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here is every thing as 22 stars :-)

Hi hwo r u i am ok 26.04.2012, 18:49:02 I slepig tomaro 26.04.2012, 22:41:09

Cao merlin kako si? Nadam se da ti dobar. Also verey thing, body fine. xxx and otherguys will released towmarow. Khtda aap ko sehat o tandrust de amin!!! Be balessed. khuda hafiz 12.02.2012, 15:32:22 You no anders tin all pepel go. 25.04.2012, 17:23:55

if posibal. You cal my brother in speake deutsch for us.you says sobotica in very big snow raining and prayer for me. my brother no. 0049xxxxxxxxxx 11.02.2012, 20:07:55 i am ok one avar raneng bat i win 27.04.2012, 21.17:11 one man big problem teeth. 10.02.2012, 11:49:41

6 pepal here vid me 19.12.2011, 23.13:58

Inshah allah also if god save to police :-) ha haa 01.02.2012, 22:51:38

I am were cik. 25.04.2012, 17:08:32

family prignent women go hungry. 03.01.2012, 11:58:03

Hi 30.08.2012, 17:37:06 Hello merlin I am xxx evry thang is ok in jangal and today we r wait for u but i read your massag so thats ok. I hope u r fin. We r xxx and xxx thanks. 16.04.2012, 20:26:33 Sore i distarf you i heve 4 fukchr wire bi youteful 25.04.2012, 18:12:43

inshah alllah i will arenge papers. 07.10.2012, 20:07:23

Also have latest news red cross arrange for us in palic area but people are suspecting about police may be diport plan are understan me 08.02.2012, 13:22:26

Where com adar pepal i go adar said jungle to 5 minat 01.05.2012, 11:07:04

hello marlin, one men snake bite. big problem. you go doctor. 23.03.2012, 11:01:27 Hi a am have very much anargi 26.04.2012, 22:47:11

My friend come macedonia 2 days bring money. Inshah allah me go after. 22.07.2012, 16:55:21

jungle big problem. police kam. 15.03.2012, 10:13:27

today i working all time. i cut tree for fair. 22.01.2012, 20:03:29

I am cal xxx camp. xxx says food finish. 04.02.2012, 17:54:40

Agen palice kam 27.04.2012, 21.39:08

Hi salam i am write the message you, but i cant write very well, if you are you boring, i am alone in junge, my all frient already to go austria, and i am filling alone, whan i send you the message if you dont like so i will never send you message, you are my good friend please dont think i am wrong person, i am message you as good friend. 25.04.2012, 22.05:27

Salam merlin !! Wie geht es dir? Nadan se da Dobar dosli neacka. :-) Mir geht´s gut . Be blessed . Khuda hafiz.. 03.04.2012, 12:04:38 one men no shoes 28.12.2011, 10:06:21

Nw V r in plc station in front of judge nd i think nd hv a hope that there is no deport after 30 minute i vl tel u wht vl b happen nd just pray 07.02.2012, 14:49:47

Salam merlin!! How are you? I hope your day going on fine and aimful. 17.04.2012, 14:43:22 Inshah allah i go tonigt. 10.01.2012, 17:04:42

Merry chrismas! Happiness and blessing for you and famly. 07.01.2012, 16:03:27

My dear friend have a nice day, my family not agree with me i am go pakistan, i am stil here, and hows your life, i want to say something with you, everybody think you are working under serbia police, every body fear about police, i think you understand what i am saying to you, thats the way i dont want to meet you, My friend say if you meet barli we will leave you. 13.04.2012, 12:56:44

here is every thing as 22 stars :-) 10.02.2012, 16:37:38

Hi how are you xxx me speq m. Kip police 02.05.2012, 09:55:21

In this world nobody can understand other person filling, they are mind there own business. 25.05.2012, 22.03:34

i wait 4 haors in border. no game. i come back jangl. 03.01.2012, 14:28:43

hello mirlan. how are you? 02.02.2012, 17:01:54

family go austria yesterday. 21.09.2012, 14:07:44

life is so difficult because nobody can understand my filling, i am feel alone, you are leaving by near your family so you can´t feel alone, but my family so far, because ist very deficult to go there to meet my parents, i come here in europe to such my dreams, but you can see our life in jungle, how we are leaving here, i ask you one question, BIRDS, RIVERS, AIR, nobody can stop them to cross the border, but for us so many problem. 25.05.2012, 22.05:52

My dear friend hows your life, my friend 2 days gone but you haven´t send me any message 22.04.2012, 22.35:41

Yes thay came home, that old man home you were visited and arrested 25 eople, plz pray for us. Be baless khuda hafiz!!! 07.02.2012, 10:00:06

hello. how ar you? when you come back grmany? parents fine. 10.03.2012, 21:07:59

Dobro vece. Kako si? Nadam se da ti dobar :-) today was very buzy day b caz 2 tele chenels came they brought for food and gave them interview. 08.02.2012, 18:30:27

I think u forget your friend..... No message, no reply... R U ALRIGHT.... YOUR WELL WISHER... 12.02.2012, 18:13:07

jungle very cold. no blankts. 10.11.2011, 17:07:34

i wait money transfr. inshallah two days go austria. 02.06.2012, 17:02:37 jungle police kam 27.04.2012, 20.40:31

Ya i am find but jungle all pepals kip police 02.05.2012, 23.08:44

Dobro jutro :-) how are? Thanks for info, and also spoke with people of jungle and macedonia they suspect on you. And the said me i giving you info about, you also after they gettin prublem. Next your time in jugle will tuff :-) you are like spy ha haha ha. Take caire. Be blessed. 05.04.2012, 10:19:18

tonight my game. 28.11:2012, 17:08:09

me no go austria. other peple go. i wait tomarow. 21.07.2012, 13:47:48

I no slep dis mait no slep 26.04.2012, 22:38:10 Ok sore sore sore i to tle hipsit sore marlin ok good nait 29.04.2012, 23:01:35

Salam merlin :-) wie geht se dir? Mujhe ummid hai aaj ka din hub guzra hamaisha ki tarha. I got your empty mesage. Sorry for not replyed earlier, i slept all day And didnt used mobile today. Sam dobar i super. Be blessed. Khuda hafiz. Sub bakhair. 09.04.2012, 23:10:17

No no you no kam tomaro aftr tomaro you kam 25.04.2012, 18:18:23

Hallo. How ar you? I send sms I have this problm. Some bodye catnip xxx now want 2000 euro but xxx fimly no give manye mabe this bodye kill xxx but xxx. fimlly send 1600 euro 03.06.2012, 23:13:42

I am fain and you no kam jugle go jarmane ok here prablam 22.04.2012, 14:10:27

Plz mirlan do smthing we r in house where xxx came last night there is police nw fr debort 07.02.2012, 09:29:33

here is every thing as 22 stars :-)

Merlin Nadj-Torma

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»Here is every thing as 22 stars :-)«  

Merlin Nadj-Torma

»Here is every thing as 22 stars :-)«  

Merlin Nadj-Torma

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