How to Find Amerock

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Amerock is the right choice for designers. Key software partnerships make it easier than ever to bring Amerock into your designs.



Amerock streamlines the

Find the following ‘how-to’ videos on

hardware selection process.

the 2020 Design Live YouTube channel at

Now that Amerock’s add-on catalog can be utilized within a cabinet manufacturer’s catalog, this it’s easier than ever for thousands of dealers and designers to bring Amerock into their 2020 Design Live projects.

How do I find and utilize Amerock products within 2020 Design Live? First, you’ll need to download and install Amerock’s catalog (See video

“Your Burning Questions, Answered” View from 18:11 – 19:56

on the right).

Second, add “Amerock Hardware“ as an add-on to any selected cabinet in your design (from any cabinetry brand catalog) or apply the add-ons to all cabinets within the design through Global Attributes (See video

on the right).

Third, click on Styles & Pricing to select the

“2020 Design Tip: Adding Amerock

desired Amerock hardware.

Hardware to Your Designs”

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What version of 2020 Design Live do

Can I add Amerock to spaces beyond

I need to access Amerock’s products?

the kitchen and bath?

You can use Amerock’s catalogs in versions

Yes. With the 2020 Closet add-on for 2020

11.9 and up. For the best performance and

Design Live, you can bring Amerock products

render quality, 2020 Spaces recommends

into alternative spaces like home offices, master

using the latest version.

closets, laundry rooms and entryways.

Visit for additional training or contact 2020 customer support at 1-866-697-2020.

Amerock is also available in Envision professional design software