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Advances in hearing aid technology

Occupational Therapy at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital

The latest in hearing aid technology is the ability to recharge the battery. There two options for rechargeable hearing aids: built-in rechargeable batteries or a replaceable battery. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Phonak (a hearing aid manufacturer) has a hearing aid option containing a tobuilt-in provideLithium drivingrechargeable assessmentsbattery. as The required by is VicRoads. The ability to and advantage that it is faster to charge drive is a longer complex requiring can last on task a single charge.both They physical and cognitive skills. have also made a power packInjury that you and maycase, impact on canmedical attach toconditions your charger which one’s ability to drive; the no decision is ideal for short tripsand where power assource when is toavailable. give up driving is a questions However, complex Our OT’s can assist you such as:one. ‘what happens when the built-in in working through this process. rehabilitation team at St John of How do you attend our hospital? God Frankston Rehabilitation Inpatients – you can choose who Hospital. As part of the in-patient provides your rehabilitation after your service, Occupational Therapists acute hospital stay or if you have a determine whether patients can live referral from your GP. Simply request independently at home. to have your inpatient rehabilitation They will perform home at our hospital and one of our assessments, if required, before Rehabilitation Assessment Nurses will patients are discharged from our visit you to plan your stay with us. hospital. These home visits allow our Outpatients and Driving therapists to make recommendations Assessments - A referral from your regarding home modifications and GP or Specialist is required. equipment required. FREE Please direct all referrals to: Our Occupational Therapists will St Johnaid of God Frankston 30 day hearing trials. address existing disabilities with Rehabilitation Hospital At patients no cost & obligation free. assistive devices ensuring our 255-265 Cranbourne Road, can safely perform activities of daily Frankston 3199 living. They will assess cognition General telephone: 9788 3333 and provide training where necessary FREE Referral Fax: 9788 3304 and will work closely withHearing other aids toweek Pensioners* OT is 16th – 22nd October therapies to increase the intensity of and during that week our OT’s will be rehabilitation. sharing lots of information via social Veterans, & Privates WePensioners, also have Occupational Therapy Worksafe media, so please visit and like our Driving Assessors who are able page - SJOGFrankston. *subject to eligibility criteria through theFacebook Australian Pension Scheme.

Hearing aids have evolved over the years from the ‘Ear trumpet’ and ‘Body aid’ (a hearing box worn on the body) to the current generation of highly sophisticated digital hearing aids. From the mid-1990s, hearing aid technology has advanced significantly due to the use of Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This has Because Therapy allowed it toof beOccupational drastically smaller in size, I cansound live atquality, home superior produce higher I can take offine-tuning myself noise filtering, andcare better capabilities.I can earn a living I can get around Today’s modern hearing aids include And I canand have fun! wireless technology Bluetooth, which allows you to connect to devices like your OCCUPATIONAL Therapists mobile phone, iPad, television or laptop. (OT’s) are an integral part of the

batteries near its life cycle?’ or ‘what happens if I forgot to bring the charger on a long trip?’, these are some of the shortcomings of the built-in rechargeable batteries. Other manufacturers have gone the other route by using replaceable rechargeable batteries. It usually requires you to swap out your hearing aid battery door for a special battery door that converts your hearing aids into rechargeable (keeping in mind that your hearing aids have to be compatible). It does take longer to charge than the aforementioned rechargeable aids but if you leave it charged overnight, they will be ready to go when you wake

up. The advantage of this method is that it can use the conventional hearing aid batteries too. So, if you forgot the charger or forgot to charge them all together, you can easily pop in a conventional hearing aid battery and you’re all set to go. The lifespan of the replaceable rechargeable battery is 12-18 months. No matter if you decide on built-in rechargeable batteries or a replaceable battery, if you would like more information or assistance with your hearing aids, please contact our Audiologist, Robin Tu, in Mt Eliza on 9708 8626. He’s ready for your calls and any questions you may have.

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