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September 2011 Vol. 32 Issue 9

Modesto Shines: A brighter, more beautiful future for Modesto New Members

Work In Progress

Ribbon Cuttings

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2545 W. Hammer Lane 9 am - 8 pm


600 Coffee Rd. (1st floor) 8 am - 8 pm (Mon.-Fri.) 8 am - 6 pm (Sat.-Sun.)


1015 East Main St. 8 am - 7 pm

Co ver Sto ry

Modesto Shines: A brighter, more beautiful future for Modesto



Ralph Curtis, Curtis Legal Group

Chairman Elect

David Gianelli, Gianelli & Associates

Co m m u ni ty D evel o pm en t

Vice Chairman of Internal Operations Eric Benson, JS West & Company

Vice Chairman of External Operations Kathy Halsey, Individual Member

Vice Chairman of Member Relations David Halvorson, American Chevrolet

Vice Chairman of Events & Special Projects Doug Johnson, Reach Business Systems, Inc.


Lynn Dickerson, Gallo Center for the Arts Dan Garcia, Tri Counties Bank Pat Gillum, Pat Gillum, CPA Neal Khatri, Best Western Khatri Properties Craig Lewis, Prudential California Realty Sharon Likely, Kaiser Permanente Mike Moradian, Peace of Mind Home Inspections Bill Moreno, Fire 2 Wire Ron Owen, Bank of the West Suzy Powell, Individual Member Chris Ricci, Chris Ricci Presents Laura Ward, Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions Jeremiah Williams, Oak Crafts by Jeremiah


Bill Bassitt, The Alliance George Boodrookas, Modesto Junior College Keith Boggs, Leadership Modesto David Boring, Never Boring Design Associates Greg Nyhoff, City of Modesto

Announcements Awards and Achievements

9 15

Eco n o m i c D evel o pm en t

New Member Profiles People On the Move Land of Opportunity Work In Progress

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Chamber Staff

Cecil Russell, President/CEO Minnie Dodge, Administrative Manager Sharon Novotny, Accountant Nita Gruendeman, Membership Sales Manager Elizabeth Facanha, Special Events Manager Meagan Lopez, Administrative Assistant Melissa Morrison, Membership Service/Gov’t Relations Specialist

About Progress...

Postmaster: Send address changes to: PROGRESS, P.O. Box 844, Modesto, CA 95353. Editorial opinions are not necessarily those of the Board of Directors or members of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce. Chamber members may submit news by contacting: Progress Editor, email, P.O. Box 844, Modesto, CA 95353, (209) 577-5757, fax (209) 577-2673. Inquiries about ad rates, please contact Kristin Bowker at (209) 526-9136. Deadline is the 5th of each month for news and advertisements for the following month’s publication (news published at the discretion of the Editor on a first come, first served, space available basis).


Modesto Chamber of Commerce (209) 577-5757 •

N e tw o r ki n g A nd R e fe r r a l s

Business Before and After Hours New Chamber Members Ribbon Cuttings Chamber Calendar

A mb assad or C o r n er The Ambassador Program has been an excellent tool for connecting with local

Graphic Design

business owners and managers. It is a very low pressure and nonthreatening way to

Never Boring Design Associates (209) 526-9136 •

meet key members of the business community. You get the opportunity to not only


see how their businesses function, but a better understanding of what they do and

Parks Printing (209) 576-2568 •

how they do it. I have found it interesting learning new things about businesses that


Parks Printing (209) 576-2568

Advertising Sales

Kristin Bowker Never Boring Design Associates (209) 526-9136 •

14 15 18 22

Aaron Kellums

I thought I knew all about. My company, C.A. Reding and I are proud to be part of

the Ambassador Program. Aaron Kellums – C.A. Reding Company, The Valley’s Premier Document Solutions and Office Equipment Provider (209) 968-4001.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement

To promote the region’s economic strengths and vitality; identify and promote services that are valuable to our members; advocate for public policy that is advantageous to the business community; and fully participate and partner in activities to improve quality of life.

PROGRESS MAGAZINE 1114 J Street • Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 577-5757 • (209) 571-6480 • Fax (209) 577-2673 •

SEPT 2011


government relations

y ou r c ha mb er a t w ork The Modesto Chamber of Commerce has an active Government Relations Council and that studies and review bills in our State Legislature that affect business. After review and presentation to the Chamber Board of Directors, the Board takes a position on these bills. This column reflects the decision of our Board. Thank you, Cecil Russell, President & CEO

BILL NAME AND AUTHOR AB 22 Tony Mendoza; D-Norwalk Employment: Credit Reports.

AB 350 Jose Solorio; D-Anaheim Displaced Janitor Opportunity Act.

AB 375 Nancy Skinner; D-Berkley Workers' compensation: hospital employees: presumption.

AB 1155 Luis Alejo; D-Salinas Workers' compensation.

AB 1239 Warren T. Furutani; D-Long Beach Personal income tax: rates.

SB 568 Alan Lowenthal; D-Long Beach Recycling: polystyrene food containers.






This bill would prohibit an employer, with the exception of certain financial institutions, from obtaining a consumer credit report, as defined, for employment purposes unless the information is (1) substantially job-related, meaning that the position of the person for whom the report is sought has access to money, other assets or confidential information, and (2) the position of the person for whom the report is sought is a position in the state Department of Justice, a managerial position, that of a sworn peace officer or other law enforcement position or a position for which the information contained in the report is required to be disclosed by law or to be obtained by the employer.

Hampers Employment Decisions - Unfairly limits private employers’ ability to use consumer credit reports for legitimate employment purposes, unless the information in the report is “substantially job-related” and for a "managerial position."



8/17/11 Read second time. Ordered to third reading on 8/29/11 #235 S-ASSEMBLY BILLS-THIRD READING FILE

This bill would rename the act the Displaced Property Service Employee Opportunity Act and make the provisions of the act applicable to property services, which would consist of licensed security, as defined, window cleaning, food cafeteria and dietary services , janitorial services, and cleaning-related or light building maintenance services. This bill would exclude from the definitions of "contractor" and "subcontractor" specified types of food service providers. The bill also would make conforming changes.

Costly Employee Retention Mandate Inappropriately alters the employment relationship by requiring any successor contractor for “property services,” defined as licensed security, cleaning-related or light building maintenance, window cleaning or food cafeteria services, to retain employees of the former contractor for a minimum of 60 days and thereafter offer continued employment unless the employees’ performance during that period was unsatisfactory.



8/22/11 S-APPR. Do pass as amended.

Existing law provides that an injury of an employee arising out of and in the course of employment is generally compensable through the workers' compensation system. Existing law provides that, in the case of certain public employees, the term "injury" includes heart trouble, hernia, pneumonia, human immunodeficiency virus, lower back impairment, and other injuries and diseases. This bill would provide, with respect to hospital employees who provide direct patient care in an acute care hospital, that the term "injury" includes a bloodborne infectious disease, as defined, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that develops or manifests itself during the period of the person's employment with the hospital. This bill contains other related provisions.

Costly Employee Retention Mandate Inappropriately alters the employment relationship by requiring any successor contractor for “property services,” defined as licensed security, cleaning-related or light building maintenance, window cleaning or food cafeteria services, to retain employees of the former contractor for a minimum of 60 days and thereafter offer continued employment unless the employees’ performance during that period was unsatisfactory.



8/25/11 From committee: Do pass. (Ayes 6. Noes 3.) (August 25).

Existing law establishes a workers' compensation system, administered by the Administrative Director of the Division of Workers' Compensation, to compensate an employee for injuries sustained in the course of his or her employment. This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to prohibit the use of risk factors and specified characteristics to deny an injured worker his or her rightful benefit when disabled in the workplace. The bill would also state the intent of the Legislature to prohibit the apportionment of risk factors and characteristics without prohibiting the apportionment of documentable pre existing non industrial causes of disability or holding an employer liable for any percentage of permanent disability not directly caused by an injury arising out of and occurring in the course of employment . This bill contains other related provisions and other existing laws.

Erodes Workers' Comp Reforms Increases costs and lawsuits in the workers' compensation system by eroding the apportionment provision that protects an employer from paying for disability that did not arise from work.



Ordered to third reading on 8/29/11 #191 S-ASSEMBLY BILLS

The Personal Income Tax Law imposes a tax upon taxable income at various rates depending upon the amount of that income, and also imposes an alternative minimum tax based upon specified tax preference items. This bill would declare that it is the intent of the Legislature to reinstate income tax brackets for the highest income earners to address the state’s budget problems. This bill would, for any taxable year beginning on or after January 1, 2012, and before January 1, 2017, increase the tax rate applicable to taxable income over specified amounts to 10% and 11%, and increase the alternative minimum tax rate to 8.5%. This bill would include a change in state statute that would result in a taxpayer paying a higher tax within the meaning of Section 3 of Article XIII A of the California Constitution, and thus would require for passage the approval of 23 of the membership of each house of the Legislature.This bill would take effect immediately as a tax levy.

Small Business Tax Increase - Targeted tax increase on higher income brackets, which will have a detrimental impact on small start-up businesses and discourage growth of such companies in California.

OpposeUnless Amended


5/27/11 In committee: Hearing postponed by committee. (Refers to 5/27/2011 hearing)

This bill would prohibit a food vendor, on and after January 1, 2016, from dispensing prepared food to a customer in a polystyrene foam food container and would define related terms. The bill would provide that a food vendor that is a school district is not required to comply with the bills requirements until July 1, 2017, and would allow a food vendor that is a school district to dispense prepared food to a customer in a polystyrene foam food container after that date if the governing board of the school district elects to adopt a policy to implement a verifiable recycling program for polystyrene foam food containers, which would be renewable, as specified. The bill would also allow a food vendor to dispense prepared food to a customer in a polystyrene foam food container after January 1, 2016, in a city or county if the city or county elects to adopt an ordinance establishing a specified recycling program for polystyrene foam food containers, which would be operative, as specified.

Polystyrene Food Container Ban Threatens thousands of manufacturing jobs within the state by inappropriately banning all food vendors from using polystyrene foam food service containers, ignoring the numerous environmental benefits associated with polystyrene products.



8/25/11 Do pass.

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

community Development

C h a m b e r B oa rd P ers p ec t ive I confess I’m a litter junkie. I have been picking up

And then there’s graffiti. Not the American kind that includes car shows

walks. I even pick up nasty cigarette butts which

wanna be artists. Grrrrrr! I hate tagging and what it does to our city. Let’s

trash in my neighborhood for years on my daily totally grosses out my husband. Trying to make our

world a little less littered and a little more beautiful is Lynn Dickerson

ingrained in me.

I have loved downtown Modesto since I moved here 11 years ago. Now that I am the director of the beautiful Gallo Center for the Arts, I am even more

concerned with downtown’s vitality and beauty. If I had a magic wand I

and oldie music, but the vandalism kind done by punks, gangsters and

all take a stand against it! Think how much more beautiful our city would be without all that unwanted graffiti! Our city is working hard on this issue as well. When you think of Modesto and graffiti, we want you to think

of Modesto USA, a Classic American City, not the tagging on the walls. To enforce this idea, the city recently decided to mark the original ‘cruise route’ with historic graffiti route display flags.

would wave it to make every downtown patron be more considerate of

The Gallo Center brings performing artists from all over the world

However, I will say I am extremely pleased to see our city, civic leaders,

town, come to hear and see those artists. I want them all to leave here

how they dispose of their trash, including those dreaded cigarette butts! business owners and citizens taking a proactive approach in providing

solutions. Solutions such as the repaving of 10th and 11th Streets, a plan to provide additional trash receptacles, benches, more potted flowers to line the streets of downtown, as well as a call to action amongst business owners to be more proactive in the upkeep of their store/business front. These are

just a few of the beautification activities that our City has partnered with businesses to accomplish. It’s not a magic wand, but its progress.

to our city. Tens of thousands of patrons, many of them from out of with a positive impression of Modesto. We have the nicest downtown in the Central Valley. Let’s all pitch in to make it the cleanest one. Unfortunately, there will always be inconsiderate litter bugs but those of us who care about our city can do our part, plus some, to

beautify our town. We invite others to take notice and become more considerate in their own personal habits. Beautify Modesto!


The COMPASS® is your guide to better health. Come in for a ZYTO COMPASS® assessment.

SEPT 2011


Modesto Shines: A brighter, more beautiful future for Modesto Written by Justin Souza


odesto is a great place to live. With its central location,

Nyhoff said that this is an instrumental time in Modesto’s history and

wonderful features to recommend it to any “best

getting involved and making a difference and it’s great to experience!”

great weather and small town feel, our city has some

cities” list. Unfortunately, Modesto has been hard hit by the financial

crisis and has borne the brunt of major criticisms over the last few years. A movement to rebuild the city’s infrastructure, clean up its

Beyond the large scale paving projects, the City has partnered with the Downtown community to set several other projects in motion.

streets and reclaim Modesto’s image as a wonderful place to live has

One project, the new Music in the Plaza series, brings live music to the

movement are starting to show all over town.

series is a collaboration between the City, the Downtown Improvement

been building among Modesto’s population and the results of this

If you have driven through Modesto’s downtown lately, you know that some big projects are underway. Major repaving efforts on 10th and I

10th Street Plaza on Friday evenings through the end of September. The District (DID) and local businesses, and has helped brighten the atmosphere of the Plaza and increase foot traffic downtown.

Streets have already had Modesto residents enjoying smoother roads,

A recent grant received by the City has also helped ensure the safety

months. Funding for much of the project has come from the American

security patrols and funds for cleaning and beautifying the Downtown

but many more streets are scheduled for rehabilitation in the coming

Recovery and Reinvestment Act and HUD, said City Manager Greg Nyhoff, “ the 10th and 11th Street projects have been part of the City’s contribution to the revitalization effort of Downtown Modesto.”


the City is happy to join the efforts. “People are taking ownership,

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

and comfort of visitors downtown through increased foot and bicycle area. “We are deep cleaning and power-blasting the gum off the

sidewalks, sprucing up the flower pots and giving the curbs a fresh coat of paint,” said Nyhoff.

C ov e r S t ory

This cleanup effort is a priority across the city, for businesses and

“So many people have complained that we’re only in Modesto when

Day of Service and the citywide Love Modesto events—which sends

bureau office in the DoubleTree downtown, “we hope this helps people

residents alike. Community service events like the Bette Belle Smith

thousands of volunteers into Modesto’s streets, parks and schools to pick up litter, paint over graffiti or do one of over 60 other tasks to help clean up the city—are expressions of the community’s renewed interest in making Modesto great again.

The twice-yearly ‘Love Modesto’ events are the brainchild of Jeff Pishney, a full time Pastor at Big Valley Grace Community Church and an active proponent of volunteerism in the city. Pishney says he believes that a better Modesto begins in each person who lives here.

“I see these as catalyst days,” said Pishney. “We give people the

opportunity to go out into their community and make a difference and it changes them a little bit, too. We’re helping clean up Modesto, but

something negative happens,” said O, speaking from the Modesto realize that Modesto is a big part of our coverage.”

The new Modesto Bureau has meant greater exposure for Modesto from

the station. In August, KCRA kicked off its expanded Modesto coverage by running a week-long series entitled “Modesto Shines” which profiled

some of Modesto’s many innovators and newsmakers—including local entrepreneurs Dan Costa and John Surla—and culminated in a major nightly news broadcast from Modesto’s Downtown Farmer ’s Market.

While another Modesto Shines event is not currently on the schedule,

O added that residents should stay tuned to KCRA for more stories that profile Modesto’s positive traits.

we’re also helping people realize the importance of giving back.”

“These are hard times and when times are hard, people come together,”

Interest in these cleanup days has grown. What started with a little

been so put down but we are prioritizing this, and we’re putting

over 1,000 people four years ago now draws over 4,000 to downtown Modesto and to concurrent events in surrounding cities.

“The coolest thing about the event is seeing local pride in our city

said Pishney. “There is something good going on here. This area has Modesto on the map.”

And this time, for the better.


growing,” said Pishney. “If we can continue to love our city and to

speak of it with pride, I believe it will change us. Our community will be transformed.” With this transformation, city leaders hope Modesto’s tarnished reputation can shine again.

One step in the process is a reaffirmation of Modesto’s proud history.

In March, the City Council approved the designation of the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route. This connection to Modesto’s golden past helps remind residents and visitors alike of the great things that

have happened in the city. Pole banners that mark the route are already up throughout Downtown, and development of informational signage

for a planned walking tour of the route is underway by a dedicated task force made of members of the community.

The rehabilitation of Modesto’s image extends beyond the city’s

borders. KCRA, the Sacramento TV news station which airs locally on Channel 3, has also taken an interest in focusing on the brighter side

of Modesto. Janet O has been newly named as the Stanislaus Bureau Chief, a position that has been vacant for three years.

" If we can continue to love our city and to speak of it with pride, I believe it will change us. Our community will be transformed.” – Jeff Pishney

SEPT 2011


Economic Development

N ew M ember P rofiles B l o m & S w a i n is committed to helping our clients improve

Wa t e r p ro o f B u s i n e s s Waterproofing your business means

particular needs. We take the necessary steps to position them for

your business will be able to grow and thrive in any economy. I’m

their financial well-being with plans that are customized to their

achieving their goals, allowing our clients to gain greater confidence in their future financial prosperity. Each client is approached as an individual with unique needs and expectations. To start, we listen to

our clients. This personalized approach helps make Blom & Swain a positive resource in developing, implementing and maintaining

a business or individual financial strategy. For more information, please contact (209) 526-9426.

C e l l u l a r S o l u t i o n s is a cell phone repair shop in Modesto located at 1315 W. Roseburg. Not only are we certified technicians, but we pride ourselves in being an honest family-operated business. Cellular Solutions specializes in iPhone repairs but we fix anything

wrong with any phone. We commonly fix screens, LCDs, speakers, buttons, liquid damage and much more. We also sell new and used cell phones, and offer services such as unlocking, jailbreaking and flashing. Come in and visit us for your Cellular Solution. For more

here to help you find the right solution for your business. I offer a complete web presence analysis, development of mobile-ready websites for an online hub that can be viewed by customers on

the go and packages that increase your business’ online visibility. Waterproof Business is based in Modesto, CA. You can call Elisa at (209) 534-9891 or email

A l m o n d Va l l e y R e a l t y ( AV R ) is committed to providing our customers with a remarkable real estate experience. We are 27

dedicated, veteran agents collectively possessing 330 years of tested experience in the purchase/sale of residential, agricultural and

commercial properties. AVR agents’ breadth of knowledge along with advanced specialized training effectively positions us to successfully navigate today’s challenging market. The brokerage is locally owned

by Ed & Nancy Ugarte, 180 Leveland Lane, Suite 4. For more information please contact us at (209) 521-2121, email or visit our website,


© Modesto Irrigation District

information please contact us at (209) 527-9650.

leveraging your strengths and shoring up your weaknesses so that

Lighting rebates


Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

HVAC rebates

High efficiency motor rebates

community Development

A nnou nce m ents

M odesto C hamber of C ommerce C elebrates

50 Y ears of H arvest L unch S eptember 9

DLR Group is proud to partner with Modesto City Schools to

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the

stadium will add a much needed sports venue to the Modesto

event, sponsored by Del Monte Foods will take place at noon on

events and community events. New restrooms, concessions,

11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Each

field at Gregori High School. Construction will be completed

raises funds for the Voss-

spring 2 0 1 3 . F o r m o r e i n fo r m a t i o n , c o n t a ct DLR Gro up at

benefitting outstanding

design a new football stadium at Gregori High School. The new

celebration of the 50th Annual Harvest Luncheon. This popular

community, and will serve as a regional center for sporting

Friday, September 9 in Graceada Park

seating, lighting and fencing will be added around the existing



in time to host the high school’s inaugural graduating class in


(209) 5 7 5 - 1 3 8 4 o r w w w. d l rg ro u p . c o m .

Modesto Junior College

a n d D i n n e r t o t a k e p l a c e S a t u rd a y, O c t o b e r 1 5 , 2 0 11 , a t t h e

G re e k O r t h o d o x C h u rc h o n To k a y Av e n u e . A l l p ro c e e d s f ro m t h i s e v e n t b e n e f i t f a m i l i e s a n d c a re g i v e r s w h o a re d e a l i n g

w i t h A l z h e i m e r ’ s d i s e a s e i n t h e M o d e s t o a re a . We t h a n k y o u i n a d v a n c e f o r y o u r s u p p o r t . F o r more information, call our office at (209) 238-0538.




T h e A l z h e i m e r ’s A i d S o c i e t y o f N o r t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a p re s e n t s t h e 2 n d A n n u a l H a r v e s t M o o n A u c t i o n



In addition to raising scholarship this


funds, event

provides a forum for our keynote speaker to discuss important agricultural


Speaking to the expected

crowd of 800 will be Karen Ross, Secretary of the California

T h e M o d e s t o C h a m b e r o f C o m m e rc e w o u l d like to thank Never Boring Design Associates for their generous and most kind gift. Never Boring Design

Associates carried out the task of lettering the two pairs of our Ribbon Cutting Scissors with the Chamber name. We would like to thank Julie Orona, Art Director/Vice President for the connection

to the service, David Boring, Creative Director/President for the

donation of service and materials and, finally, Harold Avila, Sign Shop Manager, for executing the service. Thanks again to Never Boring Design Associates and their employees; your service is greatly appreciated.

Department of Food and Agriculture.

Tickets are now available for this sell-out event at the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, 1114 J Street. The luncheon features a colorful and tasty array of fresh locally grown produce and

Mape’s Ranch tri-tip. This popular event focuses on Stanislaus

County’s agriculture industry and assures that the tradition

continues by benefiting a new generation of community

Ag Leaders. Students continue to be overwhelmed with the support of their community to fund these scholarships. Many of these students return to the area to put their education to

work and lend their support for the next generation. Individual

E v e r y f o u r y e a r s y o u m u s t re n e w y o u r R e a l E s t a t e l i c e n s e . Here is the 1st LIVE in class time offered

at Modesto Jr. College. 2nd and subsequent renewals only. 2

tickets are $25 for adults and $10 for seniors and children under

12. For more information call the Modesto Chamber of Commerce at (209) 577-5757.


required courses: 1. 8 hour survey course (Agency, Ethics,

Fair Housing, Risk Management and Trust Fund). September 19, 20, 22 from 6-9 p.m., MJC Sierra Hall 204 (West Campus). $49 + $25 textbook (for both classes). 2. 37 hours - Increasing

Sales Through Financing and Protection of Agent and Client.

When: September 26-30 8 a.m.-5 p.m., MJC location, $125 + $75 materials fee. Includes continental breakfast, lunch and snacks. Free testing at conclusion. Register at Call Prof. John Bawiec with questions (209) 545-1525.


SEPT 2011


community Development

B USINESS TO B USINESS T RADE S HOW The Modesto Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 7th annual Business to Business Trade Show on June 23, 2011 at the Modesto Centre Plaza. The spaciousness of the new location provided the 75 vendors an opportunity to showcase their products, services and more. Twelve new members took advantage of this business event. New this year was an Exhibitor Training Seminar conducted by

Ward Promotional Marketing Solutions who provided the training,

materials and great giveaways. Extreme Pita provided an awesome breakfast, and the Courtyard by Marriott furnished the meeting room. In these difficult times, we sincerely appreciate our business partners

going above and beyond to support Chamber events like the Business to Business Trade Show. Thank You!

Chamber events require many hours of preparation and many

helping hands. To that point, we want to acknowledge our Business

to Business Trade Show Committee. Volunteers like these work long

hours, making calls and showing up whenever we ask. We sincerely thank you for your efforts and time. Thank you to Modesto Centre

Plaza for the donation of equipment and excellent service before, during and after the show. Bill Kratt Photography captured the

event with great crowd, candid and booth photographs. Thank you Bill Kratt Photography.

Impact Marketing

Utility Telephone, Inc.

Kelly Services, Inc.

Ward Promotional

Joaquin Painting, Inc. Laser Quest

McHenry Bowl, Inc.

MetroPCS California, LLC Mocse Credit Union

The Chamber expresses its sincere appreciation to all of the 2011 sponsors for supporting the Business to Business Trade Show.

Comcast Venue Sponsor San Joaquin Valley College Spotlight Sponsors Addus Health-Care

Assisted Division


Bell-Carter Packaging

Brandman University –

Part of Chapman University


California Mortgage Associates CareMore Health Plan Casa de Modesto

Retirement Center

Cash-Dudley Speiller & Torres

Professional Law


Central Valley Business Journal


Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

Chukchansi Gold

Resort & Casino

City of Modesto

Clear Channel Radio Coffee Break Service

Community Business College Costco Wholesale

Curtis Legal Group

Doctors Medical Center DocuStor

DoubleTree Hotel

Fairfield Inn & Suites - Turlock Gallo Center for the Arts

Marketing Solutions

Products Center

Warden’s Office

2011-2012 New Members


American Asset & Wealth

Never Boring Design Associates

Affordable Cleaning

Pacific Records Management

Pacifica Senior Living Modesto Rank Investigations and

Protection, Inc.

Progress Magazine

Safeguard Business Systems Solid Networks, Inc.

Presenting Sponsor

Modesto Centre Plaza

Prime Shine Car Wash

Events like these are successful because of our many sponsors.

Vintage Faire Mall

Standiford Place Gracious

Retirement Living

Stanislaus County Free Library Stewart & Jasper Orchards Stockton Thunder

Tenney A. Norquist

The Stratford at Beyer Park


Central Sanitary Supply Co. Cheek Construction

Management, Inc.

Ethan Shane Clothier

Greenwood Machine &

Fabrication, Inc.

Heald College

Hospitality House

Bill Kratt Photography Modesto Academy of

Music & Design

Qdoba Mexican Grill

Stanislaus Literacy Center

Plans are underway for an even bigger event next year. Be

part of the planning process for 2012 and join the Business to Business Trade Show Committee, or be the first to secure your place at next year ’s event. Call Elizabeth at (209) 577-5757 or email


Garden City Healthcare Center Gowans Printing Co.

Greenwood Machine &

Fabrication, Inc.

Hospitality House

In these difficult times, we sincerely appreciate

Howard Training Center

our business partners going above and beyond

to support Chamber events like the Business to

Huff Construction Company, Inc.

Humphreys College

Business Trade Show. Thank You!

Economic Development

P eople On The M ove

Deep Roots ~ Strong Branches The Tradition Continues

The Stanislaus Health Foundation is proud to announce our three newest Board

Directors. Rocio Huerta-Camara MPH, Manager Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Community Health Rocio Huerta-Camara


Education/Maino Mrs.







Stanislaus Health Foundation as an experienced Health Educator with an expansive understanding

of community needs and as an experienced community event coordinator. Emily Joyner, small business owner and homemaker joins the Stanislaus Health Foundation bringing energy,

NOW OPEN ~ 3508 McHenry Avenue

enthusiasm and passion for those we serve. In Emily Joyner

her first few months, Mrs. Joyner has taken the lead of the Stanislaus Health Foundation Luau

scheduled for July 23 at Dr. and Mrs. Enevoldsen’s.







E & J Gallo Winery has served on several national organizations lending experience, solidity and balance to our group. Dr. Raley has already been

a huge support using his specialized skills as a Lee Raley P.h.D.

flavor chemist to auction a personalized perfume

session for one winning bidder. The mission of the

Stanislaus Health Foundation is to provide funding and support to

the Health Services Agency and the Valley Family Medicine Residency Program through healthcare scholarships, preventative programs and

equipment for quality patient care. To learn more about the Stanislaus Health Foundation visit us at

Nelson & Associates is pleased to announce that Lee Simonson has joined their Modesto team as an Executive Recruiter. Filling positions in Finance and Accounting, Nelson & Associates knows that Lee, a top-performing recruiter in the Bay Area for over ten years, will immediately produce results for clients and candidates in Modesto. Lee attributes her success to hard work and a commitment to providing the

best possible recruiting and consulting services. For her outstanding performance, she has been named a President’s Club Member within

Sylvia Orozco

Chelsie Peters

Valerie Scheel




VP, Branch Manager Customer Service Mgr.

New Accounts

Oak Valley Community Bank’s growth continues with a new Modesto Branch. Like our customers, we’re committed to the long-term health of the communities we serve. We believe the strength of our branches comes from our involvement in the community and our commitment to serving customers who share in this vision. To find out more about Oak Valley, visit or any of our branches and experience the Deep Roots difference today.

our own organization, on numerous occasions. For more information please contact (209) 575-7170.


Deep Roots ~ Strong Branches

1.866.844.7500 • Oakdale • Sonora • Modesto • Turlock Patterson • Ripon • Escalon • Stockton

SEPT 2011


community Development

W i llkom men to O kt ob erfest 2011 Over the past 27 years, Oktoberfest has

grown from a small gathering with a limited

sampling of beers and a German band to

a highly anticipated yearly event at John Thurman Field with 75+ samples of beer, wine

and food, and a center stage with band and

midway. As we set the stage for our 28th year

and look to our members for sponsorships and

donations; you should know why this event is

important to the Chamber and its members.

Oktoberfest is the Chamber ’s biggest fund

raising event each year. Revenues from this

event assist the Chamber in offering its members more services and support.

In our new economy, people have adopted the

“staycation� which allows our community to

support more local events like Oktoberfest.

Larger event attendance means more exposure and

marketing opportunities for Oktoberfest sponsors and vendors.

Since accountability of marketing

dollars means even more in this economic climate,

we encourage you to invest in your success at Oktoberfest. Your support and commitment will yield a higher return on your investment.

Put your product or service in front of 2,500+ potential customers for the evening, and see what can happen. We are excited to assist you in participating in this established community event. For sponsorship information, contact Elizabeth Facanha, Events Manager at the

Modesto Chamber of Commerce (209) 577-5757 or email

Highly anticipated yearly event at John Thurman Field with 75+ samples of beer, wine and food, and a center stage with band and midway.


Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

HEALTH PLAN OF SAN JOAQUIN MEANS... - Hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists - Easy access to your personal doctor - Choice of hospitals and pharmacies - Local and nationwide emergency care - Healthy Families, AIM and Medi-Cal Coverage - Free 24/7 advice nurse - Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties Eligibility guidelines apply and may be based in part on household income. Plan availability varies by county.


1-888-936-PLAN (7526)

SEPT 2011


N e t work i ng And Referrals

B usiness B efore and A fter H ours august business before hours

august business after hours

Hosted by: TSM Insurance

Hosted by: Oak Valley Community Bank

Coffee Provided By:

TSM Insurance staff

Oak Valley Community Bank staff

TSM Insurance

Oak Valley Community Bank

love. It’s about more than the cheapest price. It’s about trust, confidence and

with a vision to make local banking available to its community. Thanks to our

Purchasing insurance is all about protecting the people and possessions you

convenience. And it’s about working with someone who actually cares about you, your well-being and safeguarding what you value most.

At TSM Insurance, we don’t want you to be insured, we want you to be assured.

Oak Valley Community Bank was founded in 1990 by a group of businessmen talented, dedicated staff, loyal customer base, shareholders and outstanding

group of directors, this has become a reality, and our vision continues to grow.

We’re more than an agent, we’re your partner. We bring certainty to life.

Oak Valley Community Bank

TSM Insurance

(209) 579-3365

1317 Oakdale Rd, Ste. 910 Modesto, CA 95355

3508 McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95356

(209) 524-6366

Keric J. Cushing

Chad Bion Yates

Business & Civil Litigation

Litigation Business Estate Planning

Quiet Confidence | Proven Excellence 1014 16th Street • Modesto, CA 95354 • (209) 521-6260



Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

community Development

N e w C h a m b er Members Iomlan Construction Services, Inc.

Second Harvest Food Bank of San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties

William Munt 5025 Santa Fe Street Oakdale, CA 95361 ph (209) 869-5090 fax (209) 869-5080 Construction Management

Mike Mallory 704 E. Industrial Park Drive Manteca, CA 95337 ph (209) 239-2091 fax (209) 239-2086 Community Service Organizations

Modesto Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Frank Cousineau P.O. Box 577229 Modesto, CA 95357 4459 Spyres Way, Suite A Modesto, CA 95356 ph (209) 236-1800 fax (209) 236-1081 Community Service Organizations

Bal Samaan 3020 Floyd Avenue Modesto, CA 95355 ph (209) 551-1061 fax (209) 551-1493 Banks

English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been recognized as a 2011 recipient of the Bronze Commitment to Quality

National Quality Award for its outstanding performance in the health care profession. The award highlights facilities across the nation that have demonstrated their intention to pursue a rigorous

quality improvement system. “At English Oaks, we understand that what we do each day is more than just a job, it is a calling.

I am so proud of each staff member,” said Deanna Hill, English

Oaks Administrator. For more information please contact English Oaks at (209) 577-1001

Ambassador of the Month The Modesto

Chamber of Commerce staff and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce Doug Perry, TelePacific Communications as their Ambassador

of the Month for July. Doug is an Ambassador

Tri Counties Bank

Randik Paper Company Jeff Miller P.O. Box 4004 Modesto, CA 95352 136 Flamingo Drive Modesto, CA 95358 ph (209) 538-3111 fax (209) 538-2819 Janitors’ Supplies

Tri Counties Bank

A war ds An d A chievemen ts

Charlotte Carl Berg 3601 Pelandale Avenue Modesto, CA 95360 ph (209) 548-4030 Banks

who works hard on behalf of the Chamber, and

Doug Perry

the Chamber and the Board of Directors are

pleased to highlight him this month and give Doug the recognition he deserves. Congratulations Doug, keep up the great work!

USA Auto Services

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce

Dennis Slewoo 3300 McHenry Ave Modesto, CA 95350 ph (209) 524-3567 Automobile Repairing & Service

is pleased to announce that Lucy Castrejon, the

Branch Manager at F&M Bank, is the highest performing Welcome Team Member for the second quarter of 2011. The Chamber appreciates Lucy Lucy Castrejon

for her hard work and dedication to the Welcome Team. Congratulations Lucy!

Doctors Medical Center has been re-verified as a Level II Trauma

THE BUCK HERE . Shop Local. As consumers you have a choice. Dollars spent locally stay in our community – paying

Center by the American College of Surgeons’ Committee on Trauma. DMC first received this designation in 2008. Re-verification takes place every two years to ensure that verified hospitals are maintaining the rigorous requirements set forth by the ACS. “We are very proud of our

team’s achievement,” commented Peter Bastone, Chief Executive Officer.

“Of more than 5,700 hospitals throughout the United States, only 131 are verified as Level II Trauma Centers.”


salaries and taxes. As these dollars turn over, more jobs and taxes are generated. The multiplier effect is enormous – every $1 spent locally generates $3.50 for the economy. A stonger economy helps everyone. The higher the employment, the less crime in a community. Stop the buck here, it pays for everyone.

BUY LOCAL, Invest in your future

Since 1969 Complete Car Care Center • Foreign & Domestic Fleet Maintenance Made Easy

Chamber Member Since 1982

1529 9th St., Modesto (209) 526-1909 Ralph, David and Brad are here to help you.

SEPT 2011


community Development T he C hamber A nnounces

S tate of the R egion L uncheon O ctober 26, 2011

E DUCATION B uilding B ridges For

T omorrow’s W orkforce

In a challenging economy, a healthy manufacturing sector is

The Modesto Chamber of Commerce held the first State of

service sector may not be possible in the short term, but what we

on Thursday, August 26 at the Modesto Centre Plaza. The event,

key to Stanislaus County’s overall recovery.

Growth in our

produce locally is making a difference now, and could be even more significant going forward.

Join the business leaders of our area for the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s State of the Region: Manufacturing, on October 26 at the Doubletree Hotel, beginning at 11:30 a.m.

Jeffrey Michael, Director of the Business Forecasting Center

at the University of the Pacific, will signal the relationship between manufacturing and community well-being, and look

into that sector ’s prospects for the next several years. He will be joined by the corporate leaders of several of Stanislaus County’s manufacturing stars, who will present their thoughts on what it will take to grow this critical part of our regional economy.

Sponsorships, table reservations, tickets and more information

are available by contacting Elizabeth Facanha, Special Events Manager at (209) 577-5757.



Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress


Education – Building Bridges for Tomorrow’s Workforce event sponsored by Walmart, celebrated winning student programs already in place that excite and encourage students to stay in

school and explored new ideas which will bring business and education together to build a better prepared workforce. Forty-

five businesses sponsored tables at the event. One hundred of these seats were donated to educators to enable the free flow of

ideas between business leaders and school administrators. As

a result of the event, business leaders have the opportunity to partner with local schools to provide internships, job shadowing,

mentoring and other programs to enhance student education. Chamber President & CEO Cecil Russell stated, “Education is

fundamental to a thriving economy, and the Modesto Chamber of Commerce is leading the charge for change.”


Š Never Boring Design •

N e tw ork i ng And Referrals

R i bb on C ut t ing s

Stanislaus Literacy Center 1224 I Street Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 522-0656

rare bitz 1219 Kansas Ave. Modesto, CA 95351 (209) 524-7745

Greens Market 1508 10th Street Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 524-7336

Root Family Farms 401 Bangs Ave. #A Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 545-0446

Insurance is an important part of any company’s business plan. * *

license #0288149

Modesto 209.524.6366

Manteca 209.823.7151 check us out to win tickets for games and events



Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

Community Hospice, inc. 3105 Del Este Rd. Modesto, CA 95354 (209) 578-6300

Ethan Shane Clothier 2408 Van Layden Way Modesto, CA 95356 (209) 595-0020

Prime Shine Car Wash presents:

LAND OF OPPORTUNITY ...a series spotlighting entrepreneurial achievement

James Mayol

The Law Office of Mayol & Barringer was founded as a partnership in 1991. We’ve always been oriented toward business, real estate, litigation and employment law, but we strive to provide full general counsel for businesses. Instead of working in a single specialty, we service a broad base of client needs. As the economy changes, and our clients’ businesses change, we always focus on adapting and servicing whatever their needs are. As their businesses go, our business goes.

How did your partnership form and what are the advantages of a partnership? James Mayol: For both of us, Modesto is home. We were raised here, went to school here and Bart Barringer came back here. Bart and I knew each other from junior college, and we went to the same law school, though at different times. After we returned to Modesto, we ran into each other socially and just compared notes. Both of us were in very good firms at the time but we each wanted to be in an environment where we called the shots. Our partnership works well for us. We bounce things off of each other, but we’re generally independent. Having a two-partner firm that has remained unchanged for 20 years is fairly unheard of in the legal profession. Usually people are part of larger firms or they’re flying solo. Bart Barringer: The fact that Jim has expertise in areas where I don’t and I have expertise in areas that he doesn’t has enabled us to provide business clients the full representation they want and need. What do you think makes you such a success as an entrepreneur? BB: Jim’s family owns Pacific Southwest Container, where he is general counsel, and we work with businesses, so we understand that paying attorneys is never a pleasant thing. We try to do our part to get problems solved as quickly as possible and to treat it as if it were our own money. I think that’s really helped us keep our clients for long periods of time. JM: I think what makes us different is that we try and create resolution by analyzing a problem early on rather than just treating it like a legal problem that’s going to grow forever. We encourage our clients to be proactive with their legal issues. Usually, when you talk early it’s a relatively minor issue but it can become very complex and very expensive if it festers.

Do you participate in any community outreach efforts or clubs? JM: We’ve both been involved in the Chamber of Commerce. I am a past chairman of the Chamber Board and the past president of the Memorial Hospital Board. I am currently on the State Theatre board. I’m also chair of a group called Rivers of Recovery, we help disabled veterans and take them fly-fishing. BB: I was on the original board that first got the State Theatre up and running as an arts venue, and the original board of the First Tee of Modesto. I work with Children’s Guardian Fund, which is a home for abused women and children in Oakdale, and I’m currently on the DID board and a bank board here in the area. We’ve both always stayed pretty busy on boards and with community outreach activities. What advice do you have for business people when it comes to achieving their goals? BB: A big thing in achieving success is recognizing that your employees are the backbone of your business and you have to keep them happy and satisfied. Truth is, you can’t be at your place of employment every second that it’s open. When you’re not there, those employees are the face of your business and if they’re unhappy that’s going to come across. We’ve always strived for a very comfortable working environment where people enjoy the people they work with, enjoy the environment they work in and enjoy the benefits and perks that are given to them. Our newest employee has been here 17 years. I think having employees that enjoy working here has really enhanced our success. What do you like about doing business in the Modesto community and why do you think this is the Land of Opportunity? JM: I think the Modesto business community is cohesive, ethical and we treat each other fairly. It is a small town atmosphere: we know each other and we care. I think the community suffered some tough blows but I like that groups like CommonWealth are being proactive and making efforts to carry us forward. A group of people are involving themselves through the Chamber, as well. Some real stalwarts are rededicating themselves to the Modesto economy and hats off to them for doing that. I appreciate that very much. And the new CEO Cecil Russell, who is a long time friend and hard worker, is going to do a great job and I appreciate his leadership. BB: I think what I really like about doing business here is seeing the people we’ve known for many years do so well with their businesses. Being in this location for 20 years, we’ve seen an awful lot of changes in downtown Modesto and they’re definitely for the good, it just takes perseverance to make them happen.

Prime Shine Car Wash is proud to present The Land of Opportunity. Each month this series provides a forum in which to showcase the entrepreneurial achievements of a Stanislaus County business owner. Prime Shine Express is proud to recognize the entrepreneurʼs ability to overcome obstacles and to honor their successes in their industry and in the community.

Celebrating Over 50 Years Of Quality Care * Registered Nurses 24/7 * Long Term and Short Term Quality Care * 175 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility * Pleasant Environment * Inviting and Stimulating Social Activities * Inpatient & Outpatient Physical Therapy * Inpatient & Outpatient Occupational Therapy * Speech Therapy * Respiratory Therapy

* Specialty Dining Menus * Pharmaceutical Services * Intravenous Therapy * Incontinence Service * Wound and Skin Care * Medicare Part A & B * Medi-Cal * Other Insurances Welcome * Family Owned & Operated for over 50 Years

Engaged in your Care & your Life 209.577.1055 2030 Evergreen Ave. Modesto, CA 95350 Fax: 209. 550. 3615

SEPT 2011


Economic Development

P r e s i d e n t' s C lub N e w M e m b e rs MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. In

June, MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. joined the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s President’s

Club – Circle of Influence at the Diamond Level.

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. has been in the Stephanie Montanez & Linda Fleming

physician billing business since 1975. During those 35 years, they have adapted to the ever-changing

medical billing environment, modifying and adding to its services to proactively meet the needs of its clients. Accepting the President’s Club Plaque from Chairman Ralph Curtis is Stephanie Montanez, the

Director of Human Resources and Linda Fleming, Director of Billing.

The Chamber is thankful for their membership. To learn more about

Platinum level Kaiser Permanente Save Mart Supermarkets Walmart

Diamond Level

Bank of the West Capax-Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc. Doctors Behavioral Health Center-DMC Doctors Medical Center-DMC DMC Foundation Frito-Lay Company, Inc. MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. Pacific Southwest Container

Gold Level

corporations, nonprofit agencies and community organizations.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc. Costco Wholesale DoubleTree Hotel Evergreen Nursing & Rehabilitation Care Center Foster Farms Dairy JC Penney Company Memorial Medical Center The Modesto Bee Modesto Irrigation District Modesto Nuts Professional Baseball Post Foods, LLC RACOR, Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation Seneca Foods, LLC Sysco Food Services Taco Bell

is Leslie Pedrosa, General Manager of MV Transportation, Inc. The

Silver Level

MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc. please contact (209) 491-7710 or visit

MV Transportation, Inc. joined the Modesto Chamber of Commerce’s President’s Club – Circle of Influence at the Silver Level in June. For more

than 35 years, MV Transportation, Inc. and all subsidiaries, joint ventures, partnerships and Leslie Pedrosa

affiliates have provided safe, reliable, affordable transportation





municipalities and other jurisdictional entities, as well as for private Accepting the President’s Club Plaque from Chairman Ralph Curtis

Chamber is delighted to have their membership. To learn more about MV Transportation, Inc. please contact (209) 521-1586 or visit


Minnie’s Bites The Chamber is continually looking for new ways to help you succeed in your business. The Modesto Means Business program was Minnie Dodge

rolled out in June and is picking up steam. We are offering extremely affordable advertising

in the Modesto Bee, Comcast TV and on radio spots to help you promote your business. Chamber University offers classes in software such as QuickBooks, marketing your business, internet marketing and customer relations at low or no cost to you. SCORE counselors offer free counseling to new and existing businesses that may need a little help with business plans, strategies or just getting a new idea to work. Take advantage of your membership; be a part of Chamber committees, Business Before Hours and Business After Hours, free mentions in Progress, etc… make your membership work for you!


p res i dent’s c lub C ircle Of I nfluence

Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress


5.11 Tactical Inc. AAA AAA Locating, Inc. AT&T Acme Construction Company, Inc. Ambeck Mortgage Associates American Chevrolet American Medical Response Applegate Johnston, Inc. Aramark Uniform Services Atherton & Associates, LLP BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Basic Resources, Inc. Brandman University Part of Chapman University Brown, Fink, Boyce & Astle, LLP Bunge Oils California State University, Stanislaus Candlewood Suites Central Valley Ag Grinding Central Valley Ag Transport Central Valley Automotive Central Valley Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Central Valley Nissan Central Valley Volkswagen Hyundai Central Valley Medical Group Children’s Hospital Central California Children’s Hospital & Research Center-Oakland Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino Citibank Clark Pest Control Comcast Construction Management Corporation Courtyard by Marriott

Covenant Village of Turlock Curtis Legal Group Damrell, Nelson, Schrimp, Pallios, Pacher & Silva Del Monte Foods Delta Sierra Beverage DirectLine Technologies, Inc. English Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Hospital External Resources Inc. F & M Bank Galletto Ristorante Georgia-Pacific Gianelli & Associates Gilton Solid Waste Management, Inc. Grimbleby Coleman CPAs, Inc. Grover Landscape Services, Inc. Harris Moran Seed Company Heald College I.J. Larsen Pumps, Inc. Infiniti of Modesto Institute of Technology International Paper Company ITT Technical Institute JS West & Company Kaplan College MV Transportation, Inc. Magnum Boots USA Inc. McHenry Medical Group, Inc. Mercer Foods Mocse Credit Union Modesto Commerce Bank Modesto Toyota Mraz, Amerine & Associates Nestle USA Oak Valley Community Bank O’Brien’s Market OLAM Spices & Vegetables, Inc. Pacific Gas & Electric Company Panelized Structures, Inc. Pepsi Bottling Group Plastipak Packaging Prime Shine Car Wash Rabobank Raley’s Rizo-Lopez Foods, Inc. Rocha Transportation San Joaquin Valley College Seven Up Bottling Corporation Solecon Industrial Contractors Solid Networks, Inc. SpringHill Suites by Marriott Stanislaus Food Products Company Stanislaus Surgical Hospital Storer Coachways Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Turlock Irrigation District US Bank Valley Bio Energy, LLC Valley First Credit Union Valley Lexus-BMW Versa Cold Logistics Services W.H. Breshears, Inc. Warden’s Office Products Center Warden’s Office Furniture Outlet Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Winton, Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency Yosemite Meat Company, Inc.

Work In Progress Modesto Chamber of Commerce

a series spotlighting some of our area’s most innovative and successful companies

M o d e sto J unk C o m p a n y, I n c . P r o v e s I t s M e t t l e as a Le ade r i n th e S c r a p M e t a l R e c y cl i n g In dus t ry

Modesto Junk Company is poised to raise the

shears. Accompanying the major equipment

scrap metal recycling industry to new heights in

upgrades, Modesto Junk Company has also

Modesto with against-the-trend growth, essential

been adding new jobs locally. Despite the

partnerships and a new heavy-duty rotating shear

down economy, employment at the company

unlike any seen before on the West Coast.

has increased 20% over the past two years, from 25 to 30 people.


has specialized in turning junk

In a move to ensure future growth,


the company has landed exclusive

into profit under the command

the do wn

of the Highiet family for four

ec o no my,

of off-road agricultural equipment


for the San Joaquin Valley Air




Junk Company is an industry leader in environmental efforts and a supporter of many local charitable groups.

Earlier this year, Modesto Junk purchased ‘Scrap



Caterpillar Demolition


rights as the only area dismantler

Pollution Control District’s Tractor

at the




company has

The program, which is similar to

increased 20%

Cash-for-Cars, is aimed at reducing

over the past tw o yea rs

Trying to sum up your company philosophy in six words or less? Trying to fill your next Progress ad with 100 characters of captivating charm and wit? Consider calling in an expert when you’re at a loss for just the right words. The right copywriter can help you draft the message that best fits your brand and project goals.





by offering owners of off-road agricultural equipment substantial


paybacks when they scrap older

rotating shear, the first of its kind

units and purchase new equipment

on the West Coast of the United States and a


showcase installation for both CAT and Modesto

information about the program is available at

Junk Company. The shear, which attaches to or at (209) 557-6400.








MODESTO MEANs BUSINESS The Chamber stands by this statement. We practice it on a daily basis. As an organization, we use Chamber Members exclusively. We hope we can ‘count on you’ to practice using Chamber Members to meet all of your business needs. You can find new and current members online at, or through our 2010 directory at Progress Magazine is the voice of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, and the leading business publication in Stanislaus County. For more information or advertising info call (209) 526-9136.

company, first established in 1920,

The one skill you can’t live without in marketing - communication. It seems like a no-brainer, but excellent written and verbal communication can be harder than you might think. Whether it’s drafting a single email, or disseminating a complicated message to an audience of thousands, saying the right thing (nothing more, nothing less) takes skill.


(Courtesy of Never Boring Design Associates)

© Never Boring Design


Service when you need it


a newer 70,000-pound excavator, provides for increased efficiency by greatly reducing excavator

For more information on the ways that Modesto

repositioning as well as increasing the rate that

Junk Company is turning scrap metal into

scrap can be cut by up to 75% over traditional

opportunity, visit

This story can also be found at

SEPT 2011


N etw o r ki n g A nd R e fe rra l s

C ha mb er C alen da r September 2011 2

Location: Chamber Conference Room, 1114 J Street

Facilitated by: Terry Barnhart, Corporate College



50th Annual Harvest Luncheon

Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Location: Graceada Park, 401 Needham Street


Business After Hours: Modesto Fitness & Racquet Club

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Location: 200 Norwegian Avenue


Chamber U: Quickbooks® Seminar

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Business Before Hours: Intrinsic Elements

Location: 1214 J Street

When you bank with us, you bank with experience and strength.

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.

Experienced Bankers

Chamber U: Selling with Styles

Location: Chamber Conference Room, 1114 J Street

October 2011 7

28th Annual Oktoberfest

Location: John Thurman Field, 601 Neece Drive


Business Before Hours: Don’s Mobile Glass

Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Location: 1424 H Street


Business After Hours: Hospitality House

Time: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Location: 5400 Kiernan Ave., Salida


State of the Region Luncheon

Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Location: DoubleTree Hotel, 1150 9th Street

New Summer Menu

MODESTO COMMERCE BANK TURLOCK COMMERCE BANK MODESTO 1302 J Street • 209.521.4100 4204 Dale Road • 209.522.7286


Modesto Chamber of Commerce Progress

TURLOCK 134 S. Golden State Blvd. 209.669.2777

WANT A FREE APPETIZER? Get yours at: 1533 Oakdale Rd. Modesto (209) 521-8667

The FIRST name in Healthcare Leadership.

When it comes to being first in healthcare, a hospital is only as good as its leadership. Doctors Medical Center Modesto is proud of its best-in-class clinicians and administrators who work side by side to ensure the safety and well-being of their patients. From advanced technology to specially trained medical staff, DMC is continuing to lead the region with certified Centers of Excellence in Trauma, Stroke and Cardiac Care to name a few.

FIRST Chest Pain Center in the Region FIRST AND ONLY Certified Primary Stroke Center in the Region FIRST Level II Trauma Center in the Region FIRST Level III NICU in the Region

(From left to right): Alex Mari, MD, Chief of Staff Alan Schaffert, MD & Cheryl Harless, RN, Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Center Designation George Arata, Esq., Chairman of the Board Peter Broderick, MD, California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) Family Physician of the Year 2011 John Pfeffer, MD, Stanislaus Medical Society Physician of the year 2011 and da Vinci robotic surgery pioneer Eric Ramos, MD, California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) Family Physician of the Year 2010/ Chief Medical Officer Dennis Litos, CEO, California Hospital Association Certificate of Distinction Award 2010 and American Hospital Association Grassroots Champion Award 2011 John Merillat, MD & Kate Donovan, RN, Chest Pain Center Designation by the Society of Chest Pain Centers Niamh Seavy, MD & Anita Schlenker, RN, American College of Surgeons Verified Level II Trauma Center

Download our App!

For a physician referral, call 1.888.284.6641 or visit

SEPT 2011


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