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Note From The Editor As a mom, it is sometimes difficult to find a bit of time for yourself. After all, you have to take care of your hubby, your kids, your job, your house, and the costume that your five-year-old will wear for the school play. Yes, we know that you have an insanely jampacked schedule. But here’s a thought: Why not let hubby take care of the kids for a day? Why not let the dirty dishes remain unwashed for an afternoon? Why not take a day’s leave from the office? And why not just buy the forest fairy costume instead of making it? Why not?!

Thank you and congratulations, Krisell, for being our chosen letter sender! You win a gift from Cycles! Urban Mom packs a lot of information in such a small package. I love your breastfeeding issue because I learned so much from it! I also like the breastfeeding tips and stories shared by my fellow moms. Looking forward to more jam-packed issues! —Krisell Ragaza WRITE US! WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! The chosen letter sender will receive a product from Kiddie tunes personalized CD

The earth will not come to a standstill if you let go of some of your responsibilities—even for a just a day. Everybody and everything’s going to be fine. And as you walk out of that salon with nerves relaxed or out of that boutique with bags of things you love or out of that coffee house with stories to warm your spirits, you’ll find yourself happily trotting to the house that you have strived to make a home all these years. Take some time off, mom! You deserve it! “Actual prize may vary from photo”


Jing Lejano


Publisher’s Memo My birthday’s coming up in a few months and I’ve been exploring several options for a short “getaway” for myself. I’m blessed that my husband is supportive and just says “Go!” whenever I share ideas for my planned escapade. Right now, I’ve narrowed my choices to either a week-long trip abroad with my sister, a three-day pampering/ detox vacation, or an overnight stay in a dream resort destination. Whatever I decide on, I know I’ll end up refreshed and re-energized to give more of myself to my family and to life! Then again, who says I need to wait till my birthday? I’m going for a massage right now...

Janice Villanueva

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f you had told a younger Danica Sotto that she would be happily married and pregnant with her second child at 28, she wouldn’t have believed you. Danica’s friends would tell you that she’s not exactly the type who’d settle down. Danica herself would tell you that she doesn’t exactly know how a typical family should be, having been raised by a single mother, actress Dina Bonnevie. And so, it is with much pleasure and delight that Danica has found herself in the throes of marital bliss with her husband Marc Pingris. Danica says, “I’m a bit surprised. I feel really blessed… I am experiencing how a family should be… This wasn’t my peg, but things fell into place. I’m happy!”

Of boys and girls

We catch Danica only a few weeks before her delivery date. And she is excited, to say the least. Apart from the fact that her second pregnancy went oh-so smoothly compared to the first one, Danica also tells us that she is expecting a girl.


“I am a little nervous because it’s a girl. I’m not really girlie,” she says. While she was perfectly comfortable with the wonderful world of boys with its dinosaurs and roughhouse play, she’s sort of at a lost when it comes to girls.

Still, we have no doubt that Danica would navigate the girl world swimmingly. After all, she’s done such a fine job with her firstborn, Jean-Michele or Mic as he is fondly called. At three, Mic is an active toddler with a curiosity for everything. He is sporty (which Danica says he got from his dad, who’s one of the star players of the Philippine Basketball Association) with a strong personality (“That’s from me,” Danica says). Danica adds, “It takes time for him to warm up to people, but when he does, super talkative!” “When he wants something, he wants it immediately,” says Danica, but she always tells the precocious toddler that he would have to wait. Like most toddlers as well, he is constantly testing his limits, but Danica is a cool mom. She knows that he just wants to see how far he can get away with things. Amidst all the baby preparations, Danica makes sure that Mic is never left out of the picture. Every night, she reads him the book, “I’m a Big Brother Now,” which is filled with all sorts of pictures telling the boy how special he is to be a big brother. “I tell him, ‘You have to help mommy. You’re going to be a big brother.’ I also let him feel the baby move,” says Danica. Mic has understood perfectly. Indeed, he has already refused to be carried by

mommy for fear that he might harm the baby. A very hands-on mom, Danica has consciously slowed down when it comes to her showbiz commitments. Early on, Danica realized that the long hours of tapings would not do her parenting duties any good. She didn’t want to not want to wake up when her son needed her because she was too tired or she lacked sleep. With another baby coming, Danica wants to focus her career on mommy-oriented jobs like a cooking show in the future, perhaps? In the meantime, she is intent on feeding her toddler’s inquisitive mind while taking care of her new baby. In the same way that she did for Mic, Danica intends to breastfeed her new baby girl as well. “I breastfed Mic for one year and two months. It was hard at first, but then it turned out OK. I plan to do the same for my second child,” says Danica.

Me and Hubby

While Danica is a thoroughly handson mom, she is smart enough to know that she has to take care of herself first, so that she can better take care of her family. She has a workout schedule that she keeps sacred. She says, “I consciously made an effort to keep fit.” She goes to the gym and does boxing workouts.


!’"#$#%&'#()*+*&(,-.# !#/,,0#*,$001#%0,((,-…# !#$"#,2+,*&,34&35#678# 678#$#/$"&01#(67)0-# %,…#96&(#8$(3’'#"1# +,5:#%)'#'6&35(#/,00#&3'7# +0$4,.#!’"#6$++1;

She is fortunate that her husband has always been supportive of whatever it is that she has set her heart and mind into, says Danica. And his support is even more apparent during the last few months. Because Danica experienced gestational diabetes during her first pregnancy, Marc has been very concerned about her

health this time around, watching what she eats like a hawk. He also makes sure that she’s not stretching herself when it comes to her schedule. “I was sluggish then, now I’m OK,” she explains. Marc’s unwavering love and support has only inspired Danica more. She says,

We’re opposites. I lead a comfortable life. He had to work for everything, he came from humble beginnings, so I learned to appreciate the things I have.

And truly, Danica has so much to be grateful for!

Not one for retail therapy, she goes to the spa instead for some serious pampering. Danica says, “I’m not really into shopping. I just find it tiring.”


Take a fitness class: Barre 3 Not into furiously rapid movements that give your body a shakedown? Then, Barre3 may just be for you. Combining moves from yoga and pilates, Barre3 is a 60-minute workout that will have you stretching like a ballerina, burning all those excess body fat, building your muscles, and relaxing your body and spirit. It’s a nice way to ease into the fitness lifestyle. For inquiries, call 403-5994 (The Fort), 836-3184 (Alabang), and 0918-8THESPA (Rockwell and Eastwood).

Learn something new: Mia Casal’s pottery workshops There’s something almost pri-

<0,$($3'#<)*()&'( How long has it been since you’ve last put some serious effort into doing something you love, whether it’s taking better care of your body or hanging out with a cup of coffee? Don’t take too long in indulging in such simple pleasures.

Here, we list down the best places where you can… Catch up on your reading: Ayala Triangle Gardens Behind the Philippine Stock

Exchange Building in Makati is a lovely spread of green covering about 20,000 square meters. This park, filled with all sorts of trees and plants and a smattering of sculptures, is one of the best settings to read a few chapters of your book of the month. Go, sit under one of the trees. And when you’ve had your share of literary adventure, you can grab a bite at any of the restaurants in the gardens. Oh, and there’s free WiFi. Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

Grab a cup of coffee: Starbucks Whether

you’re meeting up with an old friend or just waiting for your kids to get out of school, Starbucks is still the place to go to for a hot cup of delicious coffee. Its wide selection of hot and cold drinks meets the needs of any serious coffee drinker.

mordial in being able to make something beautiful out of one’s own hands. And that’s exactly what you’ll do at Mia Casal’s sessions at Clay Avenue. Learn the various techniques in making gorgeous pieces from cups and plates to vases. For more info, check out or e-mail

Have lunch with your girlfriend: Va Bene Pasta Deli Of course, Cibo, with its

delicious selection of Italian comfort food, will always have a special place in your heart. But if you and your best girl are hunkering for something new, then try Va Bene Pasta Deli. You’ll delight in their handmade pasta from papardelle and tagliolini to farfalle and fettuccine. There’s also gnocchi, pizza, and ice cream. Chef Massimo and his wife Carol are always on hand to make sure you have a delicious time. 2nd Level Petron Gasoline Station, EDSA cor. Arnaiz Avenue, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City; 556-9442

Breathe: Dona Esteban’s Yin Yoga Yes,

sometimes, you really have to make an effort to breathe, slow down, and take stock of your life. Yin Yoga will calm you down, relaxing every tissue of your body while making you leaner and stronger. Pose, breathe, reflect—try it! For inquiries, call 0917-847-4168

Get breakfast anytime of the day: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Who doesn’t love

breakfast? There’s something about eating eggs and sausages and coffee and muffins that give a jumpstart to any day. But what if you woke up too late? Or what if it’s three in the afternoon and all you can think of is hollandaise sauce? Lucky for you, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers breakfast anytime of the day. Get a load of their Eggs Ben, its version of Eggs Benedict, or Break O’ Day, its breakfast with everything on it!

NEST C,'#!3(+&*,-

@),0#A+#B7)*# ?+&*&'

Available at Fully Booked, P795


=#>6$35,#7/#?4,3,*1 By Ines Bautista Yao

Ever since I was a child, my room has in from the window right next to it gives always been my sanctuary. It was the place me refuge on a hot, sticky afternoon. At where I could cry in peace, write in my night, my husband and I like to sit in the diary and know that I’d be safe from prying living room and listen to music and talk eyes, talk to my best friend on the phone about our day while our daughter runs for hours, and be my most creative. But or dances around us. After school, my when I got married, I no longer had my daughter and I like to sit on the couch own room, or my own and read, do the activities in bed for that matter. It was ##G)'#"1#/$E7*&',# her Disney Junior magazine, a struggle at first: I couldn’t paint, or watch videos on '&",#'$H,(#+0$4,# my laptop. sleep very well, and I started looking for other 86,3#'6,#-$1#&(#I)('# places to work, write, But my favorite time and find some me time. %,5&33&35:#73#$#0$J1# takes place when the day is just beginning, on a lazy ?)3-$1#"7*3&35# Sunday When I had a child, however, morning when my my world suddenly shifted 86,3#"1#/$"&01#&(# family is still asleep. I creep back into my room. It was where down the stairs to my ('&00#$(0,,+. I nursed, played with, changed, and favorite spot on the couch, read to my daughter. I could spend the turn on my laptop, and start writing. entire day in my room with my little one All of a sudden, my world falls away and I and only step out when it was time to eat. enter another where anything I imagine is When we moved to a new place, I decided possible. When that happens, I know that that it couldn’t continue that way. My daughter I am recharged and ready to face another needed a change of scenery, and so did I. day of wiping noses and endless requests to read The Berenstain Bears “one more Now, I love spending time in my living last, Mama!” Because no matter how much room, specifically on my couch. I not I love being a mom, mothers all around the only love the smell and texture of the world will agree that once in a while, we upholstery, but the cool breeze that wafts need time and a place to simply be ourselves

Looking for a few nuggets of wisdom to get you through a challenging day? Well, then, turn to perhaps one of the most inspiring women of this generation: Oprah. One of O magazine’s latest works is Words That Matter, a collection of the most powerful ideas and quotations to appear in the magazine’s ten years. Some of the personalities who talk about self-empowerment, success, love, sex, friendship, and gratitude include poet Maya Angelou, author Alice Walker, and philosopher Eckhart Tolle. Curl up with this one on your soft, warm bed.


Mandarine Spa

Tower Wing, The Bellevue Hotel (632) 771-8181 local 8911 For residents of the South, the Mandarine Spa is a quiet space to rest and relax. Because its massages are infused with reflexology techniques, the little aches and pains that you might be feeling after a week of stressful living will be expertly kneaded away. If you want to give yourself a real treat, book a deluxe treatment room with its own tub and steam shower. Its signature Foot Reflex, which lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes, is a must-try at P850.

clients the royal treatment anytime, any day. Take your pick from its Duchess Basic Manicure and Prima Donna Nail Spa Manicure to the Royalty Hand Spa Treatment. Rates range from P150 up.


The Spa

Acropolis, Alabang, Trinoma, Greenbelt, Eastwood, Rockwell, and Bonifacio High Street Experience a bit of heaven Give your back the sexy treat that on earth with these spa it deserves. Of the many luxuritreatments from around ous treatments The Spa offers, the Red Wine Sparkler has got to be the metro. one of the most delicious. All too often, we forget to take care of our backs—after all, we can hardly see it nor touch it with ease. But the back is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body and deserves care and attention. This all-over-body Midtown Wing, Robinsons treatment starts with a bubbly Place Manila (632) 567-5747 Jacuzzi bath, followed by a cleansing and smoothening For a quick picker-upper in the middle of your busy body scrub of grape and apricot extracts, finished off day, drop by Ellabell’s nail salon at Robinsons with a lavender oil massage. The Red Wine Sparkler is Manila. This newly-opened salon hopes to give their priced at P2600 for members, P2300 for non-members.


Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell


@$4,#9&",# ?,4*,'( One of the secrets to having beautiful skin is taking good care of it before you go to sleep. Here, makeup artist Tatin Yang of Lancome shares a four-step routine that will keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful.

1. Remove your makeup: With a gentle makeup remover, take off all the powder, blush, and eye shadow from your face. Removing mascara can be tricky without the proper product, but don’t sleep without taking it all off—or risk leaving ugly smudges on your sheets. 2. Cleanse with cleanser: Lather away all the dirt and grime and oil from your face with a non-drying cleanser that suits your skin type. 3. Moisturize: It’s never too early to start slathering on some moisturizer. That’s because your skin loses its natural moisture as you grow older. 4. Apply eye cream: Avoid dark circles around your eyes as well as puffiness or fine lines by religiously applying eye cream, night and day!


?',$0&35# 9&",

We asked urban moms: “If you had four hours to yourself, how would you spend it?”

If I had four hours to myself, I would get a mani-pedi and take my time in the mall without thinking of errands.—Macy Mumar, mom of two

Four hours of beautification! Massage, body scrub, facial, nail spa! Woohoo!— Boots Carmona, mom of two

I’ve always love to swim and haven’t done so in a while, since I became a mom to my daughter, Amia. Therefore, if I’d be given four hours for myself, I would definitely take a dip in the pool and do a few laps, read a good book while baking under the sun, and cap it off with a relaxing full body massage—Tim Uy, mom of one

If I had four hours all to myself I would go to the salon with a good book and without my cell phone. I will have everything done (hair, massage, mani/ pedi, foot spa) while enjoying my book. If I still have time, I’d get some personal retail therapy!—Vicky Jalandoni, mom of five with sixth on the way

F,$-1# '7#K,$* Road trips call for

Gap Near Eau de Toilette,

a light fragrance with hints of Clementine, peach, and Brazilian green mandarin perfect for outdoors.

At home, opt for a timeless favorite like Burberry Classic. Its fruity notes of peach and green apple combined with jasmine and vanilla makes it such an easy comfort choice.

Date night? Spritz on the captivating Vanitas

Versace Eau de Parfum with floral

hints of freesia and tiare mixed in with cedar wood for some serious sexy time with the hubby.

Going off to a night at the theater or an art exhibit opening, perhaps? Glam it up with Prada

FAVEFINDS K6,'6,*#17)!*,# 57&35#'7#87*H#7*# (+,3-&35#$#-$1# 7)'#8&'6#17)*# /$"&01:#8,!E,#57'# '6,#+,*/,4'#(4,3'# '7#47"+0,',#17)*# 7)'/&'.

Beauty Prada Infusion de Rose. This predominantly Turkish rose scent infused with sweet honey will make you feel movie star gorgeous.

Taking your kids on a playdate? Clean First day at work? They’ll know that you mean business with Banana

Republic Wildbloom Eau de Parfum Natural Spray

with its notes of citrus, wood, and pink suede.

Cotton T-Shirt Eau de Parfum

is just the scent to wear. Its cotton flower, rosewood, and bergamot combination gives off a fresh vibe, just the kind of energy you need to chase after active kids.



Pregnant Pause Expectant moms and their partners flocked to Pregnant Pause, the first in a series of Urban Mom Talks, at The Stock Market in High Street. The moms enjoyed the afternoon with talks from Maricel Laxa Pangilinan on mom and yaya partnerships, Dr. Cecilia Nogoy on prenatal stimulation, Dr. Arvin Faundo and Lexi Schulze on cord blood processing, and Rome Kanapi on birthing tips and relaxation techniques. In photos (top): UM publisher Janice Villanueva with some of the lovely participants; the people behind Pregnant Pause—Oliver Sy of Quirks Marketing, childbirth educator Rome Kanapi, UM publisher Janice Villanueva, UM editor Jing Lejano, and Mommy Mundo’s Angela de Luna.

Passion to Inspire LEGO, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, recently launched the first-ever Philippine-themed exhibit entitled, “Ang Galing ng Pilipinas, Ang Galing ng Pilipino.” As part of the event, there was also a photo exhibit of inspiring personalities including Mommy Mundo’s very own, Janice Villanueva. In photo: Janice Villanueva, her husband Gary, and their daughter Reese. Families Celebrate Breastfeeding at the Mommy Milkshake Marathon Hundreds of families celebrated Breastfeeding Awareness Month at the Mommy Milkshake Marathon held at the Bonifacio Global City last August 14, 2011. Over 400 runners consisting of mommies, daddies, and their children participated in the 3K and 5K races. Mommy celebrities Christine Jacob and Shaan Hizon, who are fervent supporters of breastfeeding, joined the races with their respective families. Christine Jacob’s son Paolo won the Fastest Kid title in the 3K race. In photo: Shaan and Vince Hizon and their children. Doggie Love Pet lovers invaded Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) during “Doggie Love,” a series of free talks aimed at helping canine lovers take better care of their companions. Photos taken by Richie Zamora of www. Step up with Smart Steps Eveolution, the makers of high quality products, Cycles Mild Detergent and Cradle Bottle Cleaner, recently launched Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent, Baby Fabric Softener, and Baby Bottle Cleanser with hands-on mom, TV personality, and children’s book author Tin Tin Bersola-Babao as its spokesperson. In photos (left): Smart Steps spokesperson Tin Tin Bersola-Babao; (right) Tin Tin with Eveolution’s Emily and Dennis Balajadia.

OOPS! We forgot to give credit to My Mom Friday for the photographs we featured of the Brand Me talk in our last issue. Our apologies!


Urban Mom - October-November 2011  

Urban Mom is a lifestyle freezine for modern moms. This month's issue features celebrity mom Danica Sotto-Pingris.

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