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“Health & Wellness Redefined”

S.E.E.D.S "As the Health and Wellness Industry continues to evolve, it is the intention of Majestic Aromas to:" 1. Support the community by facilitating safe fundraising programs 2. Expand existing product lines and opportunities 3. Establish new services based on client request/demand 4. Demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction



5. Steady prices in an unstable environment. These SEEDS will help our business grow into a vibrant, healthy entity. Providing fruit and fragrant blossoms from which you, too, can prosper.





Chamomile Blend

Green Tea

Oatmeal Blend

Citrus Lavender

Sufi Meadows

Lemon Grass Tea




(Sensitive skin)

Nubian Rose Blend


Natures Forest

Nubian Peppermint




WHOLESALE SOAPS FOR PRIVATE LABEL USE . Majestic Aromas is a premier producer of specialty crafted soaps made with a minimum of 85% organic ingredients. We offer our production ability and formulation knowledge to companies seeking to add natural, herbal bar soaps to their offerings, whether for sale or for promotional and marketing use. Majestic Aromas’s products and practices are certified by the Department of Agriculture in accordance with the USDA’s National Organic Program. We offer two private label soap options. 1) READY-TO-SHIP BARS: For customers needing fewer than 500 bars per order - Choose from 12 varieties - Minimums of only 72 bars (you can mix & match blends to reach the total) - Price breaks with each volume increase - 100% recycled white or brown boxes are available and perfectly fit our bars - Ships within 1 business day. 2) CONTRACT PRODUCTION: For clients needing custom formulations and/or large volumes. - Custom scent and color options - Minimums of only 350 bars per blend (though we specialize in orders of 2,000 to 20,000) - High flexibility for short run production -We can assist with sourcing your packaging and printing options. SOAPS FOR RETAIL STORES . Majestic Aromas also offers a line of packaged soaps sold under our own exclusive label. The bars come packaged in 100% recycled brown (Kraft) boxes with full color labels, ingredients listings, and bar codes. If you prefer not to deal with your own packaging and your business could benefit from selling certified organic specialty soaps, please contact us about this option.

RETURN POLICIES Majestic Aromas is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If your purchase does not fulfill your needs for any reason, you can return your item for an exchange. Simply contact us to receive instructions on returning your purchase. The following conditions apply: • Shipping is non-refundable. • Items purchased originally with Free Shipping will have standard ground shipping fees deducted from the refund.





SOAP HISTORY Based amidst the pure fields, trees, mountains, deserts and streams of Northern Sudan, we are inspired by our majestic surroundings and strive to bring a little bit of that wonder to each and every bar we make. Our commitment to pure, ethical, cr uelty-free, and environmentally sustainable business practices ensures that all our hand-crafted soaps are truly 100% natural - made from safe, botanical, environmentally sustainable ingredients that will make all the difference for both your skin and our planet. We also believe that the standard of Natural is not enough. That is why we certified our products and company under the USDA National Organic Program. With this standard, you can know (and we can prove) that the soap you receive from us contains a minimum of 85% organic ingredients.

SCIENCE AND ART. Precision makes good soap. So does experience. Majestic Aromas’s base recipe, crafted for over 15 years, is an exact blend of pure, certified organic vegetable oils carefully balanced for proper fatty acid content. The result is a soap that cleanses with a rich and moisturizing lather, useable even by even those with serious skin sensitivities. Too many soaps are boring. Blending essential oils and organic herbs into unique varieties is a true art. Just because we use soaps every day doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy the experience each time. With over 12 varieties, Majestic Aromas has a soap for each person, each mood, each season, and each day. We also offer our extensive formulation experience to you if you need a custom blend for your soap.

ONE STEP AT A TIME. In addition to our pledge toward environmentally sustainable business practice and product, Majestic Aromas with the help of the MOER Foundation supports select organizations that share our love for children and seek to help kids, both here in the United States and abroad, whose circumstances are less fortunate than ours. With over 12 unique blends, Majestic Aromas has a soap for every person. Organic herbs and perfectly crafted essential oil blends create soaps as pure and bright as Pink Grapefruit, as smooth as Caribbean Spice, and as subtly complex as Lemongrass Tea. You can choose from over 12 blends, or we can work together with you to create your own blends of organic soap. Any soap we produce has a minimum organic content of 85%.


Contact Detail: Email:

Soaps of the Month OATMEAL Unique character: 2 essential oils; ORGANIC whole and ground oats; ORGANIC ground cloves LAVENDER Unique character: pure lavender essential oil for calming; ORGANIC comfrey root powder PEPPERMINT Unique character: 2 essential oils; ORGANIC peppermint leaf; chlorophyll for color


Majestic Aromas provides quality natural bar soaps for private label use. We are certified under the USDA National Organic Program by the Department of Agriculture. We offer two ways to purchase soaps for private label use: 1. Purchase “Ready-To-Ship” bars! or

2. Schedule with us for custom production

1. PURCHASE READY-TO-SHIP BARS • Choose from 12 different soap blends (4 oz. bars; dimensions: 3.5”x2”x1”). • You can mix & match soap blends (must be in multiples of 6). For example: an order of 72 bars may be 6 different soap blends at 12 units each, or 3 different soap blends at 24 units each, etc. • Orders usually ship the same day and always within 1-2 business days. • Shipping averages $0.20 - $0.26/bar.

Ready-To-Ship Soap Prices:! ! Bars Price per Bar



Not sure how to begin with Ready-ToShip Bars? Try these easy solutions: • Order online. Our website has an easy-to-use shopping cart where you can choose the soaps you want, and then add boxes and labels. • Many people begin with a 72 Bar Starter Set (6 bars of each of our 12 soap blends) • Call us! We’ll gladly help.

(prices are for 4 oz. soap bars; packaging priced separately)














(soaps made to order)

We will work with you to customize your soap using a wide variety of essential oils and herbs. • Low minimums: only 350 bars per soap blend; order each blend in multiples of 350. • Requires 4-8 week lead time (depending on packaging option). • High volume capacity (20,000+). • We can discuss packaging options that best suit your needs. • • Custom Production Soap Prices:! (prices are for 4 oz. soap bars; packaging priced separately) Bars Price per Bar









WHAT DOES PRIVATE LABEL REALLY MEAN? In summary, Private Label Soap from Majestic Aromas means that we provide products for you to sell with your own brand. NO BRANDING REQUIREMENTS • •

We do not require that you use, display, or even mention our company. Once you buy from us, the soap becomes yours.

LABELING REQUIREMENTS •! The FDA does not have labeling requirements for skin soap whose purpose is cleaning (the main purpose of soap). You do not need to include ingredients, although we recommend it for customer confidence. •! If you make functionality claims beyond cleaning, such as calling the product “moisturizing soap,” then you have ventured into the realm of cosmetics and need to follow additional regulations. Since we’re a soap company, we can no longer help you with label advice if you go in this direction. •! You don’t even need a label and may sell bulk, unlabeled soap if that is best suited to your business strategy. •! For organic claims, soap falls into the “made with organic...” category, which means a product’s organic content is between 70% and 94%. All Majestic Aromas Soaps are at least 85% organic (it is not chemically possible to go higher than 85-87%). Specific labeling rules related to “made with organic...” products can be found on the USDA’s website. LABEL & PACKAGING DESIGN We can supply 100% recycled boxes that perfectly fit our soaps (white or Kraft brown). • The boxes are blank and contain no printing. • We can supply blank stickers that fit the boxes. They come on 8.5 x 11 sheets, and you can • print on them from your own computer. •! The ingredients list for our soaps can be found on our website. The link is on the left hand side of the page near the bottom. •! If you need graphic design work or assistance with your labels, we provide this service for $75/hour with a 1 hour minimum. •! We can help with custom printed boxes for orders over 5,000 bars.


PRIVATE LABEL PACKAGING OPTIONS This soap we make and sell is for your private label use. We provide all the resources you need for your own private label soap, including soap bars, boxes, labels, and templates. You can find all these on our website (, where we ship all orders within 1-2 business days.

100% Recycled Boxes (blank; for use with your label) • • • • •

Perfectly fitted to our bars; boxes open at each end. Choose from white or Kraft brown. When you add boxes to your order, we package all the bars into them for you. Add labels to make the soaps your brand. $0.20/box (includes having us insert all the bars into the boxes for you).

Label Stickers • • • •! •!

Come on 8.5 x 11 sheets. Choose rectangle or oval labels for the front and back of the boxes. For quantities under 500 labels, by printing your own labels, you 50-75% of the cost of commercial printing. Average cost of our labels is only $0.10. If you need more than 500 labels, we can help you get the best cost commercial printing.

Label Templates (blank or pre-designed) •! Use blank label templates (size guides) to create your own design from scratch. Pre-designed Templates Coming Soon... •! Use pre-designed templates (more than 25 to choose from) to customize one of our existing designs to your brand. •! Pre-designed templates are FREE to our customers.

Printed Soap Boxes • Available for orders of 2,500 bars or more (per design). • This is the most cost effective option for orders of 20,000 or more. When you order larger quantities of boxes to reach the price breaks, we will store them for you for free. You can simply order the amount of soap you need in smaller quantities, and we will already have the boxes on hand to fill your order each time. •! We will work closely with you from start to finish on your custom packaging project.


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