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Crowds and alcohol a bad mix at The Pillars Based on experience, jumping from The Pillars [at Mt Martha] can be risky (“Fence no barrier to The Pillars” The News 8/1/19). A couple of decades ago we took our young teenagers to The Pillars. There were a few older teens doing swan dives and somersaults from the rocks into the water. Nobody else was there. We’d made sure we went when it was at least mid tide or higher. I got my courage up and did a safety jump in to the water at the spot where you aimed for. I was quite surprised when my feet touched bottom, knees bent comfortably on impact and my bottom lightly touched the sea floor. I determined that if we were to go again it would need to be high tide. I would also test the depth first as after wind and sand movement it can alter. Since then we’d heard of somebody breaking both legs and another becoming a quadriplegic. When I’ve read of a hundred or more people who are at The Pillars I am concerned. They come from an hour or more away and probably don’t wait for a few hours or so to get the safest tide. Add bravado because of the crowd and a few drinks of alcohol and it is a disaster waiting to happen. It is also a fragile environment and prone to erosion. The idea of turning it into a “tourist destination” seems risky. Jill Stanszus, Mornington

‘Irresponsible’ report As resident of Mt Martha I am highly upset and disappointed with the article advertising The Pillars (“Fence no barrier to The Pillars” The News 8/1/19). Our Mornington [Peninsula Shire]

Council are doing everything they can to distract the youth from jumping into the bay from The Pillars. The danger they are putting themselves in is ridiculous, not only jumping, but walking down the Esplanade. The other day a young guy was walking in the middle of the road, I nearly collected him. I believe The News is operating very irresponsibly by advertising that The Pillars is again open. The day someone dies, the council and the public will point the finger at the newspaper. Just think very carefully before you publicise The Pillars again. James Read, Mt Martha Editor: The report was not an advertisement, but an account of what is happening at the popular cliff jumping site since Mornington Peninsula Shire erected a “temporary” fence in a bid to stop access to The Pillars from the Esplanade.

Fence expense Great article in The News (“Fence no barrier to The Pillars” 8/1/19). I have been appalled about money spent [by Mornington Peninsula Shire Council] on this dangerous, disgusting fence. Christine Lay, Mt Martha

Banners for MP Wonderful news that our local Liberal MP [David Morris] has scored the shadow environment and climate change portfolio. Here is something he can get his teeth into instead of conducting boring constituent inquiries for things like pensions, traffic, housing and health care. He could immediately elect to attend more annual general meetings and perhaps surprise the

hard working and unpaid Mt Eliza Association for Environmental Care members who haven’t seen him for several years. I know my associations and groups haven’t seen him or a representative attending our meetings. In his first published statement (“Morris leads opposition climate change debate” The News 19/12/18) he said he was looking to working with communities. Perhaps he could initiate some genuinely self-propelled approach to MEAFEC, the South East Centre for Sustainability, the Kunyung Road Action Group, the Mornington Peninsula Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association and the Mornington Peninsula Environmental Association. I am sure there are plenty more peninsula concerned residents’ groups, that he could demonstrate his newfound status, as the most senior and erstwhile green leader in our area now that the [Flinders MP] Greg Hunt has moved on for a healthier lifestyle. [Mr Morris] could show some external recognition of his newfound status in the form of roadside banners and newspaper advertisements stating: Save the Green Wedge; Save the Ansett Estate; Stop the Developers; Save Our Bay Views; and No Five-Storey Buildings in Kunyung Road. Ian Morrison, Mt Eliza Community Alliance, SECS, MEAFEC, KRAG and MPRRA

A smoker’s lament After a $4 million dollar upgrade the jury is in on the new big, bold and beautiful Rye RSL, a non-smokers delight, according to my research. Minor noise level complaints? Apparently, there’s a solution in hand. The old smoking area absconded (like footpath eating at cafes) in favour of the cleanskins, breathing fresher air and a doubtful guarantee of living longer, while we smokers have been shoved down the back opposite the poker machines; out of sight out of mind. It’s OK to gamble until the cows come home, but smoking is evil, apparently, in brainwashed Australia. Ever noticed how the holy people cough even if spotting a smoker at 50 yards? Rather sad on what I consider second class

consideration and, suspiciously, only as a small comfort to further encourage those poker playing gamblers who enjoy a fag between their free spins. Does gambling affect your health? Observations from Rye RSL smoking area: Perhaps a goldfish bowl to blend in with the swimming pool style tiled floor, a fan in the undercover area to circulate the pure smoking air, a ban on the pain of the overhead blaring music emanating in between Chemist Warehouse commercials. Cliff Ellen, Rye

Bank of despair I only have one account left with the CBA and haven’t been going to a branch for a while. Recently, I tried in Hastings and what a disappointing experience it was. I had a few euros to exchange and, after queuing for an unacceptable time, I was told “we don’t offer this service anymore here in Hastings”. I went to the Mornington CBA and to my shock found a very similar customer unfriendly setup as in Hastings, except the queue was even longer. But to my relief they could help with my foreign currency exchange. If this is a direct result of privatisation, and I believe it is, why are we putting up with the false mantra of the conservatives about the efficiency of the private sector, if it is clear to all, that it is not interested in its customer service.? Rupert Steiner, Balnarring beach

In praise of Hatters The Mad Hatters T Party at Cube 37, Frankston, tells two stories which I am able to narrate in the manner that the author Lewis Carroll would undoubtedly approve. The second, which will captivate viewers by the interesting array laid out very carefully and thoughtfully to enhance a modern chapter of Alice in Wonderland. The first story is the many hours and superb preparation that only the dedicated team at Cube 37 (on a limited budget) can do. Do as I did, and see for yourself. This is as good as it gets. Vic Langsam, Frankston


Frankston orhpans have a great day out Compiled by Brodie Cowburn MISS McKenzie, the boys friend, who takes a kindly and practical interest in the waifs and strays of the Boys’ Home on the Mornington road, on Saturday last 11th int. at 3 pm., gave a treat at the residence of Mr and Mrs . Forster of ‘Beachleigh’. There were a number of vistor present: Mesdames Sharkey and Chapman, Misses Clay, Walker, McDonald, ex-Corp. Syme, ex-Corp Mayor, Mr J.. Porster, Mr Bingham, Lance Corp Hard, Anzac, the hon. Supt. Mr W. Minton. The boys were under the care of the Matron, Mrs Minton and Miss Giddings. The little orphans to the number of 42 were conveyed in Mr Jacobs cabs and on arrival at the beautiful grounds of ‘Beachleigh’. Miss McKenzie the hostess with her able staff of helpers escorted the boys to a table laden with an ab bundance of good things suitable to the juvenile taste under the shade of the ti-tree to which, needless to say, the boys did justice to. After the banquet a programme of races was carried out in which the children simply revelled. Football and other games interested the boys. At 6pm tea was supplied and at the conclusion Master Ernest Sims, one of the inmates of the home, in a nice little speech thanked Miss McKenzie for her great kindness in entertaining the boys and giving them such a great feast. Harold Steele another boy also spoke of the kindness of the n hostess.


Corp. Norman Hanning, an Anzac, replied in a few choice words on behalf of Miss McKenzie, stating that Miss McKenzie was only too pleased to welcome the children and entertain them. The visitors assisted to make the outing live in the memories of the children. The boys on leaving the grounds gave three hearty cheers and returned to. their ideal home on the beach and before leaving the cabs sang the National Anthem. *** R. T. Picking Esq. a patron of the Frankston Progress Association has donated 10s 6d to the funds of the association. *** WE regret to learn that Mrs Maloney, of the Pier Hotel, is suffering from a nervous breakdown and is at present an inmate of St. Pancras Hospital, Frankston. *** MR G.W. W. Booth has directed to Mr J. B. Jolly of Frankston, a cheque for £1 for Red Cross funds. Mr Jolly acknowledges with thanks receipt of cheque which has been handed to Mr Jennings, treasurer of the recent Iocal Red Cross concert. *** MR Leckie, M.H.R. member for Indi, Victoria, in the Federal Parliament, has been staying for some weeks in Frankston. Councillor D. Bell of the Melbourne city council has also spent a month, in Frankston with his wife and family. *** TO the Frankston Madden memorial fund the president of the Frankston

Mornington News 15 January 2019

progress association, Mr J. B. Jolly, gratefully acknowledges a donation of £2 2s from Mr James Hall of Collins street, Melbourne. *** GENERAL indignation will be felt when it is announced that several of the trees planted in the Soldiers’ Avenue near Beach St. have been ruthlessly torn up. If this is the work of any responsible person no punishment is too severe to mete out to the offender. The police have the matter in hand. *** R. H. THOMPSON, secretary of the local branch of the Returned Sailors and Soldiers League writes: “We wish to convey our sincere thanks to members of the Wattle Club, Frankston, for donation of £2.0.0, half of the proceeds taken at their New Year’s Eve dance and handed over to me on Monday last. We wish them every success in future.” *** REV. Dr Atkinson of Fitzroy, will conduct the three services on Sunday next at 11am, 8pm and 7.30pm in connection with the Frankston Methodist Church Anniversary. At the public meeting to be held on Monday, in addition to vocal and other items, the Rev. E. Tonkin will give lantern views and a short talk on his “Run Across America.” *** “THE Bayonet” – We have been shown a copy of the first issue of “The Bayonet” a new paper published in Melbourne in the interests of the Returned Soldiers and Sailors Association.

The Editor says he does not apologise for its arrival but he does apologise for the fact that the R S S A has not been represented long ago. The new paper is well printed and contains illistrations and strikingly written articles dealing with subjects specially affecting returned men. It should serve as a big factor in promoting the interests of the Association. Copies of the publication may be procured from Mr C. Wood, Bay Street, Frankston. *** AT the last meeting of the Frankston branch of the Returned Soldiers Association the matter of according a fitting reception to our soldiers who are returning from the war was considered. It was decided to cooperate with the Citizens committee in this connection and Mr C Wood was deputed to interview the business people of the town and arrange with them to decorate their premises with bunting on days when returned men arrive. *** GYMKHANA: At the weekly committee meeting (Cr Oates presiding) there was a full attendance and general satisfaction was expressed at the progress reported. Secretary McMurtrie is hopeful that the appeal made for private donations will realise a handsome sum. Major Conder said he had received promises of excellent support for the gymkhana to be held on 27th January and the prospects were that it would be a record success. The programme of events is published in another column.

The secretary reported that the ladies were entering enthusiastically into the matter of providing refreshments and the various stall holders were being arranged for. *** MR H Thompson notifies in our advertising columns that he has commenced business as parcels express and general carrier to and from Melbourne. Mr Thompsons organising ability should stand him in good stead in his new venture. He is well and favorably known in the district as secretary of the Returned Soldiers Association. *** THERE passed away, at his residence, “Caklands”, Somerville, on Tuesday last, a very old and respected resident in the person of Mr Henry Hawken. Deceased, who had resided in the district for about 30 years, had reached the fine old age of 90 years, and was a colonist of 68 years. He had a large family, consisting of Thomas, George. Frederick, Samuel, Herbert, Albert, Miss Edith, and three married daughters – Mrs R. Kerr, Mrs J. E. Murray and Mrs J. Scott. The sympathy of all goes out to the sorrowing relatives in their bereavement. The funeral took place on Wednesday, when Captain Chaplin Gates conducted the burial service. The mortuary arrangements were carried out by Mr Gamble. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 18 January 1919

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