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Nine foot shark caught at Frankston Pier Compiled by Cameron McCullough BATHERS are warned to be cautious while bathing at present as there are a number of sharks about. Mr E. McComb captured one measuring 9 feet 4 inches in length at the Pier in the beginning of the week. *** REV. E. Tonkin will conduct both services at the Frankston Methodist Church on Sunday next, and will also preach at Langwarrin in the afternoon. Visitors are heartily welcomed. *** A GRAND concert and dance will be given in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Saturday, 20th January, by the Essendon City Concert Band Entertainers, vocalists and instrumentalists. The programme is a varied one, and promises a good evening’s amusement. *** A WORKING bee is advertised to take place at the Frankston cemetery on Saturday afternoon. 20th Jan., at 3 p.m. It is to be hoped that a good number of helpers will make a point of attending, as the cemetery presents a very neglected appearance. *** MR. J. Wells notifies by advertisement that he has commenced business at the corner of Wells street and Melbourne road as a wood, coal and coke merchant, and is prepared to supply any quantity of firewood in suitable lengths at moderate charges. All orders entrusted to him will receive prompt attention. ***

AS showing the advantages of advertising. Mr H Robertson, of “Selencia” informs us that he lost a golf brassey stick some two or three weeks ago, and gave it up as “gone for ever”, but a friend recommended him to put in an advertisement in the local paper, stating his loss. He acted on the suggestion, and within two days the lost stick was returned to him! *** SOME steps should be taken by the local Council to have the bathing boxes on the shore kept in a clean condition. General complaints are made by visitors that they are in a filthy state and unfit to go into. If the nuisance is caused wilfully the police slould be informed, and if two or three of the culprits were caught and severely dealt with it would materially lessen the evil. *** THE return cricket match between the Langwarrin Military Camp Cricket Club and Frankston Cricket Club will he played at Frankston today Jan 18th. Keen interest is displayed in this match and the soldiers are determined to avenge their defeat. Afternoon tea will be provided for the players by the ladies. *** MESSRS Brody and Mason beg to announce as per advertisement appearing in another column, that after the current month they will conduct sales at their Somerville yards on the second and fourth Wednesday in

each month. Owing to Mr Leaumont’s sale at Frankston on the 24th inst. the January sale will be held on the 31st., (Wednesday.) The salesman announced this at the yards on Wednesday, 10th, which appeared to give satisfaction generally. Messrs Brody and Mason will hold an important sale on Wednesday, 24th January, on the premises, Cranbourne Road, on account of Mr Leaumont, who is relinguishing his poultry industry, of high class poultry, etc., consisting of 400 laying hens and pullets, principally white leghorn, of the best known strains, and 150 muscovy ducklings. Also a mile of wire-netting, brooders, incubators, corrugated iron tanks, etc. Five sheds, mostly of good iron, will also be sold (for removal). A good buggy mare, jinker, rustic cart, and several milkers are among the lots offered. *** THE residence of Mr Von Klitzing, situated in Mitchell street, Ouyen, was totally destroryed by fire on Monday night. The outbreak was caused by one of the daughters throwing down a lighted match. The house, which was the property of Mr Nitschke, was only quite recently erected, having been removed from St. Arnaud. There was no insurance on either the building or the contents. In addition, the tenant lost £37 in notes. Owing to the delay on the part of

the Water Commission in reticulating the town, although ample water is available, no fire brigade has yet been established. Mr Von Klitzing has just recently sold his property in Frankston where he had lived for some time and was well known. *** Frankston Court of Petty Sessions. Monday, January 8th 1917. Before Messrs Sherlock, W. J. Oates, C. W. Grant and C. G. V. Williams J’s.P. A DISPUTED DEBT CASE William Henry Millar v Edwin J. Foster, Tyabb–Claim for £50, money due on promissory notes. Mr Utber for complainant and Mr J Barrett for defendant. Mr Barrett raised an objection to the Court hearing the case, contending that as defendant’s residence was at Tyabb, the proceedings should have been brought to Hastings court. After lengthy argument by Council the Bench adjourned the case to Hastings court, on 23rd of January. TRAVELLING WITHOUT TICKETS Patrick Henry Roy, an officer of the Victorian Railways Commissioners proceeded against Walter Williams and James Wilson for travelling from Melbourne to Frankston, on 2nd January, without tickets. Both defendants pleaded guilty. Evidence for the prosecution was given by Corp Macartney (Military Police) Porter Lidgerwood, and Const. E. C. Ryan. It appears that the defendants were arrested for misbehaviour on the

railway platform after the arrival of the 1am Melbourne train. When searched at the watchouse by Const Ryan they were found to have only platform tickets in their possession. The excuse given by defendants was “That they thought the train had gone so bought platform tickets at Flinders St intending to pay their fares at this end.” Each defendant was fined 10s with 5s costs default distress. They had already been dealt with on the misbehavour charge. A ROGUE AND VAGABOND Const Ryan charged William Fullerton, an aged man, with wilful obscene exposure at Victoria St Frankston on 2nd January, and defendent was therefore deemed to be a rogue and vagabond, Fullerton pleaded not guilty. Const Ryan informed the court that a penalty of two years imprisonment and a flogging was provided for this offence. Evidence for the prosecution was given by Lance Cpl Robert Macar tney and Pte Major (military police) and Const E. C. Ryan. Accused was convicted. Const put in 5 previous convictions against him for various offences and informed the court that a warrant was in existence for him on another charge. The Bench imposed a sentence of seven days imprisonment. *** From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 13 January 1917

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