Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Fiscal Year 2013 Report

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Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013


The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona was created to help connect donors to the causes they care about by serving as a vital link between philanthropy and the community’s needs. Our work touches every aspect of daily life, including animal welfare, the arts, education, health and human services, economic development and the environment.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013


Together, We Are Community “People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses or the problems of modern society” Vince Lombardi

Nancy Davis Chair, Board of Trustees

Clint Mabie President and CEO

no one organization or sector can address all the demands. Our future competitiveness will be determined by the way we develop cross sector collaboration to combat poverty.

Throughout 2012-2013, our greatest asset – our donors– • We must take care of our elderly. In 20 years, 40% of Pima contributed more than $6 million to benefit organizations in County’s population will be over 50 years old. Our aging Southern Arizona and beyond. On behalf of the Board of Trustees population is and will become more of an economic and civic and the staff of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona driver in our region and we must engage them in the development (CFSA), we thank and acknowledge you for the difference you of our shared future. make every day through your generosity. • We must celebrate the arts and promote our diverse population. The greatest responsibility of the Community Foundation is to One third of the population speaks a language other than English connect donors like you to causes you care about, from literacy, to at home. Our region is renowned for its rich cultural diversity. end-of-life support services, to foster care and much more. In we need to celebrate uniqueness, partner with and promote 2012-2013, we began to develop more cross sector collaborations our multilingual organizations and population to help drive our to ensure our donors’ dollars are getting the highest return on economic development. investment. We also completed a needs analysis of the community Collaboration not only leverages scarce financial resources in our that concluded we must plan our path together. community, it sparks our diverse intellectual potential to address Multiple opportunities exist for our region to move forward: our common challenges. Please learn more about how we have had measurable impact by visiting our website at • We must take better care of our children. Forty percent of children in Arizona live in single parent homes. In Pima County, We applaud organizations that are fostering community inclusion the child poverty rate is over 20%, and in Santa Cruz County the and collaboration. We challenge our community to adopt this rate has topped 40%. Poverty affects the entire community and single unifying vision for our future. It is not only our best path forward, it is at the heart of what makes our community a special place to work, live and raise a family.

we are community

Together, as a community, we can continue inspiring others to make a difference, now and forever.

Nancy Davis Chair, Board of Trustees

Clint Mabie President and CEO

Changing lives by following our passions. Since


1980, hundreds of individuals, families and businesses have established funds at the Community Foundation, creating a group of funds that have granted more than $134 million since 1981. Like Southern Arizona itself, our funds are diverse, created by people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. It’s the collective vision of people like you that makes our region a better place for all.

are inspiring others

Thanks to CFSA donors, Pima County was selected as the pilot site for FosterEd, a program that will dramatically improve the educational outcomes for children in foster care.

The community asked CFSA to lead an effort to reduce the number of homeless pets, resulting in the Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare (PAAW).

Unrestricted gifts continue to support the Southern Arizona Indicators project, a business, nonprofit and academic partnership that drives collaborative civic action through regional prosperity benchmarks.



Accomplishing more by working together. The

Community Foundation is committed to helping donors make a difference. One way we do that is by building the capacity of the nonprofit sector in Southern Arizona so our donors’ grants are increasingly effective. During 2012-13, with the Community Foundation’s unrestricted funds, we invested in three community collaborations. By making a multi-year commitment, the Ajo Regional Food Partnership, ELDER Alliance, and the South Tucson Revitalization Partnership were able to address systemic issues through collaboration.

are making a difference

The Ajo Regional Food Partner­ship received funding from CFSA to help transform Ajo from a food desert to a desert oasis by engaging the entire community.

With CFSA funding, the South Tucson Revitalization Partnership began an integrated development process that engaged diverse community participation.

The ELDER Alliance used CFSA dollars to generate connections that are empowering Tucson’s older adults to create an ideal community in which to live and grow old gracefully.

Looking forward by giving back. The heart of the


Community Foundation is comprised of individuals with unique interests, ideas and passions to make our region a better place. Because of charitably-minded people like you, we will continue to inspire and support donors making a difference, now and for generations to come.

are now and forever

The Igor Gorin Memorial Award was established in 1987 by Mary Gorin as a way to honor the memory of her husband, Igor Gorin, a worldrenowned opera singer.

Alberta Flannery and Neddie Blaine started the Pauline Miguel Scholarship Fund to award scholarships to Southern Arizona high school graduates who need them the most.

Doug Noffsinger and Roger Funk created the LGBT&S Alliance Fund-Funk/Noffsinger Endowment to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community needs.


Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

How to Become a Donor

CFSA vs. Private Foundations

Message to Professional Advisors

There are a variety of ways you can support philanthropy in Southern Arizona:

When they’ve made the decision to give, many philanthropists consider establishing a private foundation in their family or business name. Upon further research, they often realize that a fund through CFSA, like a private foundation, can offer:

To maximize benefits for clients, CFSA recommends that professional advisors contact us early in the process as they plan for major business, personal or financial decisions. CFSA can:

Contribute to the Civic Leadership Campaign Gifts to the Civic Leadership Campaign allow the Community Foundation to strengthen services for donors and nonprofit organizations in our community and to undertake leadership initiatives that improve the quality of life in Southern Arizona now and for generations to come. Establish a Fund You can establish a fund today with a gift of cash, securities, or real property. Establish a Support Organization An alternative to a private foundation, a support organization is a separate nonprofit corporation operating under CFSA’s charitable umbrella. Through its own board, on which you may choose to serve, a support organization determines its own investment strategy and grant priorities. Join the Legacy Society Individuals with far-sighted generosity can make a commitment to the future of our community by naming the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in their wills, qualified retirement plans, life insurance policies, trusts or other instruments. Please contact a member of the Community Foundation staff at (520)770-0800 for more information on becoming a donor.

• Philanthropic impact • Community recognition • A number of ways for family members to be involved With a CFSA fund: • You can make immediate charitable gifts in the year that best suits tax planning needs and recommend grants from the fund to particular charities over time to particular charities over time • Your contributions are fully tax-deductible in accordance with the law and applicable rules and regulations • You can minimize capital gains taxes with a gift to CFSA of appreciated assets, such as stock, while realizing the maximum tax-deductibility of your donation • You are saved from many of the onerous rules and regulations on grantmaking and reporting that accompany giving through a private foundation. Because CFSA is a public charity described in the 501(c)3 sec­tion of the IRS code, we also can offer many advantages not available to private foundations.

• Match personal charitable interests with tax planning needs • Create and implement charitable plans that are integrated into major business, personal and financial decisions • Provide information on community needs—and the local agencies and programs that make a difference • Deliver grantmaking expertise and a range of administrative services • Provide expertise to families on generational giving CFSA can help professional advisors and their clients assess the financial implications of different philanthropic options, which may influence the way a charitable plan is created.

Message to Grant/Scholarship Seekers Applications and guidelines for competitive grants and scholarships are posted on our website,, as they become available. You may also contact the Community Foundation at (520)770-0800 for more information about opportunities, qualifications and deadlines.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

Our Affiliates

Supporting Organizations

Santa Cruz Community Foundation promotes philanthropy and assists with the creation of a healthier, more productive community for the residents of Santa Cruz County and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

CFSA Properties, Inc. holds, owns and operates real properties to benefit the mission of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Oro Valley Community Foundation seeks to provide resources that contribute to improving and sustaining the quality of life throughout the Oro Valley region, including San Manuel, Oracle, Catalina, Marana, and northwest Tucson. Stone Canyon Community Foundation assists local charitable organizations that help young people in Oro Valley and Tucson get on track and stay there, placing special emphasis on early childhood education, high school graduation, and the development of life skills.

Our Programs Social Venture Partners Tucson (SVP) inspires and promotes philanthropy using a venture capital approach to effect social change. SVP combines the power of business with the passion of philanthropy to enhance philanthropic education and invest in innovative nonprofit organizations. SVP uses a highengagement model that pools the financial, professional and human resources of our partners to achieve long-term impact and create a culture of philanthropy. Building a dynamic connection between entrepreneurial energy and grassroots innovation, SVP links individuals with nonprofit organizations to make a hands-on difference. Center for Planned Giving (CPG) is an impartial philanthropic resource for nonprofit organizations, professional advisors and donors. Created through a partnership between the Community Foundation and Leave A Legacy Southern Arizona, CPG is dedicated to increasing the planned and major gifts made to charitable organizations in the community.

Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation supports the community through grants to qualified religious, charitable, scientific and educational organizations. William Edwin Hall Foundation supports the community through grants to programs for children. Worth & Dot Howard Foundation supports the community through grants to organizations and projects supportive of women’s issues. Howard V. Moore Foundation makes distributions to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in support of philanthropic purposes. Melody S. Robidoux Foundation allocates most of its resources towards the promotion of communications through grants to nonprofit organizations of goods and technical assistance in the areas of computers and marketing. Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation established for the purpose of monitoring, maintaining and repairing certain environmentally-sensitive areas near Tucson, Arizona. Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona supports the community through grants to organizations and projects supportive of women’s issues. Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation supports the community through grants to organizations for the promotion of health and wellness on a local and national level.


Year in Review 2012-13







Public Availability of IRS Form 990 and Most Recent Audit In accordance with IRS regulations, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona makes its most recent Form 990 available for public inspection. Its most recent audit is also available. Contact (520) 770-0800 for more information.

Community Initiatives Southern Arizona Indicators Project Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona African American Initiative Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare FosterEd: Arizona

Special Projects LGBT&S Alliance Fund Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding


In memory, Anna Jolivet, a civic leader.

Throughout her life, Dr. Anna Jolivet was active in the community. She was an educator, an advocate and a civic pioneer who overcame obstacles to build pathways of understanding and collaboration. As chair of the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees from 1996-98, she made innumerable contributions, and more recently, founded the African American Initiative to help direct dollars and foster collaboration to benefit the African American and greater Tucson community. Her legacy as a leader will live on and inspire others. Our Board of Trustees and staff are honored to dedicate this publication to Anna.

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013


Donors to the Civic Leadership Campaign In our role as convener, facilitator, collaborator and educator, our leadership activities address important issues as they arise and provide an enormous return on investment. Our fees do not support these essential civic leadership work. The annual gifts made by these donors help ensure that CFSA can continue to be responsive and participate in creating regional solutions.

Larry A. and Florence A. Adamson

Nancy M. and Peter E. Davis Community Fund

Paul Lindsey and Kathy Alexander

Deborah Daun

John A. Almquist Mimi and Philip Amos Anonymous Oscar L. and Ernestine H. Armstrong Advised Fund Julian M. Babad Joseph Blair BMO Harris Bank N.A.

Mary Ann and Darryl Dobras Bruce E. and Katie Dusenberry Martin and Maureen Fox Antonio Dabdoub Freig Robert H. Friesen

Robert P. Johnstone Cathy Kiesel Burton J. and Nancy Lee Kinerk Bill and Kathy Kinney Philanthropic Fund Frank and Jessica Lazarus Fund

Leah Geistfeld

Marian C. and Gregory L. Lalonde

Jim and Louise Glasser

Jan Lesher

Cynthia J. Godwin

Donna Nordin and Donald S. Luria

Planned Giving Roundtable for Southern Arizona Kay Richter Mary H. and James P. Rowley Jr. Edie and Roman Sandoval Vertie Sparks The Stocker Foundation R. Michael and Laura Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Thompson III Philanthropic Fund Troller Fund

Betsy Bolding Fund

Brenden J. and Katherine R. Griffin

Michael L. Mann and Carrie Brennan

David Griffis

Marthena Maley

Sidney B. Brinckerhoff

Candace and Thomas M. Grogan

Carmen Marriott

Ventana Charitable Foundation Fund

Gerald T. Miron

Roger T. Vogel

Richard E. Mundinger CFA

Craig H. Wisnom

James M. Harkin

Melody S. Robidoux Foundation

Linda Drake and David Van Wyck

Doug and Kristen Haynes

Northern Trust N.A.

Pauline U. Hechler

Nystedt & Fletcher PLLC

Roediger Hoff PLC

Viola Steinfeld O’Neil First Family Fund

Barbara and Philip Brown Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation Esther Capin John L. and Barbara J. Carter Martha L. and Fred J. Chaffee Shirley J. Chann David L. Cohen

Nikki C. Halle Michael W. Hard

Horst Family Charitable Fund Jasam Foundation Fund B Jim Click Nissan, Inc.

Clint and Debi Mabie

R.B. and B.C. O’Rielly Charitable Fund

US Bank National Association


Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

Funds of the Foundation 100 Club of Southern Arizona Samuel Winchester Morey Scholarship Fund The A.V. and Margaret Grossetta Endowment Fund Al and Pauline Kaplan Fund Alan F. Ziblat Endowment Fund

The BA Fund

Brinckerhoff Advised Fund

Bank of Tucson Endowment

Brinckerhoff Family Fund

Barbara and Buddy Amos First Family Fund The Barbara J. Hunter Fund

The Bucklew Fund*

Barczuk Family Fund

The Bucklew Match Fund*

BD2 Donor Advised Fund

The Buddy Amos Memorial Fund

Albert H. Cohn Family Fund

Beaham Youth Fund

Albert L. Soto Fund

Benjamin Bon Bustamante Memorial Fund*

Alice Y. Holsclaw YWCA Endowment Fund America-Israel Friendship League Endowment Fund

The Berger Performing Arts Center Fund Betsy Bolding Fund

Anetta Belinda Miller Endowment Fund

Betty Smedley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Anonymous #7*

Bill and Kathy Kinney Philanthropic Fund

Arizona AIDS Policy Alliance Fund Arizona Arts Award Arizona Children’s Trust Fund Arizona Repertory Singers Endowment Fund Arizona Theatre Company Endowment Fund Arizona’s Children Association Endowment Fund B-26 Marauder Historical Society Endowment

Bryon A. Sanchez Memorial Fund

Bill Wood Foundation The Bisbee Coalition for the Homeless Fund

Buffalo Exchange Fund for the Arts Butler Revocable Trust Fund C.E. “Pete” Paulin Fund Capin Endowed Scholarship Fund* Capin Endowed Scholarship Match Fund* Carlos and Barbara K. Bennen Fund for Nogales* Carlos and Barbara K. Bennen Fund for Nogales Match Fund*

The Blessings Fund

Carolyn L. Stewart Jorgenson Fund

Boilard-Harkin Family Advised Fund

Carolyn Slater Cooley Fund

Boilard-Harkin Scholarship Fund Brice W. Schuller Scholarship Award in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona

Carroll Rinehart Arts Educational Endowment

Catherine Marie Mortensen Scholarship Fund Cecilia F. and Thomas H. Peterson First Family Fund Charles and Lois Stuart Fund Charles E. and Louise T. Davis Family Fund Charles M. and Patricia Pettis Charitable Fund Children’s Mental Health Fund Christina-Taylor Green and Daniel Hernandez Jr. Scholarship Fund Ciruli Family Fund* Ciruli Family Match Fund* City of Nogales Fund* City of Nogales Match Fund* Claire B. Norton Fund The Community Food Bank Endowment Fund The Community Food Bank of Tucson Endowment Fund Community Heritage Fund Condan Fund

The Couch-Lopez Fund The Courtney Foundation for Orphans Cox Communications Arizona Fund David and Virginia Griffis Fund The David C. Curtis and Robert C. Curtis Family Fund David Kennard and Barbara Kennard Present Fund David S. and Connie F. Greenberg Family Charitable Fund

Dove of Peace Lutheran Church Designated Fund Dr. and Mrs. Hugh C. Thompson III Philanthropic Fund E.I. Alden Fund Eaglet Fund Easton Fund for Autism Research Edna M. Martin Foundation Edna S. Amos First Family Fund

David S. Lewis Charitable Fund

Educational Enrichment Foundation Endowment Fund

Degrazia Art and Cultural Foundation Fund

Edward R. Moore Founder’s Fund

Diamond Family Southside Fund

El Dorado Fund

Diane Lynn Anderson Memorial Fund Donna L. Grant Fund Dorita and William F. Joffroy, Sr. Fund for the Beautification of Nogales, AZ* Dorita and William F. Joffroy, Sr. Match Fund for the Beautification of Nogales* Dorothy M. Freeman Fine Arts Scholarship Fund

Elizabeth I. Alden and Jack Ogle Advised Fund Elizabeth Thomson-Tolbert Endowment Fund Elsie M. Dailey Endowment for St. Ambrose School Endowment for the Arts of Tucson Fund Ernst and Young Children’s Fund

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

Esther Advised Fund Eugene C. and Gretchen W. Edminster Family Legacy Fund Evelyn Jay Fund F. Connor Creigh Memorial Fund Fathauer Family Unrestricted Fund FHL Neighborhood Projects Fund

Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding

Greater Santa Rosa Neighborhood Foundation

Gary P. Durrenberger Memorial Scholarship

Green Valley Assistance Services Endowment Fund

Hewitt-Anderson Administrative Endowment Fund

GBL Family Fund

Guardianships of Southern Arizona

Holly and Donald Hammonds Family Fund

Habitat for Humanity Tucson

Holmes Tuttle Memorial Fund

Hallman Fund*

Holsclaw Advisory Endowment Fund

Gear-Up 2006* Geneal and Clifton Wilson Field of Interest Fund Geneal and Clifton Wilson General Scholarship Fund

First Page Literacy Foundation

George and Celida Gotsis Endowment Fund*

Frank and Jessica Lazarus Fund

George and Celida Gotsis Match Fund*

Frank Yakaitis/Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Yakaitis Charitable Fund

George H. Amos Memorial Fund

Fred and Helen Wolfe Music Scholarship

Georgiann and John Carroll Family Fund

Hallman Match Fund* Handi-Dogs Endowment Fund Harold and Margot Hastings Fund Harold Finley Gifted Children’s Fund Harpst Family Fund Hazel and Jack Sullivan Family Fund

Gerald Ferro Memorial Fund for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tucson

Helaine D. Levy Donor Advised Fund

Fred E. Petersen Fund

Gerri Skinner Book Fund

Helen and Fred Wolfe Memorial Fund

Fred R. and Olga K. Pace Family Fund for Rincon Congregational United Church

Gordon D. and Isa B. Paris Fund

The Fred Bustamante Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fred Rochlin Creative Arts Scholarship for Graduates of Nogales High School*

Gordon D. Paris Educational Fund Gorin Family Fund

Herbert and Eugenia Pell Fund Herma B. Buehrer Fund Herma B. Buehrer Fund II Herman and Ella Maass Fund

Hersh Family Fund

Holsclaw Family Endowment for Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona The Holsclaw First Family Fund Hopp Family Fund Horst Family Charitable Fund Hruby Fund Hsinchun Chen and HsiaoHui Chow Fund Humanitarian Aid Foundation Igor Gorin Memorial Fund Interfaith Community Services Endowment Fund Isabel and Walter Fathauer First Family Fund J. Harry and Catherine H. Wood First Family Fund


J. Harry and Catherine H. Wood Fund II

Jeanne C. Harry Restricted Endowment Fund

J.M. Babad Endowment for Performing Arts of Southern Arizona

Jeanne C. Harry Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Jack and Louise Gumbin Family Fund James A. Pearson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship James and Katherine Nesci Fund James and Nancy Rodolph Charitable Fund James J. and Colleen Burns Fund James J. and Louise R. Glasser Advised Fund Jan Tarr Scholarship Fund Janet L. Simek Scholarship Fund Janet P. Miller Fund Janice Brendle Wert Endowment Fund I Janice Brendle Wert Endowment Fund II Jasam Foundation Fund B Jay and Grace Sternberg Fund

JKT Fund Joan Kaye Cauthorn Advised Fund Joan Robles Fund Joe W. Cherry Pass The Torch Fund John and Joyce Barkley Community Food Bank Fund John B. Anderson Legacy Endowment Fund John D. and Joyce N. Barkley Fund John F. and Ruth E. Whalley Fund John H. and Joan L. Tedford Scholarship Fund Judge Mary Anne Richey Scholarship Fund Judith Sampson Fund Julian Babad Scholarship Endowment Fund K and K Fund Kathleen Rector First Family Fund


Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

Funds of the Foundation


Kathryn A. Pabst Memorial Fund

LGBT&S Alliance Endowment Fund

Margaret J. Modine Fund for Children

Montgomery Prize Award Fund

Pamela and Charles Katzenberg Family Fund

Reuling Family Native American Programs Fund

Kathryn Pooler Fund for St. Philip’s Preservation Endowment

LGBT&S Alliance Fund

Margaret T. Morris Children’s Fund

Myron Morris Fund

The Patricia J. Acton Fund

Nance Crosby Charities Fund

Paul Lindsey and Kathy Alexander Charitable Fund

Richard and Esther Capin Endowment Fund*

The Kay Marilyn Kenton Environmental Fund II

LGBT&S Alliance Fund— Funk/Noffsinger Endowment

The Keith Family Fund

LGBT&S Alliance Fund— Noel Matkin/Jim Sincox Tribute Endowment

Kinerk Family Fund

The Lil and Dave Fund

Kit S. and Bonita M. Soohoo Lam Family Fund Kory Family Scholarship Endowment Fund* L.E.S. is More Charitable Fund Lamb Family Advised Fund Larry R. and Florence A. Adamson Fund Las Donas de los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson Laura and Arch Brown Fund Laura Smallhouse Fund Lawyers Own Volunteer Efforts Fund Leonard L. White Educational Fund Lew Murphy Mayor’s Fund for Children

Literacy Volunteers of Tucson Endowment Fund Lorna Pabst de Acosta Charitable Fund Lorraine Maria Hamilton Endowment Fund

Marguerite Poole St. Philip’s In The Hills Preservation Endowment Maria L. Urquides Scholarship Fund Marion R. Sundt First Family Fund Mark B. and Jean G. Higgins Fund Mark Ross Capin Fund* Mark Schulz Artist Fund

Nancy and Harold Willingham Charitable Fund Nancy M. and Peter E. Davis Community Fund Nichols Family Foundation Fund Nogales Cemetery Endowment Fund* Nogales Cemetery Match Fund* Nonprofit Capacity Building Fund

Louise and Jerry Atlas Arts/ Education Memorial Fund

Mary Ann and Darryl Dobras Fund

The Love and Light Fund

Mary B. Brown Advised Fund

Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Lucille and Matt Lowman Family Fund

Mary Jane McIntosh Atwood Scholarship Fund

One-Eight Memorial Foundation Fund

Lucille A. and Matthias P. Lowman Family Endowment Fund II

Mary S. Gorin Fund

Oro Valley Community Foundation

Lund Wolfe Computer Science Scholarship Mabel G. and Edward Werner Fund Mansell Fund Margaret and Harold Ingram Scholarship Fund

Mason Scholarship Fund Mayola B. Vail Unrestricted Fund

Oscar and Eleanor Hosmer Scholarship Fund

Meilei’s Fund

Oscar and Ernestine Armstrong Fund

Mildred F. Mahoney Memorial Fund

O’Toole Fund Pam Grissom Fund

Paul Winick and Ronda Lustman Family Fund Pauline Miguel Scholarship Fund Pima Alliance for Animal Welfare Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) Operating Endowment Pizza Hut of Arizona, Inc. / Kyte Scholarship Fund Plunkett Family Fund PRO Neighborhoods Endowment Fund R.B. and B.C. O’Rielly Charitable Fund Ralph and Mary Darling Scholarship Fund Ralph E. and Mary D. Darling Family Fund The Ray Davies Student Service Endowment Award Fund

Richard and Mary Ellen Reuling Charitable Fund Richard Raymond Glynn Memorial Fund Robert and Constance Struse Fund Robert and Roberta Bracker Fund* Robert and Roberta Bracker Match Fund* Robert Lee Cherry Fund Robert Sarver Fund Roger and Mary Baxter Green Valley Fund Roger and Mary Baxter Scholarship Fund The Roger Shepard Fund for Cognitive Science Rosa Parks Scholarship Endowment Fund The Rose Fund Rotary’s Building The Future Program Fund

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013

Roy A. Johnson Organ Scholarship Fund

The Scott and Margy Vaughan Donor Advised Fund

Ruth E. Whalley Fund

Sean K. Ball Memorial Scholarship in Double Bass

Ryan McCray Memorial Scholarship Santa Cruz Community Foundation Border Region Leadership and Education Fund* Santa Cruz Community Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund* Santa Cruz Endowed Scholarship Match Fund* Santa Cruz County Young Audiences Fund* Santa Cruz Humane Society Endowment* Santa Cruz Humane Society Match Fund* Sarah B. Smallhouse Advised Fund Sarah P. Hausman Endowment for Audubon Society Sarah W. and Golden R. Smith Unrestricted Fund Scholarship for a Better Future

The Selma and Lew Davis Family Fund Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund The Sheryll Erchinger Milo Memorial Scholarship Fund Shirley and David Allen Fund

St. Andrew’s Crippled Children’s Clinic Endowment* St. Andrew’s Crippled Children’s Match Fund* St. Andrews Episcopal/ Hixson Memorial Scholarship Fund* St. Andrews Episcopal/ Hixson Memorial Scholarship Match Fund*

Thomas N. Davis Memorial Fund Thomas R. Brown Family Advised Fund Thomas Smallhouse Fund Thomas Warne Advised Fund Tina Voorlas Johnson Memorial Fund Tohono O’odham Community College Endowment Fund

Stay Well Fund

The Sidney Hopkins and Mayola B. Vail Family Fund

Tom and Cele Peterson Fund

The Stocker Foundation Fund

Troller Fund

Simpson Family Fund

Stone Canyon Community Foundation Event Fund

Tucson Audubon Endowment Fund

Stone Canyon Community Foundation Fund

Tucson Audubon Society Endowment for the Mason Audubon Center

Skyline Country Club Scholarship Fund Social Venture Partners Greater Tucson Fund Southeastern Arizona HIV/ AIDS Care Consortium Southern Arizona Behavioral Health Fund Southern Arizona Indicators Project Fund Splendido Residents Association Endowed Scholarship Fund Splendido Residents Association Scholarship Fund

Sue Ann Reynolds Tucson Society of Women Physicians Endowment Tennis for Tucson Fund Theo Gebler Scholarship Fund* Theo Gebler Match Fund* The Thomas James Kiley and Darcy Ann Kiley Memorial Fund

Tucson Together Fund

The Westerly Fund 2

Tucson Waldorf School River Bend Campus Fund

William A. Calder III Endowment for Tucson Audubon Society

Tucson-Pima Library Foundation Endowment Fund United Nations Association of Southern Arizona USAF 162nd Tactical Fighter Group Fund

Youth On Their Own Endowment Fund Zonta Match Fund*

Virginia Sugg Furrow Foundation

Zuckerman Family Fund

Volunteer Center of Tucson Youth Leadership Endowment Fund

Tucson Sunrise Foundation, Inc. Fund

Zonta Fund*

Viola Steinfeld O’Neil Fund

Tucson Masterworks Chorale Endowment Fund

Tucson Realty and Trust Administrative Endowment Fund

Women’s Endowment Fund*

Viner Foundation Fund

Visiting Nurses Association Fund

Tucson Music Teachers Association Scholarship Fund

William G. and Kathleen Rector Trust Women’s Endowment Match Fund*

Tucson Botanical Gardens Fund

Tucson Museum of Art Fund

William E. Hall Fund for Children

Ventana Charitable Foundation Fund Viola Steinfeld O’Neil First Family Fund

VSA Arts of Arizona, Inc. Fund The Wahlfeld Family Fund Walt Whitman Endowment Fund Waterfall Family Fund


List current as of June 30, 2013 * Santa Cruz Community Foundation Funds


Community Foundation for Southern Arizona Report to the Community Fiscal Year 2013



2012-13 Board of Trustees Nancy Davis Chair

Executive Office Clint Mabie President and CEO (520) 770-0800 x 7105

Roger Vogel Vice Chair Darryl Dobras Secretary Richard Mundinger Treasurer Joseph Blair Carrie Brennan Fred Chaffee Tony Dabdoub Bob Friesen Cande Grogan Nikki Halle Bill Holmes Marian LaLonde Jan Lesher Paul Lindsey Donald Luria Bill Neubauer Bradley Nystedt Jim Rowley Roman Sandoval Mike Sullivan Craig Wisnom

Shari Stapleton-Smith Executive Assistant and Office Manager (520) 770-0800 x 7120 Enedina Miller Administrative Assistant (520) 770-0800 x 7100 Programs Office Barbara Brown Vice President, Program Services and Community Initiatives (520) 770-0800 x 7119 Marthena Maley Program Officer (520) 770-0800 x 7117 Franca Bueno Program and Development Associate (520) 770-0800 x 7125

Special Thanks Operations and Marketing Office Mark Montoya Operations and Marketing Manager (520) 770-0800 x 7127 Morgan O’Crotty Marketing and Communications Administrator (520) 770-0800 x 7104 Finance and Gift Planning Office Leah Geistfeld Executive Director, Center for Planned Giving (520) 770-0800 x 7107 Missy Bowden Chief Financial Officer (520) 770-0800 x 7115 Cathy Kiesel Accountant (520) 770-0800 x 7101 Leslie Snyder Grants and Gifts Administrator (520) 770-0800 x 7108

Photography Jeff Smith Gary Patch/Darren Clark Design Godat Design Printer AlphaGraphics Commercial Printing Services


Keep up with the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona all year long. Please visit our website regularly for the latest news, events and stories. Find us online at and

2250 E. Broadway Boulevard Tucson, Arizona 85719 Phone (520) 770-0800 Fax (520) 770-1500

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