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Moonshot Magazine

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Moonshot was a literary and arts magazine founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2009. The magazine project was completed in 2015. Moonshot was edited by JD Scott and Alia Tsang. Moonshot's mission was as follows: "Moonshot publishes diverse, powerful voices. As an independent magazine with no allegiance to any single aesthetic, we celebrate all forms of writing (and sequential art) from both emerging and established talent. We create an equal opportunity space by championing our bold writers and adventurous readers. We want work that astounds. We want work that levitates. We want luminaries brighter than the moon."


Moonshot #5: Ritornello

October 16, 2013

Moonshot #3: Secret

November 21, 2011

Moonshot #1: Fall

October 1, 2010