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Cooperative work about Pablo Ruiz Picasso 1881-1973 Montserrat Batlle

Cooperative work about Picasso Year 2009-2010 2nd ESO Third term

6 groups of 4 students=24 2 groups of 3 students=6 • Work in groups and each group will specialize Stage Artist. • Of each stage must answer some questions compulsory, more than the groups themselves are formulated • We going to study the artistic life of Picasso's cubist works and painting

Guernica. Who did this request to Picasso?

Sixth group

Others artworks, like Theater, sculpture and ceramic.

What is Parade (1917) who was E. Satie?

Why is too important this painting? What does it symbolize?

Who is Jean Cocteau? Who was E. Satie? Where was Picasso born?

Where did Picasso and his family go before coming to Barcelona?

When was Picasso born?

First group

When did Picasso get to Barcelona?

Fifth group

Cubism? What is it? When did Picasso start cubism paintings?

What was the job of Picasso father’s?

Which was the influence of his father?

Who was Sergei Diaghilev? What is Pulchinella (1920)?

Fourth group

What Analytical cubism is? What Synthetic cubism is?

When did Picasso go to Paris? Who went there with him?

What did he do there?

Second group


Third group

What is blue period? What is rose period? When were those periods?

Where did he study? Who were his friends? Which were the autistics movements in Paris? Adolescence and youth in Barcelona. Did he win some prize, in this period? Which was the affect in the way to do, of his job?

Who met there? What did the artist do there?

The end

Cooperative work about Picasso  

Step by step we are descovering art work by Picasso