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ALL FOR A SAFER WORKPLACE. SINCE 1934. We work in cross-functional teams in collaboration with our customers, to find solutions that help us both improve the way we work. Customers often face different challenges, but our complete solutions always focus primarily on personal safety. Our protective clothing is widely used in electricity and power, smelting, mining, welding, railways and petrochemicals. How can we help you? Thanks to years of experience in developing protective clothing, we can assist you with a risk assessment at your workplace, offer suggestions for complete protection systems or develop special solutions to meet your particular needs.


With this magazine we offer you a sneak peek into the trends and safety products of the near future. Join Tranemo on the journey to being the leading European supplier of inherent Flame Retardant workwear. We hope that we soon can leave the pandemic behind us and that we are moving into a new dynamic era where we can serve our customers and partners in an even better, safer and most likely, a more digitized way. So, take a moment to be inspired by the world of Tranemo.

Christian Kreisel, Group Director Sales & Marketing, Tranemo

Sustainability has played a central role in all that we do for a long time. From Tranemo you can expect more recycled fibres, recycling of our textiles, and most importantly a superior lifetime of our garments. Innovations like our PFAS free FR clothing move the boundaries of sustainable protection.


Cantex WS has already taken the leap into the future. Protection at a high level, with such a light and stretchy fabric, twice as strong and PFAS free! A joy for everyone working with molten metals or with metal works such as welding, cutting, and grinding. Break through innovation at its best.

2022 is filled with exciting developments of products and services. Staying true to who we are, Tranemo will treat our wearers to safer and more sustainable solutions against work related risks. Stretch, shell, light weight, merino wool, full ladies range are market trends driving our product developments for 2022. All that you expect of the clothing you wear in your personal life is now also expected of clothing at work. Employers who truly care for their colleagues provide them with PPE from head to toe and from the skin and out. This holistic approach to safety at work gives us the incentive to develop protective systems rather than individual products. Great examples of that are the SWITCH range, protecting against high incident energy levels and Skinsafe™, our layer on layer protective system, already more extensive than any other we know of and now also adopted to the new ELIM standards for protection against electric arcs.

As well as taking proactive steps to maximise the life of our products, we strive to prevent and reduce environmental impact through other climate measures set out in our environmental strategy. Our environmental efforts include various projects that aim to reduce energy use and environmental impact during transport and to improve production processes, so that we use less chemicals and natural resources.

FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY DEVELOPING ADVANCED WORKWEAR Since being founded in 1934, Tranemo has been managed with a clear focus on sustainability and creating protective clothing that is designed to last. Our environmental efforts are an important part of our daily work, in which we set high standards for durability, safety and quality. We develop our protective clothing to protect our users, who often work in harsh environments where workwear has to be durable and hardwearing. This naturally means that long-lasting products and materials are an essential part of our business.


CANTEX WELD STRETCH A PIONEERING COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION Cantex Weld Stretch is the world’s first inherent Flame Retardant range that provides chemical protection according to EN 13034 that is completely PFAS free. The range offers the highest level of protection against splashes of molten metal and exceeds the requirements for heavy welding laid down in EN ISO 11611 class 2. This third generation Cantex has considerably improved strength values, with as much as +200% wear resistance and up to 100% tear resistance. Garment features; - Stretch material in the back - Extra protection in the front - Lightweight fabric - Optimised high-visibility performance - Specially designed male and female collections

LONGER LIFE, REDUCED COSTS “With the launch of Cantex WS we are taking our sustainability efforts to the next level. It feels inspiring to come up with innovative solutions that have less impact on the environment without compromising on the level of protection. Cantex WS takes us closer to our goal of gradually phasing out fluorocarbons from our products,” says Nieke Sarink, Sustainability Manager at Tranemo. View the Cantex WS video

FOR THE LADIES! EMPOWERING WOMEN Today’s ever changing workplace shows that more women are working in former male dominated environments. In addition, many large companies are striving harder for a more equal workplace. In recent years, Tranemo has made a major investment in the development of protective clothing for women, with a focus on their needs and working conditions. The result of this investment is the market’s widest and most sophisticated Flame Retardant women’s range with high functionality and protection for every risk situation.


MEET WELDER SANNA ORAVA Sanna Orava works as a welder at Compia in Storuman, Sweden and is one of the first to try out the latest innovation from Tranemo - Cantex Weld Stretch. Of the twelve welders at the company, only two are women, Sanna and another colleague of hers. - Women may not dare to enter the welding industry because it is a predominantly male industry. But there will hopefully be an increase, where there are more girls applying for roles within the welding profession, says Sanna. Sanna’s preferred characteristics on safety garments: ”Most important is that the protective garments protects well against welding sparks and tie spray. They must be flame retardant, durable, comfortable and stylish, with a good fit.”

WITH WOMEN’S NEEDS IN MIND Everyone has the right to have comfortable, well-fitted protective clothing as well as the best level of protection available. In this way you will always stay protected in case of an accident. The biggest demand from women who are required to wear protective workwear in the workplace is an appropriate fit. By meeting this demand we can ensure that our female users are supplied with the correct level of protection.

DID YOU KNOW? ”We can make maternity trousers for all our collections, and already have a large selection that is certified and ready to use. We are also launching maternity briefs and have several different bra options to improve the comfort of women in daily work during and after pregnancy.”

Louise Svensson, Technical Development Manager Tranemo

SWITCH IT UP! EXTREMELY HIGH PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTRIC ARC SWITCH increases safety for those who work in electrical systems with high energy levels. With EN 61482-2 APC 2, ELIM 40 cal/cm² and EBT 44 cal/cm², SWITCH achieves the highest protection category against Electric Arc accidents (PPE 4 NFPA 70E).

DID YOU KNOW? Most arc accidents occur due to material defects or handling errors. Switch lets you protect yourself against unforeseen accidents. The Switch collection consists of soft and flexible, wind and water-repellent softshell garments.

TRANEMO SKINSAFE™ THE MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION SYSTEM Tranemo Skinsafe™ is the name of our multi-layer system designed to protect against heat and electric arc. Starting at skin level, Tranemo takes a human-centric approach to design, putting the individual at the focus of protection. The use of multiple thin layers instead of one thick layer, offers the wearer Flame Retardant protective clothing that is lightweight and gives a better freedom of movement. The protection of the system is often higher than the sum of the individual layers.

ELECTRIC ARC AND ELIM We are confident that we provide the best possible layer-on-layer protection as our combinations are tested according to the new and more challenging European standard EN 61482-2 including the Arc Rating value - ELIM*. We perform tests on both fabric and garment level and in 2022 we have more layer combinations than anyone else on the market. The ELIM value lets you know at what energy level you have a theoretical 0% risk of a second degree burn, compared to the older ATPV** value which indicates at what energy level you have a 50% risk of a second degree burn. *ELIM = Incident Energy Limit **ATPV = Arc Thermal Performance Value

DID YOU KNOW? We have Skinsafe™ systems against radiant heat. Perfect for smelters and foundries.

Find all our Skinsafe™ systems here

STEPPING UP TO THE NEXT LEVEL We see great potential in the newly developed technology, which eliminates the need for treatment with fluorocarbons without affecting the overall level of protection of garments.



















Our advanced product techniques contribute to positive environmental effects. The launch of Cantex Weld Stretch which is completely PFAS free, takes us closer to our goal of gradually phasing out fluorocarbons from our products.



We use innovation to identify sustainable materials with unique properties. By using recycled cotton in our garments, we reduce the amount of new cotton that has to be grown. In addition, most of the fabrics and accessories that we use are certified to class 2 of the Oeko-Tex® standard 100.



Our goal is to ensure that users get the most environmentally friendly products that also provide the right level of protection. Therefore, we develop garments that are designed to have the longest possible life, through smart design and technologies.

We have now joined the Swedish non-profit organization ChemSec PFAS movement ’No to PFAS’ to influence the way chemicals legislations are implemented in practice.





Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been used in the textile industry for a long time to protect textiles from moisture, grease and dirt. However, these substances break down extremely slowly and therefore have negative effects on the environment and health.





CARE & REPAIR We construct garments that are easy to repair. By doing so, the customer gets a garment with a longer life, reducing the TCO and a minimising the environmental footprint. Since 1934, we have created our protective clothing to be as durable as possible. But over time, garments can be affected by high levels of work intensity - for instance a zipper may break or a button may come loose. We offer a repair service including our knowledge of how to repair Tranemo garments with our Repair Kit.

SAFE MOVEMENT THE TREND THAT IS HERE TO STAY ”Very comfortable. Easy to move around in” says Emil Viberg at Infranord, who is one of the first users to try our next level of Zenith trousers. As we see a growing demand for comfortable garments, we make sure to incorporate this into our new developments. Our customer’s needs are always in focus, and we are proud to work in close collaboration with our fabric suppliers, to bring forth the best new material innovations. When it comes to incorporating stretch material, the biggest challenge is to maintain the high level of Flame Retardant qualities of the garment. The stretch fibres must be able to keep washability in industrial laundry at 60 degrees while at the same time ensure the Flame Retardant properties stay intact and this requires working with high quality materials. With Zenith stretch trousers, one of our 2022 news, we managed a great combination of comfort and protection for workers in high risk areas where visibility is key. While reaching ELIM 8,0 and ATPV 8,6 cal/cm2, with a weight at only 260g, the stretch panels also give the user total flexibility.

Explore Zenith here

View the Stretch video

WANT TO KNOW MORE? We’ve got you covered. Join our Safety Academy to take the next step in Flame Retardant workwear safety. We have years of experience working together with customers to develop new materials and product ranges in order to suit every challenge. Now it’s time to share what we’ve learned. Tranemo Safety Academy provides tailored training courses and the best advice on how to protect yourself against various risks at work. Our inhouse experts share relevant standards and test methods and explain the terminology, to make it easier for you to choose the right protective equipment for your team. Contact us for more information!

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