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Women In Lighting Awards The winners of the second Women in Lighting Awards have been revealed. For this year’s awards, WIL looked to honour women in lighting outside the sphere of lighting design.

Launched in 2021, the first edition of the Women in Lighting (WIL) Awards looked to honour the achievements of women during the first year of the pandemic. For 2022, WIL decided to point the WIL Awards in a different direction, in order to honour some women in lighting outside the sphere of lighting design. “We wanted to seek out and celebrate outstanding women in the following categories: Light Art, Research and Education; and Engineering. The project has always looked to include women working in these fields, and this year, they are the central focus of the WIL Awards. We encouraged nominations of women working in these lighting fields in order to share their inspiring work with the WIL global

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community,” said WIL organisers. The awards closed with 131 nominators submitting, and 114 nominees in total. Nominations came from 28 countries around the world, from countries as diverse as Finland and Argentina, Costa Rica and Sudan. The judging panel for this year’s awards was comprised of WIL media partners, who helped us to decide on some deserving women that we could honour in more detail: Sarah Cullen – [d]arc media (UK); Patrick McCuminskey – Warm White (Germany); Randy Reid – Designing Lighting (USA); Esther Torello – Lightecture (Spain); Mervi Rokka – Ljuskultur (Sweden); Thiago Gaya – L+D Magazine (Brazil); Valery Gorelova – Wavelength (Russia); and Vertica Dvivedi – Surfaces Reporter (India). “The judging panel completed the near impossible task of considering who to honour with a Women In Lighting Award – near impossible because the achievements and contributions to the world of lighting from the nominees are hard to measure against each other,” WIL continued. “However, we are pleased to announce the judges choice for the Women In Lighting Awards 2022.”