2017 October 28 Sports Memorabilia

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SOLD $113,775


SOLD $45,510

SOLD $287,500

SOLD $253,000 SOLD $153,750

Quality Collections

SOLD $61,500

Fresh to the Market.

SOLD $88,800

SOLD $54,000

denver, pa | las vegas, nv SOLD $2,530,000

Welcome to “Welcome to Morphy Auctions, the finest auction destination for fresh to the market collections. My staff and I are committed to exceeding your expectations at every point of contact, as well as helping you reach your collecting or selling goals. Integrity, respect, and honesty are the pillars of our business. And our experts and gallery professionals are the finest in the industry. I am confident that you will be pleased that you entrusted your collection to Morphy Auctions. I know that you have many buying and selling options and sincerely appreciate your business. We look forward to assisting you and welcome your inquiries anytime.�

Dan Morphy President & Founder

Quality Collections Fresh to the Market.

SOLD $84,000

SOLD $55,000

With an emphasis on fresh to the market collections, Morphy Auctions is the perfect venue for buying and selling with total confidence.

About Us Dan Morphy President & Founder

Morphy Auctions in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania & Las

Vegas, Nevada, has become one of the great success stories of the antiques trade. Founded by Dan Morphy in 1997, Morphy’s has realized meteoric growth and set numerous auction world records in many categories, while attracting a global following of buyers that grows exponentially with each successive sale. Our goal is to provide the best overall buying and selling experience for our customers. With one of the largest under-roof auction houses in the country, the Morphy Auctions east coast headquarters spans over 45,000 sq. ft. The building is customized to meet the growing and changing needs of the antiques industry. Our west coast location in Las Vegas, NV has recently undergone extensive renovations and facility upgrades. Upon entering either of our locations you will notice an inviting customer service area conveniently staffed with full-time, knowledgeable employees and antiques experts who are happy to assist you. Whether you visit us on the east or west coast, Morphy Auctions takes pride in providing you with quality antiques, professional service, and an enjoyable consignment experience. Morphy Auctions has a team of experts to assess your collection and assist you in every step of the consignment process. Our expert team is listed at the end of this catalog and includes specialists from all collecting categories, including: advertising, coin-op, toys, cast iron, dolls, fine and decorative arts, jewelry, firearms, plus many more. With our headquarters located in Denver, Pennsylvania, our proximity to Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., makes us easily accessible to potential auction bidders and consignors. Similarly, our west coast location in Las Vegas, NV makes us easily accessible for those located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento.

SOLD $64,575

Morphy Auctions is grounded in the values of honesty and integrity. We continue to be the discriminating collector’s #1 choice when it comes to buying or selling antiques.

Consigning With Us SOLD $21,600

SOLD $96,000 Colt 1909 #11 SOLD $105,000

SOLD $15,600 SOLD $44,500

MORPHY AUCTIONS offers a wide range of categories from Tiffany to mechanical banks, specializing in “fresh to the market” collections. We work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages optimal financial results for our consignors. We are committed to taking the utmost care in handling the items, giving our consignors the personalized attention and dedicated staff support they deserve, and making every auction a high-profile event in every sense. From the extended preview to the prime auction location and professional advertising and marketing campaign, it’s easy to see why your collection should be entrusted to the experts at Morphy’s.

We never cut corners, and to ensure proper attention is given to each collection, a minimum of four months’ lead time is required for all consignments. All consignments are entered into a custom-designed inventory system and auction database in order to ensure proper documentation and inventory tracking. Throughout the entire process, all auction items are fully insured, from the moment we take possession of goods until ownership has transferred on the date of sale.

“We have known and dealt with the Morphy family for the past 25 years. We have always found the whole family helpful and welcoming. Dan is a driving force and energetic personality who will professionally represent your collection in the marketplace.With the close support of his whole family, you can be confident that you and your collection will receive direct personal attention. You will always enjoy a friendly welcome and be assured that you will be treated fairly. The result will be a great auction experience.”

SOLD $143,750

SOLD $7,800

- John & Adrienne Haley, United Kingdom

SOLD $46,000

Our Facility At Morphy’s it’s not just about the business; it’s about the experience...

Morphy Auctions is one of the largest under-roof auction houses, spanning over 45,000 sq. ft. The facility is customized to meet the growing and changing needs of the antiques industry. Our goal is to provide the best overall buying and selling experience for our customers. The clean, well-lit, fully carpeted and climate-controlled gallery is customized to ensure the ideal atmosphere for the antiques and collectibles housed within. Whether large or small, all of the antiques are properly secured and professionally displayed to maximize their eye appeal.


Attributes of the facility include executive and staff offices, a conference room, holding area for loading/unloading goods, custom-built storage space, and a dedicated shipping and packing area. The pride of the facility is the stylish auction room, featuring comfortable theater-style seats, a marble-style floor and decorative tin ceiling with ambient lighting. With technology continually evolving, Morphy’s offers state-ofthe-art options for bidding and auction participation. The auction room’s design features the latest telecommunications, wireless technology and custom acoustics for the best auction experience possible. Adjacent to the auction room is a sleek and comfortable dining facility equipped with an audio-feed function and windows to enable bidders to monitor the auction activity while dining. The facility also has an outdoor patio area.

SOLD $17,220 SOLD $37,200

Ample parking and all-weather canopy over the front door allow for easy customer deliveries and pickups. Morphy’s utilizes a fully enclosed loading/ unloading dock with hydraulic lift for larger-scale antiques and tractor-trailer deliveries and pickups. No collection is too large or too small for Morphy Auctions.


Terms & Conditions We advise all bidders to read the Terms and Conditions of the Sale before bidding with Dan Morphy Auctions LLC and/or its affiliates Morphy Firearms LLC, and Morphy Auctions, Las Vegas collectively referred to below as MORPHY’S. Those who bid are bound by those Terms and Conditions of the Sale, as amended by any oral announcement or posted notices, which together form the contract of the sale between the successful bidder (purchaser), MORPHY’S and the seller (consignor) of the lot.


When bidding on any lot offered by MORPHY’S, the bidder indicates acceptance of the following Terms of Sale. Any participation in the auction binds you to agreement of these terms whether or not you read or understand said terms.


MORPHY’S makes every effort to accurately describe all items offered in its sales, however all items for sale are “as is,” and it is the bidder’s responsibility (present or absentee bidders) to determine the exact condition of each item. MORPHY’S will not be held responsible for typographical errors. Neither we nor the consignor, make any guarantees, warranties, or representation, expressed or implied, in regard to the property or the correctness of the catalog or other description of the authenticity of authorship, physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance, provenance, exhibition, literature or historic relevance of the property or otherwise. No statement anywhere whether oral or written, shall be deemed such a guarantee, warranty or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition, size and whether or not it has been restored. It is the bidder’s responsibility to initiate contact with Morphy’s in request for additional information regarding the items. Submit all questions regarding upcoming auction items at least 48 hours prior to the date of auction. We will make every effort to answer all submitted questions in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that questions submitted within 48 hours of the auction date will be answered prior to the auction. The consigner and we make no representation or warranty as to whether the purchaser acquires any reproduction rights in the property. Returns will not be accepted under any circumstances. All items will be available for preview approximately one (1) month prior to the auction. All items are sold for display purpose. If electrical, mechanical, or other working parts are inoperable, even if working at the time of sale, we are not liable due to the inherent nature of the age of these antiques and items. Submit all questions regarding upcoming auction items at least 48 hours prior to the date of auction. We will make every effort to answer all submitted questions in a timely manner. However, we cannot guarantee that questions submitted within 48 hours of the auction date will be answered prior to the auction. AUTOMOBILES – These terms do NOT apply to our automobile auctions. To view the terms and conditions for our Automobile Auctions, please go to: www.morphyauctions.com/autoterms FIREARMS – These terms do NOT apply to our firearms auctions. To view the terms and conditions for our Firearms Auctions, please go to: www.morphyauctions.com/firearmterms GAMING DEVICES - MORPHY’S may hold these items for up to 5 business days to allow state agencies to verify the purchaser’s information. All auction participants are urged to check the legality of possession in and/or shipment of gaming devices to their state of residence. Ownership of gaming devices is prohibited in these states: Alabama, Connecticut, Hawaii, Nebraska, South Carolina, and

Tennessee. If you become a high bidder on a gaming item, and you are from one of the prohibited states as listed here: • You must pay for your item, • You will not be able to take possession of the item (MORPHY’S cannot ship it to you or allow pickup), • MORPHY’S will consign the item in your name to the next appropriate auction. If you do not pay for the item in full, MORPHY’S will block you from participating in future auctions. Any gaming device purchased at the auction shall be used for the purpose of display or social entertainment within the private home or residence of the buyer, and such devices shall not, in any event or manner, be exposed to the public for the purpose of gambling or be resold in the state of Nevada without a gaming distribution license. Proof of residence/ID is required for purchase of gaming devices. FIREWORKS – MORPHY’S can only ship Class 1 Division 1.4 and 1.6 Explosives (as described in the following website: http:// environmentalchemistry.com/yogi/hazmat/placards/class1.html) per the 49CFR 173.50 and can only ship these via FedEx. All items not shippable must be picked up by the buyer. GOODS MADE FROM OR CONTAINING MATERIALS FROM PROTECTED SPECIES - MORPHY’S does not accept any responsibility or liability for the sale of items containing materials from protected species or for any omission in marking or labeling goods as containing materials from protected species. Such material includes, but is not limited to, ivory from elephants and walruses, tortoise shell, crocodile skin, whalebone, rhinoceros horn, some species of coral and certain woods. Restrictions on the importation, exportation, sale, transfer, and/or possession of goods containing materials from protected species derive from international, federal, and state laws and regulations promulgated thereunder. Laws include, but are not limited to, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Marine Mammals Protection Act (MMPA). States currently restricting trade of protected species include, but are not limited to, California, New York and New Jersey. Prospective purchasers are on notice that several countries completely prohibit importation of property made, all or in part, of protected materials. Some countries require special permits, such as a CITES permit, from the relevant regulating authority in the countries of exportation and importation as well. Potential purchasers intending to import the property into another country should be familiar with the relevant customs laws and regulations prior to bidding on goods containing material from protected species. Regulations may vary as the U.S. generally prohibits importation of articles containing material(s) from species it has designated endangered or threatened if the articles are less than 100 years old, subject to certain exceptions. It shall be the potential purchaser’s sole responsibility to research and satisfy the requirements of any laws and regulations that apply to the import and export of property as described in the aforementioned paragraphs. All purchasers agree to comply with any and all domestic and international restrictions on the trade of protected species as a (continued...)


Terms & Conditions condition of the sale. Please note that the ability to obtain an export license or certificate does not ensure the ability to obtain an import license or certificate in another country, and vice versa. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to obtain any export or import licenses and/or certificates as well as any other required documentation. MORPHY’S is not able to assist the purchaser in attempting to obtain the appropriate licenses and/or certificates, and there is no assurance that an export license or certificate can be obtained. The inability or delay in obtaining permits, licenses or other permissions to import or export goods containing material from protected species will not constitute a basis for rescission or cancellation of the sale of said goods or the delay in payment of purchased items in accordance with these Bidder Terms and Conditions. JEWELRY AND WATCHES • Jewelry Descriptions and Condition Reports: Lots being offered are sold as-is on the day of sale. Condition reports, either written or verbal, are provided as a courtesy only, and are not to be taken as fact or guarantees of condition or quality of the lots. All information provided is the opinion of the specialist at MORPHY’S, including but not limited to weights, grades, color, and clarity. All gemstones and diamonds are measured and graded in their setting unless stated otherwise. All weights and grades are approximate. Buyers wishing to have a grading or gemological report from an independent, internationally recognized laboratory, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), may request one at their own expense or hire an independent adviser of their choosing. • Watch Descriptions and Condition Reports: The physical characteristics, timing accuracy or functionality of timepieces cannot be guaranteed, and all items are sold as-is. o Any condition statement reflects the condition of the watch on the date of the report. Condition can change from the time of the report to the day of sale. o Photographs are for identification purposes only. Buyers may not use them as precise indications of size or condition. o The origin or authenticity of all components cannot be guaranteed. o Watches with waterproof or water-resistant cases – Morphy’s may open cases to develop descriptions, and cannot guarantee that any watch is waterproof or water-resistant at the time of purchase. Morphy’s recommends that the buyer have a professional watchmaker evaluate the watch at buyer’s expense. o Buyers must be aware that watches may need general service, change of battery, or further repair work for which the buyer is solely responsible. o Dials - All watches have the possibility that after their original date of manufacture they received reconditioning or replacement of dials or elements of the dial such as but not limited to standard or luminescent hour markers, hands, script, date or measurement indices, lacquer, and finish. Buyer is solely responsible for determining and understanding such condition issues. • The lack of a condition report does not imply that the item or lot is free from imperfections, defects or wear and tear of the aging process. This includes but is not limited to: deficient stones, needed repair or defects. • It is common and generally accepted in the jewelry industry that some diamonds and most gemstones have been enhanced with various treatments to improve their overall appearance. o These treatments include but are not limited to: heating, dying, oiling, laser drilling, HTHP, wax, bleaching, irradiation, resin or polymer impregnation and various other techniques. o Unless stated in the title, it is assumed that one or more

treatments have been performed to the stones. While many treatments are considered permanent, this cannot be guaranteed. o Please note that many treatments cannot be determined without sophisticated laboratory testing. Due to the various laboratories and developing scientific methods for testing, not all reports or certificates will have the same results for treatment type, extent of treatment and stability of treatment. o MORPHY’S makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to whether natural stones have been treated or enhanced, whether specifically referenced or not. • Laboratory reports may accompany some lots o If a lot is accompanied by certificates or reports from internationally recognized and accepted gemological laboratories, it will be noted in the description. o Copies will be available upon request, with the original going to the successful bidder. o The reports cannot be guaranteed and are provided for informational purposes only. Results on reports may differ from laboratory to laboratory. o MORPHY’S accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, terms or information contained in such certificates or reports. Grading Scale: Near Mint Plus 97% - 100% Near Mint 90% - 96% Excellent 80% - 89% Very Good 70% - 79% Good Below 70%


The auctioneer will determine the highest bidder. The auctioneer alone has the right to reopen the bidding of an item if deemed necessary due to a dispute. If there is a tie bid between the floor and Internet or absentee bid, the floor bid takes precedence. MORPHY’S and its representatives reserve the right to remove those attendees who impede preview and/or the auction. Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer. The buyer will then assume all risk and full responsibility of the lot purchased once ownership has changed. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. MORPHY’S is not responsible for any errors in bids, omissions of bids, or failure to execute bids and shall have no liability to any bidder for any technical or other failure associated with the internet, absentee bidding, or telephone bidding. • ABSENTEE BIDDING - MORPHY’S will accept absentee bids if pre-authorized by mail, fax or through www.morphyauctions. com online. Absentee bidders must use the absentee bid form and clearly mark the lot number, title and maximum bid amount. Absentee bidding forms may be accessed online at www. morphyauctions.com. If there are two (2) identical bids placed on the same item, priority will be given to the first bid received. All bids must be left in increments as explained on our bid form. If a bid is “out of increment,” the auctioneer has the right to round the bid up to the next correct increment. Bidders may preview, register and place bids online through our website, www. morphyauctions.com. Absentee and online bids placed through www.morphyauctions.com will be auto charged to the credit card entered 48 hours after the end of the sale. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us within 48 hours after the sale. Seller(s) agree to allow the Auctioneer to accept and execute absentee bids in a competitive manner for potential buyers and under the Morphy Auctions absentee bidding terms and conditions. During the live sale, the auctioneer will execute your (continued...)


Terms & Conditions absentee bid competitively up to the maximum amount you have indicated. • ONLINE BIDDING - Online bidding through www.morphyauctions. com, Live Auctioneers, Invaluable, Proxibid, or other bidding platforms may be available; all Terms and Conditions still apply. A surcharge will be added for third party online platforms. Refer to your bidding platform of choice for the final buyer’s premium. If there is a tie bid between the internet bidding venues and the floor, the floor bid takes precedence. If a credit card has been provided to one of the online bidding platforms, MORPHY’S reserves the right to use and charge the credit card if the winning bidder has not paid via another method by the 7 day term in Payment Terms below. Due to our fast paced auctions and bids coming from floor bidders, phone bidders, internet bidders and absentee bids, the auctioneer has the final word on all item(s) sold. You (the bidder) assume the risk of winning an item online and not having the item actually sell to you. This is due to the final call of the auctioneer and the operator not being able to re-open that lot. Online bidders are responsible for accidental bidding as if they bid normally. • BID RESULTS – MORPHY’S will only contact successful bidders. Please allow 24-48 hours post auction to receive your official invoice from Morphy Auctions. The invoice will include item, hammer price, premium, packing and handling, shipping, insurance, and any other charges that apply. Please hold phone inquiries regarding bid success until after receiving your invoice. For verifications, MORPHY’S cannot provide winning bid information until the second business day after the auction. MORPHY’S will not provide bidder information to any outside sources. • TELEPHONE BIDDING - Requests for phone lines must be received at least three (3) days prior to the auction date. MORPHY’S cannot guarantee phone lines but will make every attempt to accommodate those who wish to participate through that method. Phone lines are provided on a first come first served basis. Please visit www.morphyauctions.com or call 717-335-3435 to request a call from our representatives during the live auction.


Bid increments listed are a general guideline. Actual increments are at the auctioneer’s discretion. If a lot does not receive a bid of 25% of the low estimate, the lot will be passed by the auctioneer. $0 - $500…................$25 $500 - $1,000….........$50 $1,000 - $2,000…......$100 $2,000 - $5,000…......$250 $5,000 - $10,000....…$500 $10,000 +…............... Auctioneer’s discretion


The majority of our items are unreserved, but occasionally items may carry a moderate reserve. Please note that when a lot carries a reserve, the reserve is usually somewhere below our low estimate. In the case of a reserved item, the seller has authorized the auctioneer to bid on their behalf until the reserve price is reached.


A 23% buyer’s premium will be added to all successful bids and is payable by the purchaser as part of the total purchase cost. If payment by cash, check, money order or wire transfer is made within 7 days of the sale a 3% discount may be taken on the Hammer price by the buyer. DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF INVOICE IS PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS from the sale date. Split payments are subject to a 23% buyer’s premium if a credit card is used as any form of total

payment. A surcharge will be added for any third party online bidding platform that the bidder utilizes. Refer to your bidding platform of choice for the final buyer’s premium.


Lots delivered to you, or your representative are subject to all applicable state and local taxes, unless appropriate permits are on file with MORPHY’S. Bidder agrees to pay MORPHY’S the actual amount of tax due in the event that sales tax is not properly collected due to: 1) an expired, inaccurate, or inappropriate tax certificate or declaration, 2) an incorrect interpretation of the applicable statute, 3) or any other reason. The appropriate form or certificate must be on file at and verified by MORPHY’S five days prior to Auction, or tax must be paid; only if such form or certificate is received by MORPHY’S within 4 days after the Auction can a refund of tax paid be made. Lots from different auctions may not be aggregated for sales tax purposes.


Watch auction purchases and any invoice totaling more than $100,000 must be paid within three (3) days. All other merchandise must be paid in full within seven (7) days of the date of the sale. If payment by cash, check, money order or wire transfer is made within 7 days of the sale, a 3% discount on the Hammer price may be taken by the buyer. DISCOUNT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF INVOICE IS PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS from the sale date. No discount is permitted on split payments where a credit card is used as any form of total payment. Payments can be made by going to your account online at www. morphyauctions.com, call 877-968-8880 or mail payment to: Dan Morphy Auctions LLC 2000 N Reading Rd, Denver, PA 17517. Absentee bids placed through www.morphyauctions.com will be auto charged to the credit card entered 48 hours after the end of the sale. If you wish to pay by another method please contact us within 48 hours after the sale. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal checks, certified checks, wire transfers, money orders, and cash. • Jewelry, Watches, Coin and Currency Auctions – We accept cash, wire transfer, check, certified checks and money orders only. No credit cards. • CREDIT CARD - We will not accept credit card payment for any jewelry, watch, coin or currency auction purchases. For first time buyers and credit card charges greater than $2,500 buyers must complete the bottom portion of the invoice and must specifically sign the acknowledgement of our terms of sale before we will accept payment via credit card. We do offer the convenience of paying automatically by credit card. If you wish have your card automatically charged for all purchases please complete our “Authorization for Automatic Credit Card Use.” We have this form available online or upon request. Split payments are subject to a 23% buyer’s premium if a credit card is used as any form of total payment. • CHECK - There will be a $30 service charge for returned checks. Make checks payable to: Dan Morphy Auctions LLC. MORPHY’S reserves the right to hold items paid for by personal or company check until said check clears (14 days). MORPHY’S has the right to hold all checks over $2,000. Customers who have an established successful buying history with MORPHY’S may be exempt from this. We will accept a personal or company check >$2,000 and/or from a first time buyer if you provide a Bank Letter of Credit, available on our website, www.morphyauctions.com. • WIRE TRANSFERS – There will be a $30 charge added to all wire (continued...)


Terms & Conditions transfers less than $2,000. Please add this amount to your invoice total before sending a wire transfer. In the few situations where a successful bidder does not remit payment when due, MORPHY’S will proceed with the legal steps necessary to protect its interests and will block the bidder from future auction participation.


• It is the bidder’s responsibility to take shipping and handlings & insurance costs into consideration when bidding on items. • BIDDERS PRESENT AND TAKING ITEMS AFTER AUCTION – Since item liability transfers upon a successful bid, items paid for must be packed, transported and/or removed by the purchaser at his/ her own risk after the close of the sale. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. If any employee or agent of MORPHY’S shall pack or transport the merchandise, it is fully at the risk and responsibility and expense of the purchaser. MORPHY’S shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the said agent or employee. • ITEMS NOT PICKED UP THE DAY OF THE SALE – Packaging, shipping, and insurance on items will be made available as an added courtesy and cost. We recommend that you arrange insurance for your items immediately upon becoming the highest bidder. Again, if any employee or agent of MORPHY’S shall pack or transport the merchandise, it is fully at the risk and responsibility and expense of the purchaser. MORPHY’S shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the said agent or employee. All applicable charges will be applied. Shipping will be based on actual costs via FedEx, FedEx Freight, or USPS (best way). Handling and insurance will vary in cost depending on each invoice. All packages will be shipped with insurance. Items will ship seven to fourteen (7-14) business days after payment is received. • SHIPPING TERMS - Morphy will ship all items to the buyer at the listed address via FedEx or other carriers, FOB Denver, Pennsylvania or FOB Las Vegas, NV or FOB other auction locations. Any risk of loss or damage to the item(s) during transit via FedEx, or any other carrier, in excess of the insurance provided by or purchased from Morphy, is at the risk of the buyer. Any additional insurance coverage should be purchased by the buyer through the carrier. Buyer releases Morphy from any and all claims for loss or damage to any item during transit and agrees to pay all costs of defense, including attorney’s fees, for any claims brought against Morphy for loss or damage occurring during transit. • INSURANCE – Shipping insurance is automatically added up to $1,000 for every package. If your package is valued at >$10,000 we will also automatically add “Additional Insurance”, which you can decline by contacting us. If you wish to arrange for “Additional Insurance” for packages valued between $1,000 and $10,000 please contact us prior to payment and we can quote this additional insurance amount for you. Insurance for all 3rd party shipments must be arranged through that carrier. • INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS – MORPHY’S has the capability to ship to international bidders. By law, MORPHY’S cannot, and will not, declare lesser values for any international purchases and all shipments will include the invoice with purchase totals including the buyer’s premium and shipping cost. All international bidders are responsible for knowing their country’s laws on importing items and for paying all customs and duties on the items. • 3RD PARTY SHIPPING of Large Items – Bidders MUST arrange and pay for 3rd party shipping when packages are a certain weight, length, or dimensional size.

∙ Dimensional size is length (the longest measurement) + (height x 2) + (width x 2). For example a 36” x 36” x 12” package = 36 + (36 x2) + (12 x 2) = 132” ∙ USA home shipments must be <70 lbs. and <108” length and <165” dimensional size ∙ USA business shipments must be <150 lbs. and <108” length and <165” dimensional size ∙ International shipments must be <150 lbs. and <108” length and <130” dimensional size ∙ There may be certain shipments that meet these requirements that will still require 3rd party shipping, and we will communicate the reason in those cases. • STORAGE FEE – MORPHY’S will charge a storage fee of $50/week for any items awaiting pickup for more than 14 days following the auction date. • MORPHY AUCTIONS, LAS VEGAS LOCATION ONLY SPECIAL COURTESY – Items purchased at our Las Vegas location may qualify for free shipment on our freight truck to Denver, PA. °° To be considered for shipping, all item invoices must be paid in full by day 7 after the auction, or they will not be shipped on the truck and shipping charges will then apply. °° Items will leave Las Vegas approximately 14 days after the auction date. Upon arrival in Denver, PA the buyer must pick items up within 14 days, or a $50/week storage fee will apply. Buyers will be contacted by phone or email when items arrive in Denver, PA. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pick the items up here. For packages to qualify for courtesy shipping, at least one piece or all pieces together in a package, must have a dimensional size of more than 130 square inches. Dimensional size is length (the longest measurement) + (height x 2) + (width x 2). For example, a 36” x 36” x 12” package = 36 + (36 x2) + (12 x 2) = 132. • FIREWORKS – MORPHY’S can only ship Class 1 Division 1.4 and 1.6 Explosives (as described in the following website: http://environmentalchemistry.com/yogi/hazmat/placards/class1. html) per the 49CFR 173.50 and can only ship these via FedEx. All items not shippable must be picked up by the buyer.


I hereby understand and agree that any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to MORPHY’S Bidder Terms & Conditions, which includes this provision (hereafter referred to as “Terms & Conditions”), MORPHY’S, or the breach thereof (hereafter referred to as “Claims”), shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, without regard to its conflict of law provisions. I hereby irrevocably submit to the personal jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in any action or proceeding arising out of or relating to the Claims and their enforcement, and I agree that any and all Claims must be adjudicated, heard, determined, and resolved in said court, and I hereby irrevocably waive any objection on the ground that any such action or proceeding in said court has been brought in an inconvenient forum. MORPHY’S failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these Terms & Conditions or any other legal rights, shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any waiver of any provision of these Terms & Conditions by MORPHY’S must be made in writing and signed by an authorized representative of MORPHY’S specifically referencing the provision(s) contained within the Terms & Conditions to be waived. Headings used in the Terms & Conditions are for convenience only and are not to be relied upon. If any provision of the Terms & Conditions is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties (continued...)


Terms & Conditions nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the Terms & Conditions shall remain in full force and effect. These Terms & Conditions will inure to the benefit of, and are intended to be, enforceable by MORPHY’S, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, members, directors, officers, and licensees. There are no third party beneficiaries to these Terms & Conditions; a person or entity who is not a party or signatory to these Terms & Conditions has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or enforce any term or provision of these Terms & Conditions.



MORPHY’S engages knowledgeable experts to provide catalog descriptions on the merchandise we sell. Every effort is made to ensure those descriptions are accurate and that they fully disclose any exceptions to condition. Any buyer who has made their payment within the due date of 7 calendar days who wishes to report a problem must notify MORPHY’S within three calendar (3) days of receipt of their purchased item. Buyers who have not made their payment within the due date of 7 days may not return any items under any circumstances. No lots purchased by floor bidders (including those bidders acting as agents for others) may be returned. A Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) must be issued by MORPHY’S before you ship anything back to our address. Any items arriving without a return authorization will not be given a refund. The item in question must be shipped with the RMA# on the outside and inside of the package, with full insurance, so it arrives at MORPHY’S within one week of the aforementioned authorization.

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1 - 1949 HIGH GRADE WORLD CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEE TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. Signed during spring training of 1949, this team signed ball has 26 high quality signatures. Joe DiMaggio graces the sweet spot and the side panels are packed full of signatures Larry(Yogi) Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi and others]. There are no clubhouse signatures. Signatures are a consistent 8-9/10 . Ball is a cream color Official Harridge Ball. It would be hard to find a nicer example! SGC Full LOA. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

2 - 1946 WORLD CHAMPION ST. LOUIS CARDINALS SIGNED BASEBALL. Signatures include players like Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst and Enos Slaughter are among the 18 signatures on an Official National League Baseball. Signatures average 4-5/10. The ball has a coat of shellac. SGC Auction LOA. (Very Good). 400.00 - 600.00

3 - 1947 BOSTON RED SOX TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL W/ TED WILLIAMS SIGNIURE. Ted Williams and Dave “Boo” Ferris’s signatures are on the sweet spot of this Official Harridge Baseball. Other signatures that fill in the full side panels include Joe Cronin, Dom DiMaggio, Johnny Pesky and Rudy York. There are 25 signatures on this ball, average 7-8/10. Ball has a coat of shellac. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

4 - BABE RUTH SINGLED SIGNED BASEBALL PENNED “TO RUTH”. Single signed baseball reads “To Ruth Best Wishes Babe Ruth”. It’s always nice to get an extra half of a Ruth signature on a personalized item. A strong blue fountain pen signature on a clear coated William Harridge Official ball. Bold autograph and inscription rates 8/10 while the ball is an even light brown color. SGC full LOA. 6,000.00 - 12,000.00 LOT - 4

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


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LOT - 10 5 - 1960 NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL FROM THE CASEY STENGEL ESTATE. Signatures of 25 members of the 1960 American League Championship New York Yankees team. Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra are on the sweet spot while Roger Maris and Whitey Ford (signature is faded) are directly to the right. Signatures average 5-7 overall with sweet spot being a solid 7-8/10. The ball is an Official Cronin and is an even cream white color. Problem free with no clubhouse signatures. Originates from the Casey Stengel Estate. PSA/DNA LOA (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00

8 - 1949 AMERICAN LEAGUE ALL STAR TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. 1949 The American League would continue its dominance in the 16th All Star Game at Ebbets Field winning 11-7. It would also be the first year that African American players participated with Larry Doby, Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. Signed by 28 members of the 1949 American League All Star team including Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Joe Gordon, and Larry Doby. Fountain pen signatures all are 8-9/10 quality or better on a cream colored official William Harridge baseball. Includes a SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

6 - 1936-37 WORLD CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. Lou Gehrig sits alone on the sweet spot of this red and green stitched ball. It displays as a 7/10 quality and is very readable from a distance. 18 total signatures are on the ball, including a young Joe DiMaggio, Bill Dickey and Tony Lazzeri. The signatures rate from 1 to 7 around the ball, with the Gehrig signature being the best of the lot. A couple signatures have faded from black to green. The ball itself is cream colored but there is some staining including a quarter size spot on the east panel. SGC auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

9 - 1949 NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. Cream colored ball has 12 signatures from the 1949 World Champion New York Yankees. Joe DiMaggio has signed the sweet spot and players like Vic Raschi, Joe Page and Tommy Henrich fill the side panels. Phil Rizzuto is clubhouse signed. The ball is an Official National League Ford Frick. Signatures average 6/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

7 - 1940’S SIGNED BASEBALL WITH TED WILLIAMS, JOE MCCARTHY, & YOGI BERRA. Multi signed baseball has big Ted Williams and Joe McCarthy signatures on the sweet spot. 18 total signatures, including Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto, Mel Allen, Al Zarillia, Tex Hughson and others. The Dom DiMaggio is personalized “for a speedy recovery”. Signed in both black and blue ink with signatures rating a 7-8/10. SGC Auction LOA. 300.00 - 600.00 14

10 - 1951 NEW YORK YANKEES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL W/ ROOKIE MICKEY MANTLE SIGNATURE. Exceptional quality baseball has 22 signatures including a beautiful rookie Mickey Mantle (8/10). Other notable signatures include Yogi Berra, Johnny Mize, and Vic Raschi. The Joe DiMaggio signature has been deemed clubhouse. Signed in fountain pen on an official Harridge baseball signatures average an 8+/10 overall. Beautiful World Championship Baseball. PSA/DNA LOA (Excellent-Near Mint). 3,000.00 - 5,000.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

11 - 1961 PITTSBURGH PIRATES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. Roberto Clemente and the rest of the ‘61 pirates put a pen to this ball. Signatures include Mazeroski, Hoak, Groat and Burgess on an Official Warren Giles baseball. The ball is near white in color and has 21 signatures. Signatures average 8/10 quality. Danny Murtaugh is clubhouse version. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 12

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12 - 1962 NY METS SIGNED BASEBALL W/ HORNSBY & STENGEL. Official Warren Giles ball is dated “April 27, 1962”. It is signed in blue ballpoint pen featuring Casey Stengel on the sweet spot. On the panel directly above is a bold Rogers Hornsby signature, who was a coach and scout. Other signatures include a large Gil Hodges, Don Zimmer and the elusive Elio Chacon. 10 total signatures average 8/10 in quality. Ball has been clear coated and is a cream color. With a little work there are a dozen living 1962 Mets signatures that could be added. SGC Full LOA. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 13 - 1962 PITTSBURGH PIRATES TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL. Perfect white official Warren Giles baseball with 28 signatures, including a rookie Willie Stargell signature. Signatures average 8-9/10. Danny Murtaugh and Roberto Clemente have been deemed clubhouse examples. Also included is a Warren Spahn single signed ball. SGC Auction LOA. 200.00 - 600.00 14 - LARGE LOT OF SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALL COLLECTION INCLUDING TED WILLIAMS. Great single signed collection boasts 73 balls. Almost all of them are official baseballs with about 50 signatures of HOF players. Some highlights include two Ted Williams, Pee Wee Reese, Willie Mays, Eddie Mathews, Hank Aaron, Gary Carter, Warren Spahn and others. A complete list is available online. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

15 - LOT OF 3: COLLECTION OF HOF SIGNED BASEBALLS. Three baseballs; two are American League and one is National League. The first ball has eight signatures including Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams. Ball is a toned Official Bobby Brown baseball. Signature strength is 8/10. The second ball has eight sharpie signatures including Joe Dimaggio and Whitey Ford. The National League ball has 13 signatures that include Hank Aaron, Don Drysdale and Stan Musial. Also included on this ball is a signature from Pete Rose. Signature strength is 8/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 16

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

16 - PETE GRAY SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALL. Pete Gray, an incredible one armed player, was the first one armed player to play in the Major Leagues. Includes an LOA from James Spence. Includes a photograph of Gray taken near his hometown of Nanticoke, Pa. in the 1990’s signing a glove and this baseball. Ball states “To Tom from Pete Gray”. Signature is in black ball point pen on a Wilson baseball. JSA LOA. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00 15

LOT - 17

LOT - 18

LOT - 19

17 - LOT OF 4: TED WILLIAMS AND JOE DIMAGGIO SIGNED BASEBALLS. There are a pair of Ted Williams signed baseballs grade 9/10. Both are signed on Bobby Brown official baseballs that are in near mint and white. There are also two Joe DiMaggio balls that have 8/10 graded signatures. The balls are both Bobby Brown official balls and have their original 1990 era autograph tickets. The black signature ball is slightly off white and the blue signature balls are white, all are in near mint condition overall. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 18 - JOE DIMAGGIO & JOE PAGE VINTAGE SIGNED BASEBALL. Inscription reads “To Joe Best Wishes. Joe DiMaggio” displays as a vintage fountain pen single signed ball. The exact opposite side reads “To Joe Karog Best Wishes Joe Page”. Both signatures rate a 8-9/10, on a shellacked baseball. SGC Auction LOA. 200.00 - 400.00 19 - LOT OF 8: SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS INCLUDING MUSIAL, BANKS & FORD. Ball collection includes signatures from Banks, Ford, Perez, Musial, Sutton, Kiner, Piniella and one unknown signature. Signature strength averages 8/10 out of 10 on official baseballs. Several LOAs from JSA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00


LOT - 20

LOT - 21

20 - JOE DIMAGGIO SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALL. DiMaggio has penned an 8/10 quality signature on this Bobby Brown official baseball. The ball has some toning issues to the sweetspot. JSA Full LOA (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 300.00 - 600.00 21 - TED WILLIAMS SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALL. Ted Williams penned an 8/10 quality blue ball point signature on a snow white Bobby Brown baseball. Includes a SGC Auction LOA (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

22 - 300 HOME RUN CLUB SIGNED BASEBALL W/ MICKEY MANTLE & TED WILLIAMS. Anyone can find a 500 Home Run Ball but I cannot remember running across another 300 Home Run signed baseball ever. Unique ball signed by 28 long ball hitters including Mantle, Williams, Berra, Kaline, Killebrew, Brett and Yastrezmski. I know some greats are left out, there just wasn’t anywhere else to add more signatures. Signatures average 8-9/10 on an near mint Bobby Brown baseball. SGC Full LOA. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 22

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LOT - 25

23 - LOT OF 2: DEREK JETER & MICKEY MANTLE SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS. Mickey has penned a mint 9/10 quality signature on a Bobby Brown official baseball. The ball itself is near mint with a couple minor toning spots that do not affect the signature area. The Jeter signature was obtained when he was in the minor leagues and is on a Wilson ball. Signature rates 10/10 and the ball is perfectly white. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 600.00 - 900.00 24 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS. Pair of Mantle balls both have a 8/10 quality sweet spot signatures. Balls are official Bobby Brown, one is evenly toned all over while the other is lightly toned. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 25 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS. Pair of Mantle balls both have a 9/10 quality sweet spot signature. Balls are official Bobby Brown and both have light toning spots. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 26 26 - LOT OF 12: SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS INCLUDING HANK AARON. A dozen single signed baseballs includes Hank Aaron, Duke Snider, Johnny Vander Meer (insc), two Bob Feller, Warren Spahn, Stan Musial, Steve Left Carlton, Ernie Banks, Phil Scooter Rizzuto, Whitey Ford and Carl Yastrzemski. All are officials balls with average 8-9/10 quality signatures and are in excellent to near mint condition baseballs. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 27

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LOT - 30

LOT - 31 27 - LOT OF 4: MANTLE, WILLIAMS, DIMAGGIO, & SNIDER SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS. Four single signed balls from four legends of the game. Signatures are all 8-9/10. Balls are in excellent to near mint condition with some light toning. Three are Bobby Brown Official baseballs and the Snider is Giamatti. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 28 - MICKEY MANTLE AND JOE DIMAGGIO SIGNED BASEBALL. Both Yankee legends have signed the sweet spot of this Bobby Brown Official baseball. Signatures rate 8/10 and the ball is a cream color. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 29 - LOT OF 2: TED WILLIAMS SIGNED BASEBALLS. Pair of Ted Williams signed baseballs. 10/10 quality signatures on both. Balls are toned Bobby Brown Official baseballs in excellent to near mint condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 30 - 500 HOME RUN CLUB SIGNED BASEBALL. Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams share the sweet spot of this 500 HR hitters signed baseball. Other signatures include, Aaron, Mays, Banks, Robinson, Jackson, and McCovey. Bobby Brown ball has eight signatures total in blue ballpoint and all rate 8-9/10. Ball itself is white and in near mint condition. Plenty of room to add a few more. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 18

LOT - 32 31 - WILLIE, MICKEY & THE DUKE SIGNED BASEBALL. The greats of the fifties all on one ball. Signatures are 9-10/10 on this Bobby Brown baseball. Ball is white with one very tiny spot near the Mays. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint Plus). 400.00 - 800.00 32 - LOT OF 15: SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS INCLUDING MEL ALLEN & EDWIN “DUKE” SNIDER. Signatures include: Edwin “Duke” Snider, two Duke Snider, Mel Allen (sharpie), two Stan Musial, Whitey Ford, Carl Yastrzemski, Bob Feller, Johnny Vander Meer (4) Inscribed, Johnny Mize and Bob Feller, Bob Feller and a Huntz Hal (actor Bowery Boys). Several of the balls have various tone spots. Signatures average 8/10 or better. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

33 - LOT OF 12: PHIL RIZZUTO SIGNED BASEBALLS. Directly from the Phil Rizzuto collection. Baseballs are signed “Holy Cow” Phil Rizzuto HOF 94”. A couple of the balls have toning. Signatures average 9/10. 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 34

LOT - 33

LOT - 35

34 - MICKEY MANTLE SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALL. Mickey has penned his classic sweet spot signature on this Bobby Brown official baseball. The signature grades 9/10 and the ball is near mint and white. There is a JSA sticker to the right of the sweetspot. JSA Full LOA. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 400.00 - 600.00 35 - LOT OF 6: THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY SIGNED BASEBALLS. The OJ Simpson trial captivated America from the chase in the “White Bronco” to the Not Guilty Verdict. Here are six baseballs signed by most of the key players in the trial. Ball one is O.J. Simpson signed on a near mint William White ball. Ball two is Robert Shapiro on a near mint Bobby Brown baseball. Ball three is Johnny Cochran with signature on the side panel on a near mint Leonard Coleman ball. Ball four is Kato Kaelin with signature on the side panel on a near mint Leonard Coleman ball. Ball five is Marcia Clark side panel signature on a near mint Bobby Brown baseball. Ball six is a near mint Gene Budig baseball signed by Marcia Clark, Christopher Darden and Bill Hodgeman. All signatures average 8/10 in strength. SGC Auction LOA . (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,000.00 - 2,000.00 36 - LOT OF 3: JOHNNY UNITAS SINGLE SIGNED BASEBALLS. Unusual group of Johnny Unitas signed Bobby Brown Official baseballs. The first ball is an 8/10 quality signature on a white near mint baseball. The second is a 8/10 quality signature on a toned excellent baseball. The last is personalized “To Jack” on a white near mint baseball. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 36

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


37 - LOT OF 2: GENE AUTRY & ROY ROGERS SIGNED BASEBALLS. Gene Autry, the cowboy turned owner of the Los Angeles Angels, penned an 8/10 quality sweet spot signature on a white near mint Bobby Brown baseball. Roy Rodgers penned a black fiber tip pen signature on an excellent to near mint William White baseball. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 LOT - 37

LOT - 38 38 - APOLLO ASTRONAUTS 1970 SIGNED BASEBALL W/ APOLLO 13. Vintage ball signed in the 1970’s contains 11 signatures of the Apollo and Gemini space program astronauts. The ball originates from the man responsible for arranging the event on June 10, 1970. The astronauts who signed the ball are: James McDivitt, Dick Gordon Jr., Charles Conrad Jr., Fred Haise Jr. (Apollo 13), Dave Scott, Alfred Worden, Jim Irwin, Harrison Schmitt, Dave McBride, Hal Taylor, and Alan Bean. It comes with a photo of the Astronauts lining up on the third base line as they announce the last two. A letter of provenance from his wife accompanies the ball along with some bronze collector coins. The signatures are signed in various pen colors run from 5-8 in strength on a cream unofficial ball. JSA Full LOA. 2,000.00 - 4,000.00

39 - 1947 ST. LOUIS CARDINALS VICTORY BASEBALL. Al Brazle’s black and red decorated victory ball. Two panels of this official ball have great written decoration using black and red ink giving it a great folk art look. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 39


LOT - 40

40 - 1956 BROOKLYN DODGERS TEAM SIGNED BASEBALL WITH LOA. Ball has 16 signatures including HOF Don Drysdale, PeeWee Reese, Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson. Other notable signatures include Don Newcombe and Walter Alston. No makers mark on the ball. All signed in the same blue ballpoint pen. Walter Alston signature is on the sweet spot. Ball does show some yellowing and wear. Includes a LOA from PSA/DNA. (Very Good). 800.00 - 1,200.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 41

LOT - 42

41 - LOT OF 24: AUTOGRAPHED BASEBALLS. The best ball in the lot is an Official American League Rawlings ball signed by Mickey Mantle. Ball is darkened and the “M” in Mantle is slightly rubbed out on the bottom. The other 23 balls have signatures from Rollie Fingers, Gaylord Perry, Gary Carter, Don Sutton, Josh Beckett and many others. A few include JSA or PSA COA, others have an Absolute Memorabilia 2001 COA while others have no COA. Interesting lot with many good players in various conditions. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 42 - LOT OF 12: P2 PINS. Each: 3/4” Dia. Includes Cobb, which has some foxing. Nine are Hall of Famers like LaJoie, Speaker, Mathewson and others. All retains their original back. Eleven are P2 pins in various conditions and one Cracker Jack Bill Terry pin. 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 43

43 - LOT OF 21: SPORTS PINS & PATCHES. Highlights in the group include the 1939 Cincinnati World Champion pin back and the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers pin back dated 1966. Variety of items from the 1930-1980’s. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


44 - 1950’S NEW YORK YANKEES LAPEL PIN. 1 - 1/2” Dia. These classic Yankee pins have been found in 1950’s players estates for quite some time, unfortunately we don’t know who this one belonged to. Beautiful lapel pin has the classic Yankee top hat and bat design in enamel just like the press pins of the same maker. Made by Balfour the 10K gold filled pin retains its scarce original velvet lined box with an embossed Yankee logo on top. Pin is in near mint condition, the box is in excellent condition. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 LOT - 44

LOT - 45

LOT - 46

LOT - 47

45 - 1839-1939 COOPERSTOWN BASEBALL CENTENNIAL LICENSE PLATE TOPPER. Issued for the 100th Anniversary of baseball and the celebration at Cooperstown. These toppers are considered very rare and come up for auction only occasionally. Solid wear to the front including scratches and light rust. 11” x 4”. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00 46 - 1939 BASEBALL CENTENNIAL UNIFORM PATCH. Everyone in the major leagues wore the “1839 to 1939 Baseball Centennial” patch on their sleeve. Colorful red, white and blue design has wear from being affixed to a sleeve. It is a great patch to have handy when you need one to restore a 1939 jersey. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 22

LOT - 48

47 - 1949 NEW YORK YANKEES WORLD SERIES PRESS PIN. The first of five World Series Championships in a row. Dieges & Clust press pin retains its original card. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 48 - SCARCE JOE DIMAGGIO BUITONI CLUB PIN. 1 - 1/2” Dia. Tin litho. Nice depiction of Joe in Yankees uniform holding a bat. Marked “Buitoni Foods Corp.”. Rare button in near mint condition. Includes a COA from Legendary Auctions and has the provenance of the William Mastro Collection. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

49 - LOT OF 2: STAR PLAY CIGAR BOX WITH HOME RUN CIGARETTE PACK. Unusual Star Play cigar box has a sample label affixed to the bottom of the box for display purposes. Great lithography with a real cigar band attached at the right. As the label folds over the seam we can see the costs of ordering other labels making this purely a display piece. Also included is a Home Run cigarettes pack; unopened but has cellophane tears on the top. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

50 - CHARLIE WAGNER ESTATE COLLECTION INCLUDING BOSTON RED SOX TED WILLIAMS ITEMS. Items include Ted Williams and Carl Yastrzemski dual signed photo in which Ted has a penned a lengthy inscription; a Ted Williams Hartland statue in excellent condition, small piece of the Green Monster Plaque, a 1979 Red Sox #27 home jersey with “WAG” in marker on the tail, three pairs of Red Sox pants, two blue Red Sox warm up jerseys, a 2004 Red Sox World Champions jacket (XL), Charlie Wagners 2004 American League pass, Charlie Wagner single signed ball and other items. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 49

51 - LOT OF 2: CHARLIE WAGNER GAME USED GLOVE & PHOTOGRAPH. Photograph shows Wagner wearing the glove on his left hand while talking with Joe Crownin. Glove looks to have heavy use. (Very Good). 100.00 - 300.00 52 - LOT OF 3: CHARLES WAGNER AMERICAN LEAGUE LIFETIME PASSES W/ CASE. Passes are in excellent condition. They are from: Major Leagues of Professional Baseball, The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues and The Association of Professional Ball Players of America. Lot includes a case that reads “Compliments of American League”. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 50

LOT - 51

LOT - 52

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


53 - LOT OF 2: RED SOX CHARLIE WAGNER CIGARETTE BOX & LIGHTER. Cigarette box is silver plated and has a cedar lining. Inscribed “Boston Red Sox 1960” Footed. Slightly tarnished,but in excellent condition. The lighter has “Charlie Wagner” on the side. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 54 - LARGE LOT OF TED WILLIAMS & BOSTON RED SOX PLAYER MEMORABILIA. Lot includes signed book “Science of Hitting” by Ted Williams; nice photo of Ted holding a Silver Slugger; 1961 Convention; photo of HOF Harry Kalas; photo of Phillies announcer Broadway Charlie; small photo of Ted Williams, Dom Dimaggio, Rudy York and Bobby Doerr; photo signed by Charlie Wagner; and more. Conditions vary. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 53

LOT - 54

LOT - 55

55 - LOT OF 4: COLLECTION OF 19TH & EARLY 20TH CENTURY BASEBALL BOOKS. Group includes copyright 1888 “Chadwick’s Baseball Manual”, its cover has some chipping at the corners but appears to be intact, inside is in very good condition. The second is “The Reliable Book of Outdoor Games” by Henry Chadwick, copyright 1893. It has a chip to the front and a big tear to the reverse, otherwise in very good condition. The third is “The New York Clipper 1886 Annual” with a colorful baseball scene on the front cover. The last book is “Baseball Jokes Stories and Poems” published by M.J. Ivers & Co., copyright 1906. (Very Good Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 56 - LOT OF 40: PETE ROSE 44 GAME HIT STREAK WIRE PHOTO COLLECTION. Collection of wire photos that span the time around the 44 game hit streak. They are perfect for matching the bats and uniforms he used during that time period. Also included is the Red’s news release documenting the games he hit in and a signed “Sport” magazine cover. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 LOT - 56


www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 57

LOT - 58

LOT - 60 LOT - 59

57 - 1939 LOU GEHRIG & JIMMIE FOXX WIRE PHOTO. Just seven days earlier Gehrig delivered his “Luckiest Man” speech. This first generation photo was taken at the 1939 All Star game and shows reserves Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx with starter Red Ruffing watching the action. Dated July 13, 1939(2 days later) with Acme News photo credits. The image is very clean with only some very light unobtrusive creasing at the corners and the tiniest of chips. 9” x 7”. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 58 - LOT OF 200+: BOB GIBSON PHOTOGRAPHS & ALBUMS. Largest: 11 - 1/2” x 8 - 3/4”. Lot includes photographs of Bob, his children, his wife Renee and family friends including Bill Cosby. Also included is Gibson’s wedding guest and gift list and ten home movies of 1964 World Series, other baseball games and family trips. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

59 - BLACK & WHITE CABINET PHOTOGRAPH. 6 - 1/2” x 4 - 1/4”. Circa 1900. Photo is of a player for the Browns, believed to be minor league. Exceptional contrast. Player is wearing a bow-tie and hat. There is a crease in the bottom and another in the upper right corner but does not detract from the look of this piece. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 60 - LOT OF 2: CLEVELAND INDIANS & NATIONAL INDIANS POST CARDS. Each: 3 - 1/2” x 5 - 1/2”. The 1907 postcard is unused and in very good to excellent condition with only one little mark that keeps the grade down. The second card reads “The National Indians”. It is a real photo postcard and pictures a high level Native American team with great equipment. Card is unused but addressed on the reverse. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 61

LOT - 62

LOT - 63

61 - LOT OF 9: BASEBALL TEAM POSTCARDS. Each: 3 - 1/2” x 5 - 1/2”. Includes teams and individual players. Some of the cards are: Galena Independents minor league team, White Oak ball team, an all women’s team called the Speedy Maroon Busters and others. Some are used. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 62 - LOT OF 32: PLAYER POSTCARDS COLLECTION. Postcards and promotional photos mailed from teams to fans includes Mickey Mantle, Dormand postcard, two Jackie Robinson premium photos, Roy Campanella postcard and others. Some cards stamped have signatures and secretarial including Ted Williams. Very nice assortment of Hall of Famers as well as star players. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 63 - 1910 MINNESOTA FOOTBALL TEAM POSTCARD. Postcard shows the 1910 University of Minnesota football team. Cancelled postage marks from December 1910. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 64 - LOT OF 3: TY COBB BASEBALL COLLECTIBLES. Ty Cobb is considered to be one of the best if not the best player in the first half of the 20th century. Lot includes early blanket square, circa 1914, showing the Hall of Famer in left handed batting pose; a Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame postcard featuring Cobb’s bust on the front and a 1963 plastic HOF bust of Cobb in the original box. Conditions vary. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 64 26


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LOT - 65

65 - 1933 NEW YORK YANKEES SIGNED AUTOGRAPH ALBUM INCLUDING BABE RUTH & LOU GEHRIG. 6 - 3/4” x 5 - 1/4”. Two and a half magnificent pages of this childhood album encompass the 1933 New York Yankees team. 24 total signatures were a “who’s who” of the baseball world including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri, Red Ruffing, Bill Dickey, Earl Combs, Lefty Gomez, and Herb Pennock, are all there. The green ink Babe Ruth’s signature is bold and rates 9/10, while the Gehrig signature is in black and is 8-9/10. The other signatures rate 8/10-10/10 overall. The rest of the album is dedicated to this young man’s classmates. Includes a JSA LOA. (Near Mint). 5,000.00 - 8,000.00

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LOT - 66

LOT - 67

LOT - 68

LOT - 69

66 - 1940’S MULTI-SIGNED AUTOGRAPH ALBUM INCLUDING CHIEF BENDER 6 - 1/4” x 2 - 1/2”. 50 plus autographs were accumulated in this “half size” autograph album. Most notable is a perfect ball point pen signature from Chief Bender. Others include Happy Chandler, Stan Musial and Golf HOFer Bobby Locke. Besides baseball there are golf and tennis autographs. A variety of writing instruments were used over the span resulting in various signature strengths. Includes a LOA from JSA. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

68 - 1949 KID NICHOLS DAY SIGNED SOUVENIR CARD. Charles Kid Nichols was elected to the HOF in 1949 with a career record of 360/193. He was honored in Kansas City a month after his induction and signed this souvenir from the event. Bold fountain pen signature is 8-9/10. JSA authenticated. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

67 - HALL OF FAMERS & STARS AUTOGRAPHS BOOK W/ MANTLE & DIMAGGIO. 6” x 4 - 3/4”. 1973-1974 autograph album with 45 plus signatures. Highlights include Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Paterno, Franco Harris, Jack Ham and others. There is a combination of both baseball and football signatures with a couple semi-pro football signatures mixed in. Includes a LOA from JSA. 400.00 - 600.00 28

69 - FRAMED 1954 BOB FELLER LETTER W/ WORLD SERIES CONTENT. Framed: 20 - 3/4” x 14 - 1/4”. Interesting signed Bob Feller typed letter. The content is Bob expressing sorrow for not “Coming Through In This Series” as the Giants Swept the Indians 4-0. Framed in excellent condition. Includes a JSA LOA (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

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LOT - 70

LOT - 71

LOT - 72

LOT - 73 70 - LOT OF SIGNED BASEBALL CARDS & PROGRAMS INCLUDING ROSE, MURPHY & THOMPSON. Largest: 8 - 1/2” x 11”. Lot includes a 1968 vintage signed Topps poster of Pete Rose. Autographed cards include 1953 Bowman Larry Doby, 1960 Bobby Thompson, 1964 Jim Bouton, 1967 Ed Kranepool and 1971 Bob Gibson. Other items include a Tom Seaver signed McCarthy postcard and a Ken Griffey Jr signed Reds ticket stub. There are a couple scorecards including a 1976 White Sox with four signatures and a 1977 Atlanta Braves team signed ball with a LOA from James Spence. Includes a signature from HOF Dale Murphy. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

71 - LOT OF 30+: AUTOGRAPHED POSTCARDD & PHOTOS. Group includes a 1951 A’s Athletics signed team photograph, Carl Furillo postcard, Stan Musial 1950’s signed photo, Don Drysdale, Perez Steele postcard, Warren Giles signed promotional card and others. Average signature strength is 8/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 72 - NELLIE FOX ROOKIE SIGNED POSTCARD. Signature is a 8-9/10 in black fountain pen. 1951 postal cancelled real photograph postcard. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 73 - LOT OF 175+: SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD COLLECTION. Cards were mostly signed and mailed from 1950 to 1952. Average signature strength is 8/10. Lot includes lots of familiar names such as Gil Hodges, Warren Giles, Clark Griffith, Casey Stengel, Billy Southworth, and others. SGC auction LOA. (Excellent). 3,000.00 - 4,000.00

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74 - JIMMIE FOXX SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Huge blue ball point pen signature that takes up the entire card. Signed “Regards Jimmie Foxx” rates an 8/10. Card has a 1952 postal cancellation. There is slight toning to the card. Includes a JSA letter. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 74

LOT - 75

LOT - 76

LOT - 77

LOT - 78

LOT - 79

LOT - 80

75 - SATCHEL PAIGE SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. 1951 postal cancellation where Paige played with the Browns. Blue ball point pen signature. Rates 8-9/10. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 76 - WILLIAM “DUMMY” HOY SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Dummy Hoy is the most accomplished deaf player playing in four different leagues over a career that spanned from 1888-1902. GPC is signed in blue ballpoint and rates 9/10. SGC Authenticated (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 77 - TRIS SPEAKER SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Signature rates 7-8/10, fountain pen signature. 1952 postal cancellation. There is some toning to the front as well as several tack holes. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 30

78 - CY YOUNG SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Huge fountain pen signature that takes up the entire postcard. Signature rated 8/10. 1952 postal cancellation. There is toning to the front of the card as well as three tack holes. JSA letter. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 79 - BRANCH RICKY SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Signature rates 9/10. 1952 postal cancellation. Excellent signature example of the man who brought Jackie Robinson to the major leagues. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 80 - CHIEF BENDER GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Bender signature rates 9/10. 1952 postal cancellation. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 81

LOT - 82

LOT - 83

LOT - 84

LOT - 85

LOT - 86

81 - HUGH DUFFY GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Card is signed “Hugh Duffy Red Sox Coach” in black fountain pen. Rated 8/10. There is a slight postal cancellation from 1952 that is visible. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

84 - ROGERS HORNSBY SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Signature strength is 7/10. There is some toning to the postcard and a couple of tack holes. SGC Authenticated. (Very Good). 400.00 - 600.00

82 - MEL OTT GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. 1952 postal cancellation. Ott’s signature in blue ball point pen is a 8-9/10. There is a light shadow. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

85 - HONUS WAGNER SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. Signature from a strong fountain pen rates a 8/10. On the same side in the upper right corner is written “Hello Jim”. Dated 1952 on the postal cancellation sent from near his home in Carnegie, Pa. Card has some toning and a few tack holes, none of which affects the signature. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

83 - DAZZY VANCE SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. 1952 postal cancellation. Signed “Best wishes A.C. Dazzy Vance”. Bold signature, 9/10. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

86 - TY COBB SIGNED GOVERNMENT POSTCARD. 1952 postal cancellation. Signature is in the typical Cobb green fountain pen, dated 1-20-52. Slight smudge to the signature, toning to the front of the card as well as a couple tack holes. Includes a JSA letter of authenticity. SGC Authenticated. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

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LOT - 88

LOT - 87

LOT - 89

87 - LOT OF 24: CLEVELAND INDIANS SIGNED PLAYER POSTCARDS. Real photo postcards, mailed in the early 1950’s. Signature strength averages 7-8/10. Players include: Ruffing, early Wynn, Luke Easter and Bob Feller. SGA Auction LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 88 - LOT OF 18: ST. LOUIS CARDINALS SIGNED PLAYER POSTCARDS. Postcards were mailed between 1950 to 1952. Bold signatures averaging 8/10. Includes player like Red Schoendienst, Enos Slaughter and more. SGA Auction LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00


LOT - 90

89 - ROGER MARIS SIGNED INDEX CARD. Roger Maris penned a beautiful signature on this 3x5” index card. Signature is 8-9/10 strength and card is in near mint condition with some light pencil identifying marks. SGC Authenticated (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 90 - BILLY SOUTHWORTH SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH. Publication photograph of Southworth in a Braves uniform is a nice example, signed in black fountain pen. Rated 9/10. SGA Auction LOA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

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91 - LOT OF 23: CHARLES CONLON SIGNED BASEBALL PHOTO COLLECTION INCLUDING WILLIAMS & DIMAGGIO (23). Terrific group of HOF’ers measuring 5x7” made from the original Charles Conlon negatives. Players include Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Pee Wee Reese, Carl Hubbell, Lefty Gomez, Bill Dickey, Warren Spahn & others. Signatures are all blue sharpie. SGA Auction LOA. (ExcellentNear Mint). 400.00 - 600.00


92 - 1961 SIGNED TOPPS #387 DUKE MAAS CARD. Recently discovered in a collectors album, this is an extremely tough 1961 signed card to find. Duke Maas is on most want lists both for 1961 set builders as well as New York Yankee team collectors. He died in 1976 making signed examples difficult to find. Card is in very good to excellent condition with a 8-9/10 quality blue ballpoint pen signature. SGC Authenticated (Very Good Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00 LOT - 92

LOT - 91

LOT - 93

LOT - 94

93 - 1967 TOPPS #45 ROGER MARIS SIGNED CARD. Roger Maris is the man who broke Babe Ruth’s record. He autographed this 1967 Topps card in blue ball point pen. Bold signature rates 9/10. SGC authenticated. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

94 - TOLEDO MUD HENS SIGNED COLLECTION INCLUDING ARCHIE MOORE & HANK GREENBERG. Interesting group of Toledo related programs and cards. Includes a 1955 Program signed by Hank Greenberg, Archie Moore and Joe Brown, 1955 Program with 15 pencil signatures on the front and back cover, 1955 Program with 10 pencil signatures, 175 signed 1980-90’s signed cards and miscellaneous unsigned memorabilia. SGA Auction LOA. 300.00 - 600.00

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95 - MICKEY MANTLE & ROGER MARIS SIGNED “SAFE AT HOME!” LOBBY CARD. Original 1962 lobby card for the movie “Safe At Home!” featuring Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. Mickey Mantle has signed his likeness in blue sharpie while a cut signature has been affixed to Roger Maris’ likeness. Mantle signature is 9-10/10 while the ballpoint pen Maris signature is a 8/10. Lobby card is in near mint condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 95 96 - HUGE LOT OF BASEBALL SIGNED INDEX CARD COLLECTION. Interesting collection of 1250+ signed index cards. This person accumulated players from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. There are plenty of names you would recognize, light on HOF signatures. Mostly bold eight or better quality signatures. SGC Auction LOA. 300.00 - 600.00 97 - HONUS WAGNER SIGNED PERSONAL CHECK. 1920 signed check of this original 1936 HOF inductee. Made out to Cash and signed John H. Wagner in bold fountain pen rating a 9/10. The check itself has the usual cancellation marks and is excellent to near mint condition. PSA/DNA Full LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

98 - KENNESAW MOUNTAIN LANDIS SIGNED LETTER TO JACOB RUPPERT. 1928 letter from Landis requests a meeting with Col. Jacob Ruppert. Signature is a black fountain pen 9-10/10. Letter on commissioner stationary has a couple fold lines and two blue check marks. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 96

LOT - 97 34

LOT - 98

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99 - LOT OF 23: ASSORTED MINI PENNANTS. Each: 4 - 1/4” L. Circa 1930’s. Group includes Jimmy Foxx, Carl Hubbell, Hank Greenberg and others. Several Hall of Famers are included. Pennants are in excellent condition overall and represent nice variety. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 100 - 1937 NEW YORK YANKEES AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS PENNANT. 25 - 1/4” x 8”. Names of the championship team in white on a blue background. Includes five future HOF players: Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Bill Dickey, Tony Lazzeri and Lefty Gomez. Pennant is intact but slightly faded with some soiling on the white band and tassels and a small tear at the tip. (Very Good). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 99

LOT - 100

LOT - 101

101 - 1957 ALL STAR GAME ST. LOUIS, MO. PENNANT. 28 - 1/2” x 11 - 1/4”. Rare style pennant features all the names of the American League players including Mantle, Williams and more. Pennant is in excellent shape with slight loss on the yellow stripe on the left side. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 102 - LOT OF 7: SPORTS AND RELIGIOUS PENNANTS. Includes: National League Champion Milwaukee Braves with names on side including Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews and others; 1963 Dodgers vs Yankees World Series; a beautiful “Say Hey” Willie Mays Mets; generic NY Yankees; generic NY Giants; 1962 Open Day Dodger’s Stadium and a 1969 Mickey Mantle Day pennant. Also includes a 1979 Pope John Paul visiting pennant. (Very Good Excellent). 200.00 - 600.00 103 - SIGNED VINTAGE CLEVELAND BROWNS FELT PENNANT W/ LOA. 28 - 1/2” x 11 - 3/4”. Beautiful pennant showing player kicking ball over the goal post with the stadium in the foreground. Pennant is autographed by three former HOF players: Jim Brown HOF ‘71, Chuck Knoll HOF ‘93 (Browns player and Steelers coach), and Mike McCormack HOF ‘84. Includes a LOA from James Spence. Signatures are in black felt tip marker. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 103

LOT - 102

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104 - SCARCE O.J. SIMPSON USC COLLEGE FOOTBALL PENNANT. 30” L. Shows O.J. #32 in full uniform, running with the ball. Marked “O.J. Simpson” in USC red and gold. Looks to be in near mint condition, circa 1960’s. Came from a student who attended USC while Simpson was playing there. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 104

LOT - 105

105 - FIGHTING ILLINI ILLINOIS FOOTBALL PENNANT. 29 - 1/4” x 11 - 3/4”. Blue felt feature an image of Red Grange “The Galloping Ghost”. There is some light fading. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 106 - LOT OF 3: PITTSBURGH STEELERS PENNANTS. Largest: 29 - 3/4” x 11 - 3/4”. Two pre-war pennants; one unusual blue background showing a half back running with the ball in right and a black background also showing a running back with ball in the right hand. The last is a 1974 world champions pennant. All the tips are good. None of the three have end tassels, all have some general wear and staining. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 107 LOT - 106

107 - LOT OF 2: VINTAGE BASEBALL PENNANTS. 29” x 11 - 1/2”. Includes Milwaukee Braves showing the Milwaukee County Stadium and a 1958 American League Champions New York Yankees vs Milwaukee Braves showing the names of the ‘58 team including Mantle, Berra, Ford and others. Slight fading to the Yankees pennant and some staining to the Braves pennant. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

108 - LOT OF 9: PITTSBURGH PENNANTS. Largest: 29 - 3/4” x 12 - 1/4”. Lot includes: 1959 Bicentennial showing the Pirates, Steelers and Panthers; early Pittsburg without the “H”; Penguins pennant; 1961 Pirates with a team photo from the 1960’s World Championships; Pirates 1971 World Series Champs pennant; Steelers with a photo of the Super Bowl XIII Championship team, 1979 Pirates World Champs pennant with a list of team members; and two Pirates pennants showing Three Rivers Stadium. (Conditions Vary). 200.00 - 600.00

LOT - 108 36

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LOT - 111

LOT - 109

LOT - 110

109 - LOT OF 3: VINTAGE BASEBALL PENNANTS. Largest: 28 - 1/2” x 11 - 1/4”. Includes a National League Champs NY Giants Polo Grounds pennant, one red tassel missing from the top; a 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates Nation League Champs pennant showing the names of the Pittsburgh team including HOF Clemente, Mazeroski and others. There are two small holes about the “N” in National; and a 1961 Fenway Park All Star Game pennant. (Conditions Vary). 200.00 - 400.00 110 - LOT OF 3: DODGER’S BASEBALL PENNANTS. Each: 30” x 11 - 3/4”. Includes a 1963 World Series pennant, LA Dodgers vs New York Yankees; a 1966 World Series pennant, LA Dodgers vs Baltimore Orioles and a Brooklyn Dodgers pennant marked “1955 World Champs” and shows Ebbets Field and includes a Brooklyn Dodger’s pin on the upper left corner. (Conditions Vary). 200.00 - 400.00 111 - LOT OF 2: VINTAGE CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL PENNANTS. The first is a 1964 World Series New York Yankees pennant with the names of the players which include Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra and others. Bottom is marked “World Series St. Louis 1964”. The second one is a San Francisco Giants National League Champions pennant from 1962. Also shows players names on left hand side which include Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, Willie Mays and others. Some soiling and writing on the San Francisco pennant. (Very Good - Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00

LOT - 112

112 - LOT OF 12: VINTAGE BASEBALL PENNANTS. Framed: 29 - 1/4” x 13 - 1/4”. Lot includes: New York Yankees which is framed; Boston Red Sox; Philadelphia Phillies; San Francisco Giants showing Candlestick Park; two Washington Senators, one slightly faded; St. Louis Cardinals with a pin; Detroit Tigers showing Briggs Stadium; Minnesota Twins and three Chicago White Sox pennants, one is a 1966 with a color photo of the team and one shows Comiskey Park with a pin attached. All in very good to excellent condition. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 113

LOT - 114

LOT - 116 LOT - 115 113 - LOT OF FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL MINI PENNANTS. Largest: 14 - 1/2” x 5”. Lot includes: 1960’s AFL series pennants sealed on the original card with the original $1.00 price tag in upper right hand corner, 14 American Football Conference and 14 National Football Conference mini pennants in the original packages and six 1960’s Bazooka Gum baseball pennants. Conditions vary but overall in excellent to near mint condition. (Excellent-Near Mint). 100.00 - 300.00 114 - LOT OF 3: VINTAGE SPORTS PENNANTS. Largest: 28 - 1/2” x 11 - 3/4”. Includes: 1976 Mohammad Ali vs Jeanne Pierre Coopman pennant from the fight in San Jan Puerto Rico on February 20, 1976. Pennant is in Spanish and still includes the breakaway tag on the rear of the pennant. Lot also includes a Harlem Globetrotters and a Notre Dame football pennant. Some bending to the tips of the pennants. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 38

115 - LOT OF 16: 8X10” PHOTO COLLECTION INCLUDING DIMAGGIO, MARTIN & MAYS. Photos include Joe DiMaggio, Mays/Snider, Willie Mays, Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, Duke Snider, Stan Musial, Johnny Mize, Joe Black, Dixie Howell, Billy Herman, Moose Skowron, Robin Roberts, Jocko Conlon and Warren Spahn. All are in near mint condition with bold signatures. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 116 - LOT OF 2: JOE DIMAGGIO SIGNED 11X14” PHOTOGRAPHS. Uncommon pair of signed DiMaggio images. The first is Joe DiMaggio at his farewell surrounded by trophies and even a bicycle. 10/10 quality signature in blue sharpie on this great photo. The second is DiMaggio selecting a bat outside the dugout in 1939. Gold signature rates 9/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

117 - LOT OF 3: JOE DIMAGGIO & TED WILLIAMS SIGNED PHOTOS. Joe DiMaggio has signed a 16” x 20” Brearly image of him kneeling in 1939. The second is a Ted Williams signed photo in his classic 16” x 20” batting pose. There is also a print of Ted Williams #115/1000 and measures 22” x 17” (framed to 27” x 22”). Signed by Williams and inscribed “Americas Greatest Game Baseball”. Signatures average 8-10/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 118 - BABE RUTH AT HIS LOCKER FOR THE LAST TIME PHOTOGRAPH BY NAT FEIN. The Babe at his locker putting on the pin stripes for the very last time. Super high quality, crystal clear gelatin silver print. Done sometime later (1980’s) and signed on the reverse “To Jack, Nat Fein”. Framed and matted the image measures 10x13” which probably makes it 10-1/2” x 13-1/2” underneath. Even though it’s a bit later these photographs are rather difficult to find. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 117

119 - LOT OF 5: GREAT MOMENTS SIGNED COLLECTION INCLUDING MICKEY MANTLE. Small group of Perez Steele Great Moments signed cards. Included are Carl Hubbell, two Mickey Mantles and two Whitey Ford. Cards are in near mint condition and signatures average 9/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 119

LOT - 118

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LOT - 120

LOT - 121

120 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED CARD RELATED PHOTO & LITHOGRAPH. 1951 Bowman rookie card image has a perfect signature on the left hand side. Framed 11x14” shows a very youthful Mantle wearing his #6 road jersey. Lithograph #419/450 by Gerry Dvorak pictures Mantle from the classic 1953 Topps card. Mr. Dvorak did the art originally for many of the 1953 Topps cards. It measures 12-1/2 x 17” and is matted. Nice 10/10 quality signatures. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 121 - EARLY ZACK WHEAT CABINET PHOTOGRAPH. 4 - 3/4” x 4”. Very early Zack Wheat image reminiscent of Conlon or Bain. Cabinet photo is probably taken circa 1909 and is 4 3/4 x4 and has a small chip on the lower right corner. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 800.00 122 - LOT OF 25+: MEMORABILIA COLLECTION INCLUDING TED WILLIAMS SIGNED STATUE & RITGERS FIGURES. Group includes: Ted Williams and Yogi Berra signed statues; Ritgers Baseball set in excellent condition; Ty Cobb HOF bust in box; a pair of DiMaggio Albums in cellophane; several modern Hartland statues, a Knute Rockne pot metal bust with a crack; a book of unsigned photos, several Yearbooks and programs including Yankees; Mantle restaurant postcards and match books and a group of modern Yankee pins. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 123 - ASSORTED SPORTS PHOTOS & MEMORABILIA. Lot includes: a silver knife from “Chicago Golf Club”, a couple of 1950’s Chicago Baseball schedules, Notre Dame postcards, a photo of an early boxer hitting a speed bag, a golfing photo, two football photos, a basketball photos and four baseball photos. Nice fresh lot right out of a house in Chicago. (Conditions Vary). 100.00 - 300.00


LOT - 122

LOT - 123

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124 - LOT OF 3: MANTLE, WILLIAMS & DIMAGGIO SIGNED LIFE MAGAZINES. Life Magazine trio of covers represent baseball’s best hitters of the 40’s and 50’s. Mantle has signed his 1956 issue, Williams has signed his 1941 cover and DiMaggio signed his 1949 issue. It is unknown if they are complete magazines underneath as they have not been out of their frames. Signatures are 9-10/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 LOT - 124

LOT - 125

125 - LOT OF 3: TED WILLIAMS, WILLIE MAYS, & JOE DIMAGGIO SIGNED PHOTOS. Great uncommon signed photographs of all three players. Joe DiMaggio is signing autographs for a group of youngsters, Willie Mays is playing stick ball with a bunch of young children and Ted Williams is in his classic follow through stance. Signatures average 8-10/10. The 11” x 14” photos are all nicely framed. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

126 - LOT OF 2: THE “BEST MEAT IN NYC” SIGNED MICKEY MANTLE RESTAURANT MENUS. Mickey could not have put it much better. Full Mickey Mantle autograph with a 10/10 quality signature accompanies that great inscription. Framed and house ready. A second menu signed and inscribed “NO. 7” with another perfect signature is also included. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 126

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LOT - 127

LOT - 128

127 - CASEY STENGEL’S SIGNED ALL-TIME YANKEE TEAM POSTER WITH LOA. Framed: 40 - 3/4” x 29”. Signatures include Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Casey Stengel, Vic Raschi and more. Poster shows typical fold lines. Autographs range from 2/10 to 8/10. Poster inscribed in the upper left corner “To Jack Doscher, the old Dodger left field and oldest living one. God bless Jackie Farrell Sr.” (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 128 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED “SAFE AT HOME” MOVIE POSTER. Original 1962 “Safe At Home” one sheet movie poster with images of Mantle and Maris after their enormous popularity in 1961. Mickey has signed a huge 10/10 quality blue sharpie signature across his image and inscribed “NO. 7” below. Poster has good color with storage lines from being folded and tape from being hung up. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 129 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED 16X20” PHOTOGRAPH. Black and white 16x20” photo of Mickey fully extended in his swing is signed in the upper left corner and inscribed “NO.7”. Signature is 9-10/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00


LOT - 129 LOT - 130 130 - LOT OF 2: WILLIAMS/MUSIAL AND MANTLE/MUSIAL SIGNED 8X10”. The first is of Stan Musial and Mickey Mantle shown in batting stances signed in perfect blue sharpie. Second photo shows Ted Williams and Stan Musial with their bats casually over their shoulders. Signatures are 10/10 and nearly jump off the photos. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint Plus). 200.00 - 600.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

131 - LOT OF 11: ELEVEN PEREZ STEELE SIGNED COLLECTION W/ MANTLE & DIMAGGIO & OTHERS. Small Perez Steele group includes Mantle, DiMaggio, Banks, Mays, Berra, two Snider, Ford, Feller, Leonard and Yastrzemski. Signatures average 8-9/10. There are also 11 other unsigned cards in the group. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 132 - SIGNED BASEBALL CARD COLLECTION INCLUDING MARIANO RIVERA, CHIPPER JONES, & JIM GILLIAM (1500+). Collection of mostly in person signed cards spanning from the 1950-2000’s. The group has a few HOF signed cards but what it lacks in stars I’m sure will be made up for in tough signatures. The concentration of cards, 95% from the 1980’s-2000’s. A few highlights include 1961 Topps Jim Gillian, 1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera and three Chipper Jones Rookies. Cards average in excellent to near mint with 8-9/10 average signatures. SGC auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 131 LOT - 132 133 - LOT OF 9: LARGE FORMAT SIGNED PHOTO COLLECTION INCLUDING WILLIAMS & DIMAGGIO. Autographed group of photos include: Joe DiMaggio, two 11x14” Ted Williams, Ben Hogan, two Edwin Duke Snider, Duke Snider menu, 16x20” Stan Musial and an All American Girls Multi Signed. Signatures average 8-9/10 and photos are near mint. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 133

LOT - 134

LOT - 135

134 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED BUDWEISER SIGN & SHEET MUSIC. Budweiser issued a series of Yankees greats signs in the early 1980’s. This one (Mantle/Maris) is signed boldly by Mickey Mantle in blue sharpie. Accompanying the sign is the Theresa Brewer “I Love Mickey” sheet music signed at the top in blue sharpie. The Mantle signatures rate 9-10/10 on both. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

135 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE 11X14” SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHS. Two great images of Mickey. The first is Mantle in full “home run” swing. Signed at the top and inscribed “536 HR’s”. The second is a classic boyish pose of Mantle in a tie resting his head in his hand. Both are framed 11x14” and the signatures rate 10/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

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LOT - 136

LOT - 137

136 - BASEBALL & FOOTBALL AUTOGRAPHED LOT INCLUDING MICKEY MANTLE. Interesting group includes Several Dinner/Banquet Programs. The first is from 1977 and signed by Mickey Mantle on the cover with Jim Palmer on the inside. The second is from 1978 with Tommy Lasorda on the cover and is signed. The third is from 1965, signed by Bunning and Groat on the cover and 12 others on the interior including Johnny Unitas, Nellie Fox and Richie Allen. There are several other signed items which include 5x7” photos of Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell, a Phantom 1964 World Series ticket signed by Tony Taylor and a 1997 program signed by quarterback Kerry Collins. Signatures average 8-9/10. SGC Auction LOA. 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 138 137 - ARMAND LAMONTAGUE TED WILLIAMS SIGNED 1985 GICLEE. Acclaimed Boston artist rendered this likeness of Ted Williams in 1985. Ted has signed it with a gold marker, 8/10 quality. Image is in excellent condition and retains the original issued frame measuring 32” x 26”. SGC auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 138 - RON LEWIS 500 HOME RUN CLUB SIGNED LITHOGRAPH. Ron Lewis lithograph numbered 829/1000. Signatures include: Mantle, Williams, Mays, Aaron, Robinson, Killebrew, Jackson, McCovey, Schmidt, Banks and Mathews. Done in 1988 when there was 11 living 500 Home Run Hitters. Signatures are 9-10/10 signature strength. The 24” x 28” litho is framed to 31” x 45” and in near mint condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 1,400.00 - 1,800.00 139 - VINTAGE RALPH KINER CHILD’S FIELDERS GLOVE. Box: 8 - 3/4” x 7 - 1/4” x 4”. In original box marked “Sporting Goods Fielders Glove Ohio Kentucky Manufacturing Co. Ada, Ohio”. Glove has some age but looks virtually unused. Marked Ralph Kiner 727” in the palm, circa 1950’s. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 44

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LOT - 139

LOT - 141 140 - LOT OF 13: GATEWAY COVER COLLECTION INCLUDING MONTANA & KAREEM ABDUL JABBAR. Cover collection includes three Kareem Abdul Jabbar, three Joe Montana, Walt Alston, two Yogi Berra, three Don Mattingly and an OJ Simpson. All are in near mint condition. SGC auction LOA. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 141 - LOT OF 50: VARIOUS PITTSBURGH SPORTS PROGRAMS. Each: 10 - 1/2” x 7 - 3/4”. Lot includes programs from 1930-1970’s. (Conditions Vary). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 140

LOT - 142

LOT - 143 142 - 1910-1920 GOLD SMITH BASEBALL W/ BOX. Very early Gold Smith baseball with its colorful box. Box is an attractive green and red color with one broken flap. Matching red stitched No 45 Atlantic ball has light markings and is brown from game use. (Very Good). 300.00 - 400.00 143 - 1930’S OFFICIAL SPALDING INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE BALL IN BOX. Spalding International League baseball is slightly off white with very bold markings. It has black and red stitching and the facsimile signature of league President Charles Knapp on the side panel. Ball is near mint condition, the box is in excellent condition and retains original tissue paper. (Excellent-Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 144

144 - LOT OF 2: PEDRO ALVAREZ GAME WORN BASEBALL GLOVE & SIGNED PHOTO. Framed: 20 - 1/2” x 17 - 1/2”. Alvarez’s game worn Rawlings glove from his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates, possible from his rookie season. ProS12-2T model glove has “Pedro Alvarez” embroidered in the side and shows good use. Accompanied by a signed, framed 11x14” photo of Alvarez wearing this very glove. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

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LOT - 145

LOT - 146

LOT - 147 145 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED BASEBALL GLOVE. Mickey Mantle Rawlings MM5 is signed on the right pinkie in blue sharpie. Signature rates a 9/10. Glove is in excellent to near mint condition with only light use. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 146 - LOT OF 2: MICKEY MANTLE & TED WILLIAMS SIGNED BASEBALL GLOVES. These two are perfect for display with bold signatures and supple leather. Mickey Mantle’s glove is a Rawlings XPC-20 signed on the pinkie in blue sharpie. Signature rates 9/10, glove is in excellent condition. Ted Williams’s glove is a Wilson A2040 Personal Model it is signed on the pinkie in blue sharpie. Signature rates 8/10, glove is in excellent condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 147 - CAL RIPKIN AUTOGRAPHED GLOVE & BALL DISPLAY. Silver Wilson glove and three baseballs. One ball has Ripkin’s picture painted on it, one with 2131-1995 (Ironman Streak) and the last reads “Baltimore Orioles” hand painted by artist Joe Orzak. Display is 5/100. In acrylic case. Includes COA from Ken Goldin. Dated 1993 All Star Game. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00


LOT - 148 148 - PITTSBURGH PIRATES ROBERTO CLEMENTE SIGNED POSTER. Framed: 30” x 26 - 1/2”. Large black and white image of Clemete in a Pirates uniform. Extremely well done. Signed in flare pen in the lower right. Signature is 9/10. Also signed by his wife Vera Clemente in blue ball point pen directly below. Large pieces such as this do not come up for sale often. This item has been authenticated by PSA-DNA. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

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149 - 1960 UNION CITY BEER PITTSBURGH PIRATES TEAM PHOTOGRAPH. Framed: 35” x 19 - 3/4”. Nicely framed and matted. Showing the 1960 World Championship team that beat the Yankees in seven games on Bill Mazeroski’s walk off home run. Picture was taken at Forbes Field. (Excellent). 200.00 - 600.00

LOT - 149

LOT - 151

LOT - 150 150 - LOT OF 5: 1960 WORLD SERIES TICKETS STUBS & SCORE CARD COLLECTION - INCLUDING GAME 7. Largest: 5” x 3”. The Pirates took the 1960 series in dramatic fashion off the bat of Bill Mazeroski. There are stubs to all four games played in Pittsburgh, games 1, 2, and 6 and all are in excellent condition overall. The game 7 stub is in very good condition with a paperclip indentation. Also included in the lot is a pocket score book issued by Pittsburgh National Bank in excellent condition. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 151 - 1960 WORLD SERIES GAME 7 BILL MAZEROSKI HOME RUN SIGNED STUB. 4 - 1/4” x 2 - 1/4”. October 13, 1960, the only time in history that someone hit a walk off home run to win game 7 of the World Series. Bill Mazeroski did it to beat the Yankees in stunning fashion. The historic stub is in very good to excellent condition and has a huge, perfect blue sharpie signature from Mazeroski that grades a 10/10. SGC authenticated. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 152 - LOT OF 168: 1997 FRANCISCO CORDOVA PITTSBURGH PIRATES NO-HITTER FULL TICKET HOARD. Each: 5 - 1/2” x 2”. On July 12 1997 the Pirates defeated the Astros 3-0. Francisco Cordova pitched nine innings of no hit ball with Ricardo Rincon coming on in relief to finish the extra inning no hitter. Offered is 168 full tickets to the game played in Pittsburgh ending in a walk off Home Run By Mark Smith. (Excellent-Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00

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LOT - 152


153 - ROBERTO CLEMENTE SIGNED “LINES ONE OVER SECOND” PROMOTIONAL PRINT. Framed: 17 - 3/4” x 14 - 3/4”. 1961 Roberto Clamente print was part of a Ford promotion featuring six the 1960 World Champion Pirates. Original was done by noted sports artist Robert Riger. Print has been signed by Roberto along his bat in black ball point pen. This bold autograph rates a 9/10. Authenticated by SGC. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00

LOT - 153

LOT - 154

LOT - 155 154 - LOT OF 2: 21 FORBES FIELD VENDOR PIN & EARLY PITTSBURGH PIRATES LOCKER KEY FOB. Largest: 3” Dia. This stadium vendor had Roberto Clemente’s #21 on his chest while he sold beer, hot dogs or programs at Forbes Field. The pin is discolored from outdoor exposure. Also included from a much earlier time is a brass locker key tag. Its octagonal with “Pittsburgh B.B.C. Pirates Pittsburgh PA” which could mean it is from the teens or twenties. SGC Full LOA. (Excellent). 300.00 - 500.00 155 - UNIQUE ROBERTO CLEMENTE HANDWRITTEN LETTER SIGNED “MOMEN”. Each Page: 8 - 1/2” x 5 - 1/2”. Probably the only time you will ever see a Roberto Clemente item signed in his childhood nickname “Momen”. This is a full three page handwritten letter to his cousin in Spanish and is signed on the reverse side. Written in black ballpoint, the letter rates 8/10 throughout and is on The Los Angeles Biltmore stationary, probably picked up on a West Coast road trip. PSA/DNA LOA. (Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00 48

156 - 1962 DAPPER DAN DINNER PROGRAM SIGNED BY ROBERTO CLEMENTE & ERNIE DAVIS. 9” x 6”. In the winter of 1962, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette held their 26th annual Dapper Dan Club dinner. The award winners were a “who’s who” and honored Roberto Clemente, Ernie Davis, Mike Ditka, Bear Bryant, Whitey Ford, Frank Robinsinson, and others. Program is signed by 12 attendees including Clemente, Davis, Ditka, Elston Howard, Danny Murtaugh, Bill Mazeroski and a couple others. Signatures are in blue ballpoint pen (except one) and rate 9/10 on average with Clemente being the boldest. The program itself is in excellent condition with the interior only secured by one staple. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

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LOT - 156

LOT - 157 157 - LOT OF 5: LETTERS BRINGING ROBERTO CLEMENTE TO THE PITTSBURGH PIRATES ARCHIVE. Each: 8 - 1/2” x 11”. Five letters specifically relating to bringing a very young Roberto Clemente from Montreal to the Pirates. The first is a cover letter from Branch Rickey to the Montreal club saying that Clemente was purchased by the Pirates for $4000. It is initialed “BR” for Branch Rickey but it is inconclusive that he signed it. The other four include; the acknowledgment Montreal claiming services of Clemente, a copy of the letter sending Clemente his first Pirates contract, and two letters regarding photos for use by the press. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00

LOT - 158 158 - 1968 TEAM SIGNED PITTSBURGH PIRATES YEARBOOK W/ ROBERTO CLEMENTE. 8 - 1/2” x 11”. Official Yearbook has 29 signatures of Pittsburgh Pirate players all on or around their photos. The majority are ballpoint pen with a few signed in blue sharpie. The Clemente is a huge ballpoint pen signature to the right of his photo that rates an 8/10. Other key Pirate signatures include Willie Stargell and Bill Mazeroski. In addition to the 29 signatures there are a couple of stamped signatures, most notable Jim Bunning. Program is in excellent condition and signatures rate 9/10 on average. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

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159 - THURMAN MUNSON & ROBERTO CLEMENTE SIGNED CANGREJEROS DE SANTURCE BASEBALL. After missing the 1969 season to the military, Thurman Munson spent the 1969-1970 winter season with the Cangrejeros de Santurce Baseball Club, where he was a teammate of Roberto Clemente. This ball is signed by 31 players and coaches with beautiful bold signatures of both Clemente and Munson rate a 8-9/10. Directly above the Clemente signature appears to be a date of 10-01-14. The rest of the ball varies from 2-9/10. Wilson Official Puerto Rican League ball shows good game use. Very rare team ball. SGC Full LOA. 3,000.00 - 5,000.00

LOT - 160

LOT - 159

LOT - 161 LOT - 162

160 - LOT OF 2: 1970 PITTSBURGH PIRATES LAST GAME AT FORBES FIELD PROGRAM & TICKET STUB. 10 - 1/2” x 7”. June 28 1960 was an end of an era in Pittsburgh sports history. Forbes field closed after 61 years of use. In grand style, the Pirates played a double header that day against the Chicago Cubs. The program is from game one, scored in pencil. It grades as very good with a crease to the cover and some hot dog grease stains to the scoring page. The ticket stub is in excellent to near mint condition with nice tears. On the reverse side of the stub is written “Last Game At Forbes 6/28/70 D.H. Cubs. (Very Good). 300.00 - 500.00 161 - LOT OF 10: PITTSBURGH PIRATES TICKETS & STUBS INCLUDING LAST GAME AT FORBES FIELD. Largest: 4” x 1 - 1/4”. This lot includes two different variations of the last game played at Forbes Field. The first is the dated pink version in near mint condition while the other is undated version with a name and date written on the reverse in ball point pen. There are four full tickets to the August 30, 1955 Pirates vs Cardinals game still stapled from the original purchase. Rounding out the group is a 1959 All Star game stub and three Phantom 1970 World Series tickets. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 50

162 - LOT OF 2: AWARDS PRESENTED TO WILLIE STARGELL. Largest: 43 - 1/4” T. The first is the Ernie Mehl Award, presented to Stargell in January of 1978 for contributing greatly to the overall image of baseball, both on and off the field. The award stands an impressive 3-1/2’ tall with a big “Wilver D. “Willie” Stargell” plaque at the bottom. The second trophy is not dated but was presented by the Champions Association Inc with Budweiser to Willie for the Pittsburgh MVP Award and stands 30” tall. With no date it is believed the award was from the late 1970’s. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

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163 - DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR EAST-WEST BASEBALL CLASSIC MEDAL GIVEN TO WILLIE STARGELL. Framed: 11” x 7 - 1/4”. 31,694 fans including Jackie Robinson crowded Dodger stadium to see a baseball game honoring Dr. Martin Luther King. His “I Have a Dream” speech was played before the game and Coretta Scott King threw out the first pitch. A dozen future HOF members participated in the game including Clemente, Stargell, Arron, Bench and Mays. The team managers were legends and coaches with names like DiMaggio, Campanella, Paige, Martin, Koufax, Musial and Drysdale to name a few. For his participation Willie Stargell received this Martin Luther King bronze medal presented in a gilded frame on behalf of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference donated by Coca-Cola. A truly historic game. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00


164 - LOT OF 20: 1979 WORLD SERIES FULL TICKET COLLECTION. Each: 7” x 2”. Accumulation of 20 full 1979 World Series tickets to watch the Pirates defeat the Orioles in seven games. There is one ticket for each of games 1, 2, 6, 7. There are five for game 3, and eleven for game 5. Three of the game 5 tickets are signed by Dave Parker, Kent Tekulve and Phil Garner. Overall the tickets are in near mint condition. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 163

LOT - 164

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LOT - 165

165 - 1982 WILLIE STARGELL GAME USED FIRST BASEMAN’S GLOVE. The final season for “Pops” was spent mostly at DH after the day he took this glove off and gave it to teammate Steve Nicosia. During his career Willie was the best first baseman the club ever had. He never won a gold glove but despite that Rawlings honored him with a career gold glove a few weeks short of retirement. The glove itself is a well used Rawlings Heart of the Hide model CMH-H. It is signed in faded black marker “Willie Stargell 21 June 82”. On the strap is Stargell’s classic “VIII” and at the thumb is a star with “GELL” after it. Glove shows definite use from the 1982 season and has a detailed letter of provenance from longtime teammate Steve Nicosia. This is one of the finest if not the finest documented Willie Stargell gloves to ever come to market. A fabulous piece for the serious collector. (Excellent-Near Mint). 15,000.00 - 20,000.00 52

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LOT - 166

LOT - 167

166 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED 1952 MITCHELL & NESS JERSEY. Mickey Mantle signed 1952 style jersey with the 50 Year Yankee patch on the sleeve. Blue sharpie signature is 8/10 quality, penned on the right breast. New York Yankee home pinstripe replica jersey made by Mitchell & Ness. SGC Full LOA. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

167 - TED WILLIAMS SIGNED ROOKIE STYLE 1939 MITCHELL & NESS JERSEY. Ted Williams signed a 1939 style jersey with the centennial patch on the sleeve. Blue sharpie signature is 8/10 quality, penned on the right breast. The jersey is a Boston Red Sox home replica made by Mitchell & Ness and is in near mint condition. SGC Full LOA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 168 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED 1951 MITCHELL & NESS HOME JERSEY. 1951 Mickey Mantle rookie style signed jersey with the 50 tear patch on the sleeve. Blue sharpie signature is 8/10 quality, penned just below the “NY”. New York Yankee home pinstripe jersey made by Mitchell & Ness with original tag, in near mint condition. SGC Full LOA. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

LOT - 168

169 - LOT OF 4: MAYS, MUSIAL & SNIDER SIGNED MITCHELL & NESS REPLICA JERSEYS. Willie Mays signed above the left breast on a 1951 style jersey. The Musial is a rookie style zip up with the health patch on the sleeve signed on the right breast in blue sharpie. There are two Duke Snider 1955 style replica jerseys signed on the left breast in blue. He has added a “HOF 1980” inscription to both shirts. Signatures average 8/10 and all jerseys are made by Mitchell & Ness. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 169

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LOT - 170

LOT - 172

LOT - 171

170 - LOT OF 3: CAL RIPKEN, REGGIE JACKSON & PETE ROSE SIGNED JERSEYS. Each Framed: 35 - 1/4” x 27 - 1/2”. Cal Ripken jersey is signed in silver on a black 1991 Baltimore Orioles. Reggie Jackson has signed a 1970’s style Oakland A’s jersey in blue sharpie with a HOF notation. Pete Rose is signed on a Reds jersey in silver and has multiple inscriptions on the numbers. Autographs average 9-10/10. Ripken and Rose jerseys includes photos of them signing the jerseys. Includes SGC Authenticated. Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 171 - KEN GRIFFEY JR. DUNLOP AD BASEBALL JERSEY. Made by Russell Athletic. Has “Donlop” for Donlop Tires on the front of the jersey and “Griffey 24” on the back. Was worn by Ken Griffey Jr. in the early 1990’s. Some soiling and wear. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 172 - LOT OF 2: ERIK KRAMER CHICAGO BEARS PROFESSIONAL GAME READY JERSEYS. 1998 home and a road jerseys of the Bears quarterback who holds. Kramer holds both the Bears single season passing yardage and touchdown pass records. Kramer is also notable for his failed suicide attempt in 2015. In the collar there are 98-44/ & 98/46 year/size patches and Nike Pro-Line tags in the tail. Both jerseys have the initials “GSH” for George Halas on the left sleeve. Both shirts have light if any use making them more in the game ready category. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00


LOT - 173 173 - DARREN DAULTON PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES WARMUP JACKET. Maroon early 1980’s warm-up jacket has “Daulton” across the back in white. Rawlings size 42 tag is in inside the right front. There is a small tear to the fabric in the lower back otherwise it is in near mint. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 174

174 - 1969 SEATTLE PILOTS DON MINCHER HOME JERSEY. 1969 was an All Star Year for Don Mincher as a member of the one year Seattle Pilots. The jersey is restored home white flannel just like almost every known example. They were all sent to the minors after the season with only a couple of unrestored shirts known. “Mincher” is chain stitched in the collar and “69” is stitched in the tail along with a Wilson tag. The “5” on the reverse appears to be a team replacement rather than restored. The “Seattle Pilots” on the front has been restored to its original state. A very nice example of one of the best players on that team. 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 175 - 1940-1950’S INDIANS JERSEY. 1950’s style Indians jersey made by Shenk & Tittle, Harrisburg Pa. No number on the back. Probably an early souvenir jersey or prepped for the minor leagues. Great display quality. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 175

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LOT - 176

176 - 1969-1970 CHARLES WILLIAMS PITTSBURGH PIPERS ABA GAME WORN JERSEY. Fresh to the market Pittsburgh ABA road jersey is exceedingly rare with only a few examples existing. In the 1969-1970 season, Charles Williams averaged 19-1/2 points per game and was elected to the All-Star team for his second and final time. The jersey is blue with orange letters and numbers. The front is all original with “Pittsburgh” and the numbers firmly attached. There is a 1” tear above the “T”. In the tail, the Rawling’s tags are present but detached on one side. The original wash/wear tag is also present. On the reverse, the numbers are all original but the name plate is a period team replacement or a reattachment of the original name plate as the consignor has had the jersey since the early 1970’s. And amazing piece that shows game use. (Excellent). 6,000.00 - 9,000.00


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LOT - 177

LOT - 178

177 - STAN MUSIAL 1952 ST. LOUIS CARDINALS UNIFORM PANTS. If you have the shirt, these are the perfect addition. Rawlings pants have the “1952” year tag sewn in the back with dry clean only and are size 40 waist (he definitely wore very baggy pants during those years). The only other marking is a pen number “45” in the waist from possible minor league use. Musial has signed the thigh in black sharpie and notated “My Game Pants-1952!” Lacking any other identifying marks we had to rely on Musial’s inscription to help authenticate these. Heavy game use. Letter from SGC regarding autograph. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00

178 - 1959 NEW YORK YANKEE HOME #49 PINSTRIPE FLANNEL JERSEY. Home pinstripe jersey with a retired (Ron Guidry) #49 on the reverse. The collar is chain stitched extra but may have been worn by Jim Bronstad who did wear #49 for part of the year. Completely original with Spalding and size tags on the front tail with a chain stitched “59”. Wash wear tag and set 1 1959 flag tags are intact on the inside front tail also. (Excellent-Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

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LOT - 179

179 - 1960 YOGI BERRA GAME USED YANKEES ROAD JERSEY FLANNEL. I guess the question needs to be asked was this the jersey Berra was wearing in left field as Bill Mazeroski’s game 7 home run sailed over his head to win the 1960 World Series. With only two road jerseys issued by the Yankees in 1960 it certainly has a good chance. Obtained long before internet photo matching this jersey has been tucked away since it was first offered in 1993 as part of the Binghamton collection in Lelands. While the jersey has gone through some restoration to the front, the #8 is absolutely original to the shirt. The New York on the front is perfectly restored as they removed the original to send to the minor leagues. Wilson size 42 in the front tail and a there is a partial tag above with 1960 (Berra is missing). To be accurate a faded name can be seen in the collar in marker which was common to do to these type of jerseys. Shirt was obtained by the general manager Jerry Toman who was in charge of the uniforms sent directly from the Yankees. It includes a 1992 Letter of Opinion from Dick Dobbins stating “the owner should feel confident that this is an authentic Yankee jersey undoubtedly used by Yogi Berra”. Besides the Dobbins letter, there is a letter from Jerry Toman, the Binghamton Manager in the 1960’s and a copy of original catalog listing. (Excellent). 20,000.00 - 30,000.00 58

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180 - JOE DIMAGGIO BASEBALL CLEATS WITH TAG & ORIGINAL BOX. Made by Endicott Johnson. Post-war, size 4 cleats. Looks to be in unused condition. Includes the original tag which shows the Yankee Clipper with stats on back of the tag and the original box which has a nice color likeness of Dimaggio with facsimile signature. Box lid shows some shelf wear with slight creases around the edges and is in very good condition. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 181 - NICE LOT OF BOBBY THOMSON MEMORABILIA. Lot includes: 1950 Franklin Bob Thomson glove, unused in original box. The rest of the lot is memorabilia connected to the three run home run that won the NY Giants the 1951 pennant over the Brooklyn Dodgers better known as the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” such as a 1951 Bowman card of Ralph Branca, the pitcher who threw Bobby the pitch; a 1957 Topps Thomson card; a signed and cancelled Bobby Thomson check and other paper articles. Conditions vary but an in overall excellent condition. (Excellent). 200.00 - 600.00

LOT - 180

LOT - 181

LOT - 182

LOT - 183

182 - LOT OF 2: WILLIE MAYS & DUKE SNIDER SIGNED HATS. Willie Mays signed Cooperstown Collection NY Giants Hat. Mays signature is in silver and rates 8/10. Duke Snider Brooklyn Dodgers hat is signed in silver on the brim and rates 9/10. The hats themselves are in near mint condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

183 - 1967-1968 PITTSBURGH PIRATES HOME FLANNEL VEST. Home vest worn by either Billy O’Dell in 1967 or Bill Henry in 1968, this Pirates vest appears to be all original. Numbers are black with gold trim with similar color piping. Rawlings size 42 tag and wash instructions are in the front tail. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

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184 - LOT OF 2: GENE KLINE & BOB MILLER PITTSBURGH PIRATES BASEBALL 1971 REUNION UNIFORMS. In 1991 in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the 1971 World Series Championship team, Rawlings made uniforms just like the ones used in 1971. Gene Kline and Bob Miller were unable to attend the game so their uniforms remain unused. Their names and “1971” are in the pants along with the size. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 185 - 19TH CENTURY RING BAT “DELPHIA” . 19th century ring bat has the word “Delphia No. 101 Kids Jr.” in black against a brick red background. Beautiful condition and color measuring 29-1/2”. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 184

LOT - 185

LOT - 186

186 - VERY RARE EARLY SPALDING BABE RUTH HOME RUN SPECIAL FIELDERS GLOVE. In original box with nice depiction of Babe wearing the NY Yankees uniform and hat. Marked “Big League Mitts and Gloves”, “A. C. Spalding & Bros.”. Box does have some creasing, tearing and a small piece missing on the lower leftside apron. Glove is original but does have use and general wear. Very rare, early, pre-war glove. (Very Good). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00


LOT - 187

187 - SPALDING BASEBALL SWEATER. Retains the original black Spalding tag in the collar with the patent date of February 17, 1914. There are three white stripes on the left hand sleeve, possibly from Ohio State. Sweater is intact and in excellent condition. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

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188 - TURN OF THE CENTURY DETACHABLE SLEEVE BASEBALL UNIFORM WITH PILL BOX HAT. Detachable sleeve uniform originated in Westport Connecticut. The top is a grey/ green pullover with “WB” on the chest and “Wright & Ditson” in the collar. The matching pants are quilted with the same Wright & Ditson tag in the waist. There is a red baseball belt original to the uniform and matching stockings. Rare pillbox cap has two grey striped bands around the middle. There is some heavy wear but will still display beautifully. There is no tag inside. De-accessioned from a New England historical society. (Very Good - Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 189 - 1914 TY COBB HIGH GRADE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER MINI DECAL BAT. Decal bats like these just don’t come around anymore. Ty Cobb decal is 95% or more intact (a few very minor chips) with vibrant color measuring 14” long. Bat was made after the 1913 season because of the wording “Has Led the American League Seven Years with This Model”. It would be presumed that production would cease in 1914 with Cobb’s eighth batting title. It would be hard pressed to find a better example. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 190 - 1930 TY COBB HIGH GRADE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER LARGE SIZE DECAL BAT. Very scarce decal bat. Decal is 80% intact, showing nice portrait of Cobb in a Detroit Tigers uniform. Under has a facsimile of Ty Cobb’s signature and reads “Had lead the American League 6 years with this model”, meaning his batting average. Bat does show some use. Difficult to find in this nice of condition. (Excellent). 3,000.00 - 5,000.00

LOT - 188

LOT - 189

LOT - 190

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191 - DEREK JETER SIGNED LIMITED EDITION MR. NOVEMBER BASEBALL BAT (STEINER). 33 - 1/2” L. Derek Jeter signed Mr. November Louisville Slugger was limited to 27 pieces. Black bat is engraved in silver and gold and is in mint condition. The signature is a perfect 10/10 and numbered 5/27. Bat has holograms from both Steiner Sports and UDA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 192 - TED WILLIAMS SIGNED BASEBALL BAT. Ted Williams has penned a strong blue sharpie signature on the barrel of this modern Pro Model Louisville Slugger. Signature rates an 8-9/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 193 - MICKEY MANTLE SIGNED BASEBALL BAT. Louisville Slugger Mickey Mantle Pro Model bat has a strong 9-10/10 blue sharpie signature. Mantle perfectly placed his autograph directly below his burned in signature on the barrel. SGC auction LOA. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 194 - JOE DIMAGGIO LITTLE LEAGUE LOUISVILLE SLUGGER. 32” L. Features a decal with Joe Dimaggio on the end, about 85% complete. Bat shows use wear. 200.00 - 400.00 195 - 1957 MILWAUKEE BRAVES TEAM SIGNED REUNION BAT. Signed by 11 members in blue sharpie. Signature strength is an average 9/10. Highlights include Hank Aaron inscribed “755” for his home run total, Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn and others. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 196 - EXCEPTIONAL HOF SIGNED BASEBALL BAT INCLUDING MANTLE WILLIAMS & AARON. Louisville Slugger is signed by Mickey Mantle inscribed #7, Ted Williams, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial and others. This is one of the nicest HOF bats that I have seen in a long time with 38 total HOF signatures plus Pete Rose for a total of 39. Signature rate an average 9/10. All but one are signed in blue sharpie. SGC LOA (Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00


LOT - 191

LOT - 192

LOT - 193

LOT - 194

LOT - 195

LOT - 196

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LOT - 197

LOT - 198

LOT - 199

197 - 1963-1967 DICK ALLEN ADIRONDACK PROFESSIONAL MODEL BAT. Big 35-3/4” Dick Allen Adirondack bat with “194V1 x” on the knob. There is tape on the handle and a couple of wooden plugs from where it was broken. Markings are light but “Allen” can be made out very well on the barrel. (Very Good). 300.00 - 600.00 198 - 1960’S MICKEY MANTLE TEAM INDEX BAT. 34” L. Model K55, 34” in length. Is in unused condition. Not a length ordered by Mantle personally. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 199 - 1965-1968 JOE MORGAN GAME USED BAT. One would be hard pressed to find a better example of an early Joe Morgan game used bat. Manufactured by Louisville Slugger between 1965 and 1968, this bat is uncracked with a number “8” on the knob. Model S44 measures 34-1/4” long and weighs 31 lbs which is indicated on the knob as well in pencil. There is heavy pine tar on the handle and many many ball and cleat marks on the barrel. (Excellent). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 200 - LOT OF 10: HOF SINGLE SIGNED BATS INCLUDING AARON, BANKS & MAYS. Beautiful group of HOF signed bats. Players include: Banks HR total, Killebrew, Schmidt, Musial insc. The Man, Mays, Mathews HR total, McCovey HR total, Aaron, Snider and Snider HOF 1980. All are 9-10/10 except the Mays which is 7/10. All are signed on full sized Louisville Sluggers except the Schmidt and Mays who signed the Adirondack models. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 1,000.00 - 2,000.00

LOT - 200

LOT - 201

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201 - 1965-68 RICHIE ALLEN PROFESSIONAL MODEL BASEBALL BAT. Big 36” Louisville Slugger. Richie/ Dick played for the Philadelphia Phillies during those days. Uncracked Louisville Slugger P89 shows rack marks but light use. There is some non baseball marks on the barrel. The perfect gamer to get signed. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 63

202 - HARMON KILLEBREW GAME USED MINNESOTA TWINS HAT. Along with the bat, this heavily used Harmon Killebrew hat was also given as a gift. Heavy use can be seen throughout especially sweat marks under the brim. The Killer’s “3” is there in faded black marker and the back is split to allow for a custom piece of band to be added making the hat slightly bigger. This is a professional quality alteration and appears to have been done by the Twins. The manufacturer tag is gone. There is a letter of provenance from the original recipient. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00 LOT - 202

LOT - 203

203 - 1969-1972 HARMON KILLEBREW PROFESSIONAL MODEL BAT PSA GU 9.5. A pounded example of this 500 home run club hitters bat. It exhibits heavy use with many ball marks, cleat marks and great pine tar on the handle. There is a slight handle crack that is left as original. The model “S207” is stamped into the knob along with Killebrews “3” in black marker. The half point deduction is from an inscription that was removed from the barrel presumably a personalization. Besides the PSA GU 9.5 letter there is a letter detailing the bats history from the original recipient. (Excellent-Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 8,000.00


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LOT - 204

LOT - 205

LOT - 206

204 - LOT OF 2: BABE RUTH AND LOU GEHRIG STORE MODEL BATS. The Babe Ruth bat is a 40 B.R. measuring 33” with moderate wear. The Lou Gehrig is a 40 L.G. measuring 34”. The handle is cracked and was once taped. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 205 - LOU GEHRIG STORE MODEL BASEBALL BAT. Big 36” Lou Gehrig Louisville Slugger bat. Bat still retains its original patina and perfect markings. “36” on the knob with a faint “1934” lightly scratched in. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 206 - LOT OF 2: STORE MODEL BATS INCLUDING A WINCHESTER BAT. Pair of store model baseball bats that have seen some use on the field. Winchester Model 2402 is 34” long. Frankie Frisch 40 F.F. store model bat is 35-1/2” long has good markings but has a bit of deadwood on the reverse. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

207 - LOT OF 25: ENTIRE 2004 WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX’S GAME USED BATS. A single owner collection of the 2004 World Champion Boston Red Sox’s game used bat collection. We all remember the miracle comeback in the ALCS against the Yankees and the whole 86 year curse of the Bambino. It was a joyous time in New England when the Red Sox finally won it all. This collection focuses on World Series Roster players and all the key ones are here including David Ortiz (great use), Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Curt Schilling and Tim Wakefield. Additional non World Series roster bats include Terry Francona (manager), Dale Sveum (third Base Coach), Ellis Burks and a team index bat. An additional Doug Mirabelli bat with Doug Mientkiewicz #13 on the knob is included. Most bats have significant heavy/pounded use and a couple are signed including the Pedro Martinez. Just missing half a dozen pitchers to be complete. A rare opportunity to acquire these as a single collection. (Excellent). 4,000.00 - 8,000.00 LOT - 207

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208 - LOUISVILLE SLUGGER HILLERCH & BRADSBY BAT RACK. Post war. All metal with a plastic top. Original gold paint, complete. (Very Good - Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

LOT - 208

LOT - 209 209 - PANORAMIC BASEBALL PHOTOGRAPH. Framed: 53 - 1/4” x 10 - 1/2”. Photo shows both teams posing on the field of the Hunting Ave Baseball Grounds where the Boston American team played. Marked “Boston American League Grounds/Havard - vs - Boston/April 14th 1910”. 1910 was the debut of Boston’s million dollar outfield that included Tris Speaker, Harry Hooper and Duffy Lewis. The Boston team is shown on the right side in their high collar button up sweaters. Photograph is by Faulk. Crystal clear image and retains the original frame. While the photograph is dated April 14th, it was most likely taken several days earlier. The Red Sox actually played the Yankees at Highlander Park on April 14, 1910 in that seasons opener. 4,000.00 - 6,000.00

LOT - 210 210 - 1912 PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPH OF OPENING GAME OF THE AMERICAN LEAGUE. Framed: 49” x 11”. The opening of Fenway Park was slightly overshadowed by the sinking of the Titanic just five days earlier. Although a capacity crowd was on hand, baseball seemed less important at the time. 1912 the Red Sox won the World Series behind a young Smokey Joe Wood who would have one of the best seasons any pitcher would have in the major leagues. Photo is in excellent condition, only small wrinkles to the right side. Photographer credit is in the upper right corner. Typical of some panoramics of that time, some players use the window of opportunity to pose with both teams, as can be seen with Smokey Joe Wood and another unnamed Red Sox player. (Excellent). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00 66

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LOT - 211

LOT - 213

LOT - 212 211 - LOT OF 2: WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES PANORAMA & THE INDEX MAGAZINE. Largest: 40 - 1/2” x 16”. Original “The Index” magazine from October 16, 1909. The Panorama was an insert inside the magazine. Panorama shows Forbes Field from three different angles and the two participating teams of the 1909 World Series, the Detroit Tigers vs Pittsburgh Pirates. Beautifully framed. Unfolded from the magazine. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00

212 - 1925 SHOELESS JOE JACKSON BARNSTORMING BROADSIDE. A tremendous 1925 broadside with a shoeless Joe Jackson graphic advertising “Shoeless Joe Jackson Club” (Waycross) vs. Douglass A&M. It reads, “The famous Joe Jackson will positively play in this game”. That day Waycross defeated Douglass A&M 22-2 with Joe Jackson switching sides to help Douglass to plate their only two runs of the day. Measures 7-1/4” x 14-7/8” and mounted on original scrapbook page from Joe Jackson’s personal scrapbook. There are only a few known broadsides for Joe Jackson that are real and this is one of them. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 213 - LATE 1940’S LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPH OF FENWAY PARK. Framed: 25” x 21”. Unusual over sized night time image taken from the bleachers of historic Fenway Park. It’s impossible to tell the opponent but it could easily be the first night game played at Fenway in 1948. An interesting park perspective as most photos come from in back of home plate. Image measures 15” x 19” and is framed to 20” x 25”. Crystal clear registry, with a slight alligatored surface. (Excellent-Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

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214 - FRAMED OVERSIZED 1948 CLEVELAND INDIANS TEAM PHOTOGRAPH. Framed: 40” x 26 - 3/4”. Framed in an old frame. Taken out of a bar near old Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Many recognizable faces on the team including HOF Bob Feller, Satchel Paige, Larry Doby, Lou Boudreau. Beautiful looking photo in excellent condition. Frame does have some wear. (Excellent). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 215 - APRIL 17, 1951 MICKEY MANTLE FIRST GAME PROGRAM. The best baseball program of the 1950’s. Tough to find true Mickey Mantle first game program with Marklund in the printed lineup at short stop. While there are other programs from the first series that claim Mantle’s first game, this is the real deal. As a bonus Mantle got his first hit that day during the sixth inning. Scored neatly in pencil with all the correct changes made. In excellent condition with only a small chip to the front right corner. (Excellent). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00

LOT - 214

LOT - 215 216 - JACKIE ROBINSON 1ST HR 1947 DODGERS PROGRAM. In just the third game of the season, Jackie Robinson hit his first Home Run of the season. Completely scored in pencil, Jackie hit a solo shot off Dave Koslo. Another first that Jackie put in the record books. Program is split all the way down the center and could benefit from restoration. We wanted to leave the program in its original state. There is a chip off the interior second half of the pages. The Date is written on the cover in pencil. Historic Program in fair condition (Fair). 800.00 - 1,200.00 217 - 1960 JOHN ROSS BASEBALL PRINT. Framed: 25” x 19”. Framed. Wood cut print in cubism style, showing catcher in full gear with umpire behind him at home plate and two hands and a bat of the batter. Signed in lower right corner. Some wear to frame. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 216 68

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LOT - 217

LOT - 218

LOT - 219

218 - LOT OF 3: MICKEY MANTLE, JOE DIMAGGIO, & STAN MUSIAL SIGNED MAGAZINES. Trio of signed magazine includes: Mickey Mantle, signed June 2, 1962 Sports Illustrated, no mailing label; Joe DiMaggio signed 1939 Model Builder Magazine and a Stan Musial signed issue of Baseball Magazine. It’s not known if these are complete issues as they have not been out of their frames. Signatures are 9-10/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 219 - LOT OF 17: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE BOB GIBSON COLLECTION. Largest: 8” x 10”. Photos include: Bob with his family at the 1964 World Series; Bob on the Joey Bishop Show; photos of All Star players like Pete Rose, Lou Brock and other St. Louis Cardinal players signing team balls; one that looks like Malcom X playing pool; and several pictures of Bill Cosby. Photographs include Polaroids and some 8x12”. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 220

220 - LOT OF 6: PITTSBURGH PIRATES PRESS PINS & A 1972 OPENING DAY PROGRAM. Largest: 10 - 3/4” x 8 - 1/4”. This lot includes; 1960 Pirates World Series press pin, 1979 Pirates World Series press pin, 1974 All Star Game at Pittsburgh(high polish version) and two Phantoms 1977? and 1992. Pins are near mint overall. Also included is an opening game, championship banner raising 1972 Program in very good to excellent condition. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

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221 - LOT OF 5: FRAMED BASEBALL PRINTS. Each Framed: 27 - 1/4” x 23 - 1/2”. Lot includes: Ruth, Mathewson, Johnson, Cobb and Wagner. These lithographs represent the first five inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The lithographs are all signed in the lower corners by R. Patton and numbered. Nicely framed. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 221

222 - LOT OF 7: SPORTS MEMORABILIA ITEMS. Largest Box: 9 - 1/2” x 9 1/2”. Lot includes: Play Ball Armour Baseball with facsimile autographs of HOF Jonny Bench, Brooks Robinson, Reggie Jackson, Billy Williams and others. Still sealed on an original card; four Rawling’s glove ads, one for Bob Feller, two for Mickey Mantle and one for Stan Musial; a Carl Yastrzemski glove in the original box and a Billy Cunningham basketball in the original box. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 223 223 - LOT OF 6: WOODCUT BASEBALL PRINTS. Each: 21” x 14 - 3/4”. Includes Babe Ruth, Sandy Kofuax, Satchel Pagie and others. Signed and numbered. Circa 1990. All are black ink on rag paper. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 222

LOT - 224

224 - DETROIT TIGERS BRIGGS STADIUM FIGURAL STADIUM SEATS. Perfectly restored pair of well used stadium seats from Detroit Briggs Stadium. I can only imagine what history was watched from these seats; Lou Gehrig sits for the first time after 2130 games played, a young Al Kaline playing his first games in the majors or Mickey Mantle tape measure home runs. The pair of seats has a Batting Tiger on both ends which marked the end of the row. So this row had exactly two seats. A custom stand is attached to make the riser style seats free standing. Near mint as restored. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 70

LOT - 225

225 - COMISKEY PARK FREE STANDING STADIUM SEAT. All original down to its flanking paint. Seat is in very good un-restored condition with “9” impressed into the back. These seats were used until the park closed in 1990. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

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226 - 1923-1973 NEW YORK YANKEE STADIUM SEAT. Classic seat from the House that Ruth Built. After 50 years Yankee Stadium underwent a face lift. Removed directly from the stadium this flat back seat is in beautiful shape having undergone paint restoration sometime ago. Affixed to the slat, the brass metal tag given when these seats were sold. Seat is no. 7 for Mantle. Great condition and house ready. (Excellent-Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 227 - 1905 PHILIDELPHIA A’S “OUR CHAMPIONS” LARGE FORMAT SILK. At first glance this piece is so nice you would think it was a premium printed on paper. On closer examination reveals it is an amazing team photo printed on silk. It features the Philadelphia A’s when it was a “who’s who” team of baseball stars in the first decade of the 20th century. Players include Chief Bender, Rube Waddell, Eddie Plank and manager Connie Mack. The “1902” and “1905” refers to the teams first Pennant winning years. This example originates is from the William Mastro Collection, who is known for his obsession for pieces in high grade condition. (Near Mint Plus - Mint). 3,000.00 - 4,000.00 LOT - 226

LOT - 227

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LOT - 228

228 - BASEBALL CANVAS PAINTING. Framed: 28-3/4 x 21-1/4. Circa 19th century. Painting represents an 1870’s game scene. Equipment is limited to catcher’s glove as there were no masks. While there is no umpire behind the pitcher to date the scene, the players are wearing bib style front uniforms. The background shows the industrial factories of a city and the stadium is reminiscent of Pittsburgh. Pleasing overall with some restoration on the left hand side, two small tears measuring approximately 3/4” each and significant craqueture of the paint due to age. The canvas appears to have been restretched and reframed quite some time ago. While there have been many reproductions of scenes like these, the location of this painting has been known for up to 40 years. Truly an amazing representation of American Baseball Folk Art. (Excellent). 10,000.00 - 15,000.00


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LOT - 229

LOT - 230 229 - LOT OF 2: CHICAGO WHITE SOX LANTERN SLIDES W/ EDDIE COLLINS. Teens pair of lantern slides show Eddie Collins at an unknown ballpark. Crystal clear images in full White Sox uniform. (ExcellentNear Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 230 - LOT OF 2: EARLY PRE-WAR JIMMIE FOXX BASEBALL ITEMS. Jimmie Foxx was a Hall of Fame player for the Chicago Cubs and hit over 500 home runs. Lot includes a Wheaties cut-out card from 1935 and a panda bear with a photo pin “Yours for Life - Jimmy Foxx”. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 231

231 - LOT OF 10: BILL MARTIN SNEAKY SNAKE FISHING LURES. Box: 7” x 6 - 1/4” x 4”. Includes original store display box. Shows Bill Martin in NY Yankees uniform and cap. Two different colored lures. All 10 are unpunched and sealed on the cards. Circa 1980’s. (Near Mint). 100.00 - 300.00 232 - BEAUTIFUL DIZZY DEAN GRAPE NUTS DIECUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Framed: 33” x 29 - 1/2”. Store display with a spot for brochures. Shows Dean pitching in uniform. Reads “Boys! Girls! Get my valuable prizes free!” -Dizzy Dean” and “For energy...Eat Grape Nuts!”. Beautifully framed, very little wear. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,600.00

LOT - 233

LOT - 232

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233 - EARLY SQUEEZE SODA BASEBALL ADVERTISING SIGN. 20” x 15”. Sign shows three kids playing sandlot baseball with one handing the kid about to score a Squeeze soda. Sign reads “Squeeze - Scores Again- Flavors that please”. Some minor soiling. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 73

LOT - 234

LOT - 235

LOT - 236

234 - ONE OF A KIND ALLIE REYNOLDS NEW YORK YANKEES 1953 BEECHNUT CHEWING GUM BILLBOARD. Huge 9x5’ original, unused Beechnut Chewing Gum billboard with a giant image of Allie Reynolds in full Yankee uniform. Perfect display for a huge room, bar or movie set. The color is just like the day it was made and folds up for easy economic shipping. Only exhibits light wear from handling over the years. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 235 - WINGS CIGARETTES BASEBALL THEMED ADVERTISING SIGN. Reads “Wings last longer because they are stronger”, “Union Made”, “Cellophane Wrapped”. Shows outfielder catching a baseball. Nice coloring. Advertising for an obscure cigarette company. There is some peeling and damage to edges especially the left side. (Good - Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00 236 - LOT OF 2: NY GIANTS & YANKEES BALLANTINE BEER ADVERTISING DISPLAYS. Ballantine always sponsored the NY teams in the 1950’s & 60’s. The first 1953 NY York Yankees Photo Display Sign boasting “First Team to Win 5 Consecutive World Championships” in excellent condition. The second is a 1961 NY Giants Football Schedule advertising sign in very good condition. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00


LOT - 237 237 - VERY RARE ERNIE BANKS CARDBOARD COCA-COLA STORE DISPLAY. 20” x 10”. Circa 1959. Cardboard sign shows Banks in full Cubs uniform and hat swinging his bat and an 8-pack of Coca-Cola bottles to the right. Reads: “Swing to the Real Thing says Ernie Banks. Now in the New 8-King Pack!”. Made to put on store counters. Only a few examples are known. Nicely framed and matted. Some general wear and some staining. (Very Good). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

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238 - VERY SCARCE & UNUSUAL MICKEY MANTLE TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT ADVERTISING SIGN. Beautiful full figured shot of Mantle in his Yankees uniform in lower left corner. Reads “Play it Safe! Mickey Mantle Says - Cross at Corners Not mid block”. Circa 1960’s. There are some corner and edge wear. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00 239 - LOT OF 15: 1964 AURAVISION RECORDS. Each: 6 - 3/4” x 6 - 3/4”. This is an almost complete set of un-punched and un-played Auravision picture records features players like Mantle, Maris, & Koufax. Missing only Mays for completion. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 240 - IRWIN MICKEY MANTLE SWITCH HITTER BATTING PRACTICE SET. Includes the original box with a nice pictorial of Mantle in Yankees uniform holding a bat in a left handed stance in upper left corner. Still has the $1.98 written price tag on upper left corner. Reads “Indoor/ outdoor remote control”. The remote control foot plunger has become misshapen due to age as typical with this item. Includes insert and three plastic baseballs. Some creasing to box. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 241 - WILLIE MAYS “SAY HEY” BASEBALL GAME. Box: 14 - 1/4” x 14 - 1/4”. Includes the original box marked “Made in the U.S.A. Centennial Games”. Nice picture of Mays on front in his San Francisco Giants uniform. Box is complete but does have some splitting on side aprons, creasing and paper loss. Game includes games board, score sheets, dice, game pieces and a facsimile picture of Mays; mostly complete. Circa 1950’s. (Very Good). 300.00 - 600.00 LOT - 238

242 - WILLIE MAYS BASEBALL GAME. Box: 18 - 3/4” x 11 - 3/4”. Tough game to find, circa 1969. Shows Mays in San Francisco Giants uniform holding baseball bat on the front cover with a facsimile signature reading “Best Wishes - Willie Mays”. Box is crisp and complete. Game includes game board, a pair of dice, three plastic game pieces, some vintage pencils, rule book and players booklet. Looks mostly complete. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 LOT - 239

LOT - 241

LOT - 240

LOT - 242

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243 - EARLY MCLOUGHLIN BROS. HOME BASEBALL GAME. Includes the original box, marked copyright 1900. Beautiful colorful depiction of early baseball player at bat with catcher behind him. Game instructions are inside lid. Includes game board, spinner and 26 various colored wooden pieces. Some edge wear and slight creasing to the box. (Excellent-Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00 244 - VINTAGE BABE RUTH OFFICIAL BASEBALL GAME IN ORIGINAL BOX. 25” x 18 - 3/4”. Includes original box, marked “No. 3” and shows a picture of Ruth in his uniform. Made by Toytown Corp., circa 1940’s. Box does have some edge wear and minor paper loss. Includes game board with felt infield and outfield, a large flag, pot metal Babe Ruth figure, original wooden bat, wooden pegs and other round game pieces. Looks complete. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 243

LOT - 244 245 - THE GREAT AMERICAN BASEBALL GAME. 13 - 1/2” x 9”. Tin litho. Pre-war. Made by the Hustler Toy Co. Includes disc men. Nice lithography of the playing field. Advertising for Frantz Garage. Spinner at the top of the game board is tin litho and wood. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 245

246 - SCARCE LA DODGERS OFFICIAL BASEBALL GAME. Box: 16 - 3/4” x 12 - 1/4”. Includes original box with nice photos of 1950-60’s Dodger’s players and coaches on the side aprons. Marked “LA Dodgers Official Baseball Game” on the front. Made by J&J Co. Burbank, Cal. Box does have some creasing and tearing at the corners. Game includes cards, four game pieces and game board. Looks mostly complete. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 247 - REAL ACTION QUARTERBACK FOOTBALL GAME WITH MEAN JOE GREENE. Box: 15” x 10”. Includes original box showing Greene in his No. 75 Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. Circa 1970’s. Game board, rules sheet, first down marker, charts and game cards. Looks mostly complete. Some edge wear to the box. (Excellent). 100.00 - 200.00 76

LOT - 246

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LOT - 247


248 - LOT OF 6: VINTAGE BASEBALL & BASKETBALL SPORTS GAMES. Largest Box: 24” x 24”. The first is a 1970’s Best of 5 Baseball Dart Game, mint, sealed in the original box. Shows a nice photo display of Johnny Bench in catcher’s gear and at bat. Made by I.M.M. Corp. in 1975. The second item is a Mel Allen Baseball game which is a record in a sleeve with a playing field on the back. The third is a Hank Aaron Pitchback, with automatic umpire. Shows a facsimile picture of Aaron in an Atlanta Braves hat on the front. The fourth is a large Vida Blue Regent Pitchback Return Thrower, unused, in the original box showing Vida in Oakland A’s uniform. The fifth is a Dave DeBusscher dart game. Showing a nice color photo of Dave on the front shooting basketball. The last item is a really unusual Japanese Giants baseball game. Original box has Japanese writing. Made by Epock. (Conditions Vary. 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 248

LOT - 249

LOT - 250

249 - CARL HUBBELL STRIKE 3 BASEBALL GAME. Box: 15 - 1/4” x 14 - 1/2”. Includes the original box. Box has some tearing on corners and edge wear. Game is tin litho with a felt type playing area. Includes three original metal balls. Pre-war. Made by Tone Products Corp. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 250 - AURORA WILLIE MAYS MODEL KIT. Box: 13 - 1/4” x 5 - 1/4” x 2 - 1/4”. Unused, sealed in the original box. Marked “Greatest Moments in Sports”, “1954 World Series Game Giants vs Cleveland” and “Kit No. 860-98”. Shows a nice depiction of Willie in a Giants uniform making his famous catch. Circa 1966. Some slight tearing to the cellophane covering the box. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 251 - AURORA DEMPSEY VS FIRPO GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORT MODEL KIT. Box: 12 - 3/4” x 9”. Includes original box marked “Kit No. 861-198” with a picture of Firpo kncking Dempsey out of the ring. Model has not been put together, pieces are still sealed in the original plastic. Includes original instruction sheet. Circa 1960’s. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 251

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252 - M&M ENTERPRISES BASEBALL PAINT-A-PLAYER OIL PAINTING SET. Box: 13 - 1/2” x 8 - 1/4”. Beautiful original box has nice pictures of several HOF like Mickey Mantel, Duke Snider, Phil Rizzuto, Eddie Matthews and others. There is some edge wear to the box. Set “A-400” includes Paint-A-Player list of the 12 circular paint holders and three portraits of Yankee players E. Robinson, G. McDougald and Yogi Berra. All unused. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 252

253 - 1964 BRADLEY TIME ALL STAR WRIST WATCH. Box: 5 - 3/4” x 3 - 3/4”. Includes very scarce original box. Marked “All Star Wrist Watch No. 5-168” and showing Mays, Mantle and Maris. Watch is unused and works. Includes paperwork. Hard to imagine ever finding a nicer example. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

254 - 1928 RED GRANGE STERLING DOLL COMPANY DOLL. 28” T. Includes original clothing and hard to find original helmet. Marked “77” on front of shirt. Missing one spike on left shoe. Hands and face are in good shape. Some soiling to clothing. Nice depiction of the “Galloping Ghost” (Very Good Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 255 - PRE-WAR CHALKWARE CARNIVAL BASEBALL PLAYER. 24 - 1/4” x 7”. Very scarce. Nice depiction of an early player rolling up his sleeves and holding a bat. Some minor chipping to the base. One of few examples known. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 253

LOT - 254

256 - PLASTER BASEBALL CATCHER STATUE. This lot consists of a plaster statue depicting a baseball catcher. The figure is donned in an early shirt, collar, high top cleats, pillow glove and early chest protector. It is in excellent condition with a few minor repairs that are barely noticeable. Marked “502. Copyright 1907. American Man’fg Co. Phila. PA.” (Excellent). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 257 - BABE RUTH COMPOSITE CARNIVAL PRIZE FIGURE. The “Babe” reduced to a carnival prize. This one has seen some better times. There are multiple chips and cracks, I guess you could say it gives it character. (Good). 200.00 - 400.00 78

LOT - 255

LOT - 256

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LOT - 257

258 - TY COBB SEE-HOW MOVIE VIEWER. Box: 3” x 6” x 4”. Includes the scarce original box with great graphics, includes box insert. The plastic baseball shaped movie viewer and film looks unused. Also includes the instructions and a mail-away pamphlet. Circa 1930’s. When crank is turned the film can be viewed through the viewer. Small tear on side flap. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 258

LOT - 259

259 - MICKEY MANTLE POWERHOUSE SPEAKER DISPLAY. 17 - 3/4” x 16 - 1/4”. On the cardboard display and an original box. Shows a nice picture of Mantle in the middle of the cardboard display. Original price tag of $9.88 still on the card. Marked “Mickey Mantle endorses all Fedtro Audio products”. Circa 1968. Also included is the smaller original box for the speaker itself. Some edge wear to the box. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 260 - 1950’S MICKEY MANTLE CHILD’S BASEBALL SET. Bat: 22 - 1/2” L. Early baseball set includes wooden Mickey Mantle baseball bat. Rubber baseball is missing. Made by the Roland Wilson Co. Memphis, Tenn. The packaging has some creasing but is visually excellent. Very scarce. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 261 - MANTLE & MAYS BASEBALL SET. Bat: 32 - 1/2” L. 1965 set made by Transogram. Original packaging features photos of Mantle and Mays. Some soiling and edge wear to packaging. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 262 - TRANSOGRAM MICKEY MANTLE & WILLIE MAYS BAT & BALL SET. Box: 33” x 4 - 1/2”. Set is still sealed in the original box. There is some tearing to the plastic. Gold plastic bat with the four original balls. 33” variation. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 LOT - 260

LOT - 261

LOT - 262

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LOT - 264 LOT - 263

LOT - 265

LOT - 266

263 - 1961 ROGER MARIS HOME RUN TRAINER. 31” x 11”. Set made by Transogram. Packaging features a photo of Maris. Cardboard is in excellent shape with one small water stain under the bat and a couple of small creases. A seldom seen kit from the 1960’s. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 264 - BABE RUTH SCORE KEEPER WITH TAB. 1 - 3/4” Dia. Depicts Babe wearing Boston Braves hat on the back. Front shows Runs, Balls, Strikes and Innings that are clicked by side wheels. Still has the original tab on top. Very little wear. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 265 - BABE RUTH CLOCK. Circa 1940’s. Made by Abbottware. Features a bust of Babe Ruth with a baseball on both sides. Clock works. Copper is in good shape with a light green patina, wood base is in excellent shape. One of the best examples known. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 266 - J. & E. STEVENS CAST IRON DARKTOWN BATTERY MECHANICAL BANK. 10” L. Manufactured in 1888 in Cromwell, Conn. Beautiful original condition includes the bat. Marked “Darktown Battery” on the base with two bats crossed over two baseballs. When in action, pitcher pitches and batter tries to hit while coin goes into the catcher’s stomach. Appears to be the original trap. Some wear to base where coin hits. Embossed “Possums” on the batter’s shirt. Nice crossover appeal between Black Americana, Baseball and mechanical banks. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00


LOT - 267 267 - BASEBALL BEER STEIN. 7-1/4” T. Pewter lidded stein. Early image of a baseball player. No chips or cracks. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

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268 - LOT OF 3: CELLULOID SPORTS FIGURES. Largest: 6” T. All are Japanese. First one is “Made in Occupied Japan” Bill Dickey wind up catcher with a partial original box. Box has tearing and missing flaps on both ends but it is scarce. The second one is a little boy holding a bat. There are some dents. Inspection tag is on bottom of left foot. The last a football player holding a football in the left arm. (Very Good - Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00 LOT - 268

LOT - 269

LOT - 270

LOT - 271

LOT - 272

269 - HARTLAND ERNIE BANKS FIGURE. 7 - 1/4” T. Includes the original box. Marked “1958”, “No. 920” and reads “The Official “Ernie” Banks Chicago Cubs”. Box is complete with some original wrapping paper inside, slight tearing on the top flap but overall nice and crisp. Includes the original Hartland pamphlet and merchandising tag. Figure shows Banks in a batting pose. Original bat. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

271 - HARTLAND BABE RUTH FIGURE. 7 - 3/4” T. Includes the original box. Marked “1958”, “No. 911” and reads “The Fabulous “Bambino” “Babe Ruth” New York Yankees”. Box is complete but does have some tearing and creasing, in very good condition. Includes the original Hartland pamphlet. Figure shows Babe in his famous pointing pose. Original bat. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

270 - HARTLAND TED WILLIAMS FIGURE. 7 - 3/4” T. Includes the original box. Marked “1958”, “No. 914” and reads “The Official “Mr Baseball” Ted Williams Boston Red Sox”. Box is complete but does have some creasing and is reinforced inside with some styrofoam and sealed in protective plastic. Includes the original merchandising tag. Figure shows Williams in a batting swing with a few nicks to the nose. Original bat. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

272 - HARTLAND STAN MUSICAL FIGURE. 7” T. Includes the original box. Marked “1958”, “No. 915” and reads “The Official “Stan the Man” Stan Musiel St. Lous Cardinals”. Box is complete, slight tearing on the top flap but overall nice and crisp. Includes the original Hartland pamphlet and merchandising tag. Figure shows Musiel in a batting pose. Original bat. Hard to find one nicer. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

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LOT - 273

LOT - 274

LOT - 275

LOT - 276

273 - HARTLAND WILLIE MAYS FIGURE. 7 - 1/2” T. Includes the original box. Marked “1958”, “No. 918” and reads “The Official Willie Mays San Francisco Giants”. Box is complete with slight creasing, has been reinforced with styrofoam on the inside and covered with protective plastic. Figure shows Mays in a fielding stance. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 274 - LOT OF 4: HARTLAND HALL OF FAME BASEBALL FIGURES. Largest: 8” T. Circa late 1950’s. Lot includes #41 Braves Eddie Mathews, #9 Red Sox Ted Williams, #6 Cardinals Stan Musial and #44 Braves Hank Aaron. Musial has brim of hat broken and missing, Williams and Aaron are missing the bats and Mathews has scratches to the face. Mostly cream colored to yellow. (Very Good). 100.00 - 300.00 275 - EARLY TIN LITHO WIND UP HOME RUN KING BASEBALL TOY. Includes the extremely scarce original box with nice graphics. Original price sticker on one end flap. Box is missing two end flaps and has creasing and tearing. Made by Selrite Products, New York. Circa 1920’s. Depicts early baseball player at the plate. When wound, player swings back and forth and hits the ball. Ball was probably a wooden marble, which is no longer present. There is some scratching and litho loss to face, neck and bat. Nice lithography on the base. Almost impossible to find in the original box. (Very Good - Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 276 - BATTERY OPERATED TIN LITHO MR. BASEBALL JR. Scarce version with Mickey Mantle No. 7 on back. Original bat and comes with original balls. Original box is present but partial lid has been torn off and missing. Version with team names on base. Working. Very little wear. Box (Very Good - Excellent) Toy (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 82

LOT - 277

LOT - 278

277 - SCARCE BLACK FACE NEW YORK GIANTS BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. Circa 1961-1966. Toes up, nice NFL and New York stickers on base. Marked “1962 Japan” underside of base. No wear to face. Some slight scuffing to head and minor wear under back of head. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 278 - LOS ANGELES DODGERS WHITE ROUND BASE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 7” T. Includes the original box with original neck inserts. Nice Dodgers decal. Holding glove in left hand and ball in the right. Nice “LA” decal on top. Made in Japan, circa 1960’s. This version with the round white base is more difficult to find than the square white base with only four team dolls made in this style. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

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LOT - 279

LOT - 280


LOT - 281

LOT - 282

279 - LOT OF 2: BASEBALL COMPOSITION MASCOT BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7 - 1/4” T. Both in original boxes. Both on gold round bases, circa 1966-1971. The first is the Cleveland Indians mascot, nice decal on the chest and base. The second is a Cincinnati Reds mascot. Both marked “Japan”. Small hairline on the back of head on the Reds doll, some staining on one side of head and a chip on the hat brim. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 280 - LOT OF 2: SMALL BASEBALL COMPOSITION MINI NODDERS. Each: 4 - 3/4” T. Circa 1961-1962. The first is the Cleveland Indians mascot and the second is a Washington Senators Boy Face. Both have magnets on the bottom. Marked “Made in Japan”. Nice decals. Washington nodder has 1” crack to back of neck and head needs to be put back on. Very little wear to the Cleveland nodder. (Very Good). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 283

281 - 1960’S WHITE SQUARE BASE CHICAGO CUBS BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 6 - 1/2” T. Chicago mascot doll. Circa 1961-63. Considered one of the best series of bobbin head dolls made. Mascot bear head. Chicago decal on base shows some chipping and some damage to right side of hat. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 282 - LOT OF 2: BASEBALL MASCOT BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7 - 1/4” T. Both are on gold round bases. The first is an Atlanta Braves and the second a Pittsburgh Pirates. Circa 1966-1971. Nice decals on both. The Pirates one has a chip at the “G” in the Pittsburgh decal. There are a few chips on the neck of the Braves doll. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 283 - LOT OF 2: SPORTS BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7” T. One is a boy face San Francisco Giants and the other is a Seattle Supersonics still in the original packaging. Circa 1960-70’s. (Excellent-Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

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284 - VERY RARE CLEVELAND INDIANS BLACK FACE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 7” T. Green round base. Circa 1963-1965. From a very desirable series, not many were produced. Almost no wear. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 284

LOT - 285

LOT - 286

285 - VERY RARE CHICAGO WHITE SOX BLACK FACE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 7” T. Green round base. Circa 1963-1965. From a very desirable series, not many were produced. Nice decals on hat and chest. Slight chipping the the “G” in Chicago on the base. One chip to chin and some slight damage behind the left ear. (Very Good Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

286 - BOSTON RED SOX GREEN BASE BASEBALL BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 6 - 1/4” T. Includes original box with neck piece. Some wear to the box label and lid. Stamped “Red Sox” on the bottom of the box. Circa 1963-65. Decals on chest and base are in good condition. Nice, clean and bright. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 200.00 - 400.00 287 - RARE PITTSBURGH PIRATES ROBERTO CLEMENTE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 7” T. Made in Japan, circa 1960’s. Shows Clemente in Pirates uniform with bat in right hand. Nice decals to hat and chest. Decal on base has slight chipping. Some spots of restoration to chest, head and back of base. Extremely difficult to find. (Very Good). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 287

LOT - 288

288 - WILLIE MAYS BOBBLE HEAD DOLL. 7” T. In original box stamped “Willie Mays” on bottom. Paper decal shows boy and otter on the front. Made in Japan. Has neck and box insert. Nice facsimile autograph of Mays on gold round base and Giant across the chest. Also San Francisco decal on the cap. One small chip under the chin, otherwise in near mint condition. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

289 - LOT OF 18: BASEBALL GREEN & WHITE BASE BOBBING HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7 - 1/2” T. Lot includes: Harder to find white round base Astros boy face, made in Japan, looks to be restored and head needs to be put back on and seventeen various green round base dolls, later 1980’s, made in Taiwan. Several duplicates. Conditions vary. (Very Good Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 289 84

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290 - LOT OF 2: FOOTBALL BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Each: 7 - 1/4” T. The first is a Washington Redskins, circa 1965-68. Made in Japan. Yellow helmet with Red Skins decals on both sides, Redskins on chest and Washington and NFL decals on gold base. One small mark over “T” in Washington on base. The second is a green base, toes up player. “A” decal on the chest and Sandies decal on the base. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 291 - RARE DALLAS COWBOY BLACK FACE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. Circa 1961-66. Toes up, nice NFL and Dallas stickers on base. Marked “1962 Japan” underside of base. No wear to face. Very small nicks to the stripe decal on helmet and one chip on base over the first “A” in Dallas. (ExcellentNear Mint). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 292 - NICE SCARCE PITTSBURGH STEELER GOLD BASE BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. Circa 1965-67. Nice NFL and Pittsburgh stickers on base and Steelers decal on chest. Marked “Japan” underside of base. One small nick under back of helmet where the stripe meets fleshtone and slight chipping to Steelers decals on helmet. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 293 - LOT OF 2: JAPANESE FOOTBALL BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7” T. One is an early square base of the Detroit Lions. NFL sticker on the right front corner. Minor scuffing to helmet. The second is a scarcer, gold round base Dallas Cowboys, circa 1965-68. Head is beautiful but does come loose from body. Nice NFL decal on base but significant loss to “Dallas” decal on front of base. Marked “1968 Made in Japan” on the bottom. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 290

LOT - 291

LOT - 293

LOT - 294

LOT - 295

294 - LOT OF 2: COLLEGE FOOTBALL BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Each: 7” T. Composition. Made in Japan. One is Michigan Wolverines, includes original box. Wolverines decal on chest, Michigan decal on base. Toes up but does have a hairline crack in arm above the shoulder. The second represents Notre Dame. Stamped 1968 on bottom. N-D and Fighting Irish stickers have edge peeling. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 292

LOT - 296 295 - EXCEEDINGLY RARE NEW YORK TITANS AFL BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 6 - 1/2” T. Original box includes neck piece and wrapping paper, stamped “Japan” on bottom. Circa 1961-62. Toes up, baggy pants, and beautiful decals. One very small chin rub otherwise in near mint condition. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00 296 - PHILADELPHIA EAGLES BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 6 - 1/2” T. In non original box. Embossed version with “N.F.L.” on square base and “Eagles” on chest. Small 1/2” hairline crack on back of neck, some general overall wear. (Very Good). 100.00 - 200.00

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LOT - 297

LOT - 298

LOT - 299 297 - TOES UP, TITANS COLORS “MY HERO” KISSING BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Each: 5” T. Includes original box with insert and wrapping paper. Box does have some damage. Standard majorette with decal on gold round base of football player reading “My Hero”. Marked “Made in Japan”. Some chipping to majorette base. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 298 - VERY RARE PITTSBURGH STEELERS “MY HERO” KISSING BOBBIN HEAD DOLL SET. Each: 5” T. Includes original box, neck pieces and tissue paper. Circa 1962-1964. Set includes a female Baton Majorette and a male “Steel Worker” football player. Virtually no wear. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 299 - SCARCE SAN DIEGO GULLS HOCKEY BOBBIN HEAD DOLL. 7” T. In original box with neck piece, marked “San Diego Sea Gulls IP-1 Pc. Japan”, has some tearing and poke holes. Circa late 1960early 70’s. Nice Gulls mascot on gold base. Red pants version Nice Gulls decal on chest. Decal on base shows losses. One scuff to back of base, chip under the top beak and a 1” hairline crack to back of head. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 300


300 - LOT OF 3: CHARACTER BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7 - 1/2” T. Lot includes a Goofy, Pluto and a Snoopy. The Goofy has a “Walt Disney World” sticker on the base and original ears. Pluto also has original ears. Circa 1960’s, Japanese. Very little wear. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

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301 - LOT OF 2: 1960’S JAPANESE CHARACTER BOBBIN HEAD DOLLS. Largest: 7” T. The first is a Colonel Harland Sanders in the original box. Marked copyright 1967. Little to no wear. Decal on base reads “Topps Kentury Fried Chicken” and a Japanese sticker on the bottom. The second is a Paul Bunyan holding an ax and sitting on a stump. Some slight flaking to paint. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 302 - SET OF 4: BEATLES NODDERS. Largest: 8” T. All four shown playing their instruments. Gold bases with facsimile signatures. Circa 1960’s. All have some spots of professional restoration and they display very well. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 303 - SET OF 6: CHARLES SCHULTZ PEANUTS NODDERS. Largest: 6” T. Six nodders including Charlie Brown, Schroeder, Linus, Pig Pen, Lucy and Snoopy. Made in Japan, circa 1960’s. All have some areas of restoration and the set still displays well. (Very Good). 300.00 - 600.00 LOT - 301

LOT - 302

LOT - 303

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LOT - 304

304 - 1960 PITTSBURGH PIRATES WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP RING. Bill Mazeroski’s Game 7 home run for the Pirates defeated the heavily favored Yankees and in the process created one of the most memorable moments for fans in both cities. The ring represents that moment and the third championship for the Pirates, the first since 1925. Issued to the Pittsburgh Press Sports writer and one time Baseball Writers Association President Les Biederman. Les also worked closely with the Pirates and is in the World Series Program. The ring itself features Forbes Field with a diamond inset approximately .75 carat and surrounded by “Pittsburgh World Champions”. The one shank has Biederman’s name at the top with the Pirates P logo and “BB Writer” at the bottom. The opposite side has “Pirates” at the top in a banner, a pirate and a 1960 in a small banner at the bottom. This Jostens ring is size 10-1/2 and is 14K, weighing 29 grams. There is light wear from use but appears in excellent to near mint condition. Recent sales of other 1960 Pirate’s rings include Dick Schoefields ring for $48,000 and Roberto Clemente’s for $352,500. (Excellent-Near Mint). 12,000.00 - 16,000.00


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305 - 1971 ROBERTO CLEMENTE PITTSBURGH PIRATES WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP SALESMAN SAMPLE RING. Roberto’s 1971 ring sold recently for $381,000, this sample can be had for a fraction of the price. Visually it is the same in all respects except for a few differences in the construction. The size 11 ring made by Jostens is 10K gold and weighs 36 grams, differs from the players rins, as they were 14K with a real diamond. The top reads “Pittsburgh 1971 World Champions”. The shank has “Clemente” in a banner over a rendering of three rivers stadium and crossed bats and a ball with Clemente’s number “21” on it. The other side has “Pirates” with a pirate below it. Ring shows normal wear from use. (Excellent). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00

LOT - 305

306 - 1971 PITTSBURGH PIRATES WORLD SERIES STAFF RING. The ring given to the staff was just like the ones the players received. Ring is size 10 and is marked “Jostens 14K” on the inside and weighs 31.6 grams. The top reads “Pittsburgh 1971 World Champions” with a faux diamond (players recieved a real diamond) in the center. The shank has “Kring” in a banner over a rendering of three rivers stadium and crossed bats and a ball. The other side has “Pirates” with a pirate below it. The ring exhibits little to no wear at all. (Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 8,000.00

LOT - 306

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307 - 1971 PIRATES WORLD SERIES PLAYERS LADIES RING. Elegant ring was presented to players wives and women around the Pirates organization. Features a black onyx with inset stone on top, “1971 World Champions” on one shank and a “P” on the other shank. Size 8-1/2 with the initials “AHE” inscribed on the inside ring along with “Jostens 10K” and weighs 3.4 grams. Ring shows light wear from use. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 LOT - 307

308 - ROBERTO CLEMENTE CAREER RING - 072/200. Tribute ring made to commemorate the career of Roberto Clemente. A fitting black and gold design features a “21” with diamonds set against black onyx. It is surrounded by “Roberto Clemente 1955/1972”. One shank has career highlights of “3000 Hits”, four batting titles “1961, 1964, 1965, 1967” in a banners and his career “.317 B.A.” batting average also in a banner. The other side highlights his “1966 MVP” and “12 Gold Gloves” awards. Size 10-1/2 ring has the “LGB” (Balfour) and “10K” mark on the inside. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 LOT - 308

309 - 1974 MLB ALL STAR GAME PLAYERS RING. Rare modern designed 1974 All Star Game ring is engraved with the initials “JR” on the inside for an attribution to the Oakland A’s Joe Rudi. It has a high sitting center purple stone and a rather subdued “baseball” and design on one shank while the other side has “All Star 1974”. There is an unusual makers mark of “L*” and “10K” (16.5 grams) on the interior band. Size 10. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 LOT - 309

310 - 1979 PITTSBURGH PIRATES WORLD SERIES LADIES PENDANT. Mimicking the 1979 World Series Championship ring design, this 14K pendant weighs 11.4 grams and has ten real diamonds forming a “P” surrounded by “Pirates World Champions”. It is 7/8” x 3/4” wide. A 2010 Scott Welkowsky letter attributes the piece to Bill Madlock although there are no markings that distinguish it as his otherwise. Players who wanted to get one of these for their wives had to pay extra making them rather scarce today. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

LOT - 310


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311 - 1989 OAKLAND A’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RING BATTLE OF THE BAY/ EARTHQUAKE SERIES The Oakland A’s were on top of the world with Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire. It was prime time Bash Brothers. Their supporting cast was equally as impressive with names like Henderson, Stewart, and Eckersly. Midway through the series just prior to game 3, a major earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay area forcing a delay due to damage of the stadium. In the end the A’s dominated the Giants 4-0 and never were behind in the entire series. The ring features a large real diamond set on top of a green stone. The inner edge has a ring of 20 diamonds surrounded by “Oakland Athletics World Champions”. The shank has the 1989 World Series Logo and trophy with “Battle of the Bay” (worn). The other side has the A’s elephant logo and the name “Kazanas” at the top. The size 10 Jostens ring is marked “10K” gold weighs 36.6 grams. It is in excellent condition with wear from use. It comes with its original Jostens box as well as a program, a video and a ticket from game 3.(Front Office) 6,000.00 - 9,000.00

LOT - 311

312 - 2001 ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS WORLD SERIES RING. Behind the best one-two pitching combination in baseball, the Arizona Diamond Backs propelled this expansion franchise to World Series glory. This ring presented to a staff member has the Arizona logo on top surrounded by diamonds. The outer edge has “2001 World Champions”. The shank has “Diamond Backs 4 Yankees 3” with the World Series trophy above Diamond Back stadium, below that are the words “Fastest Ever” and the MLB logo. The reverse side has the initials “L.W.W.”, the American flag and Diamond Backs logo. The size 12 ring was made by Masters of Design. 10K gold weighs 54.2 grams. Inscribed on the inside is “9-11-01 Never Forget”. Truly an impressive ring with no wear and in mint condition. Ring retains its original box. LOA Original Recipient (Near Mint). 6,000.00 - 9,000.00

LOT - 313

LOT - 312

313 - 1974 SUPER BOWL IX JOE GREEN SALESMAN SAMPLE RING. If you love defense than there would be no greater ring to have than Joe Greene. He was a leader in Pittsburgh during the Steel Curtain years and the only number retired by the Steelers in the last 30+ years. Top of ring reads “Pittsburgh Steelers World Champions 1974”. Shank has the Lombardi trophy surrounded by the playoff scores and the Superbowl score. The opposite shank reads “Greene 75” with the Steelers logo. This ring was given to the #1 Ford Salesman in 1974 as a real ring. They even taxed him like it was real. In reality, it is a nice non-gold marked sample, size 10-1/2 marked “Jostens” on the interior. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

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LOT - 314

314 - 1975 SUPER BOWL X PITTSBURGH STEELERS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RING PRESENTED TO JOE GILLIAM. A real players ring from the Steel Curtain era is certainly a rarity to show up on the market. They are coveted by the players who won them and the diehard fans lucky enough to obtain one even though the Super Bowl happened over 40 years ago. This particular ring was presented to QB Joe Gilliam. Jefferson Street Joe was the first African American quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers even taking the reigns in 1974 for the first six games. He remained with the team through Super Bowl X. He spent the rest of his career bouncing around semi-pro leagues and even had a brief comeback in the USFL while battling a drug addiction. Although he had been clean for several years he succumbed to a cocaine overdose on Christmas day of 2000. At his funeral, Doug Williams was quoted as saying “Joe made it all possible for every one of us black quarterbacks. The struggles he went through eased the struggles we had to endure.� The ring made by Balfour has two real diamonds for the Steelers second Super Bowl title that flank the Lombardi trophy on top. The shank has Gilliam in large letters and the Steelers logo while the other side has Super Bowl X and the score around the star logo worn on the super bowl jerseys. Ring is size 11, and made of 37 grams of 10k gold. The ring shows wear from use and there is a small knick on the lower portion of the L in Gilliam. Excellent condition overall. (Excellent). 40,000.00 - 50,000.00


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315 - 1975 PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPER BOWL X MIKE WEBSTER SALESMAN SAMPLE RING. The second of four championships during the 1970’s, the crown of this ring features two stones with the Lombardi Trophy between them. The shank is marked (Mike) “Webster” with the traditional Steeler logo. On the opposite shank is marked “Superbowl X” and has the patch design worn on the uniforms as well as the score. Marked on the interior “Balfour” (weak stamp), 10K and size 10-1/2. This ring exhibits subtle differences from the Gilliam ring in this sale. Very light wear from usage. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00

LOT - 315


LOT - 316

LOT - 317

316 - 1978 PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPER BOWL XIII TERRY BRADSHAW SALESMAN SAMPLE. Absolutely the most beautiful of the 1970’s Pittsburgh Steelers rings. This size 10-1/2 salesman sample from Terry Bradshaw’s third Superbowl victory is made by Jostens and weighs 39 grams of 10K gold. The crown features three large stones surrounded by Pittsburgh Steelers World Champions. Shank has “Bradshaw” with an enameled #12 helmet and “QB”. The reverse has “Super Bowl, 1978, XIII, The Lombardi Trophy, Three Rivers Stadium and “35-31”. In excellent condition with light wear from usage. (Excellent). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00

317 - 1979 PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPER BOWL XIV RING. Understated Superbowl Ring from the Steelers Fourth Superbowl victory in six years. This ring marked “Thomas 24” for JT Thomas on the shank is probably a sample or a high level copy. Marked “Jostens”, “10K” and weighing 35 grams, this ring has some heft to it. The stones are larger than what came with known examples and are not diamonds. The size 10-1/2 band has the intricate crosshatch done by hand that must have taken quite a bit of time. Ring is in excellent condition with light wear from use. (Excellent). 3,000.00 - 5,000.00

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LOT - 318

318 - 1995 PITTSBURGH STEELERS AFC CHAMPIONSHIP RANDY FULLER PLAYERS RING. Enormously heavy ring was presented to cornerback Randy Fuller, the man who batted away Jim Harbaugh’s Hail Mary and sent the Steelers to Superbowl XXX. The High quality of true players rings is certainly evident. The crown features a football of real diamonds set into a black stone and 1995 Pittsburgh Steelers. The shank has “Fuller”, an enamel no. 29 helmet and “CB”, while the opposite side features Three Rivers Stadium, the Superbowl XXX logo, AFC Championship score “20-16” and an “A” for AFC. This size 11-1/2 Jostens ring weighs a hefty 50.5 grams and has extremely light wear from usage. (Near Mint). 10,000.00 - 15,000.00


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LOT - 320

LOT - 321

LOT - 319

319 - 2005 WORLD CHAMPION PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPER BOWL XL LADIES PENDANT. With their first Superbowl win since the 1970’s, the Steelers came up with a wonderful design to showcase their fifth Lombardi Trophy. Intricate design encompasses five Lombardi Trophies and the Steelers logo in colored stones. Made by Jostens it weighs 24.2 grams of 10K yellow gold and is accompanied by a 14K yellow gold chain that is 10.1 grams. The pendant measures 1-1/16” at its widest points. (Near Mint). 3,000.00 - 5,000.00 320 - 1994 PENN STATE ROSE BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP RING. A perfect 12-0 season for Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions that lead them to a controversial no. 2 finish for the national championship. For defeating Oregon in the Rose Bowl, players and staff were given these Balfour rings. Rings have a Penn State blue football with a #1 in the center surrounded by “Penn State 12-0-0” around the outside. The shank reads “Undefeated Season 1995 Rose Bowl Champions” with the Rose Bowl logo in enamel and the game score below. The opposite shank reads “Boyer 1994 Big Ten Champions”, a Nittany Lion and “MGR” below. Boyer was a student manager. Ring is size 9 and 10K gold weighing 34.8 grams. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

321 - 1980 PITT FOOTBALL EASTERN CHAMPIONS PLAYERS RING. 1980 saw the Pitt Panthers defeat the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Gator Bowl and finished second to Georgia for the National Championship. Pitt is in yellow against a blue stone encircled by “1980 Eastern Champions”. One shank has the name “Trout” and the cathedral pictured. The other shank has the Pitt helmet with a panther crawling on it as well as the Gator Bowl logo. Ring was presented to Kicker Dave Trout. Made by Balfour this celestrium ring is size 9. The ring is in near mint condition but the stone has a couple of chips making it in very good condition. 300.00 - 500.00

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LOT - 322

322 - 1999 SUPER BOWL XXXIV ST LOUIS RAMS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RING. Super Bowl XXXIV was won by a team that history will prove to be one of the all time greats. Led by Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk and a great defense they dominated the 1999 season. For their win over the Titans they were given this stunning ring that has the top paved in real diamonds. The center is “Rams” spelled out set over the Lombardi trophy and is bordered by “World Champions” in gold. The one shank has the name “Tippett” (Howard Tippett, Linebacker Coach), “St Louis” in a banner, the Ram’s helmet and a football. The other side has the Lombardi Trophy, Super Bowl XXXIV logo, the AFC trophy and the games score “Rams 23 / Titans - 16”. Manufactured by Jostens, this size 11 ring is 64.8 grams of 10K gold. The original presentation box is included. (Near Mint). 20,000.00 - 25,000.00


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323 - 1975 SUPER BOWL X WORLD CHAMPION PITTSBURGH PIRATES LADIES PENDANT. Ladies pendant is the same design as the men’s ring tops. The Lombardi trophy is surrounded by two stones with the words “1975 Pittsburgh Steelers World Champions”. Marked “LGB”(Balfour). 1” wide x 7/8” tall, 10K and weighs 19.2 grams. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00

LOT - 323

324 - 1991 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS STAFF RING. The first Penguins Stanley Cup since there inception in 1967. This Jostens ring presented to a staff member features the Penguin logo surrounded by “1991 Stanley Cup Champions”. Shanks have the name “Pagan” with the Stanley Cup below, while the other side has the Prince of Wales trophy surrounded by “Wales Div.”, “Patrick Conf.” and Pittsburgh Penguins. The ring is non gold, size 11 and comes with a letter from the employee who received it. Little to no wear. (Near Mint). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00

LOT - 324

LOT - 325 325 - 1991-1992 PITTSBURGH PENGUINS BACK TO BACK STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS RING. The Penguins led by Mario Lemieux won their second straight Stanley Cup During the 1991-92 season. In four straight games they swept the Blackhawks and the cup stayed with Pittsburgh for a second straight year. This ring presented to the assistant equipment manager is 42.9 grams of 10K gold and features a real diamond in the center. The top reads “91/92 Stanley Cup Champions”. One shank features an enameled Penguins logo along with the name “Greenway” while the other has a pair of Stanley Cups and reads “Back to Back Pittsburgh Penguins”. This hefty Balfour ring has light wear from use on the band. (Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 8,000.00

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LOT - 327

LOT - 328

326 - PISTOL PETE AUTOGRAPHED FEBRUARY 22, 1969 LSU PROGRAM COVER. Pistol Pete scored 45 points that day in a losing effort at Kentucky and was still kind enough to sign this program. We have not had it out of the frame, so it is unclear if there is more than just a cover. Signature is 7/10 in black pen. Cover has some stains and is very good overall. SGC Auction LOA. (Very Good). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 326

327 - TOM GOLA AUTOGRAPHED SPALDING NBA ALLSTAR BASKETBALL. Includes the original box. Marked on the bottom “1988”. Autograph is of former La Salle great. This does not come with a LOA. (Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00 328 - CHESTERFIELD CIGARETTES BASKETBALL ADVERTISING SIGN. 22” x 21”. Shows a woman dressed in a basketball style uniform and basketball in both hands. Reads “Every time it’s Chesterfield” and “Chesterfield salutes The Golden Jubilee of Basketball”. Marked “Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co.” in bottom left. Some damage to left corner. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 329


329 - PISTOL PETE MAROVICH SINGLE SIGNED BASKETBALL. The toughest member of the 50 greatest NBA players chosen in 1996 is “Pistol” Pete Marovich. He passed away in 1988. This basketball is signed “Pistol Pete” above the Rawlings logo. Pete has added a bible verse inscription “John 14:6” which reads; Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. The signature and inscription are in black marker is a 7-8/10 and is on a Rawlings RLO Official Last Bilt Basketball. Full SGC LOA (Excellent). 3,000.00 - 6,000.00

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LOT - 331

LOT - 330

LOT - 332

330 - 2003-2004 LEBRON JAMES ROOKIE GAME USED CLEVELAND CAVELIERS JERSEY. When this rookie jersey was last sold the description stated “History may prove this to be one of the most important basketball artifacts in existence and so far the odds look good that that will indeed be the case”. Since that statement Lebron James has only improved; adding another World Championship in the process. Burgundy road jersey has light wear like most of his rookie game jerseys. Proper “Reebok” label is found in the front tail, marked with the logos of the NBA and the Cleveland Caveliers with flap tags affixed reading “2003-2004” and “50 2LB” and the small “Play Dry” tag on the left. Includes a LOA from Heritage Auctions who originally sold the jersey. (Near Mint). 6,000.00 - 9,000.00

331 - MICHAEL JORDAN SIGNED BIRMINGHAM JERSEY (UDA). In 1994 Michael Jordan took a shot at playing baseball after his professional basketball career ended for the first time. He ended up signing with the White Sox farm team the Birmingham Barons. The white pinstripe home jersey has been signed boldly in black on the right hand side and a hologram has been affixed to the numerals on the front. UDA COA. (Mint). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00 332 - EARLY PRE-WAR WEST POCKET BASKETBALL COIN-OP MACHINE. 14 - 1/2” x 9” x 7 - 1/4”. Includes original box. Box does have some tearing, creasing and soiling. Game has been used but appears to be complete and in very good condition. Shows early basketball player. When operated, pushes ball up to score points. Includes original header piece with nice decal and original key. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

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333 - 1960’S GORDIE HOWE SIGNED GAME WORN SKATES. According to the original purchaser, these skates were originally obtained from the son of the old NY Rangers equipment manager. They are signed on the bottom of the right skate “Gordon Howe” in vintage ballpoint pen. The skates themselves fall into Gordie’s size range (8) and show really good use. The skates are Tacks by CCM with blades that were patented in 1961. There unfortunately is not a vintage #9 or direct provenance to say definitively. Full LOA PSA Signature and Letter of provenance from the consignor. 1,000.00 - 2,000.00 334 - LOT OF 2: ULF SAMUELSSON & RON FRANCIS HOCKEY STICKS. Both sticks show some use but are not definitive game use. The Samuelsson stick is autographed boldly on the blade. Both players were acquired by the Penguins from the Hartford Whalers and are both expected to be Hall of Famers. (Excellent). 300.00 - 500.00

LOT - 333

335 - LOT OF 2: ULF SAMUELSSON & JOE MULLEN GAME USED HOCKEY STICKS. The Mullen stick is signed on the blade in black marker. Shows good game use. The Samuelsson stick shows extensive game use and has a slight crack towards the top of the handle, tape on the blade has been removed. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 336 - MARIO LEMIEUX PROFESSIONAL MODEL NIKE ICE SKATE. Mario Lemieux was one of the most talented players to lace up a pair of skates in the NHL. These custom Nike Quest V12 skates were originally obtained from a team source. Hand written tag in the back of boot reads “12-3/8” and a manufacturer ID number. Proper “Lemieux” name on tape under the boot. Skate shows great use with plenty of marks and scuffs. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 337 - MARIO LEMIEUX GAME WORN SKATE. Single skate, made by Nike. Lemieux and P-Touch tape underneath and interior has writing on front of the sole “4110.9”. Skate shows heavy use including black puck marks. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 336

LOT - 334

LOT - 335 LOT - 337


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LOT - 338

338 - PAIR OF MARIO LEMIEUX GAME USED HOCKEY GLOVES. Gloves are made by KoHo. They have the KoHo Revolution Mario Lemieux 66 label on the interior of the wrist on both gloves. Shows extensive wear throughout. Amazing example of game worn gear. (Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,600.00 339 - MARIO LEMIEUX GAME USED KOHO HOCKEY STICK. Circa mid 1990’s. Stick marked “Lemieux” on the shaft. Stick and tape shows heavy use but tape is intact. Great example of a game used Lemieux stick from the time period. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 340 - MARIO LEMIEUX GAME USED KOHO HOCKEY STICK. Circa mid 1990’s. Stick is a KoHo Revolution. Shaft marked “Lemieux”. Shows good solid game use. Excellent example. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 339

LOT - 340

LOT - 341

341 - MARIO LEMIEUX GAME USED HOCKEY STICK. Circa 2001. Nike Quest stick that shows extensive use, tape is still intact. Side of stick marked “M. Lemieux”. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 342

343 - LOT OF 5: PITTSBURGH PENGUINS SIGNED HOCKEY PUCKS INCLUDING LEMIEUX. Pittsburgh Penguins signed puck collection includes Bryan Trottier, Keven Stevens, Ron Francis and two Mario Lemieux. Average signature is 8-9/10. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

342 - MARIO LEMIEUX GAME USED HOCKEY STICK. Circa 2001. Nike Quest stick exhibits good game use including other stick marks. Tape is still in good shape but shows use. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 LOT - 343

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LOT - 346

LOT - 344 LOT - 347 344 - 2005-2006 SIDNEY CROSBY GAME READY JERSEY. Black home jersey is just like those that Crosby wore during his rookie season. Name plate on the back reads “Crosby” and has the number “87” below and on both sleeves. New NHL shield on back tail is sewn over the old one and the Reebok patch on the reverse covers a different one. Fight strap is intact inside. Set tag has been removed from the inside back tail probably by the team. Size 54, “Made in Canada” tag in the collar. No use at all. A less expensive alternative to a Crosby $10,000+ game worn jersey. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

345 - SYDNEY CROSBY ROOKIE GAME USE SIGNED HOCKEY STICK. Stick is black Sher-wood, two piece construction. Blade has a silver signature on the tape with Crosby’s number “87”. Shows excellent game use including stick marks. Tape is intact. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 346 - LOT OF 66: 1990’S PITTSBURGH PENGUINS LOCKER ROOM NAME PLATES. Each: 10” x 2”. Locker name plates used by the Penguins in the 1990’s include names like Jagr, Barasso, Francis and Kasparaitis. There are two distinct advertising varieties, UPMC and Powerade. They are perfect to get autographed. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00

LOT - 345

347 - LOT OF 45: 1990’S PITTSBURGH PENGUINS LOCKER ROOM NAME PLATES. Each: 10” x 2”. Locker name plates used by the Penguins in the 1990’s include names like Jagr, Barrasso and Kasparaitis. Two distinct varieties; there are 16 red and 29 black, both with Pittsburgh Tribune advertisements. They are perfect to get autographed. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00 348 - LOT OF 15: BOXING POSTCARDS. Each: 5 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/2”. Lot includes five Dempsey vs Willard 1919 Heavyweight fight in Toledo, Ohio, Billy Papke, George Hackenschmidt and others. Some are filled out and written on. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 348 102

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349 - JAMES J. BRADDOCK LETTER & TESTIMONIAL DISPLAY Framed: 22 - 3/4” x 16 - 1/2”. Prior to the 1935 Max Baer Heavyweight Title fight, this nicely framed letter to “Miss Spencer” dated June 6, 1935. Also includes two framed smaller pictures and a rare program from the “Braddock Boosters Testimonial Dinner and Dance”. Very personalized letter on what looks like a hotel stationary. Letter reads “Miss Spencer Appreciate your interest in my handwriting. I am getting in swell shape for my upcoming fight with Max Baer. Hope this will fill the bill. Remain James J. Braddock”. This was a request of his signature from a fan. This letter was penned only seven days before he won the Heavyweight Championship in one of the biggest upsets in Heavyweight Championship history. A rare offering of a very popular “Cinderella Man”. JSA LOA. (Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

LOT - 349

LOT - 350

LOT - 351

LOT - 352

LOT - 353

350 - MUHAMMAD ALI SIGNED BOXING GLOVE. 12 - 3/4” L. Large black marker signature. Grade 9/10. Everlast boxing glove is in near mint condition. Signed in 2001. Accompanied by a picture of Muhammad Ali with this glove. SGC auction LOA. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

352 - MUHAMMAD ALI SIGNED BOXING GLOVES. Each: 12 - 1/4” L. Pair of Everlast boxing gloves signed by the Champ. Ali has penned a huge 5” silver signature across one of the gloves. Perfect 1980’s signature rates 8-9/10. Gloves themselves are in near mint condition. SGC auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00

351 - MUHAMMAD ALI SIGNED BOXING GLOVE. 12 - 3/4” L. Glove is personalized “To John from Muhammad Ali 9-10-01”. Signature is in black marker. Grades a 10/10. Glove is an Everlast and is in excellent condition. A photo accompanies showing Ali with the glove. SGC auction LOA. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

353 - GEORGE FORMAN VS MUHAMMAD ALI FIGHT POSTER. 18” x 14”. Cardboard poster is from the “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974. This is a poster for a big screen, closed circuit TV. Marked “1974 Video Techniques Hemdale Leisure Corp. Does have some edge wear and staining. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

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354 - ROCKY MARCIANO SIGNED LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPH. 21” x 17”. The photo is of Rock knocking Jersey Joe Wolcott senseless during their 1952 battle. The punch was so hard that impact could be seen even after the punch connected. Photo is signed “To Sam’ Hi Rocky Marciano” perfectly on Rocky’s bicep. Signature is 9/10 in blue ballpoint and measures 17x21”. There is creasing to the photo due to the thin stock and a closed tear at Marciano’s chest. Full LOA from SGC (Very Good - Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

LOT - 354

355 - ROCKY MARCIANO SIGNED LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPH. 21” x 17”. Rocky, taking battered and bruised beyond recognition to a new level against Jersey Joe Wolcott. The punch was so hard that impact could be seen even after the punch connected. Photo is signed “To John / Hi / Rocky Marciano” perfectly on Rocky’s bicep. Signature is 9/10 in blue ballpoint and measures 17” x 21”. There is creasing to the photo due to the thin stock and a closed tear at Marciano’s chest. Photo in very good condition with a full LOA from SGC. (Very Good). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

LOT - 355

356 - LOT OF 2: ROCKY MARCIANO CHILDREN’S BOXING GLOVES. Box: 10 - 1/2” x 10”. In the original box. Circa 1960’s. Shows nice picture of Rocky on the front of the box. Box does have some creasing and wear. Gloves look unused. (Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00 LOT - 356 104

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LOT - 357

LOT - 358

LOT - 359

LOT - 361

LOT - 360

LOT - 362

357 - VINTAGE TIN LITHO “JOE SOCKO” BOXING BANK. 4 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/2”. Includes very scarce original box with great graphics. Box is complete but has some minor creasing on the corners, otherwise is bright and clean. Nice tin litho base showing fight fans. Boxer punches the other one and he falls down. Original trap. Near mint condition, possibly the best known example. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 358 - VINTAGE JOE LOUIS HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CLOCK. Original cord. Marked “United Self Starting” under the face. Embossed “Joe Louis World Champion” with a nice depiction of Joe Louis. Pre-war. Made of diecast metal. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 359 - JOE LOUIS SPIRIT OF YOUTH PLAY. Directed by Harry Fraser. Shows nice depiction of Joe on the front with boxing gloves on. Left reads “See Harlem Do “The Big Apple” the one and only Joe Louis”. Has been folded and does have some tearing and edge wear. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 363

360 - LARGE FRAMED JOE LOUIS FIGHT POSTER. Marked “Now Showing Fight Pictures of Joe Louis Heavyweight Champion vs Tami Mauriello for the World’s Heaveyweight Championship Battle”. Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures. Very little wear, nicely framed. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 361 - MALCOLM X PHOTOGRAPH. 4 - 1/2” x 3”. Small candid photograph of Malcolm X getting ready to sign a document/autograph. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 362 - ORIGINAL 1954 ROOGIE’S BUMP MOVIE INSERT. Movie starred several Brooklyn Dodgers such as Roy Campanella, Billie Loes, Russ Meyer and Carl Erskine. Movie also starred Ruth Warrick, Robert Simon and Olive Blakeney. Nicely framed. Some damage to upper left corner. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 363 - PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS MOVIE POSTER. Story of Dizzy Dean. Copyright 1951 by 20th Century-Fox starring Richard Crenna (of Rambo fame). Some folding and general wear. Framed. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

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364 - LOT OF 3: SIGNED COLORED SKETCHES OF SPORTS HEROS WITH COA’S. Largest: 8” x 5 - 1/4”. Well done sketches done in 1960’s and 1970’s by an amateur artist includes Miami Dolphins Head Coach Don Shula; Hall of Fame Jockey Eddie Arcaro and Hall of Fame Basketball Player Bob Cousy. These were sent to the athletes to be autographed and then sent back. All include a COA from JSA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 364

365 - LOT OF 3: SIGNED COLORED SKETCHES WITH LOA/COA’S. Largest: 8” x 5 - 1/2”. Well done sketches done in 1960’s and 1970’s by an amateur artist includes President Nixon’s wife Pat Nixon, dated 1974, TV Host Ed Sullivan and Russian Cosmonaut Maj. Gherman Stepanovich Titov. All include a COA from JSA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 365

366 - LOT OF 3: SIGNED COLORED SKETCHES OF FAMOUS BASEBALL PLAYERS WITH COA’S. Largest: 8” x 5 - 1/4”. Well done sketches done in 1960’s and 1970’s by an amateur artist Strizzi includes Hall of Famers Stan Musial, Robert Feller and Pirates great Dick Groat. All personally autographed and includes a COA from JSA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 366

367 - RUSSIAN COSMONAUT YURI GAGARIN SIGNED SKETCH WITH LOA. 7 - 3/4” x 6”. Very well done in 1960’s and 1970’s, amateur sketch of Yuri Gagarin. Signature of Gagarin on separate paper. Tough signature to find. Includes LOA from JSA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 368 - SIGNED COLOR SKETCH OF JOE DIMAGGIO WITH LOA. 7 - 1/2” x 5”. Very well done in 1960’s and 1970’s, amateur sketch done by Strizzi of Yankee Clipper HOF Joe DiMaggio. Includes LOA from JSA. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 367 106

LOT - 368

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369 - LARGE LOT OF STARS & SPORTS AUTOGRAPHED COLLECTION WITH COA’S. Largest: 8” x 10”. There are 11 various photographs, business cards and index cards with entertainment stars signatures. All have JSA COA’s. Signatures include: Woody Allen, Bobby Vinton, General Wesmoreland, Gregory Peck, Robbie Knievel, Jim Dean, Bob Newhart, Eli Wallik, Gilbert Rolland, Lee Andrews and the Hearts and Elke Sommer. Also included is a collection of approximately 100 various baseball, basketball and hockey autographed cards. One basketball card of Moses Malone, 45 hockey cards, mostly Topps and OPC and approximately 50 baseball cards with many HOFs including Hoyt Wilhelm, Red Schoendienst, Don Sutton, Carl Hubbell, Yogi Berra, a rookie card of Jim “Catfish” Hunter, and many others. Extremely nice lot but there are no COA’s for the sports cards. (Very Good - Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 369 370 - VERY EARLY WINCHESTER STORE SPORTING GOODS ADVERTISING SIGN. 40” x 18 - 1/4”. Double sided. One side reads “Winchester Sporting Goods “They are Better””, and shows all kinds of different sports equipment. The other side reads “Winchester Radio Batteries for Better Reception”, with flashlights and batteries. Circa 1920’s. Some edge wear and creasing to the corners. (Very Good - Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 371 - KELLOGG’S ALL-WHEAT FREE COLLECTIBLE CARD ADVERTISING SIGN. 34 - 1/4” x 25 - 1/4”. Circa 1950’s. Old store stock shows a child holding a Kellogg’s premium card sheet. Cards include boxers, hockey players and other scenes. Slight edge wear. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 371 LOT - 370

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LOT - 372

LOT - 373

LOT - 374

LOT - 375

372 - LOT OF 4: SPORTS RELATED DIECUT ADVERTISING SIGNS. Largest: 20” x 15”. Lot includes signs from Lear & Oliver Ice Cream, Ipana Tooth Paste, Goodrich Sport Shoes and Tanlac Tonic. Conditions vary. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

374 - EARLY PRE-WAR GOLFER & CADDIE ASHTRAY. 10 - 1/2” x 9”. Marble base. Two gold painted figures of Golfer in action and Caddie standing by holding the clubs. A 1” piece of flaking on golfer’s pants. (Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00

373 - LOT OF 3: CHEERLEADER ADVERTISING SIGNS. Largest: 22” x 16 - 1/2”. There are two advertising Purolator oil filters and one for Voegel’s Ice Cream. Some corner damage to ice cream sign. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

375 - IT HAPPENED IN FLATBUSH MOVIE POSTER. Starring Lloyd Nolan and Carole Landis and co-starring William Frawley (from I Love Lucy fame). 20th Century-Fox. Interesting poster of a fairly obscure movie. Nicely framed. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00


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376 - LOT OF 4: SPORT RELATED MOVIE INSERTS. Lot includes inserts from “The Kid from Left Field”, “The Square Ring” starring Jack Warner, “Somebody Up There Likes Me” starring Paul Newman and “Jim Thorpe All American” starring Bert Lancaster. One framed. (Conditions Vary). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 376

377 - LOT OF 18: CELEBRITY & BOXING SIGNED COLLECTION INCLUDING DEMPSEY & GENE AUTRY. Great collection of signed photographs. Most are 8x10” glossy. Included are signatures of Jack Dempsey personalized paper photo, Gene Autry, Jim Nabors/ Don Knotts, two James Stewart, J. Edgar Hoover on a card, Roy Rodgers, Art Carney, George Raft, Max Schmeling postcard size, Johnny (Philip Morris Kid) Pers, Huntz Hall, Spanky McFarland smudge, Enola Gay Pilots Paul Tibbets and Jacob Beserwas, two Morgana pers, and a topless smudged and Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge band. Autographs average *-9/10 unless noted. SGC Auction LOA. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 377

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LOT - 378

LOT - 379

LOT - 380

LOT - 381

378 - VICTOR COLOR DIECUT BADMINTON ADVERTISING SIGN. Marked “Victor Line Badminton Equipment” and shows a woman playing Badminton. Marked “Victor Made in Canada”. Some edge wear and damage to upper left hand corner. (Very Good). 100.00 - 200.00 379 - JIM THORPE PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. 5 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/4”. Great image of Thorpe kicking with a huge crowd in the stands. Probably circa 1920’s. (Excellent). 300.00 - 500.00


380 - JIM THORPE PHOTOGRAPH POSTCARD. 5 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/4”. In action photo shows Thorpe carrying the ball up the middle. Unmistakably identifiable. Photo postcard by AZO. Circa 1910 or earlier. (Excellent Plus). 400.00 - 600.00 381 - CARLISLE INDIANS POSTCARD. 5 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/4”. In action scene of a sweep to the right. Made by AZO. Crystal clear image. (Very Good). 200.00 - 400.00

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LOT - 383 LOT - 382

LOT - 384

LOT - 385

382 - LOT OF 2: JOHNNY UNITAS & DAN MARINO SIGNED FOOTBALLS. Johnny Unitas has signed an enormous 10/10 quality silver signature on this Paul Tagliabue Official ball. He has also added his #19 underneath. Dan Marino signed the front of this Pete Rozelle football also in silver pen. Both balls are in near mint condition. SGC Auction LOA. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 383 - EARLY PRE-WAR BEST MADE FOOTBALL. Box: 10 - 1/2” x 6 - 1/2” x 6 - 1/4”. Includes colorful original box with great graphics. Original price tag of $2.95 in upper right corner. Some tearing and creasing to the box. Football is in near mint, unused condition, with air piece still attached. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 100.00 - 300.00

384 - TURN OF THE CENTURY RAIN CAP STYLE FOOTBALL HELMET. Early leather helmets like this one provided little protection in comparison to today’s helmets. A smooth layer of leather, a half inch of padding and a couple of doughnut style ear flaps was all you were given. The game was definitely a bit different 120 years ago. Over time these helmet became obsolete in the quest to be better protected. The rain cap helmet is remarkably intact, the only condition issues are a broken chin strap hole and it could benefit from one or two stitches on the left ear flap. These just do not turn up on the market anymore. Excellent with a note to the tear. (Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,600.00 385 - LOT OF 3: EARLY PRE-WAR FOOTBALL UNIFORM AND FOOTBALL Early leather football helmet; pants marked “Wilson Sports Equipment Size 28” and an early football. Well used but in very good condition. (Very Good). 100.00 - 300.00

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386 - 1955 DETROIT LIONS AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL WITH LOA. Period football called “The Duke” is a beautiful white Wilson ball and has Bert Bell as commissioner. Signed in ball point pen there are 42 signatures which include HOF Bobby Layne, Doak Walker, Joe Schmidt, L. Creekmur and more. Most signatures are nice and bright. Includes LOA from James Spence. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 387 - 1972 ST LOUIS CARDINALS TEAM AUTOGRAPHED FOOTBALL. Signatures includes Conrad Dobler, kicker Jim Bakken, quarterback Jim Hart, Mel Gray, lineman and announcer Dan Dierdorf and many others. Autographs are all on the white side of the Wilsom NFL football. Includes original box. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 386

388 - 1974 PRO BOWL AUTOGRAPHED WILSON FOOTBALL WITH LOA. Includes original box. Box has some creasing and wear. Football is brown and white which has over 30 signatures from player in the 1974 Pro Bowl. Signatures include many HOF including Merlin Olsen, Carl Eller, Alan Page, Ken Houston and more. Some other key signatures include Chuck Foreman and Bill Bergey. Includes an LOA from James Spence. Signatures are done in black ball point pen and are nice and bright. Some slight staining to the white portion of the football due to age. (Excellent). 300.00 - 500.00 389 - 1991 NEW YORK JETS AUTOGRAPHED WILSON FOOTBALL WITH LOA. Includes the original box and DHL receipt. Ball was sent by the Jets. Includes 27 signatures. Key signatures include: Johnny Hector, Kyle Clifton, Freeman McNeil, Ken O’Brien, Pat Leahy and many more. Includes a LOA from James Spence. Ball is nice and clean. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 387

390 - CAST IRON FOOTBALL PLAYER STILL BANK. 6” T. Scarcer multicolored painted version showing Half Back running with a football wearing helmet and uniform. Made by A.C. Williams. Circa 1905. Some general paint loss. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 388

LOT - 389

LOT - 390

391 - WOLVERINE TIN LITHO SANDY ANDY FULL BACK TOY. Box: 8” x 4 - 1/2” x 6 - 1/2”. Includes very scarce original box shows 1920 style children playing with the full back toy in parlor. Box has edge wear and some paper loss. Includes very rare celluloid ball which is more round like early footballs. When in operation and leg is pushed back, lever is pressed, back kicks football. Nice lithography. Patented in 1919. Some minor scratching and wear. Almost impossible to find complete in the original box. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 LOT - 391 112

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LOT - 392

LOT - 393

LOT - 394

LOT - 395

392 - LOT OF 3: 1930’S ROSE BOWL BLANKET, PITT PANTHERS SWEATER & ALL AMERICAN JERSEY. Lot includes a 1930’s Rose Bowl Award maroon and gold wool blanket; a white wool Pitt Panthers pullover sweater made by McGregor with “Pitt” embroidered on the chest and a #57 red, white and blue All American heavy football jersey tagged King Sports Wear Co. and size 44. (Excellent-Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

394 - ELABORATE JOE NAMATH ARROW SHIRT DISPLAY. Largest: 38” x 11 - 1/2”. Includes Acrylic header piece which reads “Joe Namath Signature Collection by Arrow”, original art work on canvas for the ad, original box with shirt still sealed in plastic and the signature collection tag. Box does have some creasing, especially to the lid. (Very Good - Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

393 - LOT OF 2: 1983 HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER MIKE ROZIER GAME WORN CLEATS & ALL AMERICAN SWEATER. Rozier rushed for over 2000 yards in 1983 as a Nebraska Corn Husker on his way to the Heisman and College Football HOF. Included in this lot is a pair of size 12 Nike game worn cleats, signed “Mike Rozier #30 Heisman 1983”, both showing excellent game use and a yellow button down sweater with a large Kodak All America Team crest on the left breast. Rozier in his letter indicates the sweater was from 1982, the year he was selected with Eric Dickerson and Herschel Walker. Includes a letter of authenticity from Mike Rozier. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

395 - JARVIS JONES ROOKIE PITTSBURGH STEELERS GAME JERSEY. White game jersey. Jones was the 17th pick overall for the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers. Signed on the reverse: “Javis Jones” #95 Game Used Rookie Year”. Shows heavy use with multiple team repairs. Beautiful condition. Additional L.O.A. from Fanatics. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 396 - JARVIS JONES PITTSBURGH STEELERS ROOKIE GAME JERSEY. Jones was the 17th pick overall for the 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers. Signed on the reverse: “Javis Jones” #95 Game Used 2013 Rookie”. Shows heavy use with multiple team repairs. Beautiful condition. Additional L.O.A. from Fanatics. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

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397 - 1952 PITTSBURGH STEELERS SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH. 11” x 8 - 1/2”. Paper premium photo is signed by 35 members of the 1952 Pittsburgh Steelers in green ink. Key HOF signatures include Jim Finks, Ernie Stautner and Jack Butler. Average signature strength is 7-8/10 overall. Photo has two heavy fold lines (one split) and a couple small tears in the border. Team signed professional football photos are seldom seen from this era. (Very Good). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 397 LOT - 396

398 - 1982 LEROY NEIMAN SERIGRAPH OF DALLAS COWBOYS ROGER STAUBACH. Framed: 33 - 3/4” x 26 - 1/4”. Very nicely done, signed on bottom right corner by Neiman. Matted and framed. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 399 - LOT OF 2: 1972 PITTSBURGH STEELERS “IMMACULATE RECEPTION” PROGRAM & TICKET STUB 10 - 3/4” x 8 - 1/2”. One of the most storied endings to a playoff game ever. With less than half a minute left in the game, a Terry Bradshaw pass was falling harmlessly to the turf when Franco Harris was able to pick it out of the air and run for the winning touchdown. The program is rather difficult to find and this one is in excellent to near mint condition while the accompanying ticket stub for the game is in very good condition. 400.00 - 600.00 LOT - 398

LOT - 399 114

LOT - 400

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400 - LOT OF 3: 1972 PITTSBURGH STEELERS “IMMACULATE RECEPTION” PROGRAM, TICKET STUB & WIRE PHOTO. 10 - 3/4” x 8 - 1/2”. Tough to find playoff program from the legendary game vs. the Oakland Raiders is in excellent to near mint condition. Also included is the ticket stub from that game and a wire photo of Franco Harris running down the field to score the winning touchdown. The ticket is in very good condition and the photo is in excellent condition. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 401 - PITTSBURGH STEELERS & PIRATES COLLECTION MEMORABILIA. Largest: 33 - 3/4” L. Lot includes a “Beat ‘Em Bucks” ashtray, three 1960 World Series ashtrays, tickets that include Bradshaw’s last game, Steelers Superbowl Buttons, 1960 Pirates glasses, a Green Weenie and several signed 1961 Ford Prints. Great group in overall excellent condition. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 401

402 - 1970-80 PITTSBURGH STEELERS SUPERBOWL VICTORY PARADE BANNER FLAG. Pittsburgh has a history of hanging flags for its numerous championship teams. Large Black and Gold banner reads “Congratulations Steelers You’re Super”. Undated heavy canvas flag is certainly from one of the first four championships but we have been unable to photo match it to a specific year. Measuring 44” square, the flag has brass reinforced grommets at the top and is two pieces of fabric that could be separated (great for autographs). Shows some wear from being exposed to the elements when flown. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 403 - 1970 THREE RIVERS STADIUM OPENING GAME FULL TICKET. 9” x 2 - 1/2”. A 1970 full ticket to the Pirates and Steelers new home. The field opened mid season just after the All Star break. Real full tickets are rather tough to find in comparison to their souvenir counterparts. This one grades in near mint condition. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 402

404 - PITTSBURGH STEELERS EQUIPMENT TRUNK. Large trunk was used by the Steelers from the 1930-70’s. Yellow painted “Pittsburgh Steelers” is visible on the top side. Under you can faintly see “Pittsburgh Steeler Football Club” from an earlier labeling. Would be a focal point of any sports room. (Excellent). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00

LOT - 403

LOT - 404

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LOT - 405

405 - PENN STATE FIESTA BOWL TROPHY. 17” x 14”. Penn State Fiesta Bowl Trophy presented to Joe Paterno and team originates from the estate of athletic director Jim Tarman who retired from PSU in 1993. This is the only example that we know of in private hands. We deduce that this is from 1992 when Penn State defeated Tennessee. We can account for all the others, the National Championship trophy is on display in the Penn State Museum and the other three reside in the office of Coach James Franklin. The bronze trophy set into a natural wood base measuring 17” tall total. The plaque on the front was removed when it was sold out of the estate. Bronze is signed 1993/1994 (clearly this date is wrong) Fiesta Bowl D Perry c. 1981. Accompanied by two books signed by Paterno to Jim (Tarman). One is inscribed “Thanks for all you did to make this happen”. (Excellent). 6,000.00 - 9,000.00


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LOT - 407 LOT - 406

LOT - 408

406 - LARGE FRAMED PHOTOGRAPH OF HOF GALE SAYERS. Framed: 53” x 36 - 1/2”. Photo is of Sayers in what looks like a game against the Cleveland Browns. This photograph was taken off the wall of a sports bar in Chicago and reframed. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 407 - LOT OF 25: 1982 USFL WALL PLAQUES. Each: 12 - 3/4” x 9”. All on the original cards. All in unused condition. Multiples of several teams including Oakland Invaders, Tampa Bay Bandits, Michigan Panthers, Oklahoma Outlaws and others. Some cards have creasing. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 408 - LOT OF 5: 1983 USFL FOOTBALL ITEMS. Each: 11” x 8”. Includes a Sasoon shampoo bottle in USFL box, three USFL Kickoff magazines and a Philadelphia Stars media kit in the original envelope, includes rooster sheet, media guide and Kickoff Magazine. (Very Good). 100.00 - 300.00

LOT - 409

409 - 1935 NFL FOOTBALL PABST BLUE RIBBON SCHEDULE POSTER W/ BRONKO NAGURSKI. Framed: 40” x 30”. Early NFL advertising poster was meant to hang in a bar as the football schedule for the year. All the greats of the 1935 National Chicle football set are pictured in a circular dart board fashion with “It’s Time for Pabst” as a bulls-eye. Legendary players include Bronko Nagurski, Beattie Feather, Bill Hewitt, Don Hutson, Dutch Clark, Ken Strong and others. It is in excellent condition with one small tear visible at the top. Framed. (Excellent). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

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LOT - 410

LOT - 411

LOT - 413

LOT - 412

LOT - 414

410 - 1960’S GALE SAYERS CHICAGO BEARS ANTI-TOBACCO ADVERTISEMENT. 16” x 12”. Paper advertisement showing great NFL Full Back in a Bears uniform with #40 jersey for the American Cancer Society. Reads “I don’t smoke cigarettes”. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 411 - UNUSUAL 1950’S BURGERMEISTER JOE PERRY ADVERTISING SIGN. 14” x 11”. Cardboard sign, circa 1953, shows All Pro San Francisco 49er Full Back Perry advertising the Sports and Music Show sponsored by Burgermeister Pale Beer. Some general wear. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 412 - EARLY GOODRICH SPORT SHOES CARDBOARD DIECUT ADVERTISING SIGN. Framed: 29 - 1/2” x 21 - 1/2”. Shows college football Running Back while wearing Goodrich Sports Shoes. Reads “Start your feet right on the path to athletic glory - Goodrich Sport Shoes fit perfectly”. Looks NOS. Framed. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00

413 - CHESTERFIELD CIGARETTE SPORTS RELATED ADVERTISING SIGN. Framed: 22 - 1/4” x 21”. Framed. Reads “At all the games It’s Chesterfield” and shows woman with cigarette in one hand and cigarette pack in the other looking like she is going to throw it like a football. (Excellent-Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 414 - LOT OF 4: CHEERLEADER BRISTOL MYERS CARDBOARD ADVERTISING SIGNS. Each: 20 - 1/2” x 15”. All show Cheerleaders in various poses and football players in the background. All advertise products from Bristol Myers Co. Some corner damage. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 415 - LOT OF 20: 1951 TOPPS UNOPENED RED BACK PACKS. These probably originated from the Topps “Red Back” find in the 1980’s. Clean, near mint packs could hold any of the HOF players in this small set. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 416 - 1952 UNOPENED BOWMAN SMALL FOOTBALL PACK. Tough 1¢ 1952 football pack. Pack contains one card and gum. Wrapper has some soiling but is tight and tear free. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00


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LOT - 416 LOT - 415

LOT - 418

LOT - 417

417 - LOT OF 7: BASEBALL WAX PACKS. Largest: 3 - 3/4” x 2 - 1/2”. Circa 1951-1962. Group includes three 1954 Bowman 5¢ Baseball packs, probably from the “Mr. Mint” find, a 1951 Topps Red Back pack and three 1962 Topps Tattoo packs. All are in near mint condition with only some slight storage wear. (Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 418 - 1988 FLEER BASKETBALL CARD UNOPENED BOX Fresh unopened 36 pack box. Potential rookies are Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, & Reggie Miller. NRMT 1,400.00 - 1,600.00 419 - LOT OF 4: 1954 BOWMAN FOOTBALL UNOPENED PACKS. Likely from the Alan “Mr. Mint” Rosen Paris Tennessee find some time ago. Four one cent packs are near mint condition overall. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 419


LOT - 420

LOT - 421

LOT - 422

420 - 1961 NU CARD SCOOPS UNOPENED FOOTBALL BOX. 24 unopened packs in colorful original display box. Packs are in clean, excellent to near mint condition, outside box is in excellent condition. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 421 - 1961 NU CARD SCOOPS UNOPENED FOOTBALL BOX. Nu card scoops unopened football box. Packs have a few problems; three have popped seals and two have tears. (Very Good). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 424

LOT - 423 422 - 1963 TOPPS BASEBALL UNOPENED 5¢ WAX PACK. 3 - 3/4” x 2 - 3/4”. Tough 5¢ unopened pack shows a strong seal and no tears at the corners. Card #168 Russ Nixon is visible through the reverse making it 800 second series. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00 423 - LOT OF 5: FOOTBALL UNOPENED WAX PACKS. Largest: 3 - 3/4” x 2 - 1/2”. Collection of Football Wax Packs includes two 1964 Topps 1¢, 1964 Topps 5¢ and 1968 Topps. There is also a 1964 Philadelphia pack that appears to be resealed. 400.00 - 500.00

LOT - 425

424 - 1964 TOPPS STAND-UPS UNOPENED WAX PACK. 3 - 3/4” x 2 - 3/4”. Unopened stand-ups pack came from a find of these years ago. One cent pack is in near mint to mint condition and was graded by Global 8.5. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00 425 - LOT OF 60: 1964 TOPPS GIANT BASEBALL SET. Short set loaded with stars. Keys include #3 Koufax (near mint), #25 Mantle (near mint) and #51 Mays (excellent). The rest of the set averages near mint with many nice cards. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00 120

LOT - 426 426 - 1971 TOPPS RACK PACK WITH TOM SEAVER ON TOP. Tom Seaver is right on top of this rare 54 card pack that came straight from the collection of the original buyer. While the cellophane has curled slightly with age it remains secure and intact. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00

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427 - 1971 TOPPS BASEBALL RACK PACK WITH ROD CAREW ON TOP. Rod Carew is right on top of this rare 54 card pack that came straight from the collection of the original buyer. While the cellophane has curled slightly with age it remains secure and intact. (Excellent-Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 LOT - 427

LOT - 429 LOT - 428

LOT - 430 LOT - 431 428 - 1971 TOPPS FOOTBALL UNOPENED WAX PACK PSA 6 EX-MT. 3 - 1/2” x 2 - 1/2”. Tough to find 1971 wax pack. Classic football set is jammed with great HOF players and rookies. Tough colored borders and erratic centering make high grade cards very difficult to find. PSA 6 EX-MT (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 429 - 1975 TOPPS BASEBALL UNOPENED RACK PACK. 12” x 4 - 1/2”. Bob Gibson graces the front of this vintage rack pack. Full sized 1975 Topps unopened has been considerable more difficult to find than its mini counterpart. Pack is excellent with some separation on the folds. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

430 - 1979-80 TOPPS UNOPENED HOCKEY GROCERY TRAY. 8” x 3 - 3/4”. Grocery tray contains three unopened wax packs of 1979-80 Topps Hockey. Potentially one could pull a Wayne Gretzky Rookie. Near Mint condition overall. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 431 - LOT OF 2: 1980’S TOPPS VENDING BOXES. Each Box: 8 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/2”. Two unopened vending boxes. Could potentially contain a PSA 10 Rickey Henderson rookie card. Cards retain full vending pattern and are believed to be in mint, untouched condition. (Near Mint Plus). 600.00 - 900.00

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432 - 1981 TOPPS FOOTBALL UNOPENED WAX BOX (BBCE) 1981 Topps Football box authenticated and wrapped by BBCE. 36 packs = 36 chances at a mint Joe Montana Rookie. Display Box is excellent to near mint. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 800.00 - 1,200.00 433 - LOT OF 2: 1982 TOPPS FOOTBALL UNOPENED WAX BOXES. Box: 7 - 1/2” x 5 - 3/4”. Pair of 1982 Football Boxes have been authenticated and wrapped by BBCE. Both are non X out boxes. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 433 LOT - 432

434 - LOT OF 3: FOOTBALL & HOCKEY UNOPENED WAX BOXES. Box: 7 - 1/2” x 5 - 3/4”. Trio of unopened boxes include 1982 Topps football, 1987 Fleer Football and a 1988 Topps Hockey. All have been authenticated and wrapped by BBCE. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 LOT - 434

435 - LOT OF 2: 1983 & 1884 TOPPS BASEBALL UNOPENED BOXES. Largest Box: 8” x 7 - 1/4”. Lot includes a 1983 Topps wax box and a 1984 Topps Cello Box. Both have been authenticated and wrapped by BBCE. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 436 - 1963 TOPPS BASEBALL 1¢ UNOPENED PACK & DISPLAY BOX. Box: 8 - 1/4” x 3 - 3/4”. Single card 1¢ pack is in excellent to near mint condition with no rips or tears. The 5¢ display box shows a real game scene with the Phillies up at bat. Side panels feature other game scenes and an endorsement by Stan Musial. Box has creasing to the top. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 435

LOT - 436 122

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LOT - 437

LOT - 438 437 - 1986 TOPPS FOOTBALL WAX BOX (BBCE). Box: 7 - 1/4” x 5 - 1/2”. 1986 Topps football wax box wrapped by BBCE. Box potentially contains Jerry Rice and Steve Young rookies. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 438 - 1988 FLEER BASKETBALL WAX BOX (BBCE) & 2 GRADED PSA PACKS. Largest Box: 7 - 1/4” x 5 - 1/2”. 1988 Fleer Basketball wax box wrapped and authenticated by BBCE. Lot also includes two PSA graded wax packs both graded PSA NM-MT. (Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00 439 - LOT OF 20: 1988 TOPPS FOOTBALL UNOPENED BOXES Closeout case has twenty of “X” boxes. Case box has some water staining to the outside but interior was not affected. Packs are clean but display boxes are “X” out and have a few tears to the tops. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 440 - LOT OF 2: 1989 FLEER BASKETBALL UNOPENED BOXES. Fresh unopened wax boxes have been authenticated and wrapped by BBCE. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 441 - 1976 TOPPS BASKETBALL UNOPENED BOX. Topps experimented with over-sized basketball cards again in 1976. Complete unopened box with packs that are in excellent condition (lower right corner split). Display box has two corner splits and price label removed. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 LOT - 439

LOT - 440

LOT - 441

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LOT - 442

442 - LOT OF 520: AMERICAN TOBACCO CO. T206 BASEBALL CARD SET MINUS THE BIG 4. The American Tobacco Company’s T206 set has always been the Everest of baseball card collecting. With 524 total cards it ranges from obscure players to the most coveted card in existence, The Honus Wagner. Its size allows for a variety ways to collect it, whether you like Portraits, HOFers, sets by back, Minor Leaguers, Southern Leaguers and all four Cobbs; there is something for everyone. Its versatility and availability make it by far the most collected tobacco set. This particular set, put together over decades, truly exemplifies the painstaking process it takes to complete this set. Evenly matched throughout this set is in very good to excellent with only a couple of creased cards. There are three graded cards. The Ty Cobb Green Background Portrait and the Ty Cobb Bat Off Shoulder are both graded SGC VG-EX 4. The other is the Bill O’Hara St Louis Variation has been graded PSA 1 PR. Everything has been left just the way the previous owner/ caretaker collected it. Please view the website for a complete breakdown of this offering. The set will also be available to view at our gallery in Denver PA. I urge serious bidders to see the set in person. We all see T206 groups and singles available for sale but opportunities to purchase nice complete sets are rare indeed! (Very Good - Excellent). 60,000.00 - 80,000.00


www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 443

443 - LOT OF 460: 1909-1911 T206 BASEBALL NEAR SET. A beautiful single owner collection that we left together intact just the way the owner painstakingly put it together. It only needs 60-64 cards for completion depending how you look at it. Finishing it in a similar grade would make it really special for sure. A near crease free offering with many very nice cards. There are two Cobbs, three Lajoies, three Youngs, Mathewson, Johnson, Joss and many other HOF and Southern Leaguers. A wonderful group with many very nice examples with several in near mint condition. A perfect start to building an unbelievable set or upgrading the one you have. We always suggest viewing a set like this in person but a breakdown will be available online for your convenience. (Very Good - Excellent). 40,000.00 - 60,000.00

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LOT - 444

444 - LOT OF 219: AMERICAN TOBACCO CO. T205 MASTER BASEBALL CARD NEAR COMPLETE SET. With the huge success of the T206 baseball card set, the American Tobacco Company came back with 221 cards with stunning lithography and gold gilt borders. These little masterpieces were the first to offer stats, facsimile autographs and player information on the reverse. This particular set was assembled and upgraded over a decade and is fresh to the market. A true collectors set it is a near complete 219/221; missing only the Hoblitzel no stats and Mathewson Cycle 1 loss variations for completion. The set is a pleasing very good to excellent overall and is almost crease free. A list of individual grades will be available online and we encourage anyone who is interested in bidding to view the set in person. (Very Good - Excellent). 20,000.00 - 30,000.00


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LOT - 445

LOT - 446

LOT - 447

445 - LOT OF 61: 1911 T205 CARD COLLECTION W/ CHRISTY MATHEWSON. Fresh 1911 T205 group includes HOF players Christy Mathewson and Eddie Collins. 30% grade GD to VG. 70% grade FR to PR 1 trim. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00 446 - 1910-1911 T3 TURKEY RED #78 HOME RUN BAKER. 8” x 5 - 3/4”. Graded SGC60 Ex5. Excellent color and clarity. Checklist back. Wonderful copy. (Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00

447 - LOT OF 23: 1920’S BASEBALL EXHIBIT CARD COLLECTION INCLUDING BABE RUTH. Each: 5 - 1/2” x 3 - 1/4”. Small 1920’s exhibit collection all grade in poor condition from punch holes. Includes Babe Ruth, Tris Speaker, Sam Rice, Max Carey, George Sisler, and Eddie Collins. (Poor). 300.00 - 500.00

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448 - 1931 W517 BABE RUTH THROWING CARD PSA 9 MINT HIGHEST GRADED!. Exceptional Babe Ruth playing career card recently graded by PSA that is so nice, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t a 10. This is certainly a good opportunity to lock up a quality set registry quality card. (Mint). 6,000.00 - 9,000.00

LOT - 448

LOT - 450 LOT - 449


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LOT - 451

LOT - 452

LOT - 453

449 - LOT OF 26: 1937-38 GOUDEY THUMB MOVIE COMPLETE SET INCLUDING DIMAGGIO & FOXX. A set that really has not gotten its due. Hopefully now that BGS grades them it will help them along. Loaded with HOF talent this set features two versions each of HOF’ers Joe DiMaggio, Mel Ott, Jimmy Foxx, Luke Appling, Bob Feller, Paul Waner and Joe Medwick. The booklets came in a variety of colors these are all green, blue, or black. Condition averages an exceptional excellent to near mint quality. (ExcellentNear Mint). 2,000.00 - 4,000.00 450 - 1941 PLAY BALL #71 JOE DIMAGGIO. The first color series by Play Ball. Card has been trimmed or sheet cut and would grade authentic. (Fair). 200.00 - 400.00 451 - 1947 JACKIE ROBINSON BOND BREAD CARD. 3 - 1/2” x 2 - 1/4”. Rare early black and white card set that features Jackie Robinson. This is one of the more desirable cards as it shows Jackie in full batting pose. The card may have been trimmed and it has several light creases. (Very Good - Excellent). 800.00 - 1,000.00 452 - LOT OF 16: EARLY BASEBALL VENDING CARDS. Each: 5 - 1/4” x 3 - 1/2”. Pre-war. Several HOF including Carl Hubbell, Jimmy Foxx, Charlie Keller, Bill Dickey and others. Nice depiction of players in action. (Excellent). 100.00 - 300.00 453 - 1951 BOWMAN WILLIE MAYS #305 BASEBALL CARD PSA EX-MT 6. Beautiful rookie card of Willie Mays. Extremely well centered, excellent color. (Excellent-Near Mint). 3,000.00 - 5,000.00

LOT - 454

454 - LOT OF 5: 1951-52 AUTOGRAPHED CARDS INCLUDING SPAHN & ROBERTS. Group Includes 1952 Topps Warren Spahn and Robin Roberts, 1952 Bowman Sal Maglie, 1951 Bowman Football Charley Trippi and Doak Walker. All are signed in vintage ball point pen. Authenticated by JSA and slabbed by BVG. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 455

455 - 1952 TOPPS #311 MICKEY MANTLE ROOKIE CARD SGC 55 VG/EX+ 4.5. The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is the most important post war baseball card produced. Couple that with the exceptional visual appeal of this card. This iconic card is the one we all grew up wanting to own. This example has great color, wonderful registration, near perfect centering with modest even wear to the corners. A quality example with extraordinary appeal. (Very Good - Excellent). 30,000.00 - 40,000.00


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456 - EXTRA LARGE LOT 1952-67 CARD COLLECTION WITH STARS & SHORT PRINTS. Over 2000 old baseball dealer stock from back in the day. Includes about 150 cards from the 1950’s and 1850 plus from the 1960’s. While it is light on stars there are some high numbers and short prints from both 1966 and 1967. Average grade is excellent but there are a few near mint or better cards. (Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 456

LOT - 457

LOT - 458

457 - 1954 RED HEART MICKEY MANTLE. Beautiful estate fresh card. Near perfect centering, great color and sharp corners. (Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00 458 - 1954 BOWMAN #65 MICKEY MANTLE SGC 60 EX 5. Nice example that is centered to the left. Bright color with corners that would be found on a higher grade card. SGC 60 EX 5. (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 459

LOT - 460

459 - 1954 TOPPS AL KALINE ROOKIE SIGNED PSA 10 GEM MINT. 1954 Topps #201 Al Kaline rookie card signed in dark blue sharpie. Card grade is very good. PSA graded the Signature Gem Mint 10. (Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 460 - 1954 TOPPS #1 TED WILLIAMS PSA 6 EX-MT. The first card in the 1954 Topps set, Ted Williams graded PSA 6 EX-MT. Card has strong corners but is centered to the right 80/20. (Excellent-Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

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LOT - 461

LOT - 462

461 - 1955 TOPPS #164 ROBERTO CLEMENTE ROOKIE. The key high number to the 1955 Topps set. This well centered example of Roberto is in very good to excellent condition with wear to the corners. (Very Good - Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00 462 - 1955 TOPPS ROBERTO CLEMENTE ROOKIE CARD. No. 164. Excellent centering, bright colors. (Very Good - Excellent). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 463

LOT - 464

463 - LOT OF 2: 1955 SIGNED TOPPS HARMON KILLEBREW ROOKIE & AL KALINE. 1955 Harmon Killebrew Rookie is signed in black sharpie with an 8/10 quality. Al Kaline signature is in blue ballpoint and rates a 9/10. Both cards are in excellent condition and authenticated by JSA and slabbed by BVG. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00


464 - 1956 TOPPS BASEBALL #130 WILLIE MAYS. Well centered 1956 Topps Willie Mays, grades near mint overall. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

465 - 1956 TOPPS CARL ERSKINE PSA10. Recently graded this Brooklyn Dodges gem is perfect in every way. It has bright color, four razor sharp corners and is centered 50/50 all the way around. Unimprovable. (Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 8,000.00

LOT - 465

LOT - 466 466 - 1956 TOPPS #110 YOGI BERRA CARD PSA 7. Fresh near mint example has good color and exceptional centering. PSA 7 NM. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 500.00 467 - 1956 COMPLETE TOPPS ADVENTURE SET W/ SCHMELING. This set caused lots of controversy for Topps in 1956. The inclusion of Max Schmelling standing with the Nazi flag in the background coming out of WWII didn’t sit well with the public. The card was pulled rather quickly and makes it somewhat scarce today. Complete set grades near mint overall with many high grade boxers including Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis. The Schmelling is graded PSA 8 O/C. (Excellent). 600.00 - 900.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 467


468 - LOT OF 12: 1957-68 MICKEY MANTLE CARD COLLECTION. Lot includes a dozen Mantle cards. Cards include 1957 #407 (excellent-mint), 1960 #563 (excellent), 1961 #406 (excellent), #475 (excellent-,mint), 1962 #18 (very good), #318 (excellent plus), #471 (excellentmint), 1967 #103 (excellent), 1968 #490 (excellent), 1968 game (very good), Post Cereal Magazine (good), 1962 Post (very good). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 468

LOT - 469 LOT - 470 469 - 1958 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE ALL STAR CARD PSA 7 NRMT. Very well centered example of this high number. PSA 7 NRMT. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 470 - LOT OF 49: 1953-1978 STAR CARD COLLECTION INCLUDING MANTLE, CLEMENTE & KOUFAX (49). Lot includes stars and minor star’s cards that include a 1966 Mantle in very good to excellent condition. Also includes 11 Clemente, three Aaron, three Ryan and seven Rose. Cards average very good to excellent condition overall. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 471 - 1960 TOPPS #148 CARL YASTRZEMSKI SIGNED ROOKIE CARD. Signed rookie of “The Captain”, Carl Yastrzemski authenticated by SGC. A beautiful 10/10 quality ball point signature on a very good to excellent card. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 471 134

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 472

472 - LOT OF 4: 1961-68 TOPPS MICKEY MANTLE CARDS. Regular issue collector Mantles are always in demand. Includes 1961 #300 (very good to excellent), 1962 #200 (excellent), 1963 #200 (very good) and 1968 Topps PSA 6.5 (excellent to near mint plus). (Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00 473 - LOT OF 12: 1951-1975 PSA GRADED STAR CARDS. Baseball cards include 1959 #135 Robinson PSA 8, 1961 #417 Marichal PSA 6.5, 1966 #300 Clemente PSA 6, 1970 #140 Jackson PSA 6.5, #189 Munson PSA 6.5, 1971 #5 Munson PSA 4.5, #26 Blyleven PSA 6.5 and 1975 #228 Brett PSA 6.5. Football cards include 1951 #76 Hirsch PSA 4, #105 Perry PSA 5, #109 Motley PSA 5 and #137 Trippi PSA 5. 300.00 - 600.00 LOT - 473

474 - 1965 TOPPS #477 STEVE CARLTON ROOKIE GRADED SGC 84 NRMT. Well centered with just a touch of wear to the corners. SGC 84 NRMT (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 475 - 1965 TOPPS #581 TONY PEREZ ROOKIE CARD SGC 88 NM-MT. Well centered with exceptional color. Graded SGC 88 NM-MT. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 474 LOT - 475

LOT - 476

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

476 - LOT OF 20: 1953-1968 NEW YORK YANKEE CARD LOT INCLUDING MICKEY MANTLE. Nice mid-grade group with nine Mickey Mantle related cards. Highlights include: 1959 #564 Mantle (AS GD), 1961 #300 Mantle (EX), #475 Mantle MVP PSA 4 (VG-EX), 1962 #53 (PR), 1964 Topps #50 Mantle BVG 5.5 (EX+), three 1964 Topps Giants #25 SGC 86 (NM+, EX-MT, EX), 1965 Topps #350 Mantle BVG 5 (EX) and 1968 Topps Game #2 Mantle PSA 6 M/C (EX-MT). Other cards average very good to excellent with one authentic. (Very Good Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 135

477 - LOT OF 5: 1952-1992 CARD COLLECTION INCLUDING RUTH & DIMAGGIO. Small card group includes 1952 Topps Look ‘n See #15 Babe Ruth (NRMT), 1959 #20 Snider (NRMT), 1962 #136 Ruth (EX-MT), #395 Mays (NRMT) and 1992 Score DiMaggio 5 of 5; 2363/2500 autographed cards. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 477

LOT - 478

LOT - 479

LOT - 480

LOT - 481

478 - 1966 BAZOOKA MICKEY MANTLE FULL PANEL. 1966 Bazooka full panel with Mickey Mantle, Leon Wagner and Ed Kranepool. Very tough to find in this condition and most likely an upgrade for anyone. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 800.00 - 1,200.00

480 - 1971 TOPPS BASEBALL CARD COMPLETE SET. Achieving a true high grade 1971 Topps set with the black borders would be a challenge to say the least. This one comes close at a consistent excellent to near mint throughout. Key cards and grade: #5 Munson-excellent-near mint, #20 Jackson-excellent plus, #26 Blylevenexcellent-near mint, #100 Rose-excellent-near mint, #250 Bench-near mint, #341 Garvey-excellent-near mint, #400 Aaron-excellent-near mint, #513 Ryan TRIM, #600 Mays SCD 7 near mint, #630 Clemente SCD 6.5 excellent-near mint plus and #709 Baylor-near mint. (Excellent - Near Mint). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00

479 - 1957 SOHIO CLEVELAND INDIANS PHOTO ALBUM W/ ROGER MARIS. 8” x 6”. Complete album has stickers intact and non-perforated in strips of three. This is the earliest rookie issue of Roger Maris (excellent to mint) and also contains Rocky Colavito (mint). The other stickers average in near mint condition. The album itself is in excellent to near mint condition. (Excellent - Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 136

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 482

LOT - 483

481 - 1973 TOPPS CANDY LID TEST SHEET. Framed: 36 - 1/4” x 25 - 3/4”. Unusual sheet featuring players like: Nolan Ryan, Willie Mayes, Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson. It differs from the regular 1973 Candy Lids as it is missing their solid borders around the player’s heads. Only one set is known to exist without the borders, making this set quite rare. Framed behind glass. Bright color overall. (Excellent). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00

LOT - 484

LOT - 485 LOT - 486

482 - 1977 TOPPS #650 NOLAN RYAN SGC 96 MINT 9. Perfectly centered with bright color. SGC 96 MINT 9. (Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 483 - LOT OF 129: KEN GRIFFEY JR. & BARRY BONDS ROOKIE COLLECTION. 1989 Ken Griffey Jr rookies include: 48 Topps Traded, 15 Donruss, 6 Bowman, 15 Fleer and 31 Score. There are 14 Topps traded Barry Bonds rookies. Cards average near mint with many better. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 484 - 1989 UPPER DECK KEN GRIFEY JR. SGC 98 GEM MINT 10. 1989 was the first year that foil packs came about with “Premium” sports cards in them. Back then this was the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card everyone looked for. This example has been graded SGC 98 Gem Mint 10. (Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 485 - LOT OF 3: DEREK JETER SIGNED ROOKIE CARD COLLECTION. Derek spent some time in the minors before joining the Yankees full time. Back then before he was a superstar he was very accommodating to fans and signed often. Included in this group is his 1993 Topps rookie card, 1994 Collectors Choice SE and a 1995 Upper Deck. All have 10/10 quality blue Sharpie signatures on excellent to near mint cards. SGC Auction LOA (Excellent-Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00 486 - 1993 SP DEREK JETER CARD PSA 8 NM-MT. Beautiful foil rookie of Jeter graded PSA 8 has light touches to the bottom corner. (Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 487 487 - EXTRA LARGE LOT OF 1960-80’S BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Great old dealer stock of over 5000 cards. Includes approximately 1000 baseball cards from 1968 to 1972. There are also several sets from the 1980’s. Average grade is excellent but there are a few near mint or better cards. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


488 - LOT OF 10,000+: EXTRA LARGE LOT OF 1980’S -1990’S CARD COLLECTIONS. Includes three 1981-1982 Topps Basketball Sets, 1981 and 1987 Football Sets, Several 1980’s baseball sets including two 1981 Fleer and two 1985 Topps, a case of 1990 Upper Deck baseball sets and traded’s, 16 1990-1991 Fleer basketball Sets, two 1985 Donruss boxes, a 1986 Fleer basketball display box and more. (Near Mint). 300.00 - 600.00

LOT - 488 489 - LARGE LOT OF 1970-1971 TOPPS BASEBALL CARDS. Lot of 160 plus early 1970’s cards with a high concentration of stars including two 1970 #189 Munson(EX miscut), #500 Aaron (EX-MT), #600 Mays (EX-MT), #660 Bench (EX-MT), 1971 #5 Munson (EX O/C), #26 Blyleven (EX), #20 Jackson (EX), #100 Bench (EX), #341 Garvey (EX-MT) and #530 Yastrzemski (M/C). Cards average excellent to near mint throughout with a few better and a few lesser. (Excellent-Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 489

490 - EXTRA LARGE 1972-1974 TOPPS BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Card collection of 300 plus with plenty of star power and some high numbers (many not listed). Highlights include 1972, #49 Mays (EX), #79 Fisk (EX), #299 Aaron (VG-EX), #309 Clemente (EX-MT), #559 Rose (EX-MT), #754 Robinson (EX), 1973 #193 Fisk (EX), #220 Ryan (EX-MT+), 1974 #1 Aaron (EX-MT) and #20 Ryan (EX). Range is very good to near mint. (Very Good Near Mint). 200.00 - 400.00

LOT - 490 138

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 491

LOT - 492

491 - LARGE LOT OF 1975 & NEWER BASEBALL CARDS. Highlights from this 300 plus card lot includes 1975 #70 Schmidt (EX-MT), #223 Yount (EX), #228 Brett (PR), #500 Ryan (EX), #616 Rice (EX), 1976 #330 Ryan (EX), 1977 #473 Dawson (EX-MT), 1978 #708 Murphy (EX-MT) and 1979 #116 Smith (EX-MT). Group includes many other stars not listed and includes some cloth stickers and Kellogg’s as well. Average grade is excellent to near mint. (ExcellentNear Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 492 - LARGE LOT OF 1967-1969 TOPPS BASEBALL CARDS. Another group of over 225 loaded with stars, leader cards, and team cards. Some highlights include 1967 #200 Mays (EX), #355 Yastrzemski (EX), #430 Rose (VG), 1968 #50 Mays (EX), #150 Clemente (EX), #247 Bench (VG), 1969 #50 Clemente (VG-EX), #95 Bench (EX-MT) and #480 Seaver (EX). Plenty of other stars included are Brock, Carlton, Kaline, Killebrew, Maris, McCovey and Stargell throughout. (Very Good - Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00 493 - LARGE LOT OF 1965-1966 TOPPS BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Group includes roughly 125 1965 Topps cards with stars that includes #134 Mantle HR (EX), #155 Maris (EX), #161 Clemete (EX MKD), #250 Mays (EX), #300 Koufax (EX), #477 Carlton (VG) and #526 Hunter (EX). Highlights of the 50+ 1966’s card includes #30 Rose (EX), #70 Yastrzemski (VG-EX) and #254 Jenkins (VG-EX). The cards in general are excellent overall with many other HOF, leaders and team cards. (Excellent). 300.00 - 600.00 LOT - 493

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 494

LOT - 495

494 - EXTRA LARGE LOT OF 1962-1964 TOPPS BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Topps group of 325+ is just loaded with stars, leaders, and rookies. 200+ 1962 highlights include #18 Mantle/Mays (VG-EX), #53 HR Leaders (EX), #300 Mays (EX) and #387 Brock (EX). 40 1963 cards include #390 Aaron Trim (VG) and #553 Stargell (VG). 85+ 1964 cards include #125 Rose (EX), #200 Koufax (VG-EX) and #440 Clemente (EX). Lot is loaded with other stars like Yastrzemski, Robinson, Oliva, Babe Ruth Story Cards and Rookie Parades. Average grade is very good to excellent. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 495 - LOT OF 75+: 1959-1961 TOPPS BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Small group loaded with stars and special cards including 1959 #202 Maris (EX-MT), #515 Killebrew (VG), 1960, #316 McCovey (VG), #326 Clemente (EX-MT); 1961 #2 Maris (EX), #35 Santo (EX-MT), #297 Yastrzemski (PR), #388 Clemente (EX) and #484 Aaron MVP (EX). Many other names include Snider, Banks, Mays and Campanella. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00 496 - LARGE LOT OF 1933-1958 BASEBALL CARD GROUP. Collection of 110+ cards feature plenty of stars throughout. Highlights include 1933 Goudey #133 Mo Berg (EX), 1934 Diamand Stars #77 Gehringer (VG), 1954 Topps #94 Banks (GD), #132 Lasorda (EX), 1954 Bowman#15 Ashburn (VG-EX), 1957 Topps #35 Robinson (VG-EX), #407 Mantle/Berra (PR), 1958 #1 Williams (GD) and #476 Musial (EX-MT). A variety of other stars cards are included. Conditions vary from fair to near mint. (Fair - Near Mint). 800.00 - 1,200.00

LOT - 496 140

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

LOT - 497

LOT - 498

497 - LOT OF 200+: ODDBALL CARD GROUP. This catch-all lot for many of the unusual cards and coins from this collection. Some highlights include 50 1964 Topps coins with many stars including Mantle, Koufax, three Aaron, Clemente and more; 18 1955 Armour coins include two Yogi Berra and nine 1964 Kahn’s. Topps cards include embossed, scratch off, game, and deckle. There are a few Fleer including Babe Ruth and a handful of others. Overall in excellent condition. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 498 - EXTRA LARGE LOT OF 1950-80’S FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL & HOCKEY CARDS. Collection of over 750 cards covers decades of sports heroes. The football has a few 1950’s cards but the concentration is late 1960’s to 1979. A few of the many stars include 1958 #22 Johnny Unitas (VG-EX), 1959 #10 Jim Brown (VG), 1960 #63 Bart Star (VG-EX), 1961 Don Maynard#150 (VG-EX), 1966 #65 Joe Namath (VG), #196 Bob Griese (PR Writing), 1970 #90 OJ Simpson (VG), 1972 #200 Roger Staubach (VG) and 1978 #315 Tony Dorsett (VG). Tons of other stars averaging very good to excellent overall. The 60+ basketball cards has a mixture of mostly 1970’s cards with a few 1986 Fleer including a Larry Bird sticker and a 1988 Pippen rookie. The hockey cards are all 1970’s mostly 1970-73. A nice collection with good breakdown value in very good to excellent condition. (Very Good - Excellent). 400.00 - 800.00

LOT - 499

499 - EXTRA LARGE 1955-1961 SHOEBOX FOOTBALL CARD COLLECTION. A childhood collection of 450+ football cards. It has some rough 55-56 cards in mostly poor condition. The majority are 1957-1960 with a few scattered Fleer cards at the end. The lot is unpicked and loaded with mid level stars. A few highlights include 1958 #22 Johnny Unitas (VG), #90 Sonny Jurgensen (EX), 1959 #1 Johnny Unitas (GD), 1960 #1 Johnny Unitas (VG) and #23 Jim Brown 20 (EX). Average grade is very good to excellent. (Very Good). 400.00 - 800.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 500

LOT - 501 500 - EXTRA LARGE 1952-1961 SHOE BOX COLLECTION. A childhood collection of a little over 875 baseball cards with approximately 540 from 1959. The 125 cards from 1957 highlights include 1957 (125 cards) #10 Mays (VG-EX), #20 Aaron (VG-EX), #35 Robinson (GD), #76 Clemente (VG-EX), #210 Clemente (VG) and #328 Robinson (PR). The 40 cards from 1958 highlights include two #418 Mantle Aaron (GD) and three #487 Mantle A.S. (VG, VG, PR). The 540 1959 cards include #10 Mantle (EX), #20 Snider (EX), #50 Mays (EX), #150 Musial (VG), #180 Berra (EX-MT) and #202 Maris (EX). There are 77 cards from 1960 and 90 cards from 1961 which include #2 Maris (EX-MT) and #35 Santo (EX-MT). There are even eight 1955 Redman W tabs including two Hodges and Berra. Cards are in very good to excellent condition throughout with more HOF & stars than listed. 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 501 - LOT OF 150+: NON-SPORTS SHOE BOX COLLECTION. Lot includes 88 1961 Nu Card orange border Horror Monster cards and 27 TV Western cards. The rest are a variety including Flags of the World. (Very Good Excellent). 100.00 - 200.00

LOT - 502


502 - LOT OF 8: BASEBALL TRADE CARDS & BLANKET SQUARES. Lot includes a double folder Mecca cigarette card with James Dygert and J.B. Seymour, a triple folder Hassan cigarette card with Ed Grant and R. Hoblitzel, a “Read the Sporting Life” trade card from Philadelphia, a Triumph Harvesting Machinery card depicting horse racing and four felt baseball blanket squares; Boston’s Connolly, Pittsburgh’s Hyatt and Gibson and Brooklyn’s Miller. Conditions vary. (Very Good - Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

503 - 1960-80’S SPORTS MEMORABILIA & BASEBALL CARD COLLECTION. Box of vintage sports memorabilia including Yearbooks, Tickets, Mini Pennants and even a couple Steelers Beer cans. Most of the memorabilia is Pittsburgh related. The cards (approximately 1000) range from the 1960’s to about 1974. There are some stars mixed in including Clemente. Most cards are in excellent condition although there is a small selection of higher grade mixed in. (Excellent). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 503

LOT - 504

504 - EXTRA LARGE 1966-1972 SINGLE OWNER COLLECTION OF SPORTS CARDS. Shoe box collection of over 1000 cards has a selection of all major sports with most cards being from the 1970-71 era. Baseball has approximately 350 cards with names like Aaron, Clemente, Jackson and Mays in the mix. Basketball has roughly 200 cards with about half being from 1971. There are roughly 400 football cards with a good mix. Approximately 100 are 1966 Topps with the majority being from 1969-71. There are stars throughout including OJ Simpson, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas and others. There are even 100+ hockey cards including a couple of Gordie Howe’s. Most are in excellent to near mint condition. (Excellent Plus - Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00 LOT - 506

LOT - 505

505 - LOT OF 51: BASEBALL & BOXING PRE-WAR STAMPS. Lot includes 21 stamps of the Dempsey vs Tunney Heavyweight Championship 2nd “Long Count” fight and 30 baseball related stamps. Baseball stamps include: three Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb, three Dazzy Vance, Lou Gehrig, George Sisler, Grove Cleveland Alexander, Rogers Hornsby, and others. Pre-war, most likely German. Conditions vary but most are curled but not torn. (Very Good Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00

506 - LOT OF 48: 1941 GUM INC. SUPERMAN LOW NUMBER CARD SET. While the idea of Superman was still in its infancy, Gum Inc. capitalized on this patriotic crime fighter with a 72 card set right in the middle of World War II. Colorful low number set has Superman in a variety of situations fighting crime or heroically saving citizens from certain death. This group 1-48 is in very good to excellent condition overall. Card #1 is in good condition due to minor paper loss. Missing the 24th card, high number run for the completion of this set. (Very Good - Excellent). 1,500.00 - 2,500.00

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


507 - 1929-30 ROGERS PEET #24 BOBBY JONES PSA 7 NRMT HIGHEST GRADED. Nobody had a better year than Bobby Jones in 1930 when these were issued. He won the Amateur and Open Championships in both the United States and the U.K. completing one of the greatest golf feats in history. Freshly back from PSA it is graded NRMT 7. It appears that centering is what holds it back. Of the few that are graded, this is the highest with one other at the same level. This is from a small group of 13 cards found in their original glassine envelopes. (Near Mint). 2,000.00 - 3,000.00 508 - 1929-30 ROGERS PEET #34 TY COBB PSA 7 NRMT Ty Cobb is pictured in his Philadelphia A’s uniform. Well centered example is graded PSA 7 NRMT with only one card graded higher. Extremely scarce issue with PSA only grading 134 total cards. (Near Mint). 1,500.00 - 2,000.00 LOT - 507

LOT - 508

509 - 1929-30 ROGERS PEET #48 BABE RUTH PSA 7 NRMT HIGHEST GRADED. Rare PSA 7 NRMT Babe Ruth is the highest graded with one other example graded at the same level. A true set registry card with only a few (6), that are graded. To put it in perspective there are 14 regular Sporting News Babe Ruths graded (no variations included). This is from a small recent discovery of 13 cards found in their original glassine envelopes. I would expect that another example won’t be available anytime soon. (Near Mint). 4,000.00 - 6,000.00

LOT - 509 144

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

510 - LOT OF 3: 1929-30 ROGERS PEET NEW YORK HOCKEY GROUP. Three examples from the elusive Rogers Peet include Bill Burch and Lionel Conacher of the New York Americans and Frank Boucher of the NY Rangers. All are in near mint condition. (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 510 511 - LOT OF 3: 1929-30 ROGERS PEET BOXING CARDS INCLUDING JACK DEMPSEY. As a multi sport set of the late twenties boxing is sure to have been included. The three examples found in this small collection of 16 include Dempsey, Tunney and Schmeling. The Dempsey and Schmelling both are in near mint condition while the Tunney has a small chip to the right corner making it in very good condition. (Very Good Near Mint). 400.00 - 800.00 LOT - 511

512 - LOT OF 7: 1929-30 ROGERS PEET GROUP INCLUDING HERB PENNOCK & CHARLES LINBERGH. The most notable cards in this multi sport group are Herb Pennock (EX-MT) and Charles Lindbergh (NRMT). Other’s include Bill Tilden-tennis (EX_MT), Bill Melhorn-golf (NRMT), Richard Byrd-explorer (NRMT), Sabin Carr-track (NM-MT) and Peter De Paolo-racing (NM-MT). Cards are from a small group of 16 found and include their original packaging envelopes. (ExcellentNear Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 512

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017


LOT - 514

513 - 1958 TOPPS JIM BROWN ROOKIE CARD. Card is in excellent condition. Centering is 90/10 left to right. (Excellent). 200.00 - 400.00 LOT - 513

514 - 1972 TOPPS FOOTBALL JOE NAMATH PSA 9 MINT. 1972 Topps Joe Namath #100 Graded MINT 9 by PSA. Virtually perfect example slightly centered to the top 60/40. (Mint). 200.00 - 400.00 515 - 1986 FLEER #57 MICHAEL JORDAN ROOKIE SGC 88 NM-MT 8. Easily the most popular basketball card in history. Sharp card, accurately graded. SGC 88 NM-MT 8 (Near Mint). 1,200.00 - 1,800.00 516 - LOT OF 5: 1986-1995 MICHAEL JORDAN COLLECTION. Small Jordan group with early inserts. Includes 1985-86 Star Best of the New (NRMT), Best of the Best (NRMT)(more Modern than 86), 1987 Fleer (NRMT), 1992 Team Leader (NRMT) and 1993 Finest Refractor (MINT). (Near Mint). 400.00 - 600.00

LOT - 515


LOT - 516

www.MorphyAuctions.com | October 28, 2017

517 - 1951 TOPPS RINGSIDE #32 ROCKY MARCIANO PSA 7 NRMT. Very well centered card with bright color. One of the keys for the Ringside set. (Near Mint). 600.00 - 900.00

LOT - 517


LOT - 519

LOT - 518 518 - LOT OF 9: BOXING RELATED CIGARETTE & GUN CARDS. Seven, from the 1956 Topps Adventure series include #22 Sugar Ray Robinson, #44 Rocky Marciano, #41 Joe Lewis, #31 Tommy Burns, #79 Jim Jeffries, #42 Ezzard Charles and #80 Marvin Hart. Cards are graded and range from NRMT-MT 8 to MT 9. Also included are two English cigarette cards; a John Player Cigarettes #49 Jim Corbett and a Top Flight Cigarettes #11 Sugar Ray Robinson. Cigarette cards are ungraded. (Near Mint - Near Mint Plus). 400.00 - 600.00

519 - LOT OF 7000+: EXTRA LARGE LOT OF 1950-1980’S FOOTBALL AND HOCKEY CARD GROUP. Great old dealer stock of over 7000 cards. The lot has a nice assortment of 1960’s and 1970’s football card with a bunch of stars including Walter Payon, Larry Csonka and Bryan Piccolo. The 1500 plus 1960’s football cards consists mostly of Philadelphia with some Topps. The 4000+ 1970’s football cards encompasses every year with numerous stars throughout. There are approximately 1500-2000 1970-1980’s hockey cards with approximately 3000 late 1980’s modern cards. Cards range from excellent to near mint plus condition. (Excellent - Near Mint Plus). 1,000.00 - 1,500.00

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MORPHY AUCTIONS, LAS VEGAS | 4520 Arville Street #1 ∙ Las Vegas, NV 89103 | Phone: 702-382-2466 ∙ Fax: 702-382-6513




12, 2018


Show Location Nevada County Fair Grounds 11228 McCourtney Road Grass Valley, CA 95949

Show Admission $10 two-day pass Children 12 & under are FREE

Dealer Hours Thursday, May 10, 2018 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Friday. May 11, 2018 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday, May 12, 2018 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Show Hours Friday, May 11, 2018 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday, May 12, 2018 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Early Entry $100 Dealer Access Badges are available at the show on Thursday, May 10th 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

2000 N. Reading Rd, Denver, PA 17517 | MorphyAuctions.com | 877-968-8880

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