13 November 2018

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NEWS DESK Police patrol

with Steve Taylor

Cup patrol nabs rule breakers

THE Melbourne Cup has been run and won – and so has the police Operation Furlong which ran over the long race weekend. In the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula areas, Somerville Highway Patrol police breath-tested 2400 drivers and found 10 over the limit, one who refused a breath test and two driving without alcohol interlocks when required. They drug tested 45 drivers and found 14 who were positive and three who refused the test. Seven vehicles were impounded and 48 unregistered vehicles detected. Police charged 13 unlicensed drivers, 12 disqualified drivers, and issued 97 speeding infringements. Four drivers were fined for failing to wear seat belts, and three for using mobile phones while driving. “By far the most impressive result for the long weekend was the fact that our areas did not have any serious injury or fatal collisions, which is a good result considering the amount of traffic on our roads over the period,” Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe said. “Well done to all those that did their bit by driving, riding and walking safely – please keep it up.”

old disqualified woman driver from Mornington. The drivers can all expect to be summonsed to appear at court at a later date.

Facetime causes bad time for distracted pedestrian

Losers on Cup Day: Police’s ‘Operation Furlong’ has seen some keen racing enthusiasts lose more than just their betting money on cup day. Picture: Supplied

Penalties tougher for rule breakers

TOUGHER penalties for breaking road rules came into effect over the Melbourne Cup long weekend. Under new road rules as part of Operation Furlong, drivers exceeding the speed limit by 25-35kph will now have their licences suspended for three months instead of one; the maximum penalties for unlicensed driving are now a $9500 fine or six months’ jail, and the maximum penalty for driving while disqualified is a $38,000 fine or two years’ jail. Police are warning car owners to be careful who they lend their cars to because anyone who knowingly allows an unlicensed driver to drive

faces a maximum $9500 fine or six months’ jail, and an employer who hires a driver who is unlicensed faces a maximum $3160 fine for individuals or $15,800 for body corporates. New laws regarding vehicle impounds also took effect on 29 October. Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe, of Somerville Highway Patrol, said those found driving while unlicensed, suspended or disqualified can now have their vehicles impounded for a first offence, as can those driving without an alcohol interlock device. The patrol impounded three cars during its weekend shift, 3-4 November: They were being driven by a 48-year-old Somerville man who had not held a licence for 10 years; a 42-year-old Hastings man who had never held a licence and a 58-year-

Applications open for Heritage Grants

A MAN walking along High Street, Hastings, Thursday night 1 November, was airlifted to The Alfred hospital with serious, but not life threatening, injuries after being hit by a car. Police said the 47 year old was “so engrossed in facetime on his smartphone that he walked straight across the road without looking and in front of a car. He went up onto the bonnet with his back hitting the windscreen. He then landed back on the road in front of the car and received serious head injuries.” Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe, of Somerville Highway patrol, urged pedestrians to keep their wits about them when walking across or near a road. “Your ‘smart’ phone is not smart enough to warn you about the car that’s about to hit you because you were looking at it instead of your surroundings,” he quipped.

Beware ‘vulnerable’ road users, police urge MOTORISTS are warned to be on the lookout for “vulnerable road users” – such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – out and about on Mornington Peninsula roads in


the warmer spring weather. They are much more likely to be injured if involved in a collision than someone inside a vehicle. Serious injury collisions occurring during October included four motorcyclists coming to grief (two on-road and two off-road); two young children running out in front of cars; a pedestrian hit by a left-turning vehicle and an adult cyclist riding along the footpath running into a car coming out of a driveway. Police warn drivers to “keep your eyes peeled” and motorcyclists to wear the appropriate gear, ride within the speed limit and their capabilities, and be as “visible as possible”. Cyclists should try to ride on roads suited to their bikes, be visible and obey the road rules. Pedestrians should try to walk in safe locations, be visible, use marked crossings where possible and have a good look out for traffic. Parents should hold hands with young children near roads and speak to them about road safety.

Plea for witnesses SOMERVILLE Highway Patrol police are appealing for witnesses after a car’s tyres were slashed and its panels sprayed with graffiti on Frankston-Flinders Road, Somerville, 7.15-8.30am, Thursday 1 November. They are hoping passing drivers may have recorded the incident on dash cam, possibly without realising, so they can identify the culprit. The incident number is 180371824. Any information should go to Senior Constable Allen, at Hastings police, on 5970 7800.

A New CAr for ChristmAs!

Honda Jazz

1st Prize A hoNdA JAzz AutomAtiC 5 door CAr Mornington Peninsula Shire’s Heritage Grants are available to owners of heritage places to assist with carrying out heritage conservation projects. The grants aim to help owners of heritage places in maintaining and preserving their property. Properties covered by a Heritage Overlay or contribute significantly to heritage precincts under the

Mornington Peninsula Planning Scheme, are eligible for consideration for a grant. Individual grants usually range from $1,000 to $2,500 but exceptions to this range may be made in special circumstances. Council makes the grants on a contributory basis – no grant will exceed 50% of the total value of any works.

2Nd Prize A $3000 shoPPiNg sPree 3rd Prize $1500 shoPPiNg sPree 4th Prize A $1000 shoPPiNg sPree

Applications close 5pm, Monday 24 December 2018. Applicants will be notified of the grant outcome before the end of January 2019. For further details and to apply online, visit mornpen.vic.gov.au/heritagegrants

For more information, contact the Shire’s Heritage and Strategy Planners heritage@mornpen.vic.gov.au 5950 1953 or 5950 1249

free entry with every purchase of over $30 in one transaction at ANy shoP withiN the ritChies VillAge CeNtre, between the dates of saturday 10th November and 5pm on friday 21st december 2018. full details of how to enter in any store.

the ritChies VillAge CeNtre, 89 mouNt elizA wAy, mouNt elizA

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13 November 2018