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My name is Lucas Miguens, I am a graduated Architect from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentine of 24 years. Architecture and sculpture are my main interests in life. Working directly with raw materials and imagining spaces that later will become built, are the greatest experiences I ever had. After working in Architectural Studios as a draftsman and in carpentry and furniture in a workshop, I have learned that it is time to incorporate new knowledge and experiences to my career. I know that there is a high competition to apply to your office. My purpose is to give my best to the company. Hoping to get a chance to work with you, I remain sincerely yours,

Lucas Miguens

PERSONAL INFORMATION email: cell phone: +5491141990704 phone: +54948023270 Age: 24 Nationality: Argentine Civil State: Single COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE Autocad Advanced Sketch up Advanced V-Ray (for Sketch up) Basic Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Adobe Illustrator Intermediate Rhinoceros Intermediate Microsoft Office Intermediate LANGUAGES Spanish: First Language English: Advanced French: Intermediate


Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics

Location: Open Yale Courses (online) Professor: Charles Bailyin Website: General Astronomy

Location: Planetarium of the City of Buenos Aires “Galileo Galilei” Professor: Lic. Mariano Ribas. Website: Workshops on Relativity, Cosmology and Quantum Physics

Location: Instituto de Astronomía y Física de Espacio Professor: Dr. Rafael Ferraro Website:

ARCHITECTURE Architecture means to imagine spaces serving the human habitat. I learned over time that it must not only be functional, and not only just an artistic event. It is the balance between the two that makes our profession so wonderful and complex. Just as man is complex, architecture is complex. We have within us an emotional part and a functional part, and this is exactly what I love in the good buildings. Those that moves us, but also work.

SCULPTURE Sculpture gives me freedom. In a way it liberates me from the functional part that my profession demands. I find the possibility of creating spaces through sculptures very stimulating. Addressing technical difficulties in order to give reality to an idea and take it into the physical level, has taught me to think, to make mistakes and enjoy.

FURNITURE Furnishings have helped me in my career to think in a human scale, to regard details and attachments. They have taught me to work with raw material and know its limitations.

2008 House Project



Feb 2009 - Ago 2010 Carpentry and Furniture Construction Location: Tigre, Buenos Aires Phone Number: +541147143774 email: Website:

Feb 2010 - Dec 2010 Internship at Lacroze - Miguens - Prati Location: Buenos Aires, AR Phone Number: +54 11 4833-1405 Website: email:

Housing Project

Jul 2010 - Dec 2010 Apartment Remodeling (120m2) Location: Palermo, Buenos Aires Client: Carlos Tomรกs Miguens Email: Jul 2010 - Dec 2010 Hotel Draft Project Aguara Guazu Location: Entre Rios, AR Client: Ezequiel Kraft Semi-detached Houses


Modern Dance School

2011 May 2011 - Oct 2011 Restaurant Remodeling (150m2) Ferminao Location: Recoleta, Biuenos Aires Client: Diego Gaddi Email:

2012 May 2012 - Dec 2012 House Project 120 m2 Location: Punta del Este , Uruguay Client: Francisco Pachelo

2013 Mar 2013 - May 2013 Sculpture Exhibition (1st Prize) “La Real Fabrica de Arte” Location: Buenos Aires, AR Website:

Music Auditorium and Exhibition Hall Ago 2011 - Nov 2011 Draft Project for Warehouse (100m2) Location: Mar de Ajo, Buenos Aires Client: Santiago Ramos Mejia Email: Artist´s Ateliers and Exhibition Room Housing Project 2D Man 3D Woman Ninja Fight

Urban Project at Matadero Sphere Social Housing Project Three Balls

Ago 2013 House Project (600m2) Location: Pilar, Buenos Aires Client: Antonia Robirosa Email:

SPHERE The original idea of the sculpture hypothesized that using curved pieces as modules, would complete a perfect. This idea was the result of observing the curvature of plow discs that were traditionally used to cultivate the land, which are now obsolete. Using these iron disks bought in a scrap yard and welding them together would create the spherical shape by itself. Curved discs placed one after the other, generates the sphere. Of course, this generating idea was not at all easily obtained. Due to the excessive weight of the discs, I had to build an internal iron structure that would be able to support the weight of the iron discs. Otherwise, the whole structure would collapse under its own weight. This meant that I had to disarm what I had already materialized and start all over again, which was in fact a lesson of life. In a certain way it is important to start all over again. At the same time, this internal structure served as a mold for the resulting shape which was a complete homogeneous sphere. It was a great surprise for me to be able to enter into the sculpture, and watch the light rays coming from outside. This was a very interesting experience. Also in April 2013, I was invited to an exhibition organized by “La Real Fabrica de Arte Latinoamericano� to present the sculpture for 3 days in an art gallery. It was a great experience and I was very pleased because the sculpture won the 1st prize given at the end of the exhibition.

Technical Description

Dimensions: 2 m diameter Weight: 1000 kg Materiality: Iron Technique: Welding Year: May 2012-2013

THREE BALLS After completing the so called Sphere I decided to continue my search by repeating the same method of welding discs to get a new form. This time using iron flat discs of 10 cm in diameter. The challenge this time was to generate curves starting from a flat object. At the same time, the absence of an internal structure allowed me to get free from a prescribed form in order to improvise according to the development of the work. The central idea of this sculpture is representing three spheres trying to separate one of the others. It´s interesting what happens when you put a light inside the sculpture. Due to the spaces between the discs, shadows are projected in all direction generating different shapes. The sculpture will be presented in April 2014 in an art exhibition organized by Arnet in the Cube Museum in Vicente Lopez, San Isidro.

Technical Description

Dimensions: 1.9 m x 0.9 m Weight: 110 kg Materiality: Iron Technique: Welding Year: 2013

n order o maximize the views and lighting. In t

Ninja Fight

3D Woman

2D Man

HOUSE PROJECT Project designed for Francisco Pachelo. The investor in this project is a young business man. Francisco bought a plot in a large country club, forecasting that the price on the property would rise. His initial idea was to build a modest house and to sell it immediately. As the project advanced, however, Francisco became more and more enthusiastic about it and planned to inhabit the house for a couple of years. Finally, the project was approved, but it was suspended for lack of funds.

HOUSE PROJECT Project designed for Francisco Pachelo Fase II

AGUARA GUAZU In the city of Entre Rios, in a town called Esquina , we designed a fishing lodge on the edge of the Parana River. The main intention of this project is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for guests. The architecture of this hotel attempts to blend in with the environment, seeking harmony between nature and man. Orientations and long views to the river are prioritized to enjoy the sunsets.

FERMINAO BAR In this case the owner asked me and my associated to transform an old commercial pizza bar in to a trendy bar and restaurant. We had to re do the whole place and provide the proper facilities for a modern kitchen. The bar is the main attraction of the place and the illumination was made with LED strips behind the bottles to make the bottles transparency stand out.

ATELIERS On a plot of 390 m2 we had to design four ateliers for artists and an exhibition hall for future samples. These ateliers had to include a small bedroom and a kitchen. We opted to place on the 1st floor all ateliers in order to have better views and also protect the privacy of artists, leaving the ground floor for the showroom with its own bar and other services. Small courtyards give light and ventilation to all rooms. In addition, the workspace in double height generates a better environment to encourage creativity.


MP This axonometric was generated for a course called “Project Materialization�. There is special attention to the construction details and its representation. This building has concrete structure and a surrounding courting wall. The objective has to achieve skills in technical documentation.

MODERN DANCE SCHOOL The Dance School project involved six rehearsal rooms: Main Hall, Library, Coffee shop. The main idea was to organize the program around a central courtyard that would provide light and ventilation to every space and group services and circulation to optimize the operation of the building. At the same time, this central courtyard served as a meeting place for students, and also as a rehearsal room for summer. The connection between the external patio and the building is a staircase in this main space in the building.


RESIDENTIAL HOUSING PROJECT The Residential Housing Project is a project with apartments of three bedrooms that develops on three floors, counting the top floor with private rooftop for the third level apartments. The entrance to the building is through the ground floor. In the lobby reception, one can find control and management office, the elevator and the staircase. All areas of the building have natural lighting and ventilation in accordance with the provisions of the code of buildings.

RESIDENTIAL HOUSING PROJECT This residential housing is organized in two parallel buildings, generating a central space between them. Each unity is projected in duplex with cross ventilation in order to maximize the views and lighting. In the ground floor it is possible to enjoy a green space that stimulates people to share common spaces.

MATADERO The urban intervention was conducted in the old slaughterhouse (Matadero) of the city of Buenos Aires. In an area of 33 hectares we had to create a metropolitan park which would have the capacity of reminding what had happened there before. Taking into account the vast historical baggage involved, we decided to maintain and restore the greatest number of elements of the place in order to generate in the people an immediate association with the memory of the site.

Lucas Miguens  


Lucas Miguens