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Hi Friends, Thanks for joining my FREE Make Money Online Course. As I already stated in that video, this course is entirely structured to help the newbie’s in Internet Marketing (IM). I had planned to get you from the novice to expert in IM. Let me introduce myself I am Mohamed Buhari, from India. I am not a native English speaker. So please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes. I started Internet Marketing at Apr 2011 during my college final year. While I first started IM, some of my friends told me that IM is fake. There were a lot of scams available in IM. But I believe that I can able to earn money online. In the IM road, if we choose the right path, we can reach our goal. But choosing the right path is the biggest thing without knowing anything behind. Initially I read a lot of EBooks, saw videos from Experts and learnt a lot. I spent nearly 6 months just to learn the basic things. I don’t have any mentors, anybody to guide me, more over there was lot of restrictions in India regarding Online transactions. But I faced all the problems, learnt in that too and reach my goals. The IM industry is an Ocean. To learn all the tactics is not that so easy. There was a variety of methodologies used. More important the Internet world is changing every day. So we have to be up to date in our area. I am going to provide this course to a wide variety of audience from various places. And also this course is not a single guide. This will be a weekly course. As the audience is wide variety, I planned to cover all the most important methods to earn online in every week. So guys, if you feel any of my method won’t suit for you due to any reason, don’t worry, you have more methods. Even though I teach you all the most important thing, I want you guys to do some basic web research initially. This is to improve your self-learning capacity. It will help you to grasp things easily in the future. I already told in that video that you have to put some effort to earn money. I am going to guide you to build your Online Business. This is your Business. You have to work on it to bring it up. I will tell you What to do? And How to do easily?

Action Takers = Winners If you didn’t take any action after this course, you will be the loser. So first of all before get into the course you have to believe that you can achieve the goal. “If faith in ourselves had been more extensively taught and practiced, I am sure a very large portion of the evils and miseries that we have would have vanished” “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” - Swami Vivekananda So believe that you can. And act upon that. Definitely you CAN. So let’s start to learn.

I decided to teach you from the basic in Make Money Online and gradually move to the advance topics. First let’s see what the most basic legit ways to Make Money Online are. 1) Create and sell your own product 2) Sell service to online & offline business 3) Affiliate Marketing Apart from these there are a lot of ways to make money online. But they require advanced tactics. So we rely on these. Marketing on the Internet has 3 ways. 1) Whitehat Marketing(Legal Ways) 2) Blackhat Marketing(Illegal Ways) 3) Grayhat Marketing(Mixer of both) Whitehat Marketing is the way for legit and long term process. Blackhat Marketing won’t help you for a long term process and also it has some problems, such as account banning, DMCA act, etc. Grayhat sometimes help, but sometimes won’t. So we will stick with Whitehat for most of the times. In this week we will just cover the basics to Make Money Online and things need to setup our Online Business.

Create and sell your own product: The title says everything. You may wonder what product I can create, I can’t able to create any products. Don’t panic I have solution for that. Before that, Product creation is the process of creating an Ebook, Video Product, Softwares, Themes, Apps, Plugins, etc. You can create Ebooks and Video Products in any niche (category), such as Dog Training, Weight Loss, etc whatever you are expert at. Think what you are good at. For Ex, If you are good at Dog Training then you can create a Product about “How to Train Your dogs to Obey” , If you know how to earn more coins and levels in any game, then you can create a product on that. To your knowledge, I earned my first Money Online from my own Ebook, even though I am not good at writing. If you know programming, then you can create any Softwares, Themes, Apps, Plugins, etc. This is a huge market and never gets saturate. I will guide you to places where to get product ideas, where to sell products, etc in detail in the upcoming weeks. I know some of you thinking that, I don’t have enough time or knowledge to create a product. Don’t worry for that too I will guide you to get your own products easily without doing any creation work.

Sell service to Online & Offline business: From this title you can ask me, what are the services I can sell? How can I find clients? There were a number of services to be sold. I will teach you how to find the clients too. Few lists of services to be sold is 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)

SEO Web Design Backlink Creation Social Media Marketing Lead Generation Reputation Management Graphics Design & Logo Design, etc

The list was huge. I know you telling “Buhari are you kidding? I don’t know any of these services. How can I sell this?” Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any of this. I will explain in detail How to setup the entire business model and enjoy the profit without doing any of the above service by your own.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing was alone a huge concept. In short Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. In this, we are the Affiliates and we get paid for our effort to bring customers to others business. This is the most profitable business and also most loveable business by most marketers. Because Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require any product creation or upgradation. If one offer doesn’t convert well, then switch to others easily. Ok, where to find the affiliate products to promote? There are number of marketplaces which offer various products in various niches. There was marketplace for digital products which pays you high commission (50% - 100%) and also there was marketplace for physical products which pays you low commission (4%-8%) but converts in huge volume. And also there was networks which is called as CPA (Cost Per Action). To know more about CPA generally visit here. We can able to generate massive amount from CPA Marketing quickly and also easily.

Course Structure: In this course we will start with the Affiliate Marketing, CPA and then move to Selling services to both Online and Offline Business and finally move to create our own product. The basic things you need to build your Online Business, you need a Website, CPA accounts and few more accounts. I will cover all the things to Build your website, get some

CPA accounts, etc. To get approved in a CPA network we need a Professional Email id (ie) not like Because most CPA networks accept only serious and experienced marketers. We should looks like them, in order to get accepted. Let’s get in... So now I am going to show you how to get a website. Now it’s time to choose your domain name. We have to decide wisely for our domain name selection. Because we don’t want to spend more money initially. We have to reduce our investment as much as possible. The most important thing in Make Money Online is to drive targeted traffic. So we should focus in one niche to get targeted traffic. To get targeted traffic we have to focus on keyword research. Without proper keyword research, we can’t able to make good money. While keyword research we come to know whether there was a need for that product, there was buyer’s for that product. Don’t worry Google help us to find all these things. Before that we need to choose the niche and the product. We have two options to choose Digital product or physical product. I am giving you 22 Evergreen niches. 12 Need Niches: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Weight Loss/Fat Loss Make Money/Make Money Online Debt Relief Muscle Gain Divorce Natural Healing Get Rid of A Disease Stress Reduction Dating Astrology Parenting Self Defence

10 Hobby Niches: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Learning an instrument/singing Playing a sport better Cooking Guns Video Games Cars/Vehicles Outdoors Home Improvement Pets and Animals Technology

We are going to focus in the Need Niche - Weight Loss/Fat Loss. You can choose anything which you know well. If you don’t know any of this, simply follow me. So now we had chosen our niche. Now we have to find the products. There are a lot of places to find products in this niche. I am giving you few marketplaces. 1) 2) 3) 4)

Clickbank (Digital products in all niches) MoreNiche(Mostly physical products in Health Niche) Markethealth(Mostly physical products in Health Niche) ClickSure (Both Physical & Digital products in all niches)

Now we will focus on MoreNiche and choose a good product. So visit MoreNiche and Join for Free. Once you join, login using the affiliate login button in the top. Then visit the Get Links place to view the available offers.

Have a look at the above picture. When we hover over the merchant name, it shows the join date. If we choose an old product, we have more competition, but more customers search. If we choose new products, we have less competition, but less customers search. For example I choose “Meratol”, which was a Fat Loss Supplement. So click the “Get Link” button near the product name(below the tools) and you will get a unique link like just copy that and save in a notepad. Now we are going to look for an aged Domain. Factors that need to be considered when searching for your Domain: Age Must Be At Least 1 Year Old or Must have at least 100 Backlinks or a PageRank. There are many ways to find a Domain with these requirements, but i am going to share with what i use on a daily basis. My TOP choice is a website called Expired Domains Click Here. This is a free Domain checker and its a «Gold Mine!» You can join for free or just check the site without registering.

The advantage of registering is that you will find thousands more expired domains to search for. Once on the site click on deleted Domains Now we want to choose domains related to our offer. In this example I choose “Meratol” and search that keyword.

You will then notice the Domains with the most Backlinks or with the higher Pagerank will appear at the top. And also few domains which already have Alexa ranking. Which means they already receiving some traffics. Don’t bother about the extensions. Because we focus on quality articles to get our best results. On the right you will see when the domain expired and if it’s still free to register. Now, here’s something people don’t realize....I have found a few Domains that were marked as registered, but in fact they were available to purchase! So when choosing your Domain, make sure it has at least 1000 backlinks, or a Pagerank 1+ If you are lucky you might even find a domain that has both of these! Ok So now you must double check to see if the Domain you have chosen is available. I register all my domains at here, its Free to join and easy to manage your account. Click here to sign up, Paste or type in your desired domain, if it’s available, Click on add Go to check out and pay! There you have you Domain, ready to go to the next stage! Now we need to add this Domain to your Hosting account. I use the one of the cheap and best hosting here, very easy to work. This service will cost you $7.99 a month for the Baby Plan, and you can add unlimited domains! Click here if you need a hosting account. You can use coupon code “SPECIALDISCOUNT4U” to get the first month for $0.01. While you have signup, you need to add your domain name. Once you created an hosting account and added your domain, You can create Email id’s like from the Cpanel of your hosting You can access your Email at and also set autoresponder, forward, etc. Now that you have added your Domain, we will need to change the name servers on your domain. Nameservers will be mailed to you once you have signed up for hosting. Log back into your Godaddy

account, click on My Account....Then Click on Domains Once you see your chosen Domain click on Launch Your Domain manager will open, then choose your domain and then click the Nameservers and then set nameservers

Select custom Nameservers and place the two Nameservers received in the mail from Hosting. Then save, that’s it. Now we have configured the DNS.

Now we are you going to setup the website using Wordpress. So we have to install Wordpress first. Watch this video to know how to install Wordpress. In the description write something catchy related to own website, such as “Meratol Diet Pills Reviews & Results”. Once all done visit the dashboard. Don’t create any blogpost. Before that we need to change some good looking theme. I had included a list of few Free themes. Choose anyone from that and download that. Follow the image below Appearance->Install themes->Uploads>Browse->select the theme zip file downloaded before->Install->Activate.

For this example I am going to use “Mflat” theme. Once activated, visit our site in a new tab. Now we have to remove unwanted widgets. Go to Widgets and remove the default Meta, Categories, etc from the sidebar by just drag and drop to the main window as shown in the below picture. Similarly drag and drop Text widget to the sidebar and name the title as “Related Links”. I will tell you what to do with this later.

Now we have to delete the default post and page. So go to Post->Trash, similar to Page.

Then go to Plugins, then click Add button. We have to install few plugins for an efficient site. Just search the below plugins and activate one by one. 1. All In One SEO Pack 2. Wp-Insert 3. Contact Form 7 4. Google Analyticator 5. Google XML Sitemaps 6. Theme Authenticity Checker 7. W3 Total Cache 8. Bad Behavior 9. Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds 10. Contextual Related Posts 11. WPtouch 12. Really Simple CAPTCHA Once all the plugins activated some of the plugins such as “All In One SEO Pack” needs to be enabled in the option. Just visit the settings and enable it. Then we have to change the permalink. Go to Settings->Permalink->Choose Post Name->Save. Then we have to add some ping sites to get our posts pinged. Wordpress do this default with only one site. We just add two more. Copy it put it in your site in the setting under writing. Down in the Writing Setting you have "Update Services" paste in there and save. That's it, WordPress will do the rest. Some suggest more ping list. But that’s not needed and also get your site risk of pinging more. That’s it. Now it’s time to add content.

For our purpose content is the king. You have to write the content very carefully or outsource the entire content creation for better result, if you are not that much good at writing. If you decided to write own content, then I have some points for your attention. We have to choose the keywords to get the articles written. We will focus on some basic things. We have to use the titles of the posts wisely with the keywords. The 5 basic titles that I have the most success for digital product (EBook) are: "Product Name EBook Review" "Product Name by Author Name" "Product Name + Software" "Product Name + Ebook" "Product Name - Is It a Scam?" For physical products such as “Meratol� I ll show you a better and simple way to get keywords. Just visit Google and type our product name.

From the above two pictures we got nearly 6 keywords. You have to add "Product Name - Is It a Scam?" "Product Name – Does it work?" "Don’t buy Product Name until you read this." I am suggest you to visit to get more keyword suggestions. Writing Own: You need to start thinking "quality over quantity" rather than the reverse. When writing these articles, I try to personalize everything. You are not creating a sales letter. This needs to be an objective review that warms the reader up and softly leads them to clicking over to the product page. Don't worry about hype, the product page will do this for you. Instead, tell the reader about your personal experience and how this product helped you. When writing your articles, you want to be the least spammy as possible. Your reader’s don’t want to see a sales copy when they click on your article. Instead, take great care in making sure your article is personable and relative to the topic.

Many people like to flood their articles with affiliate links in the form of anchor texts(keyword with a clickable link which has our affiliate link). I find this yet again, to be a sign of a spammy sales copy, something a potential buyer will spot miles away. There’s just something about most people that will cause them to shy away once they find out you are going to profit in any way from a sale they make. So you want to make the article as normal and unsuspecting as possible. Simply talk about the product, who created it, a little bit about the author, why it's better than other products on the market and how it personally helped you. Once your article is complete, simply place one link at the bottom in the form of something like: "When it comes to (article topic here), I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called (Anchor Text with affiliate link here) Check it out!" This will make you come across as a normal person simply supplying a link to the product site out of good nature. You can also place one link at the beginning of the article using the product name as the anchor text. I highly recommend average of 2% keyword density. Outsourcing the Articles: I will show you some cheap place to get your content written. I will show you a place to get cheap and quality articles. is the place to get those for five dollars. Signup for a Free account and then Visit here to view different sellers. Choose only one seller and hire him/her to write all of our articles. Remember we need more than 5 -10 articles. So if you feels the budget goes high, then you will go to and hire somebody for all the articles for one price. Don’t forget to tell them that you need unique, copyscape passed article for our affiliate site. So that they will write articles according to that. Pages: Wait for few days to get the articles if outsourced. Once you get it, review it and satisfied, then proceed to post. First we have to create few pages that are required for Google. They are 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

About us Privacy policy Disclaimer Contact us Terms and Conditions Copyright Notice

So Go to Pages->Add New->Create empty pages with the title above each. Just put the tile and click publish. We had installed plugins to take care of few things. So go to Wp-Insert>Setup Legal Pages->Assign Page(s)->Click the Arrow

You will get a pop up which shows two columns, in the right side it shows al the pages you had created. Just click the “+� near the appropriate page and click ok.

Similarly do this for all the pages except “About Us” and “Contact Us”. Don’t forget to change the year in the Copyright page. Then finally save the settings using the big save button. Below the Save Changes button, fill the form and click submit to get a free backlink. In the About Us page write something about you, why you create this website (just tell that you want to provide honest review for that product), etc. Contact Form: We have to create the contact form. Visit Contact->Edit, you will see like below.

Click Generate Tag->Captcha. Copy the Captcha code rounded in the right side and paste in the fields in the left side. And also you can set the Email id to which you want to receive the messages, if anybody fills the form. Finally click save. You will get a short code like this above that form. [contact-form-7 id="14" title="Contact form 1"] Simply copy that and paste in the “Contact Us” page and publish. Please do check for every pages you created works perfectly. Check the contact form, that you receive Email correctly by submitting random messages.

Blog Posts: Now we are going to post the articles which we have in the post section. Do similarly as you create the About Us page. Don’t post all the articles at a time. Just two per day. You have to use the banners of that product between the posts, from the resources links in the MoreNiche. Make sure you copy the entire link and paste, as it becomes clickable. Within few days, we will post all the articles. So we had finish our first niche website. Now it’s time to submit our site to Search Engines. Site Submission: Visit and submit your website in the following sites.

Once you submitted your site, then visit here and submit your website with the main keyword such as “Meratol Reviews” and select maximum number of pages to create from the drop down button. Guys I hope you all do these things in this week and give some time to get our articles indexed in Search Engines. You check that by searching Google as “”. I finish this session with this. Hope you guys Learned and Enjoyed my course a lot. If you feel it worth, please share my video in Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, etc and help your friends to join and get benefit. Ok guys, Next

week I will teach you how to rank your site easy in Google to get more visitors, by creating Quality backlinks and some sneaky methods. Until that bye. All The Best... Ps: If you got this guide not from my website, then you can’t able to get the continuations. So I request you to visit my website to get the full course at . For Your Success, Facebook: (Add me and send message, I will add you to the Secret new FB group) Skype: vbatechnologies

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