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Rezolex, Ltd. Co. Oleoresin Paprika Extraction Company Mail: 2240A PEPPER RD LAS CRUCES, NM 88007-8036 366

(575) 527-1730 physical: 03 East Fort Selden Rd. Radium Springs, NM 88054 544

Rezolex, Ltd. Co.

State of the art Lab & Plant Facilities located in Dona Ana, New Mexico

Located in the fertile, sunshine rich Mesilla Valley, deep in southern New Mexico, Rezolex was constructed in 1992 to supply the needs of paprika oleoresin users worldwide.

From field to factory, we control the raw material to ensure a level of quality and consistency that is unparalled. Our unique relationship with our growers, along with our understanding of FDA approved procedures and chemicals allow for a streamlined process. Located in the heart of a major paprika growing region, we are able to begin processing within hours of harvest. Product goes from field to oleoresin within 48 hours. We take pride in our efficient process. Along with paprika oleoresin, Rezolex provides some custom processing. We are known for our ability to provide immediate support to specific requests. Onsite chemists and an agronomy program are continually researching new ways to improve our finished product.

Located north of Las Cruces, just off of Interstate 25 at Radium Springs, Rezolex is in the heart of the Mesilla Valley. This area of New Mexico is a large chile growing area.

Our modern facility is equipped with a full testing laboratory, a modern processing facility and controlled holding areas. It is a fine line between a cumbersome bureaucracy which only adds time and cost to requests for products, and not being able to supply high quality products in a timely manner. We walk that line well. With a lab that supports our production, backed by years of experience and a chemist on staff, we can meet any customer requriements.

In addition to what we do in house, we also have a great working relationship with world renowned labs such as Romer, Certified and Eurofins.

Rezolex, Ltd. Co. Oleoresin Paprika Extraction Company

The key to Rezolex’s continued success lies with the company’s access to raw material. Along with Rezolex, our sister company owns and operates extensive farming operations and three major chile de-hydrating plants, strategically placed within the major growing areas of the southwest, from Pecos, Texas to Tucson, Arizona.

Leasburg, New Mexico Plant

Mesilla, New Mexico Plant

San Simon, Arizona Plant

Rezolex, Ltd. Co. Plant: 03 East Ft. Selden Rd. Radium Springs, NM 88054 Mail: 2240A Pepper Rd. Las Cruces, NM 88007-8036

(575) 527-1730

Plant: 8927 N. Highway 85 Las Cruces, NM 88007 Mailing: 2240 A Pepper Rd. Las Cruces, NM 88007 (575) 525-1101

History A third generation company started in 1951, Biad Chili of New Mexico owns and operates three major chile de-hydrating plants located in the southwest from Texas to Arizona. Utilizing sixty years of experience coupled with modern techniques, Biad Chili Ltd. Co. produces a large variety of products, which are marketed worldwide. We are known for our customer service and for our unparalleled quality control. We strictly control each segment of production from raw material to finished products, ensuring the customer with top quality products.


From field to factory, we control the product, ensuring a level of quality and consistency that is unparalleled. Our plants are located in the heart of major paprika and chile growing regions. We are able to begin processing within hours of harvest. Our agronomy programs are constantly working toward varieties of chile and paprika that provide higher yield for the farmer, mechanical harvesting for the future of our industry and high color for customers. We are at the forefront of the advancement that has taken place in our industry during the past 15 years. Our grower program ensures that only FDA approved chemicals are used from the time the seed is planted until the day of harvest.

t The majority of what we do is the industrial sale of chile and paprika for the spice, color, flavor and bread and batter industries. We service the dehydrated red and green chile, paprika and jalape単o markets.

Products In addition to dehydrated chile and paprika, we are a domestic source for high quality, specialty items and Mexican varieties of chiles.

Chopped Chile & Chopped Paprika These are our bread and butter. Fragrant and richly colored.

Sliced, Dehydrated Jalape単o A regular favorite for over 25 years. Great green color and distinct flavor.

Diced Green Jalape単o A diced version of a popular product.

Green Chile A flavorful favorite. Available in mild or hot, chopped, diced or ground to a 40 mesh powder.

Products Jalape単o Powder Green jalape単o powder, ground to a 40 mesh. A beautiful, olive green color and amazing flavor.

Whole Ancho Pods Authentic, Mexican flavor.

Ancho Powder A smoky and flavorful powder milled to a 40 mesh.

Chipotle Pods & Powder As either whole pods or ground into powder, this distinct chile is very popular. It is quickly becoming a new classic.

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