Peak Performances 15th Anniversary Program

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HATUEY: MEMORY OF FIRE September 14–23, 2018 Photo: Maria Baranova

Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director

Dr. Susan Cole, President

Montclair State University opened its newly constructed Alexander Kasser Theater fifteen years ago with an expectation of cultivating the performance landscape in New Jersey into a radiantly inventive garden blooming with new artists and new audiences. Guess what? The garden is growing strong. How did this happen? The theater? The community? Permission to challenge conventional wisdom?

The Office of Arts + Cultural Programming was established in 2004 to support artist exploration and build audience awareness, and to integrate this work into academic life at Montclair State University. For 15 years, the internationally acclaimed PEAK Performances series has been the catalyst for this engagement with the Alexander Kasser Theater, which serves as a Creative Campus hub for artists, students, scholars, and the public at large.

Success is quantifiable in a field that counts seats, but fundamental human change is hard to sum up. Everyone is different, with divergent experiences and expectations. Yet, there is a common cord connecting artists and audiences.

Performances and Productions in the Alexander Kasser Theater

Artists and audiences discover each other one “AHA!” moment at a time.

PEAK Performances partners with art makers and cultural institutions around the globe.

PEAK Performances is recognized worldwide by its artistic innovation, superior production standards, and the conviction that individual revelation is a force of nature.


– MAY 2020

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For those who have walked with PEAK on its trail or for those who are just approaching its path, The Alexander Kasser Theater is the temple at the top of the mountain.


To commemorate the Kasser Theater’s impact over fifteen years, we have marked some milestones and gathered thoughts, statements, and personal observations from those who have played in the PEAK garden of earthly delights.


May the revelations at a time.

JEDEDIAH WHEELER Executive Director, Arts + Cultural Programming




In the early years of my presidency at Montclair State University, I had a vision for a performing arts program that would become a magnet for professional artists who were pushing forward the front edges of their disciplines, a program that would provide the opportunity for the students in the University’s superb performing arts programs to experience artistic discovery with some of the most exciting members of the international arts community. Fifteen years ago, two things happened that enabled that vision to become a reality. First, with the help of many, and most notably, the brilliant and generous Mary Mochary, her wonderful brother Michael Kasser, and members of the Kasser family, we were able to open the exquisite Alexander Kasser Theater, which has provided a superb performance venue. Second, with persistence and luck on our side, we were able to recruit the incredibly talented Jedediah Wheeler to lead our professional performing arts program. Jed understood the vision, and, for fifteen unbelievable years, he took that vision and ran with it. As a vibrant and growing University, what we were able to provide to Jed were all the riches that come from a highly diverse community of faculty and students with a long tradition of excellence in arts education. But most importantly, we were able to provide the freedom to experiment, to push boundaries, and to create. A University that aspires to fulfill its potential has a complex array of responsibilities. It is a place that preserves and passes on to the next generations the knowledge and culture created in the past. It is also a place that creates new knowledge and enables the articulation of new and emerging ways of understanding the world. It is a place where discovery is always part of the business of the day, where talented and determined students have the opportunity to prepare to contribute to the world to come, and where all of that miracle of teaching, learning, and creativity are made accessible to the broader community. The Alexander Kasser Theater and PEAK Performances have been, and will be in the future, a valued and exciting part of the intellectual life force of this University. I am grateful to all, off stage and on stage, who made it possible.

Inaugural Performance MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV



Photo by Rezo Gabriadze



The Alexander Kasser Theater

Envisioned as Montclair State University’s flagship venue, the Alexander Kasser Theater was built with a generous gift from the Kasser family in 2004. The internationally recognized PEAK Performances series takes full advantage of the theater’s superb design and state-of-the-art facilities to produce contemporary performances at the highest professional level.

“It’s such a rewarding intellectual challenge that the programming at the Kasser offers. As the outside world devolves and atomizes, the promise of community, even argumentative and restive, such as the audience for advanced performances, recalibrates the Utopian promise of education.” – MONROE DENTON, PEAK PATRON

Fifteen years of continued investment in the Kasser’s technical capacities ensure that artists can realize their ideas.

“It’s like an architect when you go from your drawings to actually seeing a building. You imagine that such a thing can happen, but it takes your breath away when you experience your work in this theater.” – LIZ GERRING, CHOREOGRAPHER

“As a student at MSU, I didn’t miss one single performance at Alexander Kasser Theater. The innovative and always timely works inspired me to create a new theater center. There is a close correlation between the thought-provoking programming and artistic excellence of PEAK Performances over 15 years and the one I am striving for.” – OLGA LEVINA, FOUNDER/ARTISTIC DIRECTOR JERSEY CITY THEATER CENTER AND CO-OWNER, WHITE EAGLE HALL


“My grandfather (and namesake), Alexander Kasser, was a force of nature-brilliant, bold and brave. During WWII, he saved hundreds of Jewish children from the Nazis because he was a person of deep principle. Though he experienced the worst of humanity, he celebrated the best of humanity by being a patron of the arts. He would be so proud of the people and performances that come together in this theater that bears his name. The illuminating energy from artistic creators in this space is the perfect tribute to his spirit.” – SENATOR ALEX MOCHARY BERGSTEIN, 36TH DISTRICT, CONNECTICUT STATE SENATE

Tenor Nicholas Phan, choreographer Richard Alston and the dancers of Richard Alston Dance Company onstage at the Alexander Kasser Theater. October 31–November 2, 2014 Photo: Mike Peters/Montclair State University


Empowering Artists “PEAK Performances has a special place in the ecosystem. They take risks where no one else dares to go, provide support in a way that no other organization does, and make you feel good about it through thick and thin.” – MARIANNE WEEMS, DIRECTOR, BUILDERS ASSOCIATION

PEAK Performances identifies emerging luminaries and engages world-class visionaries to realize their work fully, and partners with leading national and international institutions to extend global reach and impact.

“Music’s eternal quality is its capacity for change, transformation, and renewal. Our art form at large greatly needs visionary and generous leaders and artists, such as those at ACP and PEAK, so that we all can work together to further music’s flexible, diverse capacity and innate power.” – AUGUSTA READ THOMAS, COMPOSER

Eighty-four works have been commissioned, produced, or co-produced, and more then one-hundred works have premiered at the Kasser. Each experience realized through a project-specific set of resources including time, space, financial investment, dedicated on-site management and production support, and dramaturgical, contextual, and technical expertise.

“PEAK Performances plays a vital role in encouraging artists to continue asking essential questions, and never expecting pre-fabricated answers in return.” – DAVID HARRINGTON, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/VIOLIN, KRONOS QUARTET

Sustaining Bodies of Work Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Romeo Castellucci, Simone Dinnerstein, David Gordon, Liz Gerring Dance Company, Raphaëlle Boitel, Gandini Juggling, and many other American and international artists have premiered multiple works at the Kasser. The Shanghai Quartet, in residence since PEAK’s inception, links academic practice at the John J. Cali School of Music to presentations of their creative explorations each season.


“A beautiful space and a wonderful crew supported the development of Blind Date from the studio through student showings to the premiere. We felt safe to try things as we made our un-pure art in a multi-media form. PEAK and the Kasser made a difference in how work can be bold.” – BILL T. JONES


“STORY/TIME” January 21–29, 2012 Photo: Paul B. Goode Courtesy of New York Live Arts


Activating Audiences Turnpikes, parkways, rivers, tunnels, and bridges lead the adventurous to the Kasser. With the majority of attendees coming from the greater NJ/NY metro area, audiences reflect the region’s diverse demographics. PEAK has increased audience participation season over season, filling a growing demand for the artistically daring and excellence it delivers. This has been achieved with the most affordable ticket price point in the region, if not the nation, and always free to MSU students.

“The diversity and quality of the productions is simply mind-boggling. For me to be able to drive a short distance to MSU and view performances that are frequently reviewed in The New York Times is like being a regular winner of the lottery.” – CHIP (WILLIAM) DALY, MSU NON DEGREE GRADUATE STUDENT AND PEAK PATRON

Honing the Edge of Shared Experience Creative discovery is now widely accessible on stage, off stage, and online. 2004-2020: Themed exhibits in the Kasser’s gallery spaces. Academic and public symposia. First Impressions: artist-audience talks immediately following premiere performances. Sneak Peeks: pre-performance conversations discussing the process of and premise of creating a performance. Launched in 2018, PEAK Journal is a place for exploratory conversations between live art and the written word about the larger themes at play each season, and that intersects with and departs from the live work in ways both explicit and oblique. The Talking Cure podcast features Executive Director Jedediah Wheeler in conversations with the legendary and innovative 2019-2020 Peak season artists. Dance for Film on Location at MSU paired choreographers with cinematographers to create and produce short dance films with students. Soliloquy by Heidi Latsky (April, 2015), Afro Promo #1 Kinglady, by Nora Chipaumire (April, 2016), and A Hundred Indecisions by Doug Elkins (April, 2017). Each dance film was screened with live performances at The Kasser.


MSU students work with WLIW/WNET to broadcast PEAK production ’FALLING & LOVING.’ Photo: Stephanie Haggerstone

ALL ARTS at PEAK A partnership initiated in 2019 with WLIW/WNET broadcasts select PEAK productions for audiences around the nation, and takes full advantage of the Kasser’s prodigious resources, and the School of Communication’s professional recording, production and editing facilities.

“It was thrilling and very meaningful to watch our students engage with director Anne Bogart in the master class for the BFA acting program. It intersected perfectly with where they are in their own discoveries and training. And it was a huge inspiration to my work as a theatre-maker, actor, and educator.” – HEATHER BENTON, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, DEPARTMENT OF THEATRE & DANCE



SEPTEMBER 24–29, 2019 SITI Actors: Ellen Lauren, Leon Ingulsrud, Akiko Aizawa STREB Dancers: Chance Hill, Bridgitte Manga, Fabio Tavares, Kairis Daniels Photo: Marina Levitskaya


Proving Ground for Student-Artists Residency work by PEAK artists with students and faculty extends impact. Students in music, theater, and dance have been featured performers in works by Meredith Monk, Robert Whitman, Doug Elkins, David Gordon, Douglas Dunn, Richard Schechner, and Richard Alston.

“The level of support that I had through PEAK and the PeARL Residency, which included a lot of time working on the Kasser stage, was much more comprehensive than any support I have ever had. Financially, through the physical space, and the presentation of three works. There’s nowhere else like it. I just want to keep coming back.” – FAYE DRISCOLL

Campus Collaborations Creative Thinking, an interdisciplinary course offered annually since 2012, takes a theoretical and experiential approach to the creative process that links PEAK artists to a wide variety of disciplines, including arts, sciences, humanities, education, and business. Live Lit Series hosts readings by creative writers and performers of all genres as part of the College of Humanities’First-Year Writing Program. Mathematics of Juggling integrated PEAK artist Sean Gandini in the Creativity in Mathematics and Sciences project for innovative STEM learning (Spring 2019). ACP has partnered with Montclair State’s Institute for the Humanities to develop PEAK Series-themed workshops for high school teachers.

Performing Arts Research Laboratory (PeARL) is an extended on-campus residency for invited artists to develop work and open their process with students, faculty, and staff through discussions, lectures, workshops and rehearsals.

“Juggling is a great art and there’s some pretty deep mathematics inside it. We were able to challenge the students to be creative in their explorations and to apply what they experienced in projects they presented to audiences at the Kasser.”

2015 -2017 Amy Beth Kirsten, QUIXOTE; 2018-2019 Faye Driscoll, SPACE, the culminating work in the Thank You For Coming trilogy; 2020 -2021 Emily Johnson, dancer, writer, and choreographer of Yup’ik descent and artistic director of the performance company Catalyst, will work on Being Future Being [working title], that delves into the power of creation myths.



Faye Driscoll. SPACE. Photo: Maria Baranova

“The last frontier of old fashioned love for art and the artist! The work I made during my time with PEAK raised my creative threshold. It’s a solo climb with an entire team cheering you on! Thank you Jed Wheeler and team for believing!” – NORA CHIPAUMIRE

Choreographer Nora Chipaumire and dancer Shamar Watt work with Montclair State students. April 14–17, 2016 Photo: Gennadi Novash

“The opportunity to work with artists and thinkers I have studied and admired like Richard Schechner and Nora Chipaumire has given me not only an exceptional experience but a theatre/dance community. PEAK Performances is a unique place for experimentation and creation of multidisciplinary work!” – NATALIE MARX, MSU ALUMNA


Awards •William Dawson Award for Programmatic Excellence and Sustained Achievement awarded by the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (2016) given to Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director, Office of Arts + Cultural Programming at Montclair State University •New Jersey State Council on the Arts Citations of Excellence and Designation of Major Impact for multiple years

“PEAK Performances has made theatre an art worthy of being seen, criticized, and finally, loved. Montclair is my American home. Jed is my American brother. America is my Old Testament.” – ROMEO CASTELLUCCI

Grants •The Aaron Copland Fund for Music •Acción Cultural Española Mobility Grant •The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Choreographers on Campus Initiative •Argosy Foundation •Association of Performing Arts Professionals Creative Campus Innovations Grant program, funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Cultural Exchange Fund •French American Cultural Exchange, Contemporary Theater Program •The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation •The Grand Marnier Foundation •The Jim Henson Foundation •Israel’s office of Cultural Affairs •James E. Robison Foundation


•The Japan Foundation


•Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Photo: Francesco Raffaelli

•National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works •New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project National Theater Project •National Philanthropic Trust •New Jersey State Council on the Arts 11

February 7–11, 2008

ARTISTS AND PERFORMANCES AT PEAK PERFORMANCES 2004-2020 2019-2020 LANGUAGE Anne Bogart & Elizabeth Streb, Charles Mee FALLING & LOVING Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Simone Dinnerstein Sphinx Virtuosi For Justice and Peace Lena Herzog Last Whispers Martha Graham Dance Company Troy Schumacher, Augusta Read Thomas, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) Gandini Juggling & Alexander Whitley Spring Shanghai Quartet Grand Band with film by Joshua Frankel Richard Alston Dance Company Kate Soper | Wet Ink Ensemble The Romance of the Rose Famiie Flöz Hotel Paradiso

2018-2019 HEIGHTS OF IMAGINATION | BORDERS AND BOUNDARIES Frank London & Elise Thoron, Mary Birnbaum Hatuey: Memory of Fire The Crossing with International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) The National Anthems: Music of Lang, Shaw and Hearne Shanghai Quartet Faye Driscoll Thank You for Coming: Attendance Faye Driscoll Thank You for Coming: Play Liz Gerring Dance Company Field Marrugeku Cut the Sky Gandini Juggling Smashed Compagnie L’Oublié(e) | Raphaëlle Boitel When Angels Fall Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company | Ann Carlson Elizabeth, The Dance Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Haochen Zhang Faye Driscoll Thank You for Coming: Space Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Romeo Castellucci Democracy in America

2017-2018 WOMEN INNOVATORS IN THE PERFORMING ARTS Compagnia de’Colombari | Karin Coonrod The Merchant of Venice Ashley Fure/Adam Fure/International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) The Force of Things Simone Dinnerstein/Pam Tanowitz New Work for Goldberg Variations Sud Costa Occidentale | Emma Dante Le Sorelle Macaluso Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Yiwen Lu

Camille A. Brown & Dancers ink Double Edge Theatre Leonora and Alejandro: La Maga y el Maestro Inbal Oshman/New York Baroque Incorporated M Stabat Mater Atra Bilis Teatro | Angelica Liddell Esta Breve Tragedia de la Carne Julia Wolfe/Maya Beiser/Laurie Olinder Spinning

2016-2017 BREAK THE MOLD Compagnie L’Oublié(e) | Raphaëlle Boitel The Forgotten/L’Oublié(e) Cullberg Ballet Figure a Sea The Abbey Theatre The Plough and the Stars Third Coast Percussion/Cryptic See You Later Richard Alston Dance Company with Shanghai Quartet & Repast Baroque Ensemble Amy Beth Kirsten/Howl Quixote All Terrain Strings Festival works of William Bolcom featuring The Harlem Quartet, Chiara String Quartet Arditti Quartet, Shanghai Quartet Doug Elkins Choreography, etc Astrid Hadad Tierra Misteriosa

2015-2016 ART BETWEEN REAL AND IMAGINED The Builders Association | Marianne Weems Elements of Oz Fred Hersch/Mary Jo Salter Rooms Of Light: The Life of Photographs Pat Graney Company Girl Gods Liz Gerring Dance Company Horizon Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Wu Man Michel Van Der Aa The Book Of Disquiet Double Edge Theatre The Grand Parade (of the 20th century) Shanghai Quartet Robert Wilson in Krapp’s Last Tape Nora Chipaumire Portrait of Myself as my Father Ensemble Amarillis La Double Coquette Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Romeo Castellucci Go Down, Moses

2014-2015 10TH ANNIVERSARY DISCOVERY THE HEARTBEAT OF CREATIVE LIFE East Coast Artists | Richard Schechner Imagining O Liz Lerman Healing Wars Alarm Will Sound Mind Out of Matter by Scott Johnson

Shanghai Quartet guest artist Wu Han The Symptoms Apropos Richard Alston Dance Company with American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), Nicholas Phan NPR’s From The Top Live with Host Christopher O’Riley Compagnie Jant-Bi | Robyn Orlin At the same time we were pointing a finger at you we realized we were pointing three at ourselves… American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) and Roomful of Teeth Shanghai Quartet ICKamsterdam | Emio Greco/Pieter C. Scholten ROCCO Robert Whitman Swim Heidi Latsky Dance Triptych Repast Baroque Ensemble La Madonna Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company Analogy*

2013-2014 RAISE THE BAR Liz Gerring Dance Company glacier Gallim Dance Company Fold Here The Vijay Iyer Large Ensemble Project, Teju Cole Open City Shanghai Quartet with Miró Quartet Vincent Dance Theatre | Charlotte Vincent Motherland Troubleyn | Jan Fabre Tragedy of a Friendship East of the River Darkness Is Your Candle Douglas Dunn & Dancers Aubade REALITY | David Roussève Stardust Wayne McGregor|Random Dance Atomos Rushes Ensemble Rushes by Michael Gordon Shanghai Quartet with guest artists Orion Weiss, DaXun Zhang Cryptic | Cathie Boyd Orlando Coiscéim Dance Theatre | David Bolger Swimming With My Mother Liz Queler & Seth Farber Still Will Be Heard

2012-2013 EXCEPTIONS RULE; NO COMPROMISE David T. Little/Royce Vavrek/Robert Woodruff Dog Days ARTEK I’ll Never See the Stars Again Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Jan Vogler L.A. Dance Project | Benjamin Millepied Richard Alston Dance Company A Ceremony of Carols


Robert Wilson/Bernice Johnson Reagon/Toshi Reagon/ Jacqueline Woodson Zinnias: The Life of Clementine Hunter Lionheart with American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) Wayfaring Stranger Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Romeo Castellucci On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God Via Katlehong Dance Katlehong Cabaret Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Ying Huang Sarah Rothenberg, Marilyn Nonken The Grand Gesture Jasmin Vardimon Company Freedom Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet Landfall

2011-2012 EXPOSÉ OF GLOBAL CREATIVITY AnDa Union From the Steppes to the City Music of Inner Mongolia Companhia Urbana de Danca | Sonia Destri Piano Circus Pick Up Performance Co(s) | David Gordon DANCING HENRY V National Chamber Choir of Ireland Acallam na Senorach Na Kinimakalehua | Hokulani Holt Living Waters Wayne McGregor | Random Dance FAR Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Michel Lethiec Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company Story/Time Miguel Zenón Puerto Rico Nacio en Mi: Tales from the Diaspora Ellen Hargis, Paul O’Dette The Power of Love Akram Khan Company Vertical Road les ballets C de la B | Alain Platel, Frank van Laecke Gardenia Lee Saar the Company FAME Shanghai Quartet

2010-2011 PEAK EXPLORES THE ANSWER: EXPERIMENTS IN ARTS & TECHNOLOGY Christopher Janney Everywhere Is the Best Seat: Disembodied Instruments NOW Ensemble, William Brittelle’s Television Landscape, Victoire Here There Be Dragons Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Wu Man The Builders Assocation | Diller Scofidio + Renfro Jet Lag Young Concert Artists Carolyn Carlson Company | Electronic Shadow Double Vision Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM | Crystal Pite Dark Matters Sõ Percussion with Meehan/Perkins Duo Bringing Down the Stars and Moving Them Around REBEL Ensemble for Baroque Music Town and Country Troubleyn | Jan Fabre Prometheus-Landscape II Carter Brey & Christopher O’Riley Imani Winds with Simon Shaheen The Zafir Project City Theatre & Dance Group | Robyn Orlin Walking next to our shoes…


Liz Lerman Dance Exchange The Matter of Origins Shanghai Quartet Robert Whitman Passport Fred Hersch My Coma Dreams 2009-2010 Shanghai Quartet with guest artists Kazuhide Isomura, Clive Greensmith Jérôme Savary Looking for Josephine Marino Formenti Kurtág’s Ghosts Margaret Jenkins Dance Co/Guangdong Modern Dance Co Other Suns Feufollet with Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole Fête de Louisiane! Paul O’Dette The English Orpheus Pick Up Performance Co(s) David Gordon UNCIVIL WARS: MOVING W/ BRECHT & EISLER Robert Brustein/ Arnold Weinstein/ Hankus Netsky/ David Gordon Shlemiel the First Lula Washington Dance Theatre Miguel Zenón Esta Plena Kronos Quartet Wayne McGregor | Random Dance Entity Doug Elkins and Friends’ Fräulein Maria Vincent Dance Theatre If We Go On and Broken Chords Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Christian McBride Crash Ensemble with Iarla O’Lionaird

2008-2009 World Inferno Friendship Society | Jay Scheib Addicted to Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre’s 20th Century Sõ Percussion Music for Pieces of Wood, Drumming Shanghai Quartet with guest artist Cynthia Phelps DV8 Physical Theatre | Lloyd Newson To Be Straight With You dumb type Voyage Ritz Chamber Ensemble They Might Be Giants Troubleyn | Jan Fabre Orgy of Tolerance Carla Kihlstedt & Satoko Fujii Minamo REBEL Ensemble for Baroque Music Irregular Pearls Urwintore | Dorcy Rugamba The Investigation David Rousseve/REALITY Saudade Shanghai Quartet The Deedle Deedle Dees Susan Marshall & Company Adamantine & Frame Dances Joji Inc. & Argento New Music Project Lolita, An Imagined Opera Via Katlehong WOZA

2007-2008 Rebecca Frezza and Big Truck Shanghai Quartet

Newband Orchestra of St. Luke’s In the Grace of the World Ensemble Galilei First Person: Stories from the Edge of the World Wuturi Players The Trojan Women, An Asian Story Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company Blind Date Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company As I Was Saying Russian Patriarchate Choir Sara Davis Buechner Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company A Quarreling Pair Dan Zanes and Friends A Holiday Hootenanny! Robert Aldridge/Herschel Garfein Elmer Gantry, An American Opera Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Romeo Castellucci Hey girl! Coiscéim Dance Company Knots Pig Iron Theatre Company PAY UP Lura Liz Lerman Dance Exchange Ferocious Beauty: Genome Fred Hersch with the Fred Hersch Trio

2006-2007 Ridge Theater/David Lang/Mac Wellman The Difficulty of Crossing a Field Heinavanker American Repertory Theatre No Exit Jean Deroyer/Marilyn Nonken/Ensemble 21 TransAtlantic New Music Christopher Taylor Gyorgy Ligeti: Etudes pour Piano Troubleyn | Jan Fabre Quando L’Uomo Principale E Una Donna Kim Gordon/Tony Oursler/Phil Morrison Perfect Partner Shanghai Quartet Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble New York Voices Trisha Brown Dance Company | Kenjiro Okasaki I love my robots Troubleyn | Jan Fabre Je Suis Sang David Neuman, Joe Chvala, Eva Silverstein, Janine Durning, Keely Garfield, David Brick Shanghai Quartet Tafelmusik Four Seasons: Cycles of the Sun Vincent Dance Theater | Charlotte Vincent Broken Chords Kronos Quartet 4 Cast by Trimpin

2005-2006 Orquestra Imperial Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company Blind Date Shanghai Quartet Hip-Hop Theater Festival (Danny Hoch, Rokafella, Will Power) Shanghai Quartet Societas Raffaello Sanzio | Romeo Castellucci Tragedia Endogonidia

Sanford Sylvan & David Breitman Newband The Last Laugh Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill Tim Miller US Ben Munisteri Dance Projects Rinde Eckert Horizon Les Deux Mondes Living Memory The Builder’s Association/dBox | Marianne Weems Super Vision Jed Distler & Kathleen Supove Charles Moulton Land of Dreams: A Vaudeville Requiem Christopher O’Riley Hold Me To This Shanghai Quartet Four Virtuosi (Glenn Dicterow, Jerry Grossman, Andre Michel Schub, David Singer) Glenn Branca Hallucination City: Symphony 13 for 100 Guitars Susan Marshall & Company Cloudless Krétakör | Arpad Schilling The Seagull Shanghai Quartet Krétakör | Arpad Schilling BLACKland Mosaic | Hans Peter Cloos Cabaret Schoenberg Reynaldo Reyes Phoenix Dance Theatre | Darshan Singh Bhuller The Tallis Scholars Micheál ÓSúlleabháin and Page Allen Madison’s Descent

“PEAK was the first to bring us to the U.S., to ‘discover’ our company, and to help us tour in America. I am so attached to the Kasser Theater and the PEAK Performances team. It’s like a family for me, really.” – RAPHAËLLE BOITEL

2004-2005 Rezo Gabriadze Forbidden Christmas with Mikhail Baryshnikov Orpheus Chamber Orchestra Rockapella Shanghai Quartet Ultima Vez | Wim Wandekeybus Blush Almeida Opera | Michael Nyman Man and Boy: Dada Walter Hautzig Granular Synthesis Areal Robert Lepage The Busker’s Opera Ensemble Kaboul Cristina Capparelli Gerling Ridge Theater/Newband Harry Partch’s Oedipus Stephen Oosting Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with David Singer Daniel Bernard Roumain Soulphonic Soundscape Shanghai Quartet Musica Elettronica Viva Dan Zanes and Friends Mansaku No Kai The Kyogen of Errors Yaël Farber Amajuba: Like Doves We Rise


Concept, direction, and choreography by

RAPHAËLLE BOITEL February 9–17, 2019 Photo: Marina Levitskaya


“If theater to you is sustenance, if you are the sort of person who savors the daring and the visionary, then head to New Jersey.” – LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES, THE NEW YORK TIMES, JUNE 10, 2016

Challenge the artist. Challenge the audience. Without compromise. ROBERT WILSON

KRAPP’S LAST TAPE by Samuel Beckett

March 17–March 20, 2016 Robert Wilson. Photo: Lucie Jansch

Jedediah Wheeler, Executive Director

Dr. Susan Cole, President