengthy careers as an editor, parthing from corrupt politicians to desk calen- ticularly in the 1970s and 1980s. He turned dars, and a sign outside his apartment door a minor magazine, the Illustrated Weekly of that warned: “Please do not ring the bell un- India, into a journalistic power and also ran less you are expected.” “He lived a truly cre- two newspapers, the Hindustan Times and ative life,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the National Herald. He received the Padma tweeted after the death was announced. Vibhushan, India’s second-highest civilian Singh was one of the first modern Indian award. His wife died in 2002. He is survived novelists to openly discuss sexuality, using by his daughter and a son.

ACAUT to tour Nagaland state DIMAPUR, MARCH 20 (MExN): Members of Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation Nagaland (ACAUT) are scheduled to go on a statewide tour, in efforts to “reach out to the common man,” who it said “are most victimized by the prevailing situation.” ACAUT Nagaland, in a press note, informed that the tour aims to send “a clear message to the state government and the Naga Political Groups to fulfill the demands of the people.” It informed that the first public meeting of the tour will be held at Mon town on March 24. This will be followed by similar events at Longleng, Mokokchung, Tuensang, Zunheboto, Wokha and Tseminyu on March 25, 26, 27, 28, 28 and 29 respectively. The ACAUT Nagaland has appealed to all tribal hohos, student bodies, women hohos, business organizations, churches, youth organizations, civil societies and the public to attend the meetings.

‘Giving hope, one wash at a time’ Morung Express news Dimapur | March 20

Automobile giant, Toyota is keen to make a splash in Dimapur and raise funds for charity. The event gives the unique opportunity to interact with a large section of the community whilst lending a helping hand. The fundraiser will run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on March 21 and 22 at Okusa Toyota, Walford, near Don Bosco Statue, Dimapur. The money raised will benefit children of Mothers Hope, a Dimapur based mission home for children and the destitute. The concept for the fundraiser began a year back, when a group of friends, after a visitation to Mother’s Hope, were inspired to reach out and help the children. They hit upon the novel idea of having a ‘Car Wash’, a great way to have a fundraiser and help little children as well. This is when they reached out to Toyota with the concept of holding a car wash fundraising event. For Toyota, this is also perhaps the first such community service initiative to be held in the North East.

Hence, the excitement is certainly on! “Maybe not in terms of the size of the contest, But in terms of symbolism, it’s certainly a huge deal for Toyota also,” said one of the organizing members. Agape, Manager of the Dimapur Toyota centre asserted that the company is always committed to serving the community in which it is based. “Each Toyota dealer is committed to its community-it is the part and parcel of what we believe in,” he stated. Agape however maintained that the fundraising event is not at all about Totoya but that the focus remains on the children of Mothers Hope. “We are very clear to people that they are not making the donations to Toyota but exclusively and solely to Mothers Hope.” He also iterated the message that even in the future; Toyota would always be willing to extend help to genuine cases of people in need. It was also informed that Dr Kadambari Bhagat, SDO (Civil) Dimapur is scheduled to participate in the event and be the first donor to have a car washed. The charity event is open to everyone. Just drive in with your car, have it washed and contribute any amount.






Friday 21 March 2014

Fourth session oF 12th nLA begins

Guv outlines initiatives & achievements of the govt Our Correspondent Kohima | March 20

The fourth session of 12th Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) commenced here this morning with Nagaland Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar outlining some of the initiatives and achievements of the government during the last one year. He expressed optimism that the House, through its sincere and intense deliberations, will address the pressing issues and problems that are confronting the state and evolve appropriate policies to redress and resolve them. Later, motion of thanks on the Governor’s address was moved by MLA Dr. Longrineken and seconded by MLA Namri Nchang. NLA speaker Chotisuh Sazo said that discussion and adoption of motion of thanks to the Governor’s address will take place on March 21 and 22. Earlier, Sazo made obituary reference to the passing away of Late Hentok Konyak, former deputy speaker and member of NLA. Hentok passed away on August 7, 2013 in Dimapur. The House observed two minutes silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul.

session stated that the government has been effectively and efficiently promoting the state to move forward along with the rest of the world, despite the problems. “The challenges are many and our resources are scarce, but despite the constraints, we know that we can achieve many things provided we are determined,” said Dr. Kumar. He affirmed that the last 50 years have been difficult years no doubt, yet “we” have come a long way and the progress and development is there for all to see. “Let us, therefore, continue to focus on our strengths, and move on to the future that is full of promises,” he advised.

Exploration and exploitation of mineral resources The geology and mining department is actively engaged in exploration and exploitation of the rich mineral resources. As per the Nagaland Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulation, 2012, the Ministerial Group on Petroleum & Natural Gas has approved issue of permits to two companies for pre-production and production activities in Wokha, Peren and Mon districts, for which certain formalities and conditions are still in progress. The department has been issuing coal mining licenses.

186 MW Dikhu, 140 MW Tizu-Zungki power projects In order to attain self sufficiency in pow‘Continue to focus on our strengths, er, the power department is actively pursuing and move on to the future’ Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar in the NLA implementation of the 186 MW Dikhu and

MEx File

Central Election Observer visits Zbt


The Morung Express

140 MW Tizu-Zungki power projects. Techno Economic Clearances have been already accorded in respect of the Dikhu project by Central Electricity Authority, and negotiations are underway with the landowners to start the project early.

Nagaland Special Development Zone Governor Dr. Ashwani Kumar said the state is now launching a new project “Nagaland Special Development Zone” (NSDZ) along the foothills, to expedite the process of urbanization and industrialization. The government has decided to move a resolution of this House during this assembly session to set out the visions and goals of NSDZ. Meat production Governor said Nagaland is a major meat conEndeavour to provide quality education suming state, and it is the endeavor of the governStating that it is the endeavor of the gov- ment to attain self sufficiency in meat producernment to provide quality education for the tion. In this direction, the government has been students, the Governor said, the government able to raise internal production of meat to the has decided to rationalize teacher deployment extent of 67% of the total consumption. in all government schools and the exercise is expected to be completed shortly. To improve Revival plan of Tuli Paper mill the quality of higher education, the governThe revival plan of Tuli Paper Mill was ment has made accreditation mandatory for approved by the Government of India in all higher educational institutions in the state. June 2013. The revival of this mile is important not only in terms of employment and Gainful employment of educated youth livelihood opportunities for the people but it The government has been taking sever- will also help to pave the way for an industrial steps to see that the educated youths are al culture to emerge in the state. “It should, gainfully employed, especially outside the therefore, be the collective responsibility government sector. A new program, “Impact of all of us to ensure that this mil is revived, 5000 by 18’, has been launched by the youth and made functional as soon as possible,” resources and sports department in partner- the Governor said.


COC, expenditure training held in Peren Peren, March 20 (DIPr): Model Code of Conduct and Election Expenditure Monitoring Cell trainings were held March 19 at the DC's Conference Hall Peren. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Kadambari Bhagat, ADC Peren, welcome speech was delivered by AEO Peren. The training was attend by MCC cell, EEM cell, Assistant Expenditure Observer, Accounting team, Video Surveillance team, Flying Squad, Static Surveillance team and Political parties from Peren. The training was imparted by Master Trainers Albert and Chubathung.

DEO Mon informs MOn, March 20 (DIPr): The District Education Officer (DEO) Mon has informed all concerned that the teachers’ interview scheduled on March 22 to be conducted at GHSS, Mon has been re-scheduled at St. John School, New site, Mon Town.

MCMC Peren holds video conference Peren, March 20 (DIPr): The Media Certification Monitoring Committee held a video conference with the Election Commission at NIC Conference Hall Peren on March 20. The conference was attended by Peter Lichamo, DC Peren; Dr. Kadambari Bhagat, ADC Peren; Simon Telia, DPRO Peren; and S. Biswas, Branch Manager, SBI Peren.

Naga Council annual general meeting DIMaPur, March 20 (Mexn): Naga Council Dimapur general secretary, Ntsemo Ngullie, has informed all the councilors, NWHD, GBs, DNSU, and DUCCCF members that the annual general meeting of the Naga Council for the year 2013-14 will be held on March 26, 11:00 am at Unity Hall, Naga Council Dimapur office. All members have been requested to attend the meeting without fail.

PBBYO meeting on March 22 DIMaPur, March 20 (Mexn): Purana Bazar ‘B’ Youth Organization (PBBYO) will hold its annual general meeting on March 22, 2:00 pm at Government Middle School, Purana Bazar ‘B’. Therefore, the organization has requested all the youth of Purana Bazar ‘B’ to attend the meeting without fail.

Umang Festival on March 22 C M Y K

KOhIMa, March 20 (Mexn): Department of Art and Culture, Nagaland in collaboration with NEZCC Dimapur is organizing a program called ‘Channeling Love and Affection’ (Umang Festival) at the State Academy Hall, Kohima on March 22, 10:00 am. A press note issued by Paudabo, Jt. Director, Department of Art & Culture, Nagaland informed that the differentlyabled children of Cherry Blossoms School, Lerie along with other children will be participating in the one-day program where the children will showcase their talents in the field of art and culture.

Mechanisation of developmental works The Mechanical Engineering department is engaging in mechanisation of developmental works in the state through the development of its heavy machinery. An amount of Rs. 4000.00 lakh has been earmarked for this purpose during current year, the Governor said. Special development package for Eastern Nagaland The special development package for Eastern Nagaland, amounting to Rs. 300 crores, which was incorporated by the Government of India as part of the state plan during 2012-13 is yet to be sanctioned by the Government of India. However, the Governor said, the state government has decided to go ahead with the implementation of the projects.

nsF Martyrs Day commemorated Liquor seized

in tuenasng

CEO Nagaland urges voters to exercise franchise



ship with YouthNet. This is a five year pro- Observance of Earth Hour 2014 gramme focusing on entrepreneurship and Governor reminded the members of the employment and aims to enhance work skills House that Earth Hour 2014 will be observed of 5000 youth by the year 2018. worldwide on March 29 and appealed to them to encourage the people to take part by Food-grain production shows results switching off non essential lights and equipIn the agriculture and allied sectors, the ments from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM on that day. efforts to push up food-grain production have shown results. The government has also Nagaland medical college come out with a vision “Food for all by 2025.” The long awaited medical college has fiHorticulture has become a major activity in nally been sanctioned by the Government of the state, for which, actions are being taken to India, and the foundation stone was laid on develop Centre of Excellence for vegetables March 3 this year. Besides, a Tertiary Cancer and flowers and Model Horticulture Centre. Care Centre has also been sanctioned.

ZunheBOTO, March 20 (DIPr): The election monitoring team visited Zunheboto on 19th March 2014. Observer Sushil Kumar Singh appointed by the Government of India for Election Expenditure Monitoring visited Zunheboto and had a consultative meeting with Deputy Commissioner Zunheboto L. Akato Sema and the nodal departments for the ensuing Lok Sabha election. The meeting was held at DC's chamber. The observer consulted each and every nodal departments about the duties and their performance so far and also directed all the team members for better coordination while executing their duties.

KOhIMa, March 20 (DIPr): The Chief Electoral Officer, Nagaland, Sentiyanger Imchem (IAS) has on behalf of the Election Department of Nagaland and the Election Commission of India appealed to all the voters of Nagaland to come out and cast their vote on April 9. “Your vote is precious, Do not sell your Vote, Do not miss this day. Be a part of the largest democratic process in the world, please come out and Vote,” appealed the CEO Nagaland, in his message to the people of Nagaland. Sentiyanger said that the Election Commission has directed for organizing Systemic Voters Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) during the forthcoming Lok Sabha election to encourage voter participation in the electoral process and ethical voting.


Wreaths being laid on the graves of the “martyrs” on NSF Martyrs Day, March 20. Morung Express News Kohima | March 20

“27 years have passed, but the memory of Kekuojalie Sachü and Vikhozo Yhoshü cannot be forgotten. Four years have passed but the tragic killing of Neli Chako and Loshu cannot be forgotten. We hope that their cause will inspire the younger generation,” said Tongpang Ozukum, President,

Naga Students Federation (NSF) while commemorating the NSF Martyrs Day on March 20 at NSF Martyrs’ Park, Kohima. The short memorial service was attended by students from Mezhür Higher Secondary School, Government Higher Secondary School, Seikhazou, family members of Lt. Kekuojalie Sachü and Lt. Vikhozo Yhoshü and members from

various student unions. A prayer was pronounced by Rev. Katiry, Pochury Baptist Church, who prayed that God will invoke the same sacrificial feeling among the younger generation, give unity to all Nagas and blessings to create history again. The service ended with the laying of wreaths on the “martyrs’” graves. On March 20, 1986, late Kekuojalie Sachü, a student

of Government Higher Secondary School, Seikhazou and late Vikhozo Yhoshü from Mezhür Higher Secondary School, were shot by the NAP while joining the NSF in protesting against the introduction of IPS cadre in Nagaland and over the extension of the Disturbed Area Belt from 5 kilometers to 20 km. Every year, March 20 is commemorated as the NSF Martyrs Day.

Tuensang, March 20 (Mexn): In view of the Lok Sabha election, Tuensang district police raided different liquor joint areas at Old Medical ‘A’ on March 15. Police personnel led by ASI Chetie, THC Visato raided different “pockets” and seized 33 bottles MC Rum, 15 canned beer, 820 litres of local beer, according to a press release issued by SDPO Tuensang. In this connection, 19 persons were arrested and booked under Tuensang Police Station vide Non- FIR NO.004/ 005/ 006/ 007/ 008/ 2014 U/S 110 Cr.PC. In a separate incident on March 15, 5thAR, Longkhim, while conducting MVCP between Longkhim & Tuensang, seized one vehicle bearing Regd. AS03H 9349 (EECO) for carrying banned consignment containing 418 bottles of MC Rum and 205 canned

Health units under Phek district monitored

PheK, March 20 (Mexn): A team of officials from Directorate of Health & Family Welfare Kohima monitored various health units of Pfutsero block, Meluri, Phek and Chozuba block from March 13 to 15. During the monitoring and supervision of the health units, handholding supports on various issues were also discussed with the health staff, according to a press release. The team also checked the general condition of the health units, maintenance of records/ registers, service availability, equipments etc.

The monitoring team comprising of Dr. N.M Kithan, Additional Director; Dr. John Sweyievisa, Joint Director & SPO (RCH); Dr. K.T Lotha, Joint Director & State T.B Officer; Dr. Poktikokla, TBHIV Coordinator; and Thejotalu, RCH coordinator were accompanied by Dr. Ritu Thurr, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Phek, DTO Phek and Phek health staff. The team also met Deputy Commissioner Phek, C.M. Tsanglao, Chairman, District Health Society Phek and apprised him about the health scenario The monitoring team from Directorate of Health & Family Welfare with health staff of Phek district. of the district.

election duty is a privilege: DC Kiphire

KIPhIre, March 20 (DIPr): Election duties should be taken as a privilege but not as burden, said ARO & DC Kiphire, Neposo Thelou, while welcoming the presiding & 1st Polling Officers in the second phase training programme at ZPC conference hall on March 20. The training programme is being conducted in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha Election. Neposo said that in the first training, no detail instruction could be given, but that in the second phase, training and intensive instruction will be given to all the polling personnel as the role of the presiding officer and second polling officer would be very heavy. The ARO also said that the district election machinery has set up a medical board for those who

ARO & DC Kiphire, Neposo Thelou addressing the presiding and polling officers during the training on March 20. (DIPR Photo)

have applied for exemption for election duty. The applicant will have to go through the medical test and only the genuine cases will be considered. He cautioned that no one will be given exemption on flimsy grounds. On detailment of election duty, the DC said that

it will be done on randomization process, in presence of the election observer. As such, the district election machinery will not pick up any government servant to go to a particular place on request. The DC also said that the third training programme will be done just

before the polling, whereby he urged the polling personnel to make themselves available during the third training programme. SDO (C) & ARO Dr. Tinojongshi Chang presented a PowerPoint on a case study on the Do’s and Don’ts for polling personnel and briefly outlined the

duties and responsibilities of presiding officers and first polling officers. The master trainers C.P. Bose, G.T. GHS, Kiphire and S.R. Singh, GT G.H.S, Kiphire conducted training on duties and responsibilities for presiding officers and polling officers for conduct of election.

beer (King fisher) from the possession of accused Md. Abdul Fatta (driver) of Nagaon, Assam and Chuba of Tuensang village. Both were arrested and the seized consignment was handed over to Police Station Longkhim, the release stated. A case has been registered under NLTP Act and investigation is taken up. The accused have been forwarded to the Judicial Custody. Another raid was also conducted on March 19 at NST colony by the Tuensang police personnel led by SI Chubaonen where 5 bottles (750 ml) of MC Rum, 36 bottles of canned beer (500 ml) and 8 bottles (650 ml) of Kingfisher beer were seized from the possession of accused Amo Chang. Case vide TSG PS FIR No. 010/14 U/S 44 NLTP Act has been registered in this regard.



DC Peren notifies on printings and publication Peren, March 20 (DIPr): The Deputy Commissioner & DEO Peren, Peter Lichamo, has issued an order under section 127A of Representation of People Act 1951, regarding printing and publication of election pamphlets, posters and any other write-ups in connection with ensuing assembly election by political parties or by contesting candidates during the Parliamentary Election 2014. All political parties, guilds and publication houses are have been directed to strictly follow the following where publication and printing of election-related materials are made. 1. The printers shall first obtain from the Publishers a declaration in duplicate (Prescribed Profoma in Annexure A enclosed) duly signed by the Publishers and attested by 2(two) persons to whom publisher is personally known. 2. The name and address of the Printer and the Publisher shall be clearly indicated in the Print Line of all the printed materials. 3. The Printer shall furnish to the District Magistrate 4(four) copies of the printed materials along with the declaration of the Publisher in original duly authenticated by the Printer within 3(three) days of the printing thereof. 4. The Printer shall submit a report on the Print in the prescribed Profoma in Annexure B enclosed stating the number of copies printed and the printing charges including cost of paper being charged from the Publisher in respect of the above print material.




The Morung Express


21 March 2014



North East: A region grows in electoral importance Saroj Mohanty



he dominant narrative about India's North East looks in for a change. A rare coalescing of domestic politics and foreign policy interests is making this happen. Increasing connectivity and growing trade, tourism and movement of people are helping the region's makeover, a new growth pole and of increasing importance electorally. For long, the region, otherwise rich in culture and biodiversity, has been in the public domain for all the wrong reasons: ethnic conflicts, separatist violence, cross-border terrorism, refugee infiltration and low economic development, which is often cited as one of the main reasons for the insurgencies. But all that could be things of the past. With relative peace, the region is in fact emerging as a new hub of economic growth. Dur-

ing the 11th Plan period, the northeastern states - Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland and Sikkim - recorded an average 9.95 percent growth compared to eight percent for the country as a whole, underscoring success of recent development initiatives, especially on the infrastructure front, and future possibilities. The country's strategic interests has led to a more proactive approach to the region, which shares borders with five of India's neighbours -- Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Nepal. The government's evolved Look East Policy (LEP) is unlocking the huge potential and enlarging the developmental scope for the region. Before LEP, there never really was a concrete strategy to create an economic hub in the Northeast by exploring the trade and commerce betwen India and its Southeast Asian neighbours. "Just weeks back I was in

Guwahati, along with the secretaries of all line ministries, to look at how we can work together to focus our attention on developing the Northeast, because the entire area is opening up," says Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh. "Whether it is the Look East Policy (LEP) or the BIMSTEC, the idea is to bring connectivity, trade, tourism and linkages to all the states in the Northeast." The overwhelmingly agrarian economies of the Northeast are dependent on exports of raw commodities and dominated by small and medium enterprises. A full play of the LEP is going to facilitate the process by which these economies will gain scale and access a larger market. The building of the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway, the Kaladan multimodal Transit Transport Project and an optic fibre network would help develop connectivity, trade and commerce and tourism between the re-

gion and neighbouring Southeast Asia. Progress could have been faster, say officials. However, roads are being built, the railway network is coming up. "It is happening, but slowly," says one. Significantly, the developments coicide with political reforms in Myanmar. The government has also invited Japan, which has invested heavily in Myanmar, to fund infrastructure projects in the region. "There are changes taking place across the border, it is in our interest to make sure that the Northeast does not fall behind," says Singh. States like Assam and Manipur have modern medical facilities that could aid medical needs of people coming from neigbouring countries. Reports say people from Myanmar have been coming in for healthcare and education. "Northeast India holds great potential for Southeast Asian tourists," says Charit

Tingsabadh, professor at Thailand's Chulalongkom University. "Tourism can be a game changer." Ranjit Barthakur, chairman, FICCI Northeast Advisory Council, says the focus should be on linkages. The region lacks an institutional mechanism and he suggests formation of nodal Northeast frontier agency. Interestingly, the upcoming general elections and compulsion of coalition politics in the country is giving a fillip to the process. The scramble to win as many seats in view of a probable fractured mandate has forced parties to focus on the region. The Bharatiya Janata Party is seeing the region as a business hub. For the first time, the party is preparing separate vision documents for each of the northeastern states. For example, the document on Manipur stresses on building of arterial roads in the state. The one on Meghalaya focuses on areas like skill development.

"It was the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government that gave the region the DONER (Development of North Eastern Region) ministry," reminds Ravi Shankar Prasad, deputy leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Of the 25 seats in the region (14 in Assam, two each in Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh and one each in Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim), the Congress secured 13 in the 2009 polls, while the BJP got four seats. The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) won Tripura's two seats, while one seat each was bagged by regional parties Asom Gana Parishad and All India United Democratic Front and the Bodo People's Front in Assam. The Naga People's Front and the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) secured the lone parliamentary seats from Nagaland and Sikkim respectively. The Congress party, espe-

cially Vice President Rahul Gandhi, has been consulting various stakeholders to improve the economic and business climate in the region, especially in the tourism, horticulture and hydropower sectors. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has been representing Assam, has asked the Planning Commission to monitor the projects in the region. Earlier, lack of political will was said to be one of the main reasons for the underdevelopment of the region. What has changed then? "It's quite simple. Spread of education, media and migration are forcing parties to commit to development; it's pressure from below," says an official. By 2021, the region will have close to 17 million job seekers but only 2.6 million jobs, half of which will be in Assam alone, according to a 2013 report by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Manipur voters unhappy with Rahul’s campaign GNLA sends list of mediators for talks with Govt Imphal, march 20 (The hIndu): After the maiden visit of the AICC Vice-president Rahul Gandhi to Manipur on Wednesday for electioneering, there is a general disappointment among the Manipur voters. Activists said he skipped all major issues and this will have a direct bearing on the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in the state. Activists complained that Mr. Gandhi was merely parroting the “progress report” made available to him by the government

and no mention was made about the ground realities. Women activists told The Hindu that Mr. Gandhi, during his 25 minutes speech, said nothing regarding the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and added that BJP promised to repeal it if it comes to power. Mr. Gandhi had claimed that the UPA I and II have improved the two highways, 2 and 37 which are the lifelines of Manipur. However, nothing was mentioned about the recurring blockades, strikes along these two highways by

tribal organizations resulting in price rise and hoarding of consumer goods in the State, activists added. They also said that he was silent over the demand for an “alternative arrangement” for the Nagas in Manipur. The government has been holding talks with the United Naga Council which is spearheading the agitation saying that the Nagas in Manipur no longer want to stay under the “communal government”. There had been reservations on this demand since

'M'laya is dependent on central funds' ShIllOnG, march 20 (Tnn): Though the state government has made "sincere efforts" to mobilize its resources, it is still "heavily dependent" on central transfers to bridge the existing physical and social infrastructure gaps, chief minister Mukul Sangma told the state assembly on Wednesday. Presenting the Rs 527-crore deficit budget for 2014-15, the CM, who also holds the finance portfolio, said the state is dependent on finances transferred from the Centre, as it own revenue account for around 22 per cent of the available resources. However, he maintained that the budget deficit was around 2.2 per cent of the GSDP, and well within the parameters laid down by the state's Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (Amendment) Act, 2006. Stating that there

has been an upward movement in the GSDP growth over the years, he said the growth rate has shot up to 8 per cent during the 11th Plan from 4 per cent during the 8th Plan. The advance estimates of 2013-14 indicate that the growth momentum is being sustained, he added. He said the state has apprised the 14th Finance Commission of the fact that Meghalaya faces severe constraints in accelerating growth and improving people's living conditions at a rapid pace, primarily because of its landlocked nature, hilly terrain, lack of access to the markets and poor connectivity. On the other hand, the CM added that the government has increased the rates for tobacco and tobacco-related products to 20 per cent and has also notified the export fee on forest products.

Postal ballot for Mizoram refugees in Tripura aGarTala/aIZaWl, march 20 (IanS): The tribal refugees, lodged in relief camps in Tripura for the past 17 years since they fled their villages in Mizoram, would cast their votes through postal ballots in the election for the lone parliamentary seat from Mizoram April 9, officials said Thursday. Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla had urged Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) V.S. Sampath in a memorandum earlier this week, not to allow the tribal refugees living in seven relief camps to exercise their franchise to the state’s lone Lok Sabha seat through postal ballot. “If the refugee voters wanted to vote, they should exercise their franchise inside Mizoram, not in the relief camps in Tripura through postal ballots. “If they persist on casting their votes in the Tripura camps, then their names should be deleted from the voters’ lists in Mizoram,” the Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee said in a statement quoting Lal Thanhawla’s memorandum to the CEC. Tripura Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Asutosh Jindal told reporters in Agartala: “Like previous occasions, the CEC has decided to take the votes of the refugees in the relief

camps in north Tripura through postal ballots.” “At least one facilitation centre would be set up in each of the seven refugee camps in north Tripura so that the eligible refugees could cast their votes for the Mizoram Lok Sabha poll,” the CEO said. He said: “The facilitation centres would be set up under the guidance of the Election Commission of India (ECI). The commission would supervise the work of these centres. The Tripura government might provide the logistical support like security to these facilitation centres.” Earlier this month, the Mizoram Bru Displaced People’s Forum (MBDPF), an organisation of the tribal refugees, all Reang tribes, asked the ECI to conduct elections in the relief camps. The MBDPF earlier complained to the ECI that there were many eligible voters in the camps who were not included in the voters’ lists of Mizoram. Of the little over 36,000 Reang tribal refugees, locally known as ‘Bru’, living in the refugee camps in Kanchanpur and Panisagar in Tripura since 1997, only around 11,500 were listed in Mizoram’s electoral rolls. They were listed from ten of the 40 assembly constituencies in western Mizoram.

Revealing that the government is exploring the feasibility of increasing the tax slab for liquor, Mukul said admissible textile products will be brought into the tax net. An upward revision of rates on sand and stone will also increase the state's resources, said Mukul.

in the long run it will mean removing the “Naga areas” from Manipur. There have been agitations protesting against the construction of the border fence along ManipurMyanmar. It is contended that it was being constructed deep inside Manipur's territory. While Mr Gandhi was silent on the issue the BJP has been saying that the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh had given his approval to the contentious construction. The fence will pass through even a

wildlife sanctuary in Chandel district at the border. Many voters pointed out that Mr. Gandhi did not mention the dismal failure in power and potable water supply. In Manipur a consumer gets power for 5 hours in a day at an average. People have been buying bottled water or from the private suppliers at the rate of Rs. 100 per 500 litres. Mr. Gandhi appreciated the way several outfits had been brought to the national mainstream to engage in peace talks.



I, Alex Lotha am applying for duplicate certificate of Class 8 (ESLC) passed certificate as I’ve lost it.

I, Zuchamo Shitiri am applying for duplicate certificate of Class 8 (ESLC) passed certificate as I’ve lost it.

Name: Alex Lotha F/Name: Nyamo Lotha M/Name: Lt. Myingthunglo Lotha Regd No. J131368 School: GMS Tsungiki, Wokha Result: Passed (Year 2013).

Name: Zuchamo Shitiri F/Name: Wonimo Shitiri M/Name Nrisali Shitiri Regd No. J131370 School: GMS Tsungiki, Wokha Result: Passed (Year 2013).




The Sungratsu Senso Telongjem, Kohima convey our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Imlisunep IPS on being promoted to DIG (special branch) P.H.Q. Kohima, Nagaland and Ms. Temsunaro Aier on being promoted to Joint Secretary, Government of Nagaland. Further, S.S.T.K wishes them good health and success in their new responsibilities. Sangtemchuba President, S.S.T.K

ShIllOnG, march 20 (nnn): After a month of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) showing its keenness to come forward for the peace settlement, the first official GNLA documentation asking for the approval of the Governor on its list of mediators was sent from the GNLA team. The list, which had earlier been sent from an email and published, was made official and signed by the Commander in Chief (C-in-C) of the outfit, Sohan D Shira. The communiqué lists members of the

Unified Peace Movement (UPM) along with lawyer Sujit Dey in the list of mediators for the talks with the Government. It also reiterated its demand for the Chairman of the outfit to be the leader of the talks. The official document listed Rev Father Januarius Sangma, Rev Bro Insting C Marak, Rev Bro. Boomimerin C Marak, Dr Jova Marak, M. D. Shira, Tonti Marak, Jaynie N Sangma, Babyana M Sangma, Marilyne D. Shira, Roger Benny A Sangma, R D Shira, and advocate Sujit Dey. Interestingly, the United

Christian Church Forum (UCPF) had also shown its willingness to help with the peace talks when an initial release had inadvertently named them in the place of the UPM. However Jaynie Sangma clarified on the issue saying, “There is no clash of ideas or showmanship. We, on the whole are working to ensure peace in Garo Hills. We are really happy that the UCPF has come out to support the cause and we would be more than glad to have them help us through the process ensuring that peace can be achieved”.



NO.NPSC/CESE-2012:: In pursuance to the Commission’s Advertisement No.NPSC-3/2013 dated 18th September, 2013, Addendum dated 19th October, 2013, 21st November, 2013 & 13th December, 2013, Notification dated 19th December, for recruitment to Assistant Professor(s)/ Librarian(s)/Lecturer and PGT(s) under the Departments of Higher Education and School Education, the Commission is pleased to declare the candidates bearing the following roll numbers to have qualified for the Viva-voce: SL. SUBJECT NO 1 Anthropology/Botany 2


Senkalemba Secretary, S.S.T.K

4 5





1003, 1519, 1557, Chemistry/Commerce/Zo- 1741, ology 1900, 1644, 1700 English/Geography 1209, 1222, 1307, 1338, 1506, 1784, 1826 Library Science/ Political 1921, Science 1123, 1149, Economics 1833, 1844, 1851, 1865 Education/Physics 1049, 1063, 1072, 1093, 1904, 1913, History/Mathematics 1882, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, Sociology/Hindi 1189, 1920


1022, 1521, 1560, 1744, 1903, 1670,

1025, 1539, 1608 1751, 1623, 1677,

1515, 1540, 22nd April,2014

1217, 1242, 1310, 1350, 1510, 1811,

1218, 1254, 1319, 1384, 1512, 1820,

1219, 1273, 24th April,2014 1322 1395, 1759, 25th April,2014 1823,

1922, 1144, 1153, 1836, 1846, 1856,

1115, 1145, 1155, 1837, 1848, 1857,

1118, 1146, 26th April,2014 1156 1841, 1850, 28th April,2014 1861,

1050, 1065, 1081, 1095, 1905, 1914, 1883, 1925, 1929, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1917,

1055, 1066, 1088, 1098, 1910, 1915, 1889, 1926, 1930, 1934, 1938, 1942, 1918,

1060, 1068, 29th April,2014 1091 1100, 1912, 30th April,2014 1916 1923, 1927, 1st May,2014 1931 1935, 1939, 2nd May,2014 1943 1919, 3rd May,2014

1899, 1627, 23rd April,2014 1688,

The ratio of Candidates/Vacancies as per NPSC (State Civil & other Services) Recruitment Rules, 2008 under Rule 15(4) cannot be maintained in some posts in view of candidates having the eligibility to multiple choices of posts. Further, there are insufficient candidates with requisite qualification from the reservation quota. 1 (One) post of Asst. Professor (Computer Science) is not shortlisted due to non-availability of eligible candidates and shall be re-advertised. 1 (One) post of Asst. Professor (Chemistry) is kept in abeyance due to stay order from Hon’ble Supreme Court. Call letters for all the selected candidates shall be sent individually by post. Those who do not receive may enquire from the Commission’s Office from 14th April, 2014 onwards. Any information related to the above examination will be made available on the Commission’s Notice Board and website at Sd/- KELHOUSETO NAKHRO Deputy Secretary, Nagaland Public Service Commission, Kohima





21 March 2014


The Morung Express local/public discoursE Training on health care A letter to a niece

of pigs held at SASRD

KohiMa, March 20 (MExn): The All India Coordinated Research Project on pig (AICRP-pig) Nagaland centre, organized a one day ‘Hands on training on health care of pigs’ on Friday at the Livestock Instructional farm premises, School of Agricultural Science and Rural Development (SASRD). Dr. Razouneinuo Züyie (Asst. Prof.) Department of Livestock Production and Management (LPM) briefed the students on the correct way of approaching and handling of farm animals, basic health care and Dear Vinoli, sterilization (castration) of male pigs to avoid unwanted breeding and to Happy Birthday Baby, produce desirable quality pork meat We are so glad to have with faster growth rate. Dr. M. Catherine Rutsa, Assistant you in our lives. Professor, Dept. LPM, NU-SASRD, apMay our good Lord bless prised the students on the importance you in all your endevours. of personal health protection while handling pigs. Livestock owners or With love.. From all your attendants with cut wounds and long loved ones at home fingernails were advised not to handle

animals specially wound dressing, castration and during farrowing (act of giving birth) time. This is to safe guard oneself and animals from contacting or spreading zoonotic diseases. The students were introduced to the different breeds (Hampshire, Tenyi Vo and up-graded Tenyi Vo) pigs available in the farm. Fifty-five B.Sc. (Ag) students attended practical in the morning session and seven progressive pig farmers in the afternoon session. Nine male piglets of 3 weeks old and two sows’ farrowed were castrated, and farmers performed care and management of newly born piglets (14 nos.), naval cord and needle teeth cutting following all possible aseptic measures, under the supervision of Dr. Rüüsalie Nakhro (JRF) AICRP-pig, Nagaland Centre. The trainees checked on the newly born piglets in the creep box and assisted them in suckling of the mother sow milk Colostrum.

NPF Minority Cell celebrates Holi ATMA Tobu block

organizes training

President, NPF Minority Cell, Bishnu Bhattacharjee with children of ABDS Sangh, Shantosh Kr Shastri, and R S Shiromoni.

DiMapur, March 20 (MExn): On the occasion of Holi on March 17, president, NPF Minority Cell, Bishnu Bhattacharjee visited ST Boys Hostel of Akhil Bharatiya Dayanand Sewashram (ABDS) Sangh at Purana Bazar school campus, Dimapur. A press release from the Minority Cell general secretary informed that the

president lauded the facilities provided by the hostel authority to poor ST and SC students. Shantosh Kr Shastri, in-charge of the Sewashram, Warden RS Shiromani and the children appreciated the gesture extended by the Minority Cell president for the children of ST Hostel, who are homeless and need special care, the release stated.

Mon, March 20 (MExn): Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Mon, Tobu Block organized a training-cum-demonstration programme on March 12 at Yei village, covering six villages on the following topics: Hygienic Management of livestock, Package and practices on large cardamom, and Vermi-composting. A press release informed that the resource persons were Dr. Wapang, WDT LRD, Mokeya, A/I Tep LRD, and V. Vikugha Kiba, (APO) LRD respectively. The programme was chaired by Nemchaba Jamir, SMS, and short speeches were delivered by V. Vikugha Kiba, Assistant Project Officer and Convenor Tobu Block and K. Ngaoba Konyak, Yei Village Council Chairman. 33 farmers from 6 villages benefitted from the programme.

Students and teachers of Eurokids International School celebrated Holi on March 14. The principal of the school said that the celebration of cultural festivals within the school is to encourage students to become good responsible citizens of tomorrow by trying to understand other cultures and their beliefs.



Simple Rules - There is just one simple rule: “Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box co ntains the digits 1 through 9.”

SUDOKU Game Number # 2825


es, there is a feeling of inferiority complex among many Nagas which I believe is the result of the two colonizing experiences we have gone through in the hands of the British from 1880 to 1947 and then, the Indians from 1947- 2009. You have rightly pointed this out in your outline. I saw a picture of this pathetic inferiority complex played out right in front of my eyes way back in 1984, when I was working in Shillong. The incident was a Naga Laison Officer talking to his Indian Officer in Nagaland through the phone. In that conversation the Naga chap was prefixing and suffixing all his sentences including even some words with the word “Sir, Sir.” I think in his five minute talk with his officer, he spoke the word at least fifty times. My angry reaction was “What a pathetic Naga has this man been reduced to by Indian bureaucracy. To address a superior officer as Sir is right and in place. But to prefix and suffix every word uttered, with the word “sir,” “Sir” is total subservience and totally un-Naga. Ours is a democratic society where everyone is equal to everyone else. Is is a society that has no words for Sir, Your Excellency, Your Honor, Your Highness or anything like that. All these are foreign and alien words for us. Because of this fact, we Angamis had to adopt the word “Kepethau” for Sir. Kepethau literally translated means “teacher”. But in the absence of a word for Sir, we have substituted Kepethau for Sir and use it for addressing someone who is a superior officer. But here was this Naga gentleman repeatedly parroting Sir, Sir, like a trained parrot. I felt terrible anger over the fact that Indian imperialism has reduced us to such a state of subservience. Another picture that I want you to see of our past Naga culture of independence and self confidence is the following incident. Phizo and Pfiirhicha of Khonoma went to Shillong in 1946 to meet Rajagopalachari the first Governor General of India. Rajagopalachari was there to meet all the tribal leaders of the North East to ask their opinion about joining the Indian Union which was soon going to be formed. Pfiirhicha was attired in his entire warrior’s regalia. As they watched the other tribal leaders bow very low in obeisance, his instructions to Phizo were: “Look here Phizo, get this very clear into your head that we will never bow like the others. We shall talk as equals as we are also representing our nation. I shall do the talking but if I miss out on some important points, you add it.”! Only three minutes each was being given to each tribal leader. When their turn came, Pfiirhicha pushed his chest forward and stood in firm attention with his spear in position. The

Governor was taken aback by this posture of defiance and self confidence and asked his Secretary, “Who is this chap?” Before either Phizo or the secretary could reply, Pfiirhicha with his little knowledge of English replied, “I ammm a man-slowly and firmly emphasizing the word “am”. He then started stating how Nagas had always been unconquered and independent and their wish to remain so when the British left. The Governor was so fascinated by this Naga elder’s rhetoric that he went on listening for 15 minutes. When the Secretary reminded the Governor that the allotted three minutes had long expired, the Governor glared back at his Secretary and said “Shut up, I want to hear this man out”! What I want to get across to you is this: If you want to go ahead with the present chapter on the inferiority complex, please keep these two pictures in the back of your mind because our forefathers were never a people with a subservient mindset or inferiority complex. After all would a people with an inferiority complex have defied the might of the British empire for 115 intermittent years?( 1832-1947) Would such a people have subsequently dared to defy the might of two modern nation states- Burma and India- for 62 years against overwhelming odds? Would their ancestors have fought the mighty Ahom kingdom from the 13th century to the end of 19th century if they had an inferiority complex? After all they fought against canons and muskets with their daos and spears but never surrendered even one village to the mighty Ahom kingdom. As for their other neighbors, this is what R.B Pemberton the British historian wrote: “Various attempts were made by the Rajah of Manipur, Kachar and Tripperah to reduce these savages to a state of vassalage, but uniformly without success. They steadfastly refused to acknowledge allegiance to either power…” (A singular race, Verrier Elwin, The Nagas in the Nineteenth Century, p. 87) The British had also very clearly recorded that no written treaties had ever been entered with the Naga tribes, and that Nagas, were the only people who were never fully conquered by the British Colonial power. (C.V. Atchinson, Treaties, Engagements and Sanads, Vol. xii 1931) Please note that the British who fought with our forefathers held us in awe and not contempt. One of their historians wrote that the battles fought with the Nagas far outnumbered all the battles fought with the Indians in the whole northern frontiers of the Indian sub continent. As for the present resilient resistance against India and Burma, my book recounts that story. In my opinion many of our youth,

despite all their degrees, have an inferiority complex because they simply don’t know their own gallant history. On top of this , my generation and that of yours too have been compelled to live under the tension of two political identities- That of India which is totally foreign to our own culture –and secondly that of being a Naga- an identity whose roots and history many Nagas are quite ignorant of. Under this dual identity we have become a very irresponsible people- not bothering how our roads are built as long as we get a huge profit- not bothered even if we poison or perennial streams and rivers with poison that kills not just the fishes but even the algae on which they feed- or even totally destroying our forests and in the process destroying the flora and fauna too. What I mean to say is that, even that which inherently belongs to us and needs to be preserved has now seemingly become somebody else under the present dual identity we have been forced to live under. From a very independent peopleboth economically and politically- our people today have become a very dependent people helplessly looking to Delhi with our begging bowls. We are doing all these begging while sitting on top of mineral mountains and many endless prospects in agriculture, horticulture, herb culture etc. I am therefore fighting for a re-assertion of our distinct political identity, our history, our honor and our future as a nation. Our original NNC political goal was to be a nation among nations with the political assertion that URRA is UVIE (Our Land Belongs to Us). Here we can never be anything in human history if we have an inferiority complex about ourselves or who we were and who we must be. Here, we don’t want India or anybody else to define who we are or should be. You will notice that the articles I have been sending you are assertions of this desire and goal based on cultural and historical facts- many of which are far superior to the British or Indian cultures. Even the British admitted that the purest form of democracy exists among the Nagas. Here is wishing you the best as you try to portray our Naga people before the western academic world. Kaka D Iralu (This letter was a reply to my niece Atuno Rio’s questions regarding an inferiority complex among Naga scholars. The letter was sent while she was doing her research paper on Naga history in Oxford, England. I am sending it to the papers today in the hope that all young Naga people may have some glimpses of their own history which has been denied to them today in their education curriculum.)

Readers may please note that the contents of the articles, letters and opinions published do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.



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Of WOuNd & SkiN











































1. Aroma 6. Distinctive flair 10. Outbuilding 14. Depart 15. Similar 16. Not a single one 17. Courtyards 18. Nile bird 19. Astringent 20. Exile 22. South American country 23. Inheritor 24. “Portable stairs” 26. Contributes 30. Ribonucleic acid 31. Mistake 32. Loyal (archaic) 33. Hairless 35. Chip dip 39. Side by side 41. Melancholy 43. Metal 44. Sea eagle 46. Norse god 47. A leguminous plant 49. Estimated time of arrival 50. Connecting point 51. A change for the better

54. Satisfactory 56. Weightlifters pump this 57. Deckhand 63. Workbench attachment 64. At one time (archaic) 65. Feel 66. Air force heroes 67. Char 68. Go in 69. Young girl 70. Sacred 71. Gale

DOWN 1. Generous slice of the pie 2. Anagram of “Meat” 3. Acquire deservedly 4. 57 in Roman numerals 5. Tether 6. Eradicate 7. Progressive 8. Analogous 9. Get cozy 10. Showy bloom 11. Hollowed out 12. Habituate 13. Take exception to 21. Seasonings 25. Backside 26. “Oh my!”

27. Money owed 28. Have the nerve 29. Drowsiness 34. Odontology 36. Adriatic resort 37. Told 38. Skin disease 40. Away from the wind 42. Inclined 45. Declination 48. Anew 51. Challenger 52. Genus of heath 53. Fails to win 55. Relieves 58. Chocolate cookie 59. Not straight 60. Savvy about 61. End ___ 62. School session

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The Morung Express

Friday 21 March 2014

KV Pusa to stress on prosperity, secularism & peace Our Correspondent Kohima | March 20

INC candidate KV Pusa today said that his main priority will be to work for the welfare of the people, development of ENPO areas and to stress mainly on prosperity, secularism and peace. He told this to media persons after filing his nomination for Lok Sabha polls this afternoon at the office of the Commissioner Nagaland. Responding to claims

made by NPF president that Congress members are also supporting the DAN candidate, he said Congress and NPF are two different entities. “We have our own clear cut policy and they have their own,” he said and "appealed" the NPF not to indulge in the internal affairs of the Congress party. On being asked whether any central leaders are coming for campaign in the state, Pusa said they have specifically requested the AICC vice-president

Rahul Gandhi to come for campaign. CLP leader Tokheho, who accompanied Pusa for filing of nomination said the visit of Rahul Gandhi to Kohima for campaign has been confirmed, but date is yet to be finalized. On allegations made by chief minister Neiphiu Rio that Congress is not for Nagas, Pusa asserted that Congress party is very much for the Nagas, adding "we do not know where he (Rio) is drawing the conclusion that we are against the

Nagas." He continued that branding Congress as antiNaga is unacceptable. “If we look back to history, we got statehood during Congress regime. We got first ceasefire between the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) and Government of India during Congress regime immediately after the statehood on 6th September 1964. There was again ceasefire between GoI and NSCN (IM) in 1997 during Congress regime headed by Dr. Jamir. Then 2002 also ceasefire

was there between NSCN (K) and GoI during Congress regime,” Tokheho said adding, they (NPF) cannot say that Congress had not done anything for the Nagas. He added that in 201011, UPA government gave Rs. 712 crore to implement 6th ROP whereas in 2001, the Congress in the state had asked for financial assistance, but did not receive even a rupee to implement 5th ROP. He added that in 10 years, “we left only Rs. 365 crore deficit.” Tokheho

said that in case he (Rio) wins, he will be leaving Nagaland with more than Rs. 2000 crore deficit. E x- M P Wa n g y u h Konyak said that Rio has two point agendas to contest Lok Sabha election. First, he said, Rio wants to become minister if NDA comes to power in Delhi. Secondly, Rio cannot run the government because there is no money at all, adding that the deficit is more than Rs. 2000 crore that is why “he wants to run away.”

'Accept or reject Rio joining communal BJP' DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): The coming Lok Sabha election has presented a crucial choice before the people of Nagaland to “either accept or reject Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his party (NPF) joining hands with communal BJP to chart his escape route from the state after 11 years of rampant misrule,” stated NPCC in a press release today. NPCC added that “people are also at liberty to question the forays of the NPF into the political landscape of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh with crores of money meant for development of the state.” “The ongoing agitation by the SSA teachers who are without salary for the past four months, the ultimatum served by various service/ employees associations, the unavailability of school text books for govt schools, downgrading of 129 GHS, deplorable conditions of roads across the state and

non accessibility to basic amenities like regular power supply, clean drinking water, medical and health care facilities by majority of the populace does not seem to even prick the conscience of Chief Minister Rio and the NPF govt who have become immune to the cries of the people and are more concerned with their political adventures in neighbouring states,” the NPCC stated. The NPCC further cautioned that despite assurances from the central BJP leaders “who are supposed to have even adopted a resolution to solve the Naga political issue as brought by Rio, the people of Nagaland must understand that the BJPs approach to bring solution to the vexed Naga political issue would be to simply scrap Article 371 (A) and put the state at par with other states without any special dispensation presently enjoyed under the said article.” This, the

Dimapur police seize liquor, arrest accused DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): The Flying Squads of Dimapur police, constituted to check movement and sale of illegal liquor in the district during the election period, conducted checking and raids on several suspected illegal liquor dens and shops in the Highway-29 area on March 20. During the operations, police recov-

ered and seized 162 bottles of different brands of IMFL from the illegal liquor dens and shops, informed the Additional Superintendent of Police/ PRO in a press release. Altogether, seven persons were taken into custody in this regard. In another unrelated incident, Dimapur police manning Chumukedima

check gate recovered and seized 23 cases of IMFL on March 20 from an unregistered Bolero Invader which was proceeding towards Kohima. The occupants of the vehicle identified as Abeka Aye (22) and Akheto Sema, both residents of Mishikito, Dimapur were taken into custody in this connection, added the release.

(Top) Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and (Bottom) INC candidate KV Pusa file their respective nominations for the forthcoming Lok Sabha election before the Returning Officer, Nagaland Parliamentary Election, Temjen Toy on March 20. (DIPR Photos)

Multi-disciplinary health camp held at Mangkolemba moKoKchUNG, march 20 (Dipr): In commemoration of the Golden Jubilee of Nagaland Statehood, the District Health Society, Mokokchung, Health Centre Management Committee (HCMC) Mangkolemba and Women department of Baptist Church Mangkolemba organised a Multi-speciality health camp at Mangkolemba on March 14 and 15. Altogether 552 patients availed free medical treatment including 10 Ante Natal Cases examined and given special ANC packages. Specialties like General Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedic, Obs & Gynae, Opthalmology and Dental were provided. Programme Officers of the district like RNTCP, NVBDCP and NLEP attended the Camp along

with their Laboratory equipments and Technicians. The District Health Society has extended heartfelt gratitude to MLA Dr. Longri for his generous contribution for the Health Camp, Women department Mangkolemba Baptist Church for their contribution and participation and Hospital Centre Management Committee (HCMC) Mangkolemba CHC, and to all the Medical representatives of different medicine companies for their assistance with medicine samples during the camp. The IEC team conducted a group discussion on family planning and safe motherhood with 24 mothers. Awareness on RTIs, STIs & HIV/AIDS in adolescents and contraceptive use among adolescents were also discussed.

Nagaland to observe World Water Day Kohima, march 20 (mExN): The Sustainable Development Forum Nagaland (SDFN) in collaboration with the Regional Centre - National Afforestation and Ecodevelopment Board, Government of India, the Department of Soil and Water Conservation and Department of Power, Government of Nagaland is organizing an event to celebrate the World Water Day in Nagaland under the theme "Water and Energy". The programme is scheduled to be held March 22 at Hotel Japfu, Kohima from 10:00 AM.

KET condoles TUENSaNG, march 20 (mExN): The Kyong Ekhung Tuensang has expressed sadness at the demise of late Nzanbeni Yanthan, mother of T.Mhabemo Yanthan, Deputy Commissioner Tuensang, on March 19. A press note conveyed condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed for the eternal rest of the departed soul.

ENPO offers condolences

Mon Police along with Flying Squad, led by UBSI Aphak Konyak, seized 14 cases of unclaimed liquor from a night super bus coming from Dimapur to Mon bearing registration No: NLO2B - 1651 on March 19 at Mon town. In another frisking, Police also seized various gambling items.

Compensation demanded for victim of March 12 shooting phEK, march 20 (mExN): The Chesezumi Village Council has demanded compensation from the Nagaland state government to the victim of the March 12 shooting at Phek town. The CVC, in a press note, informed that on March 12, the accused, Vekhota had “shot at” one Veseto, an NST bus conductor, in a shop at Phek Town. It was also informed that on March 13, the accused had committed suicide at Phek town. A press note from the

CVC Chairman, Mudongoyi Ringa and Secretary, Kutosa Nyekha alleged that the accused “had settled at Toulaza village, Dimapur” and demanded that the Toulazu Village Council “publically state its stand within 10 days.” It further said that the accused had been “threatening the public of Phek town with a gun, thereby creating terror and unrest in the town.” It questioned the district administration and police for “remaining silent spectators,” and said that the au-

thorities are “equally responsible” for the incident. “We were told that late Vekhota, a captain in GPRN/NSCN had deserted his camp and surrendered to NSCN (K) authority. We demand the NSCN (K) authority to notify its verdict and award death penalty to late Vekhota posthumously and officially announce their stand on the incident within 10 days. Till such time, the citizens of Chesezumi Village shall not pay tax to NSCN (K) faction in any form,” stated the CVC press note.

XVIII. Minor discrepancies in the entries relating to elector’s name, age may be ignored. Unofficial Voter slip which the elector brings only serves the purpose of locating the entries relating to an elector roll. Second Polling Officer Apply ink in the left forefinger as a line from top end of the nail to the bottom of the first joint of the left forefinger. Wait for sufficient time till the indelible ink mark dries up. The Second Polling Officer will be in charge of the Register of Voters in Register 17A. He/she will be responsible for maintaining in that register the proper account of electors whose identity has been established and who vote at the polling station. Write the last four digit of I-D Proof name of identifi-

cation document in the remarks column of Register 17A, write Serial .No, Part No., of the Electoral Roll. Underline the identified voters and in case of female tick mark will also be put on the left side of entry. The officer will obtain signature or thumb impression of the voters in the voter register. Issue voter slip. If a person refuses to cast his/her vote, application of ink, do not allow voting. Third Polling Officer The Third Polling Officer will be in-charge of the control unit of the voting machine. He/she will be seated on the same table where the Second Polling Officer sits. The Third Polling Officer will allow the elector to proceed to the voting compartment only on the basis of the voter’s

slip issued by the Second Polling Officer and strictly in accordance with the serial number indicated in that slip. He will active the Ballot Unit(s) kept in the voting compartment by pressing the “Ballot” button on the control unit. Before allowing the elector to proceed to the voting compartment, the Third Polling Officer will also check and ensure that the elector’s left hand forefinger still bears a clear indelible ink mark. (If the indelible ink mark is found removed, the mark may again be made on the forefinger). SDO(C) Atrila had informed the trainees to bring two recent passport size photos each for IDs. About four hundred people attended the training programme.

Bridge of Hope organizes finance workshop for North East leaders DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): Bridge of Hope, a ministry under Believers Church organized finance modular course workshop for North East leaders in collaboration with Christian Institute of Management (CIM), Chennai from March 17 to 20 at DAN centre, 4th Mile, Dimapur. A press release informed that the main objective of the course was to develop Biblical understanding of Christian leaders in systematic and effective management of financial resources and also create awareness about legal requirements relating to finance. The inaugural session was graced by Bishop B.Sunderraj, Bishop of


DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): All the executive members of Central Naga Tribal Council (CNTC) have been informed that there will be a consultative meeting of all the executives on March 22, 2:00 pm at CNTC office, Naga Shopping Arcade, Dimapur. All the executive members have been requested to attend the meeting without fail.

Training for Lok Sabha polls held in Phek phEK, march 20 (mExN): Two days election training for the forthcoming LS elections was held here at Phek Town Hall on March 18 and 19. Phek Government College Asst. Professor Nushimoa gave PowerPoint presentation on the duties of various polling officers as follows: First Polling Officer The First Polling Officer will be in charge of the marked copy of electoral roll and responsible for identification of electors. On entering the Polling Station, the elector will proceed direct to the first Polling Officer. The Polling Officer will ascertain the identity of the elector by examining the EPIC or alternative documents following the procedure prescribed under chapter


CNTC executives’ meeting

NPCC said, can be gauged from the fact that the BJP leaders have all along been forthright in raking up debate on Article 370 enjoyed by J&K state, committing to review once it assumes power with clear majority. Nagaland can expect nothing better when the same yardstick becomes applicable, after J&K state loses the special status under Article 370, it added. Condemns Dr Shurhozelie’s statement Meanwhile, the NPCC vehemently condemned the statement of NPF President Dr Shurhozelie, that some senior Nagaland congress leaders have extended their support to Rio. The NPCC dared Dr Shurhozelie to publicly name the congress leaders if “he has the moral courage or refrain from uttering cheap and malicious propaganda which is unbecoming for a person of his stature.”


TUENSaNG, march 20 (mExN): The Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) has condoled the sudden demise of Nzanbeni Yanthan, mother of T. Mhabemo Yanthan, Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang on March 19, 2014. The ENPO in a condolence note prayed for heavenly comfort and conveyed deep condolences to the bereaved family members, and also prayed for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace.

NPF Minority Cell meeting DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): President, NPF Minority Cell has convened a meeting on March 22, 1:00 pm at Dimapur Division Office premises. All the office bearers and active members of Minority cell have been requested to attend the meeting without fail. Further, all members have been asked to submit passport size photo during the meet for identity card.

NPF Phek division meeting Kohima, march 20 (mExN): An emergency meeting of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) Phek Division will take place on March 25 at Hotel Japfu, Kohima from 12:00 noon onwards in connection with the forthcoming Lok Sabha election. Stating this in a release, NPF Phek division president Chivotso Nienu said all the legislators from the district and central office bearers will be attending the meeting. The Division Frontal Organisations have been requested to depute three people each to attend the meeting. Besides, all the five area unit presidents and general secretaries have been requested to attend the meeting without fail.

Press conference on TGOUN’s fashion show Kohima, mar 20 (mExN): The Global Open University Nagaland (TGOUN) is presenting “Trendz-oMania (The 3rd annual fashion show 2014 on March 26 at Molu Ki, Para Medical Colony Kohima. Minister for PWD (Roads & Bridges) and parliamentary affairs Kuzholuzo (Azo) Nienu will grace the occasion. In view of the event, a press conference will take place on March 21 at Hotel Orchid, Kohima at 11:00 AM.

Nagaland to observe World TB Day Kohima, march 20 (mExN): Nagaland along with the rest of the world will be observing World TB Day on March 24 at the Zonal Council Hall at 10:00 AM. A sensitization programme will take place for local leaders to mark the occasion. Dr. G. Kemp, director (Health), Directorate of Health & Family Welfare will act as chief patron while Dr. K.T. Lotha, state TB officer, DHFW will chair the function. Dr. Apichetla Amer, assistant programme officer RNTCP will highlight TB & RNTCP while Dr. Pankaj Thomas, NE consultant WHO will share thematic message. Vote of thanks will be proposed by Temjenochetla Ao, State PPM coordinator, RNTCP.

Power department raids illegal power theft DimapUr, march 20 (mExN): Anti Power Theft Mobile Squad (APTMS) conducted a raid on illegal power theft at United North Block, Burma Camp area here on March 19 and caught 14 defaulters for different offences. Er. Y Pukhashe Sema, Sub-Divisional Officer, Electrical Sub-Division No – II, Dimapur, who also led the raid, informed in a press release that the offences included direct, hooking, meter by-pass, motor direct.

SBI to donate computer to schools Kohima, march 20 (mExN): The State Bank of India (SBI) under its corporate social responsibility is organizing a programme for donation of computers to schools on March 25, 5:00 PM at Orchid Hotel, Kohima. A. Athikho Chalai, IAAS, Accountant General Nagaland will be the chief guest while A. Lolly Moses will chair the function. Welcome address will be delivered by Hangsing, chief manager, SBI Lerie branch while vote of thanks will be proposed by D. Choudhury, chief manager, SBI Kohima.

Wokha public informed

Resource persons with leaders from across different states of North East.

Jorhat and Dimapur Diocese. Altogether 26 participants from across Northeastern states attended the workshop. The resource persons for the workshop included Dr. Aby Alexandar, Asst. Di-

rector, Department of Management studies; Varghese Jacob, Director, Training; Abraham Zachariah, Chartered Accountant; J Martin, Associates, Chennai; and Prince Josiah, National Director of Bridge of Hope.

CIM offers courses in Master of Christian Management (MCM), Diploma in Christian Management (DCM), and Modular courses on effective management and development of Christian organisations.

WoKha, march 20 (Dipr): The Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Returning Officer, Wokha Vyasan R has informed the public that the following telephone numbers shall be used during the 16th Lok Sabha Election in Wokha District: 03860-242010 (Fax); 03860-242018 (Election Expenditure Monitoring Cell) and 03860-242090 (Control Room).


Apropos a news item on the silver jubilee celebration of Jubilee Memorial School, Mokokchung, which was published on this paper, it is corrected that the school will celebrate the silver jubilee on April 3, 2014 and not as rendered.



The Power of Truth

The Morung Express FRIDAy 21 MARcH 2014 voluME IX IssuE 77

You Don’t Have To Be You don’t have to be Jewish to shiver at the nightmare of Auschwitz you don’t have to be black to feel the agony and shame of slavery you don’t have to be native to be hurt by the arrogance of discovery you don’t have to be foreign to know what discrimination means you don’t have to be minority to understand the dominion of big numbers you don’t have to be homeless to go through the vagaries of life you don’t have to be rich to fear the uncertainty of tomorrow you don’t have to be crippled to suffer the pain of the handicapped you don’t have to be a star to stare at the volatility of the weather you just have to be human to know the plight of others. Tanure Ojaide (Nigeria, 1947)

lEfT wiNg |


The Guiltless ‘Individual’


ur Naga society is a collective Individual. The individual; well he is the brother, father, uncle, grandfather in the family. The individual is the clan, the khel, the village identity, the tribe identity, then the ‘Naga’ identity. Our Individual is indeed that. Perhaps a perturbation for the western eye- its upside down understanding of the Individual which glorifies the person-individual, rather than the community, the collective. Yet, I do not think I would say that the individual is lost in the ‘Naga’ mentality. Because the individual is the tribe within ‘Naga’ identity, the village from where he comes from, the khel/morung he belongs to, the clan that embraces him within its fold, the family within the clan, the position he takes as an Individual in the family and thereby the responsibilities he takes upon himself. That is our idea of individuality- eschewed from the conventional understanding; but I would argue nonetheless the Individual. That ‘Individual’ has been honed, defined to take in the different steps of his community to be both an individual and taking into mind his community. The Community Communities like ours are layered, as I always tell people who do not know. It is a complex structure of back-and-forth courtesies. One defined within; interpreted outside. There is a certain time in the year when it is considered taboo, or unlucky to welcome guests into your homes. So when sojourners come visiting we would talk to a rock, or animal, instead explaining that we are tabooed to entertain today, he may come another day to receive some rice beer in your house. This is done so in order not to displease the guest but rather that he would understand one is tabooed and therefore abstained from entertaining that day. I set an example here but it nevertheless speaks of deep roots of ‘societal norms’ arrayed inside the understandings of cultural sphere. It speaks of the complex structure of affiliation that a close-knit society such as the Nagas practice. Never offending, never stepping a toe out of line, never interfering in someone else’s life that is undue. Indirect Confrontation I wouldn’t need to say too much before we understand each other. There are the many ‘newspaper rejoinders’ in our daily papers, the simmering prejudice half hidden, the ‘indirect’ jab, the impudent remark half provoking or halfconfronting. You see all these preludes are well masked in our society’s construct, I wouldn’t rule out our head-hunting culture either. Maybe more strongly on our head-hunting than society’s graces. Humor is an internal part of the Naga. But humor also masks many things, absorbs and interprets in the communities such as ours. It is a way of confrontation without offending the other. Our guiltless Individual This is where the construct bits us in the end. The Individual- as its western understanding, the ‘Individual’ well hidden in our communities is protected, unreproached and still confident. It is our shortcoming that we believe the Individual in our Naga societies do not exist. And in our present day of mass media, mass development, mass urbanization, mass modernization and mass change it is one of those thorns on our side that pricks. That makes us believe the Individual does not exist. Cynic is a pen name of a young Naga researcher with deep concerns for the people



Dr Asangba Tzudir

Media and the Question of ‘Truth’ and ‘Responsibility’


n contemporary times, there have been issues of exaggeration, shifting priorities, ‘manufacturing’ consent, ideology circulation, moral panic, sensationalism and dramatization, etc. in the functioning of the media. Naom Chomsky in “Propaganda Model” goes to the extent of viewing media as an instrument of class domination and control and goes on to say that the media wears a mask of being the exalted ‘Fourth Estate.’ One is also tempted to blame the media of creating ‘epistemic violence’ over knowledge cultures and cultures of knowledge and also propagating certain ideologies. Looking at media’s own circle of operation, firstly, it stands at the lofty ideal in the service of truth for the people and also in building up a democratic society - a society where each and every individual has a voice. Secondly, media serves their own end in two forms. One is business factor in which they serve the interest of their popular readership and by selling a good percent of their space for advertisements. The second one is where they circulate their ideology. This strain makes it tempting to do a philosophical reflection on the role of media in relation to the question of ‘truth’ and ‘responsibility.’ At a time when the pace of the world is also defined by the flow of information, one can also look at the ongoing news relating to the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian plane and how the media has ‘manufactured news’ and dramatised the situation which in turn has only angered the masses especially the ones related to the passengers. The question of responsibility is also about how well the public is kept informed. Giving news to the public is not just about being objective or being fair, but as the bearer of a pillar of democracy, it carries a huge responsibility as much as the executive, legislative and the judiciary. Thus, it is a reasonable expectation that the media will gather and report the news fairly and objectively in a responsible manner. Reinterpreting the idea of responsibility in media, it should be directed at informing the masses so as to inculcate integral knowledge, values, beliefs and behaviors so that they can themselves become agents of change towards societal growth. These responsibilities does not stem out of nothing but because of the fact that media is a quasi - public agency and also the effect that news creates in people’s lives. In this strain, the focus and goals of journalism should be the citizens ‘bill of rights’ in the same way as they are journalists’ ‘bill of responsibilities.’ Conversely, one cannot say that a “free press” is free of damages or loss and so it would be wrong to suggest that the media are always truthful and responsible. Sometimes papers will be ‘forced’ to publish articles and news items which go against their principles and integrity and also contrary to the spirit of the ‘fourth estate’ and thereby disclaim responsibility. Perhaps, with changing times and the level of competition, the will to survive holds primacy over the will to be ethical and responsible. The issues related to ‘paid news’ also seems to be another compelling feature towards the end of their ‘will to survive’ thereby leading to prioritization of news. The public interest and the responsibility of the media are compromised to economic pressures, thereby making the private interest paramount. On the larger whole, the biggest social responsibility of the media is to make a success of democracy and educate the masses on democratic ideals like truth, justice and equality, rather than keeping the means of information narrowly and rigidly controlled. Danny Schechter, a former CNN news producer had to say that “we falsely think of our country as a democracy when it has evolved into a ‘mediacracy,’ where a media that is supposed to check political abuse is part of the political abuse.” They are so powerful and have the potential of influencing the people up to a large extent that the power of the media should be employed in the public interest and not against it. It all depends on how the media tries to work out their own definition of news which ultimately becomes the consumer’s definition of news. The idea of what journalists should publish, and how personally intrusive they should be, seems to be constantly changing. This is clear from Peter Phillips statement about the kind of ‘news that didn’t make news’ which undergoes the lengthy process of engineering the news and in the process ‘newsworthy’ or news which should be pub-


oori roti khayenge, 100 din kaam karenge, dawai lenge aur Congress ko jitayenge" (Will eat full meals, work for 100 days, receive free medicines and vote for Congress) is one of the new Congress slogans for the Lok Sabha elections, replacing the earlier "Aadhi roti khayenge Congress ko jitayenge (Will eat half a meal and vote for the Congress). It highlights the passage of food and land security bills in parliament under the Congress-led government. With elections to the 16th Lok Sabha set to take place in nine phases between April 7 and May 12, the slogan wars especially between the two giants - the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - are hotting up. The Congress' slogans have traditionally promoted its achievements, especially schemes for the poor, and the 2004 tag line "Congress ka haath, aam aadmi ke saath" (Congress' hand is with the common man) was an example of that. On the other hand, the BJP tends to exploit the popularity of its leaders once they have been announced as the party's prime ministerial candidates. And this time it's Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, the party's con-

“The editor’s freedom ends where the proprietor’s eyebrows begin to rise” - Krishna Menon lished may not find a space thereby succumbing to prioritisation. Quite often, media are also accused of not having ethics or conscience since they go to the extent of doing anything to get a ‘story’ written, going by their own rules in the name of the freedom of the press which go against their prima facie obligation to act responsibly and avoid social injury. Can truth survive in the face of their ‘compromised operation’? In the evolution of contesting elements, the very idea of news is also constantly changing from live reporting to manufactured debates in the newsrooms. Prashant Jha (‘When News is not prime,’ The Hindu, Monday, April 1, 2013) reflects on the kind of news that is being fed to the public today. He draws attention towards a news studio which is well-lit, a celebrity anchor; half a dozen guests representing familiar, but conflicting, view-points on any particular issue; a couple of ‘neutral’ analysts or journalists thrown in; each panelists fighting hard to get a couple of minutes of air-time to express his views; provocative questions, screeching voices, loud arguments; and a wrap-up which exposes, but also sharpens, the polarized nature of discourse over complex issue ‘facing the nation’ or that the nation wants an answer to.’ In the past few years new channels have increasingly adopted such a template for shows in ‘prime-time’ slots. They can also provide the viewer with a range of perspectives from key actors. But what is new, and some argue, disturbing, is that this format is no longer a supplement to ground-level reportage, but almost a substitute to it. On the flip side, taking another perspective, the journalists, simply by doing their jobs well, have been playing a central role in promoting democratic ideals for many years. Many put their lives or freedom at risk in the pursuit of ‘truth.’ Apart from direct physical threats against journalists, the media in many countries face legislation that prevents them from gaining access to, and imparting information. Repressive defamation laws put the burden of proof on journalists. These laws often forbid truth as a defense in defamation cases where someone’s reputation is deemed worthy of protection at the expense of the right of the public to be informed. Such law creates fear and thereby discourages investigative reporting and the exposure of corruption. Media are very powerful agents and certain rights enacted by the media might create tension between the media and the government or business corporate where the media finds itself difficult to surrender their rights and the other trying hard to invade into the media establishment. Such intrusion into their freedom does not in any way help the cause of disseminating right knowledge and information. As it is said, the media acts as the watch dogs but cannot act as blood hounds. In this way, ‘truth’ is thus forbidden by not allowing it to surface and is being kept away from the eyes and ears of the public. ‘Truth’ being essentially contested, my contention on truth in a discourse on media is that ‘truth’ should not be dissociated from ‘responsibility.’ It needs to be seen whether truth has been given the necessary consideration they warrant. Patterson and Wilkins (Media Ethics) states that, “When a professional accepts the responsibility of printing and broadcasting the truth, facts that are apparent in the face-to-face interaction become subject to different interpretations among geographically and culturally diverse viewers and readers.” The idea of ‘truth’ as generally understood needs to be re-examined while discussing the concept of ‘truth’ in the field of media reporting and informing. The idea of ‘truth’ cannot and should not be dissociated from ‘responsibility.’ Ideas that were once readily accepted are open to varied interpretations and debate. The whole concept of telling the truth becomes not merely a matter of possessing a good moral character but something that requires learning how to recognize truth and how to convey it in

the best possible way depending upon the situation and circumstances and in a least distorted manner possible and always in the interests of the general public. Truth is much more than mere collection of facts. Facts have a relationship with other associated facts, forming a larger whole. If the role of the media is not only to detail events and issues, but to bring out the ‘relationships’ in such a way that the facts becomes clear and profound, then mere re-telling of a ‘story’ is not sufficient. It is not about truth in relation to facts but about what is ‘morally good.’ What is true must also be ‘morally good.’ The moment one learns what is ‘morally good,’ it not only becomes truth, but also provides impetus to be responsible. Easier said than done, truth matters a lot yet it is very difficult to give out the truth especially those related to ‘complex’ matters. Compelling situations might force someone to lie or hide the facts and truth especially when your statement has a ruling over the judgment. Again, how would media reflect on news, views or comments relating to ethnic or religious disputes or clashes? Such news definitely creates an atmosphere, which is not conducive to ethnic, communal harmony, amity and peace. This is where truth should not be dissociated from responsibility. Another aspect of ‘truthful’ reporting is not the truth of the incident or the news, but the relevance of the news to the general public. There have been so many instances of ethnic conflicts all over and the media is omnipresent to highlight such incidents and bringing out the minute details on such conflicts will be like adding fuel to the fire and will only provoke further violence. ‘Truth’ should not be mere presentation of facts neither is truth about mere retelling of a story. A finer distinction needs to be drawn between truth and facts especially relating to sensitive news. Media should exercise utmost responsibility. I want to draw attention to the Sunday Post supplement of Nagaland Post (Dated, 21st July, 2013) which has had a lost lasting disturbing impact on me. It carried a picture of a classroom and a lady teacher and students under the heading ‘Find the hidden Items.’ What is disturbing is the fact that the items listed in the picture were quite provoking and equally disturbing. The items included the following: the box cutter, the bong, the handcuffs, the condom, the shotgun, the roach clip, the machine gun, the whip, the center fold, the syringe, the pipe bomb, the samurai sword, the revolver, the clock, the ecstasy, the Klan hood, the joint, the swastika, the brass knuckles, the switchblade, the dildo, the razor blade, the pot pipe and the bottle of booze. This is how a media house can successfully implant certain provocative ideologies like sex, crime and violence in the minds of very young children. Rather than acting as responsible agents, such is the callous attitude of the media at a time when sex and violence related crime is happening openly in the streets. Such pictures will only create certain mental images as well as generate certain undesired thought process which may not be conducive to social harmony in the long run. The looming danger is that besides being ‘exposed’ to sex and violence at a very young age, it also generates a support base in propagating certain ideology. In sum, the possibility of carrying out the very idea of responsibility needs to be seen in a two-fold aspect keeping in mind that in a media establishment, ‘truth’ and ‘responsibility’ are like the two sides of the same coin. Firstly, media’s role from within – this includes the media establishment, the editors as well as the journalists. Secondly, responsibility from outside which is the state. Now, if the media establishment itself breaks the moral principle, then neither the editors nor the journalists can be able to act as responsible agents in maintaining their integrity and identity. So, not only the journalists but also the media establishment as a whole should be morally guided. Further, one locus of power in any modern society is the state. Interventions by the state over the media through official censorship will curtail media’s independent functioning which could prevent them from not only executing their duties but also diminishes their very identity as agents of social change. There has to be a collective consensus and understanding between the state, proprietors, the media establishment, editors and the journalists in working out a moral content both for the good of the public and towards its own image and identity as the fourth estate.

Slogans, a potent weapon of choice for parties Rahul vaishnavi IANS tender for the top job. Its slogan "Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar" (This time, it will be Modi's government) is reminiscent of the party's 1996 slogan "Bari bari sabki bari, abki bari Atal Bihari" which projected party leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee as next prime minister. As much as the slogans are used for promotion, they can also be a potent weapon to attack each other's policies and leaders. Desperate to counter Modi's popularity, the Congress launched the "Main Nahi, Hum" (Not I, We) slogan targeting Modi, who has of late become the face of the BJP as well as its best bet to win the upcoming polls. The campaign is being promoted aggressively by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in TV, online and print

advertisements. However, the BJP has claimed that the phrase was first used by it in 2010 and accused the Congress of plagiarism. Another slogan - "Kattar soch, nahi yuva josh" (Young enthusiasm, not fanatic ideologies) - attacks the BJP, and particularly Modi, for the 2002 Gujarat riots while portraying Rahul Gandhi as a young and passionate leader. The "Kam bola, kaam bola" (We spoke less, our work spoke for itself ) again ridiculed Modi as in his public rallies he often talks at length about the development work done in Gujarat under his rule. Similarly, another Congress slogan "Na ghar ka na ghat ka, woh hain neta AAP ka" (The one who is of no use is an


AAP leader) mocks the 49-day rule of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi. The two-year-old AAP made a spectacular debut in Delhi by winning 28 of the 70 assembly seats and subsequently formed a minority government with the outside support of Congress. The AAP's latest slogan coined for the Lok Sabha polls is "Jhadu chalao, beiman bhagao" (Remove the corrupt with a broom). Broom is the party's election symbol. However, there are occasions when the slogans either fail to leave a mark or, worse, boomerang. Like in 2004, the incumbent National Democratic Alliance (NDA) led by the BJP coined the "India Shining" slogan which touted the achievements of the country under the party's rule. It however failed to strike a chord with the rural masses and the BJP lost. Similarly, the Bahujan Samaj Party's slogan, "Chalega haathi udegi shool, na rahega haath, na phool (When the elephant will walk, it will defeat the hand and lotus)", used in Delhi has failed to catapult the party into prominence. The cycle is Samajwadi Party's symbol, while the hand and lotus belong to the Congress and the BJP respectively.

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21 March 2014



here's London. And then there's the rest of the U.K. A tale of two Britains has increasingly emerged since the Great Recession. While the government trumpets the country's recovery from the financial crisis and its status as the world's fastestgrowing developed economy, the rhetoric hides an increasing divide: One that pits London's boom against the malaise in cities such as Manchester and Birmingham that are struggling to remain vibrant in the 21st century. Buoyed by foreign investment and a resurgent financial industry, the economy of London and the rest of Britain's South East region has expanded almost twice as fast as the rest of the country since the 2008 financial crisis. A chasm that began opening with the decline of Britain's textile and coal industries a century ago is widening as London's ability to attract jobs and investment leaves the rest of the country struggling. Britain's economy is, by some calculations, the most dependent on a single urban area among the world's most industrialized nations. "It's almost the definition of polarization," said Danny Dorling, a professor of geography at Oxford University. "It's pulling apart in a quite dramatic way." Policymakers are considering a range of ideas to address the imbalance. Among them is building a 43 billion-pound ($71 billion) high-speed rail network to connect London with Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, helping the northern cities become viable alternatives for businesses to locate. Another idea is for Manchester and Liverpool to merge into a super-city that could better compete with London for investment. The issue of economic inequality — how to get more people to share the fruits of the recovery — is of growing concern for governments around the world. It is also central to the political fortunes of Prime Minister David Cameron, whose Conservatives are trying to broaden their base into traditional Labour Party strongholds outside southeastern Britain in hopes of winning next year's election. The Conservatives were forced to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats after failing to win a majority four years ago after 13 years of Labour governments. A HOUSE DIVIDED Measured in terms of geography, Britain's economic divide is among the widest of the seven most industrialized countries, according to figures from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. London and the rest of Britain's South East region account for about 35 percent of U.K. economic output. Only Tokyo and Paris and their surrounding regions rival London for the top spot. New York, the biggest economic center in the United States, generates just 7.3 percent of national gross domestic product. In the case of Britain and Japan, critics note the countries are smaller, making it easier for one metropolitan area to dominate. When Mayor Boris Johnson recently suggested that London issue its own visas for international artists and technology wizards, critics only half-joked that London might take it a step further and become its own city state, like the Vatican. That dominance translates into higher wages for workers in London as the city attracts those with skills in high demand. Londoners last year earned an average of 41,143 pounds ($68,297), 51 percent more than the national average. The gap is even bigger in the housing market, where foreign buyers have snapped up London homes as investments rather than places to live. So vast is the demand for high-end homes that London's skyline is changing, with

Danica Kirka

associated Press

Fashion designer Sam Leutton originally from Stockport northern England, poses for a portrait at her booth in Somerset House, the main centre for London Fashion Week, where she is showing her designs in London on Monday, February 17, 2014. A tale of two Britains has emerged after the Great Recession on this economically hobbled island. While politicians trumpet the country’s recovery from the financial crisis and its status as the world’s fastest growing developed economy, the figures point to a growing divide, one that pits London’s growing boom against the malaise in once-affluent cities such as Manchester that are struggling to remain vibrant in the 21st century. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

glass-and-steel apartment blocks sprouting along the banks of the Thames. Home prices in the most expensive parts of London are now almost 25 times higher than Britain's cheapest homes, up from 10 times in 2007, according to research by the independent Smith Institute. The capital's supporters note that London's strength benefits the rest of Britain by attracting investment that would otherwise go to New York or Hong Kong and creating wealth that spills into other parts of Britain. London-based businesses are the biggest private-sector employers in each of the U.K.'s 62 cities, according to the Centre for Cities, a think tank focused on urban issues. And London generates roughly 99 billion pounds in taxes and receives 94 billion pounds in government spending in return — leaving a 5 billion pound subsidy for the rest of the country. Yet that is not translating into new jobs. The Centre for Cities found that the capital region, which has about a quarter of Britain's people, accounted for 80 percent of private-sector employment growth between 2010 and 2012. Northern cities like Bradford, Blackpool and Glasgow lost jobs in both the private and public sectors. Many cities outside London are dependent on public employers. They are losing jobs as the government slashes spending to control a deficit swelled by bank bailouts. "London is becoming a kind of giant suction machine, draining the life out of the rest of the country," Business Secretary Vince Cable told the BBC late last year. "More balance in that respect would be helpful."

REGIONAL SHIFTS It wasn't always like this. Northern England used to be the heart of the British economy. The textile mills and coal mines fueled the Industrial Revolution and boomed with the affluence of the British Empire in Victorian times and well into the 20th century. But globalization hit the aging industries hard. The deregulation of the financial markets in the mid-1980s touched off a boom in London that surpassed anything the others could muster. The city became one of the world's largest financial centers, with banks that reached across the globe. There was hope that the Great Recession would bring more balance as the government tightened regulations on the London-dominated financial industry after providing tens of billions of pounds of bailouts. But the financial sector bounced back relatively quickly. And the crisis only magnified London's allure as a safe place for foreigners to invest in property and an island of opportunity for professionals, entrepreneurs and artists from other European countries that are still in the economic doldrums. Tony Travers, an expert on the capital at the London School of Economics, has likened London to a dark star — attracting all comers and swallowing investment. "It would be better if there were other, smaller dark stars," he said. "It would be better to have a constellation of dark stars." The high-speed rail project is one way to stimulate other economic centers. It could allow Northern cities to capitalize on their strengths while giving them access

to the financial markets, entrepreneurs and cultural attractions of London. In anticipation of the project, Birmingham last month unveiled plans to build 350,000 square meters (3.8 million square feet) of office space and 2,000 homes near the city's main railway station. BUILDING FOR SCALE Jim O'Neill, a former Goldman Sachs economist, notes that Britain contrasts with China, Germany and the United States, all of which have many urban areas fueling their economies. To help counterbalance London's dominance, O'Neill, who is heading a commission on cities, has floated the idea that long-time rivals Manchester and Liverpool might be linked to create a supercity of the north — ManPool for short. The concentration of people, ideas and competition would help drive innovation and growth, O'Neill said. Civic leaders in England say another way to rebalance the economy would be to give them more control over their own finances. George Ferguson, mayor of the western port city of Bristol, complains that U.K. cities are allowed to retain only a small percentage of local tax revenue, making them unduly dependent on central government. Giving city leaders more control would help communities generate better ideas to solve their own problems and attract investors, he said. With Scotland preparing to vote for independence, and Wales and Northern Ireland gaining increasing rights to govern their own affairs, it's inevitable that cities in the rest of the country should start wondering about whether they, too, should get more local control, said Paul Swinney, the senior economist of Centre for Cities. Essentially, politicians in London need to be persuaded to give up power in the regions. That will require tact. "Maybe England needs a lobby," said Neil Rami, the chief executive of Marketing Birmingham. PLAY TO THE STRENGTHS Perhaps the simplest suggestion is for smaller cities to stop obsessing about London and recognize that they can compete in different ways. Take the arts, one of London's big selling points. The idea is that people love to have artists around, making run-down areas buzzy with pop-up exhibitions and hip coffee shops. The artists move in, and areas regenerate. Mike Emmerich, chief executive of the Manchester think tank New Economy, acknowledged that his city can't compete with the sheer number of theater productions, fashion shows and other cultural happenings in London. But it can sell itself as the place where art is created, offering space to paint, sew or sculpt without having to pay sky-high London rents. "We're a small country with a globally leading city," he said. "It's nonsensical in some way to say, 'We can be like London.' " In other words, Manchester should be offering incentives to the young and gifted like Jenny Postle and Sam Leutton, who together form the luxury knitwear brand Leutton Postle. Leutton, from greater Manchester, and Postle, from near Birmingham, bear no grudges against their hometowns. Their label works closely with their sponsor, yarn maker Lurex, which is based in Leicester in central England. But as they describe their devotion to the capital— its cosmopolitan air, its excitement, its vibe — the struggle of smaller cities to keep the trailblazers is evident. Neither could really imagine being elsewhere. "London is London," Leutton said.

“What are The Three Greatest challenges To The church In Nagaland?”


What are The Most Important Principles That Undergird Your Life as a christian? Thepfulhouvi Solo HESE questionnaires, -from a stranger, personally unknown Naga Girl PhD Researcher, said to be in an American University in the USA- were surprisingly addressed to this Scribbler to: “please give your answers”, promising strict confidentiality. However the Scribbler in a 7 year old unconscionably wrinkled pair of German shoe would like it to be seen in the public domain in Nagaland for every good and not so good Naga Christian who has time he or she can waste. The answers are: 1. Lack of Godly Spirituality. 2. Superficiality. 3. Conforming to the Socio-Political World of Nagaland. 4. Cronyism and Clannishness in the Church. The challenges of the Church are not from the Greatest to the Least or from the Biggest to the Smallest in the order of Importance. They are all knitted together in one unspiritual life of the Church. My views are given in a composite nutshell Write-up from where the three aspects may be seen not necessarily in the Order of Importance or of Size. The Challenges to the Church in Nagaland are the Negatives, hence they are necessarily accounted here and not the positives unnecessarily. The Church in Nagaland today -by and large- seems to have become like a Corporate Body grown insensitive to reality, become self-serving, and lacking conscionable responsibility to the Faith. It appears like a tranquilized Giraffe lying sidelong in the African jungle with no single Game Attendant alone able to push up the unwieldy recovering animal to a standing position. The Church needs Believers who have the boldness of Faith and the Commitment to God; who are unafraid to upturn the profitable Money Tables in the Church Market and purge the Temple of its worldly Influences. It needs the likes of uncompromising Elijah or Nathan, not compromising like King Saul. The Church may have gotten something like the situation described above though there are still in Nagaland more than 7000 on the side of the Lord who have not bowed their knees to the world. The Pastor is the most pivotal Person in the Church. It appears increasingly difficult today for the Pastor in most Churches in Nagaland to be both the Leader of the Faith and at the same time to be the Leader of the Church Organization. The Church appears an inseparable combination of the two Parts; One –the Church; Two -it’s Acts, the one for preaching the Gospel and the other for management of the Church’s activities. Today, the Pastor has become, in many


cases, just a mere paid Employee of the Church without much accountability in the decision making Centre of the Church. The usually young Pastor, theologically trained or not, well versed in the profession like young Saul at the stoning of Stephen, does not have the position to give a decisive voice in the affairs of the Church; others more powerful worldly Members control the strings of Power in the corridors of the Church. This Writer honestly feels: “if one wants to seriously serve God in all Truthfulness, one should not even be a Pastor in a Church in Nagaland today”! In the small self sufficient, simple Village Congregation with small budget, a mature elderly, often theologically untrained but discerning Pastor performs the two separate functions of Preaching the Gospel and of the Governance of the Church tolerably well in its small simple circle, but most of the bigger Church appear like the story mentioned above. Most Churches in Nagaland are relatively big with relatively imposing Church Building and Membership running several hundreds to mostly more than several thousands. And the task of teaching the Gospel and running of the Church Affairs has becomes a responsibility too heavy for the usually young not-sure-of-himself Pastor. He has not the confidence of commitment to overturn the trading Tables the Chief Priest’s 5 sons in the Church Court yard. The Church in Nagaland is compact, solid and consists of close Body of Members where everybody knows not only every other Members but also consists of generations of Families known to each other from very early days in the Village. The Members belong to long standing traditional and Cultural Group of Family, Clan and Khel (a number of related Clans) all the members customarily and traditionally belonging to the same Village; it is odd or unusual for persons from outside the Village to belong to the Church of the Village. There is no Caste system in the Naga Society. The Society has a uniquely open, complete and proudly equal feeling; though as in every human society, there are rich and poor, wise and not so wise, simple or the artful. It is considered anathema and taboo for man and woman to worship man or woman. Cronyism or Clannish Interest tend to crop up in the Church; endangering the Church. Mammon’s influence enters the Church through the Gate of free will Donations, from influence peddlers and from the likes of Anania and Safira; incidentally and unfortunately no Peter or Saul appears with the courage of conviction to “rebuke” the Gurus or the closest cronies. Nagaland Society today is often much influenced by Finance; the Church has not been able to escape the gravitational force

of the source of financial Income. Finance often plays an influential part in the protestant Church decision makings. The selection of a Deacon, the Convener of a Committee, the Chairman or Secretary or Treasurer is often subtly influenced by the size of donations. People of Power in the world get a big say in the directions the Church’s decisions. Having nice big Church Building, attending Church in the style of current Christian norms and Hearing the Gospel messages alone is not all of what Christianity is about. It is the doing that is Christianity of Jesus Christ. “Though seeing; they do not see; Though hearing, they do not hear or understand”; said Jesus of his time. Discernment is in shortage in many a Christian Church in the State. It seems God does not reveal much to the Churches in Nagaland today. The Church preaches a lot, as if preaching is everything of what the Faith is all about; however practice lags far behind preaching, so much so that the less educated in the Faith take what its trained Teachers say just like a beautiful fairy Tale. To that extent, even the lives of some world famous preachers do not seem to share the lives of the down-trodden or of the Destitute or of the mere common persons in the Street like Mathew, Zachaes or Lazarus in the time of Jesus. Christians who have not had the interactive experience of the Cares and Worries or Burdens of the poor in their lives cannot deeply and fully appreciate the Gospel of Christ. Nagaland Church today has the Theology but not much of its Practice. This is the sum total of all its composite weaknesses. The Gospel teaching: ‘Do what the Pharisees say but do not be like them, for they encompass the whole world in search of a single convert and when done, that person is worst than what he was’: ‘Obey what the Church says; but do not be like them…………’! The CHURCH is a Calling, a Commitment that requires more than high quality professionalism or competence. It requires “Holiness in their lives” otherwise the system becomes an empty box of Cartoons no longer of use. The Pope, on his own choice, lives and eats in the Vatican Hostel; he is reported to drive not the costly Mercedes Car meant for the Pope but only a simple Ford! The Pope’s 2013 Christmas Address to his Curia, is an address to a good number of Churches in Nagaland particularly Baptist Denomination. There is this Church in the State where the Subject of Christian ‘CHURCH’ was expounded by a creditable very presentable young foreign educated Reverend for 3 long Weeks consecutively on end based on the 13th Chapter of Saint Paul’s First Letter to

the Corinthian Church. Everything of Love -Agape, Filial and Eros complete- Grace endless, Compassion, Companionship, warm Friendship, Camaraderie, Support for each other member, Forgiveness, equality of all –black, white and yellow or not- Rich or Poor, Justice, Non-violence, Peace, Tolerance, Humility and “‘Revenge is mine’, said the Lord” together with almost all the splintered Tenets of Christianity, were explained to the brim by the informed Reverend. After expositions of all the limitless Christian Love and Forgiveness; in a trumped up allegation by the manageable Church’s Managing Board, spearheaded by a Person in Power, the Pastor while he was away from the Place on a Gospel Mission, his Church threw him out and shut the Church on him. He –the Pastorcould not open the door from the outside. The door of the Church was closed from the inside! Christians in Nagaland, quite many in whole family, clutching Holy Bibles, go regularly to Church every Sunday and pay Tithe almost compulsorily but those things do not produce any Holiness in the Person’s Heart or in the Church. This is Christianity in Nagaland, well did Pope Francis said there is the need of proficiency and competence in the Church but without “holiness in the lives” of the Church, the growth of God’s people will face stumbling blocks. The educated Church in Nagaland today does not much seem to value spiritual quality; it prizes worldly camaraderie, clannish or crony loyalty to one another more than loyalty to Christ. This culture of discipline and formality prevents the Church from growth in spiritual vocation and facilitate the downward slide to routine than opening up lofty spiritual perspectives. Nagaland today needs to believe in the WORD OF GOD more than in the place name of the Church! Most protestant Church is in the name of the Village or the Place. The Churches have solemn formality, style, training, decorum but appear lacking in warmth, depth, discernment, boldness of conviction and reality of good Christian life. There is an easy tendency to compromise in everything even with the decidedly evil in the name of mistaken Christianity. A stark result of this is reflected in the decades of fruitlessly unsuccessful story of Prohibition or Clean Election project of the Church in the so called Christian State of Nagaland; the uncritical support of the Church for corrupted politicians do not enhance the respect of the Church. The Prayers are repetitive, beggarly, stereotype and trite than contrite; often the Member’s religious views are a mixture of false prophecy or shamanistic premonition. God and the Holy Bible are endlessly praised; like political Leaders praise Japan, Singapore or South Korea’s example of progress in every of their public Speeches but their praises of foreign countries do not bring any change in Nagaland; the same

seems to be with the Church in the State; the Church’s profuse praises God or the Bible does not produce any holiness in their hearts. The Love of God in the daily work places, sincerity and honesty to the job are in great shortage. The ferocity and violence with which some of our so-called Naga National Workers, under the banner of “NAGALAND FOR CHRIST”, sometimes inhumanly mistreat innocent Travelers, particularly Hindu Indians, shows the quality of Christianity in our Society. None of the Church Associations have openly come out against the Naga National Militant Groups for misusing the Name of Christ in vain; the Church had not the eye to see the misuse. The real Christian life in Nagaland may have to have a long way to go before TRUTH ‘set them free’. Nothing less than ashes to smear our hearts and sack clothes to cover our Heads, would change the city of Nineveh! Church gatherings in Nagaland are relatively impressive, with sweet music and courteous demeanor in all the Meetings. All private and personal inadequacies are forgotten for the moment and the participants receive collective encouragements from the crowd. There are lots of merriments and laughter in the Christian social gatherings but with the exception of a few, the Church itself suffers from formality, routine and devoid of any serious entrepreneurship for spiritual growth. The Church is organized and compact being driven by collective often clannish or cronies of Cowherds than led by the scriptural Shepherd: Cowherds goad the herd from behind: Shepherd leads the Sheep from the front, he goes ahead of the flock in search of green pastures for his flock. There is not much exercise on Spiritual Innovation or Entrepreneurship in Faith: the Church is often run on a mixture of classic inviolable Tribal or Village Council Decision in the style of Medieval Crusader Fervor of Faith particularly during State Assembly Election when the Church Organization enjoys to enveloped itself in a fervent widely popular activity of good intentioned ‘Fair Election’ but without any discernable fruits affecting the growth of God’s people in the Church. True, there are saints in the Church, silently docile and obediently following the Church unknowingly like the 5 foolish Virgins, because they only know what they know and like Saint Paul initially, do not know what they do not know. Well do the Scripture say: no one can come to the Father by his own Will? The Church leaders cannot jump up above the height of the Ceiling the Architect had set for the Church Building! Indeed, if one do not differentiate loose filled-up soil from the firm soil or hard rocks, one cannot set strong pillars for a House that would withstand the raging storms. The answer to the 2nd Questionnaires is better kept in personal private domain.

Readers may please note that, the contents of the articles published on this page do not reflect the outlook of this paper nor of the Editor in any form.




Friday 21 March 2014

The Morung Express

‘Sinful to discriminate against leprosy patients’ New Delhi, March 20 (ageNcies): Even though India has achieved the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) elimination level for leprosy, the social stigma associated with the disease is still prevalent, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has said. “This is a physical condition like any other and people should not look down upon others. All human beings are equal and capable. Discrimination on the basis of caste, religion or any other condition is a sinful act,” the Dalai Lama said during a visit to the Tahirpur Leprosy Complex. The purpose of the visit was to boost the morales of leprosy patients and their families and help people overcome their prejudice against the affected. In 2005, a total of 1,34,752 cases were reported in India and new cases of leprosy were reported which was 58 per cent of the cases reported world-wide. The leading states where new cases were reported are Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal,

Bihar, Maharashtra and Gujarat. “People who spend money on luxury are foolish. They should spend money for the needy. If you believe in God or Buddhism and spend your money on the needy you will accumulate good Karma,” said the spiritual leader. He pledged his help for leprosy-affected people and promised to donate Rs 10 lakh to the Kasturba Gram Kusht Ashram, Leprosy Complex in Tahirpur in Delhi. Over the next five years, royalties received by the trust from the sale of the books written by the spiritual leader will be donated to the Ashram. “A smiling man is always better than a rich and healthy man; because a smiling man has the confidence in him to smile and be happy in life,” the spiritual leader said. Leprosy, one of the oldest known diseases to mankind, is quite prevalent in India. However, through the efforts of individuals and various organisations,

like Nippon Foundation, the eradication of the disease is not such a distant dream. “If the brain is functioning then the physical condition does not matter as, with your brain, you can solve problems and achieve a lot in life. “So, if your brain is functioning, you have the confidence which makes you smile,” he said. From April, 2012, to March, 2013, 1.35 lakh new cases of leprosy were reported in the country, which gives an Annual New Case Detection Rate (ANCDR) of 10.78 per cent for every 100,000 population, an increase of 4.15 per cent over 2011-12, a National Leprosy Eradication Programme 2012-13 survey has found. In Delhi, 1,252 new cases were detected in 2012-2013, the report said. “Thanks to the (central) and the state governments, we have been able to control the situation in India. We are visiting various states to bring the cases of leprosy down from where

CBI starts operation against fake doctors

New Delhi, March 20 (PTi): CBI on Thursday launched a nationwide operation against medical practitioners operating on the basis of fake degrees and documents obtained from the Medical Council of India. CBI sources said the agency has got information that several doctors, who studied in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries are practising here without fulfilling necessary formalities. The sources said it also came to light that some of them allegedly colluded with MCI officers, who gave them permission to practice in exchange of illegal gratification even as the doctors did not fulfill necessary parameters. “When the report came to us, we viewed it with utmost seriousness and today after finalising the FIR, we have carried out nationwide searches,” CBI Director Ranjit Sinha told PTI. The sources said agency started a coordinated search operation across the country. “This is an important case as such people were playing with the lives of patients,” Sinha said.

India calls for maintaining momentum on UNSC reforms

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama interacts with an Indian woman suffering from leprosy during his visit to Tahirpur Leprosy complex, in New Delhi, on Thursday, March 20. (AP Photo)

we are currently at,” said Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation and WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Elimination of Leprosy. In India, there are about 850 colonies of which 31 are in Delhi. Serious human rights violations such as lack of education, employment opportunities, health facilities and basic amenities are reported in these colonies. “Our colonies face

problems due to absence of basic amenities like proper sewage systems, street lighting. Neither are the homes which we stay in registered in our name. So, some day, government might throw out our families from here after we die. We have informed the government about our problems, but that has fallen on deaf ears,” said Venu Gopal, a resident of Kasturba Gram Kusht Ashram. “According to govern-

ment’s survey in 1981, 2,600 leprosy- affected people were getting pension. Now, only 700 people are getting pension. “New patients of leprosy are not on the list as the survey has not been done. Former chief minister Sheila Dixit had in 2006 promised that a new survey will be done for leprosy-affected people, but nothing has been done yet,” charged Giridhar Lal, in-charge of Hari Om Kusht Colony.

New Delhi, March 20 (iaNs): India Thursday called for maintaining the momentum on the expansion and reform of the UN Security Council so that “clearly identifiable progress” could be made during the inter-governmental negotiations. External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid also emphasised on the need for moving to a “creative phase” in terms of the Security Council reforms to achieve “concrete outcomes by 2015”, which would be the 70th anniversary of the Summit of the United Nations. Khurshid’s statements came during his meeting here with John W. Ashe, president of the 68th UN General Assembly. During his tenure as the General Assembly president, Ashe has assisted in decisive forward movement on the subject of UN Security Council reforms and injected considerable momentum towards text based negotiations, said a statement from the external affairs ministry. Discussions with Ashe also included topics related to the post-2015 development agenda as well as matters related to UN peacekeeping and other current developments on the agenda of the General Assembly.

Shakti Mills gangrape cases: Mumbai court convicts 5 Advani to contest election from Gandhinagar MuMbai, March 20 (ageNcies): Nearly eight months after two young women were gangraped inside a dilapidated and defunct Shakti Mills compound in two seperate incidents, a Sessions court on Thursday convicted five persons. Of the 5 accused, 3 – Vijay Jadhav (18), Mohammed Qasim alias Bangali (20), Salim Ansari (27) – have been convicted in both the cases. The other two convicts are Siraj Rehman (24) and Ashfaque Shaikh (24). Two juvenile delinquents, also allegedly involved in the case, are facing charges before the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB). The accused were convicted of raping a 23-year-old photojournalist on August 22, 2013, while she along with her colleague had been to the mills on a photo assignment. On August 22, when the photojournalist and her colleague had been to Shakti mills compound on an assignment, they were stopped by Jadhav and Ansari outside the mills, who asked them to take a better access road. The duo then were joined by three other men – Qasim, Rehman and a 16-year-old juvenile. Once the victim and her colleague entered the premises, they were stopped by the accused on the pretext of tress-passing. They were asked to meet the caretaker of the mills to seek permission. One of them also claimed that the colleague’s face resembled with a person involved in a murder case inside the

New Delhi, March 20 (TNN): Putting to end speculation on his Lok Sabha seat, senior BJP leader L K Advani on Thursday said he would contest the general election from Gandhinagar. Earlier reports had said the party veteran wanted to contest from Bhopal. After a day of meeting top BJP leaders, including the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Advani agreed to the party’s wish for him to con-

test from Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Earlier in the day, BJP president Rajnath Singh had said L K Advani was free to choose whichever seat he wanted to contest from. “I have received a proposal for Advaniji from the party unit of Gandhinagar. The BJP election committee has taken a decision to make him contest from Gandhinagar. I have also left Bhopal option for Advani. He can choose whichever seat he wants.

There is no confusion in the party,” the BJP president said. There were reports through the day of the senior BJP leader sulking over his candidature from Gandhinagar, where he is the sitting MP. The BJP had announced candidates for various seats, including Gandhinagar, on Wednesday. Through the day, BJP’s top brass attempted to placate L K Advani, who wanted to contest from Bhopal. Modi went to the se-

nior leader’s residence and was there for about half-an-hour, apparently to persuade him to contest from Gandhinagar, the seat which Advani has represented five times in Lok Sabha. Arun Jaitley, Venkaiah Naidu and Sushma Swaraj, too, met Advani on Thursday. Swaraj had also met him along with Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday after the party announced Advani’s candidature from Gandhinagar.

Prakash Karat hopeful of non-Cong, non-BJP govt

Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam flashes victory signs outside a court after the conviction of four men in the gang rape of a photojournalist in India’s financial capital last year, in Mumbai on Thursday, March 20. (AP Photo)

mills. The victim and her colleague were then taken to the rear side of the mills, following which the colleague’s hands were tied with his and the victim’s belt and the victim was taken to another side of the mills. The accused took turns to rape her. The victim and her colleague were later let off, who then informed their seniors and a case was registered. On September 19, 2013, the Mumbai Police’ Crime Branch filed a 600-page chargesheet against four of the accused in a metropolitan court. The report on charges against a minor delinquent was given to a Juvenile Justice Board (JJB). All five were charged under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC), including 376(d) for gang

US court reserves ruling in 1984 riots case

New York, March 20 (iaNs): A US court has reserved its ruling on the Congress party’s plea for dismissal of a human rights violation case relating to the 1984 antiSikh violence filed by a US-based Sikh rights group. Manhattan’s US Federal Judge Robert W. Sweet Wednesday reserved his ruling after the Congress party, challenging the “extraterritorial jurisdiction” of US courts, asked it to respect India’s sovereignty. The Congress party argued that the US court should decline to hear the case as the party could not be held liable in a US court for “acts occurring in India nearly three decades ago, involving only residents of India, with no plausible nexus to the United States”. If this case is allowed to continue it will be a frontal attack on India’s sovereignty, it said. Urging Sweet to continue with the 1984 case, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) attorney Michael Fitzgerald said the 1984 violence was not an accident or coincidence but a plan to eliminate the Sikhs. The death of 3,000 Sikhs in the 1984 violence cannot be characterised as “elimination”, countered the Congress party pointing out that millions of Sikhs live in India and a Sikh is the Prime Minister of India since 2004. Challenging the Congress party’s contention that the 1984 case is “time barred” under US laws, Fitzgerald argued that Sikh rights’ violation is a “continuing offence” because Congress party still provides impunity to perpetrators of the 1984 violence. In March 2011, a US court had issued summons against the Congress party in the class action lawsuit filed by SFJ under the Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victim Protection Act.

rape, 377 for unnatural offence, 120(b) for criminal conspiracy, 34 for common intention and 201 for destruction of evidence. An additional section 67A of the Information Technology Act (punishment for publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act in electronic form) was later slapped only against Ansari as he was the one who showed porn clips to the photo journalist. In another case of July 31, 2013, a 19-year-old telephone operator was gangraped inside the compound. Three men – Jadhav, Qasim and Ansari are involved in both the cases. Another person – Ashfaque Shaikh (25) – and a juvenile were involved in the telephone operator’s gangrape.

On July 31, the 19-yearold, who was on her way to Siddhivinayak temple with her then boyfriend, took a short cut from the mills. The accused overpowered them and dragged the victim to a corner and raped her. After the incident, the victim and her partner, scared of returning to their houses, fled to Chhattisgarh and stayed there for a month. On August 31, the duo mustered courage and returned home and approached the police. The police filed a 365-pages chargesheet in this case. As the incident was reported a month later, the medical report was inconclusive. The prosecution in all examined 75 witnesses – 44 in the photojournalist’s case and 31 in the telephone operator’s case.

New Delhi, March 20 (PTi): CPI(M) on Thursday exuded confidence that Left and regional parties would pool in their respective strengths after the upcoming general elections in their bid to form a nonCongress, anti-BJP government. “We (Left and regional parties) have earlier decided to fight both Congress and BJP. We are going together…We are working to maximise our strengths and seats in respective states or areas of strength. A concrete shape will emerge after the elections,” CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat told a press conference. To a spate of questions on the proposed front to be forged by 11 regional and Left parties to form a government at the Centre, he said, “We will pool in our resources and strengths after the elections…that is going to happen.” Karat was speaking to reporters after releasing CPI(M)’s poll manifesto which focused on strengthening the Left and projecting a secular and democratic alternative by “rejecting Congress and defeating BJP”. Asked whether these parties would have electoral understanding or seat adjustments among them-

selves, he said, “We said we are coming together (against Congress and BJP)… this is not predicated with our having any electoral understanding or an alliance (with regional parties).” He said CPI(M) had tried to forge an alliance with the ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu but “that has not happened.” To a question on the Federal Front idea floated by Trinamool Congress, Karat categorically said, “That is not going to come about.” He said the four Left parties would jointly contest around 100 Lok Sabha seats across the country. Karat rejected the contention that the walkout of RSP’s Kerala unit from the Left Democratic Front in the state would have an impact on the overall Left unity. “Just because one state unit (of RSP) has defected, it doesn’t mean that RSP is not there. This unit has defected earlier too.” On Prime Ministerial candidate, he said, “In principle, we are against a PM candidate. We are parties state-based parties…it is wrong to project any one leader.” On the projection of Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi, Karat, without naming them, said, “It is clear that the elections are being projected as a battle between certain leaders or personali-

ties but devoid of major issues and policies afflicting the people.” He attacked Congress for its “record of misrule, striking failure in containing price rise or generating employment despite claiming a high rate of growth, unprecedented corruption and mega scams and failure to improve the lives of the people.” In the same breath, he took on BJP saying the saffron party was “not only not an alternative to Congress, but a retrograde and reactionary alternative.” BJP had shown “its record of corruption” in states like Karnataka, he said, adding it was the NDA government which started the process of deregulating prices of petrol products. “On all the major range of issues, on economic policies, question of tackling price rise, BJP has nothing new or different to offer. It did not oppose the doubling of KG basin natural gas prices and neither retrieved the moneys which have been stacked abroad. In fact, the Mauritius route was pioneered during the NDA government and vigorously persued by the UPA govt,” he said. “What we are arguing is what the country needs is an alternative based on alternative policies,” he said.

Silicon Valley Indian techies build online platform for AAP washiNgToN, March 20 (iaNs) Indian techies in the US have built what they call a “game changer” “Next Generation” technology platform to raise online donations for the Aam Aadmi Party for India’s upcoming parliamentary elections. Launched on Holi day, the online “” platform raised a record Rs.5.5 million (nearly $90,000) in online donations on the very first day, according to the party’s US spokesman, Pran Kurup, himself a Valley-based techie. “The unique one of its kind technology platform is expected to be a game changer this election as it would enable AAP to tap the groundswell of enthusiasm and support that already exists in its favour,” he said. Those who want to help the AAP can simply join using their Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, or Live accounts, AAP’s US unit said. They can donate, reach out and invite their friends and acquaintances to become part of the network. They can also track

Delegates from Africa and Latin America to study Indian election

New Delhi, March 20 (iaNs): Delegates from 40 countries of Africa and Latin America will witness the world’s largest democratic exercise in April-May when an over 800-million strong electorate, the world’s largest, votes for India’s new government. “The delegates, in groups of four-five, will be visiting several states. They will also visit the polling stations,” an Election Commission official, who did not wish to be named, told IANS. An electorate of 814 million - nearly three times the population of the United States - would be eligible to vote in the ninephased elections from April 7 to May 12 across 28 states and seven union territories to pick 543 members of the 16th Lok Sabha.

In addition, the president nominates two members of the Anglo-Indian community to make it a 545-member house. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in coordination with the Election Commission, had last year invited 24 delegates from eight countries of Africa and the Middle East to witness the assembly elections. The delegates had also evinced interest in India’s electronic voting machines (EVMs). Delegates from South Sudan, Jordan, Gambia and Guinea Bissau and representatives from Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria and Senegal had witnessed the polling process in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. “For the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, in consulta-

tion with the ECI, we are looking to provide learning and knowledge sharing opportunities for 40 countries. This is a process currently under way, and we will share more information in due course,” a UNDP official told IANS. He said the UNDP has facilitated learning programmes for several countries in transition and newly-formed democracies to learn from India’s extensive experience in election management. He also said that they were committed to sharing India’s experience of electoral management with countries across the world. The Election Commission of India and the UNDP have inked an MoU that focuses on South-South Cooperation in the area of election management.

donations of their personal network, it said. Each AAP supporter can track how many people in their network donated to AAP and what amounts they donated. They can also permit AAP to post on their respective Twitter and Facebook pages on their behalf. “Today we are using technology to tap into support base and further extend it to leverage people’s personal network of friends and acquaintances,” said Ravi Sharma, an AAP volunteer and architect of the platform. “The idea is very simple but yet extremely powerful and can have far reaching implications purely because of the network effect it can unleash,” he said. “The platform is really our next generation product as it lays the groundwork for some great future enhancements,” said Mohan Thirumalai of the AAP IT team. With the growth of the internet and a global interest in the AAP, the plethora of social networks and related technologies, positively leveraging these various avenues is a great challenge faced by political parties, he said.

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Dimapur 21 March 2014

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00 Employment News 22-28 April 2014

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Friday 21 March 2014

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World TWenTy20

India ready for stern Pakistan test MIRPUR, MaRch 20 (PTI): Battered and bruised in the first quarter of 2014, India will aim to take fresh guard when they open their World Twenty20 campaign against traditional foes Pakistan on Friday in what promises to be a cracker of a contest. While form favours Pakistan even though they were battered by South Africa in a warm-up game on Wednesday, history would be on India's side as they have never lost to their arch-rivals on all three meetings of the previous editions of World T20. The Pakistan national team has played more T20 Internationals than its Indian counterparts, who last played an official T20 International against Australia in October last year. There will be some great inner battle within the main contest. Shahid Afridi's pyrotechnics against Ravichandran Ashwin's variations, Umar Gul's pace against Virat Kohli's bravado, Saeed Ajmal's guile against Mahendra Singh Dhoni's flair. But then, cricket is a fickle game and India have not had a great run this year so far. Mahendra Singh Dhoni's side has won only two official international matches this year having beaten Bangladesh and Afghanistan

March 21

19:00 India Vs Pakistan Group 2, Dhaka Teams

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Capt.), Varun Aaron, Stuart Binny, Shikhar Dhawan, Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Amit Mishra, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin, Suresh Raina, Mohammad Shami, Mohit Sharma, Rohit Sharma, Yuvraj Singh. in the Asia Cup last month. They have lost to all major teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. They even lost to Sri Lanka in the first warm-up game before beating England convincingly by 20 runs in the final warm-up tie to somewhat redeem themselves. While a victory acts as a morale booster after having inculcated the habit of losing, it would be a completely different ball-game when the 'Men In Blue' take the field against Mohammed Hafeez's men. It is impossible to think that Afridi's last-over exploits wouldn't play on the Indian cricketers' minds ahead of the game although the format is completely different. There would be immense pressure on both sides and one can expect a full house at the Sher-eBangla Stadium as people are going crazy for the tickets of the match. For Dhoni, there are a number of issues that he needs to fret upon although

Wednesday's England game was an indication as to what kind of line-up he is planning to field on Friday. There are still some concerns with both batting and bowling. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan's performance in shorter versions hasn't been good enough but the skipper is not known to tinker too much with his side. Also the fact that Ajinkya Rahane, who can be an option as an opener having done the job for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL, is also not inspiring confidence of the highest order. While critics have panned Dhoni for not being flexible with his team selection, he did try something 'Out of the Box' during the last edition in Sri Lanka where Irfan Pathan came in as an opener. His run-a-ball 31 was one of the primary reasons that India lost to Australia and were subsequently knocked out of the tournament. Dhoni has never really experimented big

time after that. A good start is always crucial as it helps to seize the initiative early on in the match. Both Rohit and Dhawan would be aware that a couple of defeats could mean end of the road for India in this edition. The relief for the skipper would be his mainstay Virat Kohli's form. The team's No 1 batsman looked in great touch against England as he smashed an unbeaten 73 off only 47 balls. Dhoni's trusted lieutenant Suresh Raina is also showing signs of getting back his touch which had deserted him for the better part of the last season. A 30odd against Sri Lanka and a 31-ball-54 against England in two practice games would certain do his confidence a world of good. Yuvraj Singh's scratchy form continued as he looked good against the Sri Lankan spinners during the first warm-up game while he played a poor shot in the next game. However, with four man-of-the-match

awards in India's last five official T20 Internationals, Yuvraj is a force to reckon with in this format as he can take the game at any point of time. Dhoni himself is coming back from injury but he looked in good touch during his 14-ball-21 against England. The skipper's form will be crucial to India's future in the tournament. The bowling is a worrying factor for the Indian team. Ravichandran Ashwin's form in the run-up to the tournament has been good with economical spells against both Sri Lanka and England. Ravindra Jadeja also had a decent outing with the ball against England. His terrific fielding and improved batting at No 8 makes him an automatic choice. But Amit Mishra hasn't done too well in the practice games and with Yuvraj, Raina, Rohit in the team, there is a doubt whether a third specialist spinner would fit into the scheme of things. But it will be a choice between Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Varun Aaron as Mohammed Shami is a certainty in the playing XI unless he has a niggle. Bhuvneshwar's pace has been like cannon fodder for the batsmen and has been easy pickings for India's batsman Virat Kohli watches his shot during their ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup batsmen of all teams. warm up match against England in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Wednesday, March 19. (AP Photo)

Arsene Wenger reaching milestone with Arsenal

LONDON, MaRch 20 (aP): "Arsene Who?" That famous headline in a London newspaper welcomed the relatively unknown Arsene Wenger when he was appointed Arsenal manager in September 1996. Many players at the club had the same question on their lips when the Frenchman walked into the dressing room for the first time. A little less than 18 years later, Wenger will take charge of his 1,000th game as Arsenal manager when his team plays at bitter rival Chelsea on Saturday. And despite the former Monaco coach inability to deliver a trophy since 2005, Wenger's achievements in North London and his influence on English football have been immense. Not only has Wenger presided over glory days at the club — Arsenal won three Premier League and four FA Cup titles under Wenger, including the double in 1998 and 2002 — he also achieved sporting and financial stability at Arsenal. The club's longest-serving manager is also widely credited for having radically changed the face of English football, bringing in new training methods

and his famous broccoli diet while discouraging alcohol consumption. First regarded as something revolutionary, Wenger's attention to detail quickly became popular among his players. Wenger arrived at Highbury on the back of successes at Monaco and a stint in charge of Japanese club Grampus Eight to become Arsenal's first foreign manager following shortterm tenures for Stewart Houston and Bruce Rioch. Arsenal finished third that season but Wenger won over the fans' hearts the next term when he led his team to the Premier League title with two games to spare after trailing leaders Manchester United by 11 points at one stage. The Gunners then added the FA Cup to secure the double in Wenger's first full season in charge. Over the years, the Frenchman built a squad capable of fighting for the title every season, with the likes of Nicolas Anelka, Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit added to a roster including David Seaman, Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp. But Wenger's real masterstroke was signing Thierry Henry.

"He changed the philosophy of the club," Henry said. "He won stuff as soon as he arrived and therefore he earned the trust of the fans and the respect of everyone." Unlike his great rival Alex Ferguson, who retired last season after turning Manchester United into a European powerhouse, Wenger has not tasted Champions League success. Despite qualifying for the lucrative tournament for 16 consecutive seasons, Arsenal has never won Europe's biggest prize, losing to Barcelona in the 2006 final. Wenger is now trying to end a trophy drought stretching back to the 2005 FA Cup. Over that period, the fans' patience has been tested but they never turned their backs to the Frenchman a he stayed truthful to his ideal of beautiful football while rebuilding the team and guaranteeing the club's financial health. "I believe that when one day I look back, certainly I will be very proud of what I have done," Wenger recently said about those difficult times. "It was a trophyless period but certainly a much more difficult and sensitive period,

and we needed much more commitment and strength than in the first part of my stay here. I went for a challenge that I knew would be difficult because we had to fight with clubs who lose 150 million pounds ($248 million) per year when we had to make 30 million ($50 million) per year." "I always say to the players, 'Forget the money,'" Wenger said. "What is important is how well you play together, what you share together is much more important. The money is only a consequence of your experience. The real experience is the game. And I see that with many players who have stopped their careers. It's not the money they miss — because they have money. It's that kind of experience. To share the values of our sport, to share the values of being together. And achieving something together." Wenger has made sure the club's stability won't be threatened even if he abruptly leaves, having recently extended the contracts of several key Arsenal players, including Aaron Ramsey, Santi Cazorla, Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky.

‘Ronaldo is 'a beast' but Real Madrid should fear Messi’ Madrid take on Barcelona on Sunday

Arsenal's manager Arsene Wenger. (AP Photo)

MaDRID, MaRch 20 (aFP): Cristiano Ronaldo is "a beast" but Real Madrid should fear four-time World Player of the Year Lionel Messi, Barcelona fullback Jordi Alba warned on Wednesday ahead of Sunday's crucial Clasico. "I think they are two of the best players in the world but out of the two of them I'll go with Leo," Alba said when asked which of the two players should be feared more during Sunday's game at the Santiago Bernabeu. "I don't just say that now because I am in the same team, I thought that when I was at Valencia," added Alba, who moved to Barcelona from the Mestalla in 2012. "I think Cristiano, you have to be honest, he's a beast, he's a very important player for Real Madrid. When Madrid are not at their best he always pulls through," the 24-year-old said. "But we have Leo and other players and I think we are more of a team than a

bunch of individuals." Ronaldo, a two-time World Player of the Year, has scored 41 times in 37 appearances for Madrid this season, including a double in Tuesday's 3-1 win against Schalke 04 which secured Real Madrid's place in the Champions League quarterfinals. Messi overtook Paulino Alcantara to become Barcelona's all-time leading scorer by netting a hat-trick during the Catalan giants' 7-0 rout of Osasuna in La Liga on Sunday. The three goals brought Messi's career tally for Barcelona to 371 in all games, breaking the club record of 369 held by Alcantara since 1927. Leaders Real host Barcelona on Sunday night, when a win would stretch their lead over the defending champions to seven points and deal a severe blow to Barcelona's chances of a fifth title in six years. Barca are third with 66 points, a point behind second-placed Atletico Madrid. "Madrid are a really good team. This year they are playing at a great level. It is going to be a very difficult match, very complicated, at their ground," said Alba.

Baptist High sports meet commences Knicks open Jackson era with 7th straight win

KOhIMa, MaRch 20 (MExN): The three-day Sports Meet of Baptist High, Kohima, began on Thursday at Seikhazou Ground, Kohima Village with the School’s Principal, Keviseto, as the chief guest. The inaugural programme saw a colorful March Past displayed from six contingents and a special song from class 10 students. The Principal in his speech as chief guest acknowledged the youth of D Khel for permitting the

school to use the ground, and urged upon his students to keep the ground neat and clean adding that it was part of the discipline for the students. Addressing around 1500 students, the Principal stressed on the need for sports in a student’s life. Encouraging the students to keep themselves physically and mentally fit, he stated that sports help in physical and mental development, apart from also being leisure and entertainment. He further

advised the students to give their best in exhibiting the talents they have and to participate with the spirit of true sportsmanship. The chief guest also declared the sports weeks open. Earlier, the programme was chaired by Kati, while Vibeizono pronounced the invocation prayer. P H Shesou, Convener of the Sports Meet administered the oath. The events for the sports meet include football, volleyball, basketball, running race, long jump etc.

NEW YORK, MaRch 20 (aP): Long after Phil Jackson acknowledged the cheering fans with a thumbs-up and then a wave, there was one more standing ovation inside Madison Square Garden. This one went to the Knicks, a far cry from the way they were treated at home earlier this season. Carmelo Anthony scored 34 points and New York opened the Jackson era by beating the Indiana Pacers 92-86 Wednesday night for its season-high seventh straight victory. With their new team president watching from a midcourt seat, the Knicks dominated the first half, then pulled away after the Eastern Conference leaders finally got untracked in the second. ‘‘With a guy like that around it creates a winning mentality, it creates an atmosphere that’s pretty golden and we've got to capitalize on that,’’ Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire said. Fans stood for Jackson in the first quarter and were

New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, left, tries to move around Indiana Pacers' Paul George during the first half of an NBA basketball game at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, March 19 in New York. (AP Photo)

on their feet again in the final minute to watch the Knicks beat the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. ‘‘There’s energy in the city. Bringing Phil back is huge for

this franchise I think,’’ coach Mike Woodson said. ‘‘But I've got to give a lot of credit to those guys in the locker room too, because again, we’re battling. We've dug a hole and we’re trying to dig our way out

of the hole.’’ Lance Stephenson had 21 points and nine rebounds for the Pacers, who had their four-game winning streak snapped and failed to extend their three-game lead over

the Miami Heat, who lost to Boston earlier Wednesday. Roy Hibbert scored 20 on 8-of-10 shooting, but AllStar Paul George missed all six first-quarter shots and finished 4 for 17 for his 17 points. ‘‘We haven’t grown our IQ as a team into improvising when teams try to throw little wrenches into our offense and that’s where we've got to grow offensively,’’ George said. New York’s previous six wins had all come against nonplayoff teams, but this was against a team that seemingly had returned to form after dropping a seasonworst four in a row. ‘‘The teams that we play, we feel like they’re in our way. That’s our motto right now. They’re in our way and we don’t want to let nothing stop that,’’ Anthony said. Stoudemire added 21 points and Tyson Chandler grabbed 14 rebounds for the Knicks, just 16-20 at home and four games behind Atlanta for the final East playoff spot.


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Friday 21 March 2014



Obama will get tattoo with daughters


S President Barack Obama and wife Michelle have made a pact to get tattoos to match their daughters' if they ever want them in the hope it will make them feel body art isn't ''cool''. P re s i d e nt Ba ra ck Obama promised to get matching tattoos with his wife and daughters. The US Commander-in-chief and his spouse Michelle made the pact in the hope of ''reducing the cool factor'' of body art and discouraging Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, from wanting to follow the trend. In an interview airing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' today (20.03.14), he said ''We will reduce the cool factor of any tattoo. ''Michelle and I will be right there and we'll post it so that everybody will be able to see it and we'll say

we all got matching tattoos. ''I suspect that would be a pretty good deterrent for both Malia and Sasha.'' Earlier this month, Ellen smashed the president's record for Twitter retweets when a 'selfie'

she posted of herself and a number of famous guests including Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep and Lupita Nyong'o - at the Oscars became the most shared post on the social network-

ing site, and the politician mocked her for the ''cheap stunt''. As Ellen - who hosted the Academy Awards tried to apologise for breaking his record, Mr. Obama said ''I heard about that.

I thought it was a pretty cheap stunt myself. Getting a bunch of celebrities in the background.'' The US leader also confessed to being a big fan of political drama 'House Of Cards', though he insists their life is nothing like the way the White House is depicted on screen. He said ''You know, I watch 'House of Cards'... I have to tell you, life in Washington is a little more boring than displayed on the screen ''You know the truth of the matter is, if you followed me, most of my day is sitting in a room listening to a bunch of folks in grey suits talking about a whole bunch of stuff that wouldn't make very good television. ''I have to tell you though Ellen, there's not much dancing in the situation room, as a general rule.''

Disney reveals new

‘Star Wars’ details, ‘Incredibles 2’


isney has a third “Cars” and a second “The Incredibles” movie in the works, but won’t be releasing a fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” anytime soon. At Walt Disney Co.’s annual shareholders meeting held in Portland, Ore. Tuesday,

chief executive Robert Iger confirmed the two sequels from his company’s Pixar Animation Studios are in the works and will be released sometime after 2015. Asked about another sequel to the hit “Pirates” franchise starring Johnny Depp, Mr. Iger said that another is “in development,” but “not officially greenlit.” “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” had been scheduled for release in the summer of 2015, but Disney delayed the movie indefinitely last September. Mr. Iger also revealed only scant details about the company’s highly anticipated seventh “Star Wars” movie, scheduled to come out in December of 2015. He said it will take place


Moba Inggang:

Promoting Naga culture through art


painter and a musician, Moba Inggang draws his inspiration from Naga culture. Evidently, his art works mostly depict Naga people and their culture. The multi talented Naga artist has a home based studio called “Lost n’ Found Art Studio” in Dimapur. The name “Lost n’ Found” is an effort to propagate people’s interest into rich Naga culture “which is fast vanishing due to influence of modernization.” Moba’s works are also available on the Facebook page https://

30 years after “Return of the Jedi” and will feature “some very familiar faces along with a trio of new young leads.” Although no cast members have been confirmed yet, the movie is scheduled to start shooting in May. Fans of traditional hand-drawn animation received some disappointing news, however. In response to a shareholder question, Mr. Iger said there are no hand-drawn animated films in development at the company. Its last was 2009’s “The Princess and the Frog,” a box-office disappointment. With a recent successful opening in Japan, meanwhile, “Frozen” will soon surpass “Toy Story 3” as the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, not accounting for ticket price inflation, Mr. Iger said.

Charcoal paintings of Moba Inggang.

Possible debris off Australia a "credible lead" for missing MH370



Sydney, March 20 (reuterS): Aircraft and ships ploughed through bad weather on Thursday in search of floating objects in remote seas off Australia that Malaysia's government called a "credible lead" in the trans-continental hunt for a jetliner missing for 12 days. The large objects, which Australian officials said were spotted by satellite four days ago in one of the remotest parts of the globe, are the most promising lead in days as searchers scour a vast area for the lost plane with 239 people on board. Officials cautioned it could take several days to confirm if they were parts of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, and Malaysia's government said the search would continue elsewhere despite the possible sighting in the southern Indian Ocean. The area where the objects were spotted is around 2,500 km (1,500 miles) southwest of Perth in western Australia. "Yesterday I said that we wanted to reduce the area of the search. We now have a credible lead," Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein told reporters in Kuala Lumpur. "There remains much work to be done to deploy the assets. This work will continue overnight." Hishammuddin said the information on the objects received from Australia had been "corroborated to a certain extent" by other satellites, making it more credible than previous leads. The larger of the objects measured up to 24 metres (79 ft), long and appeared to be floating in water several thousand metres deep, Australian officials said. The second object was about five metres (16 feet) long. Arrows on the images pointed to two indistinct objects apparently bobbing in the water. "It's credible enough to divert the research to this area on the basis it provides a promising lead to what might be wreckage from the debris field," Roy-

A message card for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines plane, is tied at a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Thursday, March 20. An Australian search and rescue official says that planes have been sent to check on two objects possibly related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that were spotted on satellite imagery in the Indian Ocean about 2,500 kilometers (1,550 miles) southwest of Perth. (AP Photo)

al Australian Air Force Air Commodore John McGarry told a news conference in Canberra. No confirmed wreckage from Flight MH370 has been found since it vanished from air traffic control screens off Malaysia's east coast early on March 8, less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing. Another official in Malaysia said investigators were "hopeful but cautious" about the Australian discovery. The satellite images, provided by U.S. company DigitalGlobe, are stamped with a record date of March 16, meaning that the possible debris could by now have drifted far from the original site. Australian officials said an aircraft had dropped a series of marker buoys in the area, which will provide information about currents to assist in calculating the latest location. The captain of the first Australian air force AP3C Orion plane to return from the search area described the weather conditions as "extremely bad" with rough seas and high winds, and said there was no sign of any objects. "The

weather conditions were such that we were unable to see for very much of the flight today but the other aircraft that are searching, they may have better conditions," Royal Australian Air Force Flight Lieutenant Chris Birrer told reporters. At least one aircraft, a Royal New Zealand Air Force Orion, was still in the search area, while other aircraft including a U.S. Navy P-8 Poseidon were returning to Perth, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). A Norwegian car carrier diverted from its journey from Madagascar to Melbourne to help with the search and had arrived in the area, the ship's owner said. A Royal Australian Navy ship equipped to recover any objects was also en route, but was still "some days away", Young said. BAFFLING MYSTERY The fate of Flight MH370 has been baffling aviation experts for nearly two weeks. Investigators believe that someone with detailed knowledge of both the Boeing 777-200ER and commercial aviation navi-

gation switched off the plane's communications systems before diverting it thousands of miles off its scheduled course. Exhaustive background checks of the passengers and crew aboard have not yielded anything that might explain why. The huge potential breakthrough in an investigation that had appeared to be running out of leads was revealed by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who told parliament the objects had been located with satellite imagery. "New and credible information has come to light in relation to the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in the southern Indian Ocean," Abbott said. He added that he had already spoken with his Malaysian counterpart, Najib Razak, and cautioned that the objects had yet to be identified. "The task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult and it may turn out they are not related to the search for MH370," Abbott said. The dimensions of the objects given are consistent with at least one of them possibly being the major part of a 777-200ER wing, which is around 27 metres (89 feet) long, though Australian officials cautioned the first images were indistinct. The relatively large size of the objects would also suggest that, if they do come from the missing aircraft, it was intact when it went into the water. University of Western Australia Professor of Oceanography Charitha Pattiaratchi said that, based on currents in the area, if the debris is from the plane it probably would have entered the water around 300-400 km (180-250 miles) to the west. The search area covered an ocean ridge known as Naturalist Plateau, a large sea shelf about 3,500 metres (9,800 feet) deep, Pattiaratchi said. The plateau is about 250 km (150 miles) wide by 400 km (250 miles) long, and the area around it is close to 5,000 metres (16,400 feet) deep. "Whichever way you go, it's deep," he said.


(Left) Samuel Changkija, IFS, WPO Peren, releasing Bensinlo Kent's debut album "It's Only You" at Note Grid School of Music and Media Studio, near DC Court, Dimapur, Thursday, March 20. (Right) Bensinlo Kent performing the song “It’s Only You” from his debut album during the album release programme. CDs are priced at Rs 170 and will be available at Note Grid School. CDs will also be made available at leading stores in Kohima and Dimapur shortly.

A 3 day photography workshop and framing classes is underway at Imliyanger Memorial Center (IMC) Dimapur with Pratip Biswas as the main resource person. Pratib Biswas was with Kodak for more than 22 years. Guest speaker for the 2nd day was Bano haralu (Editor, Eastern Mirror). The workshop is being conducted by Siingwa productions and portrait enterprise under the Capacity building program, Department of youth resources and sports, Government of Nagaland. Lion India (The framing Giant) and Kodak has setup a stall and is giving free demonstrating to anyone who is interested.

Future heat waves threat to global food supply

London, March 20 (IanS): Heat waves could significantly reduce crop yields and threaten global food supply if climate change is not tackled and reversed, research shows. In a first study of its kind, researchers at Norwichbased University of East Anglia (UEA) has estimated the global effects of extreme temperatures and elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the production of maize, wheat and soybean. Earlier studies have found that climate change is projected to reduce maize

yields globally by the end of the century undera 'business as usual' scenario for future emissions of greenhouse gases. The study shows that the inclusion of the effects of heat waves, which have not been accounted for in previous modelling calculations, could double the losses of the crop. “Instances of extreme temperatures, brought about by a large increase in global mean temperature, can be detrimental to crops at any stage of their development but in particular around anthesis - the flow-

ering period of the plant,” explained Delphine Deryng from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at University of East Anglia. At this stage, extreme temperatures can lead to reduced pollen sterility and reduced seed set, greatly reducing the crop yield, she added. The impacts on wheat and soybean are likely to be less profound primarily because of the fertilisation effects that elevated levels of CO2 can have on these crops. The researchers used the global crop model PEGASUS to simulate crop yield re-

sponses to 72 climate change scenarios spanning the 21st century. The study also identified particular areas where heat waves are expected to have the largest negative effects on crop yields. Some of the largest affected areas are key for crop production, for example the North American corn belt for maize. When the CO2 fertilisation effects are not taken into account, the researchers found a net decrease in yields in all three crops, intensified by extreme heat stress, for the top-five producing countries of each crop.










Celtics cools down the Heat

ManU fights back to beat Olympiakos

Manchester United's Robin van Persie, center, goes down for a penalty off a challenge from Olympiakos' Jose Holebas, left, during their Champions League last 16 second leg soccer match at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, England, Wednesday, March 19. (AP Photo)

MANCHESTER, MARCH 20 (AP): Robin van Persie ushered Manchester United into the Champions League quarterfinals — and potentially saved his manager's job — with a hat trick in a 3-0 victory over Olympiakos that completed one of the competition's greatest comebacks on Wednesday. On one of the memorable European nights at Old Trafford, Van Persie scored three times in a 27-minute span either side of halftime to overturn a 2-0 deficit from the first leg. A slew of brilliant saves by David de Gea were also key to a famous win for the English champions — and a vital one for their manager, David Moyes. Moyes' position had come under intense scrutiny after United's humiliating 3-0 loss to fierce rival Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday, the latest in a string of dreadful results in his first season in charge. An early exit in Europe could have stretched the patience of fans and United's hierarchy beyond


breaking point — but Moyes is left hoping this can be a watershed moment in his United career. "I don't want to come out here and say this is the moment," Moyes said, "but at the same time, I really hope it is." A nerve-shredding night ended with Olympiakos captain Giannis Maniatis on his knees and in floods of tears, and Moyes saluting home fans and wearing the broadest grin. The under-fire United manager was saved by the goal-scoring qualities of Van Persie, who converted a penalty in the 25th minute, side-footed home his second goal in first-half injury time and curled in a free kick in the 52nd. And he also had words of praise for Ryan Giggs, who at the age of 40 delivered a tireless performance in midfield. Giggs lasted the full match, despite having played only 81 minutes since Jan. 7, and played a crucial role in Van Persie's first two goals. "His allround play was very good," Moyes said. "He defies his age." Van Persie was car-

ried off on a stretcher in the final minutes after hurting his leg in a challenge but Moyes said he didn't think it was a serious injury. Olympiakos slumped to its 12th straight away defeat in England and missed out on securing a place in the last eight for the first time since 1999. The Greek champions had their chances — some of De Gea's saves were breathtaking — but defensively they were chaotic and they became only the sixth team to squander a two-goal lead from the first leg of a Champions League match. "We were unlucky," Olympiakos midfielder David Fuster said, "and we're pretty upset about it." In Wednesday's other last16 match, Borussia Dortmund advanced 5-4 on aggregate despite losing the second leg 2-1 at home to Zenit St. Petersburg. The draw for the quarterfinals is held on Friday. "We probably now will go into it as underdogs," Moyes said. "If we play to our capabilities, which we have not done too often,

then I think we will be a match for any team." Moyes insisted on the eve of the biggest game of his reign that his position was not under threat, saying United's vision was "long term," the board was still supportive and stressing that he was in a six-year contract. Fans appeared to be starting to waver, although the banner reading "The Chosen One" — a nickname given to Moyes after he was hand-picked for the job by predecessor Alex Ferguson — remained hung up high in the Stretford End as Olympiakos kicked off. Initially, United was gripped by panic — misplacing passes, diving into tackles and showing no shape defensively — but the nerves were settled by Van Persie's penalty. The Netherlands striker tumbled after being barged

in the back by Jose Holebas after bringing down a cross-field pass from Giggs, and he got up to convert his penalty unerringly. Giggs was the architect of the second goal, too, floating another pass to Wayne Rooney, who crossed for Van Persie to caress his finish under goalkeeper Roberto's dive. The aggregate score was now 2-2 and Moyes greeted the goal with repeated fist-pumps and marched back to the dressing rooms, breaking into a jog at one point. He was celebrating again within six minutes of the second half when Van Persie curled home a free kick from just outside the area, with Roberto earning the wrath of his defenders for not trusting his wall and vacating the area near where the ball crossed the line.

BOSTON, MARCH 20 (AP): The word came shortly before tipoff: LeBron James wouldn’t be playing. Good news for Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens. But not as good as the news his team delivered down the stretch. Jeff Green’s 3-pointer broke a 94-94 tie with 2:32 left and Rajon Rondo hit two running baseline shots in the last two minutes as the Celtics broke a five-game losing streak with a 101-96 win over the Miami Heat on Wednesday night. Stevens had prepared to face James, who scored 43 points in a 100-96 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers the previous night. But when he learned that James would sit out with back spasms, ‘‘you just move on to what’s next,’’ he said. What came next for the Celtics was a poor first quarter in which they made 9 of 27 shots, a better second quarter and a second half in which they outscored the Heat 48-37.

‘‘We were down 12’’ after the first quarter, Stevens said. ‘‘And then we hit 60 percent of our shots the rest of the way and that’s why we won.’’ That and the Heat’s second-half shooting problems. They sank 40 percent of their attempts in that half after hitting 56.5 percent. In the second half, Chris Bosh made 1 of 6 shots and Dwyane Wade hit 2 of 9. ‘‘I was just off,’’ Wade said as James sat in the opposite corner of the locker room dressed in jeans, a gray T-shirt and dark green ski cap while eating pasta. ‘‘I had opportunities,’’ Wade said with a smile. ‘‘I just couldn’t go my normal 60 percent shooting self.’’ Rondo made his shots when the Celtics needed them, continuing to regain his skills since returning Jan. 17, almost a year after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. ‘‘That’s the most frustrating part of my game that hasn’t come back,’’ he said of sinking floaters near the basket.

CHARITY CAR WASH Raising money for the sweet little children of Mother‛s Hope - We‛re giving hope, one wash at the time! -.

We cordially invite you to the Charity event with

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March 21 - 22 2014 9 a.m - 5 p.m Proceeds to be completely donated to Mother’s Hope

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Annual Sports is an important event in every school. Games and sports have a vital role in making a child physically as well as mentally sound. The 05TH Annual Sports Week of Carewell School was inaugurated on 19th of March 2014. It was held in the school playground with full of fun, excitement and activity on two spacious lawns well-decorated with flags, festoons and streamers of coloured papers in the school premises. The Deputy District Education Officer, Dimapur Smt. R. Amongla Jamir graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The arrival of the chief guest raised the spirits of one and all and added much charm to the occasion. The event formally commenced with an Invocation followed by a grand mass drill displayed by the children. Headmaster of the school, Shri. P.N. Sahay, in his welcome speech, expressed the effort of the school in moulding the students through various activities, besides academic excellence. He further expressed that Games and Sports is not about competition, but it is about having fun, being physically active, learning the basics of sports and building co-ordination and motor skills. He encouraged the students to think wisely which rejuvenate to achieve goal. He also thanked the school Director for his untiring efforts and unrestrained help, co-operation in all kinds of activities pertaining to the school. This was followed by hoisting and unfurling of school flag by the chief guest, march past by four house contingents, oath taking by S. Das, Asstt. Teacher. The chief guest in her speech expressed her felicitations for the notable performance of the students and applauded the school management for the dynamic approach and the keen interest and endeavor undertaken by the school Director Mr. P.De. for the upliftment of the school in all spheres. The chief guest emphatically laid stress on the importance of games and sports as it is an important part of education and trains the mind in many virtues. The chief guest also expressed satisfaction over the performance of the school. Later, the Founder Director of the school Shri. P. De declared the 05th games and sports week open.

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