Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine July 2021

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The Field of Wishes by Chantal Bellehumeur "I'll share a secret if you promise not to tell," whispered the timid little girl named Annabelle. The puppy looked at his owner quizzically, then wagging his tail, he pawed at her playfully. "If you cross the main street and walk through the green park..."

All the seeds will travel to a faraway land,

Annabelle was interrupted by a loud bark.

If you are lucky the pixie will grant your wish,

"Quiet now Buddy boy, I am trying to talk.

by giving the traveling seed a magical kiss.”

and a pixie might catch one with her tiny hand.

I'll get your leash; can you please listen while we walk?" When they reached the green park, the girl pointed and said:

The girl sat down by her puppy, who licked her face. She returned the affection with a big embrace.

"We'll go over the hill and past the flower bed."

“You probably think I am being quite silly,

but I swear that's how I was gifted you Buddy.

The girl took the time to smell the lovely flowers,

Mom and dad said no when I requested a dog,

then brought her best friend to a large field of clovers.

up until I made my wish sitting on that log.

They ran through the field and into a small forest,

I discovered the field of wishes in a dream,

stopping beside a stream for a short while to rest.

then followed the instructions and we're now a team."

"Do you see all the dandelions over there? They're special, but not many people are aware." Annabelle made double sure no one was around, and spoke in her dog's ear, barely making a sound. "Venture in the large field during the month of May, when the wind blows from the South and the clouds are grey. Find the white flowers people usually see as weeds, close your eyes and make a wish, then blow on the seeds.

Chantal Bellehumeur is a Canadian author born in 1981. She has 18 published books of various genres as well as numerous short stories, memoirs, poems and articles featured in compilation books, eMagazines, plus a local newspaper. For a complete list of publications, including free reads, visit the following website: - 46 -