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Musings is a quarterly publication for Members of the Monterey Museum of Art.

Our Mission

The Monterey Museum of Art cultivates curiosity in the visual arts and engages community with the diversity of California art—past, present, and future.

Our Vision

The Monterey Museum of Art is a collaborative center where art and community engage.

Board of Trustees Adriana Hayward, Psy.D. President

Lila Thorsen, Ph.D. President Emerita

Tom Donnelly Kristen Huston John Mera Susan Shillinglaw, Ph.D.

William G. Hyland Trustee Emeritus

Craig L. Johnson Trustee Emeritus

Judith Marshall Vice President

John A. Greenwald Treasurer

Judy Archibald Secretary

Cover Image George Joseph Koch (aka George Joseph Kotch, 1884-1951), Natural Arch, n.d., oil on canvas, 44 x 50 in. (111.76 x 127 cm.). Monterey Museum of Art; Gift of Janet C. McDaniel.

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

Note to Our Members There have been many changes for the Museum since the last issue of Musings, and with that, we must share that the tenure of Stuart A. Chase as Executive Director of MMA has ended. Stuart brought great passion and energy to the Museum over his three years of service, and we wish him luck in all his future endeavors. The MMA Board of Trustees is working collaboratively with Museum staff until an Interim Director is appointed, and we are all looking forward to a bright and responsible future. We have been busy innovating new ways to serve our Members and community, and we invite everyone to engage in our variety of digital programs and activities—offered on our website and social media channels. All of us at MMA wish to thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding, and until we are able to open our doors again, we look forward to seeing you all virtually.


Photo: Moss Media Carmel

From the President Dear MMA Members and Friends, Like many of you, MMA has had to navigate its way through many changes over the past few months. Changes can test us, and they can also invigorate us. With that, we are pleased to announce that we have officially purchased the property at 590 Perry Lane, adjacent to MMA La Mirada. Expanded by 590 Perry Lane, we envision a state-of-the-art museum campus at MMA La Mirada—complete with features that will provide visitors with comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces for contemplation. We will continue to focus on our exceptional collection of California art and photography, growing our education programs for children, and events—engaging students, families, collectors, artists, art historians, and curious observers. MMA is and will always be a place that welcomes all, and we are dedicated to making sure that we are engaging community with the diversity of California art, and that we are accessible and inclusive. I invite you to read our blog posts to learn about our anti-racist policies and to stay up to date about what is happening at the Museum. We see MMA as integral to the health of everyone in our community and as an oasis for inspiration, creativity, learning, and hope. With thanks for your continued support,

Adriana Hayward, Psy.D. President, MMA Board of Trustees

Membership: Joining Together Through Art and for Art

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

Over 80% of the American population believes that the arts provide a positive outlet during challenging times. We believe this too, and that is why since 1959, the Monterey Museum of Art has been committed to its mission of cultivating curiosity in the visual arts and engaging community with the diversity of California art—past, present, and future. Now more than ever, the arts are emerging as a unifying power as we all face difficult circumstances. A brief internet scan will reveal neighborhoods coming together through concerts on their apartment terraces, people turning to the arts to express feelings of fear and isolation, and families using creative methods to stay engaged with others digitally while practicing social distancing.

The arts offer a beacon of hope, and we are stronger together. Join us as we continue to inspire hope through art by renewing your membership today, and invite your friends and family to become Members as well. MMA Members are closest to what is happening at the Museum—with special Member-only access to a selection of MMA’s virtual programs

(including Virtual Mondays at the Museum) and digital publications. Please don’t forget to check for details about our virtual programs and activities on our website and social media channels—including details about our upcoming Virtual Annual Members’ Meeting taking place online July 8, 2020 at 4:00 pm.

Thank you Members for supporting our mission and helping us continue to share the visual stories and legacies of the region. We couldn’t do what we do without you, and your support is valued.

Virtual Annual Members' Meeting Our upcoming Virtual Annual Members' Meeting (July 8, 2020 at 4:00 pm) is a chance for our Members to learn more about the Museum’s current projects and future plans—with remarks by Board President Adriana Hayward, Board Treasurer John A. Greenwald, and MMA staff. We hope you are able to join us, and we look forward to meeting with you all virtually!

Roland Petersen (1926 - ), Shades of Blue II, 1990, acrylic on canvas, triptych, 72 x 129 inches (overall). Monterey Museum of Art; Gift of Caryl Ritter Petersen.


Art, Resiliency, and Our Collective Journey The way we approach art is similar to how we approach our everyday lives. With COVID-19, some are settling into an experience, some are seeking meaning, and all are confronting a deluge of thoughts and emotions. Our approaches to facing challenges are shaped by who we are: what we have experienced, what our beliefs and philosophies are, and how we see ourselves— and art is an essential expression and extension of our humanity.

It is our mission to cultivate a curiosity and appreciation for art for everyone, so that all are able to harness the power of art for inspiration, motivation, hope, healing, and community. Even if it is digitally for now, we can still be inspired by and gain from artists and creative thinkers (who are the world’s problem solvers), their artful expressions, and a collective understanding of what it means to be human—past, present, and future.

Just as many of you have, the Museum has worked to overcome obstacles over the past few months. With those challenges, we have learned (and continue to learn) so much, yet there are still many unknowns on the horizon as we face the coming months. We appreciate our work even more now, and we believe that by immersing ourselves in art and by continuously challenging ourselves to consider what is unknown to us over the years, that we have strengthened our resiliency to innovate and face the day and the future.

Thank you for supporting and being an important part of all that we do at MMA. We look forward to continuously connecting and engaging in dialogues with you— through art—as we face the unknown together. We cannot do this without you.

To learn more about MMA’s digital programs, events, and activities, or to make a gift to support our work, please visit our website.



Digital Programs, Events, and Activities With sheltering in place, nearly everyone is turning to technology to keep in touch, and we are no exception. MMA is dedicated to creating community and cultivating curiosity for California Art by whatever means we can. Through social media and our website, we release new articles, videos, projects, and programs nearly every day of the week. On Mondays, look for R.A.D. (Remote Art Days) for fun and educational art activities for families and all ages, along with Virtual Mondays at the Museum. Virtual Mondays at the Museum are exclusively for Members, and they are a great way to explore art from the Museum’s collection. Upcoming Virtual Mondays at the Museum include an exclusive live presentation by art historian and MMA Board of Trustees Member, Lila Thorsen (July 13, 2020, 4:00 - 5:00 pm), as well as a live presentation by MMA’s Manager of Education and Public 8

Engagement, Chris Cohoon, and Education Coordinator, Roxanne O’Weger (July 27, 2020, 4:00 - 5:00 pm). Tuesdays, we highlight special exhibitions and artists. Wednesdays, look for selected works from our permanent collection. On Thursdays, the Museum acknowledges its partners and supporters because our work would not be possible without your support. Last but not least, be sure to check out our blog entries every Friday. We have also hosted two Virtual Free Family Fun Days, which have welcomed more participants than Free Family Fun Days at the Museum. Keep an eye out for more Virtual Free Family Fun Days in the future.

Also, look for upcoming live lectures, events, and exhibitions. In August, Los Angeles-based artist, Gretchen Andrew, will install her show in our Coburn gallery—to be viewed and experienced virtually. This show will be timely, as it will explore virtual platforms, such as Google, and the many ways that virtual platforms affect our lives. Gretchen Andrew will also be an Artist in Residence at MMA La Mirada during her exhibition. Keep an eye out for our upcoming exhibitions and programs on Instagram (@montereyart), on Facebook (Monterey Museum of Art), and of course, on our website.

Exclusively for Members, Virtual Mondays at the Museum take place on select Mondays. Check our website for program dates, and email to reserve your Virtual Mondays spot now!

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George Joseph Koch (aka George Joseph Kotch, 1884-1951), Natural Arch, n.d., oil on canvas, 44 x 50 in. (111.76 x 127 cm.). Monterey Museum of Art; Gift of Janet C. McDaniel.



We are grateful to long-time Museum supporter Janet C. McDaniel, who recently gave several California pictures to the Museum collection, and has graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Q. Thank you again for your recent gift, Janet. How long have you been involved with the Museum, and what first drew you to it?

A: Probably my involvement with MMA began in 1999-2000. My husband and I had sold our second boat, so life was settling down, and I did the Docent training at MMA and then volunteered weekly as a Docent. Q. And when did you first start collecting California Art?

A: Early in that time frame I saw an ad in the Monterey Herald for a S.C. Yuan painting for sale. Perhaps I vaguely knew the name, I’m not sure, but I called a much more experienced Docent to ask her about Yuan. She heartily endorsed him, talked about how he used open space in an intriguing manner, and this painting was “The Gate”, a rural wood gate on ranch land in Big Sur so there was indeed open space. Based upon her endorsement we quickly bought the painting and loved it forever more.

Q: Your recent donation includes work by Ferdinand Burgdorff, George De Groat, George Joseph Koch, Emil Kosa, Jr., Paul Lauritz, George Demont Otis, and Paul Roehl. Do you have a favorite artist or artwork among these?

A: It is the George Koch painting that is my favorite among those I have recently donated to MMA. To me that painting is not just another seascape. It is a rocky coastline, and the verticality of the massive rock formations has always fascinated me. I’ve paused to look at that verticality thousands of times. Q: Do you have any interesting stories you’d like to share about when or how you acquired one of these works?

A: Somewhere along the way someone from the art world told me that Koch had altered his name at a time when it wasn’t “cool” to have a German surname. And sure enough, the signature on that painting reads Ko-t-ch. One can see that the “t” was inserted at a

later time. Once upon a time, my maternal grandfather told me that in the early 20th century it wasn’t “cool” to have a German surname, and many people altered their name(s). Only after his death, I learned from an old obituary that his family had altered its name from Daum to Dauma. This is another reason for my fascination with the Koch painting. Q: Do you have a favorite memory of a Museum exhibition or event?

A: My favorite memory of a MMA exhibit is that of Paul Roehl—a painter based up Santa Cruz way. We bought one of his paintings after the exhibit was taken down and then we had an unveiling party at our house. Paul Roehl and his wife attended, and Mike Whittington, then Executive Director of MMA, officiated at the unveiling. I still have photos of the evening! Thank you so much for your time, Janet, and for your continued and valued support of the Museum.

Collection Highlight In keeping with MMA’s goal of more fully representing the diversity of California art and artists, the Museum has recently acquired the limited edition woodcut on vintage seed sack, Breach, 2017, by contemporary Los Angeles artist Alison Saar (born 1961). Saar’s work draws especially on aspects of the African diaspora, Afro-Caribbean identity, racial injustice, and femininity. In Breach (left), the first impression of eighteen such prints, Saar recalls the breach of the Mississippi River levees in 1926-1927, when hundreds of thousands of African-Americans living in the lower Mississippi watershed lost their homes and livelihoods. The woman depicted in the print represents those who heroically rescued their families and possessions from the devastation, while the men were forced to remain and repair the levees without pay, and under threat of imprisonment. This event was one among many that contributed to the “Great Migration” of African-Americans to the North and other parts of the United States in the early 20th century.

View works from the Museum's permanent collection on our website.

Alison Saar (b. 1961), Breach, 2017, woodcut print on vintage seed sack, ed. 1/18, 47 x 19.25 inches. Museum Purchase by Exchange; Gift of Albert Denney, Nancy Stillwell Easterbrook, Margaret Wentworth Owings, Naedra B. Robinson, and Elizabeth Tompkins.

MMA Board Spotlight: Craig L. Johnson

As a member of the Docent Training Class of 2011, Karen expected to learn about art in the MMA collection and how to share that art with visitors, but she also discovered the special bond that develops among MMA Docents because of their love of art and their enthusiasm to learn and to share with each other. Not an artist, Karen was a high school Spanish teacher who had always been interested in art history and connections among artists. She enjoys research and the opportunity to present “Spotlight Tours” to provide background information about exhibitions to our visitors. A highlight of her Docent experience has been giving a gallery tour in Spanish to an advanced Spanish class from the Defense Language Institute. Karen looks forward to being back in the galleries to welcome visitors and talk about art with them. Thank you Karen for all that you do to support MMA!

Photo: Marc Howard Photography

MMA Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Steadman

Trustee Emeritus Craig L. Johnson is a long-time Trustee, supporter, and advocate for the Museum, and in 2013, Craig served as the Museum’s Interim Executive Director—helping MMA with its vision and operations during a period of leadership transition. Having worked for over thirty years with investment banking organizations and through his other roles in the community, including past involvement as Board Chair for the Community Foundation for Monterey County, Craig has been a tremendous ambassador for MMA. He has offered his leadership and his expertise in a number of ways, and most recently, Craig was instrumental in cultivating capital support for the Museum’s acquisition of property at 590 Perry Lane—located directly next to MMA La Mirada. Thank you Craig! The Museum is a better organization for all you have done and continue to do.

Craig Johnson, pictured at right.



Capital Campaign Supporters

Exceptional Support, $1,000,000+ Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation Judith and Frank Marshall

For several years, MMA has been contemplating the future of its facilities—taking into consideration community needs as well as longterm organizational sustainability. With that, an opportunity to acquire property directly next to MMA La Mirada presented

The support of these early and most generous capital campaign donors made the acquisition of 590 Perry Lane possible, and we can’t thank them enough for sharing in our vision as we think about the future of MMA and adding to the storied history of

itself in 2019, and the Museum began first conversations with key stakeholders about what this could mean for the future of the Museum. Inspired by the possibilities, in late 2019, several supporters stepped forward to usher in the next major phase of organizational growth for MMA— one that will allow us to better serve our community for the longterm future.

La Mirada through our mission. There was great diversity in the gifts received, from $5.00 to $1,000,000+, and we are honored by the support of each and every donor who contributed. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following supporters for their most generous capital campaign contributions:

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

Image from La Mirada


MMA La Mirada, circa 1930.

$100,000 – $999,999 Sandra and *Ned Dewey $50,000 – $99,999 Peggy and Bob Alspaugh Adriana and Bill Hayward Christine and Craig Johnson June and John Mera Lila and James Thorsen $20,000 – $49,999 Joan and Don Beall Mary Cary and Gary Coughlan The Greenwald Family $10,000 – $19,999 Lisa and Hank Plain Susan and Bruce Herman $1,000 – $9,999 Judy and Tom Archibald Susan Shillinglaw Pam and John Wilkinson $100 – $999 Thomas Donnelly Hector Dionicio Mendoza $1 – $99 Tony Alvarez Juan de Anda Maria Anguiano Emma Cervantes Mario Chagollan Josefa Curiel Christian Gollan David Hernandez Claudia Lopez Araceli Mejia Lorena Mejia Maritza Mejia Abla Mendoza Carlos Mendoza Macon Muños Michael Perez Suzana Salgado J.C. Santos Sara Santos Marcos Uriel Guadalupe Yepez Other Incy and Peter K. Brooks

We would like to recognize Gala Chair Kristen Huston, Honorary Chair Mona Zander, Event Designer Melissa Badger of Dreams and Details, and the Gala Committee for their vision and the time and hard work they invested in planning the Gala, and to the generous supporters that chose to donate their Gala tickets and table support—even though we were unable to hold our Gala event this April due to COVID-19. We wish we could have enjoyed a wonderful Gala evening with you all, but please know that your contributions provided critical support during a most challenging time. Thanks to you, we were able to offset some of our operating costs and begin the process of upgrading to a new website— especially important now that we are offering our exhibitions and programs digitally. With your support, we also plan to make our permanent collection of art accessible on our new website. We sincerely thank you all for your time and generous support:

Supporters Judy and Tom Archibald Elizabeth Barlow and Stephen McClellan Kathy Beallo Jessica and Justin Braiker Mary and Bill Criswell Pam and Russ Fadel Val and Jim Giancola John A. Greenwald Ksenija and Gus Halamandaris Adriana and Bill Hayward Carol and Don Hillburn Kristen and Joe Huston Christine and Craig Johnson Elizabeth and Scott Kantor Kayne Anderson Rudnick Marion Keyworth Caron and Alan Lacy Jana Magginetti Judith and Frank Marshall Barbara Roach Stefanie Skinner Lila and James Thorsen Mona and Ed Zander

Gala Chair Kristen Huston Honorary Gala Chair Mona Zander Gala Committee Melissa Badger Jessica Braiker Pam Fadel Adriana Hayward Molly Hirschfield Christine Johnson Jana Magginetti June Mera Roseanne Pierre Alison Pomatto Jane Scatena Susan Shillinglaw Stefanie Skinner Lila Thorsen

Image from collection

William Ritschel (1864-1949), Aprés Diner, n.d., oil on canvas, 21.75 x 27.75 in. (55.245 x 70.485 cm). Monterey Museum of Art. Gift of Patricia Smith Ramsey

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

Spring Gala Supporters

in memory of Robert J. Ramsey.


Annual Fund Supporters Over the past two months, and through the challenges presented in that time, our members and donors continued to believe in the power of art to inspire hope. Art inspires hope, whether it is for a wide-eyed third-grade student standing in awe of a painting in the galleries or a parent who expresses gratitude for a digital activity to do with their child at home. We witness it every day—even now while we are working remotely and offering digital programs, events, and activities—people are happier with art. A big thank you to all of our Annual Fund: Art Inspires H.O.P.E. supporters whose gifts to the Museum are helping us keep art and hope alive:


Susan D. Akers Betsy Andersen Donald Anderson and Mina Bette Floreani Jacquie Atchison Elizabeth Barlow and Stephen McClellan Robert and Valentina Bayer Dionys and Jonathan Briggs Incy and Peter K. Brooks Barbara Bullock-Wilson and Gary Wilson Mary Ellen and Frederick Burgomaster Cherie Campbell Eliza J. Chase Julie and Stuart A. Chase Eleanor and Ronald Contreras Irene A. and Daniel Cooper Daniel Cooperman Mayda Cruz Mary Cunningham-Welsh Jamie Dagdigian Lucia Dahlstrand Colleen Devlin and Rick Rosenthal Christine Diiorio Nancy and William G. Doolittle Hallie and Bradford Dow Nina Eldred Gail and John Enns Catherine Faber Jean-Marie and Bernard Ferrara Denise Fourie Mary Frazier Thomas Haley Linda and E. Joe Hancock Peter Hiller and Celeste Williams Joanne Irmas Ann Jastrab Anne Parker Johnson and Yann Lusseau Helen Kosik-Westly and Leonard Levenson Jean and David Laws Brooks Leffler Camille Liscinsky and Michael Bond Bobbi Long Charlene and Mylo M. Lowery Paul Mason Bob Mazawa Marilyn and Stanley McMahan

Mariam and William Melendez R.T. Michelson Michelle Miller and Cliff Shedd Cynthia and Forrest Miller Susan Miller Nancy Miner Kathleen Moodie Hilger Catie and Dennis O’Leary Jane and John Olin Mary Pankonin Jan Penn Marianne Powers Patricia Qualls and Douglas C. Adams Lillian Rico Kelley Sedoryk Manjit Sidhu Matthew Simis & Michael Gray Herlinde Spahr Karen and Jack Steadman Gregory True Anne and Alan Washburn Bonni and Joel Weinstein Corinne Whitaker Susan and Gary Winkler

*In memoriam

TRIBUTES March 1 — June 30, 2020

Photo: Moss Media Carmel

*In memoriam

Tributes In Memory of Wynn and Edna Bullock by Barbara Bullock-Wilson In Memory of Captain Wayne Hughes, Jr., USN by Joan Hughes In Memory of Donna Kneeland by Sharon Sieve In Honor of Gloria Marcus by Tobi Marcus In Honor of Ellen Maupin by Peter Hiller In Memory of Isabel True by Gregory True In Honor of Gloria Marcus by Tobi Marcus

To learn more about how to support MMA or to make a gift, visit our website, email us at, or call us at 831.372.5477 x110.


Photo: Moss Media Carmel

TOP 5 Reasons to Support the Arts A recent listicle published by the Americans for the Arts articulated how the arts are fundamental to our humanity. The list reminded us about the many reasons that we should all appreciate and support the arts and creative communities—now more than ever. Here are our top 5 reasons:


Arts improve well-being by providing us with beauty and pleasure that “lifts” us up beyond everyday experiences, and by serving as an outlet for sharing and expression.

2. 3.

Arts unify communities by helping us better understand the diverse perspectives and stories of individuals and cultures from all around the world. Arts spark creativity and innovation by challenging us to problem solve and think about things in different and creative ways—skills that are among the top five applied skills sought by business leaders.



Arts strengthen the economy by supporting jobs, driving tourism and revenue to local businesses, and by significantly contributing to a robust economy through the production of cultural goods in the U.S. Arts have social impact by supporting social cohesion, civic engagement, child welfare, and lower poverty rates.

Donate now to support MMA's programs, exhibitions, and events.

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