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Breaking the Fourth Wall IN TERMS OF PERFORMANCE OR THEATER, THE FOURTH WALL IS THE ONE CREATED BY THE SPECTATOR. IT IS NOT THERE. YET ONCE YOUR MIND PUTS IT IN PLACE, BOOM, YOU’RE STARING AT IT OR BACKING INTO IT AND IT’S AS REAL AS CAN BE. IT IS THE BOUNDARY BETWEEN FICTION AND REALITY. The fourth WallBreakers event however, speaks about how we put the pieces together after this line has been shattered. El Bocho visits the ARTYFARTY Gallery in Cologne and sticks his story to the wall. At it for over a decade, the tape art of El Bocho is one of the treats inside this Mini Modart, but before we look at his romantic take on the city, we’ll revisit Urban Affairs. To download the previous limited edition mini Modarts created for the Art WallBreakers festival, visit:

WALLBREAKERS at Urban Affairs

Foto by: Nils Mueller

Modart and Art WallBreakers presented Roa (BE), Peter Fuss (PL) and the photography of Nils Mueller (DE) at the swimming pool in Wedding. A MIX, WHICH SPOKE OF PROPER ADVENTURE AND EVOLUTION.

check the exhibited artworks @ urban-affairs Fotos by: Just /

While Urban Affairs has been acclaimed for the mixture of artists and spaces it reinvented, for us the best bit was watching what happened outside the doors of its amazing venue. Part of the process of such a massive event is meeting new friends and getting the chance to do some work with old ones.

The show inside was one thing, the marks that spilled out onto the streets were another. Here is a glimpse of some of the pieces that weren’t planned out until people arrived in Berlin.

»Happy Ever After« – Urban Love Story Nomad und Abner gave 3 tours in 2 days, leading people between Urban Affairs and the Brot und Spiele Gallery where they built up their exhibition OMG/Happy Ever After ... Everybody got a bag and some first instructions: Draw if you have love to share / start with a heart. After about 20 minutes of chalking love onto the streets, Nomad piped up and asked: “What the hell is the matter with you guys? I tell you to draw hearts so you draw hearts. Draw whatever you love or love to share.” Later the tour involved leaving messages for strangers, exploring abandoned spaces and a mostly over 30 crowd relapsing into childhood games in the park. Yes, there was plenty of suspended naivety and pure joy.

Inspired by one of the makeshift homes they discovered on their walk, the tour led to their exhibition OMG/Happy Ever After, an installation you could not only live in, but would probably continue to discover new aspects of each day that you did.

Fotos by: Just /

Fotos by: Just /



El Bocho has been working on the streets of Berlin for more than a decade. His work tends to speak of romance, which is always there in the wings when a person has the heart to open up to it, slow down and let things happen. Recognized for both his characters and innovative use of tape, El Bocho has been both prolific and inventive, repeating motifs, but adding new lines to make every story at home in its subjective environment.

At Urban Affairs he went massive, but in Cologne he will be confined to the walls of the ArtyFarty Gallery as he expresses what he considers More Human Than Human.


ArtyFarty ‌. The name is a strong statement and somehow it does indeed stink. The space however is fantastic and Cologne’s latest gallery is guided by Coskun Gueven who produced the Big Geezers Tour in 2007 and is one of those organizers who was motivated by his friends and built himself up from within the artistic community he lives in. Modart rates this project as one to keep your eyes on.

Featuring a great line up that includes Doma, Will Barras, Wayne Horse and others, this is a place that can inform you about the life creative and offer you several ways to let art into your life.


Fotos by: Just /

One guy who is indeed more often than not a fly guy. From his record breaking (literally) performance at Urban Affairs to the tour and exhibition at Brot und Spiele, Nomad does more work in a week than many people do in six moths. His art is his life and he takes this seriously, laughing or screaming and either way loving from

dusk til dawn. One of Berlin’s greatest talents and most prolific artists, together with Riot Arts he spat out this massive mural in just two days.

The second Art Wallbreakers event to happen outside of Germany, South African sensation Faith47 hits Brussels to visit No New Enemies and share her latest video work, sketches and photographs of the world she inhabits, the things she loves and is concerned about.

Modart Issue 20 / The Best of Modart / Coming Out Summer 2009

Minimodart - Wallbreakers #3  

All the info you need on upcoming Wall-Breakers Events, Artists and Initiativesare availab le at the festival site: http://www.wallbreakers....

Minimodart - Wallbreakers #3  

All the info you need on upcoming Wall-Breakers Events, Artists and Initiativesare availab le at the festival site: http://www.wallbreakers....