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Stage Fear — Nothing, but a State of My Mind! Submitted by Poppy Flynn Written by Maya Sara Karthik (10 Years Old)

Butterflies in my stomach! No, rats running around! Shivers through my body and my legs shaking! Drops of sweat on my forehead! These are the symptoms of my stage fear.

But, at the end of the day, the embarrassment is short-lived and the uncomfortable feeling never lasts long.

I've been performing on stage since I was two years old, be it singing, dancing, ballet recitals, skits, etc. But I always had stage fear, and I think I will always have stage fear. I tend to perform very well in front of people with who I am familiar. But I get scared when I am in front of a large gathering of people who I am not familiar with. And, also when I'm performing something that isn't my strong point.

So why was I even afraid? Here are five ways I use to overcome my stage fear:

So, I've asked myself so many times why do I get this stage fright? I am convinced that it is because of 2 reasons:

1. First, I make a connection with the audience. Smile at people and look at them as friends who are helping me and not as enemies.

Performance Anxiety - I feel I might not do well

2. I start the performance with a smile and enjoy it throughout (that will help me forget my stage fear).

Judgment Anxiety - I fear people will judge me

3. I remember what my mom always tells me - train my subconscious mind. Stop scaring myself with negative thoughts. Instead, focus on my strengths. (It is easier said than done)

When the anxiety gets the better of me, that's when I forget my lines or dance steps. I choke!

4. Practice! Practice! Practice! - Prepare very well. - 12 -

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