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spring summer 2013 m o n s o o n .c o . u k

hello! Welcome to a world of colour and sunshine in the new Monsoon children’s collection for Spring Summer 2013. From brilliant beachwear and fun daywear to perfect party outfits, we’ve got everything your little ones need for super sunny days. happy shopping!

mo ns oon .co.u k DesigneD in lonDon

OppOsite page: Valentina corsage Dress 35835110/35835210 FrOnt cOver: sabrina short sleeve cardigan 33819511/33819611 Frosted rosette Dress 35828723/35828823

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

gekko T-shirt 42000058/42000158/42000258 sam checked shorts 36814129


abOve: kapila check Dress 35852712/35852812 Adela print Dress 45061012/45061412 right: Flamingo embellished T-shirt 32853403/32853503 Billie embroidered shorts 36823202/36823302 Heart Flower embroidered T-shirt 32829228/32829328 Flamingo embroidered skirt 31805255/31805355

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good day SunShine head into the sun in an easy breezy outfit, made up of airy basics stitched with extra special Monsoon twists – from delicate embroidery to cheery flamingo prints.


naomi neon stripe T-shirt 32852112/32852212 Flamingo print shorts 36819102/36819202 Flamingo print Dress 35838902/35839002

our towelling dress makes the perfect beach cover-up.

print dreSS from ÂŁ 2 5

tOp LeFt: elsie Floral Frill Bikini 32831229/32831329, Fern skirt 31805007/31805107, Delores printed Jumpsuit 36821312/36821412 bOttOM LeFt: Baby Fish and chips T-shirt 32821828/32821928, calvin paisley swimshorts 36807429/36807529/36807829 right: Daisy paisley swimsuit 32846629/32846729, charlotte Butterfly Towelling Dress 35828912/35829012, celine Broderie Bikini 35827912/35828012, patsie paisley printed skirt 31801529/31801629


elsie Floral Frill Bikini 32831229/32831329, Fern skirt 31805007/31805107, great explorer T-shirt 32827202, Buster swimshorts 36810806/36810906/36811006, lorin embroidered cami 32853628/32853728, Delores printed Jumpsuit 36821312/36821412

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Fun in the Sun

Get beach-ready in our prettily printed jumpsuit, broderie sundresses and swim shorts to really make a splash in. right: Baby Didi paisley print Jumpsuit 36808929/36809129 beLOW: Hibiscus print swimshorts 36807114/36807214/36807314

OppOsite page: poppy Tiered maxi Dress 35843728/35843828 poppy kimono Top 32851728/32851828 Billie embroidered shorts 36823202/36823302

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Baby Billie multi ruffle swimsuit 35818912/35819012


WiSh you Were here

piece together the perfect holiday wardrobe, from swimwear to daywear plus all the very best accessories.

abOve: surf Applique shirt 32827429/32827529/ 32827629 clint combat shorts 36815114/36815214 right: straw Daisy Hat 39833418 Woodblock ellie Bag 39868718 Heritage Butterfly print Flip Flops 39814929, Butterfly seagrass Flip Flops 39815128, neon Daisy Flip Flops 39816812, Fimo Flower necklace and Bracelet set 39833829, Fimo Flower Bead necklace and click clack set 39874529, Butterfly gem multistrand necklace and Bracelet set 39832712

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

Flamingo stripe Bucket satchel 398714

multi corsage Flower sandals 398366

multi Flower Bando 398542

Baby sherbet Ditsy playsuit with Headband 36819512/36819602

Baby stripe Braid Hat 398730

ethnic Beaded sandal 398156

ethnic garden seagrass Flip Flops 398152

graduated spot sunglasses 398216

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

patch print Floppy Hat 398727

louaw cowboy Hat 398731 louaw garland necklace* 398777 neon Daisy Flip Flops 398168



tOp right: Baby Florence Top and legging set 32853812/32853912 mavis spotty cami set 32856704/32856804 abOve: Baby metallic Twist sandal 39812432 Baby Flower Walker sandal 39820128 leather Brogue Flower sandal 39812128 right: Baby Butterfly embroidered Dress* 35847726/35847826 Tavai embroidered Blouse 32857128/32857228 Aneka coloured Jean 36809610/36809710

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


Dasia Hanky Hem Dress 35848112/35848212 paisley Deco set 32858312/32858412

pink elephant paisley shirt* 32828012/32828112/32828212 nicholas linen shorts 36810025/36810125/36811625 Blue elephant print shirt 32822702/32822802/32823102 clayton shorts 36816725 Foil print elizabeth Dress 35842328/35842428 sequin Bubble Hem Dress 35841528/35841628

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


born Free charity Monsoon are proud to work with the Born Free Foundation supporting their efforts to protect animals in the wild. We’ve even adopted our own baby elephant – called Monsoon! – in order to safeguard its upbringing in sunny Sri lanka. to mark the collaboration, we’ve designed a special mini capsule line of lovely summer dresses, shirts and accessories with a cute elephant motif.

get creative! colouring pens and pencils at the ready! We’re challenging you to create your own elephant picture using the outline below. Use your favourite art materials or even try a collage - have fun!


Why not try using some of these to help your elephant really stand out... * Magazine cuttings * glitter glue * crayons * Stickers * Fabric scraps

it’S party tiMe! Monsoon’s party pieces are crafted in fairytale fabrics and thoughtful flourishes for the season’s most special outings.

Baby sundae stripe Dress 35843510/35843610

Valentina corsage Dress 35835110/35835210


- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

lemonade Make your own fresh ing redients: 5 large lemons ar 120g granulated sug ter wa of ts 2 pin ice

yellow zesty bits Carefully remove the ng a potato peeler. from the lemons usi an with the water cep sau a add them to ng to the boil and and sugar. gently bri has dissolved ar sug stir until all the ut five minutes. – this should take abo l while you coo to re xtu Leave the mi d the lemon juice juice the lemons. ad give it a good stir. d an an to the saucep a jug to chill. carefully strain into h glass before eac to e add an ice cub serving. Enjoy!

abOve: nicholas linen Jacket* 37811725 nicholas linen Trouser 36805925/36806025/36806125 Adrian shirt 32820502/32820602/32820702 Hydrangea print Dress 35845302/35845402

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

oksaka Jacket* 45012805/45012905 odette Dress 45045005/45045105


pretty pieceS introducing the summer’s dreamiest dresses, prettily pleated in breezy whites and baby pastels.


abOve: ofresia Dress* 45005423/45005523 right: Baby lilly Dress 45046011/45046111 OppOsite page: ofresia Dress* 45005423/45005523 oksaka Jacket* 45012826/45012926 Feather Beaded Dress 45000426/45000526

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


abOve: odette Dress 45045005/45045105 lilly Dress 45020311/45020411 grey Herringbone Waistcoat and shirt set* 37813120/37813220/37813320 grey Herringbone shorts* 36818820/36818920/36819020 LeFt: nicholas linen Waistcoat 37811425/37811525/37811625 Adrian shirt 32820502/32820602/32820702 nicholas linen shorts 36810025/36810125/36811625 OppOsite page: Baby gabriella lace Dress 35807726/35807826

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


Perfect for twirling, our gorgeously ruffled chiffon dress comes in a choice of two colours.

tOp: Bright pink ethel Dress 35839365/35839465 pale pink ethel Dress 35839311/35839411 abOve: Baby rowena Dress 35838526/35838626 right: scarlette Dress* 45045410/45045510

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

rose cotton cardigan 33808738/33808838 matilda maxi Dress* 35852512/35852612 scarlette Dress* 45045410/45045510


Alfunso rugby Top 32810128/32810228/32810328 Timmy Ticking stripe shorts 36817902/36818002/36818102 Boy striped Hooded T-shirt 32821125/32821225/32821325 cameron Denim shorts 36821702/36821802/36821902


boyS Will be boyS

taking the best of british preppy detailing and combining it with a little boy-friendly design know-how, we’ve created comfortable classics in our Monsoon home-grown style.

abOve: Bobby 2 pack T-Shirts 32821429/32821729 Baby Dom Dungaree 36809206/36809306 right: Brett cardigan 33808006/33808106/33808206 Barry shirt 32816614 Alistair Twill Jean 36802806/36802906/36803006 Baby guard And Horse Jumper 33807406/33807506 Baby Alex Jean 36803102/36803202

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

Baby Boys Flexible sunglasses* 398241 Boys metal Aviator 398219 Boys Fun sunglasses* 398243 Boys sporty matt plastic sunglasses 398248 Boys pattern Trilby 398331


get packing!

Suitcases at the ready! We’ve got everything he needs for super-stylish summer holidays.

Boys Hawaiian print Fisherman’s 398646

Boys Boat shoe* 398146 kio Tonal shirt 32829102/32829002 nicholas linen shorts 36810006/36810106

Baby Boys Dinosaur print sunglasses* 398239

Boys sandal* 398202

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


picnic perFect the difference is in the detail with these pretty pieces. Applique, embroidery and vintageinspired floral prints make them extra special.

OppOsite page: Bow Applique T-shirt 32829407/32829507 Bridget embroidered skirt 31802458/31802558 tOp: Baby Bridget Dress 35837728/35837828 right: Belle Butterfly Jersey set 35814107/35814207 genevieve Denim Jacket 37802202/37802302 Agneta pull on skirt 31801175/31801275

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -

garden party Our nostalgic full-skirted frocks and dapper tailoring make perfect party outfits.

right: marvin shirt, Waistcoat and Tie set 37803806/37803906/37804006, marvin Trouser 37803506/37803606/37803706 marvin Jacket* 37803406, Formal White shirt* 32827728/32827828/32827928, marvin Trouser as above

- m o n s o o n .c o . u k -


OppOsite page: bottom Left: ribbon stripe Dress 35817912/35818012 bottom right: paisley Butterfly Dress 35832438/35832538 this page: Vanilla rose Dress 5846712/35846812 Britta stripe Dress 35839106/35839206

Bernice Floral surf suit 35828102/35828202 Bibi stripe and Floral swimsuit 35827102/35827202


monsoon children has been lovingly designed for the following: Monsoon Baby Girl 0-3 years Monsoon Girl 3-13 years Monsoon Baby Boy 3 months-3 years Monsoon Boy 3–8 years** **Selected boys suits available from 3-10 years in store and up to 12 years online.

*Products available in selected stores, other than stylist’s own. To buy online in selected countries or view items visit MONSOON.CO.UK and just enter the name or 8 digit item number in the search field. Visit Delivery information to see if delivery is available in your country and for the UK and international store locators. This brochure is fully recyclable, biodegradable and uses paper from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. General enquiries: +44 (0)20 3372 3000. All brochure information is correct and accurate at time of print January 2013. Neither the whole or any part of the images in this brochure may be reproduced in any form without express prior permission. All enquiries of this nature to be made in writing to: Press Office at Monsoon Accessorize, 1 Nicholas Road, London, W11 4AN, United Kingdom. © MONSOON.CO.UK Monsoon accessorize trust Founded 1994 helping improve the lives of women and children in asia.


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monsoon DesigneD in lonDon

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