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ZABRA’S NURSERY LIST DWARF OLIVE TREES – Very tough and stay compact BRONZE-HUED CAREX GRASS – Doesn’t seed and spread; grows to three feet AGAVE “BLUE GLOW” SENECIO – We used upright rather than the trailing kind BRIGHT GREEN COLEONEMA – Sun-tolerant with tiny pink flowers in spring ECHEVERIA – Rose-shaped succulents with frilly edges that do well in full sun LAVENDER – We used the fragranced, dwarf Provence and the English, which gets taller and bushier. DIANELLA – Has a tiny white flower with electric blue berries ANIGOZANTHOS, AKA KANGAROO PAWS – We used both the shorter and taller varieties in red and orange; blooms in spring and summer. BLUE FESCUE GRASS – Mounds with eye-catching silvery blue color



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Ventura Blvd May/June 2019  

Ventura Blvd May/June 2019