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Production schedule: Location Recce Sheet Walkers Crisps Advert Walkers Morgan Lewis

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Morgan Lewis 13/02/14

Rough Sketch of location site:

Access to location by: Bus (route 178, 132, 286), train (Kidbrooke Station) or walking. Name of location contact: Mr. Dean Health and safety issues worth noting: • School equipment in the way of filming. Make sure actors and film crew are aware of their surroundings. • Students around the school when filming. Make sure they’re out the way of any film equipment and aren’t a distraction to filming. • Wires and leads that aren’t being used during filming need to be cleared away from Potential filming problems: • School students distracting/interrupting filming. • Classroom I want to use could be used for a class. Make sure you know the times of when the classroom will be free to use.

Location recce morgan