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Clear Away The Clutter If You Want To Succeed Financially The Effects Of Clutter On Your Life And Finances Financial success is always associated with making a budget, saving, getting out of debt, planning for the long-term and investing. But did you know that these are only secondary compared to the first thing that you need to do if you really want to make some headway with your finances? The first thing on your agenda should be to get rid of the clutter in your life. This suggestion seems totally of out of this world, especially when you are thinking of how to get rid of a five-figure debt. However, if you consider the effects that clutter has on your financial life, you’ll soon realize that the two concepts are very much interrelated. First of all, clutter causes you to look for things twice or three times over (or even more). When you are surrounded by a lot of unnecessary stuff, it is more difficult to find the things you need to attend to. This includes the usual, everyday things like car keys or your purse. When you can’t find the keys, you end up running late for appointments and ultimately feel stressed. If this happens on a daily basis, you put yourself close to chronic stress which can be harm your health. Medical experts say that chronic stress is the silent killer. It can cause diseases that can manifest in cardiovascular problems and other bodily pains. We all know what sickness can do to your finances even if you have health insurance. Second, being disorganized can cause you to miss payments. If you just put all bills and credit card statements one on top of the other without an organized filing system, you’ll end up forgetting due dates and being delayed on your payments. When you don’t pay the bills on time, you pay extra for interest and other penalties. Worse, if you’ve actually forgotten to pay utility bills, you risk having your water and electricity supply cut off! Finally, a lot of clutter can make you lose your peace of mind. Look around your house and if you’re having a hard time finding your bed from all the papers strewn around, you know it’s time to start cleaning up. An unkempt and very cluttered room will not make you think and plan effectively. The same goes for a dirty and

disorganized work space. It makes you lose your efficiency on the job. How can you think of the most effective way to cut down your debt or create a budget if your mind can’t think straight because of all the clutter? As you can see, clutter and your finances are intertwined. When you allow dirt, trash and unneeded things to pile up in your life, you are essentially blocking the flow of financial energy to your life. And as you already know, money matters can readily affect every other aspect of your life. But perhaps one of the most important things to understand about clutter is that it makes you lose your sense of control. Have you ever walked into a room and see it so dirty that you feel overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning it? Well, this signals that you are not anymore on top of the situation. That helpless feeling of being unable to control circumstances can also spill over to other areas in your life, including your finances.

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Clear away the clutter if you want to succeed financially  
Clear away the clutter if you want to succeed financially