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‘Go to websites for answers’ – MP, CEO Greg Hunt’s advice to Sylvia Simons to and the community to “engage in AGL’s feedback process via Jay Gleeson of AGL” left me openmouthed (“MP urges ‘feedback’ for gas terminal” see page 7). The icing on the cake was receiving the same brush off from Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. Last Tuesday night, 22 May, four questions regarding the proposed floating gas terminal at Crib Point were asked at the public meeting held in Rosebud. The response? CEO Carl Cowie took the questions and announced that AGL’s community engagement website was the best avenue. One of the questions touched on the Kawasaki coal to hydrogen project, which will ship out of Hastings. Same gob-smacking advice: refer to the hydrogen energy supply chain website. Funny. I didn’t realise that AGL and Kawasaki were looking after constituents’ concerns. Nor did I comprehend that they were now representing residents. Perhaps they would like to receive my next rates payment. We should be very deeply concerned that our paid representatives feel it is acceptable to tell us to engage with corporations whose sole strategic goal is profit. Louise Page, Tyabb

Time for toughness It’s time the Mornington Peninsula Shire got some good old intestinal fortitude and started baring its teeth at these fools who illegally chop down trees in our, yes, our foreshore (“Hunt on for foreshore tree loppers” The News 22/5/18). In Frankston, they find the perpetrator, place a big

sign in front of their house blocking the view that states that they are tree vandals and hit them with a very heavy fine. What do we have down here? We have signs about the size of an A4 sheet of paper obscured in the foreshore telling us that, if caught, the tree vandal may, only may, be fined up to $130,000 and may be charged with criminal damage. We get told by the shire it’s hard to prove such vandalism to bring charges to bear. It’s not rocket science, line up where the tree was and the house that has the fantastic new bay view. The large sign stays there, in front of the usually two-storey house until the new tree that is planted to replace the one lopped down has grown enough to obscure the view. The vandals should also get the maximum fine and be publicly named. It certainly begs the question how the neighbours did not hear the chain saw and report it to the police. Oh, by the way, could some of the home owners that have absolute foreshore frontages tell me where they purchased these normally tall trees and shrubs that only grow about two metres high? John Cain, McCrae

Environmental threats It’s obviously in the blood of Liberal/National Party environment ministers to give the green light to wholesale environmental destruction. [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt, under his rule gave the green light to the biggest coal mine in Australia against available advice from environmental protectors and climate scientists.

Now, Josh Frydenberg is entertaining to strip great swathes of Queensland of their forests, despite warnings from his own department of possible terrible consequences to the Great Barrier Reef from silt runoff. Here in Victoria our Labor government is destroying our native forests wholesale. If mountain ash timber is needed so badly for furniture it could be harvested selectively, without destroying the whole ecosystems of our highlands. It seems our governments of any colour are working extra hard to reduce our planet to an ecological disaster area, unfit for human survival. Rupert Steiner, Balnarring

Eagles kill livestock I have little doubt that the farmers were right and the eagles joined forces to kill that newborn calf (“Farmer says eagles killed calf” The News 22/5/18). Probably one eagle distracted the mother and another couple knocked the calf down and held it down while they proceeded to tear at the its soft parts. Eagles do cooperate at times. My father experienced the tactics of eagles who combined in groups to knock down and eventually kill the whole of a small flock of sheep weakened by starvation. Dad had bought a group of sheep starving on a bare wheat farm. He chivvied them at their own pace about 80 kilometres through Mallee scrub to his property on the saltbush plains of the north Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. It was either 1953 or 54 when eagles came down in their hundreds from the drought stricken north of South Australia. The sheep would have recovered, without doubt, if it were not for the hungry birds. He too was met by disbelief. Henry Broadbent, Somers

Vote for Joe Nepean MP Martin Dixon is quick to blame Labor for the freeway noise, but when he was a minister he could get nothing done about it

either. So what is he going on about? Oh yea, an election on the horizon. You might wonder why nothing has been done. The issue is that this is a safe Liberal seat and if they ran Dewie the dog he would win and, therefore, it behoves neither party to listen and act. So the only way to get some recognition of the peninsula from the state government is for the seat to become contested. And, I might add, the hundreds of millions of dollars the state is wasting on the Mornington Peninsula Freeway (putting up motorcycle death barriers) and whatever it is doing between Jetty and Boneo roads on the freeway extension could have been better used to fix the many blind spots and real safety issues we have (before freeway noise barriers). So make this seat a marginal seat and write in Joe Lenzo for MP on the ballot (a little bit of hyperbole here). Joe Lenzo, Safety Beach Editor: Russell Joseph, Mr Dixon’s electorate office manager, is the endorsed Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Nepean.

Timetable for pier I’d like to call on the state MP for Carrum, Sonya Kilkenny, to advise the people of Seaford when the long suffering Seaford pier will be re-constructed; how much has been earmarked for the revamp; and, whether the works will be for the entire pier or just the damaged area in question. There has been a lot of back patting going on but little detail insofar as actually getting the work done. I speak for many Seaford residents when I say I’d love to see the pier fully revamped and reopened as soon as possible. I am also concerned, like many residents are, about the gaps in the wooden sleepers along the length of the pier. Will these also be addressed? Kris Bolam, Frankston City councillor


Hastings men enlist on Empire Day Compiled by Brodie Cowburn MESSRS F. H. Goodwin and L. Watt both of Hastings have enlisted and will enter camp shortly. The best wishes of all residents go with these two young men who are going to “do their bit” for the Empire. Empire Day celebrations passed very successfully here. A report of the proceedings will appear next issue. *** IN the 405th Casualty List, published on Thursday the following names appear under the heading of wounded: Pte. C. W. Beard, Balnarring; Pte. H. S. Sawyer, Moorooduc (gas); Sgt. S. Vialls, Carrum; and Driver T. Tulloch, Carrum. *** A PICTURE night will be given in the Frankston Mechanics’ hall on Saturday evening, June 8th, in aid of the Langwarrin Camp. A feature of the programme will be the screening of the fim taken on the occasion of the Pageant of Loyalty at Frankston. Besides pictures, there will be instrumental items, the Langwarrin orchestra will be present, and Sergeant Widburn will render several comic items. *** A FOOTBALL match between Frankston and Somerville juniors was played at Frankston on Saturday last. Frankston proved altogether too good for the visitors, whom they defeated by 7.16 to 1 point. The goal kickers for Frankston were Burton 4, Comb and Matson. Vansuylen, Biggs, and Westaway worked

hard to avert defeat, while the best for Frankston were Coxall, Burton, Gabriel, Wilkinson and Tivendale. M Kemp umpired satisfactorily. *** TODAY (Sat) a number of returned soldiers will be entertained at Frankston by members of the “Wattte Club”. A cinematograph operator will be in attendance to take a series of pictures when the soldiers arrive and during their procession through the town. We understand these pictures will be shown in connection with Captain Conants new picture play “His Only Chance” recently screened in Melbourne in connection with the Red Cross effort. It is requested that townspeople make a liberal display of bunting and that they turn out in force to welcome the soldiers so as to ensure not only a right royal welcome to our warriors but also that the picture when screened will be one worthy of Frankston. *** THE efforts of the Tyabb school committee resulted in a great success on Friday evening last at the concert and dance which had been organised in aid of the Education Department’s special Red Cross appeal. At the concert the hall was crowded, and a fair number were unable to find a seat. An excellent programme, comprised of all local talent, was submitted, and the first part, which was mostly made up by the school children, reflected great credit on Mr Hughes, Miss Young, and others who had trained them. The opportunity was taken of bid-

ding farewell and making a presentation to Mr Hughes, who is about to leave the district. *** EMPIRE Day was celebrated last Friday and although the weather was not all that could be desired for such an event, the attendance was splendid. In the morning the Somerville school children marched up to the Mechanics Institute where children from the Moorooduc and Baxter schools were already assembled. The proceedings opened with the singing of the National Anthem. Cr. Murray chairman of the school committee, in his opening address, said today the Empire was sorely pressed but all beleived that she would come out triumphantly. In speaking of the loyalty of the children, Cr Murray said that they had been saving their pocket money for Prisoners of War Fund, and in five weeks had raised £10 10s. On behalf of the school committee he wished to to thank the Baxter and Moorooduc schools for their co-operation on this occasion. *** AS was anticipated, the concert given on Empire Day in aid of the Australian Red Cross Fund, was a great musical treat. The attendance was very poor owing to laudable efforts, for the same good cause, at Seaford, Carrum and Somerville, on the same evening, attracting many local patrons. In addition, a not to-be-missedon-any-account picture film of the Frankston Pageant of Loyalty, on the 8th of June, for another most worthy cause compelled many to reserve

their shillings for such a unique and interesting treat *** MISS Gillard, who has been in charge of the Langwarrin State School for the past three years, is leaving to take charge of a school at Burnley, and is to be succeeded by Mr Clancy, a returned soldier, who though a married man with a family, enlisted and did his bit for King and country. During Miss Gillard’s stay increased interest has been taken by the parents and others in school events and it is mainly owing to her perseverance and energy *** A VERY pretty wedding was quietly celebrated at Frankston on Saturday last, the contracting parties being Mr. T. K. S. Summers, (late A.I.F) third son of Mr and Mrs. J. H. Summers, of Underbool, and Margaret, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Young, of Frankston. The Rev. Webster, of Mornington officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father looked charming in a dainty white frock of crepe de chene and georgette, with the customary veil and wreath of orange blossom. Miss Jean Young acted as bridesmaid. and Mr. A. G. Young (late A.I.F) supported the bride groom. *** IN aid of the above deserving cause to help the Australian fighting men in the trenches to keep fit for their great work of helping to defend Australia, the Camberwell Patriotic Players gave an enjoyable entertainment on Saturday May 25th. The Somerville Hall was filled to

the doors with a very appreciative audience. The first part consisted of a well selected variety of songs, dances etc. showing talent far above the ordinary. Mr Leslie Brunning was a host in himself and supplied the comedy element in the first part as well as in the name part of the screaming farce which followed. *** CR. J. Dobson-Hesp, J.P., Hon. Secretary of the Hobart branch of the Overseas club, and well known in newspaper circles in Southern Tasmania, together with Mrs Dobson- Hesp, paid a flying visit to the district, and spent the weekend at Frankston. *** INCLEMENT weather did not debar a crowd of patriotic performers from journeying to Pearcedale from Somerville on Wednesday evening, 22nd May in order to amuse the folks of that Village with a grand entertainment; nor did the elements prevent the inhabitants of that village from rolling up in great numbers to be entertained. Both the programme and audience were excellent, and each was thoroughly satisfied with the night. The entertainment was given in the local school room, and owing to the great crowd present there was scarcely room to pack another individual in. The proceeds amounted to nearly £5, and this will be given to the Education Department for the Red Cross appeal. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 1 June 1918

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