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E x p l o r e t h e c o l l e c t i o n a t U S . C H O PA R D . C O M MOTOR CLUB MAGAZINE | FALL 2013


Gated Luxury...

for Your Car and Your Family.




Introducing Serenity Gardens... Sullivan County’s Newest Gated Community Right Next to Monticello Motor Club. This is the place where discerning auto enthusiasts like you can pamper your car and indulge your family. Live in a home featuring a climate controlled garage and luxurious living space


















Each of the 34 lots in Serenity Gardens is situated on large wooded lots affording you privacy with family and friends.

Call 845.791.9100 or Visit Today for Details.











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MONTICELLO MOTOR CLUB 6 7 C a n t re l l R o a d , M o n t i c e l l o | N Y 1 2 7 0 1 m o n t i c e l l o m o t o rc l u b . c o m

The 2014 Jaguar F-TYPE V8S, shown on cover.

Table of Contents The Driver’s Seat .......................................................... 7 Save the Dates ............................................................. 8 MMC Expansion Underway ........................................... 9 A Little Taste .............................................................. 13 Spotlight on Brian Redman ......................................... 14 Racing at MMC ........................................................... 17 On and Off Road Partners ........................................... 18 Racing Together, Helping Together .............................. 21 Pro Tips ..................................................................... 22 The Best of The Best .................................................. 25 When a Production Ferrari Just Won’t Do..................... 26 IMPA Better Than Ever ................................................ 28 Dream Rides ............................................................... 30 Power Wheels ............................................................ 33 Hidden Gems ............................................................. 35 BashaKill Vineyards .................................................... 36 Social Circuit .............................................................. 37 MMC Pro Shop ........................................................... 40

TheDriver'sSeat W

elcome to the second edition of the MMC magazine. In our inaugural edition, introduced last April as we entered the 2013 season, Chairman and Co-founder John Barker reviewed how MMC became reality through persistence and vision. That vision has grown into a spectacular 4.1-mile racetrack that can be split into various configurations. The most popular, “Full Course,” features 3.6 miles, 18 turns, and 450 feet of elevation changes. Members enjoy our stunning glass-and-aluminum clubhouse with dining areas, kitchen, bar, pro shop, locker rooms, and attached garages. It’s all managed by a dedicated concierge team, private chef, and elite group of professional driving instructors. Our private garages, now at capacity, sit adjacent to our service center and fuel pumps. The original vision has altered a great deal, as is to be expected. We began this journey as pioneers. At the time, there were no other private, luxury motorsports country clubs for us to model ourselves after, and no membership pool from which to pull. Now, with five operating seasons of experience and nearly 300 members, the vision has evolved. Almost every request by members from the "must have" to the "it'd be cool to have" list we’ve compiled has been captured in our recently-approved 10-year Master Plan. We’ve already started several projects that will be completed by the spring: a 0.6-mile karting track for members and their families, several new private garage buildings, a bridge for easier access to storage, service, fuel, and the skidpad, and a 2.5-mile off-road course. Each year, we’ll continue expanding until we’ve made full use of our 670 acres. Future projects, already approved for construction include up to 70 autominiums (garages with second-floor living space and 360-degree track views), up to 200 more private garages, a second member clubhouse, new pits and racing paddocks designed to support professional races, access roads and trolley paths to allow members and guests access to natural viewing areas, and ice/ snow-making equipment around sections of the South Course for winter driving experiences in January through February. The new fleet of vehicles is as exciting as these incredible expansion plans. We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (“JLR”). No other manufacturer has offered more new models for 2013 and 2014 than JLR. With a fleet of 20 Jaguars, including the XF, XJ, and XK, we offer members, guests, and corporate events a lineup of track-proven machines that are pure expressions of luxury and performance. We also have several new V8 F-TYPES, 495hp two-seater coupes that sound as mean and striking as they look. A fleet of Land Rovers, including the Evoque and all-new Range Rover Sport, are available to traverse our new 2.5-mile off-road course, followed by on-track demonstrations that display proven on- and off-road performance. Not everything at MMC comes with a license plate, however. Returning in 2014 will be the Radical 2-Day Experience, open to members and a few lucky guests. This open-cockpit racecar is pure, raw fun. So many members now own these cars that we have a race group in our private member race series just for lightweight downforce racecars like these. And joining the lineup of purpose-built racecars in 2014 will be the all-new Praga. This stunning, carbon-fiber art piece offers a different driving experience with a closed-cockpit. As we approach our 2014 driving season, I would like to recognize the people that make this expansion a reality: our members and their families, my partners (John Barker, Paul Queally, Bill McMichael, Paul Orwicz, Dan Rosenblatt, Tony Borcich, and Chris Hooper), our dedicated employees, and the visionaries and believers in Sullivan County, including Thompson Town Supervisor Tony Cellini, retiring after 37 dedicated years, whose support made MMC possible.

Ari Straus, President/Partner




Winter Driving Experience Januar y 17 - Januar y 18 Januar y 31 - F eb r uar y 1 F eb r uar y 14 - F eb r uar y 15

Jaguar High-Performance Driving Experience April 22 April 23 May 6 May 20

June 3 June 24 July 8 Aug ust 5

Augus t 19 Oc tobe r 14 Oc tobe r 28

Praga 2-Day Driving Academy April 24 May 8 May 27 June 12 June 19


Ap r il 25 M ay 9 M ay 28 June 13 June 20

July 10 - July 11 Aug ust 14 - Augus t 15 Aug ust 30 - Augus t 31 O ct o b er 9 - Oc tobe r 10 O ct o b er 2 1 - Oc tobe r 22

Women’s High-Performance Driving Experience M ay 11

Performance Flight Challenge Powered by Chopard MMC Race #1 - May 17 MMC Race #2 - June 21 MMC Race #3 - July 19 M M C Race #4 - Sep t emb er 2 0 M M C Race #5 - O ct o b er 11

Queally Miata Challenge M ay 2 June 6 Aug ust 15

Sep t emb er 5 O ct o b er 17

Radical 2-Day Driving Experience June 10 June 17 July 22 August 12 Sep t emb er 2


June 11 June 18 July 23 August 13 Sep t emb er 3

Father-Son Karting Challenge June 15

Porsche World Road Show July 31 - August 3

North American Road Racing Association (NARRA) Sep t emb er 11 - Sep t emb er 14




Approval & Kickoff of Major Expansion

Plans continue to develop at Monticello Motor Club as we expand beyond our existing 4.1-mile racetrack, clubhouse, private garages, and service center. Our new Master Plan makes full use of our 670 breathtaking acres in the Catskill Mountains. At the end of 10 years, our members will enjoy a whole host of new conveniences and entertainment options.

Bridge to garages and service center.

Some of our plans include The priority and

m Up to 70 autominiums for long-term lease to our members, each with a ground-floor garage, an attached second-floor condo overlooking the track, a deck roof with a 360-degree view, and use of a pool and cabana; m Up to 200 private garages, including a two-story garage with a timing tower that overlooks new pits and racing paddocks designed to support professional races;

acceleration of projects

m A new member clubhouse roughly twice the size of our existing facility, including expanded dining areas and catering facilities, locker rooms, a larger pro shop, spa services, a timing tower overlooking the north pits, and attached garages for day use;

will be determined by

m New access roads and trolley paths to allow members and guests the ability to reach a variety of natural viewing areas;

member utilization,

m 2.5-mile off-road course available for year-round use; and

demand, and volume.

m Snow- and ice-making equipment around the Mushroom Course to accommodate winter driving training and experiences from January through mid-March. continued on page 12 MOTOR CLUB MAGAZINE | FALL 2013


Look What’s New

Karting Track - 0.6-mile asphalt ribbon, 30 feet of total elevation changes, and open for the 2014 Season.



Autominiums - Capable of supporting up to six living units in each building. Construction starting in 2014.


South Pavilion South Pits Service Center Members Garages Gatehouse South Parking North Pits


Karting Track Bridge Garages & On-Site Race Shops Autominiums Track Side Vehicle Garages Professional Racing Pits & Paddock Off-Road Course







Off-Road Course Available for the 2014 season, members will have access to a fleet of off-road vehicles.


Bridge - Access to private garages, fuel pumps, MMC’s service center, and private race shops. Opening for 2014 season.



Private Garages - Vehicle storage and on-site service for members. Additional garages will be available for the 2014 season.

C Helipad




continued from page 9

As a first step, we are working on five expansion projects between now and next season.

KARTING TRACK Our first project is already under construction: a new, permanent karting track located inside the track along the North Straight. A feature often requested by MMC members and their families, this karting track will include a 1-kilometer (0.6-mile) asphalt ribbon, 30 feet of total elevation changes, and a family-friendly karting clubhouse. The track is also designed to support autocross exercises. We hope to complete the race-grade final coat and curbing in April, just before we open for the 2014 season. BRIDGE Second, we will build a bridge across the track with two lanes for vehicles as large as tractor trailers, and a separate pedestrian lane. The foundation will be complete in November, and the bridge will be ready before our 2014 season kickoff. Accessing private garages, fuel pumps, MMC’s service center, and private race shops will be easier than ever. GARAGES AND ON-SITE RACE SHOPS Third, additional garage buildings will be completed over the winter, with both single- and double-deep bays and private storage options for up to eight cars. Two well-known race shops – Speedsport Tuning and DeMan Motorsport – already maintain a dependable, on-site presence for Porsche enthusiasts. In 2014, both will expand their support for members and guests with new satellite facilities at the track. 2.5-MILE OFF-ROAD COURSE Fourth, we are putting the finishing touches on a 2.5-mile off-road course design, and expect to allow access to members by the start of next season. A fleet of off-road vehicles will be available for members and their guests throughout the following winter. AUTOMINIUMS Finally, we intend to start the first autominium buildings, capable of supporting up to six living units in each building.

Please call 855.MMC.CLUB (855.662.2582) or email to book a complimentary tour, to schedule a half- or full-day private driving experience, to buy a gift certificate for a loved one, or to discuss a private event, corporate experience, or charity event.




Serving Size:    4  people


REDMAN From Selling Mops to Cleaning House as a Racing Champion

Brian Redman is a man of many talents: a world-famous driving champion, father, track designer, husband, entrepreneur, friend, editor, and storyteller. Redman has been part of the Monticello Motor Club’s development team from the beginning. He came on board during the track’s initial design phase to help create an absolutely unique, world-class road course circuit. Some of Redman’s vital contributions included widening the original track design, expanding certain sections to allow for more overtaking, and adding several safety elements. “It’s a very challenging track but the entire philosophy is built around safety and the driver experience,” Redman explained. Redman has seen it all in his 54 years of driving. He has raced in over a dozen countries, competed in almost every form of motor racing, and earned 177 podium finishes – more than most any other competitor. His wins include five Professional Driver championships, over 77 first-place finishes, and a third-place finish at the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix (Formula 1). Redman also drove the Gulf Porsche 917 in the 1969 filming of the movie Le Mans with Steve McQueen. Redman cites his most memorable achievements as the four years he raced for Haas/Hall Racing in the US F5000 series shortly after moving to the United States. “This was a great team. We won the Championship three times (’74, ’75, ‘76) and would have won the other time, except that I missed two races driving for Ferrari in Europe,” Redman recalled. “Mario Andretti finished second for two years.” “In sports cars, I had some excellent wins, including the Nurburgring (2), Brands Hatch (2), Monza (2), Daytona 24 Hours (3), Twelve Hours of Sebring (2), the Targa Florio (2), Spa-Francorchamps (5), and more,” he added.

So it Began Born in Northern England, Brian Redman was the son of a grocer. In 1959, Redman took over his grandfather’s mop head-making business, and delivered mops all over England in a supercharged Morris 1000 Traveller. “In that Morris, I fitted a Shorrocks supercharger, harder brake linings, an anti-roll bar, and an anti-tramp bracket at the back,” Redman recalled. “I drove it like a raving lunatic all over England, and then decided that I should take it on the track.” At 22, Redman took his Morris Traveller to his first race. “My strongest recollection is being passed on the inside of the first corner by Harry Ratcliffe in another Morris Minor, and on the outside by Rodney Bloor’s Riley 1.5,” Redman said. “My right leg was shaking so much on the throttle that I had to put my hand on my knee to keep it still.” Then someone lent Redman an ex-Stirling Moss Jaguar XK120 for a sprint event at Woodvale Airport. Redman got just the break he was looking for when he posted the fastest time of the day, even faster than the car’s owner in fact. “That was 1965. We had a fantastic year, winning every race except one, when we were beaten at Silverstone by Ron Fry in a 250LM Ferrari,” Redman said.

Turning Pro “You’re spending a lot of time racing. You need to decide whether you are going to be a grocer or a racing driver.”

As Redman laughed at the doctor’s bad news, Professor Orban asked, “Why are you laughing?” Redman’s reply: “Because I’m here!”

A Long History Redman has nearly retired from motor sports many times throughout his career. Still, something always seems to draw him back to his passion. Redman is still racing today in various vintage series, most recently in a $20 million Le Mans-winning Aston Martin DBR1 at Goodwood Motor Circuit in England. Although most racing enthusiasts know of Redman’s successful career, many agree that his accomplishments are underrated to the non-enthusiasts’ crowd (those who know only names like Andretti and Newman). Still, his courage, dedication, and commitment portray his true passion for racing, setting him apart from the rest. “Few drivers command the respect of the entire international racing community that Brian Redman does,” Daytona International Speedway President Robin Braig said. “From his victories in various types of race cars, to his legendary sports car triumphs at Daytona, Brian has put his name alongside the many greats of motorsport.” Redman, however, stays humble about his success and impact on motor sports. Instead, he considers his greatest accomplishment his enduring marriage to his loving bride, Marion.

Those words, delivered by Redman’s father, were just what Redman needed to make a firm commitment to his racing career. After discussing it with his wife of four years, Marion, Redman accepted an offer to race with Charlie Bridges. He won 16 of 17 races in his first season. Redman then advanced to a Lola T70 sports car in 1966, and began competing at an international level. It was really in sports car racing that he scored his greatest result, partnering with Jacky Ickx to victory in the Kyalami Nine Hours.

Formula 1 Days From 1968 to 1974, Redman competed in twelve FIA Formula 1 races, with many Top 10 finishes, and a best third place while driving a Cooper at the 1968 Spanish Grand Prix. Still, he remembers vividly what he considers lost opportunities in his Formula 1 career. The first was when Ken Tyrrell asked him to step in for Jackie Stewart, who had a cracked wrist. Redman declined, as he had promised his wife to spend some time at home during his busy Formula 2 calendar. The other opportunity – one few would ever consider passing on – was an offer to drive a Formula 1 car for Ferrari. The management of the team, Redman recalled, was ruthless, and he didn’t think it was worth the risk to his physical well-being. Even so, Redman has fond memories of meeting the man himself, Enzo Ferrari, during a luncheon at Maranello, which he attended with 40 auto engineers and managers. “Enzo was a very tall, imposing figure. When he walked through the room, everybody went quiet,” Redman said. “He stopped in front of me, and I didn’t really know what to do. Before I could even get my hand out, he stuck out his right hand and gripped my left cheek and shook me.” “Nize boy!,” Redman recalled Ferrari saying. “Those were the only two words he ever spoke to me,” said Redman, laughing as he recalled the long-ago scene.

Battling Back Redman had three major accidents in his career that could have ended it all, one that nearly left him without an arm. A few laps into the 1968 Grand Prix at Spa, the front suspension broke on his car at Les Coombs. As the car rolled over, Redman’s arm was trapped between the car and the barrier. When the car eventually stopped, it landed in the marshal’s post, hitting the back of a parked car which was then shunted on top of another car. By then, Redman’s Cooper had lost three of its wheels, one of which had hit a marshal, injuring him. Then, the car caught on fire. “It was like a scene from hell. A marshal appeared in the midst of the smoke and fire extinguisher powder, his face just six inches from mine,” Redman said. “As he was trying to undo my belt, I saw that he had a cigarette in his mouth. Well, it all went up in flames again, but eventually they dragged me out. It was very dramatic.” Redman was airlifted by helicopter to the University of Liege Teaching Hospital, where Professor F. Orban, a World War II veteran who had once been an aide to Winston Churchill, gave Redman the bad news. “The doctor told me, ‘Herr Redman, it may not be possible to save the arm’,” Redman recalled.



Entirely invented and manufactured in-house

Centigraphe Sport - Ref. CTS World Premiere_

THE BOUTIQUES NEW YORK 721 Madison Avenue, +1 212 644 5918, PARIS







of the pack changed nearly every lap, and a new name hit the top of the leader board after each race. It wasn’t until the last lap of the final race that a champion emerged.

The 2013 Performance Flight MMC Challenge is an annual five-race series where members battle one another for club dominance on the track. The series is divided into two race groups – Sportscars and Lites - and further subdivided into four classes per group. The schedule is designed so that members can race in both groups if they have multiple cars. The GT Group is comprised of a collection of Porsches, Ferraris, Lotuses, and several other unique entrants. The Lites Group is designed for lightweight prototypes with brands that include Formula Mazda, Radical, Caterham, and Riley. Class placement is determined by a vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio so that class competitors with non-identical cars are still competitive with each other. Since each of the four classes in each group have different power-to-weight ratios, classes have disparate lap times, adding excitement to each group with a variety of closing speeds. Each group has its own prize, but everyone is secretly – or not so secretly – battling it out to be named the Overall Club Champion, which comes with not only bragging rights but also the much-coveted Reserved Parking spot in front of the clubhouse. Going into the final race of the series, Rob Sechan and Bruce Ledoux were at the top of the Lites and GT leader boards respectively, and each had racked up exactly 120 points through the season. If both took top honors in their classes during the last race, the points would have remained even and forced a decision based on their prior finishing positions. Ledoux would have come up short in that battle, as he had recorded one DNF – “Did Not Finish” – while Sechan had finished every race. Moreover, both racers faced tough competitors, considered possible “spoilers”, in each group. For Sechan, it was rookie driver Cristian Stanescu, who showed lightning speed in his Radical SR3 during the 2013 season. For Ledoux, it was Founding Member and 2008 Club Champion Rob Jackowitz, who recently returned to the series in his BMW M3. In the Prototype qualifying session, Stanescu laid down a fast lap and took the pole position away from Sechan. Still, when the green flag fell, Sechan managed to slip by Stanescu, taking the lead. On the second-to-last lap, Stanescu got into Sechan’s draft and followed him closely down the straight. Stanescu pulled out, and the slingshoteffect instantly pulled him alongside and then in front of the championship contender.

by Aaron Weiss

The 2013 Performance Flight MMC Challenge was epic. The leader

drivers slipped the clutch and pulled out, with Sechan getting just a bit more wheel spin on the grass. That allowed Stansecu to hit the track first and take the checkered flag for the win. From the sidelines, Ledoux’s emotions ran the gamut as his hope for a championship hung in the balance. By the end of the race, Sechan’s position had weakened, giving Ledoux just the opening he was hoping for. All he had to do was win his own race in the GT group. The GT field was a record size this year, and Ledoux sat on the pole in his bright white Lotus, with Jackowitz just behind him. The tension was palpable and all eyes were on Ledoux and Jackowitz. When the green flag waved, Ledoux was fast from the flag, even on cold tires. His early laps placed him in a dominant position. He was running consistent lap times until, at the halfway point of the race, it all went wrong. Ledoux’s car went into a tire barrier, and Sechan’s hope for a championship was rekindled. Still, Ledoux wasn’t out of contention. In fact, he was able to pull free from the barrier, and rejoin the race behind Jackowitz. Moments later, with one daring pass, Ledoux was once again in the lead. And that’s where he stayed as he crossed the finish line, not only as the winner of the GT Championship, but also as the 2013 Monticello Motor Club Champion. Rob Sechan handled the defeat with the grace of a true sportsman and collected the Prototype Champion trophy as a consolation.

MMC SERIES CHAMPIONS 2008 – Rob Jackowitz 2009 – Carlos Conde 2010 – Rick Deman

The celebration didn’t last long, as in the very next corner Stanescu spun out. Sechan, just a heartbeat behind, swerved to avoid an inevitable collision, and ended up spinning as well.

2011 – Anthony Geraci

The spectators, including a tense Ledoux, were breathless as both drivers sat in the grass and tried to restart their vehicles. Started. Stalled. Started again. This time, both

2013 – Bruce Ledoux

2012 – Lewis Liebert



On and Off Road

PARTNER JAGUAR LAND ROVER NORTH AMERICA Announced as the Official Vehicle Partner of Monticello Motor Club



Fast growing British luxury brands Jaguar and Land Rover to feature a new fleet of on track and offroad performance vehicles at Monticello Motor Club

his year Monticello Motor Club is thrilled to announce a fantastic new partnership

“Jaguar and Land Rover offer a lineup of on-track and off-road proven machines

with Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC.

that are pure expressions of luxury and performance - exactly what our members

As part of the partnership, MMC will house a fleet of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles for MMC members and guests to experience on-track and off-road including the Jaguar F-TYPE sports car and the all-new Range Rover Sport. MMC will also feature Jaguar’s R models, including the high-performance XKR grand touring coupe, XFR sports sedan, and the 550-hp XKR-S, in addition to current model year Land Rover vehicles, including the flagship Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque and LR4. In 2014, MMC will also open a new, 300 acre, off-road course for members and guests to experience the breadth of capability of Land Rover’s newest products. Located directly across from the racetrack, the off-road course will allow members and guests to adventure along trails in the Catskill forests under the guidance of trained off-road instructors. Drivers will have the opportunity to navigate various off-

and guests expect from the club and the cars that grace our facilities,” explained Ari Straus, President/Partner of MMC. “There’s no better way to showcase our 4.1 mile racetrack or new autocross/karting course than with a stunning new Jaguar, such as the F-TYPE, or to experience the technical 300 acre off-road course in a Land Rover vehicle, such as the new Range Rover Sport, followed by track laps to demonstrate its equally-impressive on-road performance. MMC’s own Corey Lewis recently had the opportunity to work with Jaguar engineers to drive the ultra-track ready XKR-S GT sports car at the club. “It was an incredible experience to work with some of the top engineers in the field, but I was even more blown away by the grip levels and stopping power of the car. The state-of-the-art carbon ceramic brakes were amazing.”

road elements and attain a higher level of confidence that will prepare them for real

“I look forward to building upon our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover North

world environments. The ever changing off-road environment will make no two drives

America and am excited to see what the future brings – both on track and off-road.”

the same - a truly unique experience.

said Ari Straus.



2014 Range Rover Sport

2014 Jaguar F-TYPE

Monticello Motor Club’s

High-Performance Driving Experiences

Where the RUBBER Meets the Road Monticello Motor Club’s High-Performance Driving Experiences put you in the driver’s seat. Drivers learn to push the limits of our performance fleet, with coaching from some of the country’s top instructors on our private race track and off-road course. MMC FLEET VEHICLES INCLUDE:

Jaguar: XKR, XFR and F-TYPE Land Rover: Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover LR4

For more information or to book your experience, call 855.MMC.CLUB (855.662.2582) or email |


t is said that automobile racing is a team sport. While the driver is by far the most visible part of the effort, a race team relies on many others behind the scenes – a pit crew, crew chief, team manager, and a slew of support personnel – to operate successfully. Amateur racing, on the other hand, is usually just the opposite. Most often, the husband gets the itch to race, serendipitously purchases a car and a trailer for his new toy, and then disappears for an entire weekend to explore his newfound passion. He’s a lone man on a mission. But in the Ledoux household, amateur racing has become a family affair. In fact, husband and wife duo Bruce and Linda both race! Based out of Boston, Morgan Stanley executive Bruce and his family – kids and all – make the commute to upstate New York’s Monticello Motor Club as many as 10 weekends per year, their rides in tow. While Bruce has quite a bit of experience on the track (he even raced professionally at one time), his wife is newer to the scene. Still, she doesn’t allow herself to be intimidated. Linda started on the track in a lower-key Spec Miata, then quickly dove into MMC’s driving program to hone her techniques. It wasn’t long before she shifted her attention to a car with more muscle, the Lotus Exige Cup car, a fire-breathing, bare-bones racer that weighs a scant 1,700 pounds. “Initially, I was going around the track for fun, but now I’m ramping up,” Linda said. “My level of competitiveness increases with every race.” Bruce’s weapon of choice at MMC is a Ferrari 360 Challenge car that boasts 330 rear-wheel horsepower, and weighs in at 2,880 pounds. Although Bruce is no stranger to fast cars, driving the Ferrari still brings him a thrill. “I’m sometimes caught off guard by how fast you can go on the straightaway at MMC,” he said. When Linda isn’t destroying perfectly good tires on the track with her husband, she and their three children work as Bruce’s pit crew, keeping in constant contact with Bruce via headsets. Of course, Bruce takes lead in the pit crew when it’s Linda’s turn to take the wheel. They’re now a family of racing enthusiasts who work together as a team. “I’ve got three children who dig racing. They beg to come to the track,” Bruce said. “This has become a big part of our lives.” It’s as a team that the family also supports the nonprofit Guardian Angel Motorsports. The organization – which Bruce founded in honor of his developmentally delayed son, Colin – exists to promote awareness, invite giving, and offer support to children’s charities through strategic partnerships ( Over the last several years, the organization has donated $150,000 to children’s charities, including $10,000 for this year’s Sullivan County Soapbox Derby. The proceeds from the Derby went to help autistic kids.



“GAM includes a group of like-minded racers who raise money and awareness for kids,” Bruce said. “We have all banded together – my family included – and combined our determination to help children with our passion for motorsports.”

May the

There has never been a better time to learn and understand the “force.” Downforce, that is. Downforce increases the cornering ability of a car’s tires. The faster a car can take a turn, the better its lap times are going to be. When a car’s speed exceeds the mechanical grip of its tires’ contact patch, it will slide. But downforce literally pushes the tires down against the road and increases the size of the contact patch, thereby increasing aerodynamic grip. Downforce can be achieved by two methods: utilizing wings or spoilers, or altering the shape of the car. Generally, maximum downforce (and minimum drag) is achieved by combining the two methods.



The aerodynamic technology available to today’s average track car racer outpaces what even the most advanced F1 teams had at their disposal just a few years ago. In fact, controversy has cropped in Formula 1, as experts debate a new front wing added to the Red Bull team cars. Rival engineers believe that the wing is flexing more than the rules allow, giving Red Bull a downforce advantage. With this device, the Red Bull car has well-balanced downforce – front to rear – so is more stable through high speed corners.

Downforce can be an ally if you’re on the hunt for faster lap times and bigger excitement.

Track cars from marques like Radical, Caterham, Wolf, and Praga produce so much aerodynamic downforce that you could theoretically drive one upside down. But what does this mean for the average track car racer? Better cornering, faster laps, and, of course, bigger thrills. Greathandling street and racecars usually depend on mechanical grip only and achieve between .7-1.3 Gs (that is, the force of gravity) before reaching the maximum grip of the tire. Racecars that utilize aerodynamic grip can achieve as high as 5.3 Gs – that’s more than a Space Shuttle launch. In Radical racecars utilized by MMC for its 2-day Radical Experience, students will experience as many as 2.5 Gs in corners and quickly realize that it’s G-forces – not speed – that generate the ultimate thrill. Still, a driver’s brain must be re-trained to properly transition from a car with little downforce to one – like the Radical – that can harness maximum downforce. Once you get your hands on the wheel of one of these cars, Monticello Motor Club’s pros recommend the following: r Gradually increase your speed as you enter into corners. r Ride with a friend more experienced with downforce before following them around the track. r Trust the theory behind downforce, and let it carry your car through the corners.

For a truly exhilarating drive, inquire about our Radical Experience, which puts even novices in the driver’s seat of a Radical SR3.


The pressure differential between the two sides of a distinctly shaped airplane wing creates lift; flipping an airplane wing upside down creates downforce.

be with you

However, wings also create drag, which is caused by the turbulence of the air movement. When designed properly, racing wings will maximize downforce, pushing the car’s tires onto the track and improving cornering forces. Drag, in turn, will be minimized. In race cars designed to reach top speed, as well as commuter cars designed to maximize gas mileage, reducing drag becomes even more important. The amount of drag created versus downforce is related to many factors, including the design of the wing and its angle relative to the horizon. There is a minimum speed at which downforce comes into effect. This speed is dependent on specific setups. Once that minimum is reached, downforce increases drastically. Side view Side View contact Contact Patch patch with With Downforce downforce

Side View Side view contact Contactwithout Patch patch Without Downforce downforce

Bottom View

Contact Bottom viewPatch contact Without patch Downforce without downforce

Bottom view contact patch with downforce

The result: carrying more speed into, through, and out of the corners.

Forceson onan anairplane Airplanes wing Forces wing


Downforce is related to the square of velocity. When the speed of a car is doubled, its downforce is quadrupled. For example, if your track car makes 400 lbs of downforce at 60mph, it would theoretically make 1,600 lbs of downforce at 120 mph. That’s 1,600 lbs of force pressing down onto the track, increasing the size of your contact patch.

Aerodynamic Grip: Traction between Higher pressure on upper surface

Lower pressure on upper surface DRAG

tires and the track, provided by the

Forcesreversed reversedonona acar Cars wing Forces wing

downforce created by a car’s wings,

Higherpressure pressureon onupper uppersurface surface Higher

spoilers, diffusers, and body shape. DRAG

Higher Higherpressure pressureononlower lowersurface surface


Lower Lowerpressure pressure on onlower lowersurface surface

Contact Patch: The portion of the car’s tires that are in contact with the track.

Mechanical Grip: Traction between tires and the track, provided by a car’s suspension and tires.



Experience Life in the FAST Lane with a Two-Day Driving Experience at Monticello Motor Club

The Two-Day Driving Experience at Monticello Motor Club, North

Whether a complete novice or a seasoned track enthusiast, this program will teach you how to extract every bit of performance out of these purpose-built racecars, in an environment dedicated to safety.

America’s premier automotive resort and private racetrack, is an

At Monticello Motor Club, you’ll enjoy access to luxury and amenities typically reserved for our private club members. You’ll be challenged and entertained as you test the limits around our course featuring 450 feet of elevation changes, fast straights, and unique turns.

experience that will last a lifetime. You'll learn to pilot the Radical SR3 or the Praga R1, enjoying privileged access to this members-only playground. 26


Each two-day all-inclusive program is limited to just eight participants, and includes hours of private and semi-private instruction.

For more information or to book your experience, call 855.MMC.CLUB (855.662.2582) or email


BEST OF THE BEST To be the best, one must handily outperform the competition.

Monticello Motor Club member Rob Sechan knows this lesson well. The 21-year veteran wealth manager, who recently landed on Barron’s 2013 list of America’s top 100 Financial Advisors, is among the best in the business. As a managing director for UBS, a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate, and institutional clients, he oversees $5 billion in client assets, and loves to get into the heat of the battle. “It’s not that I hate to lose, it’s that I love to compete,” Sechan said. A self-professed, lifelong car nut, Rob’s view of amateur racing changed when he put wheels to asphalt at MMC. “I started taking racing more seriously,” he said. “First, I went from a street car to a track car; then I started working on lap times.” “After I brought my lap time down, I focused on technique, and then, I started racing,” Sechan added. At MMC, Sechan has two favorite cars: a heavily modified Porsche Cayman and a Radical SR3RS. Both vehicles are capable of blistering speeds. On race days, Rob often finds himself hopping out of the Cayman after one race, and into the Radical for the next. “I actually go faster in the Cayman after I run the Radical,” he said. “Both cars hit similar speeds on the straights – about 145 miles per hour – but the Radical is much faster in the turns.” Though the Radical is the true racecar, Rob openly acknowledges that it’s easier to drive than the Cayman. “The Radical can actually mask your bad habits because it handles so well. You don’t have to follow a perfect line to make a fast turn,” he said. “You have to be a better driver to get the most out of the Cayman.”

Rob is as methodical about racing as he is about managing his clients’ assets. He relies on the same thorough attention to detail on the track as at the office. And it’s paid off. In his first 2013 race in the Performance Flight MMC Member Challenge, Rob qualified on the pole and took first place. He snagged second in the next round. “I go so hard during the week; it’s relaxing to get in the car and just drive,” Sechan said. “When I’m in the car, all I think about is driving.” A founding member of MMC, Rob helped spread the word about the fledgling track and now counts many of his friends as fellow members. Today, his passion is still in full bloom. “My family - my wife Jennifer and our four children: Jordan, Lauren, Brandon, and Meghan - is my number one sport,” he said.” MOTOR CLUB MAGAZINE | FALL 2013


Jim Glickenhaus is a refreshing kind of automotive maverick, a man who isn’t afraid to buck convention by trying to improve upon something when he believes he can make it genuinely better.

Not surprisingly, this enthusiast has a massive car collection that includes some exceedingly rare models, some legendary in their own right. The Glickenhaus collection includes: t 'FSSBSJ1 GPSNFS)PVSTPG Daytona winner and the spiritual  JOTQJSBUJPOCFIJOEUIF1


t 'PSE(5.,*7 t -PMB54* t %JOP$PNQFUJ[JPOF t 'FSSBSJ4 t 'FSSBSJ(5#5VSCP

A 20-year veteran filmmaker who later transitioned into the family investment banking business, Glickenhaus is a lifelong car aficionado who is willing to get his hands dirty. While others have fond memories of their first ride being some nameless econobox, Glickenhaus assembled his very first car from the ground up. Fast forward some years later, and while your average garden-variety gearhead was rehabbing an ancient Ferrari, Glickenhaus was studying renderings with Pininfarina designers to create his very own dream Ferrari, one custommade just for him. If you think that having a Ferrari custom-built by one of the world’s premier coachbuilders might be ridiculously expensive, you’d be wrong. Stratospherically expensive is more like it. Yet the art of coach building is one that has endured for nearly a century. In layman’s terms, a coachbuilder is a sculptor of sheet metal, an artist whose talents often contribute to the sexy exteriors of those impressive vehicles that go zipping by at insane speeds, taking your breath away. “In the old days, Enzo Ferrari would build a chassis and a motor, and send them up to Torino to get a body,� Glickenhaus said. In that case, the body would have been created by the legendary Italian firm, Pininfarina, which has, without a doubt, created the most stunningly gorgeous car bodies ever to grace asphalt. Over the years, however, even Pininfarina’s custom coachbuilding business had tapered off, and the company found itself doing more work for large auto builders like Volvo, GM, and of course, Ferrari. There were only so many sultans, kings, and rock stars with the buying power to have a truly custom car built from the ground up. Thus, Pininfarina eventually shuttered that aspect of the business. “But around 2006, Pininfarina started putting the word out that it was interested in doing one-offs again,� said Glickenhaus, who answered the call. Before he knew it, Glickenhaus had signed a contract with Pininfarina, and was sucked into a vortex of his own making, one comprised of CAD drawings, renderings, wind tunnel models, lots of Italian translation, and ultimately, the rollout of his new creation, the P4/5. The Ferrari Enzo-based hypercar was designed with a one-off body by Pininfarina, but redesigned to Glickenhaus’s individual tastes. His overwhelming passion for his craft overrode any fear a normal man would battle when faced with the prospect of essentially stripping down a brand new $650,000 Ferrari Enzo. “I didn’t care at all what they thought,� he said effortlessly. Still, some would say that Glickenhaus took a rare Enzo, of which only 400 were produced, and meddled with it unforgivably. The truth, however, is that Glickenhaus turned the car into a rare, exotic, and one-of-a-kind vehicle that was wholeheartedly embraced by the factory. Ferrari’s chairman himself, Luca di Montezemolo, journeyed to Torino to witness this new creation, which he declared to be bellissima enough to wear the cavallino rampante. Ferraris aside, perhaps Glickenhaus’s most unusual purchase yet has been the Baja Boot, an off-road racer once piloted by Steve McQueen. This vehicle, which resembles a lunar lander crossed with a dune buggy, is a ridiculously fast ride that took first place in the Baja 500 in 1969.

Rounding out his fabled collection are several other extremely rare cars, many of which are one of a kind.

Unlike many collectors, Glickenhaus actively drives, and even races his cars, often at Monticello Motor Club, where he has enjoyed his membership since MMC’s inaugural season. Cars exist for his enjoyment. They aren’t objects to merely coddle and revere. “Monticello is a hard track to learn, but its challenging nature adds to the interest for me,� said Glickenhaus of the 4.1-mile automotive theme park. “One of the best parts about MMC is that I can include other car lovers in my experience.�

by Roger Garbow

IMPA Better Than Ever

t’s not every day that I’m faced with such an incredibly cool decision: the Laguna Blue Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, or the Adrenaline Red SRT Viper? With choices like this first thing in the morning, I knew my day was off to a great start. The Vette and the Viper were just two of the dozens of new vehicles available as part of the International Motor Press Association’s annual Test Days at the Monticello Motor Club in September. IMPA is the nation’s premier organization for auto journalists and public relations professionals. Test Days is the single event every member wants to attend. Automobile journalists from across the United States travel to MMC to spend two days driving the latest offerings from some of the world’s greatest and most prestigious automakers. On the track, despite chicanes (artificial features creating extra turns) introduced into MMC’s full course to control speeds, enthused journalists from The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, ABC, Road & Track, Automobile, Bloomberg, Consumer Reports, Jalopnik, DRIVE, and others still managed to hit triple-digit speeds on the straights. However, perhaps the biggest hit of these two jam-packed days in Monticello was MMC’s new off-road course, and the wide array of AWD and 4WD vehicles available to traverse it. Designed and constructed by the experts at Land Rover, MMC’s challenging off-road course was broken up into three distinct routes, each to accommodate varying off-road capabilities. Naturally, the Land Rover vehicles and Jeeps were able to handle the most extreme terrain, but what really impressed all involved – myself included – was the off-roading capabilities of the all-new Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque. Both vehicles were just amazing in the mud and rough stuff. To help break in the new off-road course, Polaris brought in a range of ATVs and side-bysides for our testing pleasure. These seriously fun vehicles proved to be a massive, mud-slinging good time for participants and MMC staff alike. Still, as I recall the outstanding experiences I enjoyed throughout Test Days, my thoughts continue to wander back to that first choice I had to make on that very first day: the Vette or the Viper? After much deliberation, I did what any car enthusiast would do:

I took ‘em both!



ou’re behind the wheel of the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4, pushing the 500bhp V8 to its limit, the roar of the engine palpable as you hit the straight. Suddenly a Praga R1 is coming up fast in your rearview, and in the blink of an eye you realize that now you’re in the Praga’s closed, carbon fiber cockpit. Slowly it dawns on you that this must be a dream. The Praga R1 hasn’t tasted American asphalt, and that engine is actually your wife snoring again. You open your eyes and smile, knowing that today is the day this dream becomes reality. In a few short hours when you arrive at Monticello Motor Club, you’ll get the first stateside crack at the 210hp, 1,300-pound Praga, capable of pulling up to 3.27 Gs. The R1 is a true racecar, with the looks, performance, and downforce of a prototype. Still, it’s as safe as a Spec Miata, and no more hassle to maintain than your daily ride. You wonder how it will compare to that Wolf GB08 you took for a spin. Its carbon fiber, FIA-certified tub and crashbox, plus the Brembo 4-piston brakes, gives you the confidence to push it to its limits. With its Honda K20 Type R churning out 255hp and the Sadev 6-speed tranny outperforming your wildest expectations, that 1,200-pound lightning bolt with the Gen3 Aero Package (carbon rear wing and biplane front splitter) churns 1,750 pounds of downforce equaled only by the adrenaline coursing through your veins. Of course, that new Aston Martin was no slouch, as you learned last spring at another MMC Test Drive, courtesy of The Racer’s Group. The Vantage GT4, with its 4.7-liter V8 engine features a 6-speed sequential transmission, F1-based traction control, and massive Brembo brakes with ABS. Then there’s the day when Butch Leitzinger, Bugatti’s test driver, brought the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse to the Club for a few special test drives earlier this year. With MMC co-track designer Brian Redman behind the wheel, the 16-cylinder, quad turbocharged engine sounded –and took off – like a jet. But one thing that really struck you was how comfortable and smooth the monster rode at low speed. Or what about one of your favorite events, the July Porsche World Road Show? You and your friends took turns sampling an exciting array of their finest, the 911 Carerra 4 and 4s, the Cayman and Cayman S, Panamera S (and the Hybrid), and of course, the Cayenne and its diesel brother. From the track laps at speed to autocross, it was smiles all around. It’s equally hard to forget the rare privilege of being one of the very first to slide behind the wheel of the first production Spyder Creations 550 Spyder on the winding back roads of Monticello recently. This authentic hand-hammered, aluminum-body tribute to the 1953-1956 Porsche 550 Spyders was a once-in-alifetime experience. Of the 90 original cars built, only 80 are believed to remain. Using original drivetrains and many other original parts, it took four years to bring this visceral replica vehicle to life. Looking at the clock you realize its only 4:32 a.m., so you close your eyes again and picture the new F-TYPE V8 S from Jaguar. With a 495hp, 5.0-liter supercharged V8 and a sport exhaust, the Jaguar sports car screams performance, and thanks to MMC’s new partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, this is only the beginning of your love affair with these beautiful sports cars.

GET COVERED TODAY! About HWI Motorsports HWI Motorsports is the Motorsports & Collector Auto Division of the Hayden Wood Insurance Agency – a family owned and operated agency. Morgan Duffy, third-generation owner and president of Hayden Wood Insurance, created HWI to introduce more comprehensive insurance solutions to the motorsports community. In particular, he wanted fellow MMC members to have access to coverage for on-track physical damage for Member Days, High Performance Driving Events (HPDE) and Club Racing.

powered by

Coverage we provide Club Racing and HPDE physical damage I Available for vehicles scheduled on a collector auto policy I Agreed value up to $1 million per car I Broad list of approved clubs and events I Written on an annual basis I Unlimited number of events I Member Day coverage available Collector automobile I Unlimited capacity I Agreed value up to 150% I Newly acquired vehicle coverage I Worldwide coverage I Choice of repair shop I Diminished value for partial losses I One liability premium regardless of how many vehicles are scheduled (not available in all states)

Personal automobile I Worldwide coverage I Agreed value I Cash settlement option Homeowners I Unlimited replacement cost I Cash settlement options I Primary flood I Kidnap and ransom I Optional equipment breakdown coverage

Personal excess liability I Up to $100 million in coverage available I Ability to choose your defense I Employment practices liability Watercraft/yachts I Worldwide coverage I Unlimited capacity

Private Client Group offers complete solutions for successful individuals and families providing the coverage necessary to preserve high-value assets and personal liability. Protection is augmented with services to minimize property damage and bolster safety –and all of this comes in one custom-tailored package. Here is a sampling of insureds: I

11 out of the last 16 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Best in Show winners


Multiple owners of $200 million+ collector car collections


Over 1/3 of the Forbes 400


45% of the “Top 200 American Collectors” as identified by ARTNews

Call Morgan today at (508) 229-8700 or Email: |

Putting Kids in the Driver’s Seat

hose are the precious memories from childhood, just you and your mom or dad enjoying Saturday afternoons.

In some families, it’s fishing or baseball; in others, it’s tinkering under the hood of the car.

In MMC families, many of those moments involve four wheels and smooth asphalt, as parents pass their passion on to the next generation. With those families in mind, a new, dedicated karting track is under construction at Monticello, featuring many of the safety features and amenities members enjoy on the main track. The 0.6-mile karting track, slated to open with the 2014 season, will feature a 22-foot-wide asphalt ribbon with 30 feet of total elevation changes. Depending on the type of race, the track is expected to accommodate up to 30 drivers at a time. The professional track will be complemented by a brand new, family-friendly clubhouse featuring classrooms, lockers, and a snack bar. Tutoring, demonstrations, and parent/child challenges will be available, as well as kart storage, maintenance, and bookings for special occasions like birthday parties that will have the whole school talking. Similar to cars, karts vary greatly in speed, from karts with 16hp motors that top out around 16 mph, to 125cc shifter karts that go over 100 mph and pull three to four Gs through the corners. (This is close to a Formula 1 car that can generate five Gs.) MMC families will also enjoy access to a fleet of variously sized 4-stroke karts, as well as several racing karts available for demonstration and purchase from Birel America. MOTOR CLUB MAGAZINE | FALL 2013


Teaching kids to kart – helping them develop concentration, confidence, and independence – is one of my favorite things in the world. — Aaron Weiss

Karting, an open wheel motorsport for drivers as young as six years old, isn’t all about the thrills. In fact, it’s an exceptional way for kids to learn basic and advanced car control, develop quick reflexes, and build decision-making skills. The karting experience helps young people learn the fundamentals of safe driving, before they even get their learner’s permit. “Teaching kids to kart – helping them develop concentration, confidence, and independence – is one of my favorite things in the world,” said MMC’s Track Director Aaron Weiss. “It is an indescribable feeling to have a positive impact on a child’s life in a way that involves motorsports.” What’s more, most current Formula 1, NASCAR and, IndyCar drivers and MMC’s professional instructors began their racing careers in karts, and many still drive them between seasons to keep reflexes fresh and skills honed. Fun for the whole family, the new karting track will be a great way to give younger children an early taste of racing, and prepare them for instruction and driving on the main track when they turn 14. There’s no doubt that once you’ve tried it, your only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner.




In the 1830’s Bridle Hill Farm was a working dairy farm owned by the Hemmer family. Today the idyllic hillside horse farm not only offers year-round trail rides and lessons, but also provides a perfect location for the many equestrian activities, photo shoots, weddings and events regularly hosted there. Boarding is also available at the solar-powered facilities, as well as a summer day camp, ensuring there is truly something for every horse lover.

Duke Pottery

Forestburgh Playhouse

Trout Town USA

Global Home

Trading her Broadway & Houston loft for two barns in Sullivan County 15 years ago, potter Carolyn Duke nestled her studio on a mountaintop with views deep into the Delaware River valley. This natural beauty incorporates itself into her art. Working primarily with pinch pots and looking to the patterns and rhythms in nature for inspiration, Carolyn creates beautiful clay pottery in a variety of colors and shapes. Often in a series, the custom-made bowls and cups combine a rugged aesthetic with fine detailing. The gallery and gift shop feature jewelry, paintings, furniture, photographs, books, quilts, CDs, cards, pillows, scarves, maple syrup, and wool made by many local artists, craftspeople, and farmers.

In the mid-1940’s Greenwich Village’s Provincetown Repertory Company began looking for a new home, and that search ended in Forestburgh N.Y. In 1947 the theatre opened its first of more than 250 subsequent productions, at a time when Sullivan County was the getaway destination from the city, with Grossinger’s, The Concord, and other resorts jammed and electric with summertime excitement. Today, the theatre continues to offer its own unique version of summer theatre to 30,000 patrons annually, under the leadership of Producing Director Norman Duttweiler. 2014 will mark its 68th season, and the schedule includes classics such as My Fair Lady, Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Mary Poppins and La Cage Aux Folles, in addition to their popular children’s theatre and Cabaret in the Tavern.

The nearby town of Roscoe has been known far and wide as Trout Town USA for decades. This angler’s paradise features five of America’s top trout streams, and numerous reservoirs and lakes, at the gateway to Catskill Park and surrounded by over 20,000 acres of State Forest Preserve. For those looking for the best fishing hole or fly fishing shop, or a truly unique outdoor adventure — a trusted local guide is indispensible. Luckily the Eggletons, the family behind Trout Town Adventures, grew up fishing these waters and hiking this land. From that ideal spot where the fish bite and the eagles soar, to the ultimate hike or snowshoe trail, or where to dip a paddle in the cool, clear waters; they know all of the secret spots that out-of-towners would never find on their own, and can’t wait to share them. They also offer door-to-door shuttle service, local excursions, private tours, geocaching, and can arrange for meals. Many of Sullivan County’s treasures aren’t accessible by car, so next time you’re looking to get your feet wet…you’ll know who to call.

Looking for a unique or one-of-a-kind item for your home? Look no further than Global Home. At the dawn of the new millennium, proprietors Joe and Vivian quit their NYC day jobs and spent a year traveling the world. A decade later they set down roots in Sullivan County and began the adventure that is Global Home, selling imported goods from across the globe that emulate the internationally-inspired lifestyle they call Modern Exotic. Here customers will discover an eclectic mix of items such as: Balinese marriage beds, glass paintings from Senegal, a Moroccan tea table, or antique Chinese Ming-style chairs. Visit them on Main Street in Jeffersonville, in Beacon, and online.

with an eye on the environment Landscapes of lush green grass, thick groves of trees, and breathtaking views come together in upstate New York on an abundant, natural vineyard less than 90 miles northwest of Manhattan, and just 20 minutes from MMC. Chickens and sheep roam and graze freely among the grape vines that thrive in a completely chemical-free environment. This unique winery, nestled in the lower Catskills, is BashaKill Vineyards. Established in 2005 in Wurtsboro by vintner (and former auto mechanic) Paul Deninno, BashaKill grows three varieties of naturally disease-resistant grapes. What’s more, all trellis posts are cut from untreated (and native) Black Locust wood, which naturally repels pests. And the winery’s environmentally conscious practices don’t stop there: Babydoll Southdown sheep help prepare freshly cleared land for new vines and contribute to weed control. They also fertilize the soil and provide wool. The wool is spun and knitted into hats, which are made available for purchase in the winery’s tasting room.

The BashaKill wetlands, home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna, are just downhill from the vineyard. And it’s this proximity that makes BashaKill Vineyards such a special place. The wetlands create a microclimate of moist, warm air that protects the vines from the early frosts so typical of this region. In the winery’s cozy tasting room, guests will find a variety of wines available for purchase, by the glass or bottle, to bring home or enjoy on-site with family and friends. BashaKill encourages its guests to bring their own picnic-style lunch to enjoy in the outdoor seating area, which features two wood stoves to create a rustic retreat during colder months. However, the most unique feature of the winery is the BashaKill Wine Cave. In 2011, crews cut into the hillside and poured a 67-yard concrete tunnel that’s 40 feet deep and 16 feet wide, creating an ideal setting for aging red wines. The Wine Cave features two 500-pound doors handcrafted of forged steel and 4-inch-thick wood. Visitors should make a point of experiencing this truly unique feature that sets the vineyard – and its reds – apart.

BashaKill Vineyards

BashaKill Vineyards is open Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. year-round, and often features live music. To learn more, visit 38


Members before Race #5

GAM Charity event 2013

Paul Tracy Davy Jones

Trent, Paul & Bryce Miller

Chris Dyson


Cristian, Brian & Mike

Brian Redman & Butch

Butch and Al

Jenna & John


Jonathon & Aaron

Cristian & family


Ari Straus & Mark Reuss


John, Lucas & Rob


Donation by GAM to SC Soap Box Derby



Aaron Weiss

Ralph Gilles & Rob

John, Rob & Anthony Jones Lang Lasalle group

Sara & Dave

Mark Hamilton Peters & Dominick Jack, Mike & Chris

Batman, Stephanie, Dave & children

Denis Jim


Eric Curran, Bruce Ledoux & Mark Miller

Drivers meeting before Race #1






The GoPro® HERO3: Black Edition action sports camera, called “just the device to capture whatever it is that gets your adrenaline pumping, keeping those amazing moments alive forever” by Men’s Magazine, has raised the bar once again with improved video quality, uniquely original features, and additional accessories. Monticello Motor Club has found an ideal partner in the HERO3: Black Edition. MMC uses the light-weight equipment on a daily basis to record in-car driving experiences for members pushing their limits on its 4.1-mile driving course. The HD footage allows MMC drivers to experience – and share – the rush of the track over and over again. GoPro’s commitment to action sports dates back to 2004, when surfing fanatic Nick Woodman made it possible for enthusiasts to capture their action sports moments. Then, in 2010, GoPro enjoyed massive success when the HD HERO went viral as the industry’s smallest, most accessible HD video camera. MMC has made GoPro its in-car digital video brand of choice because of the company’s commitment to consistent improvement on its products. It’s this commitment that produced the HERO3: Black Edition. The HERO3: Black Edition has two siblings – the White and Silver editions – but the Black Edition is the brawniest of the brunch. Even The New York Times agrees, saying the Black Edition “packs more power than most professional cameras on the market today.” Capable of capturing ultra-wide 1440p 48fps, 1080p 60 fps, and 720p 120 fps video, as well as 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second, the HERO3: Black Edition is billed as the world’s most versatile camera. What’s more, the GoPro App makes it easy to control all camera functions from almost any smartphone or tablet. With live preview functionality and numerous sharing options, users can send video and photos via email, text, Instagram™, Facebook®, and more. MMC members have the ability to inspire jealousy among their Facebook friends immediately upon stepping out of the car. GoPro has a strong foothold as an industry leader, but its competitors have been fighting back ever since GoPro’s first splash nearly a decade ago. However, GoPro has something no other company can compete with: a deeply loyal following of action sports enthusiasts whose ranks continue to grow as new generations take to the hill, chase the barrel of a wave, or go flat-out down the straightaway of a racetrack at 140mph.


MOTOR CLUB MAGAZINE | FALL 2013 and to see the HERO3: Black Edition in action.

Located in the heart of New Canaan, CT, elm restaurant has become a beloved destination for its world-class cuisine and local Connecticut charm. Chef Brian Lewis and his team present an innovative and elegant approach to seasonal American cuisine that is rooted in tradition. The a-la-carte menu and four-course seasonal tasting menu takes guests through the flavors of the region from locally-sourced vegetables and meats to sustainable seafood and house-made pastas.  

Pastry chef Caryn Stabinsky compliments the savory program with her surprising spin on quintessential, seasonal desserts. The wine and cocktail program, also an extension of Chef Brian's


vision, includes award-winning and surprising wines, as well as classic and handcrafted culinary-

Brian Lewis

focused cocktails. Elm's nationally acclaimed menu is complimented by an ambiance that pairs seasoned, friendly service and a clean, modern design that is layered with elements of warmth.


73 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT 06849



Every Great Country Club Has A Driving Range. Welcome To Ours. 4.1-MILES OF ASPHALT, 22 CHALLENGING TURNS, 450 FEET OF ELEVATION CHANGE!

Welcome to the ultimate country club for automotive enthusiasts. Located only 90 minutes from New York City, Monticello Motor Club offers members nearly unlimited use of our critically acclaimed road course. r'MFYJCMFNFNCFSTIJQQMBOT r1SJWBUFHBSBHFT   r1SPGFTTJPOBMESJWFSDPBDIJOH r$PSQPSBUFBOEQSJWBUFFWFOUT r0OTJUFTFSWJDFDFOUFS  and member concierge



Road and Track called MMC, โ€œAn extraordinary circuit for the discerning driving enthusiast.โ€ Experience your car the way it was meant to be driven. For more information: visit: call: 855.MMC.CLUB (855.662.2582) email: 44


Motor Club Magazine - Volume 2  

This is the second issue of Motor Club Magazine, the publication created for Monticello Motor Club (MMC). MMC is North America’s Premier Aut...

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