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Fixing bodies was great, but nothing quite beats having more time to share about the one who offers the hope of resurrection bodies. Coming to college has given us the time and space to grow in our knowledge and wonder of God, and to be better equipped to serve him.

I’m originally from a cattle property in Queensland and before college I worked as a Speech Pathologist and then an MTS trainee at Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle. I moved to Sydney in 2012 to study at Moore. I’m interested in pursuing women’s ministry opportunities in the future.

I love music and declaring God’s truths to all who will listen. Although I’m somewhat of a nerd, my wife Meredith overlooks that, and is an amazing partner in the gospel with me.

Ciao! Mi chiamo Simone – sono sposato a Jessica, e vorremo andare in Italia per servare agli studenti. I’m in second year, my wife Jess is in first year and God willing He will send us to Italy when we’re done at College, to work with university students. Please pray that He’d do so!

Mark Delbridge

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Matt Fong

After my time in the Army, having spent much time away from family, my wife Tennille and I recognised the urgency for people to be rescued into God’s family. Moore is a great family in which to prepare for proclaiming this.

I’m 25 years old and I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, puzzles, cycling, coffee and spreading the gospel. Fridays and Sundays I serve God at Abbotsford Anglican Church by being the youth minister, playing guitar and giving sermons.

Trusting in God. Relying on Jesus for my salvation. Married to Stephen, mum to Caleb, Ethan and Kathleen. Living in Newtown, churching at Wentworthville Anglican. Desiring to teach the bible faithfully to women and children in whatever situations God presents.

I am married to the beautiful Bonnie who works as a GP. We’ve benefitted greatly from the theology and ministry here in Sydney and want to share that with the great people of Brisbane, my hometown!

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