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Engaged to Sally (a physiotherapist), and to be married in June, both from the inner-west of Sydney. Love football, cricket and computers! Currently at St James’ Anglican Croydon with a passion for teaching the word especially to young adults and youth.

I’m Ez, married to Winnie, and we’re student ministers with St Barnabas Anglican Church Bossley Park. I love procrastinating with my wife, playing video games and reading Habakkuk. We plan to go back to our hometown Brisbane!

Hi, I’m Winnie. My husband (Ez) and I moved from Brisbane two years ago to begin training for ministry. I discovered the wonderful riches of God’s Word for myself in Uni, and love helping others to see it too.

I used to be a physio. I’m currently attending my home church - Cabramatta Anglican Church. This year at College, I’m looking forward to knowing God better through His Word in view to faithfully sharing it with all who would listen.





I am Anna Grace Lee. Anna means grace, making me Grace Grace. I’ve been called “naive little churchy” by pub work colleagues which is a compliment. I aim to use my chefing skills and my studies to tell the Gospel.

Christian. Husband. Father. Physicist.

I have been married to Steve for over 17 years. I work at St Paul’s Chatswood as a Mandarin Pastor. I graduated from Morling 2 years ago and have now come to Moore for ordination purposes. I have a passionate heart for Chinese people especially for those just arrived from China.

G’day I’m Jamie, I’m passionate about youth ministry. I have just started as a student minister out at Merrylands Anglican. I am anxious but excited about the academic workload but looking forward to being more amazed by Christs grace to me and His creation.





I’m really excited to be spending more time learning about our great God, and am hoping that my time at college will be fruitful in serving others.

I’m John Mahoney and my Wife is Laura. We’ve been married for six years and moved from the Hills area to be close to college and our new church St Peters@St Peters. I’m studying at Moore with a view to full time pastoral ministry.

I have been married to John for 6 years. We are both really excited to have the opportunity to study here at college and hope to go into Pastoral Ministry wherever God leads.

Since God saved me from a life of selfishness and living for the approval of others, I am attempting to use my freedom to exhibit Christ in word and deed. I’m really keen to learn the original languages during my time at MTC.

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Societas 2013  

The annual magazine published by the students at Moore Theological College. You can download a PDF copy at

Societas 2013  

The annual magazine published by the students at Moore Theological College. You can download a PDF copy at