Mojave River Review Vol 3 No 2 Fall/Winter 2017

Page 85

David S. Atkinson The Flavor of that Brach’s Milk Maid Royal Was Either Memory or Prophecy, though that was Overwhelmed by Vanilla Caramel MY UNCLE HANDED OUT CANDY from a coffin at the end of his driveway one Halloween. Scared the shit out of me. He dressed as a vampire and popped out when anyone walked by. I raced past to the house only to have to turn back to actually get candy, which I'm sure he thought was funny. I remember as one of many things that shouldn't have frightened me but did, masks and haunted houses and such, but then I thought how he didn't live long after, ran a car in his garage. Was I afraid because he was decked out as dead‌or could I see where his life was going? It was probably nothing. I was scared by many ridiculous things then. Still, I keep wondering if there might have been more.