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Indigenous gift inspired by Dali THE shire’s cultural heritage officer Adam Magennis has presented to deputy mayor Cr Graham Pittock a painting of Aboriginal motifs inspired by Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. The gift was to mark the council’s annual presentation of the Reconciliation progress report as well as recognition of National Reconciliation Week 2015. Other activities included a smoking ceremony and ceremonial dancing. Mr Magennis – a qualifed archaeologist who advises shire planners, government agencies and developers about cultural heritage management – said his work contained everything from “insects in the soil to stars in the galaxy�, and included elements such as “surf at Sixteenth beach on the ocean coast at Rye; Arthurs Seat, which is known as Wonga; and Bunjil the eagle, an ancestral being�. He told councillors, shire officers and members of the public at the council meeting in Rosebud Memorial Hall last week that the painting could also be viewed upside down, which brought laughter. After the painting’s presentation, shire officers Peter Sibly of the social planning and community development department, and Aboriginal support and development policy officer Glenys Watts told councillors the shire had been widely praised for its active involvement in Reconciliation for more than a decade through community development, social support, advocacy, leadership, partnerships and policy development and implementation, social planning, promotion of cultural awareness, and cultural heritage protection. They said the shire was one of the top 12 municipalities promoting Reconciliation and had received a high commendation from the Victorian Local Governance Association and Reconciliation Victoria. It was listed among the top three municipalities in Victoria for its support of Reconciliation activi-

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A NEW political party formed in April is holding an information session at Frankston 5-6pm on Tuesday 9 June in Frankston Library’s long room, 60 Playne St. The national convener of PIBCI (Public Interests Before Corporate Interests) is Dr Joe Toscano, a medical practitioner with a history of political activism who stood as an independent in the Frankston electorate at last year’s state election. The meeting has been organised by Frankston resident Gillian Collins, an environmental campaigner and co-organiser of the 12-week picket that tried to stop bulldozing of part of the historic Westerfield estate in Frankston South for the Peninsula Link freeway in 2010. Dr Toscano has campaigned on issues such as Medicare, the ABC, public housing, corporate welfare, and indigenous matters. PIBCI’s website states the party aims “to ensure the interests of the Australian public are put before the interests of unaccountable corporations whose major responsibility is to create everincreasing profits ... irrespective of the human, social, environmental and national costs�. Details: Gillian Collins, 0414 309 960 or gillianuu@yahoo.com.au

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Wave to Wonga: A painting presented to the shire council to mark a decade of its support of Reconciliation was inspired by surrealist Salvador Dali. Pictures courtesy Mornington Peninsula Shire

ties, and its website “was considered one of the most informative and best designed in Victoria�. Councillors voted to reaffirm the shire’s commitment to Reconciliation, support of the Aboriginal gathering place Willum Warrain at Hastings, continue its engagement with traditional owners over cultural heritage and caring for country, and seek more

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resources to expand cultural heritage management planning. They also backed ongoing support of the Tjaegan Wilson-Blow Benevolence Trust to assist young Aboriginal boys and girls. Funding for the implementation of the Reconciliation Action Plan would be “subject to external funding and council’s annual budget considerations�. Mike Hast

NEW speed limits now apply to parks of Cook and Wood streets, Flinders. Limits have been cut to 50kph in Cook Street between Stokes and Wood streets and 60kph east of Boneo Rd to Stokes St. The 80kph buffer zone in Wood St between Boyds Rd and Rest Drive has been replaced with a “60kph ahead� sign.

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2 June 2015  

Mornington News 2 June 2015

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Mornington News 2 June 2015


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