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FEBRUARY 15, 2017 - V OLUME 32, I SSUE 7


Molokai Dispatch

Search Continues for Answers in Plane Crash




By Catherine Cluett Pactol | Editor


Crash pg. 2

At left, Molokai's Hauoli Caparida battles Lanai's Jake Ballesteros on the mat. Top right, Molokai's Caele Manley versus Lanai's Demytri Dameg, and bottom right Molokai's KelseyLee Bicoy-Juario and Lahainaluna's Taylor Pelegrino Hayase. Photos by The Maui News/Chris Sugidono

By Rick Schonely, Sports Reporter


even Molokai wrestlers qualified for the state competition after top finishes at last weekend's MIL Championships at Maui High School. Though only first and second place finishers at the event go on to the state championship, the Molokai High School Boys and Girls Wrestling team at 13 student athletes finish in first, second or third place in the MILs. Sweeping the competition on the mat for first place in the 220 pound

division was Martika English. Second place finishers were Keeya Bicoy at 117, Kelsey Bicoy at 132, Taye Mowat 138, Caele Manley at 138, Hauoli Caparida at 145, and Makana Kaahanui at 225. Coming in at third place were Alea Davis at 102, Jayse Rillion-Lalim at 106, Jake Samaniego at 132, Maile Kaahanui at 145, Diego Deponte at 152 and Jarron Boswell at 160. Many matches were so close, said Head Coach Randy Manley, but overall he was pleased with Saturday’s

State Swim for Senior

outcome and excited for all heading to states. “It was a good day of course but we would have liked to see more champions," he said. "Three of our boys in the finals lost by one point. We're going to work hard this week to prepare for states. Our kids have big hearts and lots of courage so we're looking for good things next weekend!” The State Wrestling Championships will be held this weekend at the Blaisdell Center Arena on Oahu.


Molokai Dispatch


early two months after a Cessna plane went missing off Molokai's northwest coast with three people on board, the plane's disappearance -- as well as its location -- remain a mystery. Along with initial Coast Guard and Fire Department searches, nearly 100 Molokai residents and family members of the victims helped scour the land and sea. A recent sonar mapping effort conducted by the University of Hawaii was among numerous off-island companies and agencies that have donated time to the search. Yet the definitive evidence has still not been found on the wreckage. A preliminary report released by the National Transportation Safety Board last month was inconclusive, stating that the plane disappeared and "is presumed to have crashed in the Pacific Ocean." After taking off from Ho`olehua Airport en route to Honolulu on the evening of Dec. 30, the privately operated Cessna 172 disappeared off radar around 7 p.m., four miles east of Ilio Point. The plane’s pilot was Michael Childers and passengers were John Mizuno and Whitney Thomas, of Oahu. The NTSB report states the plane "entered a descending right turn seconds after it reached a maximum altitude of approximately 2,525 feet," with the radar track ending over the water less than a minute later. Poor weather conditions were reported, with wind and low visibility. The Coast Guard and Fire Department began searching for the plane that night, and continued until Jan. 1 and Jan. 2, respectively, finding no debris or evidence of a crash. "As family and friends hiked the island, combing every inch possible from sunrise to sunset, we were able to send private helicopters above us to also search from the air," stated a relative of Thomas on the GoFundMe page the family started. "And all of us were so blessed by the Molokai residents, who opened their homes to us, joined our searches, and uplifted us with their support. One day turned into two, then three…but after 11 days of intensive searching, nothing was found." Since then, the University of Hawaii volunteered the efforts of its research vessel, the Kilo Moana, in using sonar to search the topography of the ocean bottom for the wreckage on Jan. 19. Alexander “Sandy” Shor, Associate Dean for research of the UH School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, said the vessel's crew searched for about eight hours as the Kilo Moana was on its way back from a mission in American Samoa. He said they focused on the area near the plane's last known radar contact, as well as an oil slick on the water's surface that had been sighted by observers. "I wish we had been more successful and been able to identify the plane [but]… We’ve ruled out some areas," said Shor. "We identified some remotely possible objects on the bottom... about the right size

Boys Basketball Closes 2nd in League Pg. 3

Kahele Naehu-Ramos with his family and coach. Photo by Jane Chang.

By Rick Schonely | Sports Reporter


olokai High School senior Kahale Naehu-Ramos swam at the state Swimming and Diving Championships on Oahu last weekend. Naehu-Ramos qualified in the 50 meter freestyle and the 100 me-

ter breaststroke, swimming in the preliminary heats on Friday. He finished in 20th in the 50m freestyle with a time of 23.44 and placed 27th in the 100m breaststroke with a time of 1:07.29. “The state swimming competitions are always a culture shock," said

Swimming pg. 3

Local Musician Celebrates CD Release Pg. 2

Why we fly with Makani Kai “Traffic-wise, just getting here is so easy,” says Weston, “No TSA, no taking off your shoes…it’s great.” The Kaahanui clan is flying back to Molokai today and enjoying Makani Kai’s hassle-free environment, “You could come wearing a Malo,” says Weston, “Slippers…you could wear boots with spurs…it doesn’t matter. It’s come as you are.” From topside Molokai to Honolulu or Kahului

$50 online fare, every seat, every flight, every day. | (808) 834-1111


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The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017


Community Contributed

Former Olympians Hosted Volleyball Clinic By Suliana Aki Molokai High School was honored to host a Give It Back Foundation (GIBF) Volleyball Camp on Feb. 7-8 at The Barn. Two former Olympians, Tama Miyashiro (libero) from Kaneohe, Oahu and Courtney Thompson (setter) from Bellevue, WA, are cofounders of the nonprofit GIBF. As retired players for the USA National Volleyball Team, they wanted to give back to youth. Proceeds from two-day camp on Molokai were put toward the medical costs of a dear friend of Miyashiro's from Maui, Bala Spencer, who coaches the Kamehameha-Maui Volleyball team. Miyashiro and Thompson also got to visit all the elementary schools to share how their experience being on USA National Volleyball Team as

Olympians has paved a path in their life. At the volleyball camp at The Barn, there were over 40 players present on both days. The instructors asked the players to be open to learning a new style, and keeping our volleyball mechanics/techniques "simple" was key during the camp. If there was one piece of advice to share with youth on Molokai, Miyashiro said it's "to be present." Of course, we can learn from the past and prepare for the future, she said, but to "be present" here and now is what her coach would always say to them. Thompson shared, "Be you and do you." She said you can only control yourself on the court or in life, so focusing on yourself is key. Their advice was very simple but so powerful and uplifting.

Musician Celebrates CD Kalele Bookstore News Release Kalele Bookstore, with support from the Molokai Arts Center, will be hosting a CD release party to celebrate the release of local musician Zelie Kuliaikanu`u Duvauchelle’s new album “Hu!” The party will be on Monday, Feb. 27 starting at 5:30 p.m. The potluck event will be held at Kalele Bookstore, is open to the public and participants may bring wine to drink. Copies of the CD are on sale at the bookstore, or can be downloaded electronically from cdbaby. com/cd/zeliekuliaikanuuduvauche2. “Hu” in Hawaiian means “to rise, swell, effervesce.” “The rising and pouring forth of love for the `aina (land) through song

is a long standing tradition in Hawaii,” the CD jacket reads. “It is this paradigm that I intend to exemplify. The mythical symbolism ever present in Hawaiian music moves and excites me and I strive to bring this same essence to all the music I write and perform… Being a native of Hawaii, I feel it is my kuleana, right and responsibility, to perpetuate what I believe to be the laws of Hawaiian cosmology: we are all united by Energy, we are more than physical beings, we are here to live in harmony with God and Nature, and that our words, prayers, chants and songs reflect our acknowledgement of the divinity of all things and people.”


"They’re wonderful people, we'll do whatever we can do to help," he said of the families. "I hope they get some closure, it’s From pg. 1 a tough thing to take. I’ve got kids that age, so it really hit home for me." Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has but that I doubt are the plane.... Our expec- also been working to assist with the search, tation going into this was that because no communicating with the NTSB, FAA and floating debris was found, [the plane] was other agencies and organizations involved. probably intact on the bottom.... I’m no "Although the initial search efforts and plane expert, but I think it probably went secondary ocean scans using mapping and straight to the bottom." sonar technology were not successful in For that reason, the crew had their eye confirming the plane’s location, I’m hopeout for cross-shaped objects resembling the ful further efforts involving satellite imagplane on the sonar images, which they did ery will reveal new information regarding not find. Due to limitations in the sonar's the aircraft’s condition and whereabout," performance -- which Shor said works op- said Gabbard. "We are all committed to timally in 200 to 400 feet of water -- they finding this plane and helping the families concentrated their search a few miles of the affected by its crash however possible.” shore line. The GoFundMe page has raised Winner ofdid 13cover, Excellence in Journalism Based on the area they Shor nearly $40,000 asAwards of Sunday. Thomas' said he guesses the plane is within a mile cousin Minky Hoopai said the funds are The Molokai Dispatch operated on the belief that Our Philosophy: e Molokai serves as the offshore, in the area iseast of Ilio Point. Shor earmarked to Th cover theDispatch cost of a salvage media can inspire positivethe change and empowerment voice of the island by gathering disseminating said they analyzed sonar images they company to extract the and wreckage -- an efwithin small communities. This is precisely why information, inspiring new ideas, and encouraging captured research to fort that's onwill hold until the plane and is located. you’ll find and news inpresented the Molokai their Dispatch that focuses dialogue which result in empowerment action theonfamilies involved. He added though of community Hoopaiandsaid the families youth, culture, history, leadership and community the accountability of ourhave leaders conthey in community. searches, they tinued "grassroots" search and she voicedon't – the normally foundation ofassist a healthy thus perpetuating Molokai’s unique efforts, cultural legacy. will continue to volunteer their services expressed gratitude for all who have prowhen possible in the President future. Todd Yamashita vided assistance.

Kamiloloa/One Ali`i Homestead

Community Work Day!

Ka Honua Momona invites you to a Community Work Day at Kalokoeli Fishpond

Saturday, February 18, 2017 Time: 9 am - Noon

We will be focusing on mangrove removal at Kalokoeli Fishpond. Please bring gloves, tabis/closed-toed shoes, water bottle and hat/rashguard/sunblock. If you would like to volunteer for this month’s work day, please fill out KHM’s eWaiver prior to your arrival at:


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Our Philosophy: The Molokai Dispatch serves as the voice of the island by gathering and disseminating information, inspiring new ideas, and encouraging dialogue which will result in empowerment and action of community and the accountability of our leaders thus perpetuating Molokai’s unique cultural legacy.


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Mahalo to last month’s volunteers: Kanu O Ka Aina who helped us clean our site and plant banana trees, & the volunteers during last months community work day that helped maintain 4,000 sq ft of mangrove seedlings at Kalokoeli fishpond! Ka Honua Momona’s mission is to be a model of sustainability mauka a makai (from the mountains to the sea) and we believe Molokai can again return to abundance. We accomplish our mission by developing indigenous education systems by revitalizing natural and cultural resources, perpetuating traditional knowledge and stewardship and evolving with modern technology, which we believe will result in a self sufficient model for all nations.

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The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017

Boys Basketball Closes 2nd in League

Baseball Swings into Preseason

By Rick Schonely | Sports Reporter

By Rick Schonely | Sports Reporter


he Molokai Farmer Boys Basketball team is ranked second in the Maui Interscholastic League after a strong weekend in Hana at the MIL DII Tournament. Molokai faced Lanai in a semi-final game defeated the Pine Lads 56-52. The Farmers were led by senior Mark Alvarez with 23 points and Alvarez made many crucial free throws in the final minutes. “It was a fast paced game, however this night we were able contain the storming Pinelads as they fought right to the last seconds," said Head Coach Bob Danner. "We knocked down important free throws all game long and in the end we needed every one of them.... It was a well-played game for us on both sides of the ball." The Farmers then advanced to the championship game against arch rival Seabury on Friday night. The Spartans won the game 58-36 to end the Farmers' season at 7-7. Isaiah Payne led the Spartans with 21 point. Molokai was led by Kaina Adolpho with 14. Seabury has won 27 of the last 28 MIL games. Seabury (13-1) earned

SWIMMING From pg. 1 Naehu-Ramos. "The competition is steep and it inspires me to try harder. Overall the state meet was great but I still missed my team mates. I'd like to thank my awesome teammates, they make swim practice the highlight of my days.” Head Coach Amanda Labriola couldn’t be happier for her lone senior who qualified for states. “Kahale swam fantastic and represented MHS in a way his community and school will be proud of," she said. "I am so grateful to have been there to experience him swim in this meet.” As a first year coach, Labriola enjoyed her team this season. “Coaching the Farmer swim team

their eighth straight league championship and will head to their ninth straight State Championship on Oahu Feb. 15-17. “Both teams played all out with everything on the line tonight," said Spartans Head Coach Scott Prather. "Molokai was aggressive and hungry and had a really good game plan. I am very proud of the way my boys handled the pressure and were able to make enough plays to win the game. I have a lot of respect for the Molokai team and their coaches. They pushed us to our limits.” Danner has high praise for Prather and his team. “They are a very good basketball team and play well every time they lace it up," he said. "They are the team to watch at States next week. Facing the Spartans six times this season has been a challenge our boys always looked forward too.” Danner is already looking forward to next season with optimism. "Even though we came up short in the wins our seniors helped us to gain the acumen needed to compete at this level of basketball in the years to come," he said.

has been amazing and I got to work with a great group of kids who made extreme improvements both individually and as a team this season,” she said. Naehu-Ramos credits his coaches for his success. “I would like to thank my coaches Jesse Ford [previous MHS head coach] and Amanda," he said. "There is no way in this world that I'd make it to states without them. They really pushed me these past three years and never stopped believing in me.” Labriola was thankful for her own past coaches, the parents of her student athletes this year. Athletic Director Lee DeRouin and athletic trainer Eric Scala. Naehu-Ramos hopes the tradition will continue with the swim team. “I hope that what we accomplished this year sets the bar for all of our future Molokai Farmer swimmers!”


he Molokai High School Boys Baseball team began its 2017 preseason with two losses at the Maui High School Invitational last weekend on Maui. In their first game on Thursday, Molokai lost to Waiakea of Hawaii Island 8-2. Kairos Torres-Umi started at pitchers for the Farmers and pitched well but took the loss. Cody Hunter-Hiro was 3-3 at the plate. On Friday, Molokai played Kamehameha Hawaii and lost a close game 3-1. Nainoa Kaahanui pitched a strong game and the Farmers had 1-0 lead into the fifth inning. Kekaikea Maliu had a double for the Farmers. Saturday’s game was rained out.

Last year, Molokai took sixth place at the DII State Tournament under Head Coach Ilika Kaahanui, and he expects another strong season. Kaahanui said his assistant coach is Kenny Adachi and the other coaches are Braddah Maliu, Milton Loo, Aaron Bolen, Mondo Habon, Xavier Bicoy and Ahi Meyer. Molokai will host Pac 5 from the Interscholastic League of Honolulu in its own preseason tournament this weekend at the Duke Maliu Regional Park in Kaunakakai. Game will be at 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, and 10 a.m. on Saturday. The Farmer's regular season starts on March 3-4 at home against Saint Anthony. This seasons only other home games are March 16, 17 and 18 versus Lanai.

Community Contributed

Big John to the Rescue By Father Pat Killilea, St. Francis Church, Kalaupapa I am not as agile as I once was in my younger days, just a few years ago. So with a pull from Christina and a push from her husband, Chris, I managed to climb into the back of the truck and settled down between my two guests on the wooden bench behind the cab. Then we were on our way over the rocky road to Kalawao with the ever young, 92-yearold John Arruda behind the wheel. The last time I had travelled this road on the back of a truck, I suffered permanent damage to my undercarriage. Now I was attempting to conduct a tour while at times holding on to that wooden bench. Fortunately John slowed the pace as soon as he caught up to Eric in his truck. This situation had come about because only a few days prior to this escapade, as I was preparing to take a group of pilgrims from the Kalaupapa International airport in Kalaupapa town, and as I was putting the Paddy wagon into reverse, the gear shift lever broke in my hand. This was the second time this had happened in a short span of time and prompted mechanic, “Too Tall Andrew,”

to suggest that my hand was too strong. Of course I have often claimed that my hands are the strongest part of my whole anatomy. So I am now planning on having the great John Arruda teach me karate! After all, John came to my rescue and offered to take my guests to see the holy sites of Kalaupapa and Kalawao. Like Tom Brady, he came through in the clutch. John is our oldest patient but does not act his age. While his home is on the island of Kauai, John spends a good deal of his time here with us in Kalaupapa and is not only helpful but insightful and entertaining. He is a real favorite of the ladies and he acknowledges that. So I was more than delighted that on this occasion we had him with us, not just as our driver, but as one with a real feel for the history of the peninsula. John interacted with our guests, and along with Eric, was invaluable to me in telling the story of the settlements, a story of pain and a story of compassion, a story of despair and a story of triumph. I hope that we can again do a joint pilgrimage to Kalawao but this time I will sit in his cab.

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Information, talk story with staff, activities and refreshments.

SAVE THE DATE ► The “Business” of Aloha presented by Richard Roddy, Feb 23 from 1 to 4:30 p.m. at Kuha`o Business Center. Presentation on helping your business thrive through improving workplace attitudes. Call to reserve a seat at 553-8100.

event is open to the public and participants may bring wine to drink. ► Molokai Cancer Fund, Walk for Ohana Mar. 3 from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. Walk to benefit the Molokai Cancer fund. Deadline to reserve your spot is Jan. 31. To reserve or more information contact Hokulani Alcon at 658-0137. ► Molokai Arts Center Soup ‘R Bowl on Mar 4. Entertainment, soup, salad, desserts, and a ceramic bowl to keep. Doors open at 5 p.m. at MCHC. Tickets on sale at Take’s Variety Store, Kalele Bookstore, Molokai Acupunture & Massage, and Mana’e Goodz.

► Native Hawaiian Tools and Weapons talk Story on Feb. 24 at Ka Honua Momona’s Hale Momona at Ali`i Fishpond, 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Part of the Hawaiian Arts Program, hosted by the Molokai Arts Center and KHM. ► Molokai Community Federal Credit Union 66th annual meeting on Free and open to the public. Mar 17 at Mitchell Pauole Center. Reg► CD Release Party for local musiistraion from 6 to 7p.m. Meeting starts cian Zelie Kuliaikanu`u Duvauchelle’s at 7 p.m. Door prizes will be awarded, new album “Hū!” Feb. 27 at 5:30 p.m. at Kalele Bookstore. The potluck must be present to win.

BULLETIN BOARD OPPORTUNITIES & SERVICES ► Adult Education Program to earn your High School diploma. For more info call Molokai Site Supervisor Bernell Kaleo Bishaw at 808-336-0460. ► Open Your Home to Hawaii’s Keiki in Foster Care through Hui Ho`omalu. Call 268-5122 or visit for info.

► School Community Councils (SCC) Molokai schools need your kokua in filling parent and community positions on their School Community Councils now and in the future. Please contact the DOE schools if you are interested in being a community or parent representative. Kilohana Elementary: 558-2200, Kaunakakai Elementary: 567-7200, Maunaloa Elementary: 552-

2000, Molokai Middle School: 5676940, Molokai High School: 567-7100 ► Molokai Youth Center open to keiki’s age 8-17 years old. Contact info Andrea Dudoit at 553-3675. scheduled activities every hour. ► Dept. of Parks and Recreation will host the John Burns Tournament on March 23-26 on Molokai which

will include teams from Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii Island for ages 7-8, 9-10, and 11-12. Athletes may only participate in one of the three sports: Basketball, Volleyball, or Flag Football. Try-outs will be needed if there are too many participants in any given sport. Registration required by 1/31. Call the Gym office at 553-5141.

Want to see your upcoming event or activity posted here for free? Send who, what, when, where and contact information to or call 552-2781.

W.A. Quality Masonry

Moloka’i Porta Potties



• Portable Toilet Rental • Grease Trap Pumping • Cesspool & Septic Pumping

“Professional Services At Reasonable Prices” WILIAMA AKUTAGAWA, LIC. # C-26379

Cheryl Davis - 553-9819

PH: 558-8520 | CELL: 658-0611 | FAX: 558-8540

MEO Bus Schedule - WEST Expanded Rural Shuttle Service Maunaloa to Kaunakakai

Kaunakakai to Maunaloa

Route 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6

MPC / Misaki's 5:20 AM 7:45 AM 9:20 AM 11:30 PM 1:30 PM 3:40 PM

Kulana Oiwi 5:25 AM 7:50 AM 9:25 AM 11:35 PM 1:35 PM 3:45 PM

Hikiola / Mkk Airprt 5:35 AM 8:00 AM 9:35 AM 11:45 PM 1:45 PM 3:55 PM

Kaluakoi Villas NA 8:20 AM NA 12:05 PM NA NA

Maunaloa PO/School 5:55 AM 8:35 AM 9:55 AM 12:20 PM 2:10 PM 4:15 PM

Tide, Sun & Moon Calendar

For more information please call MEO at 553-3216

Route 2-1a 2-2a 2-3a 2-4a 2-5a 2-6a

Maunaloa PO/School 5:55 AM 8:35 AM 9:55 AM 12:20 PM 2:10 PM 4:15 PM

Kaluakoi Villas NA NA NA NA 2:25 PM NA

Hikiola / Mkk Airport 6:15 AM 8:55 AM 10:15 AM 12:40 PM 2:45 PM 4:35 PM

New Bus Schedule as of November 2015

brought to you by

Kulana Oiwi 6:25 AM 9:05 AM 10:25 AM 12:50 PM 2:55 PM 4:45 PM

MPC / Misaki's 6:30 AM 9:10 AM 10:30 AM 12:55 PM 3:00 PM 4:50 PM



The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017

PH 808-553-3666, 1-800-600-4158, Fax 808-553-3867 Web site: Email:

In the heart of Kauankakai Town ~ 75 Ala Malama

HILL TOP OCEAN VIEW HOME Custom designed large 2 bdrm 2.5 bath Plus extra room. Huge wrap deck on 2 Acres. Offered at $799,000. Please call Kui Lester RA 808-658-0134.

1551 PUILI PL OCEAN VIEW HOME Lovely 2 bdrm home w/large screened in Porch, carport . 6,861 sq.ft. lot. 2 miles from town. Offered at $355,000. Please call Carol Gartland RB 808-658-0398

WAIALUA HILL TOP ESTATE Custom designed 3 bdrm 3.5 bath home On 1.838 acres. Slate floors. 3 island Views. Offered at $1,399,000. Please Call Kui Lester RA at 808-658-0134

KE NANI KAI 218 OCEAN VIEW Renovated 2 bdrm 2 bath. Pool, tennis, jazucci, barbecue. Offered at $239,950 Call Susan Savage RB at 808-658-0648

PANIOLO HALE H-2 Upgraded 1 bdrm 2 bath. Steps to Pool, Barbecue & beach. Offered at $299,000 Call Susan Savage RB at 808-658-0648

WAVECREST OCEANFRONT A-202 Lovely 1 bdrm condo. Enjoy great views from lanai. Offered at $189,000 Please call Suzanne O’Connell RB 808-558-8500

WEST MOLOKAI RESORT 2155 Ocean view studio w/loft. Pool, beach and Barbecue. Offered at $219,900. Call Susan Savage RB 808-658-0648

ACRES ON THE OCEAN Located near Hotel Molokai 1.437 acres on The ocean. Sandy beach . Asking $585,000 Please call Pearl Hodgins RA 808-336-0378

KALUAKOI Ocean view land with 33.58 acres. Short Drive to beaches. Offered at $228,000 Call Shirley Alapa RB 808-658-1316


88 BEACH PL OCEANFRONT HOME Well designed 2 bdrm 2 bath home w/ Garage, landscaped grounds, fruit and tropical palm trees. Irrigation system. Offered at $750,000. Call for appt. MOLOKAI SHORES C-331 Oceanfront 1 bdrm w/loft. Pool & barbecue. Offered at $180,000 Call Mickey O’Connell RB 336-0588

VACATION AND LONG TERM RENTALS We have a large selection of oceanfront and ocean view condos, also long term home rentals available. CALL 808-553-3666, 800-600-4158

TROPICAL ISLAND PROPERTIES, LLC dba SWENSON REAL ESTATE • • 808-553-3648 • Mobile 808-336-0085 • Fax 808-553-3783

Located at Holomua Junction at the corner of Hwy’s 460 and 470 home to Beach Break, Blue Monkey, Kupu A‘e Molokai, The Tobacco Shack, Tropical Island Properties and UH Plant Extinction Prevention Program. A great stop for information on Molokai Property, Unique Gifts and Ocean Gear. LIC. #20129

MOLOKAI BICYCLE BIKE SALES, REPAIRS AND RENTALS Tractors (Industrial/Farm), Trucks & Buses, Automobiles, Forklifts, Welding & Tires PO BOX 1323 Kaunakakai, HI 96748 (808) 567-6012 | (808) 336-0989

Wed 3-6 pm, Sat 9 am-2 pm OR CALL FOR APPOINTMENT (808) 553-3931 | (800) 709-BIKE WWW.MAUIMOLOKAIBICYCLE.COM

Support Molokai’s only newspaper by supporting our generous advertisers. When you patronize our local businesses, let them know“The Molokai Dispatch sent you.”

Call now to advertise 808-552-2781



The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017 Unequaled Flavor and Nutrition 558-8306




SALES, SERVICE & REPAIR. Buy new, service, or sharpen chainsaws, weed-eater, mowers, & small-engine machines. At Mahana Gardens Nursery (at the base of Maunaloa on left, mile marker 10 West). 213-5365 HANDYMAN

Local home owner references. Carpenter, plumber, electrician, chain-saw, all tools, truck, mechanic , auto, aircraft, windows, cleaning, paint and tile. Call Bill 553-8606 MOLOKAI MASSAGE SERENADE

For the ultimate massage experience enjoy the beloved music of Hawaii performed live on guitar and ukulele during your treatment. For more information visit or call us today! Julie Schonely LMT 808-336-0042 PACIFIC FRAMES

Custom Picture Framing 553-5890. Ask for Jeff


Large 3 bedroom, 2 bath with Bonus Room. Nicely renovated, lots of closets & cabinets. 1,450 sq feet in Ranch Camp at $1400 plus utilities. For pictures visit Craigslist-Molokaiapts/housing Call 808-725-3511 to schedule a showing HOUSE FOR RENT

4 bedrooms, 1 bath, Manila Camp, Section 8 okay. Brand new paint, all rooms. Spacious fenced in yard. Fruit trees: limes, guava, pomegranate, moringa, mango, mulberry, seranim cherry, papaya, eggplant, tomatoes. Call 336-1566




Commercial & Residential Arthur H. Parr, AIA Licensed in California, Nevada & Hawaii 808553-8146 | PRINTING AND PHOTO RESTORATION BY ZACK

On Call position available. Please call Aloha House inc. 808/579-8414 X8104 POTTED ROYAL PALM TREE

At least 5 feet tall. Call 553-5542


Holomua Junction. Open 10-4 monday sat. 567-6091, cell 808-658-9869 ROSE STOUT, RD, LMT

Certification for CPR/First Aid/ AED. Massage Therapy for Myofacial Release, Swedish, Reiki, Cranio Sacral. Available on Molokai's West End: 970-759-4122 LIC# 15074 WAIALUA PERMAFARM

Home delivery Wednesdays Fruits, Vegetables, and Duck Eggs custom packed, Huge variety 35 years of Permaculture soil building


$140 CASH

(808) 934-7566 Our next clinic date will be


558 8359 by Doc Mott



Community Contributed

Veterans Corner Flags at Iwo Jima

By Jesse Church Aloha all my fellow veterans and residents of Molokai, old Jesse here with all the veterans news and upcoming events. During World War II in February 1945, the U.S. Marine Corps stormed the beaches of a small volcanic island in the Pacific called Iwo Jima. It would be the most costly and bloody battle they ever fought. On Feb. 16 that year, the Navy began a three-day concentrated bombardment of Iwo Jima. On Feb. 19, VAC's fourth and fifth Marine Divisions lead the amphibious assault on Iwo Jima. The 28th Marines reached the western shore at the narrow neck of the island and sealed off Mt. Suribachi because the end of the day. The Marines then endured more than 2400 casualties at the hands of the heavily entrenched Japanese. On Feb. 20, the 28th Marines began the assault on Mt. Suribachi, and the Fourth Marine Division and the remainder of the Fifth Marine Division captured airfield one. The next night, the Japanese launched the only major kamikaze attack of the campaign against the U.S. fleet off Iwo Jima. On Feb. 23, elements of the 28th Marines seized the crest of Mt. Suribachi and hoisted an American flag. Soon after, five Marines and a Navy Corpsman replaced it with a larger national ensign. Associate Press photographer Joe Rosenthal's photos of this second flag

raising would become the symbol of the Marine Corps, and it electrified the U.S. and symbolized the seventh and final war bond drive of World War II. Seventy-two years after the battle of Iwo Jima was fought, the Marines who raised that flag are getting their due. Staff Sgt. Louis Lowery, a combat photographer assigned to the Fifth Marine Division, captured the scene moments after the first flag was raised on Feb. 23. For 72 years, the official record had PFCs Louis Charlo and James Michels as part of the six man team. But on Aug. 24, 2016, the Marine Corps replaced those names with Pharmacist's Mate Second Class John Bradley and Pvt. Philip Ward. They were joined by 1st Lt. Harold G. Schrier, Plt. Sgt. Ernest I. Thomas Jr., Sgt. Henry O. Hansen and Cpl. Charles W. Lindberg. It was believed that Bradley was captured in Rosenthal's famous photo taken later that day, on which the Marine Corps Memorial is based, but it was not him, but actually Pf. Harold Schultz, and the five othere with him were Rene Gagnon, Harlon Block, Ira Hayes, Franklin Sously and Mike Strank. I am so glad the Corps has set the record straight. Let us all so whatever we can for our troops abroad to help them and pray for their speedy and safe return home. Please remember that old Jesse loves Molokai and all its people, every man, women, and child from my heart, you are my family. If you would like to talk story give old Jesse a call at 5533323. Aloha and mahalo.

We will be back on Molokai on Sunday, April 9th

MATTHEW BRITTAIN AND DR. CHRISTOPHER LAWINSKI CERTIFY MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS ON MOLOKAI DUE TO HUGE DEMAND, YOU NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO BE ASSURED A SOLID VISIT TIME. WALK-INS WILL BE SEEN AS AVAILABLE AFTER ALL SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS HAVE BEEN SEEN. The State fee ($38.50) is not included in the above price. You pay that, yourself, online. We will do the online application for you, for $26.50, and we must also collect the $38.50.


Mon-Fri: 8:30am-4:30pm Sat: 8:00am-12:00pm

567-6774 • 567-6522

Sandwiches, Salads & Soups • Cate r i n g • B ox Lu n ch es • G i f t Ce r t i f i cates • H o l i d a y Pa r t y Tra y s SU N D OWN D E L I .COM

F E AT U R ING: F re n c h D i p Tr i p l e D e c ke r C l u b Re u b e n Co r n c h owd e r Po r t u g e s e B e a n S o u p O r i e nta l C h i c ke n S a l a d C h i c ke n Ce a s a r S a l a d

Lo cate d a c ro s s f ro m t h e Vete ra n’s M e m o r i a l Pa r k i n Ka u n a ka ka i Acce pt i n g V I SA a n d M a s te rca rd O p e n M - F: 7: 0 0 -2: 0 0 | Sat: 9: 0 0 -1: 0 0





NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING FOR A BED AND BREAKFAST HOME PERMIT APPLICATION Please be informed that the undersigned has applied to the County of Maui Department of Planning for a B&B Home Permit for the following parcel: 1. Tax Map Key No.: 2540180090000 2. Location: 10 Hooulu Pl Kaunakakai HI 96748 3. No. of Bedrooms in Proposed B&B Home: 2 4. Applicant: Mike & Yvette Carlton Maui Planning Commission Public Hearing Date Date: March 8, 2017 Time: 11:00 am Place: Mitchell Pauole Center 100 Ainoa St, Kaunakakai, HI Information relative to the application is available for review at the Department of Planning, 2200 Main St, Suite 619, Wailuku, HI or telephone: 270-8205; Toll-Free from Molokai 1-800-272-0117, ext 7735; and Toll-Free from Lanai 1-800-272-0125, ext 7735. The hearing is held under the authority of the Maui County Code and the Rules of the Maui Planning Commissions. Petitions to intervene shall be filed with appropriate commission and served upon the Applicant no less than 10 days before the public hearing date, no later than 4:30 p.m. on that day. Filing of all documents for the Planning Commissions is c/o the Department of Planning, 2200 Main St, Ste 315, Wailuku, HI 96793. The computation of time includes the last day of the period unless it is a Saturday, Sunday or legal state holiday, in which event the period runs until the end of the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or state holiday. Testimony relative to this request may be submitted in writing prior to the hearing to the Planning Commission c/o the Department of Planning, 2200 Main St, STE 315, Wailuku, HI 96793; or presented in person at the time of the public hearing.


Ac upunc ture & Mass age


WHO NEEDS MOR E STU FF? This year give a Gift Certificate for one of our soothing services. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017

Valentines Anniversary

New Congregational Kahu

A wife’s heart is like a rose, always open, always loving. My 1963 Valentine sweetheart, as I stood looking down the aisle at those present, I can still remember how nervously I said these words to myself, “This is the moment I waited for.” That’s when I heard the voice from behind me ring out, “Who will give this woman, Dianna Sue Pratt to wed this man, Philip Thomas Solatorio?” A few moments later I heard the most beautiful voice gently say, “I will.” Her father placed her hand in mine. He said to me with tears in his eyes, “I give to you my Valentine Sweetheart.” He then turned and walked away. You were only 17 and I was 23. What a precious gift you are, and I thank God every day for blessing me with such a precious, wonderful, beautiful wife for a Valentine Sweetheart. Today you are 71 and I am 77, 54 years later, on this new year, 2017, we celebrate our 54th Valentine Sweetheart Anniversary. Thank you, thank you, for sticking your neck out to help me in everything pono. If it wasn’t for your neck holding my head upright slowly moving it at the right time and at the right place, this Valentine

I am grateful for the privilege of serving once more as Kahu of the four Congregational churches of Molokai: Ho`olehua, Kalaiakamanu Hou, Waialua, and Kalua Aha. Greetings to the wonderful people of this island and mahalo from my heart for the welcome extended to my wife, Elaine, and myself, as we settle in.

Sweetheart day we share wouldn’t be possible. “As we should have an eye single to the glory of God, so should we have an eye, an ear, a heart single to marriage and the spouse and family.” Happy 54th Anniversary, Your loving husband, Philip Solotorio

AARP Assists Women’s Shelter The program director of the Women's Shelter, Sharon Samonte, was the guest speaker at the February Molokai AARP Chapter meeting. She brought a volunteer with her. Members of the AARP chapter have been donating items for the shelter and encourage others to do so whenever possible. The office accepts whatever is needed for the women and children who live at the shelter. Sharon and her staff are part of a network of services for those in need. Alternatives to Violence is another service under her guidance. Those who are in need of assistance with personal problems are urged to call the office at (808)

567-6888 to receive counseling help. Financial assistance is also available for rent and utilities. Today there are many resources available for residents. Our AARP chapter is interested doing whatever is within their goals to help our community, especially those who fall into abusive circumstances. Please join all of us in working toward gaining improved selfesteem for our helpless residents. To join our chapter to achieve their objectives, call John Wordin, president, at 567-6308. Our meetings are monthly on the first Wednesday of the month beginning at 9:30am. Retired members are welcome to attend meetings, along with friends and visiting national members.



Friday, March 17, 2017 Location: Mitchell Pauole Center Registration: 6:00 – 7:00 P.M.

Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.


We are seeking interested members to volunteer for the Board of Directors or Credit Committee. Interested members should contact: Jerry Clemente, Nominations Committee Chair at 553-5151 no later than 4:30 P.M., Friday March 10, 2017

HELP WANTED Crisis Outreach - On-Call

Responds to crisis calls. Facilitates linkages with mental health services. Assures use of services by other team members and support services. BA with minimum of 12 semester credit hours in behavioral health courses. 1.5 years of specialized experience in the field. Current driver’s license and access to insured vehicle required. Mahealani Akau 1(808)579-8414 x 8104

We look forward to a pastorate of encouragement, joy, and meaningful mission among and with the people we have come to love as brothers and sisters in an ohana of acceptance and respect and love. Charles Poole

Deep Appreciation

Community Contributed

By Gladys Brown, Molokai AARP vice president


OWNERS NOTICE OF COMPLETION OF CONTRACT Notice is hereby given that pursuant to the provisions of Section 507-43 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes, the construction for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Owner, Zayne Apiki, Leesee, by Comstock Construction, Inc., of that certain addition located at 230 Hoomalu Drive, Kalamaula Subdivision, Kaunakakai, HI 96748, TMK: 5-2-032:019 Lot.#19, Building Permit #B20160535 was completed on February 15, 2017. Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Owner, Zayne Apiki, Leesee Published in The Molokai Dispatch February 15 and February 22, 2017.

From our families to yours, we extend our deepest appreciation to all who shared in celebrating Arthur Naehu of Waialua, Molokai, and offered your voices, your companionship and your presence. Mahalo to our Lamauna ohana, the Linkees, Charles Miguels, Ramarama and Whitmans. They provided our dad's favorite "Chinese faire," assured kupuna safety, and the extension of your joy and embrace to the guests

who joined us. Mahalo to our Tollefsen ohana, the Kakaios, the dessert makers, kitchen crew, and the chefs, Kevin and Isaac. We thank our children for all their care and love, from preparing the pupus, displaying photos and carrying their grandpa. May God bless all families as He continues to carry ours. The Arthur and Winifred Naehu Ohana

Our Love and Mahalo We, the family of the late John Charles “Spooks” Uahinui, share love and thank you for the sweet music from Waipa, Stirling, Kimo and Bully. Mahalo to the Depot, Barbara Haliniak ohana, our Kahus Naiomi, Claude and Jimmy Duvauchelle, Ignacios, Riberals, Mahiais, Palekas, Kahinus, Kahalewais, Makekaus, Poepoes, Ramos, Ainoas, English, Kegal Joe Tancayo, Wards, Briones, Kalimas and ohana far and near. Mahalo to the Class of 1986; for everyone's help, donations and monetary

gifts; and to all the people who came to show their respects. If we forgot anyone else, we thank you and you will always be in our hearts. Mahalo to our nephew Emerson Makekau, who did a good job in running our program, taking his Uncle Charles on a last ride from Maunaloa Molokai Ranch to the ending of Palaau with the help of JR and Porky Dudoit and Henry Lindo. Love to you all, Leilani Poepoe and the Uahinui ohana


John Isaiah Maunaloa Kalua John Isaiah Maunaloa Kalua, 36, of Kamalo, Molokai passed away on Jan. 7, 2017. He was born on June 26, 1980 to Larry and Nani Kalua (both deceased). The youngest of five children, and he is survived by his siblings, Solomon Kalua of Ho`olehua, Molokai, Tammie (Dawson) Kahana-Kalua of Kualapu`u, Molokai, Nadine “Lan” (Jason) PalekaKalua of Kaunakakai, Molokai, and Joshua (U`ilani) Kalua of Kualapu`u Molokai; 13 nieces and nephews, Iona, Kevin (Star),

Kalvin (Diamond), Kory, King (Alex), Honey (Kaniel), Kalawai`a, Pulama, Daisy, Kaimana, Kaua, Puali, Ke`ao; seven grand nieces and nephews, Sweet, Vairea, Hone, Heirani, Tahitoa, Kapili, and Rhyker-Tate; many more uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews, braddahs and sistahs. He lived most of his life in Kamalo, and he attended Molokai high school and belonged to the class of 1999. John has touched many with his smile, laughs and humble soul. He is truly missed and will never be forgotten. A memorial service in his honor will be held on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017 at Kamalo Wharf. Services to start at 10 a.m. with scattering of ashes and a luncheon to follow at Kilohana Rec Center.

CORRECTION There was a misprint at the end of last week's story, "Trail Access Threatens Mule Ride." The last portion of the story should have read: In the meantime, Kalaupapa Rare Adventures continues to operate. Sproat-Augustiro said as of Sunday, her family has yet to receive documents in writing, and has not agreed to the terms given by the Meyers. If an agreement can't be reached, however, the dispute could mean the end of the historic business. "It would be bad for everybody in the community, not just us," said

Sproat-Augustiro. "It’s mostly sad for us because we would lose the legacy – [but] it would affect not just us, but the Molokai economy." The mule ride is a tourist attraction to the island, and along with hiking and plane, represents one of the few ways to access the Kalaupapa settlement. "Both [Kalaupapa Rare Adventures] and the Meyers are valued partners with the NPS and we greatly desire that these two parties can come to an agreement," said Stein Espaniola, via email.

The Molokai Dispatch | February 15, 2017

ISLAND HOMES 118 Kulawai Loop 136 Kulawai Loop 3250 Kaluakoi Rd

Molokai Land & Homes 808.552.2233


4B/4B on 6 ac. pool & spa w/ Guest cottage $1,950,000 SHOWN BY APT. 2B/2B home on 21+ acre. BEST PRICED home in Papohaku Ranchlands $510,000 2B/2B home on 21+ acres. Adjacent to 118 Kulawai Loop. $550,000 Oceanfront 1B/1.5 B on 6 acres. $850,000

247 Papapa Place




2164 1 bed,1 bath with a loft, corner unit on top floor. 1163 Larger floor plan. Includes Car. 1254 1B/1B directly Oceanfront.


116 Fractional Ownership Fixed period


2320 Kalae Hwy 1.62 acres of pristine land. $249,000 230 Iliahi Place Ocean views $175,000

$269,000 $119,900 $210,000

Ocean View Lots Lot 79 7.5 ac $215,100 Lot 125 Ahiu Rd. 22+ acre $282,500 MAUNALOA – Residential lots Lot 132 21 acres $219,000 D-57 Halena Street $40,800 Lot 199 5 ac Ocnfrt $694,000 Lot 240 Ocean side, level $225,000

$23,000 , $25,000

Jill McGowan Realtor ~ Broker ABR

KAWELA PLANTATIONS Lot 54 Lot 90 Lot 117 Lot 119 Lot 165

Waiokama Pl $189,000 UNOBSTRUCTED views of Lanai! $169,000 Uluanui Rd $137,000 Uluanui Rd $139,000 Ulua Rd $115,000

EAST END LAND RARE EAST END PROPERTY 14 parcels located at Mile Marker 14, Three lots are oceanfront. $395,000

808-552-2233 Direct| 808-552-2255 Office |



Papohaku: $1,850,000 (fs)

1172 Newly remodeled unit Light & airy. $94,000 O ffice: (808) 553-4444 | Cell: (808) 646-0837 | 1146 Remodeled studio unit. $99,000 2 K a m o ` i S t r e e t, S u i te # 1 B | P. O. B ox COTTAGE #2-B OCEANFRONT 2B/2B unit with excellent rental HOMES LAND history. $450,000.

Kawela Beach: $499,000 (fs)


Oceanfront, 5 bed/ 4 bath Estate

Kawela Beach: $639,000 (fs)


East End: $285,000(fs)


Kawela: $179,000 (fs)

Contemporary Beach Front, large 2,466 sf two-story, 2 bed/2 bath home.

Kaunakakai: $229,000 (fs)

Lot#221 Gently sloped with great ocean views Lot 45. Spectacular Ocean Views. 2.2 acres.

East End: $850,000 (fs)

Kawela Gardens: $298,000 (fs)

2bed/1.5bath with stunning Ocean sunset views

Oceanfront. 1bed/2bath home with large garage and studio.

Beautiful 3 bedroom/3 bath custom home. On the ocean with magnificent island views. This is a must see property.

Ranch Camp: IN ESCROW

Ranch Camp: SOLD

Great investment opportunity. Two homes on one property. call for details.

2 bed/1.5 bath home with additional cottage and work shop. Updated and well kept.

2 bed, 1 bath home with additional studio and bath

Maunaloa: $529,000 (fs)

Beautiful“Hawaii”style 3 bed/2.5 bath home.. Well made with detached garage and full open views of Oahu and sunsets.

Lush 2+ acres of clear level land.

East End: $390,000 (fs)

Heights: $129,000 (fs)

6+ acres of fertile land. Mostly cleared. Water 11,000 sf lot with water meter and ocean views Meter Installed

Kaunakakai: $150,000 (fs)

17,511 sf commercially zoned with two installed water meters. Fenced with gate.

Kalae: $425,000 (fs)

Hard to find 6.957 acres in cool Kalae

16,875 sf Ocean front vacant lot. Water meter and sewer

Corner unit with loft #2186

Ranch Camp: $89,000 (fs)

Unit B-122, close to pool and laundry.

Molokai Shores: $130,000(fs)

Corner lot, water meter installed with ocean views

Kepuhi Beach: $259,000(fs)

#2201, upper corner, large floor plan

Kaunakakai $120,000(fs)

Ke Nani Kai: $179,000 (fs)

Vacant lot on Opua Place

Upper corner unit #216, wrap around lanai

Kalae: $65,000 (fs)

Wavecrest: $290,000 (fs) Fantastic unit in A Building

8,144 sf lot on quiet cul de sac

w w w.molok

License #21073

DIXIE BAY - Over 29 plus acres on gorgeous bay w/cottage $2,500,000

Darryl Burgess Owner (808) 798-6072

Seaside Place: $299,900 (fs)

Molokai Shores: $125,000 (fs) Unit B-123. Ground floor with many upgrades


Lic # C-31646 New construction remodels, solar and repairs

Kepuhi Beach: $262,000 (fs)


Darryls Plumbing

(808) 336-6213


7.13 acres zoned Agriculture

Kawela Beach: $769,000 (fs)

Kaluakoi: $3,888,888 (fs)

159 Kaunakakai, HI 96748

Two homes on one lot. Main house is two-story. 9 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

Oceanfront home, 1 bed/1 bath

Beautiful Ocean Front home with spectacular ocean views.


KAWELA PLANTATION 1 2 acres of panoramic ocean/island views. $179,000

BEACH PLACE: Very conveniently located this 4 bedroom 2.5 ocean front home in town. $775,000.

(808) 553-8099


I can help you understand Medicaid & Medicare Parts A, B, C & D and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

EAST END HOUSE FOR SALE - Cozy 3b/1b home located across from Kilohana School on the beach $699,000 MOLOKAI SHORES CONDOS MS104 LH $85,000 Great ocean views MS121 LH $$65,000 Great rental history MS224 FS $120,000 Nice condo MS316 LH $115,000 Nice Loft unit

KAWELA AREA - Over an acre of land on the beach. Paddle in and out every day of the year! $354,500 Owner’s hold a HI real estate license.

There is never a fee for my service. ROY M. HORNER, CERTIFIED AGENT ROYMHORNER@GMAIL.COM | 808-336-0802

PANIOLO HALE M1 Nice 1 bedroom 1 bath condo with decks on two sides. Now a Vacation Rental, make it your home. $250,000 Our office currently has some long term properties available. Stop by 8-12 Monday to Friday for an application.

FOR VACATION RENTALS: Call MVP @ 800-367-2984

Located at 130 Kam V Hwy in the old surf shop location, Mon - Fri 9 to 5 Visit or call our office at 553-8334

• Toll Free Number 888.787.7774 • Maui 808.879.0998 •Fax 808.879.0994•Email

Providing your one-stop Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health and WIC needs.

To schedule an appointment, call 808-553-5038 Hours of operation: MEDICAL Monday throughBEHAVIOR Friday 7amHEALTH – 6pm DENTAL WIC *Walk-ins welcomed Hours of Operation: Monday—Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Our Mission: To provide and promote accessible comprehensive individual and community health care to theTo people of Molokai with respect aloha. schedule an appointment, call and 808.553.5038

Located at the old Pau Hana Inn at 30 Oki Place Kaunakakai

MOLOKAI SHORES A-102 1 Bedroom - Desirable Ground Floor Great Unobstructed Ocean View Pool, BBQ, Shuffle Board Putting Green View from inside condo

$149,000 808-553-5688


The Molokai Dispatch -- February 15, 2017  

7 To Wrestle At States, Search Continues for Answers in Plane Crash, State Swim for Senior

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