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Aerial race to come to Frankston

Compiled by Cameron McCullough ON Boxing Day the Australian Aerial Derby will be decided. The fastest machines in Australia will compete, and they will start from the Epsom Racecourse, Epsom, and race to Frankston and back three times, a distance of 60 miles. The program of the machines will be reported by wireless telephony from Frankston to Epsom, so the spectators will be able to follow the race throughout. The British and Imperial Oil Co. Pty Ltd and The Herald and Weekly Times are presenting valuable trophies, and these will be presented by either the Prime Minister or Senator Pearce, the Minister of Defence. *** ON Saturday last, the Congregation Sunday School, Caulfield, accompanied by their parents and teachers held their annual picnic at Frankston. Quite an enjoyable time was spent, and the nippers sang their “grace” with great gusto. Sports were conducted in the Frankston Park, whilst bathing was indulged in by most, though the water was a trifle on “the agony” side. Tea was served to the elders in the pavilion, while the kiddies made the most of the good things sitting out under the stately pine trees. *** IT is not so long since the Frankston Pictures presented Marguerite Clarke in “Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.” On Saturday night another Marguerite was featured, and was highly entertaining in its comedy aspects.

Supported by Eugene O’Brien and Crawford Kent, the dainty Marguerite Clarke was never more entertaining, especially in the scenes where she figured as cook. Her experiment in that demesne could hardly be called a credit to Mrs Beaton’s art, especially in the matter of cooking scones. “Anyhow”, she observed, “they will not be wasted, as we can use them for coal.” These are the light-hearted pictures the people want. *** THE late Captain George Calder, whose reminiscences were published many years ago, at one time commanded a diminutive craft, which was entirely built at Mornington – or Schnapper Point, as it was called those days – by a gentleman who had her timber cut and seasoned from his own estate there. The little craft’s tonnage was 20 tons, and she was schooner rigged. They made several trips about Port Phillip Bay, and then successfully tackled bringing a cargo of potatoes from Warrnambool to Melbourne. Some headway has been made since that little boat was built at Mornington! *** NOWADAYS, we hear so much about the way girls dress. Over Adelaide way, an employer told his typist to “go home and get dressed” whilst everybody has been amused at the vaporings of Henry Booth on the subject. But, from what this scribe overheard on Sunday last, Frankston was

invaded on that day by a young city lady, who was an almost exact replica of the ladies of ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, she was mostly clothed in smiles, like Lady Godiver! One lady, supping beneath the jetty, was quite indignant about it. “She makes me almost ashamed of my sex,” she said. But her hubby – a “Digger” who had seen Paree – clinched the conversation by suggesting that the young lady was “merely out for an airing”. *** THE Roman Catholic Church, Hastings, was the scene of a successful mission last week. The missioner, Rev. Father McKenna, started the mission on Wednesday evening, and concluded on Sunday evening, every morning and evening service being well attended, people coming from Balnarring, Bittern and Crib Point to be present. The Children’s Choir sang very nicely. Miss Mary Hurley presided at the organ. *** IN the report of the Methodist Sunday School concert, in last issue, we omitted to record the fact that Miss Gale and Miss Judd were responsible for the training of the scholars for several of the most pleasing items on the programme. *** MR Nolan, a prominent Melbourne solicitor, and Mr S. A. Ehrengberg, of Robert Reid & Co. Pty Ltd, are recent purchasers of land at Frankston. Mr Ehreugberg proposes to reside here.

He has a notice re tenders in today’s issue. “Where Was Moses?” Who does not know the old saying, “Where was Moses when the light went out?” My opinion is that Moses was not far away from Frankston! Frankston’s electric light would be more suitable for Moses’ time than the present. It certainly has an uncanny habit of going out at the crucial moment. Since it is supposed to be a public utility, we expect something better of it. The mails in the local post office have been served out by candle light; the shop-keepers are sometimes in the act of serving, when out goes the “light”, and they then start a lamp and candle hunt in the Cimmerian darkness. And the Pictures – three Saturdays running, they have been hit. On Saturday night, it failed at a critical moment, and spoilt the performance of Chero the Great. How long is Frankston to continue to endure? *** FISHING last week at Chelsea, Messrs T. Dawson and F. Carter landed 130 schnapper. The favorites were 15lbs, 12lb and 10lb – the rest averaging 3lb to 5lbs. *** ON Saturday night the Post Office, Store and Tea Rooms (conducted by Captain and Mrs Davies) at Mt Eliza will be opened by Captain S. M. Bruce, M.H.R., supported by Hon. A. Downward, M.L.A.

It will be a gala night, and will indicate another step on the ladder of progress for this prosperous district. *** MR and Mrs George Kettlewell, of Melbourne, have purchased “Jerula”, Frankston, from Mrs Stokes, and with their family, will reside here during the summer months. *** AT the annual meeting of the Carrum Progress Association on Saturday night, Mr Stephen Barker (who until the last elections, was a member of the Senate was elected to the presidency, with Cr .W. Stephens a treasurer, and Mr J. Robertson as secretary. *** MR T. PARRIS desires to THANK all residents of Baxter and district who so kindly contributed towards the Cheque which Mr Collett handed to me last week. The good feeling and financial help are much appreciated, and make our lose through robbery much lighter then it would otherwise have been. *** THE EDITOR invites original short, practical articles or correspondence dealing with matters of importance to the development of the Mornington Peninsula as a whole, and is at all times pleased to hear the various opinions of those interested in matters of local interest and importance. *** FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 26 November 1920

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