The Art of Love Lettering.

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the art of love lettering. the best + brightest go-to guide to writing + leaving love letters all over your world.

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chilly feet already? Let us guess: you’ve never written a love letter to a stranger before. You’re choked up on words already. Your knees are trembling. You’re thinking, “But... But... I don’t...”

RELAX. You are in good, good hands. We court strangers via love letter on a daily basis, so you are learning from the best. We promise.

what to wear, what to wear... First things first: you need stationery. Doll up your letter as if it is going out on a first date. Skip the lipstick and go for the lace... the nice pens... the best handwriting possible. Your letter is going to meet a stranger today. It should look stunning for the occasion.

fresh starts. Some might call this the trickiest part... how, oh how, do you start writing a love letter to a stranger? Sometimes it feels more natural to write the letter first and then go back and address it.

solid suggestions: to a friend, to whoever finds this letter, dear you,

the belly of your letter. What kind of message would you script to a close friend? No need to treat this love letter of yours any differently just because you don’t know who will find it. Write what is on your heart. Script a note of encouragement. Fill your letter with affirmations. Thoughts that are weighing heavy on you lately. Write the exact message you’d like to read in a letter today. Maybe it is a pick-me-up or a kind reminder that you are enough in this world.

just write it down.

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SAMPLES OF love letters LEFT: This isn’t a romantic letter— just a friendly reminder from me to you: you are loved, you are worth it, + your life will be a wonderful adventure full of love.” It is time for you to understand that you are uniquely you. You are striving to be like your best friend, a coworker, or some ideal. But is this making you happy? You vainly try to run around to gather a more beautiful life, but look around! You have so much at your fingertips.” Take a moment to rediscover yourself. Rediscover how much you’re worth. While your heart may be broken to pieces not only from big life altering things, but from small everyday things; while you may still be fragile to a certain degree— you’re strong enough!” This is a sweet little letter for YOU! I’m just like you. I have dreams and goals that I want to live out... but sometimes life’s obstacles get in the way. Know that the challenges that you face will make you stronger and wiser.” And maybe it seems silly, writing a note to a stranger on a bad day. And maybe it is silly. But if I’m having a bad day, then I want you to have a good one. I want you to see how much you’re loved in this world.”

parting is such sweet sorrow. It is completely up to you whether you want to sign your name. Some letter writers leave their first name, others sign “love, a friend,� and still some like to be left anonymous. All we ask is that you please (pretty, PRETTY please) omit your own contact information.

find me if you can. Write somewhere on your letter or envelope. Make sure that it is legible so others can visit the site, read the mission, and reach out to us about the letter.

letting go. Find a place to leave your love letter. Time to get creative.

popular love letter drop spots: »» fitting rooms »» coat pockets »» grocery stores »» on the subway »» bathroom sinks »» car windshields »» coffee shop tables »» inside library books

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STORIES OF love letters found: I found this love letter in the elevator of my apartment complex. It came at a perfect time in my senior year, a time where everyone is stressing out about what they are going to do next with their life. After reading it, I felt a peace come over me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Love this movement, love those that participate in it, and will definitely send a love letter in the near future to a stranger.” I work for a college library, and I was making up a cart of books to be reshelved when I saw a bright green piece of paper sticking out. Thinking a student left behind a bookmark or some notes, I pulled it out and found this lovely little letter. I’ve been having a really rough October, and this letter reminded me that there are genuinely good people in the world, that my sadness and frustration are temporary, and that everything will be okay.” This is exactly what I needed after this week! I wish more of these would find their way to me. I’ve forgotten how much I miss love letters, reading and writing them. So I find it ironic that this falls into my lap this morning out of the blue. Especially after the rough week I’ve had. I want to thank whoever on campus wrote this, because it made my day. Made my week more like it. So thank you for leaving these small wonders around for people to find because when someone who could really use a love letter finds one out of nowhere, it really makes a difference.”

signed, sealed, + social. More than anything, we want to show off your love letters. Snap a few photos of the love letter you are leaving behind and send them to us. Include your story and the location of the letter dropping.

twitter: @moreloveletters instagram: #moreloveletters

“It is a surreal feeling, to compose a letter to an individual that you have no ties to but at the same time you want the whole world for them. I wished them a bright day. A day full of laughter. I told them they were unique + special + really quite smashing... Really, we are not told enough how brilliant we are. How intriguing and wonderful we are. How much we should be commended for waking up today and deciding to take on the task of being human. It is not an easy task. It is not always fun. But it is wildly worth it. Better that we write all these things down.”

— Hannah Brencher

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